Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 12, 1902, Image 3

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An Interesting Article from Sec'y
I'. (I liliy, Dclejrnlo from
llolicmln Dlnlrkt.
lf.n NuooitT! To those of my
frli'iiiln, iin well ns others interested
In mining mill my trl to Untie
City, Mnnliitiii, to Die Mining Con
gress, I beg to express through tin
columns of your valuable paper,
my uhscrviilluos nud conclusions,
In it brief wny; for if I were to un
dertake to write even of nil the
tilings of niti-rcMt it would he in
trading too much upon time, pa
tience nud space. .So, leaving out
the til most uiiliitcicstiug nip. ex
cept the benutiful majestic mul nil
inspiring scenery along- mul nbout
"Whete Rolls the Oregon." We
reached llittte City on September
the isl, nud found it mid her citi
zens in holldny nttlre, it being the Labor Day known to Unit
state. Upon our arrival we were
met by the usual "nrofusion" and
taken by the "Appinn Way" (not
the Applnn Way St Paul traveled
and saw n lie ciime to preach in
the Menial City, the faith which
ultimately made Rome the Central
City of Christianity.) but Untie!
"Appiau Wny," which is the
double street trnck leading from
the city through the beautiful Can
van to Columbia Garden, owned
by Senator W. A. Clark. The
building of the car line to this
uatuial beauty spot on Nature's
Cheek, lias been the means of trans
fcriug the heretofore crude but
charming kaleidoscopic scene situ
ated at the foot of the Rockies, into
a ina.e of attractions, .Including
flora, pavillioiis. arblcullurc and
other improvements, which touch
of tvfiucmcut has made nature ac and the spot. having lcn
robbed of its crude blemishes, is
now one of the most delightful
places known, but enough of this.
There were at least 10,000 people
assembled at the gardens 10 n-'"r
the address of welcome to the dele
gates by Montnnit'.i governor, which
was precceded by music by the
fmnous Hostoit and Montana b.iud.
It being Labor Day. as before
Minted, the rest of the nltcrunon
was siicnt in getting our bearings,
enjoying the leauiies of the
Inking iu the rnccsand other sports.
On the ami little was done except
to effect a temporary organization
of the Congress, mid exhaling "hot
air," Hinging tafly. and fighting for
"first place. , It cannot lie said thiit
Congress was very harmonious lint
by offering suggestions. Ilcllevlng
that my trip to Iluttc was mid will
Ihj the menus of creating greater in
tetesl llolicmln Mining District,
mid assuring you that I worked
hard mid faithfully without pay or
Hire, witu tiiiscuil In view.
I Am Your Humble Servant,
1'. G. Hnv.
Saw Mtu. On Mo.miiv Ckhkk.-
Messrs. J. K. Young, I'liillips fit
Wheeler nrc constructing 11 saw
mill on Mosby creek, some nine
miles distant from this place. As
they have the control of some 3000
acres ol limber laud in t hut vicinity.
No dolibl but their clllcrpri'e will
prove profitable. The mill is to lie
of the latest improved pattern and
will be in opctatl.iu within sixty
Nhw Kihiit-Room Rhhidknch.
iid Tiirbiu is building 11 fine
eight-room, two-story residence on
the live-ncre tract cast of town pur
chased last spring from Win.
Lamlcs., This property is located
on the hillside overlooking the city
and is certainly n beautiful and
sightly locution for him.
I.ndles I have taken the agency
from the inventor of the very
latest Dress Cutter. Kept up to
dnte. Free of charge. Those wish
ing to learn cutting please call on
me Mks. Lucv A. Doiiiuns,
next door west-of Martin fp Gowdy's
furniture store. Patterns cut to
KottNii. -
A pair of gold rimmed spectacles.
Owner cut have s.irne by calling nt
this olfice. paying for this notice
mul describing glasses.
Will Iluv.
ImIsIiio buy a good improved
farm. Address Lock Hox 65, Cot
tage Grove, Ore.
Goats wanted from one to three
cnrsold. Address I'ostmnstcr tit
Klkhead. 0-3 1
I Card Of Thanks.
I wish to express to tln who
lluive assisted 111c here In t'ottage
Urn vi- iny sincere tlinnks (or their
kindness toward me ilurlug iny III
, iii-hm nnil fur the suhserlptloh ot
money tor (In1 purchase of 11 ticket to
I New York City, mid I do espivlally
, wish to express thanks to llr. (ii-o.
I Willi, who Iiiim given iiic treatment
'mid wired for me for the past two
JllKil U'tKtllllllT, )( INjlHltl1, Illll., Ill
11 HHr 1111111, hut he piivit In- would imV
Ihi without ChiuiitiurliiiiiV l'ain II11I111 if
1 11 t'ot live dnllnri) 11 bottle, lor It hivim
Prinnal ParAo-rAnfia. T
f- -
inulli' mul iiiiiK-iiliir imliia. It Inm aim
cureil iiuiiirrotiH nui til tuirliiil unruly-
ili. It la lor mile try Lyons ,v Apple-
Ititlc, Drain.
I huveltll Cotswold sheep to let out
for one or more yeurH on shares.
Mum. II. H. ItHiii-omi, Suglnuw. Ore-
1 oeneve mttcii k""11 " . ,.i... , ...1....1.. v ,,,1 .1
come out of the meeting of the 500 . .pHn,,!,,,, H .lln , liniment for
delegates assembled from every nt ilf nnil nueuVn Joints, cnnintetiil
. . . .... . 1 .nr 1. . 1 1 -1
inrt of the IMOOC. i UC IIIOM im- i iiihtiw, iiiii imh-r, niiiii mim hh-h
portant transactions 0 merit were
the defeat of the resolution fa voting
the "kerns bill" now before the V.
S. Congress nnd the reorganiza
tion and incorporation, of the
Amcricnu Mining Congress, which
elected Governor Richards of Id.iho,
in presi'ent. nnd our previous sec
retary (Mnhan) to succeed himself.
The American Mining Congress
will meet at Dcadwood. S. D. at
nbout the same time ns it did this
yenr Sept 1. Anyone desiring a
full report of the proceedings of
Congress may obtnin the same by
addressing Irwin Malum, Sec Am.
Mining Congress. Ilutte City, Mon
tnnn; which report will be quite
full nnd explicit.
Now ns to Ilutte City nnd her
mines, for they nie one nnd thr
same the nriiicinnl mines being lo
cated nud operated practically
within the heart of the city or
rnthcr. I should say under the city.
The city as you know lies at the
base of the Hocky Mountnitis. at nn
elevation cr 5,500 feet and hns n
iKjpuliitiou or 60,000 souls, mostly
Irish souls, and n more oulerly, re
fined, generous nnd open-handed
clnss of people ennuot be lound
than the citizens of Ilutte, who
know how to entertain nnd "do the
grand." ,
Ilutte is today the largest mining
camp in the world, producing nu
ntially. millions of dollars ofcoppcr,
silver and L'old: the principal pro-
luct was, "silver;" after plncer
mining subsided, but it is now cop
fier. The nrindpnl mines nrelieiug
worked nt n dcptli of from 2,000 to
3,000 feet by steam aim ciecinc
power hoist. With others I visited I
some' of the deepest mines. We
put 011 rubber suits, stepped into
the cnge, nnd were shot down into
the bottom of the shaft so quickly,
that we did not linve time to get
senred or to get breath, nnd couse
fluently could not "holler." ThesJf
mines tnke out thousands of tons of
ore doily, most of which is shipped
to the Amalginmted Company's
smelter nt Aimcondn, 38 miles dis
tant. Here Is located the largest
smelter nud reduction works in the
world, the plant costing about
eleven million dollars. There are
other Inrge smelters situated tn and
about Ilutte, but none of them coin
pore with this. It 1ms a cnpacity
f. Ann inns of ore dally nud em-
.im'.a. nlimit 2.000 men. The
weekly pay roll, In nnd nbout Ilutte,
..n..,ia n linlf-mllliou dollars.
Mr. K. J. Hnrd, ofl'ortland, Ore;
vonrseitt a reltet man 01 uoueuim,
i.i' 1. r iIIIp1 lit connection with
my smnll but 'neat nud nttractive
ore exuiuu uj scuuiK "
whnt I believe will De-
,.n,.if. in the very near future, as
Trent nud rich n mining camp ns
ii.aA hilt it will reuuire our
citizens united effort, time, patience
and money. . .
f..-i. ,nrp could be said
but it would be n different subject
Dr. Willi went to Portland WedneH
iln.v. Mih. .1. H. .Medley Iiiih Im-cii ipille III
til Ik wisk.
Att.v. .Iiihiisoii mid fnnll.v returiii-tl
from llolieniln 'I'lii'Milny.
Oltn llrinvn wiiHtip from I:iiki-iic
the MrMl of the wivk.
Mim. Iliiikliiililer n-turned from
llnlieiiihi H11111I1.V.
ChiiH. II. Ilurkliolder went IIIuIiIiik
nil Itow river Weilnemliy.
CIiiih. V'iiHlciilnirK"ii(l Hon, CIicmIit,
led for the (.'nrnlviil ycHierdny.
Ili'iiiv anil 1'i-llx I.iuiiIcmh emne
down from llohemhi .Monilny.
.Mr. Harris nnil wlfe.of lllackhiille,
were vlKltors lit Cotlnw drove N1111-
Dr. I'etrluiind wife i-ettirnril .Mon
ilny from mi (iiillnu- In the KIiihIiiw
(leo. Mt-lnzer, who Iiiim retired from
the liiirncMM mul Hiiildlery IiiihIih-hh,
left for Yout'olhi Hiitnriliiy.
A. A. Htrlker. who Im reconstruct-
ItilC the ('iirrln lirldKti on Itow River,
vlMiicii KiiKeiie Naturiliiy.
Win. Nun IIiiii-ii, of Itoxoliiirir. wiih
looklntt utter mllllliK IiiIiti'mIm In llo
lieniln Monilny.
.MIhm Kruilue Veutcli and .Mrs.
Henry Vcaleh were paneiiKerH for
I'ortlaml TueHilay.
lllirh Yancey's inniv Hint came 1111
uIhhIiii; wiih found .Monilny eveniiiK
at 11 lie iKhliorV plui-e.
.1. K. Htewart, the rancher from
Itow river, spent a few iIivvm In the
city the first of the week.
Mim. Deluiv llemeiiway returned
Tui'Milay morning from an exteniled
vUH to Portland and Seattle.
11.(1. Kurlilllz. of Portland, was
heru this week looklntr UP a locatfou
foraelKiir iiimmlaetiirluK cmIiiIiIIhIi-
Little Miss I. Ili-lli- AlirimiM In up
from Kiiuenc this wts-k vMtlmr heri
aunt and uiii-le. Mr. mul Mtm. W. II.
Jowph I'erkliiM ami lirother, i:arle.
left for linker City .Saturday In re
HpoiiHe to a ti-li-iaiu anuoiiiicliiK the
w-rloiiH lltni-HM, of their father, It. '..
Henry .IoIiiihoii (Dutch Henry)
who Im IntereHteil iu the I 1 1 c- anil
Drizzly mining i-laluiH of llohumla
Iiiim Imimi atteiulliiK to IiuhIiu-hmi Iu the
city wveral ila.VM tills week.
I. ('. 'J'lioiiipMoii. iiiiiiinner of the
Kalrvlew .Mouulalii Mlnliik' and M III
lilK Co., Is reMtlliK awhile at the
drove, having Iksmi engaged for Moitie
time lit the iiiIiicm HiiMrlntenilliiK de
velopment work.
Hon. Ivan .McUtu-eii Iiiim Urn
h H'tiitltiic Mcveral days Iu the city this.
week. He has ho far ns.-iivertst iiih
health an to Ins alile to illM-anl IiIm
cane. He partly attribute. IiIm Un
proved health toharil work.
deo. Ia'ix, who Iiiim Iksmi working
for the Tucker IMoiust Coiujiany of
Hood liver of which (ten. I.OUK Im
iiminiKvr, returned Tuewlay mornlnt;
en route tor lliilu-nila to 1I0 hhmwh-iiii-iiI
work on IiIm mining claims.
I.11111I Oflh'f) nt ll'mi'liiirir, Orru'in.
AiikiibI 2, Wi.
Notice la hereby glvi-n that the fol-lowiiiK-niiinTtl
M-tlli-r liii filed noilreof
Ids Intention to iimki) II mil roiiimiitH
tlon proof In Fiiiiport of hln elnlm, mul
limt hhIiI proof will lie oinile lHforu
Muriel.. U iire, t. H. ('oiiiiiiiiKloiier nt
l-:iiUeie,Oreon,im KcptciiilH-r 17, Wi.
vlr.: dmrly Olmm 011 II. ',. No. 10170,
forlhoNW Hu. 12, Tp. 21 H., It . 1
He inline the folio linr wllnes'i-i' to
lirovo his eonllnuoiipi r.idi;ne iimiii
mid eiiltlvnlioii of m Id Imid, viz:
Mmtlii llniiKi-noii, of Knxene, Oie
Kri, (liinJt-r Kornatiid, n( WIIcIhixhI,
OreKOti, I'eler Opllil, Mnrliti Olfon.iif
llliii) Itlver, Oregon.
J. T. llimx.KK, Ki-KlMi-r.
United Ktaten I .nnd Office.
Itoneburg. Ore., , IIKrJ.
Notice Is hereby given that In com
pllame with the provMoiiM of the net,
of CongreHH of Juno :i. ls's, eutltleil
"An m-t for the Male of tlmlier IiiihIm
In Die Htali-M of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washlngt on Territory,"
as extended to all the Public I.iilid
KtateH by net of AugiiMt I, IS!-.',
Wolf HanilurM, of Kiigene. Count v
of Lane. State of Oregon Iiiim HiIm
day filed In this office IiImhwoi-ii Htate-
ini-nt im. ;niu, lor uie puri-uane or tne
H V Ni:y, icS SH of Seetlon
No. 8, Two. 20 South, of Itaiige
H Went ami will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more
valuable for Its tlmU-r or Htoue than
for agricultural purpoM-M, and Iocm
tabltHh his claim to wild land Is-fore
Muriel.. Ware, V. H. OonimlMMloiierat
Kugeiie. Oregon, on Monday, the
17th day ot Nov., 1002.
He nami-M iim wltiu-MMeH:
JoHeph II. Wllhelm.ofiioMlieu, Ore..
.1. CalllHiiii, of I'lciiMimt Hill, Ore.,
Ilolx-rt I'nt-iiiuii, Kll (;oM-nhaver,
of (IomIii-ii, Oregon.
Any anil all imthoiim i-laiintug ail
verxely the aliov-ileni-rilMil IiiihIm are
requested to tile their elalniM In thlM
offiee 011 or lieforu Hiiid 17th ilay of
.1. T. II1111110.H, ItegUter.
5 Local fireveties. o
lltvlnmt hIiIihi1
for an
Bargains, Bargains,
We bought the 'JLieRoy St ock of Clothing, Sliocs
antl Furnishing Goods at ft big diHcouut, and in Selling
these goods we will save you front
85 to 5Q Per Cent.
A lot of Boys' Suits and
Knee Pants.
Suitable for School Suits from 3 years to 15 years
old. These Suits nnd pants, while iu broken
lots arc just as good as any nnd we will save you
At least 35 Per cent.
Also a broken lot of Men's Suits tSat we will sell at wholesale prices.
Saving on shoes from 25 to 50 per cent. Men's Hats at Whole
sale Cost.
We Want you to come and Inspect this Stock
and you will find Something you Need.
Lha Dints in
enritcii NOTKS.
catholic niuuni.
ServlceM Sunday, Sept. 7th. at 10 a.
A Warnlnjc To (llrls And Young Ladles
Why OnllaKhcr Let Her (lo.
Now (lallagher hail a lient girl
He called her "Darling Cloe"
lie told her to get her ierfiliue
I'roni .Morgan nud ltivlmut.
When (lallagher went to hug her
And found hIiu hadn't done ho,
(Had got bad pci'tunu1, Home other
Then "(lallagher let her go.
I'. S. (ili-lM take warning.
" no I nu one of 11 party
lb it iiitenileil milking 11 Ioiik hic-yclo
irlp," fiiyn I'. I.-. Tiiylor. ntNew Allmtiy.
Ilriiiltniil Ciniiitv, t'u. "I wiih tiiken
sihlili-nly lth iliiirrhoen.niul wimnlxnit
to cvo up Ihi) rip, when editor Ward ol
the l.iiiTyvillo .Mitn-enitei, hiieMeil
tluit I dike a dine ot Chiuubi'rliilii h
Colic, Cliolern mul Dliirrliooii Iti'inedy.
I piirchiiseil 11 holtln nnil took twoiloi'eii.
one lnifon Hliu liiik' and one on tlm route.
I uiiiile the trip inieeentiiuly anil never
feltnnv III elUs-t. Again last inuiiiiivr
I wiih abnont conipletely run down with
an attack of ilyn'iitciy. I Imiiidit 11
tiottlo of thin hiiiiu rcinwly and this
tlnui one iIiiho ciired inc." Sold hy
I.yoim ,t Applopilu, Dridn. IU'Iihoii
Drug Co., Cotillon (.trove.
Resolutions Of Condolence.
V'ork (Irniige.
Hull of Count
4:i. I'. of II. .
Whei-i-iiM. Thu givat ivulior Iuih
hccii lit to tlniiHt lilrihcytliu Into our
inldMt mid remove liom among iim
ouiMvnrthy nlMler, ltena McKIIiIkmi,
ini'ivioiv ne 11
IteHolvcil tluit wc exienil our ira
tcriml Hymiiatliy to the ' bereaved
luiHband nud relatives anil no it
furl her . , , , ,
(ti'HOlveil that tne cnaner 01 una
Orange be draped In mourning for a
period of :l days.
we recommend mm u
tloim lieHpivml 011 the inlnuteH. alno
be published In tlm Oottugo drove
mpciw ami uiai a i-oiiy 01 n
HMorwariieii 10 me. wmnni uimn,, .
Catiiuiiini: winhcoit.
IOi.hcta HAiiiiisNiimi... Com.
Mauy Wiiiti.ock, )
of hot wider halt nn
1, ,,iir 1 w. (hi. 1 i'Mc-li iiiuiil ami luut before
Kolmr to liwl, iiIho a drink ot water, hot
Or COIll, IIOOIIV Hyuiioilio Mliui vim, ...v....
Take Iota ot outdoo. exercise walk.
ride, drive. iMivko n icitnuir inuni ui
.i.iu .....1 l.i t.tiiuu nimeH ehroulu COIIBtl-
""""" ' I
pillion may uo eurou wuiioni vnu
iiiiv niei lluinu. When a purKiitivo is ro-
niiWl tnko Domctlilng mild and eontlo
liko Cliiunliei'liitn's Stomach nnd Liver
Tablets. For Biilo bv lk'nmm DriiRlo.,
Cottngo Oroyn, Ore.
Jlowuro ot air dried or half dry
,i...,..i.w. ..eiiini' mul rustle. Tliu
llooth-Kelly LumlierCo " ""'"B Lit the Tuesday local,
speclnl lirlces 011 kiln-dried lumber. " '
I.estou Lewis came up from Co
burK nnd visited at home Inst Suu
day. He was transferred from
Saginaw ubout two weeks ago by
his employers, the,Uooth-Kelly Co.,
and is now located nt Coburg,
winch he says is n very busy little
Chns. I,. Johnson returned fiom
Salem Monday morning, where he
has been for a week visiting witu
his family. He left immediately
for llohcmia District, where he
will look nfter the "Golden Rule."
W. A. Hogate, who has been
employed by J. I. Jones on his
much near Saginaw for the past
year, returned to this city the first
oi the week where he will reside
Dave Maker and his mother re
turned last Friday from Willamette
where they went upon the sad mis
sion of attending the funeral of Ira
Maker, husband nhd father.
A. H. Gillette, who lias been
visiting here a few weeks, the
guest of his sister, Mrs. F.d Long,
returned to his home at Pendleton
Inst Friday.
J. M. Atkins nud wife, who hnve
been sojourning for severnl weeks
nt Melknnp Springs, returned Tues
day much improved in health.
C. U. Jones nud family returned
to the city last Friday from Mo
hemin where they hnve been em
ployed nt the Mustek mine.
President J. L, Le Roy, of the
Le Roy Miuiug Co., is down nt
Columbin river points this week in
the interests ol the company.
J. I. Jones and family left last
Friday for Newport, where they
will eniov tin outing ofn week or
ten days 011 the bench.
Hnrrv Supple and Jno. Currun
started south Inst Thursday in the
interests of the Judson Rock Min
ing Co.
Atty. Medley accompanied by
his wife tnnde a business trip to
Ivugene Tuesday,
Mayor Chrisman was up from
Eugene Inst Friday visiting rela
tives here.
S. R. Mrauil, engineer on the O.
& S. 15. R. R. visited Eugene Mon
day. Gertrude and Nettie Murdick
visited friends at Royal Inst week.
Miss Lena Fredericksen is visit
lug at Portland this week.
Mrs. Orpurd went to Roseuurg
.Morgan &
alligator Injunction Monday
Send a eopy of the Nugget to your
friemlM In the cant and keep them
Those doughnuts, just llke"mother
UK'iI to make," at Parker's bakery
two iloorH cast of pOHtolUce, Main St.
SMt-lul orders, pies-anil cakes, any
old kind, promptly tilled at Parker's
bakery, while you are ordering try
those dougliillllsj
Three jieu- and neat residences are
looming iii iu the Long & lliughmu
proiH-rfy, those of Ed Long, Mnrtln
Caroline and (i. W. Willis.
Tlie .Misses Thomns are preparing
to oih'U up a news stand and dress
making establishment In the room
next door west of the postolllce.
The Misses liartel moved their
millinery store yesterday Into the
lower department of the Wheeler
building opposite the lniH-rlal hotel.
So many s?opte have gone where
the hop vine twlueth this week that
we can't call mimes. Picking Is Iu
full blast at the Hays yards, Cres
well and Knox yard east of town.
The "minex" to the ImKrInl hotel
Is doing quite a business In the way
ot sleeping apartments. The new
structure Iiiim attracted quite u lilt
of attention this week on account of
the unique display In the rear.
The smoky condition of the atmos
phere these days indicates the pres
ence of forest tires somewhere In Ore
gon, which Is not to be wondered at
when we consider the time since we
werefavorvtl witli a good refreshing
Hop picking commenced last
Monday nnd there was quite an ex
odus of people from our city as a
result, most of them hieing nwny to
the ynrds near Creswell ns they
usually do from this locality.
Unlle-l Slim Land Offlo-.
ItowburK, Ore., Ann. 9,1'JU2.
Vll.U Itrrpl.r riven limt In rombliance
Kith the proTliloni ol the act ot Congrmof entitled -An ct lot the uleol
Timbtrljiinli In tbr State, nt Calltorula, Ore-,
run, Netada, and WaOilnictoii Territory," i
itended tn all the I'abllc Land State. tr act ol i
ADKulI , ire., wiimini'iuifcu,."v.
County ol Lane, 6utr ol Oregon, nai thl day
tiled in Ihi. office her iwom atatement No. Sl6, '
lor the purc-haf. ol tne W '4 SW Vi, SK ! K W )
SW (, NK 14, ol Section So. 21. Townhlp
asonih. of Kanire No. 4 Weal, and will offer
proot tonliow inai ine lanu hqkbi i moicip.-,
liable for it timber or none than lor aericul
tliral nnriKWl. and 10 etablifh her claim to 1
raid land before Marie U Ware. V 8. CommU- (
ilnnerat Kiigene, Une Co.. Otefun, on Satur-,
day the 3Mh day ot Oct.. lia'J. I
She name. a witneMM:
w. K. Nowell, H. II. Nowell. of A mix p. O.,
Oracon. Herman Dow, ol Cottage Orore, Ore.,
(leonte M. Miller. ol Kugene. Ore.
Any and all perwnii claiming adreraely the I
alTe-ile-crlbed landu are reoueitod to flleil
their rlatms In IhlioOlee on or before wild 2Mh
dayofOct..l!i2 .. .
J T. llRtDaia Uegliter. 1
uWe Suit the Hard to Suit."
Don't take our word for it, but call and be convinced that
The Gash. G-rocery Co.
Carry the cleanest and most Complete line ol
in the city.
We keep a full line assortment of fresh fruits and
tables in season.
The Gash Grocery Co.
A. Q. Young, Manager,
United SUK-f Land Office, ;
RoMburx. Or... Aug. 9, 19U2. I
Notice It hereby given that Incompliance'
with the provllon of the actol CongreM of
June 3, 1678. entitled "An act forthe faleol
timber landiln the State, ot Calilornla, Ore
sou. Nevada, and Waihlngton Territory," a
extended to all the 1-ubllc Ijind Stalei by act
olAugn,t4. Krank F. Itelner.ol Portland,
l!l&MorrlonSt., Co.ol Multnomah, State olOre.
ha thl day Hied In thla odlce his wpn, tale
men! No. 3170. for the purchaw ol the S w
of Section No. Towmhlp So. 21 S, llange o.
8 West, and wllloflerproo! to ihovrthat the
land sought Is more valuable for Its timber or,
stone than for agricultural rurie. and to
establish hit claim to said land before
Z. U Dlmmlck, V. S. Commissioner ol Oak
Oregon, on Monday, the Kth day of Oct.
Heuemesaswltne: . , Neul, Elmer R. Harvey, olney
F.rvln, E. H. Ward, ot Portlond, Oregon.
Anr and all persons claiming adverely the
aUive tlebrlbel lands are requested to rile
thelrclalms in this office on or belt
day ot Oct., IMS.
efore said 'JTth
J. T. Bkiisiek. Register
K Business Briefs. J
Kb.u1 real estiilo l.rjtiia of Jerome
Knox A Co
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call on Davidson for good goods.
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1'orn I '.id tunic m the mouth take
Chituiberliiln'H Stomach and Liver
Tablets. Kur wile hy Henson limit Co.,
Cot tnttoti rove. Ore.
T. It. Darker, the linker, all kinds
of bread, cakes and pastry. Second
door cast ot postolllce, .Main street,
fottnge drove. Ore.
If Iu need of dental work call on
Dr. Mucv, now permanently located
in the "t)r. Sniinu building, Ml
St.. Cottage drove. Oregon.
United Slates Land Offlce,
l'.oseburg. Oregon, Aug. MM,
Notice It hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions ot the act of Congress of
Junes, I87S, entitled "An Act for the sale of
Timber Lands In the Slates of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory." as
extended to all the public land states by act of
........ , ,tiai uimnti it. drt Neut.of Portland.
fbox7f7) Co. of Multnomah.Siate otOregon, has
this day tiled In this oftlce hl sworn sUlement
No.Sl-l lor the purchase ol the N !j S K ,ol sec-
I We manufacture all kinds of Milling and Mining
$ Screens, and furnish all kinds of belting.
Water Wheels of
Every Description.
All kinds of Flouring Mill, Ware
house and Feed Mill Machinery.
It will pay you to consult us in &
person or by letter before buying, s
I 49 First St., - - Portland, Oregon.
tlonNo. sl.townshipSl 8. range 8 west, and will
offerprooltosnowtnal tne lanimouKiii i iuuh
valuable for Us timber or stone than foragrlcur
Woman's Delight
if she hasthe usual ltouse-
tural purponen.and to etabllh his claim tosald
land before the Register aud Receiver ot this
oHIceat Itoneburg Oregon, 011 Wednesday the ;
31st day of Itecember, lint!.
JVto""zk) vSfiteT'15"1"- 8- w's,, ! keemiiK instinct, is in a stove
Portland. Ore., Booth Jones, Elkton, Ore. , 9 . 111 1
ortianu, ore., ikhiiu juiot, ..... 1 1 1
iZJSS. 'ffiAi'i si. ' winch ts a gootl baker and
-1 . .l..,A.lta.l latliU a rt rMillAMfid
their claims In this oftlce on ur before Mid 31l
day ol lHM-ember. 1WJ. , .
' J. T. llBUHiM, lleglsler.
Laud Olllceat ltoselmrg, Oiv.
Sept. 4, 1!K2.
Xotlce Is hereby given that the following-named
settlor has tiled notlco
of his Intention to mnke llnul proof
In support of Ids claim, and that said
proof will lie made before Marie L.
Ware, U. S. Cominlssloneriit ICugx'iie,
Oivgon. on Oetotior 14tb. 1IW2, vlx:
Mnrtln Tallafson on H. K. No. DiOl
for the Lots I, 7, 8 & I) See. 4, T. '-- S.
I boiler, and will turn out ft
! breakfast or dinner fit for
I the most particular husband
I or guest. Cooking stoves
1 and culinary utensils we
I have in great variety the
1 best ever made.
it w
Ho Humeri the following Wltlll'SSeS 1
lllue ptiut maps ot any township to prove bis eont Inuou
iu Uoseburg, Oreson,I.n..d District. cultivation of said land,
showing all vacant latins lor 51'cis ner)X 'I'orkelson.- of Mirth, ure.,
each. If you want any information Mnrten Holt, Anton Unnberg, .Ttdui
from theU. S. Land Office, address. , Dnlil. of VTVumaKeglster OUARANTKR & LOAN Co.. , J- 1 ' "mmM "ttWHttl.
Hrittm &
Vsitcli Go
,!i vni t"VT
mumimi tun nam.
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imblements, you can find at our
store. Akh you going mining?
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plies before you make your pur
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OIHce aud residence on Itlver street, near Wall.
prompt alltilllou paldto Hliiln UnlHM
xu I will not lutrucie ai una