Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 06, 1901, Image 8

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FERING. "I suffered for thirty years with dlar
iliocn mul thought I was pant hoing
cured," ftrtya.Tohn S. Hnllnwny ofFicneh
Cmu, Miss. "I luul spent co much
time n iid money mul sulleretl eo much
thatl hnd given tip nil hopes of recovery.
I wns 80 feeble from thu effects of the
diiirrhoen that I could do no kind of
lnlior, could not oven travel, hut hy no
The horse possesses one pecu
liarity not common to other of the
lower ntiimals, nntt tlint is the great
tendency of its skin to sweat pro
fusely, says "Western Horseman."
The sweat glands of the horse arc
located nil over the surface of its
bodv and not confined to nnv
cident I was permitted to litiil n Ixittle. . . .. , r
of Chamberlain1 Colic, Cholea and tlcl,,nr Part. s on the muzzle of
Diarrhoea Hemedy, and
tcvernl bottles I n.n cut
that trouble. I am so nlcn
tho result that I am anxious that it foe , sweats freely
, unole.i ami !' ""'- .
il after taking j the ox and the footpads of the tog
a tilenstiVvlth t mu' cnt ne 'lorsc not 01,'.v
crally hygienic surroundings. The
good food will not not counteract
the lack of nil the others. Alto
gether they work for the highest
development of the animals and we
cannot afford to neglect anyone if
we arc to have animals with fine
canstitutious. A. 11. Dnrrctt in
Partners' Guide.
Asthnulcne Brings
Instant Relief and Permanent Core ?
In all Cases.
Therein nulhlnir like Antlimnleno., It ItrliiK
in leach of all who sniffer as I have."
Forititlafoy Bknbon" Dkuo Co., Cottage
Urove. Lyons & Applkoate, Drain.
The payment of liberal pensions
to honorable soldiers who rendered
while at work, but i vunnnt service to their country is a
"Awful anxiety waa felt for the widow
of tho fornve General lliirnliam of Maeh
las, Me., when the doctors said she
would dlo from Pneumonia
duty cheerfully and gladly
formed by every good citizen,
money wasted on unworthy
I lie
does so while resting in his stall
during excessive warm weather, i
He likewise is given to "breaking!
out" in a profuse perspiration at m-, ,iiers is the smallest of the evils of
tervals after having finished some J a dishonest pension roll, hut the
severe task. To the latter char- f,,i . ,!.. .Wpit ininstlr.. n.l
...... 1 . . . .. . t 9 '
it t j nctcrtstics may dc attributed many dishonesty which surrounds n gi-
. II. Lincoln, nri, ,.;ninl.t tM.: r .,..., i .. .. . ...
,...(. ,i "- ..n.iviw vi kuuiiium iTtin ip rolton nrnsinn rn tt n
com ten
It union
liiHtaut lelief, even In the wnwl earn.
when all elce falln.
The Rev. 0. F. WHI.I.N of Villa Ridge, III..
oavKi "Vnur trial fontlli'iif Athiiiuli'ii nveivtil
In'emKl eomlitluii . 1 eaunot tell vim how thank
ful I feel for the irood derived from It. I wim it
' ulnve. chained with putrid nine llinml nun am inni
for ten vcurn. I tie pnireii in ever im'ihk 'urm.
caw voiir nilveilin'iiieiit for thu etui' of HUH
dreadful and inrincntlin; illoiic. mil lima, urn
thought vou hadoverKpoken.MiiirM'lf, but leaolvei
tntitvu it a tiial. Tomy mirpilNe the trial iieied
like a eliiu in. Send me a (iiII-hUci! bottle.
to nenil to everv aiiU'orcr a trial treatment ol Aithniali'tie.
it. one that, cured Mr. WcIIh. We'll fend it hy mull I'Om l.Vi.n i.f I'lnir.nv in nnv hiiM'imit who will write fur
roornlnsr'' writes Mrs. S
wlin nttnnilnil hnr tlmt. fpnrftll
but sho begged for Dr. King's New Dis- fever or pnetinionin that he is sub
covery, which had more than once :ect lo The horSi; , y be
Hived her life, and cured her of Con- J J '
gumption. After taking, shu slept nil 1 sumed to have cooled out properly
nittl.t. Further use entirely ciire.1 her." ! atld been left for tl ight ,
This marvellous medicine lsguaran-: , .
teed to cure all Throat. Chext and Lone! "breaks out into a profuse sweat
after being left by the groom and
Diseases. Onlv 50c and $1.00. Triu
bottles free at Bknkojc Dano Co's drug
gantic rotten
menace to the strongest nation.
Phil. Ledger.
We want tr
h I III 1 1 lit til lllll
1M1II l.'ri... i.f I'lnir.nv in nnv MiiHiuei' w hi) w ill write
It, even on a pound. Never mind. tlioiiKliyoiiareilei'palrlinx, however
bad vour ease, Axihmali'iie w:ll relleveiind emu. Tluiworno joiireai'e
iln ntori. iflml we iimi in Hi'iul it. Mil not delae. Wrlle at oliee, ml-
Ldie-Hliig l)U. TAIT HIIO.' M KDK'lNi: CO., 70 Kant 13lltli St., P
X. Y. City. Sold by all iJriiwiHt. V
as the night grows cooler he catches
cold. Horses die of pneumonia
more easily and quickly in summer
than in winter, ami this tendency
to "breaking out" and then catch-
1 Politic: cold when no one is exoectintr
Bitters, and I such a coudit;0 is responsible for
it continued I . 4 . . ,. . r .
uic uuuuic. x lie uursi: win .usu
sweat when he is cold. He is sub
ject to cold sweats when suff
ering great pain, just the same
as man, and he is also subject to
E. B. Monday, a lawyer of Henrietta,
Tex., onco fooled a grave-digger. He
says: "My brother was very low with
malarial fever aad jaundice.
tunded him to try Klcctric
lie was soon much better, font
their use until he was wholly cured. I
am sure Electric Bitters saved his life."
This remev expels malaria, kills dis
ease germs and purities the blood; aids
digestion, regulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, cures constipation, dyspepsia,
nervous diseases, kidney troubles, fe
male complaints; gives perfect health, hot, sweating after a violent death.
Tho soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have made
it a great favorite with people every
where. It is especially prized foy mothers
"Don't forswear the Eves, but
remember Adam wasn't happy
alone even in Paradise, so find a
little better hnll by-and-by, and
through the power of a genuine
woman's love regain and keep
your Eden Kreeu through a long
and haupy life." Louisa M. Al
cott in The Ladies' Home Journal
for September.
AVhen you want n pleasing physic try
me new remedy. Chamberlain s btom
nch and Liver Tablets. Thev urn enny
to take and pleasant in effect. Price,
m cents. Samples tree at Hknso.n Dutro
KiO s drug store.
Strangulated hernia, rupture of the
stomach or intestines, severe cases
of retention of urine, etc., produce, THE
cold sweating with the horse. A,
t r , ... , . !
luimuer 01 orugs wilt reaciny pro- 1 nJf
duce perspiration in man, but
there is no known drug that will
of small children for colds, croup and
whooping cough, as it always affords
quick relief, and as it contains no opium case 0f the horse it cannot be se-
iiuruuui uni, ll tuny uv given
TP..i., li....... r,... r -
. ... I ,iiiiiinmn.u'iMi.j;c ii,r I I III
ai Bujiuum; uu iuc nurse. , n, , W1IJ. btatioiis at L :14 ii 111 and
When elimination is desired in the1 V '
or othe
as confidently to a foabv us to an adult
For sale foy Benson Dkdo Co. Cottage
urove. JjYons & aitlkoatk, Drain
Notsubly among the pleasures afforded
by the Shasta Route is the winter trip
to Southern California and Arizona.
Renewed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
and added sources of enjoyment, under
its sunny skies, in the variety of its in
dustries, in its prolific vegetation and
among its numberless resorts of moun
tain, shore, valley and plain.
The two daily Shasta trains from
Portland to California have been re-j
cently equipped with tho most approved i
pattern 01 standard and tourist sleeping
cars, font the low rates of fare will still
continue in effect.
Illustrated guides to the winter re
sorts of California tnd Arizona may be
had on application to
C. H. Makkiiam, G. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon.
cured through the skiti, but must
be accomplished by remedies that
act upon the kidneys; hence the
free use of nitre in veterinary prac
tice, which compels the kidneys to
perform a function that in man
may be accomplished by sweating.
Chamberlain's Tain Balm applied to
a cut, bruise, fourn, scald or like injury
will instantly allay the pain and will
heal the parts in less time than any
other treatment. Unless tho injury is
very severe it will not leave a scar. Pain
Balm also cures rheumatism, sprains,
swellings and lameness. 1'or sale foy
Benson Drug Co. Cottage Grove. Lyons
& Afi-LEOATB, Drain.
Lately befell a railroad laborer,
writes Dr. A. Kellett, of Williford, Ark.
"His foot was badly crushed, hut Buck
len'a Arnica Salvo quickly cured him.
It's simply wonderful for Burns, Boils,
Piles and till skin eruptions. It's the
world's charripion healer. Curo guar
anteed. 25c. Sold by Benson Dubg Co.
Not the least important of mod
ern tendencies in cattle breeding is
that of aiming to secure better con
stitutions for the animals. By
Lv Portland 8:30 am
" Cottage Grovo U':57 p in
A Ashland lL':6.")ii in
"Sacramento 6:10 p in
" San Francisco 7 .45 p in
' Ogden 4 :55 a in
"Denver ihlfOani
" Kansas city 7 Ui a m
" Chicago " 7:4L a m
" Los Angles 2:00 it in
"El Paso 0:00 m
"Fort Worth 0:30 ii'iii
"City of Mexico ll:M0a in
" Houston 7:00 it in
"New Orleans 0:80pm
"Washington 0:42 am
"New York 12:10 pin
Pullman and Tourists cars an both
trninn. Chair cars Sacramento to Ogden
and El Piihh, and touriot cars toChicauo
bl louis, rsew Urleans ami Wnsliiiigtoii
Connecting at San Fiancifco with tin
Improved Farms for Sale.
Valuable Town Property, consisting of Business Houses
and Splendid Residences.
Lot on llui jirliicljxtl lntsliirn trett.
Mining Claims in Bohemia.
Abstract of title m-iircd and guaranteed.
Information as to the laws goveruini: tliu illxpinnl of government IhimIk.
How to secure hiimeiiteaili, limber lands, mining I'luiuiN, etc.
Properly for sale puhtiflictl weekly.
Corr.uiKGiioVK is the second city in jaw county, Oiegon. linn h ixftmlittioii
of about 1,200. The center of the four points of I lie compani when it eomoM to
ingress and egress. Bohemia with its vast minim reiMiurrei. only thlrtv-llvc nillen
(on tb east, with a good waguu load leading from the S. I'. It. It. dext right lieic
in town. Prospective railroad to the mines. The Count Pork of lint WlllHiuctto
river, on which is situated the Black Butte ipilcknilvct mlmn, "Ixti-cn mllin wmih,
lions through the center of the city furnishing Hbumlant water faciliti. It Ik
only a mile and a half to its confluence with How river, tho nutlet of the Kitwi
timber ranges to the uotith cast. Westward toward the i-ont rouge Ik an In
exhaiistablo supjily of timber, interspaced with iiiiineroiin rich Urining ImikU
well Improved and ctill t valisl .
North or south from hereon the S. P. railroad vnu enti reach either Portlinl
or San Francisco and be in touch with the wholu world on Mmrt notfie.
filter works in full operation. Eleclrfc llglilHitnil tt'leiihone Hyulem (Himiileti
S5The bent agricultural lauds in Ijiiic comity lie in the vicinity surround-
8:30 p tn
1! :0ila nf
12:35 it in
i:tio n m nig Miuago move on either mile, lit tor farming or stock mining
8 :45 a m Correspondence solicited.
i ;iiu a in i
j :;: A. l?e v ol our
8 ::() p ill 1 120 feet front on north side of Mali.
''' ' Htreet, hy about 300 feet di ep. Ixiunihil
o.uo p m oy river on the north. IIoiih' of seven
OMU a III ioohih. Iiaril and iiiiiIiiiiini.i.. Tlilu Ih tin.
m nni-n.ii I u n.i i n II...... r II I.. I..
sacrihcing constitution breeders in ! r"ril ,S deep, corner property. A
IIIMIIfllli Willi til 11 I 111 I. . .! .. t t . I ' ...imm
iitli America. locauon ior u noiei. rrice fzsou.
Tho busiest and mighties little thing
that eyer was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. These pills change weakness
into strength, listlessnest) into eneriry,
brain-fag into mental power. They're
wonderful in fouilding up tho health.
Only 25c per box. Sold foy Benson
Droo Co.
Have you a senBO of fullness in tho
iregion of your stomach after eating? If
so you will be benefited by using Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They also cure belching and sour stom
ach. They regulate tho bowols too.
Price, 26 cents. Sold by Benson Dkuo
So suro are wo that tho locating of a
few of our Electric Bolts will develop
into numerous sales of our Bolts and
Appliances, that wo me willing to send
one free to any sufferer from tho follow
ing uiBeases : uoiu extremities, Urysto
eelo, Female weakness, Kidney com
plaint, Leucorrhea. Liver complaint,
Paralysif, Lost vitality, Nervousdobilitv,
Self abuse. Worn-out women, Sciatica,
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotoney? Rheumatism.
Diminutive Shrunken and Undeveloped
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc.,
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Battle
Creek. Mtuhigau.
the past succeeded in improving
beef or milking qualities, which for
a time made the animals the vogue.
But high records lor milk and
heavy weight for the shambles do
not1 constitute the whole of a cow's
life and if she 'did not show the
signs of physical degeneracy her
self it was pretty sure to appear in
the third or fourth generation.
There was of course always the!
possibility of introducing new
blood and thus redeeming the weak
points. But a strong, healthy,
vigorous line of ancestors could not
always make the bull change the j
uuunicierisucs oi me progeny, i lie
females were bound to exert some
influence upon their offspring.
This is so clearly recognized to
day that breeders are more careful
in breeding their heifers too early
in life. This was one of the most
fruitful sources of danger. Young
heifers that were not properly ma
tured could hardly be expected to
produce young which would be
strong and vigorous in constitution.
To breed for constitution it is
necessary to start with animals that
possess it. This start must be
on both sides. The female as well
as the male must be strong, vigor
ous and robust. Both must have
reached sufficient maturity where
they are able to put forth their best
efforts. With such a start 'the
young should then have everything
in the way of hygienic surroundings
to make them grow and thrive.
Give them clean yards and stables
and well-ventilated houses, summer
and winter, and see that they get
enough fresh air and sunshine.
These are fully as essential to their
growth as good food. By empha
sizing good feeding, we sometimes
neglect'the sunshine, fresh air, ex
ercise, good ventilation and gen-
'-fnl " '" bunine location in Cottage Urove.
0:42 a i'ii 3 A two story finely finished houce.
12:10 o m i eight rooms, Itathroom anil uuthoiii'cx.
' I. ....! I... I.. I
.-fii-iniit, it'' mm III Jill mill
Laules addition in southeast Cottuue
Grove. Prico (1200.
4 Two Ktory dwelling houce. ten
rooms, forick fruit bouse, trees, !H)
feet front on north fide of Main street fov
A good liiiHiucMi plnci
Street. ?II00,
, south side Main
See agent at Cottage Grove station, or
C. H. Maukham, G P. A.
Portland, Oregon.
vicit url. JUHUHI'j-s nnrATl
riMNu Eli it u4 B.iiib.J
ThuInrgMt Anatomical Mueoia
In tue World.
Orealut attraction tn thl Ctta. JL
womlertut tluhtjor vutinri. "
Uakner, or any con truer
llin oMet NnertHll'tnn the I'acli
Coaiu Jtbll.lird3yiara;
otitis mm and ntlildle r
5 A two story fine, almost newdwell.
fug house, l rooms, barn and oulhoiiHe
comnlete. three lots. A Hiili-ndiil nr.
chard of vomig Ix-aring trees, together
with grapes aid various kinds of henies.
Situated in Long mid Laudi-s addition
in southeast Cottage Grovo. Trice f 1200.
A splendid ranch nf 100. about 00 ucron
heavily timbered, balance
never failing water supply, about four
nines wchi oi uoinige urove . Uasli price
Also otlii-r terms
Two splendid lots on ecoiid street in
Cottage Wove. Price $S1U.
HOOfeet by 100 fi-t t In u subiirlkiu loon
lion. NHlurii! spring, imk trees, all ad
joining foot hill in west Collage Grove.
Price iKX.
Twolnl In block 20, Lmg.t: Undi i-t
Hilditimi, 55 by 100 feet seiwintely
Price f 176.
A llnely (InlsliHl two storv dwrllliu
lioiise. ten rooms, Kith kxiui, i i-ineiii
stone ei'llsr. water hiiiI eltclrlc light
about nine lots fronting on fourth trct
adjoining river in nur, near ClirlmlHii
cliurch, goid burn myliiuthouiiiM. Price
Two story dwelling bouse, six rooms,
Vi bar ml wnodnhcd, two luige lols
on corner opponiic Catholic church.
Price ?'J00.
. Two good (os near railroad 100 feet
wpiare. Price $120.
Funning land, well Improved, 1 mil
from Cottage Grove, adjoining the conn
I'llltwl Nlaim j-.,..,,
Nolle I. hfi.liy (,. ,M, l
wllh ih imivlMmia of Hi, ,., ."""I'IIiii,,
JtllltiS. IHTH, Slllttlfil tl ., .'!"' (,
iiiiiunr miiiin in lliu H(n ,f 'HI
...... U....-.I.. ...... ... . . "l'lrllla. ...
Kun. .1011..11. iiini ntMiillia-tiin Tnt.ii V"
HH.Il'.l lllnll tin, 1', I.h.'
All,!ll.l I. 1KW. Mllntl H ll,,Pt .,, tT'"'!
etniiilynf Miie,rilti(iir Ti.ttiirv,IV1u",H
Immhl.iUy lllwl lit lid. nn, ,,, ''" """,
infill. N.i. I77t fur tin. iiiunh, i ih-",!."
tjHHlt.VWIi. Imv .,,
tiiHimlilli Nn. !WR, IIsiikdSo U
ntrttr prtwil In alum Unit nH, , . "M
miirti trtluntlf fr lt ini,rr t "im it
sKilriilliinil mrH.m., .mi , h
vlalm In Ml.l lati.l ,rri. ,h K,, ","'1', M
U'lvnif llit iiltlup al ll,i"
Tl.iir-Uy.lhtiaillnUy.iiomou" lw "m
llti mtliiii an tvlllimwi,
Mm. ivtrl M. lun,,, , ,.,
I'liailp- Wlllwt.l Utrati,., u,r, ?,f,".
jtM-mH. (.,... ,.
iiy.ii.lHll .Mi. ..Linn,,, ,,, '
thHr eltti... In 11.1. trnii ,, , " lk
lay ,if Ovli.,,.r. '"'I .'HI
. 1 T l'i rr.,
NOTiri; wu I'ciii.n ,TW
t'llllwl HUH-. I
lli.MlnirK. iir,.
V..II... I. ..... .
. . -' -'.- II, ,,...,.1.
HIVUIII. t.l tin,
xllli I hv
ilmlierlaml. In lli Niai... ,., ,.' V" '
""lllll. IW
Jniic.1, IHTft. Ktilltlnt
IlltllierUtnla III n
... .. ....
..R.niiiKiiui Trim,,,,..
Of, lit all . I'tn.i,, , ., ,'''
!... niiinly of l-tie. m.,, ,. T
"n-KtiH. Im. UU. ,t,, , '' H
Ht..-tlM,.HHI..i. IIM. tut tti.tmnk. '
ltWMl,.NKI I.N IK , ' ''
Tlll. Nti.W N. It.,,-, Nll , T
ilttar I'l.H'l III alliilr it,. q
mitt taiuaHM l.f tin ,
asrltmllmal inrx.M.a, aim
"''" fttitU
t-.n 1 1- -a.... v- in . i . - ......... ....j...i in
i iiV iii n.iiu, iii irm:iH ironi it m jmj t.ruu
II if Villi .IVi.rlfl.llr tlilu 7 . . . . ,,l'vO'
' - "" ".o. ii vitn wuiH a im ci nn look i iiu in..
Unc liumlrcil acres innrnved land ml- Rntiii.n.l ,.,.n,..., i. .....
,t. r. ioininif coimiv ronil nn,.. ,,, .. ... .. r -.V. ...V.. .."V. " "ireei00,
Z uestofCottag. Grove, lying in a tnia iZ"" "yo,,w""1
I I Olin llltmlrn.1 nr.u nt I ......I I
ticril mrn who nr minVrlnic
crcuoni or rii-raw in macurrr X
7ra. Ncrvimaundnliviilcai llrlilllir.Iiii. 0
. liutoiioT, J.l JlM.ilio..uiiii,llli.c,;rnrll- i
Q culloim; Kpcrmiu.irrlitri, ITii.tnlor. i
r Vrlttnllttfr, .e. Iiy n combination ot A
Untiir r
17 hv Hr' " ,0,lt0,fw't'1 J0"? rooiiw. lot Iving in tract eaK and wtit wl hi
.17 by 85 feot on Main street, west, Cot-' qua ter of a mile of Cottage (i'r 'vi ' id
tage Grove. Price $100. joining county, V ' '
remedies, of ur.ut cumllv- i.,.. i
littJHOnrraiiedJil trL-utment lliatlt will not
0'"" afford fmmwllata relief, but permanent
Ti .i t rvfcu "in. cium operrurttt
mlruclen. but N well known to b a tulr and
rquara t'liy.lclan nnd Hurgeon, rrc-emluent
lu uls.peclalty-Dlaraa... or WJn.
.Jtv,'.ttl,,l.H thoroughly e rndlcated from
Ih axatetn without tho uaeot Jlerruri.
-.T-'iyiTV'"!1 b ".Expert Jtudlrnl
rttre for It u,, i,, r), x quick anil
fi.refor I'llf.. n..ure and FIlnlio,ty
Ut. Jordan'a apeclal tialnlfia roetboUa.
EVKltr JI AN applying tons will receive'
ourAotwttonlntoiiof filscon, plaint. X
Ileum Uuaranm a IXH1TIY CV2BUY
' ."e vnnrrirticCt
Cnnsuiiatlon KltKK andatrlctlrprtrato.
TreAiment personally or by letter.
Wrltn fur nnnlr. am
book: for men.) Call or writ v """"
D.t JORDAN & CO., I0SI Market 8L, 8. F,
i Till 1 lap'a
I K II 1 I I
Yoii Buy a Piano or s
It will pay you to write
Piano House.
'tr. )s,of Wjo colobrated
Biodmaii,mako.(ho best
OHOC8 ior mo money
H sr " 111.. ...-. .1.1 II
ISSwyoSHSCSf "i lUt I
OFFICE: 351 Washington St., Portland, Or.
Wn or ttio t.ltl I
...v. (,., .iuiu Miicrs iimi nmiio nnce rerrttlntnra nf
Northwest, and with our special facilities can sell a fi ni,,,,n
for less money than you can get them elsewhere. Write today. Cata-
luguus ior me asKing.
Oltr ctnrl i M nl i. .! rn- tt.n I . . . .
. .,.v. ....., iUE uuue yreaiest American pianos the Kim.
Jt wiiiwiiig unci me weuer together with other good makes
Easy Payment Plan.
171 1
mwl s nano n
A complete line always in stock
Or call on MRS. I,. D. Bkch, I0Cal Representative, Cottage Grove Or.
Rough Lumber,
Saginaw, Ok.
A book ontltled "SeiiBo by UHok
Ponieroy, bound in board, with title,
Ikowlso imtno of owner lnKton
buck. Tho party ImvliiK tlio book will
confer a favor by returning it ut onco.
0. J. IfoWAHI),
Cottage Grove, Oro,
'! touikl i.
..fall..! .
fl.lH.I..l..N. M..tll,t ,e
relrsriil llini i,..i i "!!
Tl.iit-Uy,lh.lll,,Uy.,liMU,u., Vx" "'
,ne iiainMa. v.n,ri. ,
M. M. Hatlirr el tsuat'iit)
..mar in M.f,., (,.. u
t....n t mi.. ... ..
" -- -f .! in in, . ,
ami all l-erwill. ilalmiIK ,l)w.,., ,., .Ivarilll a,, , ,,., '
I Mr rUlRM In ihla iilum mi .,r it
ilaf MMUr. IMI. '"
J T al.i.j f,,(,
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Ron, Klmor Woolly of Drain, Orenun, Henry
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7lh iliiy of Novumbur, 1801,
J, T. JliiiDOM, Iloglater.
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Notice a hereby given that the following
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on Oetobor loth, 1001, vUl Cluirlua Wlttaoon
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Imiho t. Hlmpaon, M. H. llarkor of Kugtne,
Oregon, aeorgo Hnldor, Jumoa Kuch of Umm
J, T, IlMinaBii, Jiegi'i"'
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