Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 08, 1902, Image 4

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f.Utt WVlinVftV, . . AmocLI. tMltor
anJ lluliKIVUiMir. '
' rtntrtfjt,h rfcrtnfflM rutltenrnjrf,
tnetftm.fl!'!'! t 1 lnM lil T
HHtoaa'rllMJnii fittn, ., III ! t Hl r,
' A'dvorllftftig Kitt r itmiV kmtwir iiuti
THM IVU'RlT h ler.t on lite t K. I'.linkc't
A'twrtUJnn .Vwnrr. 1 MerctiatiU Kx-
hnr,-Hii Friin-lco,.allfriili. hn
tract, for ailmtliiliiir tun liammlr (or II.
far r.-T-rr.-r- S
ArousT 8, !90?.
, AguiunUlo has fnllr decided to
visit Aroeiien nml sec the hn for
himself. The result of his visit
ran not he forctoM yet ivc predict
.that he will return more vain nml
puffed up tlmn ever.
" "A new desien lias made its an-
"pearartceou the postal card lately I
' issued from the government print-1
htjj office which embtace a vig
nette bust picture of the late Presi
dent McKinlcy in the stamp which
formerly was a stamp picture of
President Washington.
veterans of the Indian
1 Kuit faint you oitlu-r nnpnitit n com
mit tm oriirrnjiKV with muim of your
thoroughly reliable tvnl ttttutc moil
to wvlctnne tlw ,m?w comers upon
tlivlr in rival, ti m. tlmt tly nru
Klvon the (HkIitiI litfiirumtliiii anil
made to tn' tlmt nouhv lntewxt Ih
takfii In ImvbuctlKMii locate umonpxt
us. Tidal liulluvu to. lie iw lmpor
timf nHnti.v other part ot tins' liiiiul-
fcriitton work. In ninny onH w
will be III poidllitu li M-llil tile HmiIi
til you Willi lftleiMHvc will KVt In
touch with Uii'in tlp-tiuidi our, Jtnuil
Kialhm lliirwiii.
I am koIiij? to jjlvo every one nil
the oiportunlty nomwiiry to look
over thti riiunt&v, and will allow
lioiinNtvkerH coining out on low rato
ttekctrt ti Ktol) off eiiroutf from l'ort
laud wmth as uiaiiy Unit's au drnlrvd.
tuul with tht prlvlliw of NtuylnjrlO
ila.VH nt eiwli plan', tliux Klvlug them
plenty of llno.
Attain tliiiuktn your iwtiplo for
the cordial ivirptlon kIwu u upon
dfflPlrTff.' tfudKhirHv Hoping that
your KH'llim will derlvt" Its full hImiv
of the U'liclltH to eoine Irom this lin
migration work. I Ik'jj to tvmalu,
Yuiuk Very Truly.
W. K. to.l AN."
porta n rich wtrlke, and the Haliieean
lie wild of n liiimhef of other prop
erttw. natiiely:Mayllower.CliainpIpn,
Ninth l'alrvlew. ll.nlluniin, Nott and
nlHoSupertnteiideiit f. lllneM, of the
(lleuwoiid iiroH'rty, who linn Ihvii
woikliiKoit It fora iiiiiuIht otyeurx,
and who tvportrt having entered nood
in v.
The tlrout Uuntorn (.oiupauy, re
eeutty oriraulntHt. takhiK la the Hart
ley claims on I'hltia eiwk. report a
Htrlke of Kivat dlnieivxIiiiiN, eipially
iiMKood, If not excelling, anythhiK
yet toiiuil In the dlxtrlet. Other
proHrtUi liciiitfiictlvclv and Intelll.
Kvntly worked are the Hiawatha,
NOTIOU Mill I'l'lll.lCATION.
v ' ' UiiiiislSlnten Unit CMIhv,
. liyiobatv. tretwn, .luly HO.liKO.
Ni'lfci N lieieby (riven llmt fa win
pliiilHV Willi tlu iiriivUlmn of thu net of
t?niiU'MW ofluue N, IS7S. etilltliil "An
net fur .the mu of tmiln'r IiiihIh In thu
StHle if California. Onvon. Noviulu mid
Wnolilnuion Tcirllmv, exle dell to
till tho Pnblio IjiihI siiidw bv net of An
kiiU, m, .loci l tlhlccn, of Aliur
droit, Count vol ('lielmlli. Statu nf WupIi..
Iitit tat.4 ilnf MIimI hi iliu olllisi bU MVorn
rtattMiietit Nit.IIObii'irlliopmuhiiMitif tho .
t'riicliiuiid 'i,( Section No. 0. In
Tiivnlilp S. IUii;etl W. ami
will olfer piwf to !how tlmt the hind
Nought In iiiiiru tuhiHlile fur it timber or
xtonotliuii tor iiurumllnrnl pnrpo-ei1, and
III CMIIIIItHII Ills elllllll III WHUItUlll IK'lOIll
LeRoy Stock Advances.
It is said that no less, than
'war will be benefited by the recent
ludtau war peiii'ton act. This is
..all that remains of the 7,000 brnve
men who fought the wiley savage
from 1851 to 1S56 making it pos-
, s-ible for Oregon to grow and pros-
Uperand become the home oi hun
dreds of thousands of prosperous
' and'happy people.
' C: S. Jackson, formerly ol the
East Oregoniau of Pendleton has.
, purchased the livening Journal of
J Portland aud. launches the paper
forth now ns "The Oregon Daily
Journal. It will be straight demo
cratic "henceforth and pushed to the
front by Portland capital. The
-Journal is neat and newsy aud will
no doubt pTease those who desire
lo glean the daily news from a
paper of that political faith.
Kalph V. Arne, of PossiJ Hast
eru Oregon, in visiting bis parents
who reside near this city, after an
. absence oi four years. Mr. An e
Lbs just reached his mnjorityv but
. . unlike most boys ot his age, has
something to show for the four
. years spent in the bunch grass
country. At the age of 17 years he
left here for that section, with his
worldly effects in a band crti). He
wandered over the country for sev-1 by the winner:
eral weeks looking for work, event
ually finding it at Gillman, Finch
Be Co!s biff ranch. By faithful ser
. vice; at the age of 21, be finds hini
seiribremaij of the ranch gang, on
a good salary, and is now off 011
his vacation with the information
Jrora ujs employers that his time
goes right on. He also h.-is a good
homestead, well watered and
stocked with 40 head of horses, all
bis own, besides S500 loaned out.
This shows what a young man
with the right kind of stuff in him
can do, if he can screw up his cour-
, age to the point of breaking away
At a moethiK of the dlivetorM of the
U-Ufy.MlnlifJf Compnliy held at Ku
Kyue last Monday Mime Important
tjtiMiitt'HH wi" "trauKncteil. anion);
which wliii the advancement of the
Ntock' from 10 to'lS centx w hIuiiv.
Tlit company watt Incorporated 011
the ltlth of last Oetolier with a capi
tal Ktock W ' JaH).lHr. ilivldeil into
:l,0tKl,0(X) hIhuvs of 10 ctintM each. The
pils'o tji IB cents nioaiiVi much to the
many BtockliomiTH at this place and
is only a fore-runner of what the fu-
tncu.wlll brlnp;fortli within a few
ftliort niontliH. '
This well-known group consists
of sen-n claims of wcll-denncil HhI'm
proaonnevd by mining exiKrtH nml
tliiM familiar with the district, tolie
Home of the richet'Ia the entire dlf
jihiBM. . The nuwa lun-Mi power ciarlne. air
coinjirvsMMlr. drills anil necessary
rqtilpment are cxiwettil to l luplacv
within tho iioxt thirty days, when
ttmnclinjr will iir0KUKH at the rate of
from B to lp feet icr day Instead of
from 1 to J ns at present. I
ThlK-propiTty Is certainly forKlnj;'
rapidly to the front and another ad
vance la tock will not surprise thoKC
who am watching things closely.
KwiM'iMtnko. IMatii.StiM'kH.t- lliirliiw. ! the lttultur 11ml It vtilv'iir of thii olllco
tlolden Sllinier.Shaae.Whlin.lellros.. 1 "t ltohniT, )r.gvai. 011 Krlday thu 17lh
Soars. Throe Monte. Oliver Twist.
Itroadway. Nemo, lllfj Itock, Steam
boat, llelcher, Starr, I'oiwollilatloli,
llruuil, Currau ami probably as
many more, for. In fact. 0110 cannot
travel but a few yards la the space
JxO miles coiiiprisluK the ltoliemla
District without tliidhiK work hvIhk
d.iy of Oct.. UHtt
lie iuiim!i 1.(1 w iliuwei
(IrorKO V. Sliuw, of llinpttniii, Waidi.,
Oluirlo.1 Trilinlxill, of Priiln, On-pin,
Oucl l. I.iiinlin. of lUninliiin, Wimli,,
Amlrow, I.iiihIIhti:, of AU'rilceii, Wiieli
Any anil all lyrsmiii clnlnilnt! iulverio
fy the iilHive-ileerllHHl lamls nru re
ipimtiil to tile their cliilnn in tills otlK'e
oil or U'tore wiliI t'tli day of Ot., HKtt.
.1. T. 1Iiihmii:m. Ititl(iler. '
xonci: ioit puumoation.
Unlnil Slates liul Ollice,
Ko-olairv, Oretfoo, HK)S.
Notice in herobv nivon that in coituilt
unco with the proviidoiii of tlie net of
Connrvjt ol Jiniu.t, IS7S, enlillitl "An
iivtfiirllie ulouf timber IiiihN in the
Stnt of I'allforniH.Oictrtin. Nevxil.t ami
WssliiiiKtoa Territorv, a" exlenilwl to
nil llio Public. IjiihI Staiei by net of An
RioH, ISlli. lleniiinila I'. UiCM.v.of Auro
ra, County ot fiirion. Slitta of Orctin,
Ims iluy tlleil in tbiHotllcu liis km or 11
stiitenu'iit S'o. SIKS7, for tho piitclniMe of
theSW 1,' of Swtloii No. J I, Township
M Sniitli, of ItuiiKo 7 Weil mid
will oiler proof to ?b.v tlmt the
Imid soaulit i more valuable for its
timber or stona tlian for
nariHVitui. nml to establiuli his claim to
ssiil IhihI In-forc Mario I.. Ware,
U. S. Coininii'ii)ii(r at Kiicac, Orivon,
oil 5loid.iy, tlie llltli day of Oct., 11K1S.
Ho name as uitimsM':
KrBl I'. Ilurxt, Kdvvanl 11. Will. Gun
tav A. llovk, t!eorje II. (.iry,of .turora,
Oiejfon .
Any and all person ,clai mi ms adverfe
ly tile above-ile'crilKil lamls are re
ipieMeil to tile their claim" In this otlice
on or before yiil IHtlular of Oct., l'.Kti.
J.T. l)iiAu..i, Hecisler.
Many MeivhnntH have Aumlst checked In their caleiuhirH as oih of tha dull iiioiKIih. This Htnio
ciouiot ntfiiid tohavodiillM-aHinm. II Is our policy. In lovp our rimmI mi (ln mow. Smalt prnlllM
and liiauy of them, keep this store In tho lead. Wo ivnllno tho natural Inclination this, month, hill wo
shall tiaino price ho low that you cannot alfoid to mlsa tho gnnd thlnns wo offer.
We aiv mvatly ivduced pile's every Snh t Walsl (a this store. Possibly you can uso
anothet' wnlst at these.l.ttw pilc-s.' Coiuo la nml look them over. Wo aiv puttltiK out aliout. L1H)
palra of hIioim of all klnils. Tho styles aiv a little off but they nro 'rvlceablo hIiim:s. Wo iiiv
nnialtiKaoOceiit price on suine of the. All odd sixes ami ivmlinutH a'tv to Ik'uIosiiI out out as ipilckly
as possible to make- room for our now tall hi:U.
Cottage Grove,
No. 2, Towanhlp . Z?t
Nonci: kok pnti.K'ATioN.
Vnileil Mwten Uinil Odlce,
R'nebarti. Orepm, July l!.l, IIM)-.'. 1
Notico 1 lit'ii'hy K'von that In coin- j
pllauco with the iirovifioim of the act of I
Connrcsn of Jiuie:!, IS78, entitled "An ,
,iiu 11 ii-iiiii:iiiii ii'rriiur.t , nv trMviuieii k-
to nil I In. I'nlilli. t Jin. I Slul. a lie ni'l i( All- 1 I.J
uat A. lHUS. Kilciir I. Ilewes. of lliij-e- 'lt
bmv.OJiiiitrol UjhuIik
luuthld day tllitl in ihitt
ttatriiient No. KH. for
the 8 W XW of Section No. 2, Towanhli
Ul Soiilh.ol Kaiiire 5 West and wlllotrer
proof to sliow that the land tTiljhl is
inure valiialilo lor Its tlinluT or
than for aurii'iilioral pariHwcs, m
t'sUiililinh his cl.iiin to said hunt U'tore
the Keijiiiter mid Hecelvcr ot
at Koobiirir, Ori iinn, on Saturday
18th dav of Oct.. 11H.
Ho naineH an w itnesws t fgj
Uoe Miller, ot Drain, Oii'koii, 1). II,
lleineiit, of llosebarB, Oickoii, JohiiiaS
.loluinoii, .lolui l'lickor.of Drain, Oregon.
Any mid all pciMins ctalmlii adverHe- S-J
ly the above-ilwrilioil lands aro ro-.
ipiesteil to tile their cluims in thin olfico "ffi
on or bvforu suid 13th day of Oct., UK).'. tJj
.1. T. Biiiimiks, llt-'ialer
Filtost Vurictv of St vies.
NOTIGK lOlt Pinil.lCATlON.
UoiliMl Slateii IjiihI OtIHi', '
ltowbiiris Ore., Aug. I, 11HJ2. 1
Notice la hereby given that in coin-I
piiaucu with the p'roviniona of thu net of
Collects of Janu H, 1S7.S 1'iiiitliil "An'
act lor tho rule of timber lamia in tlioiLW)
Slate ot California. Oregon, Nevada, ' ,ly
ii, ill 'r.irriturv. ' fin i.v ti.tnl.1 1 TtS
toall thu l'nhlli: l-nlil Siatoa bv act ol
Atigiiet 4, IS'.'.'. Milton M. IticliaritHiii,
Unites! States Und Oin. c,
Ito-ebnrv, Ore.. Julio 24, 1002.
Notico is hereby Riven that in com
pliance witli the proviiions of the nut of
Coacrusa of June 3. 1S7S. entitled "An
actforttie, sale of titiilsr lands in the
States of California. Or-vol). Nevada.
and Washiiiut'in Territorv." an ex- of llolnl im. County of C:iehlln, Slate
lemiwl to all tae Public. I Mini States bv of Wanh., haa this day tilod in thu
art ot Aueiift 4. IStrJ. tlof Oheic. I otllcu hia eworn Hiatcuitmt No. SiOi I, for
i of llmpiiiiia Coimtv of Chehiihs. Stale ot I the piircliateol Tho l-'ructional N li o(
! Wah.. hai this d'nv Khil in tliis iiifiri. i .Section No. U. Townslni) 22 South, of
Ijist npriiifj President 1'enrose of : his) eworn gtitcinuiit No. 1N07. for th. , Itange 15 West and will olTer prisjf to
Whitman Collese. Walla Walla purchase of the NWJj of wi- show that the land eought is moro
Wnsti nW,.r..1i i,. ,. ,i... tlon No. 14 ill township No. 21 ' vahmblo for its timber or stono thanvor
wash., orrerei a hcholnrship to the s mujx N(l s nMtl will offer agricnliuriil puriswes. and to oitabliali
ono stnmllns hlchest In the Cottaw; proof to show that the land sought hia vlaini to .aiti hunt U-foru tho It-tf-Grijve
nlsh school. lis imin valuable for its tlmlier or Isteraiul lttccivrrof tins otllcit at ltotr-
The following letter wivk rtveivtnl I Hono titan Jor iiKrieiiltttml purposes 1 Diirg, uregoa.on I riuay in uiu uay ot
. M W W W '
Shirt Waists, Choice but Inexpensive.
New Ellects in Fine Hosiery.
Cottage Qrove Girl Wins.
I ami to establish his claim to said
i limit Uifim, Min i.. I. U'nm IT S! '..
. " July 22, 1902. . mlssloiier nt Kuwne, Oivkoii. on
Mbw Ethel Downing;, I Monday, the loth Iav of Sept., 1U02.
CotUigv Grove, Orooa. i "? Vltmst.H:
.MVIVar ni. i.In,r- AdcllK'rt.I..Mcliityix-,CliarIMObenf.
MS JHarzilsUou nliiff. iHjuliuar Nelson, Ueo. W. Shaw, of
a iii.iu Juki nxcani mini iroiu tloillllaiu. Wllsli.
Any nml all iiersoas claiming ad
versely the lands are
niiuested to file their claims In this
otlice on or In-fore said Kith day of
Sept., 1U02. -
J. T. lliiiiioKX. Iteglster.
from the nickle-in-the-slot machines
aud the element flopping around
among otherwise intelligent and
civilized people whose only ambi be a stack of poker
cmps ana a cigarette. There are
about twenty of this stripe
of young men in this town
that should a-ail themselves
of a talk with young Arne, and
' then confer a blessing upon them
selves and the world at large by
foljowing itvhis footsteps. -
An ApprecIatlve.Letter.
July 2ti, 1002.
Grove, OrvKpn.
Dear Sir: Upon my return, from
the trip over our linen, with Immi
gration Agent McKlnney ami his
men, I take tho first opportunity t6
write ypu and thank yon for the
personal intercut you took In our
Tjslt to Cottage Grovo recently, and
throngh you to tliank the otlwin for
the encouragBmeitt given by tho In.
tereat dlspjayeil in tho matter of ' Im
migration. Wo found the nconleof
Professor Rrlggs that you have won
the scholarship offered by the trus
teen'of Whitman t'ollew to the
highest standing graduate of your
lJ!t me congnitulato
your success.
ThJ (vIudarKhip entities' you to a
year's tree tuition subject to no other
condition than that you maintain n
high standard of Kcliolnrsliln nml
us. It is mi
you upon
United States Uind Otlice.
Itosuburg, Oi., .ltmc2tth. ltKKI.
Notice is la-ix-liy given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the net
of Congress of June Jl. 1XJX, entitled
"An act for the sale of tlmls-i- lauds
la the States of California. Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
ns extended to allelic Public Jjind
States by act of August -i, lsi)2. Anna
i j. uock, ol Hit vert on. County of Ma
T" .T Il.ll-.l nl HiiMlni,.! e
11. Job, Mayor ot Cottnr-ek, . " A ". . " '""l.""1"
p" i"irK"llillIllllgoUK!KlSXCIinngU
returned home from the Bohemia
district recently, and him the follow
ing to wjy of the district, aicording
to thu Telegram:
'The Itohemladlstrlct Is humming.
There aro about .7) properties rapidly
undergoing development work mak
ing tho district present a K-ene of
great activity. iJuiinlleH citnnot lie
freighted Into, camp fast enough to
meet the ilfinaniln of tho miners.
I'nuiiiitiintKt tVi 11 t.
every nlnca v- ,,..,..1. .. i...i 7 7 ",,""v k .y niBoinioiHive
,i'',. ,, ,, K'"r" to dooK their passage days ahead.
Sr rL Mr m'k'; C-I'?r:i'l'-ttt.amlleH of tho new railroad
- -"j niHgii oacKcafir taiK
D(t western qregoa la prcfeit-uco
! conduct wfiile with
honoj which 1 hope yon will lie able
to' avail yourself of.
Within a few days 1 will wnd you
an Illustrated pamphlet now In press,
which wllfglvo you Information ton-
w'riilngnitHolIi'genadltHenuIninent. rhiii. State of Oreiron.haH 'this ilav
men 111 tins otllcu tier sworn state
ment No. 2SIK, for the purchase of the
K SV & LotH :i & 4 of Section No.
js, ro wnsiup no. au H, Kiiage U w ami
will offer proof to sbow that the
land sought Is more valuable for Its
tlmlier or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land licfore Marie L. ware,
V. H. Commissioner at Kiigene,
Oregon, on Friday, the lUth day
of Sept.. 1WJ2.
She mimes ns witnesses:
I-red P. Ifursr. Mrx. Webert, of
Aurora, Marlon Co., Oiv.. Al Hamil
ton, Alex Mat hews, of Kiigene, lmu
Co., Oiv.
Any and all iH-rxons claiming ad
versely the above-descrilied lands nru
it'oiiested to Hie their claims la this
olHcu on or heforu said 10th dny of
Sept.,lU02. )
' J. T. UltiiHiiiH. Hegister.
Oct.. 1002.
Hi- nit ines its witnciiFOii :
i:a.-,..W ul,... i:...i n I 11. ..11.. nf
lloniiiain. Wath.. Joel 1. Ohlrvu. otl
Abcrilctn, Wuth., ChailiM Triiliih.ill, of I :
Uraln, Oregon. ' j
Any ami all a?noi!H vlaiiiiingadvee- ,
ly the aliove-dei'crilsil lamH tire ru- !
jueetcil to file their claim in thin otlice ,
on or before tfitid 17 dav of Oct., 1102. .
J. T. llitiiir.. Ui-.'l-tcr. I
You're thinking of a new suit and whetc to get it to the best advantage. If wiu'l1 accept our sugges
tion You'll buy it Now anil Here. Wo bought our CLOTHING from the Iugefit Woolen Mill in
America, Finishing the Cloth they Weave into Clothing. Their Clothing bears thii guarantee,
''The goods in this garment contain no cotton or anyolher niliilterwti n and we will forfeit $tK "
if cotton be found in the waip or fillhi2 of same," MAVi'im.p Mn.ijj, Mai'UI'actukkkh.
ltriugyMir little chaps to our Hturi' and lit them out In thom Natty VeJtii .Suits, tigtM :r to It years. Kan
Pants Suits for boys, from :t to 12 yours, Mens' and Hoys' clothing, a full slock. Mens' all wool suits, 110
shoddy, no cotton, us low as $10.00 per still. Suits for.Slll.iHl as good as 92U.n to 32"i.tH Suits elscwhciv.
Hoping-we juay lieablu to welcome
you hero in ScptemlHT.'nml with best
wishes, I am
Sincerely Yours,
.StBPHB.V U. L. PE.MtOHE.Prt'H. W.C.
I ,tl . ,
United Ft. i Km IaiihI Olfice,
Ko-eharg, Oro . Aug. 1, 11102.
Noticu in horuby given that in com
pliance with tho proviiiliiiiH of the net of ,
C.oia.'ress of June ;, 1S78, entitleil 'An
uct for tlie rale of timber lauda (in the ,
Statf of California, Oregon, N'evada, j
and Wahitiiston Territory," lis cx
tendeil toall thu Public Kind Slates by
act of AiignM I, 1S02. Charles W. Ilainea
of KiiKi'iie, County of l-iuc, tjtatmif Ore-1
yon, has this day tiled in this ollico bin 1
eaorii maU'iiiviit No. for tbupnr, 1
chut of the SW i NW 1-1, N 1-2 SW ,
1-4, SW 1-4 SW 1-1 of Section No. It,
in Township No. 22 S, ltane No 1 1
West, ami will olfir proof to show that j
the land sought in morn valuable for It j
timber or etone than for auiictillural
L)iirK)i8, and to et-Uiblisli Ida claim to'
talil aiM ueloru .ilanu I.. Ware, U.S.
Cjinmliisioner at Kuueilu, Oregon,
onTiinsl.iy, the 21 day of Oct . , I!W2. j
Ho natm-M iis.wilni-iwH:
Herin.iuT. Dow, William Parrinh, of
ioltngulirovu, Urc, willln .Vnvull, o
Anioa P.O., Ore., (Jeorgo Park, of K11
Bene, Ore.
Any mid all peraoiin claiming ml
verrcly tho nbovo-diisTilicil Iambi aro
riYiiicrilec! to lllc iJicir claiiiis in thin
ollico 011 or before n.ild 2lstil.iyof Out,,
J. T. HintfUHM, lleglatfr.
i Si rTR Ka S RjJS. Es PvVSi a$ 5 B&Si 5d EL K Bilij Bia ifi S .SwS ?S tS tS E5 US 1
Anyothcr portion of the northwest.
.'Iiresume you nvp notlwd In the
papers, the announcement made by
r the Harrlman Lines of low ono-way
fc- rates to Oregon hi Scptemlwr and
,Xktobcr next, the Portland rates up
plying to all of our points. Our Im-
jnisrnwon ioiw will go Into the
field lntlriie .to work up a large
travel with the aid of theno low
rat8, and I look for uijjnuux of
people next fall such an hn never
iHvn knojivn before in Oivgon.' 1 i.g
tocnlfyonr attention to the impor
tance of getting our advrrtMngmnt
tor In the field at tho earllt possible,
moment In order to take ndvnntaire
ol tbo largo travel which these low
ru'teJi will luduco to the norUiwefit.
I'aball dovot my particular effiu tn
to toe question of Infpilgnvtlon and
nhall lie glad to co-opurnto with you
In every way, Wu Mill .endeavor
Jook after the jk-ojiIo at Portland
who desire to nee the country trimi-
ry to our lines, and 1 would sag-1
'tMcmbyrrfof the Crystal Consolida
ted company ure In San Francisco
purchasing a comiilefo outfit for a
Htamp inlH whlch will be put to work
Just as lyion an possible on a good
grade of free-milling ore.
"TI19 Oregon-Colorado are putting
111 amuir piant, and as soon as com-
pleted tho big tunnel will bo entered
and work pusheil as rapidly an three
ulilft.. 1 ,. .... .
" m iiil-h uii worn, rao tunnel
is now in m feet, a wagon road
has beeiijHurveyed from the property,
and will, be finished h time to haul
ore when the railroad renclien its
. 'tiotn tiio Helena anil 'SJtislck
"innilimillijaro riinnlng. Tho man
agement of the VesuvhiH lias begun
work, im will put Ina Htitmp mill
for the treatment of Its immense ton
nage of fieo-mUlhig oits now In sight,
that Is, as soon as the management
can. dotermlnuvtlie bent nroceHrf
whereby all tho valtjM can be iSavcjl,
Thin company has begun proceedliiirs
for a Unlind States patent.
The Judson Itock Company re-1
IjiihI O flirt at Itowburir, Oreinn,
" um .v, ir..-.
Nntlre In hertir iplvnn that thu falfnwlnir
named witter hm II M nnllrauf liU liitentlun
t " Itiinl prisif In upimri
... "i i.'wi "in, ina, mill in.HJI will
im mxio uoioreiiarie j.. are, u.
.u.r.ucii n, r.utcu,. ijivkwi, ill
.iMK. 12, IK,vl: tmlly Ogdon. widow of
Charlea K.nien,leeakei, fur the HW';;NV
. lie llameit the follnwlnir ItliOAfres lb nrnvn
hlncniitluuoii rMldeave uwm am) ciiltttatlon
cl mid land, rlz:
Charlet, A.Ogden, Ilarmorrf-. OK'tcn, Milan
. T liKiMJta. Kegliter.
$ Bohemia
f Saloon,
Main St., Cottaes Orore.
Choice line of J.irjuors
and Cigars kept on
hand. Your patronage'
is respectfully solicited.
7 !-
'. '.
' 7
Kail way.
Short Una
st. J'aitl, liulutU,
Mlnncupollu,' Clilcuyo,
Hats, at Half Pi
Come in
find hcc oitroiocu 01 tioiiiitiK
I'or mull .'titd I5(3'S.
Suits, Shoes, Shirts, Hats, Etc., Etc.
.A. New Tjinci ol Shoos
In .I.jmIosI. Slyles.
A Few Pairs of Shoes
Cottage Grove, Oregon,
mnr tnnrinnnnnf to
noon von tkn cknth oh
TliiH .Coltpon is Valtmblc bring
it with you when you conic.
Through Pulaco mid Tourist Sli-qicm
UinliiK "ml Jtiiliut Bmokhii;
Fur Jtatea, 1'olilorn and Full Informa
tlon regarding Ticket Kuiituu, call on or
122 3d St., Portland Ore,
61? flt Avenue, ' ,
a, w. p. a.
eeattla Walk.
Vlllltablff mllllllf nrnnnrttr nml Tin.
houilii for sale, Jerome Knox
Flno realdonc-fl, cliolco lots, huslnesn
! blockti for uulo Jy-romu Knox & Co,
Rough Lumber,'
Saginaw, Ou.
I'McriciKo ritr.icMN-
OflU'oaml ronMcnco on Ictveatrvct) near Wuil,
c6rfAqi:oitovu, - - qkuoos.
hH'nfi 'a Inrgo utock'of
iiir, ccllliiK und ruatiifin
i.ei tin mnKu yo.
.V'o h'avo ,011
K u-ilr cd ltoor 1
ecrndes 1 2 nml
opoclal prlcoH.
DooTK-Kiai.Y Li .Miini Co,
fltiorneu mid (lonnsclor-atrLaw
Hpeclal tloul f o nlren niho law of Mine).
l'M Nutlnmd Dunk lliiillln. -
rhoo Itouicily Iidh u world wl-lo repmn
ntlon (or tB ciircn. It nuvtir full ami
? plcncqnt nml mdu to tnko, For nolo
by r,VonH& Applcgutn, Drum . llonsoii
Prug Cn finltnifo Orovo,