Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 22, 1901, Image 5

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"MiHitifA'i, joii'N".
John MmfKflcfcl, "Miucrnljolin,"
was in town fioin lloheinia' this
week niiil iiniile the Nugget n
planum t cull. John is the bend
and general fnelrtliim of the little
village of MlnerHville tit the fool ol
the inoiintiiin thin Hide of the llnrd
scrahhh usccnl. He has made it
viint collection of the minerals of
Uohcnlin district'. ' Me has made
upward of 3500 ti nnnys of the ores
of Hint district and is perluitm the
best qualified man iu that district
to' give n comprehensive find ex
haustive opinion on the possi
bilities of thai vast mineral .one.
At his large assay office iu Miners
villc he now has on exhibition over
500 specimens of oie from the va
rious ledges and cropping through
out that district. They are not
little pieces of cue. but big chunks
that weigh from 10 to 2.5 pounds,
ho that any mining man iu looking
over his exhibit can In an hour or
two acquaint himself with the
character of the greater pari of the
mineral iu that one. lie is now
engaged iu erecting a building to
be 24x43 feet for the future home
of this exhibit and the further ad
ditions he will in the future make
to it. In getting together this
splendid display of character ores it
has been fraught with much time
and labor and required more than
the ordinary amount of pluck to
pack those big chunks of ore over
the rugued hills and up out of the
deep ravines, but t'tus far it has
been with him a labor of love with
out remuneration; the reward will
come later on, When this ex
hibit is in its new home it will be
well worth going miles to inspect it.
and iu the years to come thousands
of men who will interest themselves
in Bohemia will surely have a look
nt tin's big display of character rock
of that district. John has besides
this exhibit a fine garden, wherein
he has raised the past season, an
nbundaiice of "truck." He has
.supplied a good inrtity, of his miner
friends with delicacies from lils
, Bardeii io.iiu.d sold no, small
nmouutVtinhef,f!irm5ra along tlie
streams tlcif the foothills t Jlcjhai
nearly tw ton of fine cabbage, a
ton and over -of carrots and some
25 bushel of potatoes this .season'.
On Thursday evening Inst sev
eral friends of II C. Mndsen. the
jeweler, were invited to partake of
n feast at the ptivatc boarding
'house or Mrs,' Patterson on
Fourth street, in honor of 'his
fifty-eight birthday. The guests
Hat down M 6:30 and iof an hour
enjoyed the good edible things set
before them, which were enhanced
ns an aid to digestion by flowing
bumpers of rich Zimfandel wine.
.A souvenir of the occasion in the
form ofa handsome gold-mounted
fountain pen was given to the host
of the evening by his guests in a
neat little' presentation speech by
Mr. Arthur Young. The evening
wns pleasantly passed mid music,
song and merry jest, and the con
sensus of the wishes of those
' present was that the coming years
will deal as lightly with Mr. Mad
sen as iu the past and that liis re
curring birthdays will be as full of
pleasure as the one just past.
Bought Anothur 'Claim.
Louis Hartley was in town this
week from Bohemia. He and
friends have have secured owner
ship to the claim known as the
Hole in the Ground, adjoining the
six fine properties they now own.
This acquisition will round out
their holdings on Hohemia creek.
The parties mostly interested in
this groupeof claims arc business
men of Corvallis. Trails have been
built, cabins constructed and every
thing has been and will be put in
shape for energetic and continuous
,.,nri- when snrinc opens. This
groupe of mines ndjoins the groupe
recently sold and transferred to P.
J.Jennings by Messrs. Hartley and
Hughes. This new transfer shows
-that properties in that locality are
on the move, and with new blood
'and money that section will before
long come well to the front.,
'rill! LIC HOY MIXK.
Supeiinlciident Johnson of the
I.eKoy' Mining Company came
down fioin Jlohemiu Huh week, he
reports the work of packing iu
winter supplies, election of a store
house, blacksmith shop and shaft
house on the company's property
fully completed, nnd an efficient
crew of meii now steadily at work
sinking on the ore chute. The
ledge is widening and showing up
richer ore as the work goes (low 11.
The company has authorized to
purchase hoisting machinery and
an air fan which will be shipped
into the mines and made available
at the earliest moment. The com
pany is now having a large relief
map constructed by A. I). Whittier
which, when completed will be an
open book for all who desire or ex
pect to interest themselves in the
great possibilities of Hohemia. This
map will be on exhibition nt the
company's headquarters and the
general public is extended a carte
blanch to vliw it.
Tint Mummy Spkctaclh.
On Saturday last was exhibited
here a mummified Indian giantess,
said to havu been taken from a
civcru iu the Big Horn mountains
of Wyoming in the year 1897, and
discovered by a couple of hunters
who, were seeking refuge from a
fierce blizzard at the time He
this as it may whether natural or
artificial the mummies have gone
the rounds, have been looked at
by thousands of people, and by
many believed true to life. It is pos
sible to make artificially these crea
tures of a prehistoric age. This may
ormay not beof nature's origin, but
if not it is certainly a mighty good
imitation. At all events it answers
the purpose and is an object lesson
iu mummification that for the
small price of 10 cents much can be
learned by the young, nnd some of
the older heads might get a pointer
tr t.wi. S. li. Laqdcr and Jtssc
Hounds of Kugcnc have this unique
figurc'in charge' and are nowiviiig
the people of this valley an oppor
tunity to view it.
Constructing , iLusiinMAr. "
A. I). Whittier came down from
the Hohemia hills this week to
tarry for n short tiuie within the
charmed circle.of jhc, yalley con
tingent. A' quantity of talc pre
ceded htm and-he is now. construct
iug a raised map of Hohemia dis
trict for the Lp Roy Milling Com
pany some 3x4 fer.t, which will
give the. visitors, to the Lc Roy
office a better general view otthc
'topography of tlut rich mineral
zone. Mr. Whittier has developed
other maps of this wonderful min
eral district which are now on ex
hibition iu the cast, but none of
them have been more accurate and
(rue to detail iu the full picturesquc
n ess of topographical line than the
one now to be seen at the head
office of the Le Roy Company.
Tint Nrtw Postoi'ficu.
The new postoffice building ad
jacent to the Cochran furniture
store is now completed and Post
master Howard will move the office
into the new quarters next Satur
day night. He requests the Nug
get to say that Sunday morning the
patrons of the office will receive
their mail at the new building.
And while he does not expect to
have every detail looked alter
properly at that time, he asks the
kind indulgence of the patrons for
a few days, hoping by that time to
have everything in good shape,
feeling, assured thct the public will
appreciated the new surroundings.
Tint Surveyors,
The surveyors in the field for the
Cottage Grove and Bohemia rail
road are doing good work at the
front. They are now above the
red bridge on the Frank Brass
rreek. The force has been in
creased to contend with the heavy,
timber they are now going through.
They are now running preliminary
Hues and later on will again go
over the ground and- make them
permanent. Russell Kimball was
in town this week ' and reports all
well with tlf -survey -.outfit.
Personal pai'agrupiis.
TI10 Mntho'lUt Clinruli (mil just boon
filled with electric limits. '.
Mifs Lena l'lcdrlukBuu Is quite Hint
hit numo in huh euy wun typiioin luver.
Uluirley Ilnincnii viw down this week
from the Helena iiiinu oil u IjiibIiiuhs
crvit'CH at the Clirltlun Church next
Hunility morning mi' I evening. Other
cervlui1 nsjiHiinl,
William Klrtlovof thu lifackhntte wax I
In town HiIh week, lie wiih having
Home tioublu with one of liin lens. I
Tho Hiiinliiv School Hoard of the M.
H. Church met Tuesday f veiling to ar- j
ningi! lor a uiiriHlimiM treo ami exercises.
I'ellx Ciirrln nliowed lit) iikiiIii thin
week looking an frenh as a dulnv. He
itituiiiis in iiavo u nurucciiu wiicn ma
plgH urn ilpo.
.famen McFarlanil and fa'inlfy' have
UiIh week moved Into town from their
farm about a mile out and for the win
ter will occupy their od homo 011 Main
V. It. Oiling iu hiilldlmr a Hiiluiidid
homo on Kallroad uvennu. It Ih an
eight-room Iioiico anil when completed
will make a hie, Improvement In that
end of town.
Pititrul Hindu and wife camo out from
Hohemia I IiIh week lor the winter. Tliev
arO unjoying Hplenilid health and will
now oeenpy tneir neat uttio nome on
Fourth street until ppring.
(i. W. Kelleyof Cedar Creek brought
to the Niitrirct orllco this week HOinonee-
oml growth pear ol the Jlnrtlctti-peelef.
It iM not every land that can produce a
Hocond crop of unch liincious frultr-
The contractors who are nuttlni! up
the new telephone line arc midline the
worn ami matting a mignty goo.. ... -
lug. If noth ng happens to mar the
present conditions tho line will bo In
running order ahead of xchedulu time.
.lames Nolan of Saginaw wan iu town
hint .Saturday making u fow purcliageH
to fill IiIh cup of liappinai4. lie waH In
Klileudid form, tho pink of condition,
and bin uvf wore that merry twinkle
which knows no sorrow. ,
Tout Gardner, the genial host who
prcxiden over the ilcHtimeH of the weary
traveler who g'oeH over tho Divide on the
Oakland road Kiiilh from here, was In
ton 11 011 Monday doing buHiness' nnd
miiklngeverytXKiv Willi wnom 110 came
in t-outacl cheerful with his glad hand.
W. il. While and .lohn Welgermwore
in town this week. They are now fork
ing for the liootli-Kellcy Company ' at
.Saginaw, but when the storms of wiifter
havu pasiiiit they will be again in tho
Hohemia hills developing their mining
properties there.
That princoof good felltfws.1. II. Shqrt
ridgo was in town again this week with
a heaping load of Hplenilid fruit. A's''e
iiaHfed tho N'uuget olliee he tarried long
.uuoimli to uiiliaucu our window With a
dozen fDivnuiii aunies 01 tuu jj.iiuwiii
virictv . II., may your shadow noyer-
Shelbv Teeters came down from Hp,?. .,., i. 11.. 1... 1.......
liuiillll linn i ci k . iiu lino men viii-
nloved at the Helena mine for wim'e
time paxt, hut will make the old lininj
- ,,1 1 r' ,i'
oil ivow iviver ms Hunting ihuu ir mu
winter, and .when the' glorious sprlfig.
timecomcaonro iigain lie will hiijliiiii-
tieii 1 11 10 1110 mineral uun. , i
Hilly' IltggiiiR was ' down 'tliftf ' week'
from iJohrmlii. He has jutt. completed
a eontiael fur the nssessinviit work'dil
(hirMltclu'llelnlm-oir thernortlieajt sldo
01 I'airviuw. lie lias neen riintiin a
crosscut lo. strike tho leilge,
mine -10 feet ahead. The roek hfa hi
been going through was v ry hard
J. S. Miuicllcld nud W. M. II iins
have this week hoIiI mid mmlo 'tranaTe'r
to l.onirt Hartley u claim known an (he
Hole in the Ciionnd, located ,011 lite
ridge between Murtiu and Kohemin
creeks, for a consideiiUlon of fSoO e.iuli.
this chum lumn tunnel now In BU tcct
, .... 1 ... . ... . t .. s
mill mu ineu eiiuwHO ieei 01 quariz. i
flliss Miiircio Gouuli this week "'re
ceived frpni her uncle a beautiful gold
ring set witli. two rubles and a central
stono of sparkling diamond. This
memento came from far beyond tho sea
a token of love iind afrection jfroin'tlio
Emerald Isle, and was to bo a keen-sake
and reminder of tho young hulles'
olglitoMith birthday from her loving
uneiu in uuuiin.
A Bad Cut.
Frank Pleurart, while dohig
some slashing on the old Christian
property now owned by J. I. Jones,
last ' Saturday evening buried the
bit of his ax iu the instep of his
left foot, laying that organ open for
some four inches. Dr. Job Vas
phoned for from Saginaw, dressed
the wound and Mr. Pleurart is
uow getting on finely.
Land Ofllco at Roseburg, Oregon,
Novembor 8, 1001,.
Kottco Is hereby given that tho following.
named settlor lms filed notice olhti intention
to ranko final proolln itpiotto Ms claim, nnd
thnt snld proof will bo made boforo Mario L.
Ware U. S. Commissioner ut Eugene Oregon,
on December 11,1901 viz: Harmon L. Ogden
on Ma II. E. No, 8728 for thoSJtf SW'H Soo. 27
Tp. 198., lr;2West.
Honftmeslho following wltnessos tn prove
his continuous rosldvnie upon and cultivation
of said land, vltl
Charlojr Ogden, Otto Morton, M. Poano, Jamos
WUhelm, of Croswell, County, Oregon,
i. T. IlniDor-i, Register.
Corner of Main mid Becond St., Cottneo Grove.
Carries a fine lino of Groceries, No
tions, Candies, Tobaccos, Nuts and
.Stationery. ' ,
, Our prices are, right,oiid wp will give
you ' '
Good Vuluc for Your Mo)iey,K
Buy your grHSHHced of Knkin & Hrls
Order vourfriiltfinkoforTliiiiikf'givlrig
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Jlattcnhtirg point lace patterns and
rudl nt Litrch'N.
Vhr the latest and moat nn-to-dulo
line of fltationery, School tmpplfcH, fotin
tniii pciiH, etc., no to. ibu etote of the
Ileimoii OrliB Corrtpiiny.
Large lines of gentuand ladles watches
at II. 0 Madsen.
A now invoice of plated ware, clocks,
etc., at Madncn'tf.
Oenulno Kve 1 1 read and Coffee Cuke
at Higwii'h IJakery.
TIioho diamond)) at II. C. Mudaen are
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HotkI. Served from 12 1 :U0 p
m. mid up to date In all respects.
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I . (Jilrrin'H that is iidvertii-ed tn any
paper, Hememl)er we make u specialty
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iiipn & White. They
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ow fortcam. wacon and harnesH and a
couple of Kood cows, aluo calves and
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T, Drug Company han just
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A grand feast ifor 25c. Sjiectal rates to
' ' J. I. Joves- 'i
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K. "&. WANACOTT. representative of
l. K. uiciiai'.oson s3lueic House, itose
burg, Ore.
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its sunny Skies, in the variety of in
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less resorts of mountain, shore," valley
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. Kpr illustrated guides of California
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II. U. Milliui, Ucn. Pas. -Agent
P.orthmd,, Or. - . ,
We have made it a point since, starting Jiuousjncaa.ial.
keep a clean, strictly tip-to-datci GROCP'RY, and as
a result wc note a steady increase of customers1. '
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A. ,Q. Younc:, Manager.
THE WYtre.RS'1 SVlPPiX OuSi-,
General ftlerelinndise,
Mi Biers' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Bon Ton .Meat Market
Main Street, Near Fourth
Beagle & McU'arland
We keen constantly on hand the choicest of Beef, Veal, Mutton,
Pork, Sausage and Fresh Fish in
our effort will be to please and satisfy you.
Carry the. most complete line of Hardware, Stoves and
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v-.. Also agents for the-celebrated'Studebaker Wagc-us Canton.
Clipper Plows and Harrows. In fact anything you may
want in the Hardware line.
Call and See Us and We will. Treat You Right.
m &ym
0. W.' LLOYD, President
.11, D.1 SCOTT,. Vice-President
The five splendid properties comprising the mining claims
forming this company are located in the great Bohemia
Mining District in Lane and" Douglas counties, Oregon.
These properties have had much work done upon them,
so that now they are embryo mines with an assured
The stock of this company is now upon the market. Its
par value is $i It is non-assessable. Its principal
office is iu Cottage Grove.
For development purposes a limited amount of stock has
been authorized to be sold at 3 cents per share.
Two of the claims the Mountain Lion and Kl Caladc
are on the now famous Helena lode. These two claims
have had over 600 feet of tunnels run on them and the
face of the tunnels are now in solid ore.
Frank Jordan, Secretary
Successors to WHEELER & SCOTT.
We will continue to carry a full and complete
stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mining
Supplies, Fish Bro's. Wagons, Oliver Chilled and
, Steel Ploys, Etc. : : : : : :
givjtjs a,call '
season. Your trade is solicited and
0011. mining o.
FRANK E.-JOBDAN, Secretary