Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 16, 1902, Image 5

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Will Probably be Pasted Ikifor Work
Reaches lidge of 'Forest Kt
erve."Work Progressing.
Wednesday evening n ileal whs
coiiHumateil In this city by which
A. D. I,c Roy sold 60,000 shares of
his Jtidson Rock stock to C. 11.
Clement in one lump. Mr. Clement
turning over to Mr. I,c Roy hit
kcyes to Ills clothing store with a
Mock of goods invoicing 3,ooo. If
there Is anyone who has doubts
about llnhctnia mines let them rend
t lie nhovc, nnd consider. Mr.
Clement has Iktji Identified with
tiie business intercuts qf this city
for two years. He Is a keen,
wideawake business man and
u marveioiiH luturc tor tne mining
protiertics of llohcniia.
Hill Ornntlng Hlght-of-Way.
Senator J. H. Mitchell has in-
traduced n bill granting a right of
way across the Cascade forest re
nerve for the Oregon iffc Southeast
ern railroad, from a point on the
western bonier of the reserve in
IWie comity, running southwester
ly up the valley of the I'ratnt Hrice
creek, thence tip the valley o!
Champion creek to the base of
(rizgly nnd Grouse summits of the
Callpooia mountain.
The hill also grants right of way
lor such sidetracks, extensions and
spurs as may be necessary to reach
the various groups of mines in the
reservation in Iann and Douglas
counties. Under t lie bill uotimtxr
shall be cut by the company for any
purKMes outside the right of way
Mi Jeffries was dtowucd near
Jasper last Thursday. He was a
sou of Wrn. Jeffries who lives near
Iost Valley nnd was about twenty
years of age. The unfortunate
young man was working on Will
Hams drive of logs for the Kugene
Lumber Co. lie was employed at
tripping dog on logs and about
noon he ventured Into deep and
swift water. His' father who was
on the bank shouted to him and
warned him of his danger. He
then realized the precarious po
fiitiou that he was in nnd made un
'endeavor to pet out, but too late,
hi id he was swept away. He sank
ul once and never rose to the stir
far again- Search was at once
tniidc for the body but was of 110
11 vail.
I.ATiiK - The body of young Kli
Jeffries was found about noon
haturday alwut three miles below
the scene of the drowning.
j Local Brevities. j
Quite a little thunder storm visited
this valley Tuesday afternoon.
The track meet at Eugene last
Saturday between U. ol O. and F.
U. resulted in an easy victory for
the Kugene team.
A hall game between Eugene
and Salem will be one of the at
tractions at Salem next Suuday the
day of of the excursion.
The final score of the track meet
between U. of O. and Pacific Uni
versity at Eugene last Satuulay
was 83 to 34 in favor of the U. of
On next Suuday the recruiting
officers of the U. S. navy will open
up a recruiting office at Eugene
and remain there until Friday the
The south half of lot 4, block 2,
of McParlaud's second addition
was recently purchased from F. B.
Phillips by Louisa Leonard for
Paper hangers, painters and car
pentcib arc all busy in Cottage
Crovejust now and no doubt will
be more than busy during the en
tire year.
Policeman Reed who shot and
killed young Owen nt Roscburg
recently was examined before Jus
tice Robiuett and dismissed from
custody last Friday.
A Southern agriculturalist named
Burst lms christened his three
children Alice May Durst, James
Wood Hurst and Henry Will Burst.
Sllverton Appeal.
Oom Paul's sou has taken the
oath of allegiance to Great Britain,
but the old man himself is still on
the war path loaded to the muzzle
with extracts from the imprecatory
psalms, says last week's Astoria
Work commenced the first of the
week on the foundation of Dr
Wall's new business house and office
on the south side of Main street.
It will be n 35 foot front and thirty
feet in length, two stories high and
of veneered brick. He expects to
occupy the upper floor for an office
nud rent the lower floor to' some
business firm.
Srtw.Aw SiriPi'iMO NnwR.
judging mrm Me following nr
tide from the Florence West, that
town is becoming quite a shipping
point: "Last Friday afternoon the
schooners, Brlu, Mary KtU and
Dauielsou urrivul in from 3a u
Francisco after cargoes of lumber,
Lute that aftorunoti the Wing and
Wliiir sb led In across the bar.
With those already here, this made
nine vessels Iwsidcs the tug in the
rivnr at the same time. This is the
largest number of vessels ever seen
in the Hiuslaw at once, and shows
something of how much the ship
ping liusfiiess of the river lias In
created from what it was three or
four venrii 11170. Then it rnrrlv
happened that there were two ves-
wilrt to be seen here at one time. '
One ol the greatest sales of Here
fords in the history of the west has
lccu going on in Oregon for the
past few weeks. The cattle came
into Kustern Oregon 011 a special
train, arriving at Ilakcr City on
April 16th. There were 161 head
in all, 157 hulls and 4 cows, and
they have been selling them
throughout the state at special
sales suice that date. At the sale
held at Portland last week J. I)
Mcwuri irotn Mar made the pur
chase of one of these choice ani
mals for his extensive stock ranch
paying $125 for him.
Too Rich to Makkv."
Whoever heard of such a thine,
the idea of anyone being Too Rich
To Marry. Still there are people
in the world whose riches place
them in the most complicated em
barrassments. Those troubled or
suffering from the above cause, can
be placed on the road to success, by
scetug "Hdwin Owens, Towne,"
Great New York production of
'Too Rich To Marry" comlnir at
the Cottage Grove Opera Hosuo.
Friday, May 33.
Social, Hall.
T. K. Richardson, the piano
man, gave an Invitation dance at
the Masonic hall last Saturday
evening. Nearly all the young
people wlio love to ' trip tne light
fantastic" were on band ami danced
to their heart's content. It was a
complete success in every particu
lar and was enjoyed very much.
The music was furnished by Mr.
and Mrs. Atkins on cornet and
piano and Mr. on
first violin.
Gkokgia HAuri'.K Co.
The above company finished a
five night's engagement at this
place Saturday evening witli "St
Patrick's live," which was listened
to by a fair-sued house. The at
tendance throughout was not as
good as the company deserved but
was not bad. Their plays were
all quite good especially "East
I.ynu" and "Way Hack Hast" and
ncre well put on by the company.
Anothhk Tkanhkkr.
The Ozmcnt property on Main
street between the Bohemia saloon
and the Imperial hotel was sold
Hast week to Tom Coleman of Fort
laud lor $1000, who will open up
the sixth saloon as soon as he can
get it in shape for business. The
building has been used as a sample
room for the Imperial, but they
now occupy Lurch's building on
Fifth street.
Anothkk HusinkssCiiangk.
The first of the week J. D. Coch
ran sold his entire furniture, paper
and paint business to J. W. Gowdy,
who took possession Tuesday
morning, Mr Cochran had a
splendid business which was grow
ing better, every day but bis tailing
health necessitated bis engaging in
other business which he will do
immediately. Mr. Gowdy is well
known here and will without doubt
conduct a successful business.
Anothkk PKoroenn Road.
The surveyors and engineers for
the proposed Oregon nnd Pacific
railroad from Grants Pass to Cres-
ceut City has begun. Two wagon
loads comprising the company's
outfit and supplies of the crew were
taken out tuts lnday as tney are
now encamped about one mile from
towu. Oregon tuiuing Journal.
Busttutss CllANOtt,
Cal lioren, forraerlyof the "Ware
house" on the road to Bohemia,
last week made the purchase of the
Cottage Grove hotel from its former
owner, and will tuke possession of it
next week. Changes and transfers
are coming thick and fast in our city
nowadays and we can scarcely keep
track of them all.
Lkctuhk to Mun.-
Mrs. Mary Teats, national purity
evangelist, lectured "to men only"
at the M. E. church last Suuday
afternoon nt 2:30. About sixty or
seventy men of our city were
present and listened attentively to
her discussion of "purity."
Ictt Housrt.
O. O. McClellen and T. C.
Abrams have erected an ice house
just below the Glass planing mill
and are arranging to keep a supply
of ice 011 hand for consumers of
this city during the summer
Phone Main 6-3.
Our patrons will take notice
that we have recently installed a
phone in the Nugget office and can
be called up at any time from any
part of the city. Perhaps this
will save yon u trip across the
FpR Sauc
A number of fine yearling Cotts
wool bucks for sale. Inquire of D.
G, McFarlapd.
w n -.t r (..
Cochrau Sundayed lu Eu-
Willie Martin went to Eugene
last Knturrlav.
7 1
Earl Hill was a Eugene visitor
last Saturday.
Jesse Hounds was a visitor to the
county seat Tuesday.
Win Lawless returned home from
Eugene Tuesday.
L. C. Scott came UP from Wend-
ling Tuesday.
A. M. White and wife were Eu
gene visitors last Friday.
Herbert Eakin made a business
trip to the county seat last Satur
day. L. H. Gibson, J. C. Klofcnstein
and W. E. Heck wcro in Eugeue
Geo. Whitsett and C. F. Mitchell
were among the county scat visitors
last week.
Jerry Dammon, of Eugene, was
in the city last Saturday on land
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stone re
turned last Friday from a visit to
the county seat.
J. S. Alkin
recently located
in the Bohemia
Phoenix claim
Mining District.
F. A. Rankin,
the Eugene ratt
was in the city
sic store man,
Wednesday on business.
Sara Sykes and Frank Kennedy,
of Roseburg, were visitors in Cot
tage Grove this week.
A. N. Striker was up from the
county seat last week looking after
county bridges in this vicinity.
Sirs. 1). A. Pulne. of Euirene. who
lion Ixt'll vImHIiik Mm. W. H. AbniniH,
of thlM city, for Hcvernl diiyn, re
turned home WedneHiIny.
Mrs. R. T. Martin returned last
Friday from a visit at Eugene with
her sister Mrs. John Oliver.
C. C. Rutan recently located
'Little Goad" and "Last Chance"
claims in Bohemia district.
Clias. Rutan, one of Bohemia's
well known miners, spent the best
part of this week in town.
Carey V. Martin formerly of Eu
gene, but now an attorney at Sa
lem began suit against his wife for
divorce last week on the grounds
of desertion.
R. J. Jennings, of the Helena
Consolidated Co., came up from
Portland this week. Upon his re
turn he was accompanied by Super
iuteiigeut II. V. Hebne.
Ed W. Hebard, formerly with L
Lurch, of this city, now represent
ing the Pacific Coast Syrup Co., of
San Francisco, was looking after
business in Cottage Grove this
Prof. Dunn of the University of
Oregon, has handed in Ins resigns
tiou to take effect at the close of
the school year aud will enter the
graduate department of Harvard
next year to take special and ad
vanced work.
Henry Wagner one of our west
side barbers made a trip to Rose
burg. last week to receive examina
tion before the pension board of ex
aminers' for a pension on account of
wounds received in the Phillipine
The junior editor and wife visited
at Eugene last Friday and Satur
day with Mrs. R. Brown and
family, who have lately arrived
from Nebrasko. Mrs. Brown is
mother of Mrs. Lee Henry, Mrs.
H. A Schwering and Otto Brown.
Miss Roby Baker has resigned
her position as operator at the cen
tral telephone office, and will enter
the employ of Mr. W. F. Morphy,
general manager of the Oregon and
Uastern railroad Co. the first or the
month. Miss Fay Atkins will pre
side at the central office hereatter.
F. Wayne Osborne, of Eugeue,
who is one pf this years graduates
from the Annapolis naval acodemy
lias at the request of Representa
tive Tongue been assigned to duty
on the battleship Oregon upon
which he will have two years active
service ere he receives his commis
sion. Warren McParland has received
a number of offers from baseball
managers and teams down the val
ley for the season of 1903, but has
not yet accepted avy of them.
Warreu is one of the best raeu be
hind the bat in Oregon and we
don't wonder that his services ate
in demand. Of course we would
be sorry to lose him.
At tne
Where the meali arc well cooked and well nerved and the bedq are good.
And you'll find everything home-like, without home inconveniences.
Coma and atay as long aa jios'ilblo.
Freo to our Commorclal Trade. Try our Sunday Dinner. The best ever
Served in any Hotel in tha City.
N. 1). HARDY, M'gr.
Mrs. Orin Robinwn visited
friends at Eugene last Saturday and
while there met nit old schoolmate
she had uolsccu for thirty years,
and his mother who is over ciirhtv
iE? 1 ,ra5 , "R"
ItfflMl rl.!lirv,.-liri.'l9Mtr it, tlin ntrl
I t.l i t - . "
I .....a . i .. i. . . ...m..J ... wit,
lady who seemed unusually sad,
which cannot be wondered at, as
!. i.n.l 1. I ...I.. ....I .1
miu Mini tjuilCM Mbl i.iiaiiiiiiil icp 111.111
a year ago and only a week before
learned of the accidental shooting of
one or her sons while hunting n the
woods, leaving her alone with her
two remaining sous.
Geo. Lea, the well known con
tractor ol th Ik city left Monday for
Portland cnrotite to Hood River.
where he goes to superintend the
erection 01 a 2000 norsc power
electric plant lor a 1'oriland firm
with which the Messrs. Long of
this city arc interested. Mr. Lea
says it will take the best part of
the year to complete the work.
Taylor, the photographer, has a
number of 5x7 photographs taken
last week out on the right-of-way
of the new Bohemia railroad. It
shows the clearing crew at work
and also a large force at work
grading the road about two miles
from towu.
Attention is called this week to
the statement of the First National
Hank appearing in another column.
It indicates the vast increase in
business in this city aud the high
esteem in which it is held by de
positors. E. M. Sharp, deputy assessor for
Bohemia, East and West Cottage
Grove and Wai)tit piecincts, was a
pleasant caller at this sanctum
C. I.. JolniHoti, of Salem, who In In
tervHti'il In the Ilohciniii iIIkuIiikh,
came up HiIh week on a few ilav'H
vIhU. Hi- will soon ti Into the IiIIIh
to take up the Honmiim work 011 IiIh
Frank W. Vallle. iiHHlHtnntMiorln
teiidcut of the railway mail wrvlte,
Mtatloned at Portland, wax In the
elty thin week.
Unclt Ham HatuImikiT, of Hugum.
ww In Cot Urge drove UiIh week.
HIh vIhIIh are alwa.VM welcome.
Mr. Jane IieiiHou vUltoil Portland
thin week.
Hob lllulr In iM-'dfaMt thlH week with
We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to the many kind friends
who comforted us in the hour of
darkest sorrow when the life of
our darling was suddenly blotted
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Piper,
Miss Miriam Pipuk,
A. Nklson
Buy property real property I
through the Cottage Gjove Iove.-t-;
me nt Co.', Koon2 , Finn Uld.
T. K. Richardson begs to thank
the eople of Cottage Grove for the
liberal patronage received for the
past few mouths, and we want to
assure you that we will give you
the very best goods in our line, and
at prices that can not be duplicated
by any one. Our pianos and or
gans are singing their own praises
in a great many families in this
city. We are here to stay, and see
that our goods are satisfactory. We
carry the very highest grade of
pianos and organs ever offered for
the money either cash or install
ments. Call and see us at our store
room near the depot.
T. K. Richardson, Cottage
Grove, Oregon.
The best hotel property in Cot
tage Grove and Lane county for sale
by the Cottage Grove Investment
Co. It is a bargain. Apply at once.
Doe Are' Von Gee Eos!
Polymorphlsn Bargains
At the New Km Drug Store.
A.s the Old Maid
Said Avlien She
Our ads are ahort and nweotand right
to the. point.
Brcliaiit & Morgan
The New Era Druo Store.
f Butmess Briefs. 5
o - -
Flue wntchen nnd Jewelry nt
MnlHi;n'H. Hco them.
11. c.
Cedar posts for sale by Eakin &
Thine diamond at II. 0. Mudnun arc
Iremitli-n. Cull mid nee llietn.
Vnln.ililo mining property in Ho
lioniln for tale. Jerome Knox and (Jo
Good second baud carriage and
harness for sale cheap by Eakin &
The Urgent nnd nioiit nimpleti.- dtwk
of millinery nt Mini .Miirv lljrlefi 2ml
door cunt of liutclicr nlio.
The Itenmni Druir t'i the oldent
and alwnyH reliable driiKHtorc In
Cottage drove.
For toilet articles do not fall to ex
amine the very complete Htoek at
Ik'liMiiii DrilK Co.
Good fire and burglar proof safe !
for 1 sale at a bargain. Eakin &
Hristow. I
At .MadMeii'H lewelerv store, tilatei)
Hllver ware, reuiarkulily pretty de-
hIi?iim. Hiiltnhle for wedding preHentB.
JiiHt received a new line of HallorH.
prlc-fM ranging from 40e to $1.50.
HeiiHon Drug Co.
Drugs like wearing apparel to
give IH-Ht nnultH must be ol lent
quality, lleiison Drug Co. alwn.vx
keepH the purest drugs obtainable.
Barred Plymouth Rocks.
Eggn for sale from prize-winning
bird. Persuing,
J. W. HoucK. Cottage Grove.
Dr. Atwood, Dentist of Kugetie.
will lie at the Sherwood Houxe May
), 7. and H. KlrHt-clnxH work at
renxonable rntcH. done In comfort
able manner. Kxntnlnntloux free.
A woman who has had experience
with tins di-eiife, tells how to prevent
any dangerous innseiiuencee from It.
She nay: Our three children took
whooping coiil'Ii last cummer, our baby
boy beinK only three months old, and
ow 1 111: lo our giving them Chamber
liiiii'c Cough Remedy, they lontiioneof
their plumpneifl mid eame out in much
better health than other children whose
parents did not use this remedy. Our
oldett little girl would eall lustily for
cough yrup between whoop". Jessie
Pinkey Hall, Sprlngvllle, Ala. This
reniedv in for wile by Lyons A Apple
gate. Drain. Uenson "Drug Co., Cottage
' trove.
Will stand at John Sears' place
"2 1-2 MILES EAST or
Cottage Grove,
Mondays and Tuesdays and bal-1
o.ioa tinio of KVIBUCflV'S
Bllhl. V. ui ...... k-t ..u J A 1 u
DESCRIPTION: Bay Deck is a
dark bay, 15 hands high and
weighs 1400 lbs. His sire is an
English Shire and Clydesdale and
his dam Lumix and French Cana
dian. F. M. ERNEST.
United StuteH Lnnd Office,
IloselmrK, Ore., Apr. 8. 1W2.
Notice s hereby jrlven tlmt In com
pliance with the provisions ot the
net of ConsrenH of June 3, 1S78, en
titled "An net for the sale of timber
IiiuiIh In tlo States of California,
Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Territory." 11 h nxtenilpil ti nil tln
Public Land States by net of August
4, 189J, OeorgeH. flrny, of Aurora,.
County of Marlon, State of Oregon, 1
him this day Hied In this ollico his
sworn statement No. 21U2, for the
purchase of the NE ( of Section No.
HO lu Township No. aj S., nnjrt No. I
(I V and will otter proof to show
that the hind sought is more valu
able for Its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to estnl-
IlOHChurg, Oregon, on Thursday, the
10th day of July, 1002.
Un names h witnesses:
W. S. Hurst. G. A. Bock, John IJ.
Hurst, J. M. Will, of Aurora. Oregon.
Any nnd all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described hinds are
requested or file their claims in tjils
olllce on ot before said 10th day of
July. J002.
J. T. I!hiiioi;h, Register.
New backgrounds and acces
sories. Best Lenses and Cameras.
Portland. Nothing but first-class
work. All work guaranteed.
Lowest prices, call and examine
Opposite Masonic hall. West
side, Cottage Grove,
S years in
"We Suit the Hard to Suit."
Don't take our word for It, but call and he convinced that
The Cash G-rocery Oo,
Carry the cleanest and most Complete line of roceties
in the city.
We keep a full line assortment of fresh fruits and vege
tables in season.
The Gash
tV-t-svvsvsv-svsvVf 'SW.'Vsvi
Hohemin, Oregon.
i!ciierail rtlorohnmliNe,
Miiicrs' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Griffin &
1 a srrr M.y-kf-vm
If yon are not wearing
Our Shoes
and have been in the habit of
paying higher prices, thinking
you have been getting some
thing better, you will not make
"that, mistake 'again if you give
our shoes a trial.
These Shoes are Models made
by people who set
Under Odd Fellows' Hall.
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon, Apr. 12, 1002.
Congress of Juno 3, 1878,
entitled "An
act for
trie sale ol timber hind in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," 11s ex
tended to all the Public Land States by
act of August 4, 1692, Lawrence I. Sny
der, of AUrom, County of Marion,
State of Oregon, has thia day filed
in this office his sworn utatement No.
2208, for the purchase of the SE 1-4
of Section 22, Townbhip No. 20, South,
of Range No. 6 West; and will offer proof
toshow that the land sought is more val
uable for Its timber or atone than forag
rlciiltiirul purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register
and Receiverol this otficeat Rosexurg,
Oregon, on Thursday, the 17th day of
July, 1003 .
He names as witnesses;
Geo. Gray. A. F. Will, A. 0. Stan
hraugh, J. A. Carpenter, of Aurora,
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the ahove-deeeribed. lands are re
quested to Hie their claims in this office
on or bofoiesaid 17th day of July 1902.
J. T. Bripoer, Register.
"I have been afflicted with sciatic
rheumatism for fourteen years," says
Josh Edgar, of Germantawn, Cal. "I
was able to bo around but constantly
suffered I tried everything I could
hear of and nt last waitc-ld to try Cham
berlatn's Pain Bulm, which I did and
was immediately relieved and in short
time cured, -and I am hpp to say it
has not si ne 6 retained" Wbynotus
this liniment and get well? It is for
sale by Lyons A. AppUgat, Drain.
Beneoo Drug Co,, Cottage (iVove.
Grocery Co.
Q. Young, Manager.
is the pride of a well ordered
kitchen. It is always clean and
neat and is not only the perfection
of usefulness and economy as well
as comfort but an ornament as well.
There is tio modern labor saving
appliance that can be compared to
the utilization of gas as applied
with a gas range, gas radiator or
wood range.
in the way of Hardware, Tools aud
imblements, you can find at our
store. Ark you going miming?
See our Stock of Tools and Sup
plies before you make your pur
chases. We Keep everything a
Miner needs.
The . . .
River St., CotUge Oror.
We carry n eitr fine line of
Llquori and Cigars, and If you
have occailon lo w tat good i In
our line we would appreciate a
call from you.
HHioM., ionise Hron.
Jr 1 T
Choice line of Liquors
and Cictrs kept on
band. Yourpatronage
is respectfully solicited.
Veatch Co