Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 22, 1901, Image 6

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A Comprehensive Review of the Important
Happenings of Ihe Past Week Preaenled
In a Condenicd Form Which li Moil
Ukely (o Prove of Interne io Ovr Many
Two plnguo deaths arc reported
from Odeasn.
Bolomcn tried to rush an American
forco In Samar. .
vPrcgon.yins 232 prizes at Pan
American Exposition. .
Many accidents In tho United King
dom .were due to Tog.
An Aberdeen editor attacked tho
character of Judgo Irwin.
Scouts fought engagements with!
rebels In Southern Luzon.
Oil prospects aro good In Idaho and
In Malheur County, Oregon.
The demand for raw material from
abroad shows a steady Increase.
Japanese and Russians are assum
ing closer commercial relations.
A Mississippi moonshiner killed
two deputies and burned their remains.
" A' nntlvc priest, convicted of mur
der, has been sentenced to 20 years'
An alleged conspiracy to proclaim
a republic at Dawson is reported
from Skagway.
B. P. Lowentbal. of New York,
robbed of $10,000 In diamonds In
Portland Hotel.
I My rocelpt for prosperity. In
s much a concern am mine, Im at
r tho dtmpoaalof all. Hero It 1st
I "Work hard, deal honoatly, bo
f enterprlelnn, oxer also cmrcul
Judgment, adrertlmo freely but
Judlcloumly."Str Thomas Llp
f ton, In Saturday Evening Poat.
The transport Hancock Is ashore in
Japanese waters.
More shipwrecks are reported on
the English coast
A mounted force of Capo Dutch- sur
rendered to the Boers.
Twenty persons were killed by the
earthquakes In Erzroum.
The President's Thanksgiving proc
lamation was cabled to Manila.
Merit and not political Influence will
be recognized in army promotions.
Ways and means committeemen are
divided on tho subject of reducing war
Agulnaldo declines the offer of an
American lawyer to work lor. hla re
State of Oregon 'will make a sur
vey of arid lands In eastern part of
Insane man killed an officer at Cos
mopolis, Wash., shot a friend, and was
seriously wounded hlmseir.
Tom Consldlno broke down while
testifying in behalf of his brother, on
trial for murder at Seattle.
Fire in Boston destroyed property
valued at ?1U0,UUU.
The secretary of tho interior has
created a bureau of forestry.
President Roosevelt has pledged
the Lewis and Clark Centennninl his
hearty support.
Fire destroyed every mercantilo
and several fine houses in Fucwash,
H. d. Loss, ?oU,UOO.
Latest advices from Miss Stone's
place of confinement stato that her
imprisonment is affecting her reason,
Burglars blew open the safe of the
bank of Chatham, III., and secured
$1,500. The burglars escaped on a
Three persons were killed and 25
others injured in a mining accident
at Stassure, Prussia. Thirteen are
still entombed.
The owners of tho petroleum works
in Gallicia, Austro-IIungnry, have
decided to form a trust to end tho
reckless competition.
A flow of oil hae been struck in
well at Debequc, Colo., at n depth of
zuu leet. A gushing oil held is ex
pected to be devoloped.
King Edward has decided to have
tho celebrated Koh-I-Noor diamond
mounted in the crown of Queen Alex
nndra for tho coronation.
Tho presidente of Tacloban, Leyte,
iins ueen arrested lor treason.
Count von Hatzfoldt, German am-
ba&sador to England has retired.
Wind, rain and snow are playing
Jiavoo witn mo snipping of the Brit
jsh isles.
V - 1 1 ' iii
Stage Hugging.
Miss Julia Marlowe, writing In the
Dramatic Number of Collier's Weekly,
i ' says that she was onco asked If an
actress did not sacrlflco her finer na
turo by permitting "stage embraces."
In reply sho declares withsomesplrit:
"Such a question demands the appll
cation of only a fair degree of com'
mon sense to ensure a negative an
Tho leading sugar refining company
Js now turning out 25,000 barrels of
sugar per: day.
A cast bronzo statue, weighing 110
tons, la ono of tho curiosities of St.
Hero la a simple method of making
lialf a ton of coal go as far as fifteen
hundredweight. Tho plan Is to placo
a quantity of chalk in tho grates.
Once heated, this Is practically Inex
haustible from combustion, and gives
out groat heat. I
Proclaim! November iS lo Be a Day 1
Salem, Nov. 13. Governor Gecr
today issued n Thanksgiving procla
mation, designating November 28 as
tho day to bo observed. Tho procla
inatlon follows:
"Althoueh not yet passed from
beneath tho shadow of tho great
national tragedy which took from us
tho presenco and .counsel oi our i
loved chief mncistrate. wo find reason
for national thanksgiving in the uni
fying effect tho great nllllction has
had upon tho different sections oi
our common country, aim ior uiu
nrosnejt of a continued era of good
feeling. At no tinio within 50 years
has party feeling been loss bitter, or
our country so Harmonious in mai
lers concerning its domestic wciinre,
Even1 department of our stato gov
ernment is performing tho duties for
which it was created, with prompt'
ness and fidelity: tho hand of plenty
has provided tho necessaries of life
in abundnnco among our teople, all
classes of whom are engaged m ro
mil n em tive employment, and tho
name of our fair state in other sec
tions of our great country in synony
mous with steady progress and ' an
assuredly prosperous future.
"Recognizing in all theso thing!
the hand and nil ml of an overruling
Providence who doeth all things well
and that a spirit of gratitude sug
costs an acknowledgement of tho
many favors enjoyed by us as a com
monwealth, I hereby recommend, in
conformity with tho proclamation of
the president of tho United states,
that Thursday, tho 2Sth of Novem
ber, 11)01, bo observed as a day of
thanksgiving and prayer, and that
all our people on that day, wliilo re
membering the poor with appropriate
gifts and cheerful words, desist from
their usual vocations, and, in their
usual places of worship, or elsewhere,
cive praise to Almighty God, upon
whom our fathers so firmly relict! for
national as well as individual guid
ance, for tho past mercies, and in
voke tho Divino aid along the path
way of national righteousness as our
country assumes tho lending position
in power and inllucnco among the
nations of tho earth.
In witness whereof, I have here
unto sot my hand and caused tho
treat seal of tho state of Oregon to be
affixed, at tho capitol, in Salem, this
13th day of November, l'JOl.
T. T. OEER, Governor.
F. I. DUNBAR, Secretary of State,
Friendly Remarks by a Mexican at Pin
American Banquet
City of Mexico, Nov. 18. Tho toast
delivered by Alfred Canavero, on be
nan or we .Mexican delegation, at n
banquot In honor of tho pan-American
Delegates or otnor nationalities, was
noteworthy, on account of Its friend
liness for the United Stated. Mr. Can
avero said Napoleons invasion of
Mexico during tho Civil War in tho
United States was in the hope of es
tablishing an empire and dismember
ing the American Republic, thus bring
ing republics into disrepute. Tho des
perate resistance of Mexico and the
aid extended by tho United States, ho
saiu, saved Dotn nations. Said he:
"We Already had the Monroe Doc
trine, safeguard of tho New World.
The Diaz Doctrine constitutes Its com
plement, and the Diaz Doctrine may
be expressed in this ODothocm: The
international law of America is found
ed on peace, which in its turn depends
on uio respect for tho sovereignty. In
dependence and territorial integrity of
eacn and all the republics of Amer
ica.' "
City Ledgers Mining.
Chicago, Nov. 18. The finance com
mittee of the City Council has dis
covered that the city's ledgers cover
ing Its accounts from 1876 to 1884 are
missing. This was discovered in an
investigation of tho sinking fund ac
counts in which a discrepancy of more
than $2,100,000 was recently an
nounced. It Is claimed that previous
administrations have borrowed from
this fund for other corporate purposes
and no return has been made of tho
amounts so diverted. There Is no rec
ord, according to tho City Controller,
to show to what purposes theso loans
wero applied during tho eight years.
Schley Court Worki Overtime.
Washington, Nov. 15. Tho Schley
court of inquiry began today to hold
sessions twice daily. The afternoon
session will bo from 2 to 4 o'clock.
This change was made in tho interest
of more rapid progress in the work be
fore) tho court, for it is tho general
desiro to have tho findings prescuted
at tho earliest possiblo date.
Exchange of Prisoners.
New York, Nov. 18. Negotiations
are under way for tho first time to ox
chango prisoners, says tho Panama
correspondent of tho Herald. General
Domingo Diaz, chief of tho revolu
tionary party in the Department of
Panama, sent a commltteo to see Gen
eral Alban and to give him a letter.
The committees wero Senor Isalas
Rodriguez and Alzphpura. Tho In
surgents hold four captains, two non
tenants, flvo sub-HoutenantB, and 30
soldiers. General Alban airreed to an
oven exchange.
Movements of Gunboat,
Washington. Nov. 18. Thn Now
Department has been Informed of thn
arrival of the gunboat Concord at Aca-
puico, ana or tho Marietta at Koy
West. Theso vesaols aro to reliove
tho Iowa at Panama and the Machlaa
at Colon.
Tax on Orange Exports.
Kingston, J imaica, Nov. 18. Tho
government Intends to levy a tax of , in 1900 was 10,839, 2370 more than in
ono co it on each package of oranges tho provlous year. It is stated that
exported. The shipment of lmmaturo but few of these oxporlments wero in
fruit will shortly bo prohibited by law. ' any serious degreo painful.
Commercial and Financial Happenings of Im.
porianct A Brief Review of the Orowlh
and Improvements of the Many Industries
Throughout Our Thrlvlnrj Commonwealth
Latest Market Report
Material is being hnulcd for a now
saw mill near Oregon City.
Gold worth 50 cents was taken
from tho craw of n duok raised at
Scotts Mills.
Thieves broko into a Eucono storo
and stolo a number of small articles
of littlo value.
A recovier has boon appointed for
tho Columbia Logging Company,
near St. Holons.
Superintendent Brown, of tho Fulls
River fish hatoliery. says tho outlook
thero is very favorable.
Practically nil the hops about
Dallas hnvo been shipped. Prleon
wero from 8, to 10 cents per pound.
Senator Mitoliol) has announced
that lie will endeavor to hnvo n now
federal court diitrict established i
eastern Oregon.
Roecburg's city council has let tho
contract of eroding and
with cru'hed rock about 10 blocks of
tho principal streets.
Thirty dwelling houses havo Wn
mult in Dallas smco Janunrv 1
Every dwelling and business houso in
tno town is occupied.
Nine carloads of wool loft ITnrri
burg tho other day for the East. The
shipment weighs 103,000 pounds and
:.i t t . ... ,.., . .
io viiv ui tiiu mruuut individual sale
over niiulo in that valley.
1 ho Indian war veterans of Lano
county met nt tho court houso in
Albany and began arranccincnta to-
warn securing legislation by tho nc.x
congress granting pensions to all
eterans entitled to them.
Tho fall run of silvcrsido salmon in
Rogue river is creator than for 10
W. T. Grier has sold his fruit farm
of 10 acres, two miles from La Grande.
for $3,000.
HM. IT. J , . Mnv
.iiiu jioueon I arm oi zzo acres
three miles southeast of Salem, has
t .lt . a ...a '
own soiu ior $o,ouu.
Abtyit 75 men of tho const artillery
will complete their terms at Fort
8tevens next month and will receive
their discharges.
A mysterious burglar got away
wun a largo amount oi goods from
Pendleton cigar storo and left all
fastenings undisturbed.
A reccivor will bo asked for tho
Baislcy-Elkhorn mino at Baker City,
so that it may bo worked and mado
to pay up its indebtedness.
A movement is under way to or
ganize a company composed wholly
of Astoria business men to operate a
iroigiit steamer between that city
ana roriianu, in consequence of ex'
cessive freight charges by tho trans
porianon lines.
A syndicate, of which tho principal
is a millionaire lumberman of Minne
apolis, is about to acquire tho im
monso lumber, railroad and sawmill
holdings of tho Siskiyou Lumber fc
Mercantilo-'Company, including tho
dicuioua ltiver Kailroad, for a sum
reported to bo $3,000,000.
Portland Markets
Wheat Walla Walla, nominal.
5555oT; blueetem, 50c; Valley,
00000;$ c.
Flour Best grades, $2.653.50
per barrel; graham, $2.G0.
Uats .Nominal lnJai.00 pr contal
Barloy Feed, $1515.50: browinc.
$io.w per ton.
Mlilstuffs Bran. S1718: m d
dling, ?2021; shorts, 1920; chop,
Hay Timothy. $11(313; clover.
$79.50; Oregon wild hoy, .$56 per
Butter Fancy croamcry.25ia27 4c :
dairy, 1820o; storo, 1415o per
Lggs htorago, 20c; fresh, 2324o.
Cheese Full oream, twins, 1214
ide: young America, laysmiio.
Poultry Chiokons, mixed. $2.50(3
3.00; lions, $4.00; dressed, lOQllo
per pound springs, $2.50 3.00.
per dozen; ducks, $3 for old $3. 00
4.00 for young; geese, ?o7 per doz
en; turkeys, Jivo, 10llc: dressed.
810o per pound.
Mutton Lambs.aKo gross; dressed
CC)c per pound; shcep,$3.25 gross;
uresscu, uc per pounu.
Docs Uro8S,heavy,$Ui3lJ.25: lieht.
$4.755; dressed, 77 Wo per pound.
veal small, 0QBJ40: Jargo.7(a7Mc
per ponnu.
Beef Gross top steers, 3.50(54.0O'i
cows and hoifers, $3. 00 3, CO; dressed
iicei, njSQUjso per pound.
Hops UQlOjfio per pound.
Wool Valley,ll13Kopor pound:
Eastern Oregon, 8012 Jo; mohair,
20(3 21o per pound.
rotatocs Uooo per sack.
Tho assessed valuation of Idaho has
increased $4,649,580 in a singlo year,
and tho total now is $52,195,480.
Thirty-two additional warehouses
aro to bo provided in New York for
tho storage of 600,000 to 600,000 bags
of coffee.
The total number of experiments on
living animals in tho United Kingdom
Two Officers and Cremated
Bodies A Posit In Pursuit.
Oxford, Miss., Nov. 19. John A.
Montgomery, Deputy Unltod States
Marshal of this city, mid Doputy
United States Marshal Hugh Mont
gomery, of Pontoloc, loft horo last
night for tho purpose of arresting
Will Mnthls, an nllcgod counterfeiter
and moonshlnor, who lived 12 mjlca
cast of this place Early today, Hugh
Montgomery's homo wan found ritnml
lug at tho gat,o-of Curdy Hall.a neigh
bor of Mnthls, and Mnthla' houso had
been burned to tho ground.. Upon
further Investigation two partially
burned bodies woro found In tho ash
es of tho burnod building, which havo
been Identified an tho remains of the
Doputy Marshals. John A. Montgom
cry's horso has not boon found, and
It la supposed that Mnthls made his
cscapo on this horso after the mon
had been killed and tho houso set
on lire. Mnthls' wlfo was at her
father's a fow miles from hor burned
home, and sho says sho and hor hus
band left homo yestorday, her hus
band leaving tho country.
Mathls was Indicted last Summer
for making nnd passing counterfeit
money nnd was out on n $2000 bond.
Tho principal witness ngalnBt him
wna a negro living In tho snmo neigh
borhood. About n month ago tho no
gro was assassinated. Tho two Mont
gomery's wont to arrest Mnthls for
making illicit whiskey, and It Is sup
posed that thoy wero provallcd upon
to remain for tho night, nnd woro shot
while guarding their prisoners. A
President Makes a Positive Stand -The War
Department's Rccurds Hill Have More
Inllucnce Than Political and Social
hrlcnus ol the Candidates Here,
Washington, Nov, 18. It was an
nounced ui 1110 Wur Dupurtniunt to
day Unit tno names of llio uillcuis uo
luctou to nil tho vitei.nuloH In tho giatiu
of lirigiullur-Uonorul will not bu mi-
Is not deemed desiruuiu to 11U interim
appointments. 111 iiiitiuiun to tuu
Huuuiiioni, und In vluw 01 tho gieul
plUkbUlU lilUl llllU UUUIl UiUtlKlll to
ucur. 11 huu ucoii uueiuud proper to
make the loliowiiig oiticlui uucium-
( "Tio Secretary of War and tho
President huvo nail informal discus
. kions 011 army m.iUem 011 suvuial 00
I I'uslouu umt 11 Ih understood that the
l'resluuut huu ei pressed lilmsuK moitt
puuiuyuiy 011 tnu tuu of political ami
nodal lulluuneu by oiiteura lor tho
purpouo of obtaining chaugou of am
nions, leave of absence, modltlua
, lions of orders, etc. Of course, It Is
' utidomood thai oilleoiH often deem It
necessary to have attention called to
, their cases by political friends, us
1 peelully in enuo of young volunteer
otllcers who recently havo been ap-
niiltitml. 11 In Hiifn In mir however.
posso of 30 or 40 of tho lending cltl- lunt nt no ,,orlod t10 history of our
vnna nf wan. In .tin unnnn lr. !n . .. . . -
uovernmeiii nun 1110 manor 01 rec
ord been used to such good purpose an
during tho present reorganization of
tho army, when tho greatest posslblu
euro bus boon taken In tho seloctlou
of persons for appointment to tho re
organized army.
"Tho President has not hesitated to
Inform Senators nnd others who havo
applied to him that no officer will Im
prove his chance by sending IiIh
friends to annoy tho President In his
behalf. On the contrary, tho effect
which will bo produced probably will
bo directly opposlto to that which tho
candidate hopes for. Beveral Senators
and Hoprcsentatlvos have been disap
pointed becauso tho persons In whom
thy nro Intorcstod hnvo not received
appointments and stations applied for
1 by thom, but tho administration, as n
I whole, Is evidently of tho opinion that
' tho good sense and Judgment of pub-
I lie men will load to tho sarao conclu
xens of Oxford went to tho sceno to
day and every effort will bo mado to
capturo Mnthls.
Many Accidents and Fatalities In the (Jotted
Kingdom France Has A Share.
London, Nov. 19. Snturdny's fog
which was general throughout tho
United Kingdom, was responsible for
many accidents and fatalities. Tho
driver of a London omnibus was
found dead In his box, whllo tho vo-
hlclo was still running. Ho was a
victim of cold fog.
Several collisions occurred In tho
Mersey. Tho Dominion liner Roman,
from Portland, November 9, ran
down and sank tho British stcamor
Sapphire, of the Dundco Gen Lino.
mi 1 m
autru was no losa ui inc. Inn 11U ,., nrri,i , , ., i,ui.
K Norwegian brlgantlno has boon 1 ,,, .,, a ,,... , , ,,, ,.
seen drifting helplessly off Hull, and
it Is feared that several porsons havo
been drowned.
dent nnd Secretary of War; that Is,
if a system of records bo thoroughly
CHtahllshed at tho war Department.
Bhowlng tho progressive work of oflt-
, . Icors from yoar to year, It will bo fat
Paris, NOV. 19. During tho greater , bnttnr for h nfflrnm unit mn. wnl!
part of today, Paris and Its suburbs ....mi. ntrii mirh ,,.toi..r
wero shrouded In n dense fog. which uo mado lho BUlllo for BOi0ctIons, do
seriously Interfered with railway i, otc rathor than nfluonco.
transportation ana venicuiar irainc, . "Tho nnnonln nf iniiiviiiiii i iiii
uuu wun a. uuiiiuv.1 ui miuui vu- cnnirrnHBmsn fnr llin r nnmnnul nil
'Acnts-' Tho:fog was so thick along ! BBtnnco n t,o mattors abovo onumer
tno so no mat mo stenmuoaia wero ntoa necosltatCB public mon giving up
a great deal or their time In locating
tho proper office at which to apply
for Information and tho filing of ap-
ponls. This takes tbcm away from
their legltlmato duties whllo Congress
Is in session, and also Interferes groat'
ly with public administration of tho
departments. It Is fully recognized
by public officials that tho proper men
money were stolen last night from a I In tho first Instance to establish the
room in tho Portland Hotel, occu- character of an applicant for offico aro
A New York Merchant Was Robbed of $10,000
Worth at the Portland Hotel.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 18. Diamonds
valued at $10,000 and about ?90 In
pled by A. F. Lowenthal, of Now York
City, and tho audacious thief manag
ed to escape with his booty and get
safely away.
Mr. Lowentbal Is a dealer in pre
cious stones, and he is at present on
tho Pacific Coast on a business trip.
Last Saturday night ho arrived at
the Portland Hotel, and was
assigned to a room on tho ground
floor facing Yamhill street, being tho
third window from the northeast cor
ner of Seventh and Yamhill streets.
His traveling trunk, containing tho
greater part of bis diamonds he used
in trnclo, and a portion 01 nis money,
was placed in his room. Thero aro
two keys to this room, ono used by
tho guest and placed In tho office
when it is not In use, and tho other
usually in charge of the Janitor In
charge of all tho rooms on that cor
tho Sonators and Representatives
from tholr own homo, and It Is oml
nontly Just and proper that their In
fluenco should bo respected and they
should bo responsible for the charac
tor of tho persons rocommendod for
ofllco; but onco In the public sorvice
It Is only fair to tho administration
that not only army officers, but all oth
or classes of public officeholders
1 should rely upon tholr own merits nnd
not upon tho further uso of political
Burled Under Red Hot Slag.
Homestead, Nov. 18. Ono man
was killed and two soriousiy ourneu
as tho result of a party of workmon
being burled under a mass of molten
slag at tho Howard Axle Works to
day. Tho accident occurred on tho
cinder dump back of the company's
plant The victims wore engagod In
collecting scrap when a party of
workmen at tho top of tho dump,
about 20 feet above, dumped their
car over tho edge, not knowing that
tho men woro ' directly bonoath
them. Tho car contained about eight
tnirn of sine. 'a Kreater part of which
was red-hot, and much of It In a mol
ten state.
Mexico Importing Wheat.
City of Mexico, Nov.19. From all
parts of tho Western United atntos,
wheat Is being sent into Mexico in
amounts never boforo equalled. It Is
estimated by buyors and railroad
men in this city that by tno eno pi
Docember more than louo cars win
i.nvn linen delivered Into tho republic.
And oven this great amount will not
end tho Importation, so long at tno
duty Is waived and there Is tho slight
est lack of corn. Doth buyers and
transportation men bollovo that tho
Importation will continue until tho
term for the removal of tho tariff
Third Accident to an American Vessel In
Japanese Waters.
Nagasaki, Japan, Nov. 18. Tho
United States transport Hancock is
ashor on tho south sldo of tho Straits
of Sblmonooskl. A Gorman gunboat
Is assisting hor. Tho transport ground
ed on a sandy bottom.
Tho Hancock is tho third United
States transport to moot with a mis
hap in Japanoso wators recently. First
tho Sheridan, having on board a num
hor or returning troops and tho Con
gresslonal party which has been visit
ing tho Phlllpplno Islands, was do
talned at Nagasaki by a brokon tall
shaft. Her passongors wero trnnB
forred to tho Warron, which sallod
from Nagasaki November 3. Two
days later tho Warron sustalnod dam'
ago In tho Inland Sea, which mado it
necessary to return nnd dock at Naga
sakl. Tho Hancock was ordorcd to
proceed from Manila to Nagasaki and
tako on board tho dolayod passongors.
Cabinet Crisis In Chllr.
Now Yofk, Nov. 18. Tho Valpar
aiso, Chiio, coriospondont of tho Her
ald sends tho following report; As
tho result of adverse voting in tho Sen'
nto, tho Chilean Cabinet has tondorod
us resignation, nut ovcrytning indi
cates that tho crisis will bo only par
tial, affecting only ono portfolio, and
will bo of shoit duration.
Columbian Relnforremcnts.
Colon, Nov. 18. Tho Colombian
gunboat Gonoral Plnzon is expoctod
to arrive horo shortly from Savanllla
with additional reinforcements.
Rrf PnnH In French Armv.
TJnrlB Nov 18. La Llberto today Chicago Translation of Bible.
ssertod that 2,000.000 francs worth of , London, Nov. 18. Extracts from tho
deteriorated Amorlcan tinned foods Chicago translation of tho Diblo woro
havo been dlscoyored among ; the f ml"-, published horo today. Tho Evonlng
To thtsteofwarfrrcUejNows comments' on tho work as il
quently ordered all tinned foods lows;
nnno- tho nrmy stores, whether "In Chicago ovon tho mastornloco
French or American, to bo sold, on tho of lltoraturo Is not sacred. Twonty
ground that It would bo bettor to havo , mlsguldod Inhabitants have JuBt Is
no stores at all than to depend upon , sued a translation of tho Now Testa
canned provisions which would bo ment into modern American. Such an
found to bo bad at tho outbreak of atrocity almost makes ono fllgh for a
WH( 1 vn uvula VI mu 11I4UIDUIU11.
A Urge I'orcit In Capt Colony Surrendi,,,!
to the lloers With Slight Resilience.
Mlddleburg, Capo Colony, Fri,v
Oct. 2C Ono hundred and eighty iiin'
trlet mounted troops, composed largo
ly of Dutchmen, with Uielr horses iui,i
tirnm, Miirondorod to Smuts' conmum.
do Octobor 13. Tho district troops
fired moBt of tholr ammunition nt imi
rnnge, nnd then rofusod to fight fur
ther. Captain Thornton, tholr cm,
maiidor, believes tholr surrender to,
havo boon prearranged.
Dotn Ncarlng Cape Town.
Now York, Nov. 18. The corres
pondent of tho lmdon Times ami ti,0
Now York Tlmos, wiring from Middle
burg. Cnpo Colony, snya that within
tho Inst two dnys tho Ilooru have nu.
pronchod iitlll nenror to Capo Town.
Sixty men of tho commando Inst hi...,,
ut Ilopeflold hnvo penetrated houui (,f
Darling (48 miles north of i ni,0
Town), but tho raid must not bo tuk. t,
too seriously, as tho llrltlsh coliitmm
aro nlrenily In n poiiltlou to cope w.n.
It. Tho Doors have mndo tho diiHh
either to obtain fresh horses or to re
vongo thomolvos on tho Dutch far
morn who havo not supported them an
thoy wero oxpocted to do.
In tho northeast district Coiniuiui
dint Koticho and six men, lonvlng u.
main body, mndo n raid hut Saturday
to Mldburg Siding. Thoy blow tip a
fow yard of trnck nnd shot In cold
blood a Cape Policeman who hud sin
rendered. Foticho hnB since returned
to the neighborhood of Jamestown. A
pntrol of district mounted troops wero
worstod on Monday by an IiihIcniii.
cant forco of tho enemy.
Two Recent engagements.
London, Nov. 18. A dispatch from
Lord Kltchonor, dated Pretoria, today,
rmys that n strong pntrol of yeomanry.
whllo reconnoltorlng, November 3. at
llraksprult (In tho Traiinvaal Colony.
about UO miles west of Pretoria), wna
surrounded by 300 Doors and lost six
men killed nnd 10 wounded. Some of
tho troopers woro captured, but Rubse-
quently released.
The rear guard of Colonel Dyng's
column was attacked near Hllbnin.
Orango Illvor Colony, Novombor it.
by 400 Doors, said to be under the
command of Gcnorul Dowct. After
two hours' of fighting, tho Doers re
tired, leaving eight dead on tho field.
Of Colonol Dyng's column, Lletitcnnni
Hughes and ono man woro killed, ami
thrco officers and nine men were
Recent Oales on the British Coast Have Cost
Over 180 Lives.
London, Nov. 15. It is still lui-
iMiPsiblo to estimate with any exacti
tude the total loss of life and proper
ty resulting from tho jirotrnctod gale,
und probably tho full extent of thu
tlaiiinge will never bo known, .Much
wreckage of unidentified vessels is still
being thrown up. Altogether, it in
known that souiu f0 vessels have been
wrecked along the Dritisli coasts.
Thirty-four of these have licon abso
lutely wrecked, involving, it is Ixi
lieved, n loss of more than 181)
drowned. The Yarmouth lifeboat
disaster alono leaves 44 fatherless chil
dren. Tho lifeboat was on its way
to tho rescue of n distressed vessel
when it was struck by a great wave
and capsized. Tho crew won impris
oned and only three men succeeded
in making their cscapo.
Innumerable causaltics contintio to
be reported on all tho coasts of tho
United Kingdom, marking tho storm
as tho most disastrous that bus oc
curred in many years. Tho Nor
wegian bark Krratio, of Christiauia,
lias been wrecked in tho vicinity of
Snltburn and eight of hor crew
A winter snap linn succeeded the
gnlo, which has subsided, wliilo a bliz
zard which is raging over Scitiidiimvln
is expected to strike tho shores of
Great Ilritniu tomorrow. Totlnv
thero is a heavy snow storm in Scot
land and n full of snow generally
throughout tho United Kinirdom.
especially in tho hilly districts, whero
several shepherds lost their lives.
Panic at Chicago Fire.
Chicago, "Nov. . Firo tnnltrht
cleaned out the flvo story building at
2fJ4 Madison street, indicting a total
loss of about -fCO,000, divided among
half n dozen small firms. Ki vo linn.
dred girls working overtimo in the
pniitntjs paper box factory wore thrown
in a pnnlo by tho llro. In thn Hnrnin.
bio that followed a scoro or moro wero
trampled on and soverelv bruised, hut.
all woro finally taken out of tho build-
...l.l.n... ! (..,.
."b nitiiuiiii nuriuiis injury.
Gunboati for the Philippines.
Washiiiuton. Nov. lfi Tb n rntiorr.
from Jnimn that tho United States
government had placed an order for
six gunboats with tho Urga Uoat
Company is IlOt strlntlv iiennrntn.
Some tilllO nco. tho seoretnrv nf war
authorized tho Philippine commis
sion to purchase 30 or 40
to bo used among tho Islands for
rovenuo and nolico nntrnl
Thoy woro to bo liought nt Hong
KOIlg and othor nlnoes where tlmv
could bo obtained at tho best ml van.
Americans Control German Line,
London. Nov. 15 A
syndicate has purolmscd 10,000 shares
of the i stook of a Hnmbitrg steamship
lino through a Vienna bunk, says u
i, o?cspondont of tho Daily
Ma J, 'lho purchaser is thus, onnblcd
to demand at tho unit mmM 1i if n tn.
vision of tho artlolos of association in
its own favor. Thoro is u gonoral
fcoHiig horo that tho Aniorioan dungor
to Gorman shimihii H
. . . a o v uvi iuiiu
than has been supposed,