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FublUhsd Xrarr Trtdar
A Comprehensive Review of (he Important
ilappenlngs of (he Past Week Presented
in a Condensed Form Which It Moi
Likely to Prove of Interest to Our Many
Taft says conditions arc good for
peace in tho Philippines.
A Oliinoso cruiser culled nt Manila
to honor General ChnlTee.
Appraiser Wakcman, of New York,
lias been removed from office.
Firo nt Clnrksvillc, Ark., destroyed
property vnlucd nt $100,000.
Tho transport McClcllan lias sailed
from Rcrumda for New York.
Firo in Baltimore, Mil., caused a
loss of $210,000, fully covered by
in sum nee.
Tho first ground for tho St. Louis
exposition was broken with imposing
Engineer who caused tho recent
California train wreck, says ho forgot
his orders.
Tho American Lumber Company,
capital $8.000, 000, was incorporated in
New Jersey.
Firo nt Huntington, Pa., destroyed
tho opera houso block, including sev
eral storos. Loss, $150,000
Tho Atlantic Rubber Shoo Co.,
capital, $10,000,000, has been incor
poratcd at Trenton, N. J.
The ladies of two shepherds, partly
burned, wero found nt Cnbra bpnngs.
N. M. Thoy wero murdered and their
(locks stolen.
A St. Petersburg capitalist has
promised to supply 140.000 roubles
for tho expense ol n norm polar ex
ploring party, which will leave next
A pro-Boer orator caused a riot at
Birmingham, fciigland.
Numerous engagements have oc
curred recently in Batnngns.
German sailors assaulted a United
States consul at Hong Kong.
Anti-anarchist 'bills, havo been in
troduced in both branches of congress.
Major Heinz, a medical officer, is
recommended for his bravery in
Andrew Carnegie has offered $10,
000 for a public library at Canyon
City, Colo.
Tho navy department has an
nounced tho final ncceptanco of the
battleship Wisconsin.
It is probablo that there will bo
several more changes in President
Roosevelt's cabinqt in the near fu
ture. The body of Major Hugh R. Bel
knap, who died in Manila, reached
San Francisco on tho transport
Yuan Shai Kai, the new viceroy of
Chi Li, intends to employ British
and American officers to reorganize
the navy.
Upon tho termination of tho Boer
war, drab will be subtituted for khaki
for the working costumes of tho Brit
ish soldier.
Within 10 days at Constantinople,
70 Turks havo been denounced by
spies as hostile to tiio present regime.
Alt of them wero arrested.
Two sentries wero frozen to death at
Severe earthquakes havo occurred
in New Zealand.
Tho debate on tho Philippine tariff
is on in the house.
Kruger may abandon his demand
for Boer independence
General French has captured Boer
Commandant Kirtztnger.
Many Schley resolutions havo been
introduced in tho house and senate.
Oregon and Washington senators
did not faro well in comnutteo assign
Chicago school children havo sub
scribed $23,000 to tho McKinloy
memorial fund.
Judgo Darling, of Vermont, has
formally assumed tho duties of assist
ant secretary of tho navy.
Fastmaster General Smith has re
signed. Ho will bo succeeded by
Henry C. Payno, of Wisconsin.
Firo in Bloommgton, 111., destroyed
property valued at $50,000.
By the explosion of a gasolino stovo
in St. Louis, two women wero fatal
ly burned.
Emperor William has decorated
Marquis Ito, of Japan, with tho Order
of the Red Eaglo.
According to a London correspond
ent, tho Northeastern Uauway lias
given nn order for 20 American loco
motives. Tolograph company ordered Marconi
to censo his experiments in Newfound
land, na thoy owned exclusive control
in that country.
Tower for tho St. Louis exposition
is to bo generated by tho uso of Texas
oil as fuel.
Tho ollicial roport of tho finances
of tho ran-American exposition
shows that tho exact doficit will bo
A new olfico has been created by
Govornor Yates, of Illinois.. Its in
cumbent is entitled "orderly to tho
govornor," and his gonoral duties arc
thoso of a dotcotivo and policeman.
Seattle Chamber ot Commerce Takes Up the
Pacific Cable Matter.
Seattle, Dec. 21. Tho matter of
tolegrnphio communication with
Alaska and tho Orient has Iwcn re
cently presented by Attorney Joseph
Shippon to tho Seattlo Chamber of
f!nmmnrci. which unanimously re
solved "that tho governmental and
commercial interests of tho united
States requiro submarine electric
communication from Puget sound to
Alaska, Manila and the centers of
Asiatic commerce. "
This has led to tho careful drafting
of a bill about to bo introduced in
congress by Senator Foster, providing
for' the laying and maintaining by
the United States of an ocean cable,
or rather a series of connecting cables,
to Alaska nnd tho Orient by the
northern route. It is earnestly hoped
that despite tho pressuro of manifold
Imsinnsa. this measure mav be adopt
ed and speedily carried into execu
Precautions Necessary to Insure Their Per.
sonal Safety.
Washington, Dec. 24 Minister
Congor has reported to tho state de
partment certain correspondence be
tween himself and the Chinese gov
ernment regarding tho precautions to
bo taken by foreigners traveling in
tho inland districts of China to in
sure their personal safety. Tho board
of foreign affairs has requested that,
in accordanco with treaty provisions,
travelers in tho interior of tho coun
try and away from tho vicinity of tho
treaty ports should always bo provid
ed with passports. It is furthef de
sired that travelers give the local au
thorities notice in advanco of their
intention to go further, in order that
tho authorities of the province toward
which they are traveling may be not
ified and suitable guard bo dispatched
with them to protect tbem from harm.
Banks In the Orient
New York, Dec. 24. Threo distinct
movements are at tho moment under
way, having in view tho establish
ment of American banking facilities
in the Orient, says the Journal of
Commerce. These include first, tho
establishment of branches at Shang
hai and Manila, by tho Guaranty
Trust Company: second, tho estab
lishment of a bank particularly organ
ized for Oriental business by n syndi
cate of which Edward H. Cragin is
tho head, nnd third, tho establishment
by a New York national bank of a
branch at Manila, as soon as suitable
legislation can bo secured.
Hall of Tara to Be Sold.
New York, Dec. 23. Tho place in
which tho Irish kings wero crowned,
tho historical Hall of Tara, at Navan,
county Meath, has been offered at
auction, says tho Dublin correspond
ent of the Journal nnd American. A
wealth of legendary interest clusters
about the spot, and authentic records
show that tho monarchs of Ireland
wero crowned thero from 30 B. C. to
50 A. D. There wero only two bid
ders whon tho place was offered at
auction, and the highest bid 2,020
was rejected and it has been reserved
for salo privately.
Trainmen Must Talk Spanish.
Mexico City, Dec. 24. Tho govern
ment has issued tho long contemplat
ed order that all railway employes in
contact with tho public shall bo ablo
to speak Spanish in such a manner as
to bo ablo to deal directly with tho
passengers and tho public in general.
J. ho order will probably atlect Pull
man Company employes. It is assert
ed that many acsidents of lato havo
been duo to tho inability of trainmen
to speak Spanish, causing a mistak
ing of orders.
Earl Li's American Secretary.
Pokin, Deo. 24. William H. Poth
ick, an Amorican who ' had been pri
vnto secretary nnd diplomatic advisor
to Li Hung Chang for 30 years, died
hero today. Mr. Pothick inspired
most of Li Hung Chang's progressive
schcmcs.,nnd was author of his famous
nnti'opiiim manifesto. Ho leaves an
unfinished book on Li Hung Ohang
and his times. Tho book contains
vnlunblo revolutions concorning re
cent Chineso diplomacy.
Corpmirclal and Financial Happenings of Im
portanceA Brief Review of the Growth
and Improvements of the Many Industries
Throughout Our Thriving Commonwealth
Latest Market ReporL
Boring for oil has boon commenced
near Springfield.
Secretary of Stato Dunbar has re
turned from a trip East.
Oregon City treasurer has issued a
call for warrants up to January 1, 1000.
Salem city council, in order to stop
the numerous hold-ups, has increased
the police forco.
Tho O. R. & N. steamer Ruth sunk
in tho Willametto rivor near Cor-
'vnllis. Tho accident was caused by
! itriking a snag.
The industrial building at tho stato
reform school at Salom burned. Tho
causo of the fire is unknown. Los,
$25,000, with $S,000 insurance.
Port of Portland commissioners havo
practically decided that it will lo
economy to nulla a wooden dry hock
at a cost of $i2;,UW, and renow it
every 15 years, than to spend $510,
000 "for a steel structure.
A farmers' institute will be held at
Cove, December 30-31.
A new creamery is to bo startetd at
Fairview, Tillamook county.
Frank Brehm, n convict in tho pen
itentiary, committed suicide by hang
ing. Jack rabbits aro so numerous in
Eastern Oregon that they becoming a
Hold-up men in Salem are carry
ing on very extensive operations in
Salem nt present.
There is nbout three feet of snow
in the Cracker creek district and five
in Cable Covo district.
The recent snow, while not very
heavy, was very welcome to the log
gers of Eastern Oregon.
Another rich strike has been mado
in tho Columbia mine, Cracker creek
district, Eastern Oregon.
A snydicato of mining men has
purchased mining property on Upper
Cow creek. Tho prico paid was
Extcnsivo prcpaiations are being
mado for the annual Douglas county
poultry show to bo held in Roseburg
December 20-28.
Tho wholesale slaughter of Mon
golian pheasants in Linn county is
thinning them out so that it will be
necessary to tako steps to prevent
their killing.
The discovery of three new and rich
quartz ledges havo lcen made in
Josephine county. Ono is in Coyotte
creek district and tho other two on
Rouge river.
Sheriff Cooke, 'of Clackamas coun
ty, has sold all porperty on 1900 de
linquent tax list. Tho amount of
taxes on the roll amounted to less
than $3,000.
The Braden quartz mines, a few
miles from Grants Pass, which havo
been shut down for some time, will
resume operations in a short time, on
a much more extensive scale.
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, 6960;
luastem, 6001c; Valley, 69e.
Flour Best gradei, $2.63.30
per barrel; graham, $2.50.
Oats Nominal 95$1.00 pr csntal.
Barloy Feed, $1010.50; brewing,
$1G16.50 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $10.5017; mid
dling, $20; shorts, $17; chop, $1C50.
Hay Timothy. $1112; clover,
$77.50; Oregon wild hay, $5C per
Butter Fancy creamory,22K25c;
dairy, 1820o; store, 12H14c per
Eggs Storage, 2022; fresh, 27
28c, Eastern 2225c.
Cheose Full cream, twins, 13
13jc; Young America, 1415c.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $2.50
3.50; hens, $4.00; dressed, 910c
per pound; springs, $2.50 3.00,
per dozen; ducks, $3 for old ; $4.50
5.50 for young ;geeso, $00.50 pr doz
en; turkeys, live, ll12c; dressed,
1215o per pound.
Mutton Lambs, 3Jc gross; dressed
6&0 per pound; sheep, $3.253.50
gross; dressed, 00Ko per pound.
Hogs Gross, heavy, $5.12; light,
$4.755; dressed, 07o per pound.
Veal Small, 88Jo ;largo,77Kc
por pound.
Beef Gross top steers, $3.504.0O;
cows and heifers, $3.50; dressed
beef, 37o per pound.
Hops 810c per pound.
Wool Valley, ll14o por pound;
Eastern Oregon, 812Jo; mohair,
2121o per pound.
Potatoes 85(05 per sack.
Agent Fullcrton estimates that 2,
000 deer nnd 200 mooso hnvo been
killed in Minnesota this season.
A movomont has lipoiin in T?mnrn
to put corsots under stato control and
to forbid women under 30 from woar
ing them.
In tho constitutional nnnvnnf.inn
nt Riohmond, Va an amendment
was adopted providing for tho com
pulsory education of children between
tho ages of eight and 13 years.
Ten Men Met a frightful Death at Pittsburg
In Sight of Many Spectators.
Pittsburg, Deo. 21. Ton men wero
burned to death and four injuiod by
an explosion of gas nt tho Soho fur
nace of Jones it Laughlin, Ltd., to
day. Tho ox plosion was caused by a
slip in tho turnauo, and gas and
llamcs belched upward through tho
bell. Tho men wuro on tho furimeo
platform 85 feet above the ground.
Thoro wero ID men on thujhinmeo
whon tho explosion occurred. Fifteen
ot them woru caught in tho llames,
two of them escaping with slight in
jury. Tho other four men wero tho
regular men employed as top tillers
and escaped without injury. Tho ox
plosion was caused by tho gas Incom
ing encased in a crust of cinder formed
at tho bottom of tho furimco. A
wheelbarrow containing oro had boon
sent up to tho men and when thoy
went to dump it into tho boll ot tho
furnace, they pushed it over too far
and it rolled into the hoppVr. The
harrow weighed DUO pounds and was
too heavy for tho four men to raise.
Tho 15 laborers, all Hungarians, wero
then sent up to assist them. Hail it
licit been for the barrow accident no
ono would havo been hurt.
Another Bad Accident at Pittsburg Pour
Men Killed and Twelve Inlured.
Pittsburg, Dec. 24. Threo or four
men wero killed nnd 12 injured by a
terrific boiler explosion at the Black
Diamond Steel Works today, and
another man is missing.
Rouben Miller, Jr., superintendent
of the plant, states that tho boilers
wero examined last week and pro
nounced to bo in excellent condition.
No known cause can bo given for the
explosion, but a thorough investiga
tion is now in progress.
It was about 4:15 o'clock, us tho
night crew was about to turn over the
mill to tho day force(, that four boil
ers in the 10 inch bar mill No. 3 ex
ploded with terrific force. The mill
was completely wrecked and tho debris
piled from 50 to 70 feet high. Tho
boiler works of James McNeill, ad
joining the Black Diamond null, was
nlso destroyed. A force of men went
to work as quickly as possible after
the explosion, searching m tho debris
for tho bodies.
The mill had GO men on each turn.
and it is thought that almost 120
men, both crows, were in the plant at
tho time of tho explosion. Tho in
jured and tho dead were found under
neath tho wreckagn in tho millyard,
whoro they had fallen in their race
for lifo.
One of tho boilers was blown across
tho street and wrecked a dwelling
Secretary Anxious to Leave Roosevelt's Cab
inet at Earliest Possible Day.
Washington, Dec!. 24. It is Secre
tary Gage's intention to relinquish
tho treasury portfolio as soon as Pres
ident Roosevelt can find a suitablo
successor, and ho has so informed tho
president. Mr. Gngo would like to
bo relieved beforo spring. Tho presi
dent has done all ho could todissuado
Secretary Gago from retiring, and
will probably continue to uso his
efforts in that lino. Secretary Gago 'a
determination to rctiro wis mado
known to tho president somo littlo
timoago. Just how long it is not
known. After tho cabinet meeting
Secretary Gage declined to say any
thing about tho rumors of his resig
nation, beyond tho simple statement
that ho had not "formally" resigned.
"What I may or may not do event
ually I am not prepared to Hay now,"
said tho secretary. "But I can say
that tho relations between the presi
dent and myself are perfectly cordial.
Ho would do almost anything I
would nsk, and I would do almost
anything ho might ask."
Cold Wave In the South.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 24. Tho cold
wave, which for tho last week has
covered tho south, today equalled nil
records sinco lBH-i for December, and
lowered in somo localities all former
minimum tcmpcraturo readings. Ah
far south as Louisiana and the gulf
border intense cold provails, though
no serious damage to vegetation has
been roported.
Held Up a Bank.
Fayettoxillo, Ark., Dec. 21. At
noon today tho bank of Springvnlo,
10 miles from hero, was robbed by
ono man. No ono was in tho bank
except tho assistant cashier. Tho
robber drovo up in u buggy and
walked to tho cashier's desk. Ho
compelled tho assistant cashier to go
to tho vault and givo him nil tho
money, about $7,000. Whilo this
wus taking pluco tho cashier walked
into the bank. Ho was nt once cov
ered by tho robber's revolver nnd tho
robber then hurriedly Jolt tho bank.
Ordered to Panama.
San Franoisco, Dec. 21. Tho Bul
letin says: "Rush orders havo been
rccoived from Washington, directing
that tho cruiser Philadelphia sail
from hero tomorrow with nil speed
for Pnnama. Affairs on tho isthmus
aro approaching a crisis; Vonozuola
nnd Gormnny aro arguing n point or
two of diplomaoy, and thoro aro othor
important matters of international
interest on tho southern coast nt pres
IN Ilium i
Address to the People of the United States
Regarding Contributions to the fund for
the Erection ol a Memorial at the Grave
of the Late President Resolution Adopted
by Memorial Arch Association.
Cleveland, Deo. 23. Judge William
R. Day, president of tho MoKiiilot
National Memorial Association, lm
issued tho following statement to tint
public, adopted by tho trustees at
their recent meeting in Washington:
Tlin MoKlnlcr National llomorlnl Aa.ocla-
llon wh ortmiiltcHt by lh Immcillate poraonal
Irlf-nil, it I'nuMuni McKlnlny to nrforil nil
opportunity tor tit pnoplo nt thu (in I toil Hinli i
tn oiprclholr xrMiiil lovo nml ilnvullnti in
mo imo rroaxioiii 117 inc. erection i it mum
mcmnrnil nt hl Ktavc. Tliu lrutci wero np.
pnllltt'tl by tho I'rcaltlont of tho I'nltlil mnltl,
tho tl rat nu'ntliiK fur oruanliallnn havltiK bciui
lielil at CIutoIhiiiI, UcloWr lutti. It la llm ills
tlnct purtoaii ol tho Amoclatlon to erect audi
n inciiinrini ai win iiuiiixiy typuy inoastti
nlttst illlalllU"! ot character, aimi.flclttr. 'Hi;
nlty, ilt-votlnn In iluty nml IiIkIi lilenla Unit
wore an eminently elcmpllnoil In hji llln anil
purpoiie Thla memorial la to rlau nhoo thu
Kmvu nt t union, onto, mmm tin will lliinlly
rct In iu-i'ord with Ilia own rmri'Mnl wlali
In lirlniiUilt till) uraii ol tlila AaaiH'latlon
bi loru tho pooplo, Iho rnrllvr work hai un
niM onHtll)' ono nt iirKiinlsntlnn. Thla hal pro
uriUMMl rmlilly ittul aullalaclnrllr. ItU.lnltoil
Hint mi oriiiinlxatlon ho parln'ti'itiiicrory lain
nun lorruury, mm incni orKKiiuntintt in t'ltica.
town mul ruriil itlilrlrta with n vninmlttiv In
eliartff, working III coliiioctlou with tho statu
mixUlnry, It tiriioil. Tho public ahotilil !
Klvon tnu Itillrat opportunity In aulMcnlMi.
Iho truaiova ilttlre to oxprvaa thotr iloip
iMieof nlillirntlnti to tho prcaa nt tho country
for lla I'lirncut aunport tlitia tar. nml to rronni.
1110111I Hint nil lnwaM'ra act na nifiuita (or Ilia
roruipi nr aiuiiH-ripiiona.
lly n rcaoltlllun by tho Alnotlran
llaiiltora' Aiauclatluti. all bmika havo hvun Oct
lidinti'il ili'poaliorlea lor aubacrlptlnui. All
po.imaiti'r will rcx'OIrn ami forward motilra
nml nil olnruia comnanlra wilt laiiui tiiiinot
onlera fron of charito. anil, whon iiucraiary,
inrwnrn iiiunoy ireo.
Infnri'lKiii'ntintrlca, tho ambaiaailnr. mtm
latora mnl cunaiila ol tho Unltoil Status will r
col vo nml fnrwanl iiibwrlntloiia.
Ill vtvty ca.) tho tiamo nml aihlrraa ol lha
miUcrllier ahouhl bo (nrwarilcil In lha trvaa
ttror, Myron T. derrick, Clorolnn.l, Ohio, fur
priworvntlon In tliu perinaiiout arclilrn nt tin
Aiaocimmn, nnu in onivr Hint aiitivunlr mill II
cntoa limy bo artit to t'neh. Ihu aoun nlr cor
iiuctio niiopicu ny too triiatvrt win bo worthy
of liroaurvntlnn ai a work ot art atnt aati.
ilpnio of tho hnlilar'a pnrtli'lpntlun In tlia
iToruiMi ni inv iinimnni iiit'innriM!. 11 una vti
Rrnroil uihiii It n Krtrnlt of I'roaiitrnt ItcKlti
Ivy, mul In ahmlow plclmoaof lint I'ro.hlonfi
homo at Canton, tliu Capitol nml White IIoumi
The public la e.pwUlty rniitiutirit minimi
miy ontorprltx nttainplliiii to miiko cnnltnl out
i 111.' .1'i.Hiiltfllll .11 niiruunil w II 11 II lliapimi
Iho ilcalru In ronr at tho irrnvo ol our Into
Prtnlilont n mrmorlnl which almll nttlnuly
honor hla memory, ft la tho iloalro ol tho
lrutie that nil contribution, nhall . iho
inn-win nnrrlliK ot tna people, nml they re
K'Ctfully rt-iucil tlie public to ill.coiiraKe nil
iroKialtloua which may noom to hum aa their
object tho obtnlnlni; ol money by lvln all or
pun in niu prooecua in mo riliifnorin! Illtlil
The nubile aro herobr not I lie, I that Tl,. Me.
Klnley National Memorial Aanx-latlnu hna no
connecuun wiiii or relation to ntiy other n.n
ebiitou or to any entcrprlao of n commoicliil
Alter a conforonco at this meeting
with representatives ol tho William
McKinloy Memorial Arch Association
of Washington, tho following rosolu
tion was adopted :
KK90I.VKI). That It tx tho aenan of tho
Truatrea of tho McKlnle; National Memorial
Akaociniinn Hint trio (lent ol iKipular inscrip
tion ahouhl Ik) left lu It for ralilni.- the aiim
nccemary tu prnvlilo n aultnble memorial tu
tho bit ii l'realilent nt I'milon, whore hla lmy
He-; nml that thla Aa-oclntlnu rhoulil join
wiin itiu iniiiain ichiruoy Homnrin! Aroli
Aaaoclntlon of WnahlnKlon In melnorlallilnir
conuroaa to erect a national memorial nt tho
capital ol our country to commcmoritto hla
sorvirx-a to 1110 nation.
Tho Arch Association acriiiiicml in
this resolution and has ceased to so
licit subscriptions, leaving tho field
to tho McKinloy National Memorial
Association, throuuh which the poo
plo of tho United HtatcH will build a
memorial of nITection at tho last
resting placo ot thoir beloved pros!
dent, William McKinloy.
With Temperature Low and Palling Much
Suffering Is Inevitable.
Chicago, Dec. 21. Chicago is fao
ing a coal f amino, and 15 degrees Inf
low zero within 21 hours is predicted
by tho weathor bureau. Through
out tho entire city big consumers of
hard and soft coal aro liegging ship
pers to supply thom hut without
avail. Tho sovoro weathor and tho
(loods throughout tho coal mining
districts havo tied up railroads to sucl
an oxteut that shipment is almost
impossible. To ;uld to tho serious
shortage, railroad companies aro ox
erting thoir prorogativo of confiscating
car lots of coal as fast as thoy arrive
hero, nnd aro putting them to thoir
own use. Largo business houses aro
sulYcring severely for tho want of coal,
and many concerns aro ham pored by
reason of iusufllciunt steam. Today
many owners of largo buildings aro
besieging coal dealors nnd begging
that thoy bo supplied with enough
coat to tiuo them ovor tho zero
weather. At midnight n number ot
coal dealers who had been canvassing
tho city roported that thoro was not
more than SO hours' coal supply in
tho city. If reliof docs not come by
that tnno thoro will bo much suffer
ing and many plants will bo forced to
closo. Tho prediction of tho weather
bureau is for a now record in low
tompornturo for Chicago for the
month of Decombor. At midnight
tho mercury showed fivo nbovo zoro
and was falling slowly.
Pifteen Chinese Executed.
Uorlin, Deo. 23. It is oflioiallv nn-
nounccd that in oonscquenco of the
murder of n uormnn near Pokin. Aiil'
list 0, 16 mombors of thu hand found
guilty hnvo been executed.
Claimed to Be 116 Years Old.
Abilono, Kan., Deo. 23. Alnv
Gunn, of Horrington, Kan., died hero
today trom tho citcots of ! tho cold
weathor. Ho claimed to bo lit! vnn ra
Illll Passed the Mouse by a Vole of 163 to
128-Last Day of Hie Utbate.
Washington. Deo. 111. Tho hill tt
provide rtivenuo ttinipurarily tor tho
lMilllppliiu Islands p-trisod tliu liouso
today by a voto tit KIM to 112H. Fivo
Unpublloans voted against thu hill,
and three DeinoroatM tor it.
In tho course ot tho tlebato upon
tli, i niKiiniirii. tbn DeinonrittM woro
several tiiiuw taunted with their (all
ure to present an alternative propo
sition for tho pundliig ineasuro, but
just iKiforo mo voto was uikoii oil um
IlllHMllL'O Of tho bill, thu attltudii ol
the minority was tlrllncd in a iiintlon
to recoiiiinit, olTorcd uy itieiianiHoii,
the minority leader. it iiistruott'd
tliu ways and moans committee to
report the hill back nineiidod ho as to
reduce tho oustoms unit internal
huvH of the United Htulos to
a revenue IhihIm, and to extend tlieiu
to the Philipiinirt until thu littler,
with the aid of the United Htiiton,
shouhl bo nblo to set up a stable, in-
a a (( t . . ....
tleiionueiii governmeiii. i ins prupo-
sition did not ('01111111111(1 a Kepuhlieati
.. . it. . n
vote ami llio inreo i.ouisiaua kuiiiu
orals voted agaiunt it.
I ho . hill as partKiMi, iinpourn mo
Dingley rates on gontlH cntfrlng tho
llniti-d Htnti-H from the Philippines
and the rates I'stablisht'd by tho
Philippine comiuiitMitiii on goods en
tering thu Philippines front tho
United States. It also lirovidus (or
thu col loo tion of tonnage tax on
vessels plying Imtwcun tho milieu
States and tho Philippines, and that
foreign vesnuls may ply betuceu thono
niirln until Jiiiiiinrv 1. 1)M. Tho
duties and taxes collected under tho
provisions of thu bill shall go into
the Philippine treasury.
Plan to exterminate Lukban't Rebel Army
Large Ammunition factory Captured.
Victoinr, 11. C, Dec. 20. Tho
Manila Timet, referring to thu plan
of campaign in Samar snys:
"Tho Cavito murines, to tho
nuinUir ot 330, aru stationed at lla
laguiiigati. Thoy, in conjunction
with thu Eleventh infantry, will
operate from thu south, coouriiiK ami
burning thu country northward until
thoy meet the Twenty-sixth, Twelfth,
.Seventh and Ninth regiment. Thin
is thu first part of the plan ot cam
paign. Operations will Hum be re
moved from Luzon and other points
in tho vicinity to Samar, rounding
up Lukbau's army for extermination.
Samar Island will bu made a doncrt.
"There is a bare possibility that
Lukiuin and his followers will throw
themselves on the mercy ot the American-.
Lukbiin's friends have be
come so terrified that tiiey have bo
sought General Hughes to postpono
his measures of retaliation until thu
rebel chief can bo advixrd of the situ
ation and given it chancu to present
hiiiiHolf to thu Americans.
"Thu fleet nf-gur.hoats which bun
Ih.'oii patrolling thu coast of Samar
has not been idle. llesitles thu work
ot capturing HanciiH and escaping
insurgents, thoy are also engaged in
burning the coast towns and forcing
thu insurgents into the interior.
"Thu pueblos on tho shores of Loyto
havo also boen devastated. A largo
ammunition factory at I'll rami n,
which has been supplying tho insurg
ents with powtlur and projectiles, has
boon captured."
Dills for the Promotion of Schley, Sampson
and Clark.
Washington, Dec. 21. Represent
ative Pearre, of Maryland, lias intro
duced a bill reviving thu grade of vico
admiral of tho navy and authorizing
tho appointment ot Admirals W. T.
Sampson, W. S Schley and Charles
T. Clark to tho gradu ot vice admirals.
Ah Pcarro represents tho district from
which Admiral Schley comes, nml
has been nil active adherent of thu
admiral, tho proposition to unito
Admirals Sampson and Schley ami
Captain Clark, of thu Oregon, in ad
vancemont to tho rank of vice admiral
is regarded as a conciliatory stop. A
similar bill was introduced in the sen
ate by Pun rose
Christmas Gilt (or Express Employes.
Now York. Dec. 20. James C.
Fargo, president of tho American .ex
press Company, has announced that
each of tho 10,000 employes of tho
corporation in the United States will
receive n Chrsitmns gift of $10. Last
year tho company gavo each of its
employes $5.
Wreck on the Southern Pacific.
San Francisco, Deo. 20. Trains
Nos. 9 and 10, tho north and south
bound ovorlands, on tho coast division
of tho Southern Pacific, camo in col
lision about 2 o'olook this morning
near San Ardo, Monterey county, 180
miles south of this city. No paitiou
Iars aro obtainable at this t imn fur
ther than that No. 0, tho northbound
train, duo to nrnvo in this city at 7 :3()
this morning, is on firo. 'IV..I., tL M
10 left San Prnnoisco last night.
Skirmishes In llatangas.
Manila. Doo. 20 i'i.n.n
- -- -"ni" nuio six
skirmishes in various parts of l)u-
wniKiin iiruvineo yostorday. Tho in
surticnts did not mnU .. u i..
a i ,,.1. 7 ".unijiiu HHinu.
several l'llminns wnn. l.:n, .i ....
...... .v llll;ut xno
Americans had only n few men wound
ed. Additional troops hnvo boon sont
to Gonornl Roll, who is carrying on
nn nguressivo camiiAiin, i n...
, , , , a- o" "iii.aiiL'uB,
laynbas nnd Liigiinn provinces.