Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 14, 1902, Image 3

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    All Humor
Arc Impure mutt rs wlilcli tin- mKIii,
liver, Idiliicy mill other ori'iuis cnu
nut tiilm CUM' of wit I I hi'li, tlicri' In
mich 11 u ncciniiiiliitlnii nt tlii'lii.
Tin 'J litter Hie nlmlf system.
I'ltiiplfH, IhiIIk, I'i'.riiiii nml other
eruptions, Iokm of itiiclltc, tlmt tired
feeling, IiIIIiiiih turns, ft Im of Indlgiw
t loll , dull licnilai'licH mnl 1 1 1 it 1 1 other
trouble! urn dill' to llii'in.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Itciniivo nil Immure, nvi'iriiiiii' nil
tlii'.lr dlccls, strengthen, tuiii' nml
Invigorate tin' whole H'Kliici.
"1 litd mil ihi'tiui on my liniiili Hint I
cniild nul vs.irk I link Mood's Knranpnrllla
mnl II ilroxi 01 1 tin' iniiiior I ciiiiiiiiiii'O iti
ust till tint anna llnn'i'Ai I." Mhi, Iiu II.
llsiiwN, llumluril l oll., Mi-.
Iloaifm Snrmmpnrtlla itromlmam to
ours Mt7 kaapm tho irons a o.
Hard Luck.
May Wiiislby Oh! pshaw! tlmt'H
Jusl uiy luck I My nmr couI'h black,
uinl Into luy iiiu'Iii'h gonii mnl tiled I
Hue (ilddy (IimmIik'hk! What nro you
(iiiIhIiiIiik iilmiit?
May Womlliy Why, If IM only got
lull it lliflit cunt, I ciiitlil wear 0110 of
thomi swell tin 111 r 11 i bands on thu
fllHIVC l'lllllllll'lpllll I'rilHH.
With Incnl application, as they cannot reach
Ih seat nl tlimlin. ,-. ratairh In 11 UimxI or
rinitlltiillonal dlarase, ami 111 order In rum It
jfim tiiim tnko liiti'itinl remedies llnll'a I'a
iarrh urn la takin iiittnialli, mnl I'lmllrectl'
till Hid litlKMl and Mllioti stillari-a Mali's Ca
Huh Cum la not a miai-k iimlleltir. It was
ptMirllxd by una ol II. 11 lt-nt physicians In this
cutmiry lur yi-nm. mnl Imi unuUr inmTl't1'n.
It l lymiHix'il hi tlm boat loiiti'i known, cum
lilliuil Willi tlm Im'si IiIihkI lilirlflels, acting ill
ru tty on the minims sinistra. 'Iho perfect
roinlilimtliin til the two liiifirillcnts I what pro.
liters anch wonderful fraiilta In curing catarrh,
bend lur testimonial, fre,..
r. J. CIIKNKV A CO., rroprs., Toledo, O.
H11 h ) rti trie 1 . price 76c.
Hal la Family fills am tuu beat,
"Yon don't get such pmitry nH ns
written In days gone by," said tlm ru
grotfnl jKTr-tiri.
"Of cuiirm you ilon't," answered tho
smug modernist. "There 1h so iiiiii'Ii
days Komi by jxx'try iilrcmly 011 tlm
market that there in no fnrtlicr de-maud
(or ll." W'iihIi iiiKtun tnr.
Hamlin's Wirnnl Oil knocks tlm sote
ir your tlinmt when It Ih sore, ami irc
veiils diphtheria, iuliiHy, etc.
"When the lecturer nimlu n grainat
Irnl ciror, it brought down tho house,"
aald 111m Gnrlcy.
"I don't think tho home liiul Iron
wnH lirou'lit up," ciiiiiiiientuJ Mm.
(hirloy, Krnvoly. Dutroit l;reo I'row).
Mntiirn will Unit Jim. Wlnslow's 6ooth
Inu Ayrup the beat remiily to una tar their
children iluriiiK hu teetluiiK tierlod.
Dodjtd the Qucitlon.
"What U your nntim, you lazy rnisn
ImtidT" exi'lniliiuil thu new womnn
whom DiiKty Dun iiHkM for lunch.
"I'-pnrdon inu, imiilatim," lio ftiim
mitxl, imIkIiik nwiiy, "hut I mil truvul
in ituvg. " Ohio Ktntu Jouruul.
I MOW I Im Iho Tlmo to USE IT.
She Knew It.
"GeorKo tioHlln tleclurcH that ho
wouldn't uinrry tlm bout wouiuu ulivo,"
runtnrkdl Mr. Hputti.
"Well, ho won't," oBHcntoil MIhb
Krokii, "for I hnvo rofimecl him."
l'hilailelphin North American.
arc nmoug the best known
of the many dangerous
wild plants and shrubs.
To touch or handle them
qttlrkly produces swelling
and in (laminntion with in
tense itching nnd huruing
of tlicfkin. lliecniption
soon disappears, the suf
ferer hones forever : but
nlmof.t ns soon at the little blisters and
puslulea appeared the poison had reached
tho hlood, and will break out at regular
intervals nnd each time in a more aggra
vated form. This poison will loiter in the
system for years, and every atom of it
must he forced out of the blood before you
am expect a perfect, permanent cure.
Nature's Antidote
'Nature's Poisons.
is the only cure for Tolsou Oak, Tolson
Ivy. ana an noxious piauis. 11 is com-
worse. Don't experiment longer with
calves, washes and soaps they never cure.
Mr. S. M. Mariha!!, tooklcrtrxr of the Atlanta
(Co.) Cns Light Co., waa jiotMueil with l'olson
Oak. He took Sulphur. Artenie an J varloua
other druca. and applied citerually mimeroua
lotlona anil aalvt with no benefit. At tlmea the
awelllnr and iDdamioallon wnaao aevere he waa
almoat blind, Tor eight ,ra the polaou would
break out every aeaaon. Ilia condition waa much
Improved afler taking one bottle of 8. 8. 8., and
a few bottlea cleared Vila blood of the poison, and
all evidences of the dUeaiedlaappcarcd.
People are often poisoned without
knowing when or how. Kxplain your case
folly to our physicians, nd they will
cheerfully give such information and ad
riee as you require, without charge, and
we will send at the same time nu interest
iug book, on Blood and Skin Diseases.
li neat Counh Hjrup. TaaieaUoou. usoRI
An (Mil lint lie 11 Hlinviil Mmlr 11 'I lilnu
uf Oilier by lllin,
"The Until llcl'IM'l' or Iho WeMlei'lief."
ciijh mi oliNerver of ini'ii. "eiin fit fry
oil' li Im line Miifl nIhiii'IiciI lint Willi iIiihIi
mill Kl'liee. lint ivlien It rulllCM Id
ilowni'lKlit iihiiiiilini nml pclTeet plcltlr
i'Miiicni'MH In UiIh llieie Ih liuhoily who
can excel tlic lliillnii luhiiier.
"No cinvhoy with 11 hionil-rlinineil
twenty-live ilollnr felt hut whoxo hrlin
llli'H liiiel; iinliiHt 1 he nIiIii of Iho crown
nml NtnyH there iih Iiu KiillopM ncroiiM
I ho country en 11 el 11 guyer twlwt on
tils hut Hum 1111 llulliiu luhorcr wenr
ln 11 cliciip. iiiirrow brliniiii'il, niKk'ed
uny iiinyho iiiorlnr-iitiiliicd, uoft hut can
Ki't on IiIn.
"Not nil liulliiiiM nru thus plcttir
CMillf. In he Hlire; hilt tlm Itillllill Hint
Ih weni'H IiIh hIoiicIi hut In the moHt
ruiiliiHlle furniH Willi UllHIllUlM uncoil
Ki'lutiMiifHH, with perfect iinliirullieHH of
miuiniT. It Ik not Koliii'thlliK Htuilled
for elTecl, hut IiIh hut Ih 11 plctureMiUu
nml perfectly hnruioiiloiiH purt of his
"lie cnu turn Hie brim ut the front
hi I ti lire biicU UKtiliiHt IiIh hend. Icnvlnc
fnco nml foreheiul wholly exposed; or.
ho cnu turn It up tit the hIiIc, or fur
Unit matter up nt the buck, mnl hln
lultlereil old hill will he Juiiuty mid
plctiireiiiiie Htill nnd iiliHoliituly becom
ItiK to him.
"Anil wenrliiK n hut In Hint wny Ih
not the only thing he enn 1I0 plctur
i'Kiiicly. lie cnu enrry 11 hIiovcI ho; mid
mnyhe he Ik the only mini living that
inn iiu Hint Von will meet, going to
their work. Iltillini lahorcm currying
their hIiovcIh hy 11 conl tlcil one end to
the bundle near Hie bhtile, the other
end In the crip i-utl or the bundle. Ity
this mnl. punned over IiIh Khouldur, he
cnrrlcH IiIh kIiuvi'I HUHpeiiiled nt IiIh
buck. JiihI iih be would curry n cnrhlnii
there by the Ktrnp nttiiclicd to Ktock
nnd barrel.
"When be Ih plctnreH(UL' Iiu'h uh pic
ttircHiiie iih he cull be. tho Hwnrthy
Itullmi." New York Sun.
A Iniiillord. though not nn limurer of
the Kiifelv of nreinlBcH which ho Ih
j about to let. who Uiiowh Hint they nro
! defective nnd In a ihingeroUH condition
i nml doen not Inform the tenant of micb
' defect Is held In Moore vh. I'nrker
(Kan.), CI la. It. A. 778. to be lhtblo for
mi Injury thereby oceiiHloucd to thu
tiiiuut or a member of IiIh family.
A htaltile reiulrliig railroad compan
Icji to fence their right of way where
tho Biime Is contiguous to private prop
erty Ih held In JoIiiikoii vh. Oregon
Hhort Line Kitllroad Company (Idaho),
.': Ia. It. A. 741. to be a valid police reg
ulation adopted for the bcncllt of thu
general public unit not for the sole bene
II t of adjoining or contlguoUH land own
ers. A pnrcnt who iiermltR his child to
have poHHesslon of a deadly weapon
when, from youth or mental weakuesH
or from the use of Intoxicants, he Ih In
competent to be Intrusted with It, nnd
the parent knows thu danger, or In thu
exercise of reiiHounble care should
know It, Ih held In Meera vh. McDowell
(Ky ). 03 I.. 1L A. 780. to he liable for
Injuries lutllcled upou other persons by
the child's disc barge of the gun.
Where 0110 claims ilnmugcH from n
contractor because of thu fnlluru to
erect n store nml nlllce building within
11 given time, and the evidence sup
IMjrtH tho claim, the .Supreme Court of
Georgia, In the case of Cannon vh.
Hunt (US S. i:. Hep. 1JH.K. holds that tho
proper uieiiHtiru of da mil gen Is thu
rental value of thu building for the time
elapsing between the lime llxed for Its
completion mid thu Hum when 1( was
delivered and turned over.
The salary annexed to a public office
Li Incident to thu title to the olllce.
holds the Supreme Court of Minnesota
In the case of Larson vs. City of St.
raul (Sll N. V. Kop.. 50). and not to Its
occupation and exercise, nor to thu
usurpation of colorable possession of It;
and a seigeaut of police, illegally rcj
uioved, Is not prohibited from receiving
IiIh salary because It was paid to an
other between the date of his attempted
dismissal and the date of his reinstate
ment WI1011 Oil I'nlif
Anciil the excitement of speculation
lit tho Tex iih oil tlehls, Ccorge Mcltae,
who Ih at the Waldorf-Astoria, tells of
the tllscomllture uf a speculator from
St. lautilu who wanted to drive a close
bargain. The St. Loulsau selected a
well for purchase, and It was offered
bin) for ?15,000. Iiu demurred nt tho
price, mid dually one of thu olllclnla of
the company selling tho wells re-1
marked: I
"I'll tell you what I'll do. If you
will pay 10 cents a barrel for all tho
oil produced there for thirty days you
can havo the well." I
"Agreed," said the man from St.
Louis, nnd he signed nu agrcoment I
Tho well produced 10,000 barrels
dally for the next thirty days, coming
thu St. Louis speculator $30,000. Novr
York Times.
First Hun on a Ilnnlc
The first "run" on hanking lnstltu
tlnnn In Ijindou was In 10(17. Many
Lombard street goldsmiths nnd bank-1
ers bad lent out tho money entrusted
to theiu, uud being called upou for
payment were unable to meet tho de
mand. A crowd of creditors nnd J
sthnra assembled nnd a riot followed. '
In which four bankers were hanged at
their own doors beforo order could be
restored and the angry creditors per
suaded that they wore uot belug swln-
Germany's Customs Increase
The Increase In Germany's customs
receipts from Klao-Chnu last year was
28 per cent. The total sum, however,
waa only $70,000.
TSaa (D&Bitf
What mifTrrlng freijiierilly rrHillls
from 11 inutlier'n ignontiirn or more
frequently from a molher'H neglect to
properly Instruct her daughter I
I Tradition snyH "woman must Buf
I It," and young woithmi urn so taught.
, Vhisre Ih n llttlo truth nml 11 great ileal
; Df exaggeration In thin. If a you.ig
, romiin sutt'ors severely sho needs trcnt
1 Hunt, and hor mother should hcu that
1 1)10 getH it.
j Many uiothcrn hesitate to UiUa their
I d'niglitiTH to a phynlclnn for examina
tion : but no mother need hesltato to
write, freely ulxiut her daughter or
herself to Mrs. I'inkhnm'H Lulmratory
st Lynn. Mass., and secure from a
ivimrin the most cl'iulcnt advice with
out charge.
Mrs. August I'falzgraf, of South
Hymn. Wis., mother of the young lwly
whose portrait we here publish, wrote
111 .January, IKM, saying her daughter
h id sulTcid for two years with Irreg
ular menstruation nail hendachu all
t.'u; time, nnd p.ilu in her side, feet
swelled, nnd was genernlly mlscruble.
Sim received an answer promptly with
ndvlc.e, and under date of Mnrch. 1809,
the mother writes atrnln that Lydla E.
I'inknam'H Vegetnblo Compound cured
her daughter of all pains and Irregu
larity. Nothing In the world equals Lydla E.
I'iiikham'H frreat medicine for regu
lining woman's peculiar monthly
Got Them All at Once
Sue Hrettfl I ree itstutexl that if the
cggH uru equally divided among tho
inhabitants of the country, each human
Ix-in would get 141.
Kisitu Linhto (irncious mo! I got
that many 0110 night while on our tour
out Wt'st! Yonkers Statesman.
The M. &. M. Area arc Causing Quite a Stir.
Nothing is morn annoying than a
poorly lighted store. From the time of
old tallow dips millions of people have
lieen bothered by Insufficient light when
the evening comes. Hut now it seems
the whole question is settled by tho
hcuutifu), brilliant, econom ical f'M &
M" Are 1-amps that aro liecomiiig so
iMipular. They aro cheap, too. Write
to C. W. Iord," Portland, Oregon, for a
circular telling you all about them.
You'll bu glad you wrote. Agents arc
wunted in every town.
Multiplication and Division.
Itodrick This is a wonderful cour.'
try for arithmetic.
Van Albert Think so?
"Yes. Thuy mnku two 0110 nt Ning
nrn and one two in South Dakota."
Chicago Daily News.
I.ntllea Can Wear Shoos
One alro amallcr alter using AUen'a Foot Eaae,
aj'OwiHT. It makes tight or new aboea eaay.
CiirraaHiillen, hot, sweating, aching feet, in
growing nalla, corns ana bunions. Allilm?
KlataHiul alu i' atiuei. 3.'. Trial package KIIKK
bvmail. Addreaa Allen S. Olmated, Lo Hoy,
Sew York.
A Pertinent Query.
Magistrate It has been proven that
you struck your wife, and'
Defendant Well, judge, I stood her
bossiu' as long ns I could.
Magistrate I'hnt doesn't excuse you.
Sim is tho weaker ceeel, and you
Defendant Weaker Then
why does she carry to blamu much sail?
l'hiladolphia l'ress.
Uaed for 50 Years.
The Great I'aln-Kllllng Remedy.
Nuver fails to Cure.
And All nodlljr Aches and l'alru.
There la Nothing ao Uood,
iconpers Poln!
Sold in 215c and COe Sizes.
ST.JACOnSC4L (Llmlttd),
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot of Morrison Street,
Can givo you tho liest bargains in
Jltiggieu, l'lows. Doilers and Kngines.
Wliulmills ami l'umna nnd Qonoral
Machinory. Seo us boloro buying.
N. l V. U.
No. 11-1UOS.
W1IKN wrltlna te ndvortlaors ploasa
uioutloD thla tiapera
Warm Within.
"Merry, cee tlm dug drink! Why,
he's iilmusi einptliil that pall uf water.
Whal's the matter with hlfii?"
"I'Iciimi, 1111111 ru , 1 think Im ate the
iiiunsliirii plaster yuii left lyin' 011 the
kllcheii table." Cloviialtid I'lain
As Explained.
Do HhoII How is it, every tinm I
order 11 pair of trousers you inako them
just a little short?
Tailor Whenever I send a statement
of your account, yon nro short; I meas
ure you accordingly. Chicago Nowh.
Ills Requirement!.
"I can rocii.."!iid him ns n man who
never took mi unfair advantage of any
"I don't know as I can find employ
ment fur him," nswerod Senator Sorg
hum. "You wo, every no' and then
there trots to bo nirmi pretty sharp com-IK-titiuii
mid all I want is to know that
my ithsistant isn't going to take advant
age of urn. The rest of tho world is at
his disposal." Washintgon Star.
Boston Brownlngltes.
Mrs. flush How do you do, Manila?
How did you like tlm rending of
Drowning at tho club last night?
Mth. Ill tiff Oh, pretty well. Hut I
didn't like tho way her dross hung.
Mrs. (lush Nor I, either. And it
seemed to mo she might have held her
book moro gracefully. Hoston Trans
cript. Only a Woman's Wile.
Ho wns a very shy young man. and
the girl well, sho was like most girls.
Thoy were seated on u IkjiicIi in Moor
park, I'reston.
"How do you pronounce 'K-i-s-m-e-t?'
" she asked.
"Oh, in this instance tho 't' is not
voiindeii," Im replied.
"Then that would ho 'Kisme,' " sho
And ho did, although lie was a shy
young man. London Answers.
I do not believe Plan's Tore for Con
sumption has an equal fur roughs anil
riilda, Jons K. lioYF.B, Trinity Springs,
lnd., Feb. 1,'.. HJ0.
Man Behind the Gun.
"fireat cinders! Smith, look at this
paper. Jones kicked out of tho house
by his father-in-law! Awful, awful!
Why, Jones is one of our biggest guns."
"And his father-in-law, I presume,
was tho man behind the gun, as it
were?" Haltimoro News.
mm mi
ISO Kinds for i6c.
a f&rt that SaIii Trouble and flower
twxit Bxtj touna in more nrarni
.ml on more finm tiiain inr otlktr
In Anicrlr&. TliereU rpaUou for thlft.
Weown and opraieoTrr lau)armfor
Uie production of onr choice ami. In
vi w 1 w inuu ju wwj'ui
vre make t lie follow lux nupreo
edeoLM oneri
For 1G Cents Postpaid
1 amc 1 urmii ?iu
It m lris) UaitMi,
II ) 14 imi mul
lnalllWirmili poritlTeljr frnnithlnjr
tiuthela of charnitrtir Aowrrt and a
iois ana iota 01 cnoufl TrKrinwr. i
toiretlicr with oar great catalotroe
ttMiinxau aDOQi itoima toa i r '
Oat auiil llmmin Kntilti. onion
cry m vua-. A hjiiiiu, f-m.a pji wiuj
for l fle. in itauni. wriie lo-aay.
La Croisi, Wit.
The Literal Mind.
Little 5-yea-old Margio was out walk
ing with her mother recently, and find
ing it diilicult to keep up, sho said:
"Mammn, are you n stepmother?"
"No, dear," was tho reply. "Hut what
made you think I was?"
"Hecuuso you take such awful long
stops," replied Margio. Chicago News.
Overestimating Him.
"Paw," said littlo Willio Gettit,
"givo mo 10 cents to buy a story book
"Ten cents!" shrieked tho old gen
tleman. "Do you think I am Andrew
Carnegio?" Haltimoro American .
Tired of Walking.
"Well, I supposo you want somo cold
Tramp No, lady; I called to inquire
if you had a second hand automobile to
givo mo.
The Question.
"Supposing that women could vote
and hold olllco, would you ullow your
wife to run?"
"Say, if you wore crossing a Dridge
over a deep stream and right in tho
middle of it you mot a largo wildcat,
would you keop to 0110 sido and lot the
cat pass on or got out in tho middlu
and go to arguing with it?" Chicago
Something Wrong.
Mr. Snnpgs Another batcli of pretty
girls Imvo formed an auti-mntrimonial
Mrs. Snapgs There is somothing
wrong about that.
Mr. Snaggs Wliat?
Mrs. Snaggs If thoy aro opposed to
matrimony, they aro not protty. Pitts
burg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Too Inquisitive.
She When wo wero marrlod a year
ago, I novor expected to see you coming
homo hero at 2 in tho morning.
Ho Well, you wouldn't now, my
dear, if you'd only go to bod arlior.
Boston Ghbo.
fecxCTiseuaziLt-iJiu - ftr M.TiarJ-.'cr
"One of my daughters had a
terrible case of asthma. Wc tiled
almost everything, but without re
lief. VCc then tried Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and three and one-half
hollies cured ner." umma Jane
Enttmlnger, Langsville. O.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
ccrtainlycurcsmanycascs jj
of asthma.
And it cures bronchitis,
hoarseness, weak lungs,
whooping-cough, croup,
winter coughs, night
coughs, and hard colds.
Tr slits : :Sc. iX., SI. All crsrilils.
Conault jnnr doctor, ir Iia tats tana It.
as lie aara 11 naj ina 70a not
I, men nun 1 uan it. iib aiwwi.
Uh him. W are. wllllnr.
J. V. A a 1.1a tu., wan, auaaa.
ruoe n sua ot TCUow
rATAirViHF-S rDrr-
St. MeBen's Mail
A Itnitrilllia- anil Day Kcliunl fiirfllrla.
Has a Normal K'lndcrcarlen Training Depart- I
ment. which has a separate residence for Kin- 1
dergarten classes. The Hoarding Departrnt-nt 1
prorldea a rhetrfnl and well arranged horne I
or young laniea. t or catalogue or oiner in
formation apt'lr to
MIB3 EI.EASOIt TKIinfnTS. I'rinclpal.
Portland. Oregon. Pounded Ism
& Home School for Boys.
Military and Manual Training.
Write for Illustrated Catalogue.
Don't be a Drudge
You can do your washing in an hour
with mv Washing Tablets. No rubbing.
No acids. Send 60 cents for package
,,l InatrimtmilM W. O. POWnl.l..
Box 606, Portland, Oregon,
than do
Bin taka I
Laara It 1
;?fr1? ,ri5rtt-- " O 8oldbyf4rrj?taJJ
irlcStSSi&irSr'iS 1 n BtorftanrtthetatshoedralfrieTerywTiere.H
- 'VfKmuvy IciCTIOIITheKenuinehaTf DauieandprloeODboUonilf
Vnn Cinri ihn nif-fnronnn Between sickly, lousy chlrtens and healthr, rontentel fowls.
IUU rlllU II IC UllluICllUC n brings no money to yonr pocket, the other means money
In your pnrse. Which will tou have T
Prnnrtinnl'r linn Villnr Is a liquid to paint or spray the roosts, quickly destroying all
UfOBSDBCK S LICC rMIICl lice. The price la nothing In comparison to the good It will .10.
Cnun Vnur PhinLfnnp reed Clroesbeek'a Kce l'roilurrr anil Health Food to lbs
OdlC IUUI UlllurtCllOa chickens -prevents mortality. 1'ullc ts begin laying when Qto or
six months old. 23 to 20 per cent, more eggs produced.
PORTLAND SEED CO.. 13B Front Strvat. Portland, Or. Cosmt Aovntm.
The Oreat Conditioner and Stock Patlener. HORSES do
More Work on Less Feed. COWS give More and Richer
Milk. IIOUS Fatten Quicker If given this Food.
Package, OOc and SI.OO.
Prussian Ki.mkdv Co.. St. Pant, Minn.
Ghntlbmbn : I have been feeding your Phussiah Stock Food to my
thoroughbred awine. It gives them nn appetite, nnd makes the plga
grow. I also tried It on stunted calves with satisfactory results.
Tf. W. riarnna.f Ttltrln Kh
Atgcfable Pr cparalionforAs
slmilaling llicFoodandncgula
lingihcStouiaclB and Bowls of
Promotes Digestion.Checrlur
ncssandRest.Contalns neltlicr
Opium,Morphine nortineral.
InfJan Seal'
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We Will Give You
2 Hyinth Bulbj FRCC
Or 6 Tulips, rnCI-
Togethcr with our Complete Catalog
for 1002, if you will send us a mail
order, no matter how small. Write ns,
and make your selections from our Cat
alog. Springtime is here, and it is
time for planting.
LAMBERSQN - Portland Oregon
Yew Year Resolutions
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HovckI to 420 WlltUma
Ave., rortlaud. Oreg;oB
Portland, Ore., anil .Seattle, iVas'h
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
For Over
Thirty Years
Bears the
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