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rafclWhsd Xrr Frldar.
A Comnrehenslve Review of the Important
iiappenmgs of the Past Week Preseated
Inn Condensed form WMch li Hoi'
likely to Prove of Interest to Our Many
n,n Untlm. tho Boer leader, was
i., ,i recent oncacomont. i
Whatcom. Wash
is flooded with
counterfeit money.
Emperor William complains
nurniiin workmen drink too
too much
The houso will take up tho mutter
of war tax reduction after tho holi
days. Marconi received a wireless message
at St. John's, N. V., irom tonmau
4.. :..aifftnnf nminr aihI -12 men
Jill iiioutw v ....-j-- - - f
havo been captureil by tho Americans
in tho Philippines.
General Hell has adopted a conceit
tration policy in Batnngas province
Philippine islands.
A negro has been captured who
lmvi. wrecked tno train
near The Dalles, Or., recently.
Tl. l.l-l,nnn nf illOS Cold WftVO.
...l.;l. nrnvnileri thrOUCllOllt tllO
o:st and m iddlo west for tho past
week, has been broken.
found cuiltyof
nitirrlnr in tlm first decree at Port
Mormons have made 3,000 converts
in the mountain counties ot t
A block of 17 business houses
burned at Swectwator, Tex.;
.,(!. Mnnnlmster. Colli)..
weavers struck to havothcir machin
ery changed.
Burglars robbed a bank at Shrove,
O., but were unsucessful nt Felicity,
in the same state.
Goldsmith & Co.'s housefutnishing
establishment in Milwaukee wns dam
aged $50,000 by fire.
Major General MncArtliur has been
ordered to assume command of the
department of tho Colorado.
The Democratic senatorial caucus
considered tho canal treaty, but could
reach no decision, being divided.
The eighty-third anniversary of tho
admission of Illinois into the Union
as a state was celeb) ated at Spring
field. Prince Tuanis'planning a rebellion
Every roailroad entering Salt Lake
has joined in a rate war.
The date of King Edward's coro
nation is fixed at Juno 2G, 1902.
Yukon miners aro unknowingly
throwing away thousands of dollars'
worth of platinum.
A French aeronaut, who has already
crossed tho Mediterranean, will try
to cross tho Atlantic.
The Scranton, Ta., labor conven
tion was unanimous for Chinese ex
clusion, but not for Japanso exclusion.
Sneaker Henderson haa announced
tho new houso committees. This is
not usually done until after the holi
day recess.
Wavne. W. Va., was almost wiped
i, firo Vii-lit. business build
a three dwellines were de
stroyed; loss $40,000.
Tho Texas Railway commission and
tho railroad aro at outs. The com
mission is trying to compel all trains
to bo run on schedule time
A member of tho English parlia
ment, in the couro of a speech, de
clared that tho Irish would never
have a better opportunity to strike a
blow tor liberty man as present wiu
Eneland will improve sanitary
condition of concentration camps.
t ..i.i:a ;, thn Hprmt.o aro deter
iH,'ilUUJIiHl.l ... " " ,
mined to havo a tariff on Philippine
Tillman challenged McLaurin to
rcsien with him from tho senate, but
tho latter would not.
A St. Louis negro who had several
t;tM,na tfllrnn in his heart is well on
tho road to recovery.
-ri. nfirn Imitiness nortion of
Gobies, Mich., was destroyed by fire.
Loss, about ifiuu.uw.
Thn Wabash? Screen Door Com
pany's plant at Khinolandor, Wis.,
was burned; loss ?zw,ww.
Mnnnpor Johnson, of tho Postal
Tnlonrnnh flnmtllinV. his 8011 and
negro driver wero killed near Newton,
Miss., by a Jailing tree
rpi.n Wnwtnn nnlllltv Bftfo. at Deca
tur, Miss., was robbed of $4,000 in
ponsion warrants, a largo quantity
o.i.nnl fn-inlmrH warrants. $2,250
Ul ' '
in checks, a number of postoffico
mnov nnlnrs and a ouantity 01
tamps, and over $900 in cash.
No president was over elected by
direct voto of tho peoploof tho United
ivhont.. rvo. turnips and flax aro
Great Britain.
JJarloy, oats, potatoesjand small fruits
nro on tho inoreaso.
Out of 0,831 earthquakes which had
been recorded in tho world from tho
earliest times up to 1850 tho British
Isles woro responsible for no fewer
than 225.
' I
Tl,... hi. ..I.,. In Dav't IlisllUV "I
roictlns Uci Lost In Each.
Holetin, Mont., Dee 17 A special
to tlio Independent from Knlispoll
...... o .. .-,... L- w..iiii'nil nil IllO Great
It ,i,i-vi .n.nn" - " I
Northern ltailrond near Essex, in the
' Jtoohy iiiuiiiuuior, - " v.
i i .....I.... .. , . iirL' ill?.
morning. Tito engine, mail far 11,1,1
smoker remained on tho tntok, but
nil tint others woro derailed, bonto ivom overturned aim an were
m.irn nr ess wrecked. I 110 nccmuut
. . ...I .i.i.....
was duo to rails spreading.
Ono man was killed. Ho wns prot.
niilv nmnMiorod to death. The debris
caught fire, but tho tinmen woro put
out by tho uninjured passongors.
There is said to have been muoh loot
ing during tho excitement. The
train wns going nt tho rate of 25 miles
nn hour when it broke in two. The
air brakes woro set immediately, pro
venting n more serious accident. The
'largest number of injured were in
tho day coach. All wero asleep at tho
time of the accident.
The Illinois Wreck.
Rookford, III., Dec. 17. Kniluro
on the part of n conductor to obey
orders is supposed to have been tho
ciuiso of a head-end collision on the
Illinois Central Kail road, between
Irene and Perryville, early today.
The two trains were the east bound
passenger train No. 4 and a freight
train from Chicago going west. As
a result eight people nro dead or miss
ing and 11 injured.
Tho trains met in n slight bend in
the track, both running at full speed.
Tho smoker, express and baggage
cars wero piled on the locomotives,
penning in the occupants oi wiu
smoker. Only three of the half
dozon persons in that car escaped.
Tho others wore penned in and if not
instantly killed were roasieu to ubuh
and their bodies, along with thce of
tho engine crews, wero entirely con
sumed. All etrorts of the survivors
to reach tho victims were unavailing.
The Unities drove them back trout
every point.
Tho temperature was degrees ic
low zero and an icy, wind was blowing
across tho prairie, tlio point wnero
the wreck occurred being a shallow
cut, affording no protection. Hie
iriinrrtl were without hats and wraps
and suffered terribly. By tho united
efforts of tho survivors, tho way ear
iv. w niilm lmplr frnm the wreckage
to escajie tho flames and the wounded
were placed on the bunks inside.
Went Through a Bridge.
Williamsport, Pa., Dec. 17. A
freight train on the Philadelphia fc
Erie division of the Pennsylvania
Railroad went through tho bridge
spanning Lycoming creek, between
this citv and ewbcrry. at li o ciock
tins morning. Three lives wero lost,
1113 IIIUI 111115. iiui,u nw "vti iu.'
Tho train wns known as fast freight
- 00 1 : .i.- !.... I
Vn S3 nnil wns rnnninir three hours
lof nnrino tn thn (lisarrnnupnicnt of
. i rt '
schedule in consequence of tho storm.
1I1U uriuiu BjiailllliJ lire t.o i
a two-snan iron structure, the first
span of which gave way. The engine
and nine cars were cnguiieu in tne
icy waters. The creek was greatly
swoolen aa a result of the heavy rains,
and it is presumed that the middle
piece had been weakened. io enorts
i-niiM hn m nil n tn reach the bodies on
account of the height of the waters.
n . 1. , n . snft v . n.. ,1,.
Population of Only 500, Yet Does the
r 1
Has a
Business of a Much Larger Place.
Cody, Wyo., Dec. 10. Cody has a
population of about 500 and is grow
ing rapidly. It is the terminus of
the Btirlincton Kailroad, and will
probably remain tho terminus for
several years to come. Jt is destined
to bo tho leading town of the isig
TTnrn Basin. It is tho shinnim;
point for the flock owners of largo
herds of sheep nnd cattle. it is sur
rounded by fertilo lnnd, much of
which is undor cultivation, nnd much
more will bo in the near future, as
thero is an abundance of water.
There is untold mineral wealth in
tho mountains around here, plenty
of good coal, millions of tons of tho
finest quality of gypsum, oil and sul
phur deposits enough to Keep naues
hot for centuries to come. Tho town
is incorporated. A contract has
been let within a week for a 50-room
stone hotel, tho foundation for which
is completed. A good road has been
laid out, and tho grading nearly com
pleted to tho Yellowstone National
Park, tho eastern boundary of which
is about 35 miles from here.
Engines for the Southern Pacific.
Houston, Tox., Dec. 17. Vico
President Kruttsclmitt, of tho South
ern Pacific, announces that orders
havo been placed for 00 now freight
engines, fivo'passcnger and 10 switch
engines, in addition to tho 103 recent
ly ordered and which aro now being
delivored. Mr. Kruttsclmitt esti
mated tho car shortage on tho South
Atlantic division at about 1,000 per
day, and to partially relievo it ho has
ordered several hundred cars now tied
up hero to Galveston, whence tho
freight will go to New York by boat.
Issuance of Duplicate Medals.
Washington, Deo. 17. Senator
Mitchell has offered in tho scnato a
joint , resolution authorizing tho issu
nnco of duplicato tnednls to such per
sons as havo rccoived thorn from tlio
president or congress, nnd subse
quently lost them. While this reso.
lution is gcnoral in ohoractor, it is
primarily designed to restore to Gen
eral II. B. Compson, of Portland, a
medal issued to him many years ago
1 ;
Kali. "
Commercial and financial Happenings of lm.
portance A Brief Review of the Growth!
and Improvements of the Many Industries j
Throughout Our Thrlvlnsj Commonwealth ;
Latest Market Report
The new Y. M. C. A. building is
Salem has Ixtm formally opened.
Tho Willamette river is rising, bo
inc It! feet above tho low wnter iiimrk
at Albany.
Pendleton whent buyers hwre just
purhtfeod 75,000 bushels at CO cents
yvr bushel.
Stockholders in the'Lewis and Clark
centennial will meet January 13, for
the purpose of organizing ami eiccmiK
a board 01 directors.
The Clackamas county court has
offered a reward of $100 for the arrest
and conviction of tho party or parties
who aro practicing hold-ups and high
way robberies in tliut county.
a niiinimiiv has Ihimi incorporated
for the purpose of extending the elec
tric line from I.ents, n suburb of
Portland, on to Springwater. circle
iiriiniiii thrniiL- i the Mo a a country
and join tho line of the Portland City
A Oregon Km I way l;o. at vregon ony.
Tho Snldiers' Monument Associa
tion, organized several weeks ago, to
erect a monument to tho memory of
veterans of the Indian, Mexican, Civil
and Spanish-American wars, in Lone
Kir cemetery. Portland, has itiiiorseu
a design. Tho monument will cost
from S2.000 to $(i.000. according to
tho mnterial umhI. Already $200 has
lieon subscribed.
A new bank is to be opened in
Grants Pass in tho near future.
One hundred thousand bushels of
n-hrait anld in Pendleton tho other
day for 50 cents per bushel.
The first heavy frost of the season
visited The Dalles tho latter part of
last week. As yet there has been no
snow fall.
Thn first rfitrular oil drillillL' outfit
to bo put in operation in Eastern Ore
gon will bo set up near vaio witnin a
few days.
The Listen Lake Gold Mining Com
pany, with headquarters nt bumpier,
has been incorporated with $500,000
capital stock.
The first consignment of conl from
the mines of the Xehnlem Coal Min
ing Company, at Nehalcm. was ship
ped to Astoria and proves to bo very
good fuel.
The Lowell copper mine, of Waldo,
.. . . .. , ii. .i.i.
, . . , t 1 1 1 1
adjoining tho celebrated W aldo,
Kfrnni' nnil Cnxa rniiiMr iironerties.
Strom: nnd Cass coniier iiroiierties
Southern Oregon, has been sold to
San Francisco capitalists for $30,000.
Tho property will bo opened and
l i j
developed on a largo scale.
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, 5960;
bluestem, 6061c;' Valley, 59$c.
Flour Best grades, $2.G5Q3.20
per barrel ; graham, $2.50.
Oats Nominal 95$L00 pr cental.
Barley Feed, $1G 16.50; brewing,
$1G16.50 per ton.
Millsttiffs Bran, $IC.5017; mid
dling, $20; shorts, $17; chop, $16.50.
, " ' . 1
JTntr Timnthv Sllfalij! driver.
Hav Timnthv. $llal2: clover.
S77 fin. flroimn wilil hav. SSfiiB per
I vn " " j j 1 1 - -
Butter Fancy crcamery,226 25c ;
dairy, 1820c; store, 12J14c per
Eggs Storngo, 2022 ; fresh, 27
28c, Eastern 2225c.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 13
13Jc; Young Americn, 1413c.
Pniiltrv Chickens, mixed. $2.50
3.50; hens, $4.00; dressed, 910c
per pound ; springs, $2.50 3.00,
per dozen; ducks, $3 for old; $4.50
5.50 for young; geese, $G6.50 pr doz
en; turkeys, livo, ll12c; dressed,
123l6c per pound.
Mutton Lambs. 3 Vs cross : dressed
6K per pound; sheep, $3.253.50
gross; dressed, btjc per pound.
Hoge Gross, heavy, $5.12J; light,
$4.755: dressed. G7o per pound.
Veal Small, 88c;large,77Xc
per pound.
Beef Gross top steers, $3.504.00;
cows and heifers, $3.50; dressed
beef, 37c per pound.
Hons 8 10c per pound.
Wool Valley, ll14o per pound;
eastern urogon, otgizc; monair,
2121o per pound.
Potatoes 8595 per sack.
Tho checks which pass through tho
London clearing houso in six weeks
aro moro than equal in amount to all
tno coin in tno woriu.
Prof. Kitchev. of tho Yerkcs obser
vatory at Williams Bay, Wis., lias
mndo a momentous discovery in
astronomy, proving tho nebular thco
r, nnil f ,1 rn lull I ,ic Tihnfflirrnnhin nVI
denco of evolution among planetary
1 .!!
Sweden is Tto establish a wiroless
toleeratihv system all alone her
A now process of extracting gold
from low grade ores showed satisfuc
tory tests at Colorado mines.
Judgo Eli P. Evans, of Columbus,
0.. has served as indue of tho coin
mon pleas court for 25 conscoutivo
Vast nickol deposits, tho largest in
tho world, havo boon located in South
ern Oregon,
Death Sentence Passed on the
Band of Ladroncs.
Washington, Deo. II!. A mili
tary commission i tho Philippines,
headed by Major Henry S. T'urrill,
surgeon, sentenced Juan Olivar, n
Filipino, to bo hanged. Olivar was
the leader of a baud of Imlrones whiuh
made an attack upon tho house of
Theodore Labrador, president of
Milieu, I'aiiny, mid captured him, his
brother, wife, grandmother, god
mother, small daughter mid n police
man. The grandmother, godmother
and (laughter were shot to death in
tho vicinity of the capture; Labrador,
his wife t mid thn lvolicoitmn wero
taken to an isolated spot mid killed
with IkiIos. Tho brother mndu his
escape. Incidentally Olivar and his
band robbed Labrador of 78 carts, 800
pesos and othor articled
General Chaffee criticised tho pro
ceedings on tho ground that tho no
on sod was charged sololy with tho
murder of Labrador, nssault upon
him with intent to kill, and roblxiry,
while the murder of tho three women,
ono small girl and the policeman
was not inoluded in the charges.
A band of Tulisanos, armed with
IhiIos, rifles mid daggers, killed 11
members of the Echovnrm family nt
Nam, Mnsbato, on August 1 1, l'JOO,
for the solo reason that the victims
wero Spaniards. Two members of
the band were brought to trial and
were sentenced to bo hanged. Hut
., , ". . . . ...
responsible participants in this crime
in view ot the met that tno more
already had paid tho death penalty,
tho sentences wero commuted by
General Chntleo to life imprisonment.
Ygnnoio Sinoting, an insurgent
lender operating against tho American
government after having taken tho
oath of allegiance, wns sentenced to
bo hmiL'cd for murdering a woman
susH'cted of frioiiilliniMH to the United
Not the End, Says Raynor.
Baltimore, Doc. 14. Isador K.tynor
showed keen disappointment when
tho findings of the court of inquiry
were communicated to him tonight.
Ho announced that ho will go to
Washington ns soon ns his engage
ments will iermit and will consul
Admiral Schley to light tho case to a
finish by every appeal Hint is powiibln.
He snul :
I would prefer now not to wiy
anything in connection with tho
opinion. I think the country win
almost unanimously accept Admiral
Dewey's judgment. iho testimony
was so overwhelming upon almont
every one of the specifications in favor
of Admiral Schley that I must con
fess I am utterly at it loss to under
stand upon what facts or upon tho
evidence of what witnesses tho other
two members of tho court reached
their conclusion.
"I nm absolutely satisfied that tho
opinion of the two judges is at total
variance with tho opinion 01 1110
country, and this will not by any
menus terminnto the controversy. 1
shall advise the admiral to fight it
to a finish, to open it by every appeal
that is jKwsible, congrossionnl or
otherwise, and I lieliovo that tho
fccntiniont of tho whole country will
uphold him in his rosolvo not to let
the judgment ptand."
Two Men Frozen In the Red Desert Country
of Wyoming.
Cheyenne. Wyo., Dec. 10. Tho,
blizzard raging throughout Southern
Wyoming is terrific. Everything is
delnved from threo to five hours,
nnd a blockndo is imminent. Great
distress is reported by sheepmen of
tho Bed Desert section and south
em Uintah county. On tho
desert tho lossos will bo largo, unless
a break occurs within a few hours.
One herder is reported to havo lost
his life in tho blizzard that has raged
for tho punt day or two. Iho bliz
zard has scattered tho herds in small
bunches all over tho country. A
Mexican herder is reported to havo
been frozen also.
A Woman Swindler.
New York, Dec. IB. Tho police of
Patorson, N. J., havo been asked to
keen an outlook lor a well dressed,
refined looking woman who has boon
going about that city representing
that sho is authorized to collect
funds for the liberation of Miss Stono.
Sho has a paper which says sho is
nn nccnt of tho Amoricun Tract by
cioty. It bears tho names of Bishop
Potter, Archbishop Corrigan, J. P.
Morgan and Mrs. Gardolln Hobart.
Russia Warns Turkey.
New York. Dec. 16. According
to tho 'Constnntinoplo correspondent
of tlm London Times nnd Now York
Times, tho Russian fjombassy at tlio
Turkish capital has warned tho porto
that tho installment of tho war in
demnity must promptly bo paid. Tho
correspondent also says tho embassies
nro preparing an identical note con
cerning tlio mining regulations arbi
trarily ordained last year. Thoy
woro applied rotroactivoly, with a de
plorably detrimental ciicct on om
mining iiiuiwii
Treaty With Nicaragua.
Manaoua. Nicaracuu, Deo. 10.
Tho Nicaraguan minister of foroign
relations. Scnor Sanohoz, and Wil
liam L. Morry, United States minis
tor to Nicaragua, Salvador and Costa
Iticn, havo signed a protocol for 11
.' 1 :.l it l.:
treaty wmIICII provuiL-n iui mu minim-
sion of flour, wines undor 11 degrees,
fresh and Jried fruits and preserved
products from tho United States into
Nicnrngua freoof duty.
Admiral Dewey Sustains Hint In Most Plates
-Ills Conduc Characllted by "Vactll.
lallon. Dllatorlness and Lack ol l!nler.
prise" Should Have Obeyed the De.
parlmtnl's Orders.
Washington, Deo. 14. Tho report
of tint Schley court of inquiry was
promulgated by Soorotnry Long to
ninht. Thorn nro two reports. Ad
miral Hoiilimn mid Admiral Hatusay
concur in tho first, which is Higned
by Admiral Demy also, as a matter
of form. Admiral Dtiwoy n in It oh n
separate roinirt, although ho agrees
with the findings of facts subserilicd
to by the others.
Tho majority report condemns Ad
mirnl Sohloy on 11 lKiints, while Ad
miral Dowoy sustains him in most
places. Tho majority opinion finds
in brief that Admiral Hchloy hiiouiii
hiivo proceeded with the utmost ills
natch to Oionfuoimi and inmntniniil
a clono blockade; that he should lm
nilon vnrott to obtain informaiton of
the Spanish there; that ho should
hnve proceeded to Sanitaijo with dts
natch i that hu should not have made
illlll ri'irograuo muvemuuv i mni. ii"
m0 llloyw, tll0 ,lllrtl ,f
tlm rctrtiLmitlo movement; that ho
orders: that ho should have endeav
ored to capture tho Span Ml vossnll ill
Santiago; that ho did not do his
utmost to destroy the Colon; Hint ho
dinned the sqilndron to lino tlistntieo
in the loop of the Hnxiklyn; t hut he
thereby caused tho Texas to back;
that ho did injustice to Hodgson;
that his conduct In the campaign wns
characterized by vacillation, diliator
iness mid lack of enterprise; that his
ollicinl reports on the coal supply
wero misleading anil inaccurate; that
his conduct during tho battle wait self
posnossed, nnd that ho encouraged in
his own iM-rson his subordinate olll
cers mid men.
Admiral Dewey, in his retiort, says
that the passage to Oionfueijiw wns
mailt' with all dispatch; that in view
of hit coal supply, tlio blockndo of
Cienfuegos was effective; that ho al
lowed the Aduln to enter CionfuegiMi
to get information; that his dispatch
to Santiago was with ns much dis
patch as possible, keeping tho squad
ron together; that tho blockade of
Santiago was elli-ctive and, finally,
that ho was the senior ollieer off San
tiauo. in nlwoliito rnintnaiiil, and en
tit et to tho credit due lor the glori
ous victory which resulted in the total
destruction of the Spanish ships.
For coven weeks the court hoard
testimony, and for lully a month 11
dclilwrntcd titton Mint mass of ri
lence, finally reaching tho conclusion
Leading Citizen and Pioneer Passes Away-
Mad Been Sick Many Weeks.
Portland, Dec. 14. David I
Thompson, n pioneer of Oregon and
ono of the state's lending citizens,
died in his apartments nt tho Hobnrt
Curtis nt 12:25 o'clock this morning
Ho wns 67 years of ago. Tho cnuso of
denth wns pernicious nunoniin, duo to
organic stomach trouble. air,
Thompson had been in failing health
for sovernl months, mid during the
past four weks had been confined to
his room. Three weeks ago his con
dition became nlnrmitig, and since
thnt time bin life has been slowly
cbbini! away. At intervals ho re-
lnpscd into a comatose condition, hut
would rally nuain and become com
pletely rational.
Yesterday morning Mr. Thompson
was conscious. Ho answered the in
quiries of his nurse and the family
physician, mid spoke pleasantly to
the mombcrs ot his laniiiy. J.atur in
tlio dny ho began to sink nnd relapsed
into mi unconscious condition, froiii
which ho did not rccovor. About
midnight his breathing became diffi
cult, nnd half an hour later tho ond
came. Ho suffered no pain
Around thu deathbed wero assembled
tho members of his family, his phy
sician, Dr. A. J. Uicsy, mid a nurao,
Mrs. Thompson nnd tho other mem
bors of tho family boro up well under
tho ordoal. Whilo Mr. Thompson's
doath was not unexpected, tho slid
donness of tho news comes us u shock
to his wido circle of friends nnd ac
(tuaintnnccs in Portland and in tho
Well Treated by British.
Now York, Dec. 1(1. Lieutenant
Colonel Quaylo-Jonos, who, until
ordered to .England to rcccivo a col-
onol's commission, wns in charge of
tho Boor prisoners nt Bermuda, has
arrived hero on tho steamer Pretoria
from Bermuda, on his way to Eng
land. Ho declared emphatically
that tho stories thnt ho llocr pris
oners wero not trcntod kindly, that
thoy woro in need of clothing, nnil
that thoy woro not properly fed, wero
without foundation.
Galveston's financial Difficulties.
Now York, Deo. 1G. A conforoiico
will bo hold in this city on December
17 of Galveston's bondholders, to dis
cuss what stops nro necessary to meet
Galveston's finniioial difficulties, says
tho Journnl of Commerce. Galveston
hits fniled to pay interest on sotnoof its
bonds, and tho default was mado on
Decombor 1, when tlio city wits un
ablo to mcot tho interest on tlio !()
year limited debt bond of 1881.
Pullman Car Walter Accused ul Thefl by
Confession nf Another Colored Man.
Portland, Dee. 13. Miieh of tint
mystery connected with thn stealing
of thn $10,000 worth of dlniimiids from
Albert F. I.onenthal in the Portland
hotel November 17, was denied up
yesterday by thn arrest of Kelly
Wiley mid Hrooks (Irmit, In this city,
mid W. H. WooiIm and Mrs. Trim
Johnson, in Omaha, Neb., all col
ored. Hrooks Grant says that Wllny
confessed to him that he (Wllny) was
thn man who stole tlir iIIhiiioiiiIh from
tlln Portland Holril. Wlleyrmld: "I
titiTfr was in thn Portland Hotel in
my life. I did not steal thn dia
monds. When Wood and Mrs.
Johnson were arrrntml in Omaha $3,
000 north of diamonds and jewelry
were found in their Misnrasioii.
How the stolen diamonds took
wing from Portland and famn Into
iho possession of Woixls and Mrs.
Johnson could not lm positively fath
omed by thn detectives last night, but
it is known that Mrs. Johnson is In
timately acquainted with Wiley, mid
that she lived at Sixth and Hurnslde
streets until November 21, when she
left this city for Fremont, Neb. It in
suggested that Mrs. Johnson and pos
sibly another arcompllt'o were tin
ones who took the plunder Kant, to
dispose of it in small qtinnlities.
Wiley is also elm mil with having
committed three burglaries in tins
city, and lit' admits the truth ot the
lis l.lit Contains Nearly One Thousand Names
President Koosvelfs Name on List.
Washington, Dec. 13. The nrmv
honrd, which ban been for ruwrnl
months preparing a list of ollieers
who shall bo recommended for brevet
rank in consideration of gallant ser
vices in Cuba, l'orto Kico, the Philip
pines and China, has completed its
work mid the rrqiort will he submitted
to the secretary of war in n day or
two. This list is to take the pluee of
that laid before the M-uatr Inst ses
sion mid withdrawn before action.
Notwithstanding that this board begun
with tho purpose of very much re
striding thn ts'stowal of brevets, they
have been unable to keep the sum
total of names much hnlnn 1,000 in
number. It is said that President
Hoosovelt's mime will 1st on the brevet
list with thn rank of brigadier geuornl
of volunteers.
Verdict of Schley Court
Washington, Dec. 13. The Schley
court of inquiry has been unusually
successful in keeping its erdirt from
the public, but now that tho opinions
nro being written, thorn is some inti
mation as to what the court will de
cide. Although the details cannorii'
obtained, it seems to bo certain that
tho court will exonerate Schley from
nny charges of cowardico and pritiew
his bravery nnd rapidity in battle, but
will criticise some other feature" of
his conduct, notably thu retrograde
movement and his failure to taktv
more vigorous steps to nfcertnin
whether or not tho Spanish fleet wan
at Cienfuegos. It is believed that
tho verdict will so far exonerate
Schley, however, that his friends will
not request n congressional investi
gation. Wooslcr University llurncd.
Woostor, O., Deo. III. Tho main
building of thu University of Wooster
burned enrly today. Loss, $250,000;
insurance, $70,000. All tho records
of tho collego wore burned, together
with tho greater part of its equipment.
The loss includes a fine collection of
minerals nnd relics, valued nt over
.$10,000, recently presented by tho
United Stntos government.
Captured a Boer Command.
London, Deo. 13. Lord Kitchenor
in n dispatch from Standorton, Trans
vaal, minnuncos that General Brtico
Hamilton, after a night inarch, sur
prised nnd captured practically the
wholo of tho Hoor Botho) command at
Trichardsfontoiii early yesterday
morning. Sovon Boers woro killed
and 131 wero mndo prisoners.
Totpedo Directed Without Wire.
New York, Dec. 13. Commander
Clover, United States navy, nttaoho
ol tho United States otnbnssy nt Lon
don, who, with his family, arrived
here on tho steamer Kaisor Wilholni
dor Grosso last night, to spend tho
holidays, will roport to tho govern
inont on an exhibition of a working
model of n torpedo oporated by tho
Mnrconi systpm of wireless oleotrical
transmission boforo ho returns to his
post on Decombor 28.
Coal Famine In I'hlledelphla.
Philadelphia, Dec. 13. A coal
fnmino suoh ns hns not provnilcd for
yenrs exists nt this port, by reason of
which both coastwise nnd West Indian
commerce is almost completely crip
pled. Orders for coal both from Now
England nnd tho West Indies nro
pouring in, but tlio niorclmnts find
thomsolvos unnbloto mnko shipments.
This is in a groat mensuro duo .to
senroity of enrs to carry tho conl from
tho mines,