Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 09, 1901, Image 5

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    Goi.DltN WKDMNO.
The fiftieth nnuiversary of the
innrringe of Mr. mid Mm. Mclvln
Dnmcwood drew to their plcnsrnt
home in Gold Hill numerous fricndH
to extend their congratulations
upon n hnlf century of n happy and
well spent life. Among their
friends were the 4 sons, a daughter-in-law
mid two grandchildren, Mrs,
J. W. Hicks of Cottage Grove,
Mr. and Mm. John W. Mastcrsou
mid family, Mr. and Mrs. Ncff,
Mr., and Mrs. Harney Olson and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stover,
Dr. Jnmcs Hradcn, all of Gold Hill
and vicinity. A sumptuous wed
ding dinner was much enjoyed by
nil and later many wishes for con
tinued happiness and health of the
host and hostess were extended in
the farewell of the guests. On the
return of Mrs. J. W. Hicks the
Nugget was remembered by a box
of cake, for which many thanks,
On account of legal technicalities
the late bond election was rendered
void. At a recent meeting of the
City Council nnothcr election has
been ordered, and the day desig
nated is Monday, August 13, 1 901.
It is most earnestly hoped and de
sired that the voters of Cottage
Grove sec to it that every vote Is
polled on that day. thereby ex
emplifying the unanimity of our
citizens and proportionately enhanc
ing the value of, the bonds. Sev
eral parties desire to bid for the
bonds when issued and the city
should get a handsome bonus from
the successful bidder. Let all turn
out and vote.
INJOKUI) By Fai.mno
Iist week at Lorauc the seven-year-old
daughter of Mr. Stone fell
from n horse, striking on her head
nud shoulders, and it was feared
that the base of the skull had been
fractured, ns blood issued from the
mouth, cars and nose. The hem
orrhage was checked. The doctor
found, 011 examination, that no
fracture had occurred, but that
-the Utile girl was very seriously in
JureiT lie fixed his' tittle patient
up in good fihac and when last
heard Ironi the little lady was
gettjng along finely.
Foot Badly Bukkkd
Last Thursday forenoon out on
Moshy creek the little baby boy of
Jasper l'atton had his foot badly
burned. Mrs. l'atton had been
' having nu outdoor fire and her
little boy was playing in the yard
. She had just removed a bed of live
coalH and the hoy in running after
n tin can in play stepped his bare
feet in the bed of scalding ashes,
burning and blistering the left foot
terribly. The little sufferer was
brought to town on Saturday and
taken to Dr. Job, who treated the
injured member, and the boy is
now getting on nicely.
Birthday Pauty.
Last Thursday evening the home
of VV. C. Johnson was the scene of
much festivity, a large gathering of
young folks being called together
to celebrate the seventetth birthday
of his charming daughter, Miss
Blanche Johnson. The young lady
received many presents from her
friends and her loving father gave
her n beautiful gold watch and
chain. All the participants en
joyed a happy evening and
showered Miss Blanche with many
wishes for her future good.
Eakly Corn.
The Nugget man is under obli
irations to Master Lewis McKib-
beu of this city for n couple of
dozen ears of early sweet com of
most delicious flavor. Master Lewis
is one of those energetic little men
who takes more delight in watching
things grow in his well-kept garden
than he does in continuallY roatn-
Si,r tin. streets: rind this fact
coupled with his modest manners,
bespeak for him a profitable and
happy life
Vhuy Sick.
Mrs. Ed McKibben was brought
down from the Booth-Kelly mill
No. 1 on Monday evening in a most
rnnditinn. She has
heart failure and other troubles and
is now at the home of her mother,
Mrs, J, V. Gowdy.
Mr. G. W. Lloyd accompanied the
Boston party to Portland, where,
before going cast, the members
presented him with the following
testimonial which we are permitted
to publish. The many friends here
of Mr. Lloyd will be pleased to read
the estimate placed upon his char
acter nnd services by the men whose
money he handles nud in whose
service he labors. The testimonial
will be heartily approved by nil who
know him: '
To Mil. (Iko. W. Uoyii,
ColtKi' C.rnvo, OrejjMi.
Wo, tliu Now Knuliuid irty,coirito)icd
n olliiWH.iiguriH nud ctockluililurH of the
Itolicniln Guld Milling Company. t thu
clone of a porHOtml mill thorough cxii ini
tial Ion of tho prlnulpiil propertied of tho
coinpiwiy, located In tint lloliciniu Mining
PUtrlct, .Donlim county, Oregon, iluxiro
toxiiy tlmt we heartily colnelduwltli yon
in your anticipating 11 great future, for
tlioUohcmlu Mining Dintric
Wo epp 'dully ilonlro to tentify lo the
marked liiipreKalon mudo upon tin by tliu
inanterly Judgement uud akill you linve
shown uh tiuperintcnileut, In your ml-
mlnlxtrntion of tho propertleM; by thu
carrfulneita and breadth of your ntuily of
the condltloim; hy tho abun-lantiilgtiHof
your high professional ability .In appli
cation to local prohleniH; and wltlml hy
tho ImprcHulvo i 1111 1 i t Ich of your permxiul
hearing toward all daws, giving impor
tant contribution to your edlclency hh a
malinger. ,
Wo heartily apprerlato your faithful
dovotlon lo thu inteientM of thu company
and In addition we tender you ourgrate
fill acknowledgement! for your present
hoHpIiulity and kind attention to our
comforts and enjoyment upon thin trip.
M. V. Li 1 1 In
K. T. '.'human
Henry 0. Alvord
W. F. Trlliou
Ktlwiirtl Maiiter
W. J; Darling
Edward 8. .Vewball
K. B. Martin
Portland, Anginas, IUOI.
Rl'.l'ltl.SUINO SlloWKK.
On Tuesday night this section
was visited with a most refreshing
and timely shower. For several
days previous the warm wave had
been heating and drying up all in
sight, nud the native webfootcrs
were beginning to look serious and
hang out signs of distress. The
embargo of the city dads placed
upon the use of water from the city
reservoirs has had the effect of al
most ruining the lawns and flower
ing plants about the homes, and so
the gentle downpour was indeed a
welcome messenger from above.
For three days previous to the
shower the temperature ran up to
and held close around too degrees,
and some of the old time boys were
sniffing the air for brimstone and
the favorite meeting place of the
festive populist was deserted. All
is changed now, the atmosphere is
pleasant and refreshing, and every
body is happy since the shower.
Busy Blacksmiths.
From early morn till late in the
evening the blacksmiths of this
town arc busy repairing wagons
and shoeing horses. There is much
travel on the road at the present
time and rigs will get out of order
and break down, so the blacksmiths
are having a little harvest all their
own. Much new work is being
made in the several shops and
prosperity seems to have come
upon them with a rush.
Ni'.w and Nkat
The brick building occupied by
the Benson Drug Co. and the mer
chandizing firm of Hemeuway &
Burkholder has undergone n
thorough renovation, been newly
painted, the signs touched up, a new
ponrch and side walk constructed
nud it now looms up in handsome
shape and is an ornament to Main
Making Brick.
C. H. Wallace and son have com
menced active operations in their
brickyard north of town. They
intend to put up enough brick to
make an extra large kiln: There
arc no brick for sale on the market
at present nud Mr. Wallace expects
to find ready sale for nil the brick
he can make this summer.
On bedroom shits, mattresses, conchos,
lounges and window shades 5 per cent,
also other goods at reduced prices. Call
nnd get them nt J. D. Cochruna Furni
ture. Stoic.
personal paragraphs.
vci'ln jvifiinu in III lirnu i'i .
day and will then go back to Itohciula,
Many of thu town folk liavogono to
(hi! IiIIIh In milntf niiinn llfo for u abort
ffunry LandcM left Sunday for Illuo
liiver mining dliitrlct wliuru lie will work
for noiiie tliuo.
.J. L. Loltov Ih down from Bohemia
and feelN very comfortublu on tliuncoro
of that caiup'd future.
Prank Jordan cut hi hand badly the
other day while out on thu road repair-
lug tnu teiegnipn iiuu.
Mm, L. M. Thompcon left thin week
for a half tnoutli'n vinit witli her daugh
ter, Mm, Ilattlo Kent, ntGorvln.
Mr. J. W. IIIckn returned homo from
Gold Hill Friday, whero hIio Httunded
t lit) ecieiiratlon ol liio uoiiien weiiiung oi
Mr. and Mm. Mclvln Dumuwood.
O. W. Mcltoynoldi) camo In from the
Dividu hint tiaturduy on huglncHK and'
mudo tho Nugget office n pleaoant cull.
Mo wax looking wull n rid feeling fine.
.1. 1. Joiich luat week mudo a vlean-iin
on hlnMiiKick Htock of ttU50 Bpot ciiMi.
Mr. .Union now thluka thutirood minimi
oliurcH are mighty nlco thing to own.
Oniric Urn neu ii returned this week
from Portland, whoru lie went on u
InndneHrf trip, and went inlo ISolicmia.
Charley wuh looking lino and feeling
Minn Nina Oxtrander 1b home on a
visit for a mouth from her dtitlcn as
Postal Telegraph opciutor nt Kugene,
and Mien Nuvu PerkliiM will supply her
place at the keyboard.
The planing mill of Glass Ilron. in now
and hint been for u long time running to
lis full cMpaeltv. They aru turning out
dictum work of thu very beet quality
and everything about tho mill looks
John Holland hna been over on Coyote
creek for xeveral (Iiivm, Hit) mother nnd
other relatlvea dwefl over in that section
uud while paying Ihein u visit benlo
gutliered u largo rjuantity of raspberries
to bring lioine. ,
Moat of the Woodmen of tho World
people wlio went to Portland to wltm-M
tlm monster installation at MountTubor
huve got buck to tho Grovo uguin. They
all hud u fine time and enjoyed the
excursion vory much.
Superintendent Itehnoof tho Helena
Consolidated Company camo down from
Ilohemla yecterduy. Tho mill Ih run-
uiug Hteudllv iinif work all about .the
r.. , ii i
mine I! going rigiu uiong. iieiuiiu mi.
'i is in tine' shape uud getting better
overy day.
John Hull, who lives on tho Coast
Fork Homo three miles out. wan In town
on Monday attending to business uud
made thu Nugget u pleasant cull. Mr.
Hull biivh that everythingout IiIh wuy n
propvrbns and tnut pe.icound harmony
reign in bin neighborhood. k
Fingal Hindu nnd wife cam J out (rfim
Ituheuiiii thin week to upend a few Lliiyu
ut their cory little Jiome jn tlw G'rov'c.
Mr. Hindu linn Iuimi iloiiiK'ii gooil fle;trof
development work on hl property and
feclx re wii riled hy llle greatly improved
uppeiiriiico of h(i; inliic, in fact, ho now
liaa his lioldiugs in itxcellent nbape, -
Mm. Dr. Wall and daughter and 3ia
Comer of Luthiim went to Bobcmia on
Tueudiiy by privato conveyance, to'oe
gone fbr n month. Mrs. Willi' will
make camp with her two pons, Italph
and Frank Whipple, who are developing
their mining claims. They expect to
und wjd have u glorious time.
D. K. Spuhr, M. 1)., of Clifton, Ohio,
wuh in town this week on u visit to
fricndH und in now in tho llnhemiu hills
with Ids ton. Tho doctor has been tn at
tendance at the Kpworth Leugu conven
tion ut San Francisco; has made quito n
tour of the coast and Ih now doing this
section before returning to his easfe'rn
C. L. Johnson camo out from Bohemia
on Saturday last und wont to Saleui to
get acquainted with bis wife foru few
duys when Jiu will return to his illo
lio.nln property fbr tho suinnier. .Mr.
Johnson (in a recently furnished the
Nugget with somo breeiy letters of the
doings in Bohemia, for which bo lias our
sincere thanks.
Harry Plilppa of Olympia was In tho
Grovo for u few days visiting tho family
of Colonel Blair. Thu young man is
very near one of tho family, Mrs. Blair
having performed tho otlico of foster
mother to him during his earliest in
fancy and ho grew up Hide by side will)
tier own loved ones. Ho is having n
good tinio uud is u vory agrcetiblo young
Gcorgo Meinzcr, tho popular harness
and saddlery man on Main street, has
tho finest, largest nnd bent stock of goods
in his lino that is carried by any house
in South Luno county. Bead his new
"ad" in another column nnd when you
need anything In his lino drop in and
look over his stock, Ho Ih nil right nnd
ho wants to know yon, nnd it is to your
Interest to got acquainted with him .
frttlnn la nnrnltt, ..Itrnn tliaf (lm firm
of Wheeler & Scott hnvo this day dis
solved partnership. All accounts duo
tho Into firm, can bo sottled with either
party. All accounts must bo settled ut
oncooryour account will bo put In tho
hands of nn nttornny.
Dated July 31, 1001. . ,
II. D. Scorr.
ERS. You are hereby notified to cut
the thistles on and fronting your
city property, within the next io
days from the date of this notice.
Upon failure to comply with this
request the work will be executed
and fee collected from the property
Burt Nonn, Marshal,
Dated August 2, 1901, . . 0:
Iocal greVetics.
Toilet articles, Benson Drug Co.
1-ook at Eakin & llrlstows shoes.
1'nrfumcB, tho hoot to bo had, Benson
I jhIIch crash skirts from 50c ts to $'2.00.
at f.ureh's.
Head real est a to bargains of Jerome
Knox it Co.
Anew invoice of plated ware, clocks,
etc, at Malleoli's.
Cedar posts for sale any amount. In
quire nt this office.
Ixik at iboce ladles watches Just re
ceived, nt II. C. Madsen's.
Mens' nnd womens' shoos at 60c per
pair nt Kakin A Bristows.
Fresh candies every day, made from
pure sugar nt tho Tailor shop.
TIioho now gents double chains at II.
Madsen's nrc beauties. Sco them.
Fine residences, choice lots, business
blocks for sale Jerome Knox & Co.
Shingles and brick for sale.
Kakin & IIiuhtow.
Savo money In buying goods of N.K.
Klren A. Hon. Their prices win trade.
Try u Sunday dinner nt tho Imprkiai.
Hotki.. Hurved from 12 1:.'!0 p
m. und up to date in all respects.
If you want anything in tho line of
pruni ng shears call on Griflln , Ventcb Co.
Valuable mining property in Bo
hemia for sale. Jerome Knox nnd Co.
Only tho best drugs in tho market at
Benson Drug Co. Bring your prescrip
Kverylwdy pleased with their trimmed
ban ut '. b. Klsea & Son, und money
Stationery, tho best in tho market, to
ue found in tOtiage urove, nt uenson
Drug Co.
I will from now sell anything in the
millinery goods ut cost price.
Mns. Geo. Boiiuian.
Stationery, pens, pen holders, nnd
pencils oi every description ut lieuson
Urtig lo.
A larue assortment of tho (Trent fnv
oritcs. Post u m, Caramel und Fig Prune
CcreiilB, at Cummlngs.
Are vou a fanner? Jerome Knox & Co
will sell you u farm or several farms to
suit your convenience.
The drug stock of Benson Drug Co. is
choice, complete, and absolutely the
bestin tliu market, try us.
Latos millinery every week low prices
. i ,1 . . ,
UBlonisii nil. .experienced trimmer.
. E. bLSEA cc bos.
r. V IXntna tltn i.lintrwrrfinltpr in tilt,
lit.. ,i.if .in Main strnot nprt In Klior-
wood Hotel, is doing up-to-date work
and lots of it. Call and inspect my work
and you will surely be pleased. I have
alid it iyn n6t w beat anywhere. Prices
ure within the rencu oi an.
' Jirst received this week a choice va
rfety :of Indies, find Misses flno shoes
Call und seo them nt Cumming's store
Tfj U A.UII iiii.ii. o .ni.vr. niiuji
Main street und see his full lines of
f h i"-nA Hn, nll. al,nn
samples und goods, lie can please you
in nny stylo or lino you muy desire.
f?i, v.inp nrpanrtnlintl flllfvl nt. Rptlftmi
Drua Co. Puro drugs, of superior
Geo. Bohlninn, tho up-to-date tailor,
...III ..I n.l ll l....l .....I ..II
n il! aiiu tuu .11. diiuuch n. u,,
prices. Think of it. A tailor made
suit lor fu una up: ranis f-innu up.
Suits! Suits!! Tailor madnsuitn!!!
Up to date in everv respect, from $15 up.
Cull und seo samples.
Geo. Boiilman.
' We hnvo on hand n largo stock of
kiln-dried flooring, celling nnd rustic in
grades 1 'J und 3. Let us make you
special prices.
Uooth-Kkllv Co.
"Why not spend tho vacation nt Vu-
?iiina Bay, where can bo bad excellent
are, good flsning, good bathing, alluring
rides nnd rambles. Tho courses und ex
ercises ut the summer school, of 1001, a'
Newport, will afford great vnriety of
instructions, diversion nnd entertain
niont. No other resort offers equal at
tractions nnd advantages."
The 1900 assessment rolls will be
closed August 20, 1901, and delin
quent roll made out thereafter.
W. W. Withers, '
Sheriff of Lane County.
In the County Conrt at tho Stnto of Oregon
(or I-Hne Countys
In the matter o( the Ktate of Geo, 1'. Ga
routte, deceased. ,
To Catherine Oarontte, 1. It. Oaroutte and
Garontte, his wife, II. N. narontteanil
Oaroutio, hi! wife, M. L. Oarontte and
Uaroutto, his wife, V. M. Oaroutte, M. 3.
Gross and Gross, her husband, Lucy Hoyt
and Hoyt, her hufcband, Clay Garoutte,
Carl Garoutte, Sadie Uarouttc, M. r. Garoutte
and Uuroutte, hta wife, May Hart and W.
K. Hart, her husband, Jessie. Kelly and Frank
Kelly, her husband, Roy Garoutte, Vern Ga
routte, Alex Garoutte, I-ella Garoutte, CatcMla
Uaroutto, Gnsta Swank and Swank, her
husband, Adelia Huchtmon and llucn-
lnson, her husband, Soli Gross, Claud Gross, Ad
Gross and LIUtoGrossandaU personsunknown.
claiming or having an Interest In the estate of
Geo, 1'. Garoutte, deceased,
In the name of tho State of Oregon yon are
hereby cited and required to appear In tho
County Court of the State of Oregon In and for
the County of Lane In the Court room thereof
In Eugene, In wild County, on Monday theVnd
day of Sepiembor, 8 o'clock In the after
noon of patd day, then and there to show cause.
If any tlicro bo, why tho administrator of said
ostate should not be nuthorUed and directed
by an ordor of tho above entitled Court to sell
at publlo sale to the highest bidder for cash, In
tho manner prescribed bylaw for the sale o(
real proierty on execution, the follow ng de.
scribed real property owned by the said Geo,
1. Garoutte, deceased, to-wlt: The N.K, qur
terof the 8, W. quarter and Lot I of See, 6 all in
Tp. 21 8., It. '2 W. containing 67.0J aoros of land
li! Lane County, Oregon. Orso much thereof
as may be necessary to pay the claims pre.
sented and allowed against said estate.
Witness: The lion. It. It. Kincaid, Judge of
tho County Court 0! lAa County,
Ojegon, this 80th day of July, 1901.
1 r-t Attest! K.U.Lkk, County Clerk.
. J nsAL j By Hoy Kjioii Deputy.
Eresh Fruits
We have tho most Complete Line of FBKSH OR00KUIKS in your
city and are selling everything at tho LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE.
A good assortment of Fresh Fruit nnd Vegetables nlwnyg displayed in
front of our store. Seo our flno lino of FANCY CHOCOLATES and
gyCV and Hcc Vu anil We WW Treat Yon ltlyhtC
SncccoKort to WHEELER & SCOTT,
We will continue to carry a full and complete
stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mining
Supplies, Fish Bro's. Wagons, Oliver Chilled and
Steel Plows, Etc. ::::::
General Merchandise,
Miners9 Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Harness and Saddlery
George Meinzer, Prop. -"
Unallnnnrir.MlM. !3,,,t,lf U'hlnfl . RllrffT Ftllhp. Tltlhl.r nellltlPEta
,lB.nnnh.nrl Alllrlnrianf nAtkllrfni & HlWi'Inlltr All halld-HllU I'd
work turncl out.
Our Farmer Friends can get the Terr
Coma in and examine the goods and
Bon Ton Meat Market
Main Street, Near Fourth
Beagle & McFarlancU
We keep constantly on hand the choicest of Beef, Veal, Mutton,
Pork, Sausage and Fresh Fish in season. Your trade is solicited and
our effort will be to please and satisfy you.
Main Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Supplies Fresh Bread daily, also Pies, Cakes and Confections
of all kinds.
Your patronage is solicited. Give ' us a call and we will try
to please vou.
Before Y011 Buy a Piano or an Organ
It will pay you to write
Eiler's Piano House.
OFFICE: 351 Washington St., Portland, Or.
: o
We are the great 5fjtjstillers and piano price regulators of the
Northwest, and with our'secial facilities can sell a fine piano or organ
for less money than you can get them elsewhere. Write today. Cata
logues for the asking.
Our stock includes the three greatest American pianos the Kim
ball, the Chickering and the Weber together with other good makes.
Easy Payment Plan,
Eiler's Piano House.
Or call on MRS. L. D. BUCK, Iocal Representative, Cottage Grove, Or.
G. Young, Manager.
best at the Lowest Living Prices.
see for yourself.