Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 05, 1902, Image 6

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Udltor and Proprietor.
Enlaradal the poitomce at Coltag Urove,
orec on asFond CUM mill matter.
Rnhacrlptlon prlue. I,BO, In mlTitnr
Ailvxrllaliif luttia tnna known upon
T1III VX Mtn la V.nt nn flla at E. I'.. Drake'
AdYcrtlsInf Arencr, and.1 Merchants Ex
(Banna, tun Francisco, Cainomia. wnerccon
tracts lor aaremsinc can Hiuai lor n.
Friday, SitmtMBitR 5, 190a.
The editorial force has this week
been busy in the press room, where
in addition to our regular run of
job work, we have been making a
run of twenty thousand
impressions for tbeJudson Rock
Mining Co., who are getting out a
bran new, 8-pagc prospectus to
nssist them in the sale of stock for
development of their property in
the Bohemia Mining District.
There is more genuine push and
enterprise among the prominent
citizens of our little city than among
those of any town of like" size In
Oregon, and when those of both
sides of the river get theirshoulders
to the wheel and push together as
they do of late they generally land
their game in short order.
Late news dispatches give an ac
count of the narrow escape from
death of the president and party
who were struck by a street car
going at the rate of thirty miles on
hour. Several of the party were
quite seriously injured, but the
president escaped with but a few
slight injuries.
This week our old hand press is
being knocked down and crated
for shipment to Portland where the
American Type Founder's Co. will
take care of it. Altho' it has been
as faithful and reliable as the pro
verbial family horse, we will bid it
adieu with no regrets.
Owing to a shortage of space and
a rush of work in the composing
and press rooms, during the past
month or six weeks the Nugget's
mining column has not been rs up-to-date
and complete as it will be a
short time hence.
I'nltoil Ktntortljiimt Office,
lt.iHi'lnirir. ()n.. Atlir. 1ft. 1D02.
Viill.i- Ih liorvliv irlveli thilt 111 colli'
pllutieu with the provision of tho
nrf of Cntiun-HM III .!t!IH:i. IS18. 011-
tltletl "An net for thoMnlc ot Timber
IjuhIh In tin- HtittiM tit Cullloriiln,
niviroti. N'ovmln. Mill Wlltililllsrtoil
Territory." nn extended to nil the
l'ubllc hnnd HtutCH by net ot AiiRimt
4. 1N32. Joint K. uoacui. oi stunoni
County of Clncknmiu. State of Ore
ifoii has this ilny filed lit this orflec
hlH sworn Htntciiient No. .1243 for the
nurchiuu of tiiu s N H oi section
No. 3t In Township No. 31 South of
Nance No. 8 W. nml will offer proof
to tihow that the limit noujriit in
more valuable for Its tlinlicr or stone
tlinti for iiKrlcuItiirnl purpoKC nun
to PHtnlillHh his claim to snld land
before the HncUtcr mid Itecelver of
tills office nt lUwotmrii. Ore., on
Wcdnemlny the .list day of Dccemlior,
Ho mimes ns wltiiesHes:
Volney Ervln, Sanfonl Zwk, Simon
IL tie Nil . rortluiul. utv.. liootli
.Iiwiim Klkton. Ore.
Any nml nil portions ciniiiiunr nu-
rerselv ttonlHve ilescruxii minis are
miiiestcdto nle their clnims m this
office on or liefore said :11st day ot
Deecmlier, 1902.
J. 1 JJKllHIKH, Jtl'KlBll r
United State Land Office,
ltosebunr, Ore., Auk. 21. 1002.
Notice Is hereby irlven that In colli'
pllnnce with the provisions of the
Act of Conirrvss of June :i. 1878, en
titled "An Aet for the sale of Tlmlier
Lauds In the .States of California,
Orecon, Nevndn nml Wnslilnirtoii
Territory," ns extended to nil the
I'ubllc Ijuh! States by net of Au&ust
11. ltU2. KUwin, ii. Hessier ol iiiicvne.
Couuty of Lane, State of Oregon has
this day filed In this office his sworn
statement No. t04, for the nflreliuso
of the Ej SV V& SV K SV of
Sectlou No. ill, Township 20 South
of ltnnce . est nnd will offer proof
to show that the laud Ronght Is
more valuable for Its timber or stone
than for uirricultural purposes, nnd
to establish his clnlm to said land
before Malic L. Ware, 1'. S. Com
mlestoner at Euiieiie. Ore., on Satur
day the 8th ilny of Novemlier, 1002.
lie iinines ns, witnesses:
Names N. Handle, ot Kalmioiint.
Ore., George M. Miller, of Portland,
Ore., E.- (X Smith, of Kukviic, On-.,
Ueonre Wilson, of Lorune, Ore. i
Any nml nil lientons cluimlmr ad
versely the above described lands nro
requested to tile their clnims In this
office on or liefore said 8th dny of
November, 1902.
J. T. BmiHiEs, Iteglster. i
x United Stilton Und Offieu,
Uoseluirv Ore., Auk. 2Mh, 1902.
Nolleo ia licrcby given Hint in eum-
iillnnce with thu provmnns of thb net ol
ConureMof June.l, 1878 entitled "An
ictfortliti culo ot timber liunls In the
States of California., Oregon, Nevad. and
Washington Territory," Xixtciulcd to
nil the rulillc Lnnd States by act of Ail'
Keiie,Ooiintv o(jn, StuteofUre., hss
this day tiled In this otHeo her sworn
etntctiioiit No. .1323, for the purvhnio of
tlieSKl-4nf Section No. 2S InTownshlp
No. 20 8., Haute No. 6 West, und will
offer nroof to show tint tlin land souzlit
Is mora vulimhlo tor Its tluilwr or stone
than for agricultural purixwe, mid lo
establish tier clnlm to said land before
Marie 1.. waie, U. S. Coinmissloiicr
at Kueene, Oreiron, on Weilncsday,
the r.'tii nay ot wov., iwb.
She names as witnesses:
Kdxar O. ToIh'V, of EiiMiie, lane Co.,
Ore., James N. Handle, of I'alrmount,
Uno C .. Ore.. Kctta M.Toliev, Olex.
Gilliam Co., Orc.,Natham T. Wilson, of
hugeac, jjliio uo urc.
Anv and nil ix-rsons cUlmini; adverse
ly tne aixive-ncscriueii lanus are re-
qimtct to lllo their elalius in UitaotTice
on or bciore sain inn nay oi nov., iw.
J. t. HRiiKiKs, uegtsier.
UuiteIStiitis Ijind Otrie.
ltoscbnrvr, Ore., 1002.
Notice is hereor uiven that in cotmili
mice witli the provisions of the act of
Coneressof June 3, 1878, entitled "An
Act for the sale of Timber Lands In the
States of California, Oreson, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Iand States bv
act of August 4, 1892, llcrtlia McQueen,
Cot Uce Grow, Co.of Lane,Stato of Ore
gon hat this day filed in this office her
ntutAn.nn, Vrt O'Vll f . 1. ......
chase of the St, NE 1-4 of Section No. 4,
in Township 20 South, of Range 2 West
and will oiler proof to show that t ho
land soucht is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural
purpoees.and to establish her claim to
said land before .Mario L. Ware, U. S.
Commissioner ut Eugene, Lane Co. Ore
gon, on Saturday the 15th day of Nov.,
Sho names as witnesses:
Herman T Dow. Jnsenh Schlee. Sol
Davidson. G. W. McQueen, of Cottaee
Grove. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands aro te-
quested to tile their claims In this office
on or before said 16th day of Nov., 1902.
T irt I. - , ' .
Several subscribers and patrons
called this week and gave the new
management a word of encourage
ment and a bit of news. Call on
us often, when you have business
and wben you havent.
It becomes more and more evi
dent every day that a sewerage
system is badly needed in our little
city and it will be a matter of but
a short time before it can be put off
no longer.
The local laundry and the special
license required by outsiders is the
topic of conversation on our streets
just now.
No new correspondents have sent
in items from their localities this
"Patronize home industry" and
"Stand up for Cottage Gvove."
rnltetl States Land Otllee,
Kosebunr. Ore.. .Voir 28. 1902.
Notice Is hereby elven that In com-
pllniee with the provisions of the Act
ol l ongress ol Junes, lNit, entitled
"An Act for the sale of Timlierlaiids
In the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Serritory,"
ns extended to all the Public Laud
States by act of August 4, 1892,
George M. Miller, of Pertlnud.Count.v
of Multnomah, State of Oregon, lias
this day filed In this olllco his sworn
statement No. 3343, for the purchase
of the N. X N of Section No. 2,
Township 21 South of lUttice 5 West
and will offer proof to show that the
land sougiit is more valuable lor its
timber or stone tnnn for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land before Marie L. Ware,
L. Ware, U. S. Commissioner at Eu
gene, Lane Co., Oregon on Satunlay
tho'Sth dny of Novemlier, 1902.
lie names as witnesses:
E. D. llessles, ol Monmouth, Polk
Co., Ore., M. S. Barker, of Eugene,
Lane Co., Ore., Juuica Handle, of
Falnuount, Lane Co., Ore., T. C.
Luckey, of Eugene, Lane Co., Ore.
Any nnd nil iiersous claiming nd
verKely the abbve descrllied lands are
requested to flic their claims In this
olllceon or before said Sth dny of
November, 1902.
J. T. UniiioKs, Register.
The Hcdmeii had a good meeting
Monday night. The order being six
months old Septemlier nth It was de
cided to celebrate the occasion on
the night of .Septemlier 7th. All
charter members are now entitle)! to
benefits. A program will berendered
nnd banquet served. Hetlmen ' arts
cordially Invited to partake of the
The Woodmen are In" their usual
proeiierous condition.' TheivatuUireo
candidates for uduilsslou Into' the
order for the 10th of the month."
I. o. o. p.
The Odd Fellows conferred first
nnd third degrees Friday night.
Two now applications woro enrolled.
m. w. A.
There nro two candidates for ad
mission Into this order on the Slth.
The i-orrestera will have work In
the degree team tonight.
Hobecknhs have an Initiation to
- fiitteil States Land Office,
Hoseburg. Qre.,.Ang. 2Sfl02.
Notfce Is hereby given that In cpin
pllana' with the provisions of the
net of. Congress oflluiieS, 1878, en
titled "An net for the sale of tlmlier
lauds In the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevndn, and Washington Ter
ritory." lis extended to nil the Public
Land States by net of August 4, 1MI2,
Myron Jf. Potts, of Holly, County
of Llnii, State of Oregon, hits this
day, tiled In this olllce his sworn
statement No. .'CMl. for the purchase
of thu W W of Section No. 12
In Township No. 20 S., Range No. 8
W., und wjll offur proof to show
that, the land sought Is more
valuable for Jts timber or stone than
for nurlcnltlirjil mtriioMM. unit in
tabllsh his claim to said land before ! i ,,7?L r'n nrwnri
United States Land office,
Roseburc. Ore.. Aug. 20. 1902.
Notice ia hereby given that in com-
Bliance with the provisions of the Kct of
ongress ot June 3, 1878, entitled "An
Act for the sale of Timber Lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,'
and Washington Territory," as extended
to all the Public Land States bv net ot
August 4, 1892. William Harrison, of
Cottage Grove, County of Ijme, State of
Oregon has this day tiled in thisotuce his
sworn statement Nn. 3330, for the pur
chase of the Lot No. 11, N ,4 RW W,
Oil- ty OH- 1j I O . : V..
TownsTilp 22 South, of Range 2 West
and will oiler proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before the Marie L. Ware, 17.
S. Commissioner at Eugene, Oregon, on
Monday the 17th day of November, 1902.
He names as witnesses:
D. II. Brumbaugh, James Lebow,
Thomas Rawlings, William Westcarson,
of Cottage Grove, Ore.
Any and alt peisona claiming ad
versely tlje above-described lands are
requested to file their .claims in this
office on or before said 17th day of Nov.,
J.T. Bbidoes, Register.
United States Lund ollet,
Itnscliiirg. Ore., Aug. 13, 1902.
Notice Is hoivliv uiven that In com
plhince with the provisions of the
Act of Congress of Juno 3, 1878, en
titled "Ait Act Tor the snie of Tinnier
Lands In the States of California,
Oregon, Nevada nml Washington
Territory." as extended to nil the
1'ublle I jiud States by act ot August
4, 1MI2, Ueorgo u. Miicdunald ot Asli
laud. County ot Ashland, Statu ot
Wisconsin him this day tiled In this
iilllro his sworn statement No. 3217
for the purchase ot the KK NE V, N W
NKKNBVJiWM of Station No.
12, Township n South of RaiiguH
u est aim will offer prool to snow
that tlio'laud souuht Is mor rnlu-
able for Its tlmlier or stone than for
ugrlciiltttntl purposes, mid to estab-
iisn ins rinim to sum innu ihioi
.Mnrle K Wnre, V. S. Commissioner,
lit Hugviie, Oregon on Tuesday the
2Sth day of October, 1902.
He names as witnesses:
M. It. Potts, of Holly, Linn Co.,
Ore., Dave Murphy, of Alma, Ime
Co.. Ore.. John Muruliv. of EmiiMie.
Jjiiio Co., Ore., M. A. Rldgwiiy, of
Hiitemuti. Montniio.
Any und nil ivrsims claiming ad
versely tho aboviMlescrllKHl lands ini
nsiucHtett to lllo their clnims In this
olllce on or befom said 2Sth dav of
October, 1902.
J. T. lliiimiKS, Register.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St Piml Railway,
known nil over the Union us the
Gtvut Rallwny running the "Pioneer
Llmlteil" trains every day and night
lietweenSt Paul nnd Chicago, and
Oinnlm mid Chk-ngo, "The onlj iHr-
feet trains In the world." Under
stand: Connections are made with
All Transcontinental Lines, assuring
to passengers the liestsorvlcokiiow'ii.
Luxurious conches, electric lights.
steam lient, of a verity iiHintttl by
no other line,
See that your ticket rvnds via "The
Milwaukee" wheiigolngtonny point
In the United States or Canada. All
ftlcket agents sell them.
For rates, luimphlefs or other In-
o rinatlon, address.
Jj W. (Usky, II. K. Rowk.
Trnv. Pass. Agt. Gen. Ant.
Portland, Oregon.
August a i
oiitli of tans
Mnny Merchants havo August chivked In their ealoiuliiis as one of the dull months. I his store
cannot afford to havo dull seasons. It, Is our policy to keep our goods on the move. Hnmll prollts
and mnny of them, keep this store In tho lead. We renllio the natural liicllniitloit this iiiiuith, but, we
shnll inline prices so low thatyou cannot afford to miss the good things we offer.
Wo nro offering at greatly reduced prices every Sulrt. Waist In this store. Possibly you can use
nnother wnlst. nt these Low prices. Come In and look them over. Wo am putting out about iXI
pairs of shoes of all kinds. Tho styles am a little off hut they tiro good, serviceable shoes. Wo nro
naming a M cent price mi some of the. All odd slies mid remnants nro to Ihi closed out out as ipilckly
as possible to make room for our now fall stock.
Cottage Grove,
m 1
Ltttcst Varietv of St vies.
United States Land Office,
Hoseburg, Ore., Aug. 25th. 1902.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
art for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all the Public Land States by act of Au
gust 4, 1892, RettnM. Tobev; of Olex,
County of Gilliam, State of Ore., Iiiik
this day filed in this office her sworn
statement No. 3320, for the purchase of
tho NW 1-4 of Section No. 28 in Town
ship No. 20 S, Range No. 6 W, and will
offer proof to show that the land fought
is more valuable for its timber or stone
than fur mirnoses. and In
establish her claim to said land before
Marie L. ware. U. S. Commissioner
at Eugene, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
I2th UayotKov.. 1902.
she names as witnesses:
Eduar O. Tobey. Aucusia M . Tobev.
Natham T. Willson, of Eugene, Lane Co
Oregon. .Tames N. Handle.of Kajrmount,
Shirt Waists, Choice but Inexpensive.
New Elfects in Fine Hosiery.
United !tatci Land Otrice,
Hoseburg, On-., Aug. 25th, 1902.
Notice is hereby given thai in compll-
aisle with the provixinnH ol the act of
Congrets of June 3, lti78, entitled "An
Act lor tlie sale ol limner mum in tne
States of California, Ortgon. Nuvadii,
ami Washington Territory. m x-iC3l
tended tuall tho I'libhi' Ijiii'I State by rKI
art of Augimt 4, 1892, James II. Ilnldwin,
of I'ortbnd. Box 72J. Ci. of .Miiltuomali,
State nf Ore., has this day tilt-.! in this
office his sworn statement No. 3330, for
the purchase of theSK u of Seetion No.'
34 in Township No. 21 S, Range No.2) . . , . . ..
West, and will offer proof lo show that ! "WwmvvwWvvA
tne lanu sougrii is more VHiuauie ior un
timber or stnnu tlian lor iigricullurdl
purisi., and In vi-tablish his cliiim to
said I11111I Ijefom Marie I.. Ware,
U. S. Commissioner at Kugene, Oregon,
011 Monday, the 17th day of November,
He names hs witnerses:
John A. Vangonlen, William Vangor
den, John Crowley, tlaniel llroinbaugh,
of ColtageOnive, Oregiin.
Anv and all persons cUiiiiing ad
versely the ahore-dencrilied lands are
renuestiil to rile tlieir claims in this
office nu or before said 17th dav of Nov.,
Iu02 I f
J.T.IIuiikiks. Register.
Wliy Does t Py .vo to look into the merits of a New Glove that is so farf
ahead 01 tne criiinary glove mat a novice can see us advantage!!, and which ii incctlnjf with phenotuclinl
SuCCeSS Carson Gloves arc especially adapted for the I.UMIUiUMAN anil MINKK. also lor
GKNERAL TEAMING so constrttctcil as to lie KRHK FROM SEAMS at thr vital oolnt. donblr
stitched and reinlorccd.
Krco and eiwy on tho hand, but to the neourntn hIm. Can kIvii a brother'n rlp mid not Htraln a Htltcli
For Wear Hemenway & Burkholder. I
Cedar posts for sale by Eakin &i
mymv su??in
Bohemia, Qregon.
(jciiet'ttl ilIcrchaiHlisc,
ilBijievs' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
and C;u.'jiivMl
SEPT. 2i, 25, 26 27,
SETTLE-TUCKER At the home of
thobrldo's pnrentHon Silk Creek,
WedncBdny, Sept 3. Mr. .Stephen
Sottle and MIhh Eva Tucker, Jus
tice J. W. Vnujilm officiating.
McCOY-TUCKEH At the home of
tho brldo's pnivntH on Kllk Creek,
Weditendnv, Sept. 3, Mr. Henry Mc
Coy and MIsh Surah Tucker, Justlco
YiuikIiii of thin plucv ofllclatiug.
Old Black Joo Up-To.Date.'
flomi ftin tho iliiyn when I wn
foellnjr bluo
Oono am tha corns that often
burned my too
Lonjr Blnco depurted from this
wicked world of woe
Pop Em All Corn Salves' whut
dd It, Morgan & Ureiui ut,
I'm running, I'm jumping, nnd my
Htep8 aro never Blow
Top Kin All Corn Salves' what
did H-'Morgan & Jtrehaut.
Mjirlelv. Wnre, U. K. CommlMHloner
lit Eugene, Lime County, Oregon, 011
TuexdnyrthentJi day of Nov., 1002,
lie nami'H a wiineHnen;
Uoorge Mncdonuld, of Mnrcoln,
Ijine Co., Ore., Davu Murphy, of
Alma, Lane Co., Ore., John Murphy
CharlCH Mayhow. of Eiiirene. Ore.
Any and nil nerxoim clalmlnir nd
vereely the alioviwlencrllied lunds are
remieided to file their clulniH In thlx
olllce'on or lieforoMild 11th, dny of
nov., rJo.'.,j. 1. (iiiiniiKH, icegister,
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands aro re
quested to (lie their claims in this office
on or before said 12th day of Nov., 1002.
J.T. IlnlooEH, Register.
Unital Ktntes Land Olflce,
Roseburi.'. Ore.. Aiil'. 20. 1902.
Notice is hereby given that in conjpli-
uuee wiiii iiw provisions oi me act 01
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
Act for the sale of Timber Lands in the
btates of California, Oregon, Nevada
nnd Washington Territory.. as extender
to all tho Public Lund States by act ut
August 4, 1802, Ferdinand A, Strange, of
Eugene. County of Lane, State of
Oregon has this day filed In this office
1. 1 . x- , . . ,1...
i,omiii Btaiciiicin nu. Miu, ior 1IIU
purchase of the SK '4. of Section No. 0.
Toivnshn20 South. oIHaimeSWundwll
oUer proof to show Unit the land sougiit
is more.vumauie ior us tltnoer or, stone
I hi) 11 forauriuiiltural luirnoses and to en-
liiblish his claim to vuld hind before
Mario li. Ware, V. n. Commissioner ut
Luueno Oreuon. on It day the Htli
dayoINoy,, 1002,
Ilo iuiinej uawllnesSUH:
Of A. Wlntermelr. ot Euicene. .Luno
lyO.-, ure.. liliurltw Uaiiipncll, pi itlvcr
side. Calif.. M. Loughmlller, of E ucene,
Lane Co., Ore., ticorge Luce, of Iviton,
Ivuiio Co., Ore,
Anv and all nerNons clalininuiidversu-
ly tlio above-described Itiuils ure re
quested to tile their claims in this office
on or before said 14th day of Nov., 1002
J.T. HitiDarsH, Register.
I have 30 Cotswold sheep to let out
(or ono or more years on shares.
Mjtft, II. Ei Iti!Di-om, Sngluaw, Ore-
Rough Lumber,
S7 per M. at
Saginaw, Ok.
in the Justice'! Court lor Hie PJitrlct'of Cot
tage Orore, County of Lane, State ol Oregon,
II. F. Clark, I'lalntllt
W. W. Watklns. Defeu'tant.
To W. W, Watkln, pefendaut above named :
Intbttname of the Slate ol Oregon, run are
hereby required to appear and auewer the com
plaint ol plaintiff Med aalnt you In I lie above
entitled Court and causa on or before the last
day of the publication of tills summons, which
said last date of publication of this niminons
Is the 3rd dav of October. l'JUt.aud which flrit
date of publication of said summons Is thu 2mi
day of August, 1D02, and If you fall lo so appear
and answer said complaint for want thereof,
tho plaintiff will lakejudgment against you fur
the sum ofilOS.UI. toKetherwlth thu costs and
disbursements o( this action to bo taxeC, and
ior an oraer ior me sate 01 me property at-
hlssummous la published by ordcrof J. W.
uichn. Justice of the I'eaco In and foTCntfaifH
U rove Justice's lllstrlct, Ijine County, Oregon,
made at his office on the 2Sth day of July,
J. W.Vauoum,
Justice of the Peace,
J. 8. Mkdlicy aho J. C. Johnson,
Attorneys for I'lalntlrf .
Good second hand carriage and
harness for sale cheap by Eakin &
in the way of Hardware, Tools and
imhleuients, you can find at our
store. Ark you going mining?
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chases. We Keep everything a
Miner needs.
Sliootiiij; Tounmtiicnt, Lo Stiwitig Contest, Tug of War
IJ.'tby vSliow, Prizes for Stoelc, Poultry, Ivtc, Etc., Hid
Afldrcss till Coininuiiieations to
M. S. WALLIS, Secy,
Elks Carnival At Portland.
Olllce and resilience on Hlver street, pear Wall,
lor tlw lilk'n Ciirnlviil tin) Koutli-
era I'nclfle Co. will ncll tlckotH from
nil HtutloiiM In Oivkoii to I'ortliiud
und ivturii, on Au. HlHt, Kept. lHt
und nth to lltli IndiirthV, ut uiviitly
ii-ililiiMl rittcH. Ai-i-ount "KlkH Dny"
tlckutu will bo Hold oil K-p. -'li'd nnd I I'1"'1' Office nt noitebiirif, OrfKon,
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I Saloon
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Don't hill to vlnlt tho Midway
1'liilHiiticc, tho (lormita VIIIiiko, ami
Jabour'M Oriental KxtraviiKiiuz. If
you ntiiy nt homo you will hihiiiiI the
rest of your life rcxrvtUiiK It,
uiuilo hufoio Murlo I,
iiiIbhIoiut nt ICtmono, Ori'uon. on Hon
IcmbcrL':', I0OL', viz: (R'orno V, Ti-utern.
on bin U.K. No. 8528, for thu NIC M
NW M,NY M NK 1-4, NIC 14 8K 1-4,
I. ot 1 nml 2,fiec. (l.Tp.L'l H., It. 2 WoHt.
Ilu minion tho fullowlnn wllncm-ee to
provo hla continuous residence upon and
oultlvntinii of sahl land, viz:
James Limbouuh, J ll, Wlnuiimn, V,
II. Champion, of CotlRKO drove, Ore,,
A. J. Andorson, of Htiir, Ore,
J. T, DiunuKB, Heglotfr,
.Maln8t,, Cotlngu (Jrovu,
7 r
Choice line ofXiquors
nnd Cigars kept 011
hand, Your patronage
is respectfnlly.solicited.
Unlteil Htntuii l.uml Offico.
Koupburif, Ore., Auk. 28, 1002.
Jvotlce U Imriiliy KVon tlmt tho follow
.iK-linini'il settler line llleil iiotlcu of Ids
Inn nt 1111 to make final j.roof In huj .
t jKnilVlJll. Unit BDill ,,rof
Hill bo MM b boforn Mi,rl I. w.J. V?'
H. Coinnilimioiier, ut Kiikoiiu, Orcuoii' on
on I. VkJU!Mo" B-KSSek',
! .''. No. 10120. for 1 10 B W. hw
1 l4. ' h UK T(i 20 H. Jt. 4 W.
H liMini'B the followltiK witncusrHs to
'11.. oiiiiiiiiii h rcuiiiuiiuo
I'. U'. t'lKlnuy,
Ciidnoy, I), Addlt-o
1 11111J ciililvHllon of mill) liiml, vlu:
'V 01 -oraiiii, Oregon,
J. 1. Iliiinaits, KenlBtor.'
Kieven head of stock cattle and
one young horse. For particulars
enquire, at Allison's burber shop.
Attomey-at'Law o o
-: Olllce on Main street-: -CoTTAOK