Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1901, Image 8

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ttaeointnotidiitioti of a Well Known Chi
cago Physician.
I use ami prouoiilw Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy for almost nil obstinate,
constricted coughs, with dlrrct results.
1 prescribe It to children of all ngus.
Am glad to recommend It to all in need
nnil necking relief from colds nnd coughs
and bronchial atllietions. It is non
narcotic and tmfo in tlio hands of tho
most unprofessional. A universal paim
ecu for all mankind. Mas. Jl.utv H.
MKi.BNtiv, M. D., I'll. P , Chicago. III.
ThiH remedy Is for pale by ltonsoti Drug
Co., Cottage Grove. Lyons & Apple
gate, Drain.
Try them
When yon feel dull after eating.
"When you have no appetite.
When you Jhave n bad taste in the
When your liver is torpid.
When vour bowels are constipated.
When you have a headache.
When vou feel bilious.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate vour stomach
and legnlateyour liver and bowels. For
sale by Benson Drue Co.
A. J. Snell wanted to attend n party,
but was afraid to do bo on account of
pains in his stomach, whice he feared
..niiM t,firtff. ITn savti. "I was
telling mv troubles to a ladv friend who
sniil "llinniberlain's Colic. Cholera
emu . vyi. w . ;
n...l n;..rrtinnii P.imPilv llll Tlllt VOll 111
condition for the party.' I bought a
bottle and take pleasure in stating that
two doses cured me and enabled me to
have a good time at the party." .Mr
Cirtll to ., maiilnnt nf Knmtnpr Hill. N
UIIVII la w. - . . - - - -
Tlita -nt.iaili? ta fnr Ailtn 111 KmiSOIl
Drug Co., Cofage Grove. Lyons A
Appiegaie, urain.
From the Gazette, Toowoomba, Aus
tralia. I find Cnamberlain'8 Cough Remedy
is an excellent medicine. I have been
sutTeringJfrom'Ja sever.1 cold for the last
two months, and it has effected a cure.
I have great pleasure in recommending
it. W. 0. Wockner. This is the
opinion of one nf our oldest and most
respected residents, land has been
voluntarily given inJSgood faith that
others may try tho remedy and be bene
fitted as was Mr. Wockner. This remedy
is sold by Benson Drug Co., Cottage
Grove, L'yons A. Applegate, Drain.
H. T. Mclntyre, St Paul, Minn., who
.lias been troubled with a disordered
stomach, says. "ChamberlainN Stomach
and Liver Tablets do me more good
than anything I have ever taken. For
sale by Benson Drug Co.
So sure are we that tho locating of a
lew of our Electric Belts will develop
into numerous sales of our Belts and
Appliances, that we are willing to send
one free to any sufferer from the follow
ing diseases : Cold extremities, Crysto
rele, Female weakness, Kidney com
plaint, Leucorrhea, Liver complaint.
Paralvsie, Lost vitality, Nervousdebility,
Belt alniee. Worn-out women. Sciatica,
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotency, Rheumatism.
Diminutive Shrunken and Undeveloped
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc..
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Battle
Creek. Michigan.
Bonds to the value of $15,000,
000 were formally transferred to
the trustees of the Leland Stanford
Jr. University of California on De
cember 9th by Mrs. Jane L. Stan
ford. This represents accumula
tions since the death of Senator
Stanford. It means that nearly all
of her private fortune has been
given by Mrs. Stanford to endow
the university founded by her late
husband to commemorate their
only son.
Mrs. Stanford has faithfully fol
lowed the plans made by the late
senator for the foundation, equip
tnent and growth of a great institu
tion of learning. Beginning with
the construction of the university
buildings at the home ranch, Palo
Alto, each year has seen new ad
ditions both to the material needs
of the institution and to the faculty
This gift places Stanford in the
first financial rank among the great
universities ol the world, and will
enable it to carry out many pro
jected improvements.
Stanford University stands today
as one of the two great educational
institutions vest of the Missouri
river. With California it ranks in
efficiency and scope with Minne
sota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Chica
go, Pennsylvania and Cornell, and
possibly exceeds any of them tn
financial backing.
Be careful how you judge. The
rooster can be beard four miles; but
it is the silent fox that is the most
Don't be nfraid to do too much
good lest you exhaust your re
sources. A river never runs dry.
vi&i ' TRtrra; . TflLtoK-
i (nirnnln.
I It mity be said without ollbuiw,
I since the ns.sertion is but jusl that
Mrs. Benjamin Harrison, the young
widow of the late ex-President
Hnrrison, is not u proper claimant
for n persion. It the marriage of
young women to old soldiers of the
rnnk mid file is to be censured ns
it has been and is ns adding a
heavy and utterly unjust burden to
the pension fund, the women who
commit the same ofTetise against
equity by marrying ex-presidents
and elderly officers of the army
cannot in justice be exempt from
like criticism when they, through
their agents, put in claims for
pensions. Had the wife whom
General Harrison married in youth,
who shared the vicissitudes of war
and poverty with him. and who
came up with him to well-earned
honor and position, outlived him,
she would have been at least fairly
entitled with Mrs. Garfield, Mrs.
Grant and Mrs. McKinley to the
consideration shown by a pension
grant. The present Mrs. Harrison
has no such claim upon the public,
she having been merely the tra
ditional "old man's darling" of her
husband's few latest years, and not
in any sense a companion of the
vicissitudes and labors ol his life.
The Oregonian's position on this
question is well known, and it is
free to say that the scandal of the
marriage of a young woman to an
old soldier, which develops when
she, as his young widow, makes
claim for a pension, is not one of
degree, but of kind, and extends
impartially all along the Hue, from
the highest to the lowest.
Such a marriage is, of course, a
matter of personal taste and private
business, as long as the public is ,
not asked to endow its youthful re
lict with a pension. When that
time comes, however, as come it j
surely will, the public is justified I
in uttering a strong protest, regard- j
less of the name that is attached to I
the application for a pension. As
the widow of General Harrison the '
present Mrs. Harrison was amply
provided for in his will; as thej
widow of ex-President Harrison;
she is not entitled to $5000 or any
other sum per annum from the
government. This is a plain truth,
plainly stated, and its simple justice
should render it void of offense.
If fashion decreed the wearing of
three hundred pounds of china
armor the average woman would
be found right in line doing her
blue-eyed best to be up to date.
If a man worked as hard to get
to heaven as he does to get an
office he'd have a cinch oh the
glorious hereafter.
The old man gives experience.
The young man gives pointers.
Che Crystal gon. mining o.
O. W. LLOYD, President
II. I). SCOTT, Vice-l'resIUent
The five splendid properties comprising the mining claims
forming this company are located in the great Bohemia
Mining District in Lane and Douglas counties, Oregon.
These properties have had much work done upon them,
so that now they are embryo mines with an assured
The stock of this company is now upon the market. Its
par value is $1 It is non-assessable. Its principal
office is in Cottage Grove.
For development purposes a limited amount of stock has
been authorized to be sold at 3 cents per share.
Two of the claims the Mountain Lion and F.l Calado
are on the now famous Helena lode. These two claims
have had over 600 feet of tunnels run on them and the
face of the tunnels are now in solid ore.
Frank Jordan, Secretary
ltHvkl)1l K(tlc.
It is announced that King Kd
wiml and Queen Alexandra have
approved the following verse being
added to the British national an
them: In orfect peace sorono,
Keep thou our gracious Queen,
With her abide;
May heaven's own sunshine fair
Rest on her everywhere;
Hear thou thy people's prayer,
Got! save the Queen.
Still another stanza might be
added, something like this:
Gixl save the Prince of Widen
And all the girls and male
Of royal line;
Mav our beloved I'rineo
From dangers never wince;
Grant all our prayerful hints,
Oh, Lord benign.
That sort of thing could be in
definitely continued, and would be,
but for the fact that authors of
other stanzas might injure their
chances, in these states, of ever
becoming successors to Ambassa
dor Choate in the office wherein he
finds a minimum of labor and a
maximum of delight.
News comes from Indio of a
most remarkable strike by the
Riverside Oil Co., while drilling for
petroleum at their plant 1 mile east
of Volcano Springs. At a depth of
500 feet the bit penetrated a sul
terranean volcauo which released a
column of steam, hot mud and
molten rock that shot into the air
for a height of over 100 feet. The
drilling outfit was wrecked but
fortunately no one operating the
rig was injured. The location is
now a miniature volcauo, hurling
steam, mud and molten stuff high
into the air, the roaring noise from
which can be heard over a mile
distant. Operations have been en
tirely abandoned, and the hole is
constantly enlarging and fears are
entertained that the well may turn
into a volcano of large proportions.
Boulders of a large size have been
thrown high into the air while
smaller stones have been hurled
hundreds of feet by the subter
ranean disturbance. The locality
is on the edge of the well-known
Salton Basin.
The way to destroy courage is
not to pluck it up.
Words may shake a man's con
victions but seldom shatter tbem.
Speaking of bargains, good reso
lutions will soon be marked down.
Wit is the wine of intellect, and
ill-nature turns it into vinegar.
Even when a girl has money in
her own name she is anxious to
change it.
The world always has time to
listen to the man who has some
thing to say.
KHANK WHEKI.KIt, Treasurer
FKANK K. JOItDAN, Secretary
Asthnt.ilcnc Brings
in .ill
Thoio U nothing like Astliniali'iie. It luitigx
instant u llef, t
when all 'Ui
The Rev.
Wo want to semi to everv sufferer
similar to the one that cured Mr.
PAID, Absolutely Free of Charge,
it, even on a postal. Never mind,
InuI vour case, Astlimalene wil relieveanu cure. 1 no woise yuurcnu r
tho more glad we are to send It. Do not delay. Write at mice, ad-
dryslng DR. TA FT BROS.' MEDICINE CO., 71) Hast RtOth St.,
N.'Y. City. Sold by all Druggists. 4
Grove Ilea
Improved Farms for Sale.
Valuable Town Property, consisting of Business Houses
and Splendid Residences.
J.ofw M the principal tiHulitmii nil-ret.
cMining Claims in Bohemia.
Abstract of title fecuretl and guaranteed.
Information aa to the Iiiwm governing the dlpal of government IiuhIh.
llow to Hccuru homeMciulH, limler lands, mining elalum, etc.
lw. ........ (.,, ..!.. ...... i-K-
Corr.uiK (jiiovk U the Hecond city "in
of alKMt 1,'JOO. Tlic center of the four
ingreiH anil egrecH. lJoliemia wltli ltn vat mining renoureex oniy iniriyuve nuici
couth eaHt. with 11 good wagon road leading fiom the S. I'. It. It. depot right heie
in town. 1'ronpectivo railroad to the milieu. The Count Fork of the Willamette
river, on which is tiitnateil the Black Butte qulcktillvei mincx, nlxtren mili-H unuth,
Hows through the center of the city furnlching abundant water faeilllifH. It In
oulv a mile and a half to He continence with How river, the outlet of the great
tuiiber ranges to the noiltli eiiHt. "Wiftward toward the count range in an In
exhaiiHtalile xupplv of timltcr, interrip.u-cd with uuiuorouH rich farming lamU
well Improved anil cultivated.
North or eonth from hereon the 8. 1. railroad you can reach either Portland
or San Fmncinco and be in touch with the whole world on uliort iiotfce.
Water w orkn in full operation. F.leolrfe lights anil telephone syclem complete.
fiT"The best agricultural lands in 1.11110 county lie in the vicinity surround
ing Cottage Urove on either side, lit for farming or stock raising.
Correspondence solicited.
A. Few ol our IBarcrains:
1 l'JOfeet front on north side of Main
street, by aliout 300 feet deep, bounded
by river'on the north. House of seven
rooms, barn nod outhouses. This is the
lest business location in Cottage Urove.
I'rice 1LM00.00.
3 A two story finely finished house,
eight rooms, bathroom and outhouses.
Splendid location, two lots in Long and
Lariles addition in southeast Cottage
(.irove. I'rice $100.
4 Two story dwelling house, ten
rooms, brick fruit house, fruit trees, IK)
feel front on north Mile of Main street by
300 feet deep, corner property. A line
location for a hotel. Price fL'750.
Tt A two story line, alniostnewilwell
iug house, ! rooms, barn and outhouse
complete, three lots. A splendid or
chard of voung iHNiring trees, together
witli grapes and various kinds of beriles.
Situated in Ing and Laiidc addition
in southeast Cottagu Grove. I'rice (I'JOO.
Two splendid lots on second street in
Cottage rove. Price $210.
A splendid ranch of 1110, about 00 acres
heavily timbered, balance easily cleared,
never 'failing water supply, alwut four
miles west ofCottugcGrovo. Cash price
$550. Also otht-r terms. Von will miss
a deal if you overlook this.
100 acres of agricultural and timber
land, well watered, some improvements,
goon range outlet, about 6 miles east of
Saginaw, Oregon. This is 11 bargain at
Lots in tho T). G. McFarland addition
to Cottage Grove, on west side nt prices
toHuit purchasers for cash.
Five acres of fine building and agri
cultural land, li mile east of Cottage
Grove, on south side of county road to
Bohemia. $100 per aero.
The Cnnin Park principally within
theclty limits, consisting of seven acres
on the banks of the Coast Fork river, an
ideal pleasure resort or building spot.
Splendid grove, expensivo new foot
bridge spanning tho river, 'tho most
available place for a public park. Price
'visit DR. JORDAN'S qrcatI
fVataMa BliU aa4 tnnto.)
Th larraat Anatomical UsMam
In lb World. (
Ornalitl attraction tn tht CUv, JL
uaiuttrM iloMfor vlitton. I
cddhut,noalllTl7eurdb7 O
tba olden BpecUlliton tharaclfle
Couu JfatallUliedMyaara. A
Tuiiaf anrn and anlildle
Bed men woo are aurrrlnr a
(rum tba rffucti of youthful Indb- f
a vrvMuua ur in maiurtr
V jura. Iforvoin and pbrilcul lillllr,I,u.
pu.ruc; 1 uw. 4hwwm lliailliacompil-
cations; NperttiattorrliuaM, lrtMtntr.
rlim. ClonorrUOBav. CJIeei. fr-rn ..
ur Urliinllnr. lo. Ily n combination of
' onlr urford Tmmidlat nllrf. but pormaiieut (
. euro. Tha Doctor doaa lint clAlm tn tiw.rtr...
haaariHrranirad h a triiiitmnt tliut It will nni
' mirncien, out la wen Known to tw a fair and I
. iquare I'lirnlclan and Burieou. nre-emloent
) lu bUffpeclalty niat-ttaea of fln. i
. HYI'IIILIM thoroughly eradicated from '
r tun aitem wuuout me uie 01 jiervutv. t
Truaaca fitted bran ICxnerL llKHliml '
) fure for Ituilure. A qulcl and radical i
enrttar IMIra, flaaurci and FIlnlo,bjr
I Or. Jordan's apeclal painless methods. ,
' EVUIir MAN apnlrlngtonswIUrecetr
1 uurnanKvnmioiiDi uisroniinnim.
' ll'swllf Uuaranttt a VOSITIVJ3 CVItE in
I tveru eate leg undfrtakt.
uonRiiiiatiurt fiikk anastrictirpnTate,
Cl Alia US Vr.ttY ttEAUONAliLJi
Treatment personally or by letter.
Writs for nook. iMiiI.OKOi'irir iw
I nAiiitiAoi:. MsiLxoruuc. (xvnituhi
boot for meu.) Call or writ
OR. JORDAN It CO., 1001 Market 8t, 8. f.
si 'k 5 V atnj
and Permanent Cure
ven in the womi
cane. It ciiich
0. F. WKLI.S of Villa Klilgr,
Villa Ridgr. 111..
): "Vllliririai imiliuui rtniiiiiiiui-iiu im-nni
in good condition . 1 vaniiot tell von how thank
ful I feel for the good derived from It. 1 wan a
slave, chained with putrid mre throat and iiBlhiua
for ten years. 1 ilenpalreil nf ever being cured. I
saw vour advortiM'incnt for the ouie of this
ilrcaifful and tormenting (Uncase, asthma, and
thought von hadoverspoKenourself. but resolved
to give It a trial. To my surprise the trial acted
like a charm. Send mo a full-sUcd bottle."
a trial treatment of Asthmalene.
Wells. We'll nenil it by mall I'O.Vl".
to any snllerer who will write lor
though you areilespalring, however
I-ano county, Oregon. Iliu a iopultion
pointu of the cotnpaHri when It i'iiiiich to
A good business place. southsiile Main
Street. $000.
A snleuilid live room cottaeu, stable,
workshop, chicken hourc, woodshed;
three lots all enclopeil : line lix-alloii III
Wynne'siidilitlon toCottagoGrovc. I'rice
$1000, hall ilown.
300 feet by 100 feet in a suburban loca
t Son. Natural spring, 011k trees, all ad
joining liHit lillls in wesl lounge Urove.
Price $300.
Two lots in block 20, Iing Jc Liiiilest
addition, 55 by 100 feel ticpaiiilcly
Price $175.
A finely finished two story dwelling
house, ten rooms, bath room, ceinenl
stone cellar, water and electric linlils
about nine lots froulliu: 011 fourth street
adjoining river in rear, near Christian
church, gwd barn and outhouses, i'rlr
Two story ilwelllug house, six rooms,
gixsl ham, and woodshed, two laige lots
on corner opposite Catholic church
Irlco $000.
Two good lots near railroad 100 feet
square. Price $125.
Farming land, well improved, I mile
from Cottago (irove, adjoining the couu
ty road, in tractH from 5 to 100 acres,
If you want a bargain look this up.
Splendid cottage on Fourth street, $750.
Look this up if you want a bargain in a
O110 hundred acres of improved land
lvinu In a tract cast and west within a
una ter of 11 mile of Cottage Grovo, ad-
Joining county road.
One hundred acres Improved land ad
joining county road one-quarter of a mile
wesl ol tOttiige urove, lying 111 a tract
north and south.
TwoL'ood dwellinrr houses on ml loin
hit' lots in the Sherwood block. Price
100 acres Improved farm on north bank
of How ltiver, twelve miles from Cottago
Grove on tho lino of tho It. It. survey to
Bohemia, i'rice $3000.
TridiiH leave Cottngo Grovo for Port-
in ml anil way Btiuloris at L':M a m and
12:C0 p in,
Lv Portland 8 :30 a m 8 :30 p in
" Cottago Grovo 2:D7pin 2:0(1 am
Ar AhIiIiiikI 12:30a in 12:05pm
" Bncruiiionto 5:10 pm 6:00 am
" Sun Francisco 7 .55 p m 8 :45 a m
I'ullmnn and Touriata caru an both
trnlriH. Chair cars 8acraincntotoOgden
and Kl I'hbo, and tquriat cars to Chicago
St Louis, New Orleans and Washington,
Connecting at San KianclBco with the
sovoral steainsliln lines for Honolulu,
Japan, China, Phillipines, Contral and
South America.
Seo agent at Cottage Grovo atatlon, or
R. B. Milled, G P. A.
Portland, Oregon.
Wo have on hana a large stock of
klhi-dried flooring, celling and rustic in
grades 1 2 and 3, Let us make you
special prices,
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co.
UnlM mute l.nnii UUUm,
IWwtlimii.Oii'., OHol vrm, IMt,
Nulla' it Wtmby itlveh tlitt 111 omui'llmi
Willi ili iirnvlsiiiiiK it the ni oirunurui' iit
.1 'Hi a t"f, unllMul "An m i tin lh !' (
umhi, r Imi'U li. Ill' MIM l ' nllli'iiils On.
Kiili, Nvhi) anil WhjJi. ii;i ii I i rlti.rj . '
ti'iiilvit limit tliv I'uWlr l.tinil sioimi by t tit
Annum I. TlunnHft K. III01U11 u( (in 11 ur
llilin. ( inttlty lit lml(l, SI Mi' Hi Ul-
KHII. lift" IMi 'I)' I"'"1 Hi III!" nmr
lit dm tint HiiUtugllt N" IMIK, lor lilt I'lltclliKU
oltlit K)f ( tlio li )i ! tt'lltiii Nil. -A In
Tnwiillilli Nil. 1 H.. ItlllED A Wfctl. llll Will
odor iriMi( In ilmw (tin I Ihn U111I Mitinlil I
mure vitlunblo lor lt tlinlmr urtlunv limit lor
MKrk'tilliiriit l'litl!)", mill to vMMilldi lilt
rt Klin In sitlit Unil tmtoiu tits Iti'tflixr Hint
Itin'olrur 11I 1I1U tiMri. l HutiUrif. Ottaifti.
nil MtlunU)', Ilia IS ilsj nl Jstttuiy, V.
lie uiiu m wlliiwira:
1. M IVrVlln. Iltnrv V I'll 1 1 roll II I . Y. A .
IVlklli". V.. J. ('o'lllit, I Ijhuih, Omsoil.
An nml nil iMirMiliR I'latutlnif fcilverittlv Ilia
hIhiv iliirllH'tl Imiitu MO H'UIhI In III
their fUlum III lliln unltx 1111 ur Iwfotc til It
ily nl Jiuunry,
i. T. linil'UM, ltililr.
l olUito (Iruru, Orrxun, Nur. 'it, IWI.
Tu Wail am II, llMllLk.
Yiiu ma Iivrrliy iiulllH'it Ikm Imrc hi-1-
ihIim! ittttlliu Iho )nitr liillli Hrr. 31l, HtW.
iint hiiiutic-l iltilUr In lalMirmiil ItiiiTuvcnu-iu
tin rnrh nl Ilia Ihree InlliiwIiiK iirt lli1 inln
I It ar rlalma. Iii wll: Tlir "Ourar" lutali'il In
lliv llnliamla MIiiIik lllilrlrt ami iwiiritril uti
liKi'7T5nl Ikidk A lit III" MIlllMK llni'illila nl
Ijiii Ctinnly. Drviiiiii: Iho 1'eiiviT" lis alcil In
lh lliilivntla MIlilliK HMtlti anit unitilrO nn
iiiV70ul IliHik bul Hi Mlnliiy lli'i unit nt
mm County. (Hilton, anil Itiv "heltolt" lo
calr.1 In Iho llnliamla Mlnlnx llltlilt I anil ta
iiintisl i n I'tii' .'.76 nl limik 0 u( ilia Mlnlnic
llriiirilaul liiittslai Cutiiily. lllton, In nnltr
In Imlit talil t'lalmi liliilrr III innrliliitia ul
Km lion sr.' I nf the Uvvltnt Htainlri nl Dm
I'liltrilHlalaa.ainl llm niiirmllutlll llirlaln, a.
t.toir.l Jan 'Anil, tsm, ronnrnlnif annual la
Mir tixin nitnltitf oUlinn. Iitlut Hi ainiiuul If
iiillrcil In Imlit varlt ol aalil llirrv rlalm (ur
till' I'Orlnil ciiillni Ihr Dial ilay ul llnruitwr.
Il0. Ami, II wllliln ninny ilay Irnui Hi xr
minal tfnrlio nl Ihla nnlli-e, nr wllhln nlurly
ilaya allrr Itie iniUli'allnti lh mil;ou lull or
trliiMi In riitililliiilv yutir iillloniil turlt at
I'tiiillliii at a fiownvr. yntir Inlctt.t In Mm
rlalm will Iwinhiu' Hip 'iuirily ul I be nl.
rtllirri, your ninwncr". wlm han tnailii llm
roiulrnl i'ciullluir, by lli tcrma nl a)i ht
lion. I1IU). W. I.U1VH
Owing To Impaired Ileal
We tlcsirc to reduce our
Stock so we will give you
During n KKDUCTION SAM? of
BO Days.
We have the llcst Shoes find
Clothing inn ilc; Our Styles arc the
Latest and our Prices arc cut to
almost Cost.
Our Prices on Millinery are cut
to less than half the regular retail
Yours For Trade
1ST. E. Elsea
& Bom.
The . . .
ItlrrrKI., Cntlaue drove.
We carry on extra fine line (if
Liquors nml (.'l-r, ami If you
have mrsalon In want Roods In
nur line we would n'prrx-lale a
call from you.
Feed and
Sale Stable
River Street, opposite I'ottngo (Irove Hotel,
C'ottHKu drove,
Farmers will find good feed nnd
stnbling for their stock. Baled
hay mid feed ior sale.
We also have a few fine rigs to
let out for driving.
S. E. Lander.
Darwin DttiDTOtr,
The First National Bank
Cottagu Gkovk, Or.
Paid up Capital, $25,000.00
Monoy lo loan on approved security.
Exchanges Bold, avallahlo any place
in tho United Statca.
Your liuaineHii is Solicited.
Take the hohcmla Nuyge',.