Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 08, 1902, Image 5

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    Vmkmuim Imt ih Out
Tin- premium lint ol the Oregon
Stnte 1'rtlr is now out mid heltijr
illxiiibtited nniuiig the furuturH mitt
. iJtecuciH IhrotiiihQiit Ihq Mute. Jt
cm licit 10,000 in cuh prcinlitiiiM
on livestock (iiul iif'rlculUiul pro
ilueti. Kvery dinner nml bieoder
in the itiitf in Invited to lirini;
Hoiiictlilni: to the .Stole I'ulr thin
yenr mid help nwcII tin IiIk exhibit
,' rtuit in nlremly prJiuUcil. The
Southern I'ncific Company hnttls
nil c::liibltii to and from the fair
free f ?li:rj;i wiileli PiiaMn every
one to ncnd Minicllilnc to help the
jood came nlouj;. To tlioe who
wili to tnl:e f heir fufnilicff .ind
upend u week lit the fair, they will
find rule of the Pitier.t cmnp ".rounds
on the const, absolutely free. Any
liiforiiiiillon icKiinlliit; the fuir will
lie Kindly tiveu by writing the rcc- !
teltity :it Poitlimd, C)ic;on. If
yon Imve not teeelved a premium
iist, wiite for one nl onec.
I,!iit Tuesday tnoiniiiK a few mo
ment'' define tlie southbound over
land pulled In, Mih. I.ydln Hlekcy,
who hud j list putcliiiied a ticket for
Medlord, walked ont of the I.oiih
Son Wntchoime, wljeh in iihw
tietl (or the' depot, ami walked oil
the liii'h platform. She fell Home
eight feet fttiikiiii; on her tight
xlimililer. ller y.ionns liroiiht
BViniulliiini: friend to her .side
nnd the win picked up mid (,'ivcn
the iiiu tint wan (it linnd. She
.ufl'eieil hi fill pnin nnd for 11 while
ii win thought ihc would hnvc to
to otponc her trip However
when the train pulled in she de
cided to (oaml wan assisted on the
car. It wutn painful accident, mid
the giuat wonder is no bones
were broken.
Nor Kt'i'i'ictiis'T I'owiik.-
A. K. Smith, mnchinitt for (ho
American Ty lfntintloti Co ,
1'ortlnnd, who set up the new
cvlinder pfes for the NtiKKct this
week, returned to Portland Tuesd.iy
morning. It was Mr. Smith's in
tention toicmain n is his custom,
itnAil power was attached nnd lu
stier! the pres when riiuniny;, hul
mvliip in n l.ick of nower to drive
iln. iii:ii-liitn-t v in ilit! moter first in - ivii imiKMk Pi L for liim
to icm.iiu until the new moter could
be placed in position. Mr. Howard
accompanied Mr. Smith to Portland
mid with liiiiM.istnncc mirchascd a
new Tuthill eight incli moter from
Co'ui. it Co, which
will lie placed in position this week.
Fatal AccimtNT -
Krnesl Abbjit, well known liere,
met death near ComMock last Sat
urday. He was sawing wood in
the limW with another man,
on the down hill side and while nt -tempting
to stop a .-tit from rolling
down hill was caught lietween it
nml a lice and cnnlicd lo death.
The (uncial was held nt the M. K.
cllU'cll nl this place last Monday
under the auspices ot .toe Model u
V0'oilmu of which order lie was n ,
' member in good Mainline. 1
Will Inktm.l Maciiinhmv
K.-S. I.ovelace, of the Sitnriio (
Mining Co , left last Sunday mom- ,
lutf for Sin Francisco where he goes,
to look after machinery forthecoln-j
jnoy willi the view of installing a '
nlaiit at an early dale, calculated
for the reduction of the splendid
i)D(lies of rich otes now being open-'
cil up on the property.
WANTItll. -
One hundred teams to haul ore
from Holicmin (Helena Ivfo. s) to
ltedrock. I'ricc ciglit dollars per
Ion. Roads good. Teams can earn
"ns birh as ioity dollar tier week.
W. F. Murphy, ore hauling dept.,
, cire of Pacific Timber, Co., Cot
tage Grove, Oregon.
" LOST: -On strectbetween J. V.
Currau's icsidcnce and depot, small
htick pin innde from Ji-so gold
piece. Finder please leave at J. P.'
Currin's ding .store mid receive re
ward. Mkb. J I'. CUMKANS.
A cottage with one, two, 'or two
nod oue-hnlf ocrcsof land. Inquire
nt Second house south of railroad
on Fourth St. I.. C. I.itit. 8-8
Closino Out Salu
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Un
dies, etc. going at reduced prices
until Sept ist, at Geo. Mcinzer's
harness shop.
. i WANTItll.
, . Hxperiencrd girl to do geueial
housework. Small house, small
iJtuilv. Mh. . U. DltNNIS,
Hlockbutte, Ore.
Whiting Matiiuiai..
All the little things y'oit need to
make your writing desk look liter
ary you will find here,, and a nice
variety, too.
UttNSON Dnuo Co.
Wantuii.- ....
, .Tennis to haul wood at Aim. 1
' o 3 per day eim ho made. Apply to
" VHcllie Tlm'ier Conipnny, Oottuge
drove, or 0, Johnson nt Aleii.
For Sai.. '
Kleveu head of htpek cattle and
one young lynije, , F.or particulars
enquire at Aljlson's barber shop.
Von Kali;.
On iiccount if 111 leulth, n, PVPllt
n'hle, pleasant uuHlnenH. Very cheivp,
f tr eiislH For pnrtlcuhvri, iiKiutio at
"ilils otllco. "
I wish to buy a good 'improved
'farm. ' Address Jock Box 65, Cot
tage Grove, Ore.
iMfuovHti Farm 3 WantkIj. .
We have a few cash buy&rfc for
jnitiroved farms. Also city property.
' PlIIl.l.llH & WlIKItLlik.
Sciroot. AiM'oirriONMKNT.-r-
Tlie nniuinl nKile iipK)rtiouinrnt
ofwliool money lias just been inndc
bv ,Stnte TieiiMirer Moore nnd
iimoutitH to flJi.t. 610.35 o Which
I.niio county gclti $17,020.35, busted
on it U'liool populiitiou of 7,755.
Hut two counties In Ilia Htntc have
ii ftcliool population exceeding thi
one beliiK Minion with o.jHfi mid
Miiltuoiiinh with 0,875. Ln.m year
i,nnc county mood fifth in school
population. The jump from fifth
to third place indle-iim . npld
growth in iiopiilmmii, nidir wipid
llinii nny oilier county in the stale.
I.nnc Is the banner county in In-
ciohm in populiitioii 11s well us in
ninny other lesturcls, li is predicted
that in two yen is Lmiewlll stmul
second in the stnle in populiitiou.
lixciiAMUit on Stuck
Since the iiirti'ini' of the Helena,
MliNiek and Cnlnpooiii rinnp.inicK
Into the Oregon .SecntiliesCo thcte
bus been fpillc :iu liupdry in regard
, , - : f , - ,,110111111 iirn kbi mill, lit 1.111V11 mm
to tl.elinsls of exchaiif-e of the old i ,,, lcvolver, rUc J0(ly
slock for he new. 1 he folluwiiiK . mi,lw ...n f-,,,,,,,1 n wuu,.
is me iHMs o rxc. n. Ke m Wmm
( 1 j I 1IV nuptial flin,i.iitiiivin ,.
the three companies; $i6n. ofOie
Coii Securities Company slock foi
each firm of Helena stock. ?ioo.
of Oregon Securities Co. sKick for
Sioo ofMusilk stock fjO 00 of
Oregon Securities Co, Stock for
Jioo of Calapooin stock.
A Skkkhw Acciount
What tnlBht have been a fatal
nccideut occuired at the home of
Dudley Shields, on Mpsby creek,
last I'ridny. 1 1 is little 5-year old
son while playing with a Winches
ter rille accidentally discharRcd it,
the ball entering the pnlm of the
hand, ningiii; upwards mid lodg
ing in the arm. A physician was
called, wlio removed the ball and
dressed the wound, and reports the
child on the road to recovery.
UitnitKAiiK Install.
Public installation of the men
odicerR of the Uchcknli lodge of
this plnec was held nt the Odd Fel
lows' hall last Friday evening
which was quite well attended by
members of the lodge and Odd
Fellows nnd their wives.
I'nr In Stamp Mill
ifrnuk Jordan, oi ine irysiai on-
'solidatcd Mining Co., left -for San
Francisco Inst Sunday - morning,
with a view of looking up mining
I machinery for his company. It is
understood that the company will
install a five stamp mill at an early
Foil Sam:.
A new wheel, tiwd oul.v n nliin t
lliiti. (Iniid Ijiiri-iilii for eiiHh. Ku-
i .iiiln, nt ii.imIiiIIW.
i i
(loids wanted from one to three
ears old. Address Postmaster ot
lilkhead. 9-3 1
Pcrional Parajriphi.
- O --
It. V.
wiim In' Hnene
Mm. Darwin IIiIhIow
iiml chlldivn
nix- at Newport.
Mi-h. A. ;. Walhice ivturneil from
KiiKcnc iliindny.
-Atty. .1. S. Medley iiiade a lalHlneHM
trip to KiiKcue Monday.
Jan. Hemoiiwiiy trnnHiirted IiiihI.
iichh at Kiitfciii' Monday.' ,
D. II. I'nrmeiilcr, of 'ulkcr, wiim 11
pleiiHiint culler Tuewliiy.
.1. If. I'iii-hIiiiII. the miller, xhlpiH-d
In another car of wheat iIiIm wivk.
Frank Wheeler and wife left Tiich
day for 11 short Hiijonru at Newport.
The;iirlHtlan KndeaVor'Hoelal Wiih
(iille well patronlxed IiihI Saturduy
Mr. and Mrn. Ilerltert Kakln left
thin week for Newport for their ninn
mer outlay. '
Wurm, Hiinny (Iii.vh colli limp. A
refreMlihiK Hhower would lieiililte wel
come. Carl McClnhi left Monday for Ka-J
mlnh, Idaho, wheiv n Iiiih apoHltlou
with a Ki'aln coinpnny.
Win. llaluhrldire, noHtimmter at
Klkheail, paid the Nugget olllce a
pleiiMiinteall hiHt week.
.1. (III1H011, who murdered John
.Sehonhachelor oil April IS. will hung
on Friday. Septemlier lUtli.
, Mi-h. II. A. Swenrlinr and mm Ia'h-
lle ale m from KiiKvuuthe kiicmIm of
Mf, and .Mih. Leo W, Henry.
lien I.ill'i'll ami iloilirhter Celhl left
Tuiwlny iiIkIiI for an outlni;hy the
"sun sea wnven near sowpori.
W. C. Conner, editor of the How
burn; I'lnlmlrnlee, iittended the Hurt
Urpiil'd wcddliif? In this city Sunday.
Mr. nnd Sir l O. Force left by
private conveyance ThiirHtlny for
WliieheHter hay for iv fow weekH out
Inif. MIhh flraee Hemenwn.v, who hits
been vIhUIiik ivlatlvi'H and friends
hero for wiveral weeks lei t hiHt Frl-
ihiy for her homo hi Seattle.
K. Hteffan nnd family arrived here
from Mosrow, ldiino, ihhi ween.
Mr. Slelfan has lieen tryliur to pur.
cluiHU it-Hiiiall farm uenr town,
'V. W. .lenkliiH. who went as a dele.
Kiitu from this place to the Htttte
iiHHeinhly of Hodmen, hist .week was
elected to too iiiku omco 01 -ureai
Hud nnd flraio Lincoln, who have
been vlyltitiK tueir uruuupa una
rti-niiiliiiiL Lincoln, at 1'ucblo. Colo.,
inn axiH'cted to return hull to live
Willi Mr. nnd Mi-h. Win. Hemenwn.v-
in 11. few ww :h. Alnster lliK ih now
hiHt roeovorhur from nn'ivttack of
typhoid fever.
AVlth tho view of elfectlng an 01-
ciinlxatlon of Town people, notice Is
lieroby given yiat' 11 meothiK will bo
held In tlio Eaut'X'iirk n Kiigcno, on
Saturday. AuKiiBt 2, 1002. All Iowu
people nre cordially Invited
By Qrdvr of Conunltlce.
imam iitayi
Wounded Twice Anil Meedlng
Dcalli-lllowd Ills II minx Out
Willi KoveUcr
I fm 1 y Tracy, the notorious Orc
l'oii outliiw killed himself in a
wlionlfleld near l'ellows lit ,i-lo A
wntmiicii near 1 tiiows, ui. 1.30 v.
01., 1 uemi.iy, wiiuib ic initi. own
Miriounded, III n fight with a posfc
oi citizens thai niglit irncy was
wounded in the rigut leg, between
the kuuc and the thigh, -and twenty
minutes later, knowing that his
capture was certain, he killed lilm-
Kly of
ficM Wcdnesdny n.orui.iK.
Stile Normal School.
ri..Kt,.l..Noni..ilSel,ool nt )rn,
omiih .Mnniliiy, Seplemher 8th, with
a faculty of MpMul lenelierH. "
l.utln (I'lis-tlve) lieeoiiieH 11 pnrt of
tlieeoiirHo. I'liyxlcut eilueiilloii Will
lieu feiiturc of the Heliool, under 11
Indued lem-her.
lllHleml of fol'liml ,hook-ltCeplii;,
"Aetlinl IiiimIiicmm" will Ik' employed.
The library nml liihomtorleH tint
helm; lidded lo i.imlie Ihelh mon1
The KiikIIhIi unit iimtliciimtk-H will
Ih' plms'il on more priietleul nnd
HtroiiKer hiinvx.
The piiHl, year the Normiil Imx noli
Imh'ii able to mpply the iIoiiiuikIh
miiile on If fur leiiehei-H.
Tlie (ruining ilepnrliiient Ih In ex
cellent condition. Tcuchcrx of Home
cxiiei'ieuec may nvnll theuiM'lvcH of
IIh mlvipitiiKeri.
TcnclierM invluw cIikh will Ihi innlii
lidlieil. Tim Normal (swiiyH to help IIk
worthy HlinlcntH In ntriirln pol
tloiw. CxjieiiMK low. Write for cutli
loRiie. .1. 11. Oiici'tt. l'reu.
" Church Notes.
... ,.1. t...- ......( .1... .I... I. ......
. n-lll HOIK -.I . IITH IK III.- . IHIH1IUII
ehnreli Sun.lny mornliiK audevenlnir.
;Uther H'l-vlecH iih iihiuiI.. A cordial
I Invitation to all.
I 1." ! Itll IVI1TIIV
The Hcrvlce that wfut to Ik- lield at
the Clitholle eliurch. this city next 1
Sunday. Au;i. loth, Ih pitHtponeil to
a lalerilnte, which will I hi (Inlytnn
ininnivd. NOTICK roll PllltUCA't'ION.
Fnltisl St',' Lund Olllce,,
Hifcluir):, Oil'., June Illlh. lOC'.'.
Notice in heiutiv nlvea that in coin
ilti(nee h lib the jSrovMmiii of tint m-t nf
C.niKiepir of Juno 3, IhT.S, entitleit "An
art for the Kile of timlicr laud in the
MuttM of California, Orctton,Ncviid mill
WuHhliicton Territory." an uxtc mled lo
all the I'nlilU: Umil Simon by act of An
iriieU, 1802, licriod Stratinjj, or reiice.
County of Mllle Ich. Stutcol Minn., line
this ilav UTisI in this oirice Iiiu nworn
Ktuietnenl No. 2717, for Hie puri-luice of
the SK 1-4 ttf Heclion' No. 22 in Town
htp No. 22 S, Haiiiio .No. l! W, nrd w ill
oiler proof to liov- thut the la nd uonclit
is more vuhnililc I'irita tiijiljur or monu
llnuifor nirrii'hitkiral inirpbu'o, and lo
e.Ui bl lull IiIh claim to said laud before
Marie 1.. ware, V. S. CouiiniHsioner
nt Kncene, Orejron. -on Wednesday, thu
Unl day of Sept. 1102
IIuiiiiiuos an wHnees: - '
Henry Htrntln, of IVnuo. Minn.. C.
II. Triiinhull, .loliu WiiLMicr, 1a.-u Allen,
of Drill li. Oreeoii.
Any mid all ioritii(clulmini: (inverse
ly the iilHivtvdociilied limdn aro re-
ipiei-tcd to lllo thetr clainiH in this office,
on or before it.dd Urd day of'Scpt., 1002.
j. i. iiuiiKiEH, aecmit-r.
' notici: Fon-puitucvnoN.
United ytiiles baud Office.
Uosolmri?, Ore,, Julio 111, 1002.
Notice Is hcrenv iliven Unit the follow
IniMiiiuiod pettier Iihc tiled notice of his
Intention to tnuko Until proof in eup-
poilodils cluini, tilld that aaid piiMiI
ill be niiido heforo Mario I.. Wure, U.
S. Cominiiiiiloner, at Jiiii;eiie,.Orenoii, on
Aneiint H, 1002, vlr.: bowls K. Ilolniei",
on It. K. No. SiMU, for tho SV 1-4
Sec. 21, Tp 2i S. It. I Weft.
He mimes thu follow Uir wmiichsobs to
prove Ids contlmm a renidenco upqu
and cultivation of said laud, viz:
0 . A. Smith,, of lCiieone, Oregon, 'T.
H. llraplier, A. Doolittlo, T. M. t-ardncr,
of AmoB, Orccoii.-
J. T. ltniDur.ti, Hculster.
, United tatj's Laud oll'iuo,
Hosclmrn, Ore., Juno 17, 1002.
Notice. Is lieiebv clvi-'n that In coin-
pliimeo with the provisions of thu nut of
ConurcHS of Juno , 1878, entitled "An
Act for tho wile of Timber bunds In tho
Stated of California, Oreiion, Nuvudu,
uml WimhluKlon Territory," as extended
to all tlio Public Lund blutes by net of
Auitit L 1802, William A. Ituckneflif
Albany, County of Linn, State of Ore
(on has thU day tiled in thisoll'lce his
sworn ftatonient 'No. 2745, for tho intc
cliimuofthoN WofSW 8WI4 nfNW
JS W 1-1 of Slj 1-4 o( Sectliut No. 2.S,
T7iwnililp 23 Solilh, of Hnii((o 1 West
and will olfer proof to taliow that tlio
laud ouijlit Is more vahiublu for Its
timber or stouo than fur ntfric.nltltrnl
p'urposos, nail 'to establish Ids claim to
said land lidoro tho County Clerk
of Linn County at Albany, .Oreiconl
on Saturday tlioSQtli diiyW August, IUU2,
Ho iniiiies us witnesses L
Kiilnh W, Fisher, W. K, FIsliot , of
Albany, Ore., J. W. Ilnuek, N. H
Miulln. of Collnuo Gfove. Oro.
' 'Anv tind nil poisons claiming ml
vorsuly; tho iitiovu.duscilbod lands uru
re(pieetcd to lllo their Claims -in this
ofl'ioe uu or be(oivtald!50th day of Sept.
J, !, Uiuon:s, Ilcijister,
The (Iriuid I'rlc Hull
Ti Ixitrlven by T. K. IlielnirdHOn Ml
(illKK't (D'ovo, Auk l" piomlH-H to
. oe 11 111111 1111011'. rrizKM mini nir vi-
' .,l... f ...II ,ijj ,r ...... .........
Minin 11 in , 11111' ifriji,'
mo Ik-Iiik ndileil ilnil.v, Iteineinlicr
llie Hl'Ml pilzj' for Hie bent, ill'eHneil
hul.V, fit), eciiiii $ln. and .V Tlie
H ho vi) llli'ee prlzi'M lo ! due IiIIIh tier-l
iNoimi 01- iniiiMiwiuii" UN iitmi iiiiv-
inelilHoii plmioH in niKniiH. A line
llilillilollll Will lie uhi'ii lollie IhhI
I liul.v nnd Kcntlciimn wnltxer. Kxtrn
ipilwM. ;ieiiullfiil (mi for bent liuly
wiiltwr. Oiiriiliiu tc lloineiiWH.v; Ix-nt
tfeiillemnii w'illwr, Ilni-Mllk
lelileflty Tliornlon .f Hion;
linn box x(Hloiii'iT M-' onil U'Mt imiv
wullzer, Hi'iiHiin limit Co.; fine watch
fob clmlll, lient ifeiitleiimti two-Htep
h.v If. C. .IiiInii. JeHeler; HiIkhi
WIIIhoii'm ivMtniirutil kIvi-h ii line
o.VHter Miipper (ii Hie lndvninl piirlner
I V tllh'''' "r"1 I"'""' I"r
(.t,HH A , ( (((
imvi; been iifrnnlwd u lileli will mi-
' penr In next: lMne. Kvi-ry deinll ol
HiImIiuII will Im Htrletl.v II r I eliiKH,
rrof. Applciiolf or llnwlnirK will
luue cliiirn'.' of Aim iiiuhIc. j
For Sale. i
A Iffl ' ncres t! iiillen nul l Invent o1
Cllttllp- (Irovc, Wl uel-es In rilMX, 1
Knn riimihijf wnler, burn full of'
lni,V, .volllIK ifivlnild, Vt iieieM Mniw-I
bVnlHM, will keep W) lieud of cuttle.1
Price ylllVl. 184 nciv:i mllerf from ,
I WolUr. :) nm ol boil,,... Inn.l. 1I I
nen- kuiim'ii Avon wiuer lor irripi-1
tlon, burn full of liny nml ontM, m
lieud of ('nltle, ientu. wiluon. Itnplc-1
meiitM, etc. Inuulie of Hnnwii IIiiih.
The Heeomt pa. inenl on your Ho
henila railroad miliHrriptloii U now
due ho pleiiw' call prompiir and pin
It to the I'li-Ht Nntlonnl lliink.
J Local Breveties. J-
SaioBBOBeaBoieB "
See change In LeKoy's ad.
I)r. Lowe oeulo-optirlaii, IJup-ne.
The KtltidHCii imkery Iiiih jki'ii cold
to. Illl AlhllllV tllllll who will take
chaw of the Miune next week. TlTLH GUAKANTKK & LOAN Co.'. I
One of the nttractloiiH ut the Slate ,. , L , . ...
Fair thin year will be the MUxinirl , "onr' s "ttnck of MicllHbniv.
KlnnteHH, HtlindllltfH f.s-t. I Inelien lit Io;a, whs cim-il of u toina.-k trouble,
her Htoeklnif fecU Hhe Ih direct from ' which he Iiml bern hIIIicIhI f-rj
Mlwfoiui inn wjll have to lie hIiowii! , ?"" ''' fol,r ''""en of CliamlwrlainV ,
Don't full 'to f-co her. ' , Stomach ami I.ivcr Tn'iloin. He liail
1 prevhindv trial tnnnv other reinliei
I he eiijjrlnu on the Southeni l'a- mml a niiiiilerof plivHiciaim wiihont e
ellle on the dlylHlonn nonth of AhIi- iPf. Kor ittde by " Dernwii Drug Co.,1
laud arc liehur rapidly converted . Collace lirove. I
Into oil luirnerH. till Ih tnklli the! ..... 1
iiliii-i.fif.-r.Ml in miiiit- i,...nH..u c... Ilazelwoou lec Cream.
I line InJiK-oiuotivcH and Iiiih proven a
2 eompieie Hiit-ceHH, n no iionlit will
I ultlmiLlely take the
plnceot coal for
ruiimnii um'.
The .Mining nnd ICnlniviini; He-1
vlnwina hlnh irrade wivkly mining1
paier puniiHiieii ai mih t runclKco,
, , :,,, " ,,,.,r 0
'ti.,,1 for ivllabl.t Infoiinatlon inula
. clrelilatloii anioin; tin
Icadluir niln-
(i,r ,n,i ,,f it. ...t.. i .
weekW. A. Hoot. Iih able and ex-1 , '-"I1 M;'-v' M.r"'- c'lr",, I,!i',k,er:
perlenciHl correiponilent In mlnlnir , ,,f Itookultcr. Ohio, "an infant child of
mat torn, made a trip throui;h tho i ","r. ."K'.''"'1 s , wan MifTennB from
tloheinla Dlntrlet ami the lleiiirt he cholera iiifuntiiin. The doctor hail
k'lltheiv.1 of tho pn-M'ilt and fllturv -,ven "I' '"M" of reeiiyery. I took
outlook of the iliHtrlct will In the, " lT,,.lV t-namlwrlalii a Colic, ( liolem
ciiurHcof two wivka 'Ik' pivenlitl Itiif'""' DiHrrl,pn I!cnie.y to tliu honoe.
readable form In the'eoliimiiH of that 'iHine tlioin I ft p Mire II would do pxl
attractive nillilUHr newaiiaer.
m.i it it run.
- '
MOH.SIJ-Iti:.SSi:i,l At the ivsidenco
of W. .1. !urdner near Salnaw,
Sunday. Anir :i. l'.Xli. Mr. Lanirdoii
Morie and Mrn. Sarah HiihscII. Ilev.
W. .1. (lunliier olllelntlui;. 1
lloth tho eontraetlnu particH re-1
Hide nt thin pla-x- where they lire well
known and lmvou wide circle of
frleiujH who Join uh In wlsliliiji them "ce with tho provisions of the net of
oceiuiH of happineai, In their vuviiko 1 1'?" ' J"1"' enlitle.1 "An
, . ,,, neifortlm wile of .liinber land in the
tmuliKll life. , $,,!, of California, Orenoa, Nevada and ,
llAHT-OItIFHD-AttlicM.K.clmruhMynt'l'limtoii Territory," as extended to J
thisclty.iltov. Zliunierinaii otllclat- the I'ublle l-ind Suites by act of An
Iiik, .Sunday eealn at, D o'clock. u-.l 4. tSIU,(iin.t D. I.unilln.of Hupiiam, '
Mr. 1. C. Hart and Mian Hattlei County of, CIihIiuIIh, Statu of Wash., J
Orpurd, ' has this dav 11 1 til in tliisollieu his euorn
Manyfrimids Kathe,vd the ' .rinl'idp !
............ vi., ......... 1-viii.uutu, nun ,
to congratulate thu -young people ,
who lire ho
known licit'!
well and favorably
A familiar name for tho Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway,
known ill over the Union aa the
Croat Hallwa.x miming the "Pioneer
Llinlted" trains eveiy day ami night
betwirnSl Paul and Chicago, and
inmiiia nun i aicago.s" i iio only w
feet trains In the world." Under-
atand: (Xinuectlons are in'ado with
All TraiiHcoutiuental Lines, asHiirlug
to pmlKengeiv the beMtMrvleeknown.
LiiXiii-hniN coachea, elitrle HlltH,
Hteauj'heat, of a verity eijuuk-d by
110 other line,
Sis that your ticket rcadHvIa "The
Milwaukee" when going tonny point
in the United Staton or Canada. All
ticket agents i-ell them.
For rates, pamphlets or other In
formation, address,'
J. W. Cahuv,' 'li. K. Howi:,
Trav.Pjisa. Agt, (lea. Agt.
Portland, Oregon.
NQTICK l'OH I'Ultl.lOA'no.V.
y Uniteil States Lind Ollce,
Hobcbuig, Ore., July 20. HW2.
jsoiicois nureuy kivcii mat in com-
plluncu with the provisions of t lie net uf
Cone'ress of June .1, 1K78. entitled ".n
act (or tho sulu of timber lands in the
Stutea ot Culiforiiia, Oregon, Nevada,
nnd Wiihldnctoo," ns extended toidl thu
l'ubliu baud States by act of tineast 4,
ico 1 v ..r
nM, ..,, . ... uiiii, ui laiiuou,
County of Lauo, State of Oregon, has
this day Jlleil In this ojllcp her sworii
statuiileut No. ,S0t I, fur thu purchase of
tlfo lails No. it -l Of Section
No. SO, Towirshb) 20 South, of Hango 1
West, and will oluip proof to show
that tho lutid sought Is more valuable
for lis limber or mono than for Agri
cultural purpOM's. and to omnbllsh her
claim lo mi il laud before Marie b. Wine,
0. S. Oominlrsioiier nt Kugc-ntt, Otcgnn,
on Saturday thu 11th day of Oct., 1002.
lio names as witnesses:
Joseph Shleo, Cottugo tirove, Oregon,
Aided lllgelow, Ilenjiiinln Pitcher, of
Slur, Oregon, Herman T. Dow, of Cot
tugu Orovo, 1 regon.
Anv nml all persons claiming adverre
ly tlio aliovu-doscribcd lands aro re
oueotcd lo Hie tln-lr clalini- In this ollh-e
on or before said 11th day of Oct., 1002.
' J, T, UitiouGS llegister.
f" BuilneM Brief.
l - o--
1 Until renl ostnlc Imrunlns (if'.Ierome
j Knox (fc Co. , r,
I I'iuhU Oillforuln finlU at N. I'.. I'.l
Mcn & Hoii'm.
Cedar posts for 'sale by Kakiu &
Fine iH'iu-li", fmi(lif"R, ni'.'loua".
'!., at S. i:. 1 ,j li i. Kofl'.
Good second hand earrings and
hVimess for sale cheap by Eakln 8c.
ilristow. 1
Have your cm nnd nui'voini elieiny
b, weni liiK Dr. I.owe'n kIhhh'H. Coii-
hiiIIjiI I'll) Iree. 1
For wiitehcH, eloeks nnd Jewelry 1
lenll on DuvIiImi.ii foe amid (,'oodn,
Yom will li in I inlci'H rixht.
Pnvlitxou will n'fuiip your whIi-Iiph.
eliH'kH and Jetyelry nl the limiut
prlnu All work wnnnlileil.
I'I Dr. -Lowe ii-lleve your heiul
aeliei by niinovhiK the canw; with ;i
pah of IiIh Hiivrlur kI'mk-h.
Tliolienl iiliynle CliMinlM'rluin'r Hkmm
neli and l.ive'r Thliteln. I'h-v In tiike.
I'leHoHlit ill rllVet. I'nr fsle by Iloimuu
llriitf Co., Cotlngit (irijve. '
I lee Ar Yon l'te Km!
PilyiiuiriliiHii llririirfiint
At the New Krti Drnu Stoic.
If III need of dentiil work call
' llr. ilacy, now iH-rinaiieiitly
,ln the Dr. .Slump bulldliiu
' Ut ,.. ...... 1 1 ..-. ...
.n., 11 Kir . if. 1-. .ii'koii
Next wis'k Tin-Hilay and to no(in of
WeiliieHiIny, .Inly Hi anil Dr.
1 l.owe. Kiiuiim'm well known oeitlo-
optiriaii, will Ih at the .Sherwood 1
Hotel. I
1 lect Iccl Icel
We an-, prepared to furnlHh lee In!
any ipiantlty. Hoiikmia Ii.k & ('01.11 .
Stoiiaoi: Co. I-ave ordern at O. (). 1
, Mel'lellairH elar Htore. I'hone No. 1
Hlue print maps ol any township
in Koseburg, Oregon Land District.
j showing all vacant lands for soets
,encn. . XI you want any iiilormation
I frnm IIipII S I nml flffli-i. arid rtLl
j F. U. (.loodmau liitHlHrX'iiappolnteil
Holejllrellt for Cot taint llritve lor tin
,.t,,.brated Him-hvood Ice Civam of
Port land.
For Hale by the iIIhIi, pint or quart.
LoiIkc or church entertainineutK
f-M,.l , ,...,w,. r
, i-i-ol- .-..! nnm i.m . tvl- , x .-i-m
-1 v t it, run Miiunriii.i 1 11 ji
, V . . . . .. . ".T"., ' ' " ' . 1
1 day V lime tlieclnlil hud fully recovered, j
nml ih now" (nearly a year hiiicoj u vigor-
iiiih, lioallhv cirl . I have reciumenilel
, ihii Hcuieilv- freimeiitly and have never
' known It to fsil in any sinule inslniice.'
l-'or nale hy'Lvoua A ApplVpite, Dram.!
lleuoii Driw Co., Cottuiso tirove.
Unlle.1 States Laid Olllce,
Kvohiin;. Oregon. Julv SO, 100-..
Xotice is hereby j;iven that in cmnpli-
utii,ul l.-ange li it, nml Mill oiler
proof toidiow that tho land pouijlit is
mora valuable for its tiiuU'r or flone
than for agricultural p'lrpose-uid toe-"-lubllsh
his claim to said laud ln-fore
tho Itesiisterund Keeeivernf tlilanirieeat
Hofcb rs, Oregon, 011 Kiid.iy, the'17ih
dav ofOrt. .1002.
lie iiaines us witnesses!
Joel 1'. Ohleen, Andrew Lundl'rp. ol
Aberdeen,' Wuih., (iLKn;o W," bhaw, "f
lliomlam, Wash., Charles Trn'mliall, of
Any anil all persons dunning uilveri-u
y tlie aUwe-dewrlbed lands are je-
mealed to tilu their claims in Ibis olllce
on or before said 17lh day of Oct.. 100'j.
J. i.iikiihius, Kcgistcr.
IjihI Ofl'u-o at Kostdiuri:, Oiecon.
Anpn 2, 11102. ,
Notice Is hereby clven tint tho fol-lowln-uameil
settler bus tiltil notice of 1
Ids intention to make tliinl commuta- 1
tlon proof in support of his claim, nnd j
that said proof will Ihi mndn before 1
Marie I.. Vt are, I'. 8. Conimissiiiiici' nt I
Kugsi e, Oreuon, on September 17, 1102. 1
vim Charlv Olson on II. K. No. 10170,
for thoNW i4 See. 12, Tp. 21 8., K.l.
He names the follouint; vitncbcs to
prove" his continuous rosldencu upon
und cultivation uf said land, viz:
Martin lliuigrnson, of Hii;ene, Ore-
eon, tiiiinler Kornsltul, 01 vuiunooo,
Oregon, Peter Oplms, Martin OIm, ol
Ilne Hlver.-Onvon.
1 J. T. IliuiKiKs, Hepister.
At Panama, Colombia, by Chambcr
, Iain's Ciiljc, Cholera and Diarrhoea
)r Clias. II, Utter, a prnmlncutpliy
sician, of l'aiiaiiia, Colombia, in 11 re
cent letter' states: "Last .March I had
nn a patient a voiing lady sixteen yea is
of age, who had a very bad attack of
dysentery, KvorvlhhiK I proscribed for
her proved lnellectual and slm uas
Blimiui; worse evory hour, Ilor na
rents were mi re sho would die. hhe
hid become so weak that hIiu could not
turn over in bed. What to do at this
critical moment was a study for me, but
I thought of Clui.-nhei-laln'a Colic,
Cholera und Dfarrliooa Htmiedy and as
a lust resort prescribed it, The moft
wonderful remit was eireoled, Within
eight hours sho. was fooling much better
inside of three days she was upon her
feet and at tho end of one week was en
tirely well." Kor Bain by Lyoni A
Applctfnte, Drain. UeiiHon Diiiu Cu,,
Cottage Urove.
vvvmftwwv-wv, iVWSVSVSVSWV'9
"We Suit the
Don't take our word for it,
The Cash G rocery Ob.
. 1 ftr .
Carry the cleanest and most. Complete, lluo-ol roperies
in the city.
We keep bill but ..tottaiiiit' ol ltcli fiu:t mi ie
tgblta 111 etson.
The Cash Grocery Co.
A n Vnimtf. M rt riMtyn f
!M!it:r;I ilIi'rchaiKliwr,
filH's, Tools and
Give us a call and wc will ttcal
4 We manufacture all kinds of Milling and Mining
V, Screens, and furnish all kinds of licltiug.
5 4g i'trst St., -
A Good Cappk
doesn't ipiarrel witli his tools. Not
if they come from Griffin & Veatch
Co's, 3t any rate. Everything
purchased there can be relied upon.
Full lines of mechanics' toots and
hardware at lowest prices. Best
values for the money Ls be had
anywhere. Decided bargains in
every department at this store,
And nothing is misrepresented.
I Holding up
r Holding Down Brices.
Wc present you with the Best Stock of
1 China ware von ever had a elumee to
p Choose from. Not a Piece here but lias
;i p.'isscd the Critical Inspection ofcareful
!jj ami vScll Quality. You'll Pay only
Reasonable Prices for what you Buy
)$i Under Orld Fellnw's Hall
Mo Por Newport Oregon's Favorite
Seaside Ijtcsort..
KccDjjulzhitf tlioadvautagp of Now
port iw" a wn imner ruxnrt over other
noiiHlde rcHortH In tho northwentj itiu)
to niiiUo It poHnltile for all who doAlro
to do ho to Hpenfl their viicatlonliy
tho ocean whvph, tho Koutherit Par
elite Conipnny In eoiiueetioinvlth tho
CovvalllM & Gntern HivllronU, will
place on wile, effective .lima 18th.
j-oniul trip ticketH from till iioIiUh lij.
un-Koii 011 1110 oouineiii 1 ttciiic ill
Newport, good for return until Oeto
tier 10th, ut HX'ctal reduced rated.
! f or iuii lnioriiiiitiou pieitNo luiiuiro
III , 0111- HU'UI lllt-lll I
W. 10. I'oahv lien. Vuh. ul.
Hard to Suit."
but cnll anil be convinced that
von right.
Water Wheels of'
Every Description.
All kinds of Flouring Mill. Ware-
house and Feed Mill Muchinery.
It will 1 my yau' lo consult lis, in a
jierson or by letter before rftiyiug.
- fortlana, uregon. a
in the way. of.Haitlware, Tools anil
iiubleinents, you can find at our
store. A Kis voir ooino1 minino?
See our Stock of Tools and Sup
plies before you make your pur
chusies. Ve Keep cvcrytliing a
Miner needs.
lteialrliig mi rcuwnl1o i'ho:i'i
All worlt tiuimnltwl Itm-vlaM ' -Wtohe,Clwlun(l
J(wCr-iUjtt frMI
cut mob yitovH, obi'..
rrompt ilnilon wH m Mljlln npn.
t'ol'I Ai.K CB07B, Ofltf.
trwiw iirrariiir-tiBM