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-Bohemia Nugget
Slillit IV. MllMCV, IMIInr Hint Prnp'r.
Aftcrvifil, cnn Cuba 1ms blamed for
wanting '$83,000,000? 'Who doesn't?
Ono wrfy to nvold punishment! la in
reck ROlnethlng other peoplo don't
want ' s
Nothing over was quite ns hopeful ns
n detective searching for a clew to n
train robber.
When, n mnn acquires the lltlo of
prfliiJfnjlifr ho sighs to thhjk how old
ins wire is.
Browning may a tonic, ns Martha
miner uwn corneous, dui mr rai uu-
tors try Cfirlyle.
Tho Des Moines Capital observes
that "Tlie Star SnaifBled Banner" Is
still n mighty fetching tune.
It Is Claimed that Harry Tracy was
tho son, of n preacher. Hut, then, ho
wns not the first preacher's sou to go
Hero Wnlnwrlght Is writing maga
tine articles concerning the Sampson
Schley nITnlr. Has ho no friends to
advise htm?
Wo Americans do manage to smuggle
n good 'deal of fhiukeylsui Into our
national-character, under tho name of
rciect for the ollice.
New 'York papers say Galea made
only 5W.000.000 in his L. & X. deal.
This IS, ridiculous. The deal occupied
his attention for more than a week,
"The gratitude of the Chinese peoplo"
for tho friendly policy of Uncle Sam
may or may not le a figure of speech,
Hut perhaps It Is as substantial ns the
gratitude of any otlier people. By tho
way, where Is Admiral Dewey these
Brigandage In eastern Kuropo seems
to have fallen on a new era of prosper
ity, or the hope of It Iiesldcs the cases
.-of kidnaping in. Albania we read of
four sons of wealthy Kumanlan fami
lies being seized and held for ransom.
In Greece also the reports speuk of n
distinct revival of this kind of crime.
We fear that there Is too much truth
In the explanation assigned by more
than one Intelligent observer namely,
that the predatory instincts of whole
classes of marauders In those countries
have been Inflamed by the payment of
the ransom for Miss Stone. The great
coup which her kidnapers effected was
like the drawing of the grand prize In
the lottery. It set all their neighbors
wild to rival their good fortune.
The cure of rheumatism by bee stings,
nn old, nud,as It was supposed, ex
ploded, remedy. Is being exploited again
In some parts of the cast. It should be
used with great care and discrimina
tion. The Philadelphia Ledger relates
that one William Snlvely, an old fnrmer
of Shady Grove, I'a., who had lost the
use of his arms by rheumatism, was
stung by bees and ran from them so
fast that he discovered he bad left bis
rheumatism behind. Thereupon he
made much boast of the bee cure, bear
ing which one Carl Aprogle, also a rheu
matic vlctlm-.'declded to try It So con
vinced was be of Its elllcacy that he In
vited his neighbors to witness the cure.
He made the experiment clad only In
a long, thin robe, hobbled up to the
hives on his crutches and upset two
of them. Instantly the bees began to
apply the remedy with all the Industry
characteristic of the Insect, and prob
ably would liave Improved a whole shin
Ing hour bad It not been that Aprogle
yelled most lustily for help. As he was
unablo to run away, some of bis neigh
bors came to his relief by lassoing him
and dragging him away from the In
furiated bees. The unfortunate man
has such n beautiful case of bee stings
that It may be some time before he
knows whether he has been cured of
rheumatism. It may turn out that what
Is one man's cure Is another man's pol
It has remained for a rich German to
discover one of the grandest uses to
which money can be put Having ap
parently decided that Messrs. Hockefel
ler and Cnrnegio possess the sole rights
to tho building of universities and 11
brarles, this German, a rich financier
In the little town of Ilascbmann, has
established a fund for the providing
of prizes for men who will marry tho
most homely girls or women over the
ago of 40 who have been Jilted at least
twice. In addition to the prizes It Is
provided that the homeliest girl In the
town of Haschmann shall have a year
ly pension of $S0. The nobleness of
. this charity, If It may be so called, will
be at once apparent. It might well be
taken up by rich men In this country
who do not care to build colleges or
libraries. The man who marries the
homeliest girl in any town Is surely
cniiuea 10 some reward, we can think
of only ono drawback In connection
with this line method of distributing
money, and that Is the dllllculty there
would ue in nnuiug the homeliest clrl.
But that might bo arranged by leaving
It to a vote or tuo girls themselves. The
ono chosen ns the homeliest could al
ways console herself with the thought
that tho others had voted against her
becnuso tuey were Jealous. Who will
bo tho first rich American to win fams
by putting this splendid scheme Into
Congress has taken an Important step
In tho history of tho national develop
ment In the passage of the Irrigation
net Tho settlement of tho United
States followed, naturally, the lines of
least resistance. First the land near
the Atlantic seaboard was taken up
then the settlers cut their way west
wnnf-through tho forest, crossing tho
Alleghautes into the Ohio valley, and
Inter spread,Iuff, over the prnlrles and
alluvial bottoms of tho Mississippi val
ley. Hut tho homo-seeking movement-
wjis balled at tho ono hundredth meri
dian by Insuttlclent rainfall. West of
that stretched the region which used
to llguro on tho map as "The Great
American Desert." This region Is no
Joujer altogether a desert. ThlrUen
States and three territories lie wholly
6YTh pHH Within 1U limits, and prlvulo
enterprise hns Irrigated considerable,
nrens which one seemed Incapable of
cultlrntlon. What private onterprlso
could not do may now be done by Rov
crnmcnt nld. The reclamation fund
which the new law creates out of the
sale of public lands In the arid nud
semf-arld Slates and territories will
provide means for storing nud distrib
uting water for Irrigation. Ultimately
It Is estimated that nn nren equal to
that of the Stntes of Illinois and Iowa
may be redeemed for tho plow. The
best feature of the law Is that Its ben-
ellts are restricted to actual settlors,
ana the area which may ne soui to a
single owner Is limited. The measure
may fairly be described as a bill to
promote the making of homes.
Arrested for beating his wife, a well
to-do New Yorker addressed the court
as follows: "I am a gentleman, sir, nud
I have an Income of $5,000 n year.
don't think I ought to be held. This
Is only n family trouble and I don't
thluk It Is necessary to hold me.
Whereupon the magistrate paid: "You'll
get tho same treatment here as any
other gentleman who boats bis wife.
and the ball was fixed at $500. O Just
Judge! It matters not whether his lu
come Is $500 or $5,000 or $50,000. the
man who strikes his wife Is a brut
The definition of a gentleman has
changed with the centuries. In l'lato's
time a gentleman was a landholder who
lived on the labor of slaves. When
Hlackstoue lived n gentleman was one
given gentility because he bore court
armor. Then tuo common people as
pired to be gentlemen, and the deflni'
tlou again changed. A gentleman In
our time Is an honorable man, a man
of high principles who shows his qual
ities by gentle behavior. In our day a
man may have all the appearance of a
gentleman and nil the qualities of a rur.
The creature who lifts his hand against
woman Is of the latter kind. O. Just
Judgel Your decision Is herald of that
day of which poets havo dreamed and
singers sung, of that day 'gainst whose
coming martyrs have poured out their
blood the day when the real Cadi shall
decide In equity, when the poor n nn
Shall have bis day In court and the
rich brute and genteel rascal shall not
be permitted to Interpose his money as
shield against a righteous punish
Americans poke tun at European
newspapers because or their inade
quate knowledge of current events and
of prominent men. In this country. Eu
ropeans might retort that we are woe
fully Ignorant of European matters and
men. How many persons In this coun
try have ever heard of Has Makonuen?
Yet this Abyssinian soldier and diplo
mat Is the man of the hour In the Eu
ropean press. He Is about forty years
of age. a nephew of Menelek, and won
the battle of Adown, which battle gave
Abyssinia Us autonomy ns a country.
Itas Mankonncn Is visiting Paris aud
Is all the rage. "Ills shoulders are cov
ered with a gold fringe bertha and bo
ears a green hat with a broad brim.
His stockings are green and his shoes
are yellow. He wears white silk pan
taloons." Also fine black eyes and a
curly benrd. Imagine the figure this
handsome semi-savage cuts on the
boulevards of Paris! The government
tendered htm n military review of all
the armies of France and "the Temps"
spoke of him as "the Hannibal of the
Abysslnlans, who are the Japanese of
Africa." The fact Is we are so busy
building up empires In the new world
we fall to note the rise of new empires
and new men In the old. Save when
there is a war like that In the Trans
vaal which lifts the curtain on scenes
nnd people little known we nro ns Ig
norant of Eastern movements as the
East Is of ours. Until there Is world
knowledge universally diffused the doc
trine of the brotherhood of man must
wait. The world Inhabitants must
know each other better before they can
esteem and love each other more. Sci
ence, discovery, Invention, facilities
these are the heralds of the wider, bet
ter day.
There Is more than one way to "nnmo
the birds without a gun;" for example,
Mrs. Jenks-Smlth's way, as It is record
ed In "Tho Garden of a Commuter's
Wife." "And ns for birds," began Mrs.
Jenks-Smith, "bird study Is all the
"I've stopped wearing feathers, any
way, till the excitement dies down.
And wo's stopped driving birds out of
the fruit trees and we've put up boxes
to draw them. They won't come Into
them, though, because, tho doctor says,
the rooms aren't separate and the open
ings draw a draft through. I call that
going a llttlo too far. As If birds that
fly all day In the air can't stand a draft
at night!
"In the spring, when we return here,
I'm going to have a bird class nnd a pro
fessor to take us out and point out tho
It's awfully nice, my dear," contin
ued Mrs, Jenks-Smlth; "much easier
than giving a garden party; no trouble,
no fuss, managed like a Cook's tour In
Europe. He tells you everything you
ought to see, so you don't have to
think, you know.
I went once this year ncross tho
river where I was visiting. There were
twenty Indies, lu such becoming out
ing costumes, nnd such a delicious
lunch, served quite In the woods, my n
denrl When wo were eating wo saw
a quail! Yes, with Its feathers on nnd
all! Did you ever know unythlng so 1
.....inn '
"Wo learned two otlier birds beside
-a blue Jane, nnd the other wns n red-
eyed vlrngo. I remembered the name
as so appropriate, because tbo bird sang
or scolded, I don't know which you
would call It, all the time wo were
Penny X-llay Instruments.
Penny X-ray Instruments, by the aid
of which tho curious may see tholr own
finger bones, nro being sold In the
streets of London.
If you see a couplo walklug along the
street and the man goes on whllo the
womau pauses to look In at the shon
windows It's n suro sign they nre mar-
llcnlylng to tho more or less popular
theory that comets uro simply swarms
of meteoric stones, n Fellow of tho
ltoyal Astronomical Society recalls tho
brllllnnoy-nlmost Increased -of Arc-
turus as It was seen In 18TVS through
thousands of miles of tho very nucleus
0r Donntl's comet. The mist from 11
fro,. 1H)lut would have blotted oot tho
ttnt altogether.
Capt. I'. C. Ishoy. a Dane, has Invent
ed n new form of steamship, which ho
thinks will be both speedier and stead
ler than the existing type. Ho makes
the hull considerably mora Hat than lu
th ordinary model, thus decreasing
the Jrnft. Hut his most novel device
Is placing the screw under tho bottom
of the vessel Instead of nt the stern.
Not only will such n ship bo particular
ly seaworthy, says the- luventor. but,
with the same speed, It will save 20
per cent lu consumption of coal.
A trouble of the artist Is the tendency
of paints to mix or run together. This
Is especially annoying lu portrait paint
lug, on account of the delay for clean
lug oil from palette nud brushes, nnd
hns led to the limited use of tho pastel.
Work with the latter, however, lacks
durability. Hy his plan of forming oil
colors luto crayou-Uke sticks, M. J. J.
Hnffnelll, tho French genre painter.
claims to have secured both durabll
Ity and freedom from Inconvenience,
nnd have effected a gcnuluo revolu
The fact that certain substances ad
here so tenaciously to 'glass that on be
ing detached they tear nwuy scales wns
observed long ago by Professor Call
lctet. For etching the glass he applies
two coats of thin glue, nnd after twen
ty-rour hours places tho article on a
kitchen range for a few hours at a tern
peraturo not greater than 105 deg. F
The glue will detach Itself with mint
crous flakes of glass. The dcslgus
may be varied by addlug various salts
to the glue, and be gets his best results
from glue with a Utile alum.
Sir Harry Johnston, whose discovery
of a new species of animal In tho
Uganda Protectorate has excited much
Interest among naturalists, brought
back to London and exhibited there a
specimen of a gigantic species of earth
worm which, when alive, was about
hreo feet long and ns thick as two
Augers. Even larger species of earth
worms than this exist. Ceylon has
some giants, of a blue color, that at
tain as great a size. In Cnpc Colony
and Natal there Is a species, parti
colored, green above aud yellowish be
nenth, which. It Is averred, sometimes
attains a length of six feet. Giant
earthworms are also found In Austra
lia and In South America.
bteel alloyed with 30 per cent of
nickel Is isald to have the smallest co
etllclent of expansion of any known
metal, amounting to only one two-mil
llontb for one degree Fahrenheit For
this reason nickel-steel has been large
ly adopted for the material of pendu
lum-rods In high-grade clocks. The
change of length with rise or fall of
temperature Is so nearly Imperceptible
that the counterbalancing change In
tho brass bob suffices to compensate
tor :i. .MCKei-sieel niso possesses a
remarkable- power of resisting rust,
If nickel should ever bo discovered In
sufficient quantities greatly to reduco
Its cost, says a writer In Machinery, It
would have an Important Influence on
future steel construction, for nickel-
steel would generally be used. It is an
Interesting fact that nickel combined
with Iron Is frequently found In mete
What a Falllns MaiTThousht During
llH lerrlUc Deaceut.
John Anderson, tho former naval
Jackie, who, while painting Ironwork
beneath a high bridge a month ago, was
severely Injured by n fall. Is rapidly re
covering nt tho city hospital, says thd
St Paul Pioneer Press. Both bis thigh
bones were broken, bis left leg was
fractured near the aukle, a portion of
1 bone was torn from his right hip nnd ho
was wounded about the crown of his
head. But ho will not be permanently
maimed or disfigured.
On the afternoon of May 20 he was
swinging happily, liko a bird on a twig,
within a "sling" six feet below tho road-
way of the high bridge and about 100
feet above the Mississippi river. Tho
seat of the swing Is u short piece of
plank. It Is attached at each end to
ropes, which, passing through a block,
return to the sling ns n slnglo rope,
By lengthening or shortening this ropo
the man In the sling cnn lower or ele
vate himself.
"I was hanging close to one of the
steel rods," said he, the other day, "a
rod that I was painting. My rope was
good aud fast. I had no warning
any danger, when tho sky and tho
clouds and the bottom of the big bridge
in the middle of It all dashed past my
eyes and the air whistled In my cars
like a typhoon on tho China seas. I
knew I was going doivn head first Ho,
I wasn't frightened. I said to myself;
'Now, I'll strike the river before long,
nnd If I keep going this wny I'll hit
tho water head first, which will be Just
as good as diving, and, being a good
swimmer, I can easily get ashore.' I
wondered, too, If I'd bent my paint
brush down. Funny what little things
fellow will think about nt these times
instead of worrying nbout bis own
.j,ut about sixty feet down I didn't
, ... . .
nit-uBuit- muuisiuuiT niun j. BirucK OI10
of tho cross rods n slanting blow with
my bend. But my legs, sort o' huddled
up as I fell, probably canio down full
force against tho rod. I could bear
tho bones crack. They made quite a
loud noise llko a percussion cap. Still
It wns tho blow on tho head that hurt
tho most. Then, and not before, I
thought to myself, 'Well, It's your last
cruise for sure,' and things got black
before me. I guess I fainted.
"Hut the cold water brought inb to.
I bobbed up as natural as a harbor
buoy, I soon opened my eyes and I
suppose I smiled, I thought Just as If
was somebody else, 'Say, mote, you
didn't die this watch, did you?' I kuow
I felt awful good about it Uut soon
as I made my tlrst kick, or, rather,
tried to make It, I found that both hiy"
legs wero hanging as heavy and dead
as shot In a cnuvns hng. They didn't
pain me, though. And when 1 found t
couldn't swim I felt my gun wus spiked
for sure. Hut Just then I heard tho
crow up aloft on tho bridge hollering
'food boy, Sailor! You'ro all rlKhtl
Keep It up! Bent's coming! Keep
n-pnililllng, .Tackle." it did sound tluo
and hearty, let me tell you. And so I
kept u-pjnildlln' until n man reached
mo In n boat Dftecn minutes nfter 1
dropped down,
"1 was pretty nearly done up. 1 knew
how my legs would hurt If he tried to
pull 1110 over the gunwnlo of the boat,
nnd I tried to make him tow mo along-
Bide. Hut he couldn't manage tbnt, and
he did haul me In. though It wns a
mighty tough experience 1 didn't fnlut
agnln, nnd nfter 1 una once In tho hos
pital began to feel quite comfortable
Tlintitnml Pnitndn HclU Klna at
tlir ScttliiK of the Sun.
Mandalay has Its own sky, soft nud
gray and Incurving like n tent, with
white cloud-llues that seem meant for
scrolls If 0110 could read. It Is the
Very Sacred City, the city of content
plntlon, the city of nil the monks. A
thousand pagoda hells give tongue to
the wind there when tho sun goes
down; a crumbling thousand more glvo
up to tlmo tho testimony of outworn
It lies In a curved arm of blue hills.
nnd something broods uver It with sol
icitude. This you suspect from the air
of the place nud the wny tho shrill
talk of the parrots aud tho complaint
of tho goats mul the laughter of the
people come to you wherever you are
sitting. Afterward you go out, ns I
did that morning with the commis
sioner, and see under the very zenith
where the low gray sky Is caught up,
the square of the dark-red crenellated
walls of the old royal city, three miles
each way, and outside the walls the
parallel clear moat thinking back nt
the sky; nud then you nro sure that
over und nbore the government of In
dia some spirit Is lu possesion here,
some spirit that bends In affection
over finish oil and forgotten tilings.
seveu-rooreu kiosks stand nt inter
val over tho gates In the wall they
are called pynthat. but they strike tho
eye like peaceful conclusions and low
white stone bridges raised In the mid
dle span the moat - The buttresses of
the gntes nro painted deep gray nnd
white, nnd the bank that slants steep
ly from the wnll to the water hns here
nud there a low. twisted, spreading
tree on It, purely for decoration. You
may stop nt n corner nud look two
wnys nlong the reflecting wnter with
bridge after bridge receding ncron
nnd pyathnt after pyathnt diminishing
above, nnd each red nud gray nnd
white vista, so picked out nud fin
ished under the quiet light, slipping
adorably Into the near blue of the
Mandalay seemed aware with bunt
lng that day, flags and arches of wel
come everywhere and crowds llocklu
aware nnd almost awake; but you
look ngaln nnd saw that she only
turned In her sleep nnd smiled, as at
a dream.
Kastorn Imagery.
The specimen below of Moorish epis
tolary style which comes from Hud
gett Meukln's recent book. "Tho
Moors," nnd Is merely nn Invitation to
dinner. Is calculated to make the Im
aginative resources of the Eugllsh en
tertainer, who writes on a visiting
card, "Come and dine," look small In
To my gracious master, my respected
This evening, pleatfe God, when the
king of the army of stars, the sun of
tho worlds, will turn toward the realm
of shades and place his foot In the
stirrup of speed, thou art besought to
lighten us with tho dazzling rays of
thy face, rivaled only by tho sun. Thy
arrival, like a 'spring breeze, will dis
sipate the dark night of solitude and
A Worthy Monument.
There are several homes for spinsters
In Sweden and Norway. One of these
Is as attractive as it Is unique. It Is
the monument to tho memory of nn
exceedingly wealthy old man, who, dy
ing more than two hundred years ago,
left the major part of his fortune to tho
old maids among his descendants. A
superb home was built, furnished and
managed by salaried trustees. It flour
ished and has continued. Any unmar
ried woman who cnn prove blood re
lationship to the founder of the Insti
tution Is entitled to admission In the
home. She Is given a suite of rooms, n
servant, private meals, and Is subject
to no, rules save such as ordinary good
behaviour demands.
Lived Through an Antarotlo Winter.
Undoubtedly the penguins llvo on tho
edge of tho Ice-pnck In winter time. A
curious proof of this Is that during n
benvy gale In the bay near Cupo Adair. '
tho lce llcl(- hroke ul' and tho !
northwards Into tho ocean, j
carrying off 0110 of my sledgo dogs. Wo 1
" .f , : . V. U1 U0C "! lm' I
but n w
eek later (bo sea was frozen j
as far as the eye could reach, nnd three
months afterwards that dog returned
to camp from over tho Ice, and ho wns
fnt! Now. tlireo dogs cnn kill n seal,
but oni dog cnn not; and this dog hud
evidently been living on penguins out
nt sea at tho edge of tho lee-pack,
Prof, C. E. Borchgrevlnk, lu Leslie's
Wlioro Gold May -Aliounil.
Mysterious forests surround tho un
mapped headwaters of tbo Amazon
river where hidden gold mines aro
thought to be, guarded by a Jargo trlbo
of Indians known us thu Napos, who
still cling to the- ancient rites of tho
children of tho sun. These Nupo In
dians hnvo brought out significant ovl
dciico of tho richness of tho placer
mines, In Quito gold dust Is the stand
ard currency, which they bring lu hol
low bamboo Joints heavy with grains
nud dust of tho precious metal, which Is
washed out by tho most primitive
Flour for China,
Two modern flouring mills, with
American machinery, havo recently
been constructed at Harbin, Manchu
5 1
I'll A IT Kit VI Continued.
After n very brief piuiso tho dolec-
uco continued.'
-hi course, nrter tnnt thoro wns
nothing inoro to bo done. I found out
Willing l.liMltttHitnt IMiiii-,,M.,t
took two olllcors with mo nnd nriOBted
him. When I touched It I id on thn
shoulder and warned him to como
quietly with us. h nusvvered us nn
bold as bras: 'I sumioso von nru
arresting mo for being concerned In
tho death of that scoundrel Drahhor,'
ho mild. Wo had ald nothing lo him
about It, so that bin alluding to It had
n, most suspicious inspect,"
"very," said Holmes.
"Ho still curried tho heavy Rtlck
which tuo mul nor ilescrllieil li in nn
Having with him when ho followed
Drabber. It was n ntout oak cudgel."
wont is your theory, thun?
"Well, my theory Is Hint hu followed
Drchber an far ns tho llrliton rond.
When there a frosh nltercntlon nroso
netweon them, In tho courso of which
Drobbor received n blow from the
stick lu tho pit of tho stomach, pur-
nuiis. wmcn 1:1 km 1 in without cav
ing iiuy mark. Tho night was so wet
that no ono was about, so Chnrpontlor
dtngged tho body of his victim Into
the tinpty house. An to tho cnmllo
am' tho blood nnd tho writing on tho
wsll and tic ring, they may nil bo so
mnny tricks to throw tho police on to
mo wiong scout."
Well done!" snld Holmes In nn on
courngliiK voice. "Ileully, (Iregsou
you are Rotting nlong. Wo shall make
something of you yet
1 natter myscir tnnt 1 hnvo mnn
aired It rather neatly," tho detective
aiiRwired proudly. 'Tho young man
volunteered a stntonivnt In which ho
Hftld that nfter following Drolilior
some tlmo. tho latter perceived hlni
mul took n cab In tinier to get nwny
from hlni. On his way homo ho met
nn old shlpmnte nntl took a long walk
with Mm. On being asked whom this
old shipmate lived, he was unable to
1,'lve any satisfactory reply. I think
the whole cask fits together uncom
monly well. What nniuseH mo In to
think of I.estriiile, who hnd started off
upon Iho wiong scent. I nm nfrnld he
won t make much of It. Why. by Jove!
liros tho very man himself:
It wns, liideod. Lestntilo, who hn.l
ascended the stairs while w wore
talking, und who now entered the
room. The nwiuranro und Jnuntlness
which generally marked his demeanor
and dross were, however wanting,
His face wns disturbed nnd trou
bled, while his clothes woro disar
ranged nnd untidy
He had evidently como with the In
tention of consulting with Sherlock
Holuies. for on perceiving his col
league he appeared to bo embarrassed
and put out.
He stood In the renter of tho room
fumbling neivously with his lmt, and
uncertain wlmt to do
"This is n most oxlrnordlnnry enso,'
he said, at Inst "a most Incompro-
henslhlo affair.
"Ah. you find It no. Mr. Lestrndo?'
cried (Iregson, triumphantly. "I
thought you would como to that con
elusion. Have you managed to find the
E'jcretary. Mr. Joseph BtnngersonT '
" "The secretary, Mr. Joneph Slanger
son. said Lestrndo. gravely, "wns
murdered nt Hnllldny's Private Hotel
about C o clock thlB morning.1
Light In the Darkuoss.
Tho Intelligence with which Lostrndc
greeted us whs so momentotiH nud so
unexpected that we wero all three fair
ly diimfoumled.
Orereon sprang out of his chair and
upset the remainder of his whisky and
I glared In silence nt Sherlock
Holmes, whose lips wore compressed
and his brows drawn down over his
"Stangerson, too!" ho muttered
"The plot thickens"
"It was quite thick enough before,'
grumbled Lostraile. taking a chair. "I
seem to havo dtopped Into a sort of
council of war.
"Aro you nro you suro of this ploro
of IntolllgonroT stammered Gregson
1 nnvo just come rrom nis room
said Lcstrado. "1 wan thn first to dis
cover what had occurred."
wo hnvo been hearing Oronson's
view of tho matter. Holmes observed
"Would you mind letting us know
what you hnvo seen and dono?"
I havo no onjoction,' i.cstrauo nn
swored. seating bWnsolf. "I freely con
foss that I was of tho opinion that
Stangerson wna concerned In tho donth
of Drcbber. This frosh development
hns shown mo tbnt I wns completely
mistaken. Full of tho one Idnn, I set
myself to find out what had become
Ul III DClU'iaij. ii,' "vwii " I
. rri, .nA DnnB
together nt lvuston Htnuon nuoui nnit
past olglit on ino ovemng or uio inin
At two In tho morn ng Drobber had
been found In thn Brixton Hoad. Tho
nuestlon which confronted mo wob to
find out how Stangerson hnd noon cm
ployed between 8:30 nnd tho tlmo of
tho crlmn nnd whnt had becomo of him
afterward. I telegraphed to Liverpool,
giving a description of tho man anil
warning them to keep a watch upon
tho American boats. I then set to work
the American ho
.cn'llnB lll0n 0 ', ,P,.V.iV?,??.'L20(,5!??
" o Yarguod that If ' Drobl or nd his
AoXSSa the
natural courso of tho latter would bo
? Pt ''P.80m"w 1 "?.!"" V'V " y,?r
tho ( night and then hang about th
station ngain next, morning,
"Thov would bo likely lo ngreo on
some moei ng.piaco iicioreimn.i, ru-
' ... J tl I
IIIIHIM-il iiwnu-in.
"So It nmvoil. I spent tho wholo of
yesior my ovening in '"'''"'"J
. , " . j - ... I
tmmoi . "'"'; ,".' i.: '.' V"i,
I began very early and at . nlgl.l o i c ock
l roncnou iiniin nyB tiviuo u , ir
Llttlo George street. On .rny Inquiry
nr, to whether a Mr. Stnngorson was
living thoro. thoy an onco answered mo
iw ..!. .u. .
"No doubt you nro tho gontloman
lie was oxpoctiiig, thoy snld. 'Ho hnd
pvun HMHiiifi w, bvmiiiitiiMi iui fcw
nays. . . . I
Whoro lo be now? I iiBKod,
no is upstairs in ucu. 110 wisncu
to 1)8 called at nlno.'
H seemed to mo mat my amnion
nppoarnnco might shako his norves
uiiu luim mm 10 Buy buiuuiuiiib uii-
guarded, Tho Boots volunteered to
show mo tho room; It wns on tho sec
ond floor, nnd thoro wag n small cor
ridor loading up to It. Tho Boots
pointed out tho door to mo, and was
about to go clown stairs again, when I
eaw something tbnt .mndo mo fool sick
lsh..ln spito of my twenty yeare' ex-
porlonco, From umlor tho door thero
curled a llttlo rod ribbon of blood,
which had meandered ncross tho pas-
sago and formed a llttlo pool nlong
I tho skltllng nt tho other nldo. 1 gnvo
a nt tho other Hli 0. I kiivo
11 cry which brought tho Bonis hack. .morn eolnrlilmioo. Thn very piiih
Ho nearly fnlnlod when ho snw It. whlrh I miiinortod In tho enso of Drub
Tho door was loekod on tho Inside, but , bor nro ncttmlly found after tho death
wo put niir Hhouldem to It nnd knocked of Htnngertton. And yet Ihey nro Inert.
It In. Tho window of thn room wan Whnt can It moan? Hiiroly my whnln
!. and beside tho window, nil hud
died nn. lny thn boilv of a mnn III bla
night dress, Ho wns unite dtmd, and
had been for somo time, for bin llmlii
woro rigid nud cold. Wheiv wo turned
blm over the Hoots recognized him nt
onco ns being tho smiio gontlmnan
who hnd engaged tho room under tho
mimo of James Stangnrsoii. Tho rnusn
of dentil wiib n deep stab In tho left
wilo. which must havo ponotrntod tho
heart. And now comes thn Htrnugest
pnrt of tho affair. What do you nup-
poso was above tho murdered man?"
I feu a iTor-iiIng of esh nnd 11 nn
sentiment of coming horror, oven bo-
foro Sherlock Holmen nnswered.
Tho word 'Itnclio," written In lot-
lorn of blood." ho said.
"That wna It." until Loslrndn, In nn
nwstrurk voire: nnd wo woro nil
nllnnt for n while.
Thoro wns something so methmllcnl
and so Incomprohonslblo about tho
deeds of this unknown nssnssln. that
It Imparled a fresh ghnstllncss to his
My norves. which were steady
nnoimh on tho field of battle, tingled nil
I thought of It.
Thu man wns neon, continued Los-
trade. "A mllkboy, prtialng on his wny
to tho dairy, happened to walk down
tho Inno which loads from tho iuowh
nt the hack of tho hotel. Hn,otlcod
that a ladder, which usunlly lay there.
was rnlsod against ono of the windows
of tho Hoi-mid Door, which wns wldo
open. After passing, he looked back
nnd saw n man descend tho ladder. Ho
enmo down ho quietly nnd openly that
tho hoy imagined him to on some car
penter or Joiner nt work In the hotel.
Ho took no pnrtlrulnr notice of lilin.
beyond thinking In his own mind thxt
It wns enrly for hlni to bo nt work. He
hns nn Impression Hint Iho mnn was
tail, had n reddish faro, nnd thought
It wns enrly for him to bo nt work. Ho
must havo stayed In the room soino
llttlo time nfter the murder, for wo
found blood-stained water In the tiaslu.
where be hnd wnshed bis hands, nnd
marks nn tho sheet, where ho hnd de
liberately wiped bis kill fa."
I glanced nt Hnlincti on hearing thn
description of the murderer which Inl
lied so exactly with his own
There wns. however, no trace or exul
tation or satisfaction upon bis fnre.
Did you find nothing In the room
which could furnish a clew to tho mur
derer?" he naked.
"Nothing. Htnngerson hnd Drebber's
nurse In his pocket, but It seems'lhnt
this was usual, as he did nil the pay
ing. There wns eighty-odd pounds In
It. but nothing had been taken. What
ever the motives of these extraordinary
crimes, robbery Is rnrtnlnly not onn or
them. There wero no papers or mem
oranda In tho murdered man's pockets,
except n single telegram, dated from
Cleveland nbout a month ago, nnd con-
tnlnlng the words. 'J. H. Is In Europe.'
There wns no nnmo appended to tins
And there
wns nothing else?"
Holmes nuked.
Nothing of nny Importance. Tho
mnn s novel with which no nan react
himself to sleep, wns lying unon the
bed. nnd bis pipe was on a dialr be
side him. There was n glass of wnter
on Hie tnble. and on the window sill a
small chin ointment box rontalnlng n
eoenln nf nllU."
Sherlock Holmes snrnnri from his
ch"' with an etrlsniBtlon of delight.
"The last link be cried, exultantly.
Mv case In comnlotn."
The two detectives stared at him In
I have now In my hands," my com
panion said confidently, "all the threailH
which have rnrmoii mint n tnngio.
Thoro nrc, of courso. details to bo filled
In, hut I nm certain of nil tho main
facts, from tho tlmo that Drcbber Part
ed from Stangerson nt Iho station, up
to tho discovery or tuo nody or tho
bitter, ns If I bad seen them with my
own eyes. 1 will glvo you proof of my
knowledge. Could you lay your hands
upon those pills?"
I havo them, said Lostrndn, pro- ,
iluclng a small whllo box: "I took them
nnd tho purso nnd thn telegram. In- 1
tending to hnvo them put In n place
nf safety nt tho pollen station. It wns
tho merest chnnco my taking thoso
pills, for I am bound to nay tbnt I do
not nttach any Importance to thorn."
Glvo them horo," said Holmes,
'Now. doctor," turning to .mo.. "1110
thoso ordinary pills?"
Thoy certainly woro not. They wero
of a pearly gray color, small, round.
,, nimr,i :?,,,' ni,' ,
.. " ,J-
..From tlicr iKnt.10fm nml trnnsnnr.
oncy , B,101lM IlnnB,ll0 lllnt tll0y ro
Bollll)lo , wntor. , rcmarI(e(li
"Prcclsoly bo," nnswered Holmes.
"Now, would you mind going down and
retching that poor llttlo dovll of n ter
rier which has boon bad so long, nnd
which tho landlady wanted you to nut
out of Its pnn yestordny?"
I wont downstairs and rnrrlod tho
dog upstairs In my arms. Its lahorod
glazing cyo nl.owed that
it was not fnr from Its end.
, I"dco,'i1lt? i'v whlto muzzle pro-
MJiJlttS 1
L n, 'j'i?'. "t?'"? x,,,"?2' 1
"I will now cut ono of these pills
two' wlrt irolmoS." nSd drawing his
nonknlfo ho suited tho action tn thn
,.., ',r.. . ..I "J? H 2
num. WMU 1IUI1 WU 1IHIIIU Illlll II I
for fl)tur0 pIlrp08CBi Tho othor half
. nin.n U win lnocf In nh li
. '.fi , ' v..
cdvo that our frlond. tho doctor. Is
" munpuuiMui tii nuioi lull 111'
right, and that t readily illsso vos,"
Tha mny ,)0' yory ntorcBtlnB .. ,,,
LcBtra(Io In tll0 nJl,r0(, lon0 of 0I0
who BUBp'octs llmt J0 , 1)clnB , ,,,
L, , ' f i,,, " ...u".
to,0 w,'tIl tll0 a0atta of Mr. Joioph
"Pnii,,,, ,v frinn.i nntinn v.
wm nnd In tlmo that Is has ovorythlng
m iln wnn if. .1 Rlinll nnw nilil n llllln
milk to malm tho m xturo nalatnbln.
,, on presenting It to tho dog you will
n,i n,n i, inm, if ,,n ,n,ni,. nni,
a ho snokn ho turned thn content's
of tho w nn elans nto a saucer nml
placed It In front of tho torrlor, whp
nnoocll y 1 CKCd It dry.
Sherlock Holmes' earnest domennor
had so far convinced us that wo all sat
in ellonco, watching tho animal Intont-
ly and oxpoctlng somo gtnrtllng effect.
Nono such appeared, howover. Tho
dog contlnuod to lie stretched upon tho
cushion, breathing In n labored way,
hut nnnnrontlv nolthor tho bettor nor
tho worso for Its draught,
Holmes bad takon out IiIb watch, and
as mliuito followed mlnuto without ro-
BUu nn expression of tho utmost cha-
nrlu .nnil Mm polntmtmt npppftrnd m.
mi bin fentun 1,
Ho wmwi'ii ti In Up, drummed bin iln
imra iinon thn tnliln mul hIkuvihI nvnrv
' (ilhnr nymptom of nciito Impittlimco.
Ho great wan bin tunotlon that I roll
nliU'oroly norry for him, whllo tho two
j uoiortivog muimii uoriHivciy, ny no
1 liivium illnplcaHoiI nt II1I11 chock which
lie hnd mot,
I "It can't bo colnclilnneo," ho crlod
nt Inst, sprliiHliii; from his chair anil
, paring wildly up and down tho room:
11 in inipniuuiuu mat is hiuuiki ne 11
- chnln or reasoning cannot bnvo beou
false. It In Impossible! And yel thin
wrolrheil dog Is none tho worso. Ah,
I havo It, I havo It!"
With n perfect nhrtolc of delight
be rushed to thn box, cut the other pill
In two. illssolvod It, ndded milk, nud
presented It to tho torrlor.
Thn unfortiinnto crenturo'n tongue
bnrdly seemed lo hnvo been moistened
lu It beforo It gnvo n convulsive nhlver
In every limb, nnd lay nn rigid nnd life
less nn If It had been struck by light
ning. Sherlock HolmoB drew n long breath
nnd wiped thn pursplrntlnn from his
"I should hnvo morn faith," he until:
"I ought to know by this tlmo Hint
when a fact appear to be opposed to
n long trnln of deductions It Invariably
proven lo bo rapnbln of bearing somo
other Interpretntlon. Of tho two pills
lu Hint box one wan Iho most deadly
poison and the other wns entirely
harmless, 1 ought to hnvo known Unit
beforo ever I snw thn box nt all,"
Tfils Inst statement nppenred to mo
to ho nn startling that 1 rould lianlly
bellnvo that lie wns In his sober senses.
Thorn wnn tho dend dog, howovor, to
provo that bis conjecture had been cor
rect. It seemed to mo that Hie mists In
my own mind were gradually clearing
nwny. nnd I began to havo n dim.
vngim perception of tho truth.
"All this seems strnugo lo you," con
tinued Holmes, "hernuse you failed nt
tho beginning of the Inquiry lo grasp
the Importance of the slnglo real clew
which wnn presented in you. 1 nnn
tho good fortune to selxn upon that,
and everything which has occurred
since then hns served lo confirm my
original supposition, and. Indeed was
Iho logical sequence of It. Hence,
things which have perplexed you and
mnitn thn case morn obscure hnvo
served to enlighten me nnd lo-strength-en
my conclusions. It Is n mistake to
confound strangenesn with mystery.
The most commonplnco crime Is often
the most mysterious, berauso It pre
sents no now or special features from
whlrh deductions may he drawn. This
murder would hnvo been Infinitely
more dimrult to unravel hnd the body
of the victim been simply found lying
In the roadwny without nny of thoso
outer nnd nensntlonnl ncrompnnlmonlf
which have rendered It remnrknble.
These strnnge details fnr from mnk
lng the case more difficult hnvo refllly
hnd the effect of making It less a"
(T11 l"J 1 onllnucl )
K Thlnnn That May
W Intoront You. M
I r Over n million ictons tlio yctrly In
Kuropo ol eoncnuiptlnn.
' Flvo liunilredn ml eighty-seven dis
tinct Inngnnges are sHiken lu Kumpo.
Forly-flvo hours constitute a week's
work lor women nnd girls In New Zen
land. Fvventy-elglit profit nhnrlug rchemes,
affecting fin.nSn workKwiple, Mere In
operation last year In this country.
.Mnilamo Irncown, tho VIiiiicko lody
swimmer, is training (or another at
tempt to bmIiii tint Kngllsli clinniiol.
Out ol L'.fiUI) murders ol Christians
In Turkey Inst year then) cro only (II
ciihis In which thn murdorcrs woro pun
Thu longest railway run In tho world
without changing li on tliu Canadian
1'aclllc, from Halifax to Vancouver,
3,11112 mlloa.
Tbo biggest orchard In tbo world is
near Hanta Ilnrhaia, Cal. It covers
1,700 ncres and contains 31,000 fruit
and uut trees.
Tliu amount ol bent generated by a
mnti's lxxly In a day's work la mifilclont
to raleo (l.'l pounds ol water (rom (toot
hing to oiling point.
Lord Kelvin, who Is now 78 years ol
ngo, Is untitled to plaro no lees than "(1
letters, Indicating various titles ol hon
or, alter bis namo.
Geraniums bloom moat satisfactorily
when grown In comparatively smalt
pots ami soil wblcli In termed rich, but
not rank with uxcasolva manure.
In 1'ortugal II tho wife publishes
literary works without tlio husband'H
consent, tho luw Irees blm nt onco from
ull (urtliur matrimonial obligations.
During tho past ton years Immigra
tion to America from Germany, Ireland
and Mnglanil lias decreased, whllo that
from Italy, Asutrla nud HusbIu has In
creased. Tlireo aro 0,000 monks on tbo prom
ontory ol Athos. They pay to tlio sul
tatn 2,000 pounds a year (or tlio privi
lege ol being allowed to govern Uiom-i
Tbo number o( ships lu tbo Ameri
can whaling fleet lias fallen off In tbo
last twelvo years from 07 lo to 40, and
much tbo namo Is thu caso with tliu
Scotch whaling Industry,
Ono of Milton's bloRrnpliors rays that
nourly twenty years olupsed liotwoon
tho tlmo bo skotcbed out the plan ol
"I'nraillso Lost" and tbo completion of
that work. Tlio nctmfl labor o( compo
Bltlon wna condoneod Into two or tlireo
Farmer Jonas I am n-golngtow tnko
my son Hlrnin to a plirenolyijlat tow
find out what bo's bent united lor.
Former Honk An' H'posln' bo tolls
yow tho boy ain't Bultod lor farmln' at
Fnrmor Jones That's Juat what I
want tow flrfd out, so's I kin lick it out
nv him hotoro bo gits tow big,
Yonnghub Tboro'a nothing llko mat
rimony (or tenchlng n young man tlm
valuo o( nionoy,
Oldvvod -That's right. A dollar n
man gives to Ills wife- looks twlco as big
as tlio dollar bo blew In on bor during