Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 10, 1902, Image 5

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W'uilliMI'.N iNHTAt.Utl).
Kast Saturday cvanlng Uiq pub
lit" installation of the ofllcciH or
Unit 1'Ik- I"1' u eiiHuliiK year
i.nik plan in tliclr new lmll In'Uic
j.h si-i. i" r their wive, dniiediters,
ihildicn, HvilhftrtM nnd tfvitcrt
K.i sim, whose presence lnt au
, I. d teh-di Id the occsninjf. Tie
nliial l installation of IhiVorder 8
Mii.i'l'- v.t iimpitlilK I" " fKr(M
and has just ciioiiKti 01 mystery
l,t. tiioHt absorbing i" interest.
A i.mku! axd uxruvsi-
ANTW A lIH 11X01! fx
Cninmlttri' rromlitnil !)tl
xviih .iiiiolncl to Scnu'ts tint
Itltlit f trail Or,-,-Dvrtiiul
l.d ml h.
Fe i4so i a 1 h i vti&va pljs.
I''. J. Ilitnl riiiiio down from Portland
this week iiml went inlo Ilohoiiihi.
Iocnl 1-3 re Vc ties.
A flni! lino of Hrtlng bridles nt Krwl
(tlllu'H lllirill!HHll(ll,
(it. ....
IcT tilt" 111 lirtlOII 'l UlC HV ,
n most inle.cHtiuK nnd A- pre u. le to and during the
vimol tinmtnui ww
which the ladies " central figures
....lUf In il I' the honors. Then crime
die appciisineitt nl satiation of the
inner linn orc u,r,n ,my
l,,vilv wdineii, unci mh a wealth
, K..(l ihiiiK were passed
Iir,,uii.l. In the enjoyment of the
i v tiinK ihe npprohiitinn of nit won
inllv in.-i and many will curry the
.nrmcrv f the occasion mid il
: . v..iiv"iiir to the credit of
itt" V'. ..linen of the World.
Unwell Kimball of tlio mirvoy parly Huy your gnoss need of Kuklii A llris
wa In town thiH weuk for lny or two, tow.
Tom Oiinliier wim In town this week . 'Vtton1iur point lnco.paUe.rtiB nml
Hlntkiiitf IiiiiiiIh with hm iimiiy iriemlN in ! Ilr""1 "l u,ru"
thu Urovu. Titko your hIioob to tho West Side
Dick .teniilnjrs wiih In the Glove thlx ' I'ltrmnH Hhop for repair.
w cult on a i.iilck Iiiimiiicbs trio mill I u-, 1 luw diiiiiiuiiilii ut II. O. Mailnjii me
On Stiurlny next, jniiunry nth
,, joint installation of ofTicetH-clect
I..r (he ensniiiR year of Ord nnd
Smith I'.istH will tW- "'nee nl uu'
odd l" M1o vs' Hall. The Indies of
tlu-Cirlciin nil veteran arc cor
dnillv invifd to preM.-tit. A
J.i-ket huii'iwet will he a plciwint
le.tnre. to take place at wmn.
whu h will fit cveryhodv in excel
!,., Koo l humor, and the donhle
M.ll .tion will take place at the
umiiI nu-itinn hour "f J p. The
l.jdic". of the Citiletflhe ('.. A. R.
will l.e depended Upon to fill the
Inlets full, "ml " j"lh l'nM"
,.,r all will '" Comrade .lu. Tnlor, Miller and other
i,'. v.. the matter in charBe. which
will insure a mot successful gath-
TvTM.I.ATHN Ol' I. O. O. V.
Thi lottRC placed the inignn at
r uik and auth'itv into the nana
l its newly elected oUiier on
Snunlay eveniiiK lart the
presence of wi.ny invited guest.
,,.,.1 its co-wurkcts ot the Kehecca
l-nTco. unniiK "v vw ft
tendered inl",ur Khc-iinK of the citizens of
ntrnl fitiurcs r"UnKC frovc Wednesday even-.
IK, at Martin's Hall, to talk over
le methods and iiuans for sectirinp
'c riht of way for the proposed
t'llroad Iroiu here to Ilohemia, the
Mtane (".rove Orchestra discoursed
uc fine music and put the an
dfjee in ood mood.
Inrvviu Hrislow was selected
cl'rman and I'. (J. IClv secreinrv.
lf. Mnrphy, the railroad
pole's representative, stated the
aii and ohjcctH of the railioad t ro-
mrs and gave assurance of their
fmjial ahility to hnild the road.
Ilftid that the company asked
fr financial help; that on the
coition of the survey, which
wiljon he finished, the company
is pared to U-Kin huildiuj,' the
roa.pruvided the tiKht of way
wasecured to them across the
lce land for the first tweutv
milt that his information from
the was to the effect that by
the b the survey was completed
the it to enter the Cascade reser
vatt'.0u( l,e granted. He said
that cnmn.inv
dccd'riKln of way until the roul
va cjletcd and in actual oper
ation,! he was further williiiK to
u(sciio n time limit when the
ratlrotyould he an actual fact,
and a hat was asked was the
Mimed to I'orthuiil. Uiriminm nml wife nio IIiIh
week onjoyiny u visit vith lolativoa ami
iriemlM on How livur.
I Ion. nml M. H. fl. FrinnJIy of Ku-
V,' ctu thu KuuHlH ot Mr nml Mis.
lien Lurch luxt riiimlay.
Otto NuIkum, who wan oiij;agt'd In thu
Jcnuluiy liomiieHH in thin city Inst year
ih now in Jiiiieiiii, Aiaxka.
Mr. It. H. MiirHhalthuCrtliforiilaoviiii
t'eliHt will lie-in n Kcriimof revival nieta
nW in thu Ai. I':, rumen rtiiipl.iy, Jmiu
aiy I'll,
t. li . (iillierlKon was down from Ilo-
dualities. Call ami rue thuin
Try n Sunday dinner ut thu Imi'I-iiiai,
If.i-ri'.l.. Hnrved from VI 1 :!!U p
in. and up todatu in all reHpccU.
inviiMiijr v kvohoiv;
os.w nq .wos;
(cuoicjltud vi,j Mn')
HnililiiH .lii.ip J no a
Xnq oi ooupl oijx
(.w tioX lttifj,
OJIIrl J.I,.)A ll.)l1 III V
plipil JIIOA ll(
We kcII choie.! lulu in thu I.ouk A
lliithiiin property, latuly platted anil
he,,,,,. t week, l.e ma.le a omek I t.V.w.V iV. ,.r . iV,. i 'i i . i.,.n iT
.'IlL a
' . 1 1. ..ere litil UUllI I r f.
surprises aim ;cnuvm u nuiu er oi uaiicm
out f r the enjoyment of a I. 'lh- j wno K)m. ljvcr
I u l tables contained a mn
t-,,,'lcm-nt of thechouest in the
I iv a ictttiiv ter.s'.ien
lmil am:
trip to I'orthimt ami return and went
Haul; into llohumia.
MrM. John Moilley returned this week
from .Noitli Viikimii, Wash., wIiuiuhIiu
Iiiim Hpeiit nearly three inuiitiin with
relatiuri ami Inemla.
("hurley "Miller of Cellar Creek hronylit
to uiu Nuiret olllcu Una week ioino nnu
iippleM Hi'"1!! on his plaeu. Charley
you Have our lliaiikd.
Mi. li. li, Lester of Kuuno, daughter
of Mr. ami Mr. .1. II, lMvulKon, who
him lieeii viaitiu her parentn hutu for a
week, Ifit (or home on Tuesday.
J. 1'. Vcaleh of Salem lias fur t.everal
ihtyn vinitecl relative ami friemU here.
Ilulwiiu kooiI tliiiL', unjiiyeil lui visit
luliy ami wen: huuiu on .Monday last.
Uu not furyul thoFL'rvico at the Mutho
iIihi ehuii'li next Mimtay. '1 lie p.oiur
will ine.ieii lioth imiriniig nml evening.
Morning oulijecl "llio Ullt of Tower."
Mrs. (J. (). MeClullen of Suluni in
vini tnin her relatives uml friends in this
city. Air. MeUli'llun will arrivo in the
eoine of i. couple ol weeks and may lu
cnu lo locale Hero.
Itev. C. II. Wallace will occupy the
I palpit of tiiu I'resOvteriun uhuieh dur
ing the iii)ciiec ol the ltev. .Mr. Heck,
asH'JU lor UO 41,1,1 nll Jiie,ien iiefc Qilliuuj uuiu
liiDiiiniH unci evening.
A. I), ami W. II. Le Hoy camo out
from lluliuinia this week nml will iu
linn in a few liiyn. They aro both
uiignty well pleuauil with tneir' milling
liitvie.-'tij 111 Hint camp.
W.W. Iluvvley came down from his
ranch on Sharp's creek this week, llu
I. ..ii. .lit ii w,,.,lii.r lux i.l.iltltiili tr. nt
heart y-oiH-iatioll of the citizens' u.,, H,.(Hi ami vvu much itiMiijiomteil
to Iiml the duoiH ut that t-eat ol learning
W. 1!, Dennis anil wife returiieil this
wccK ami went out to their lovely home
at liliicktiullc, alter an exiemleit tour ot
the coast tor neveral weeks. Thoy were
in the pink of lieullh ami seemed to be
as HUprcmely happy as loveis ought to
J. W. Sears and wifo mudown from
Uoiieiina lor it tew weeks. .Mr. bears ui late heeil ttuiug a ileal ul collli'aul
wink, hut lie liitB viiluaole uiteieatsof
Ins ha li upon winch he will liegm sieaity
ilevelopiiieiit when he I el in lis to the
illMi let.
T. W. Jenkins went lo
im-H.i.iy to .iiu-ml the meeting
& IS. H. H.
I'ricen according to locality,
.IkJ'.omi: Knox ts; tjo.
Wo have on liaiui a Inrgo stock of
kiln-dried flooring, ceiling and rustic In
grades I 'J mid .'I. Let us maku you
special prices.
HooTit-ICci.i.v Co.
Keail real estate bargains of Jerome
Knox it Co. ,
A good incotnu bearing property in a
tliri vinir mill town in Oieeon for Mile or
trade. I'or iiiformati'iu
Itox 11, (Niitagu (irove
address Lock
of Cotll.nive ami the property
ownersijr the Row river, Mos-
hy, T and Sharp's creeks.
I. Hiimham then addressed
the met. with his views on the
situation! pul tlie subject at
hand in fir general discussion,
which Entered into by many
The Misus ot opinion was
that all ted the railroad and
evetylxxVprisscd a willingness
New backgrounds and acces
sories. Best Lenses and Cameras.
1 5 years
8 years in
We have made it a point since starting in business to
keep a. clean, strictly up-to-date GROCFRY, and as
a result we note a steady increase of customers.
High-grade Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are
our Specialties.
Special prices quoted to the milling trade.
Call and be convinced that our aim is to please you.
A. Q. Young, Manager.
IBoliemia, Oregon.
Miners' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Bon Ton Meat Market
Alain Street, Near Fourth
GBeag'le & IVIcTTarland
We keep constantly on hand the choicest of Beef, Veal, Mutton,
Pork, Sausage and Fresh Fish in season. Your trade is solicited and
our effort will be to please and satisfy you.
present. A most del'ntlnl amj .lesirdo all in their power
. i... .11 nml tlie
i :rii( was cnjo)i- - -
-. -s of the ludttc weie sp .Ken on
nil s k-s. The members of the I
no I.", never Aa things by halve.
a il t'ie NuuKCt Ulan is informed
t'nt. ui this occasion they made a
tmiihir.thle uprend.
to bring i tlie desired end
The fo.ig ettieiis vvete ap
pointed am it tec to secure ns
so n as ptil the desired riht
of way: .'outs, R M. Veatch,
Ben I.uiclitik Phillips. Oliver
Veatch, C Burkholdcr, F. I).
Portland. Nothing but first-class
work. All work guaranteed.
Lowest prices, call and examine
Opposite Masonic hall. West
side, Cottage Grove.
Xntlro nt IDInK nml rce'irllns nf snpiloraen
tl nrilrleiof IncoriHiratlun of ls Hoy Mining
To Whom It Mny Cnnnorn :
Nntt'.-e N lieruliv Klvcn tlmt tn pur'iinnco to a
roiihition iltily iidnpie l by tlio FtiK'kholilcr
hi tlio he liny MlnliiK 'oiiij.nny en the Kith ilny
n( Dei emt or, IWl, tlie Henri if lilri'rtnrs have
tlU-il for ri'cor.l In the ..lliio of the Secretary of
Suite ami with the ("minty Clerk of tJinu
c.i.iiiiv. iir.'iriiii. Sunnli'inciitiirv Arlli"li's of In-
,, , , ' iMirnomtnm hi t lie i.v uiiy .mniiiK "iiiim";
l'ortlnml on - hi- mrpii-cif mill Siipplernentary Article of
.'ellllg ol the1 Iiu'iirp.irntlim l of lncruiilii; the Cnpltiil Stock
. I i tl... .-.,,,.Hli.. ill Hoy .'lllllUB lULiimuj ira.ii w.--
,.v. ".,,"' - " . " to SLUIll.
.tuiciic.i, ami iiiao toe juiiib i
I i in' i veial courts ol rummers oi rort-
Tl! : IlotlKMIA Sukvuv.
TiiU wcL.k Russell Kimball.
drauuhtsma i with the survey party,
came down from their camp at the
front on business, and while here
ilmt Hip nrcliminary work had
been completed to the terminus of
the proposed road in the Champ...
canyon. The pnrty is now Wl,rk'
iug back over the line making the
location survey, which isexptuei.
to be finished in about two weeks.
For the past month Mr. Kimball
has been steadily working over
the maps mid his work is well np
with the lines that hnve been run.
The party were nil in V.00A spirits
and the work was going ahead ns
fast as circumstances would permit
,1111.1, which were helil nt 1110 Armory on ;
Wciincnilav evenuiL'. .Mr. JeiiKliia is
.me- nt I In' litamt t'ulirt utllcurs ot the
I'uienleis o! Ameiica.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawsou Single entei
taiiiiila niimlier ol inemls ami iclnlives
New Veins ilav. A bounteous dinner
wiih i-eiveil liiutrumeutiil ami vocal,
ih.i.ii- w.ih tliu icaiuie ul thu ilav nml
Wheeler, hi Hristow and V. enjoyed ly all. f ho5o , present were:
l l.j 1. 'I'l .1I....I1 Ml.
F. Mo. pit .his committee met ...., l, m. L.
Toinil.iu, .Mr. ami .Mrs. Itaker Single,
.Mrs. lliiicnam, Jirs. 11. iaiiiicvvihhi aim
August Henry. Several who were in
vileil weie uiiahlo tube present on tie-
count ol filiglil illness.
last eveiiinube olllce of J. S.
Medley niKhi.v for active and
energetic v. and good results
must be theUie.
has six
Tisi.ui'iioNit Kink.
The telephone line is oW
irood working 01 tier ami
stations in operation. Connections
have been made and communica
tions can now be had from '
point into Ilohemia. Tlie contrac
tors have finished their work and
icceived settlement for their labors
nnd the telephone line from -i'
tnge Grove to Ilohemia is now
evolved from tin uncertainty 'lll) !1
permanent fixture and is being !'
preciated nnd well patronized
II. 1). Scott buTtiou'ii nicii.horhhip h
.1 1 l.,..l.nii(rit !H 11
u, 1 m,tl ". Vtcl of
iiiimer, 1 lie uiyntiii . .,,1
which ha is vlce...0Hi.le..t, was "si
lh 1., 1. 1 , 11111 70D0 HIIIUIS
Sl'DDltN D T Exi'HKSS.
News wafaphed from the
litt'e town oVess, some miles
out from Brjity in F.astern
Oregon, on dny, that Frank
White had d,t morning. It
was a suddet-.k to his many
friends here, rc he was horn
and grew up 1,1,00(1 and was
known ny an is communis .
Xo informatio the cause ol
his death was i,ut it is sup
posed to be titration of Ins
old malady, 'trouuie. tie
iv.-iit from us five montlis
siceit. the fuof yZS
,nanhood to sct)re lucrattve
field for his la'd now lie is
to be returned tqds bier and
shroud, to be ltd in the long
sleep on our qilside. His
dear old mother,, nugcne;
(,eofhis sisters ci,cr in our
public school n'licr one is
the wife of Thonut of R"
river. I" tlieir ' nniicttoii
this cotiiiiuillll' "'mpatiues
with them. 'ia,te was a
splendid young all who
kew him regret b,,cly tak
ing off.
tiik iikxson nuuusTuni:.
The holiilnys mo over nnd tho new
year is at hand nml lluila the liunsou
Drug Company doing business at tho
same old stand . From tho lingo invoice
of beautiful nml staple articles they had
on display during tho Christinas beaon,
sumo remain nnd they will now be
ollercd for less than cost. There aro
choice hamulus of lovely tolled articles,
delicious pel (nines, exquisite mono
gram, vari-colored and most dainty
writing materials nnd many choice
pieces of hrlcu-hrac. To closo out these
splendid goods rather than entry them
over In stock, they will bo disposed of
almost nt your own values. This old re
Hahlo drug company also carriea Its
al complement of choice drugs ami
no mui 111 uuf
A winter trip to southern California
and Arizona via tho famous Shasta
lioute is 0110 never to ho forgotten. He
nevveil ueiiiiidntanco with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
lin,l added sources of enjoyment under
ils siu.nv skies, in tho variety of in
e.cs s and added industries, in lis pro
li e vegetation and among its niimbur.
" csorls of mountain, shore valley
, ,1 lain. Two t.nius leave 1 in-land
uiu hoards .niiiiinry
sold that day at 11 cents per slm e, 1 a
Tout Cioseu .....
mriwsl at Hint llgare
of this coiupanv
Denver and vi in ...e-.oun.
Cicxk at eciits mid Untls ready w ,
C, Warm"'. ll(,lMi of haul
i.i iiniiiiiu c,,, fiiiain-
, ;, ;. ,l evening for Call.
1 These, trains aro cqu pped vyitli
ei.iost impioved pattern ol s nnu an
,,IU. .....1.. Linntilne cars, and tho low
H tmuVi .'i.. reach of all.
r Kor 1 hwtniltHl guides of California
Diiteil tltln flihilny of Juiumry, A. n. 1M2.
J. U I,E KOY, rrcshlont.
1". 0. Kby, Secretary.
Corner of Miiln nml Seconil St., Cottnco Grove.
Curries n lino lino of Groceries, No
tions, Candies, Tobaccos, Xuts nnd
Stationery .
Our prices are right and wo will give
Good Value for Voitr Money.
desire to reduce our
Stock so we will give you
BO Days.
We have the Best Shoes and
Clothing made; Our Styles are the
Katest and our Prices are cut to
almost Cost.
Our Prices on Millinery are cut
to less than half the regular retail
Yours For Trade
E. Elseo.
& Son.
.,,.! viizuna winter rosoits, address.
1,ml Aiu. MiMRii, I'M. Agent,
Portland. Or
on can Imy any preparation at.i.
.(.. . iiilvuitiscd In any
block or Htnck authorized at that ngu '- , 'anu'r ts-,,, leased i . " " ,.,,. ,u. muUe a specialty
K"Uh iT lold'ivippic iH-JJ-'t rop,n, ,-iily iwll,ta,
,F1'I M nlJUl Ul Ml 111 ' ' - , , ,i , ..v.
sold that day at !l cents per slm e, lis imlluig e, i- -
lug tho day's side. That closed . ' .,, has c,,,,, ll-1
block of stock uuthorlml at that I Ig mo. Mr. Warner im .leased
Rough Lumber,
6B6 per M. at
Saginaw, Ok.
Take the Lo It cm I a Xit yo'.
Carry the most complete line of Hardware, Stoves and
Tinware in south Kane county. Also a fine Hue of Guns,
Ammunition and Fishing Tackle. We are Headquarters
for Mining Supplies, Hurcules Powder, Fuse and Caps.
Also agents for the celebrated Studebaker Wagons', Canton
Clipper Plows and Harrows. In fact anything you may
want in the Hardware line.
Call and See Us and We will Treat You Right.
Having purchased a very large
and extra choice assortment, and
are offering them at extremely low
prices. Gall and see them
Fellows' Building
Under Odd
Successors to WHEELER & SCOTT.
We will continue to carry a full and complete
stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mining
Supplies, Fish Bro's. Wagons, Oliver Chilled and
Steel Plows, Etc. ::::::
Music Lessons
Xss- on the Piano.
A Into Ormleil Ocrman Mcthmt of Muslo
Is now being taught ut tlio C. 1. Manse by
Mrs. L.D. Beck.
Jtocttiils will bo given nt ,iro,ior Intervals
thus giving imrtiuts 1111 uiUKirtuully to note
For Fashionable Dressmaking.
Cottaok Guovu, Okk.
l)earo of air driod or hnlfdry floor!
Iii(r. celling nnd rustic. Thu Iloothl
Kellv Lumber Co. are inukliii: sneclhl
50 cents per lesson, 30 minutes eacu puces on Kiiu-m-ieu minuet,