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rnblUWt Er TrliU.
A Comprehtnlvt Review of the Important
Happenings ol the Past Week Presented
In i Condeiutd Form Which It Molt
Ukcly to Prove of Interut to Our Many
Scvcrnl lives were lost in a tornado
In Oklahoma.
A mint is not likely to bo estab
lished at Manila.
A nuuect wcicliintr $204 lias boon
found in the Klondike.
Secretary Gnco favors a "token'
dollar for tho Philippines.
Tho weather bureau has sent out
warning against rainmakers.
Tho coventor has called an extra
session of the Washington legislature
The explosion of a car of dynamite
at Binghaniptoii, N. Y., cost six
Dr. Dalv. who started tho "em
balmed " beef imitation, committed
Edgar Gicrhafer was arrested m
California for larceny of $10,000 in
New York.
The Lake Washington canal pro
ject has been referred to the general
naval board for linal decision.
Action of Canadians m jumping
Americans' mining claims causes
protest to bo made to former govern
Sixty British surrendered to a Doer
Senator Tillman has withdrawn his
Tho English Derby raco was won
by an American horse.
The labor situation throughout
Spain is in a critical condition.
Fire destroyed a valuable library
within the sacred city at Pekin.
Another naval cadet has been dis
missed from Annapolis for hazing.
Five fishing boats, carrying 177
men have been lost in Iceland waters.
Late advices trom Alaska say the
Yukon river is now open to a point
below Dawson.
There arc several thousand Ameri
cans, in South Africa fighting on one
side or the other.
The driver was killed and three
passengers injured in a British Co
lumbia stage accident,
International survey planes most
valuable mines in Mount Baker dis
trict on American side.
Immigrants suffering from tubercu
losis in any form will not be allowed
to land in this country.
The Mexican government refuses to
allow the removal of a number of an
tiquities from that country.
The delegates of the New York
chamber of commerce were banqueted
by the London chamber of commerce.
There are yet many rebels in arms
in the island of Cebu.
Jamestown, Cape Colony, has been
captured by the Boers.
Judge Taft will be the first governor
of the Philippine islands.
The Chinese emperor is planning a
trip to Europe for next year.
Civil government will be inaugur
ated in the Philippines July 1.
Eight miners were killed by an ex
plosion in a Michigan coal mine.
The cup defender Costutitiun was
dismasted in a squall during her trial
Chicago machinists demand that
tho Employers Association shall dis
band. Three persons were killed and 15
injured, some fatally, in a train wreck
in Georgia.
Construction has begun on a rail
road from Grand Forks, B. C, to Re
public, Wash.
Carnegio says that England will
yet appeal to the United States for
military help.
The president and cabinet has de
cided that an extra session of con
gress is unnecessary.
A new tobacco trust has been
formed to take over the American and
Contrntenal companies.
Twenty thousand acres of hay and
grain were destroyed by fire near tho
town of Los Banos, Cal,
Lord Kitchener's reports of tho re
cent battle at Vlakfontcin shows the
British loss to have been 200.
Russia's casualties during tho Chi
nese campaign were 31 ollicers and
C82 men killed or died of woujods.
Tho city of iTattoon, 111., was
almost entirely destoryed by lire.
Tho property loss will reach $75,000.
Tho rebel general Caillcs doubted
that Aguinaldo had been captured,
and sent a special servant to satisfy
England's averago winter tempera
ture is eight degrees abovo freezing
Germany has now 19,000,000 moro
inhabitants than Franco, 15,000,000
moro than Austria-Hungary, 22,
000,000 moro than Italy.
Mortality among tho colored people
of Baltimore during 1900 was threo
times greater than among tho whites.
Tuberculosis caused ono-tenth of tho
On the American Islands There Are 6,100
Washington, Juno 7. In accord
ance with instructions from the navy
department, Commrnler llenjnmin
Tillpv. tho naval commandant ai
tho United States naval station, at
Tntiiiln. Samoa, has forwarded to
Washincton a reiort on the popula
tion of those islands of tho Sanioan
group under mo junsiiicwun
.. ...... ..!-.. ..r
United States. From tho most reii
ihlo authority in tho islands, ho has
ascertained that tho population of
Tntutln totals 1.000. and of tho
Nanua groups, 2,000, including adults
and children. In addition to ttio
lmtivn nonulation thoro are on tno
islands approximately 100 whites.
Sineo his last report to uio uepan-
ment, Commander tilley lias visiicu
Mm islands of Nanua aboanl his sta-
timi Khin. tno Aiiarenua, aim una
. . .. i ii
found everything in a most satisu-c
tnrv condition. The natives of these
islands, ho says, exhibit much kmd-
ier feeling than ever betore. iney
lavo voted a tax lor uio payment vi
heir officials and for other exronses
of the government. It is paid m
S.. . . i .... At 1.. I
copra. Tno rate is aooui i per mi
for every inhabitant. This, says the
commander, is a very light tax, and
is not in tho loi-st burdensome to tno
natives. The abundant copra crop
of the islands is now being harvested
and shipped, and Commander Tilley
endeavoring to navo inciiawcs
realize fair prices for it something
verv unusual in the p-ist.
Commander Tilley reports every
thing in tho island of Tutuila in a
very satisfactory state.
Naval Cadet Dlsmised From Annapollt Acad.
emy Convicted by Court Martial
Washington, Juno 7. Following
tho examplo set at West Point, ttio
superintendent of tho naval academy
has caused a cadet to bo dismissed
for hazing. In this case, however,
the accused was tried by court mar
tial and regularly convicted. Tho
statement in the cao made public
at the navy department is as follows:
"Tho court martial before which
Naval Cadet Calvin Joy Crcasscy,
fourth class, was tried Juno 3, con-
ened by the superintendent of tho
naval academy, pursuant to tho
authority vested in him by the act
of congress, approved Jiino ioiu,
having found tho specification of
the charge preferred against him
proved, and that he was guilty ol
the charce. 'violation of the act ol
congress, approved on tho 23rd day
of June, 1875, to prevent hazing at
tho naval academy,' which recom
mendation was approved by the super
intendent, ho was dismissed from the
academy accordingly."
The details of the court martial are
not mndo public, but it is understood
that the dismissed cadet was discov
ered in tho act of hazing another
cadet in his room by compelling him
to stand on his head. It was sus
pected that the practico might spread
rapidly, so drastic and speedy action
was had as a deterrent.
A Philippine War Veteran and Officer In the
Regular Army.
New Whatcom, Wash., June 6.
Colonel J. J. Weiscnburger, of tho
First regiment of tho National Guard
of Washington, died hero yesterday,
aged 4G years. Death resulted from
cerebral meningitis, which caused
tho sufferer much acuto agony. Col
onel Weisenburgerdistinguished him
self in tho Philippines, in which war
ho served as ranking major in the
First Washington regiment. Ilia
gallantry was on several occasions
mentioned in tho dispatches, and
General Merriam recommended him
to President McKinley for promo
tion Ho was given a lieutenant
colonelcy in'tho regular army, but soon
resigned it, and returned here, whero
lie took up tho practico of law. Ho
was city attorney of this city at tho
time of his death. Ho was a native
of Illinois.
The Country Passing Through Another of Its
disorderly Periods.
Madrid, Juno 7. Tho situation
throughout Spain remains critical.
Noninai tranquility has been restored
at Corunna, but tho Octroi offices arc
still occupied by gendarmes, and ar
rests continuo to bo mado. A general
striko is threatened owing to a refusal
of one factory to employ 300 work
men. Tho railway men have struck
at Vigo and anarchist excitement is
rifo at Barcelona, whero tho "reds"
met in defiance of tho civil governor's
prohibition and passed secret resolu
tions. Senor Gamazeo, a "Liberal
leader, characterizes tho crisis as an
exceedingly gravo moment for Spain.
On the American Side.
New Whatcom, Juno 7. Tho
boundary commission of tho Ameri
can and Canadian governments en
gaged in relocating tho international
line on tho western slopo of tho Cas
cades havo completed thoir work
through tho Mount Bakor mining
district, and find that it runs threo
fifths of a mile furthor south than
generally believed. All tho most
valuable mines, however, aro on the
American eido.
Commercial and Financial Happr.nlngs of Inv
portance A Brief Review of of the
Growth and Improvement of the Many
Industries Throughout Onr Thriving Com.
monwealth Latest Market Report
A nugget, valued at $38, was found
on Pine creek in Eastern Oregon.
Sleet and bhow fell at La Grande
recently, No damage was done.
Governor Geer will deliver the
Fourth of July oration at Uakor City.
Tho Bonanza mine, in Eastern Ore
gon, yielded nearly $110,000 for the
May cleanup.
Cattlemen in tho John Day district
havo oragnized for protection against
cattle tluoves.
The extension of tho Similiter Val
ley Railroad to Whitney has been
opened to tralllc.
Tho Lauu County Veterans' Asso-
citaion met in Eugene. Eighty
members cr.o present.
There is strong ground for suspicion
tnat John Mnniey, who was found
dead in balem a few days ago, was
An extensive program was rendered
At the commencement of tho Oregon
Acricultural College, Corvallis.
There were 35 in the graduating class.
Cherries in Marion county are fall
ing off pretty badly and appearances
do not iudicato as largo a yield as ox-
ected. The size and quality prom
ises to be good, however.
Ground has been broken for the new
Patterson school building at Eugene.
iVbout 100,000 pounds of wool was
sold tit The Dalles tho other day for
10 cents.
Placer work in tho Weathorby and
Durkeo districts, Eastern Oregon, is
now in full progress.
Slugs and cutworms aro doinc no
small amount of damage to early gar
dens around Cottage Grove.
The Oregon Telephono Company
has a largo force of men employed at
Dallas making extensivo repairs.
Preparations for tho Eastern Ore
gon Fourth of July celebration, to be
lield in linker City, aro bcinc pushed
with vigor.
Tho hop yards in Lincoln countv
aro looking fine. Tho great trouble
is to get a sufhcicnt number of men
to do necessary work.
John A. Van Gross a student in the
University of Oregon, has iust re
ceived notice that lie has been award
ed a scholarship in Yalo University.
Albany col lego commencement cal
ender June 14 to' 19 provides an elab
orate program of orations, sermon--receptions
nnd reunions. The college
is just closing its 34th year.
A prominent mining engineer from
Colorado is making a tour of the sev
eral mining districts of Eastern Ore
con in tho interest of a largo syndi
cate of capitalists of that state.
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, COc. ; val
ley, nominal; blucstcm, Gl62c.
per bushel.
Flour Bqst grades, $2.903.40 per
barrel; graham, $2.00.
Oats White, $1.321.35 percen
tal; gray, $1.301.32 per cental.
Barley Feed, $1717.50; brewing.
$17 17.50 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $17 per ton; midd
lings, $21.50; shorts, $20.00: chop,
Hay Timothy, $12.5014: clover.
$70.50; Oregon wild hay, $07
per ton.
Hops 12 14c. per lb.
Wool Valley, ll13c; Eastern
Oregon, 7llc; mohair, 2021c.
per pound.
Butter. Fanpy creamery, 15
17c. ; dairy, 1314c. ; store, 10
12c. per pound.
Eggs Oregon ranch, 1212Jc.
per dozen.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 12c;
Young America, 13J14c. per
Poultry ChickenB,mixed,$3.504;
hens, $45.00; dressed, ll12c. per
pound; springs, $1.50 3 per dozen;
ducks, $57; gceso, $07; turkeys,
live, 1012cr dressed, 1410c. per
Potatoes Old, 90c$1.10 per sack;
new, 2c. per pound.
Mutton Lambs 4?5c. per
pound gross; best sheep, wethers,
with wool, $4.254.50; dressed, 07o
per pound.
Hogs Gross, heavy, $5,750;
light, $4. 75 5; dressed, 7c. per
Veal Large, 0J7c. per pound;
small, 78c. per pound.
Beef Gross, top steers, $55.25;
Cows and heifers, $4.504.75; dicsscd
beef, 77c. per pound.
A Georgia coroner's jury brought
in tho following verdict recently:
"Tho deceased camo to his death
from a railroad in tho hands of a re
ceiver, and the samo is manslaughter
in tho first degree."
Banana flour has lately bogun to bo
used in making cakes, bread and bis
cuits, It is also used as a children's
food, and for dyspeptics. In the
making of beer it is claimed that it
can bo advantageously used in placo
rf barley.
Klondike Oold Pouring Into Dawson at the
Rale of $40,000 Per Day.
Dawson, .May 21, via Seattle, Juno
8. I ho spring cleanup Is in full
swing in all parts of tho Klondiko
camp. Millions of dollars' worth of
tho precious dust hits been washed
from the mountain-like dumps of pay
dirt that were taken out by tho army
ol toning miners through Uio long,
weary winter mounts, witiitn a
mouth $3,000,000 or $1,000,000 moro
will Havo been taken out and tho
washing of tho winter dumps will bo
miiNitcd. 'l no spring olean-up of tho
camp Is estimated at $15,000,000,
and thosuniineroutputat $10,000,000.
Tho dust is coming into Dawson at
tho rate of $30,000 to $10,000 u day.
After two or three weeks tho roads
will bo drier and it will How In at a
heavier rate. Tho two banks at Daw
son aro busier than they havo been
for months buying or receiving tho
dust for storago. Tho big trading
companies aro receiving a great deal
of dust In payment for goods advanced
to miners during tho winter. The
camp is in a nourishing condition,
and everywhere good feeling prevails.
Tho first shipments of dust of any
consequence to the outside will per
haps not start for iv week or two, or
until tho river is at a moro steady
stage and tho lxmts run moro regu
larly. However, there will bo it rush
of people out by tho first boats, and
all will carry moro or less of the
precious product.
Tho work of washing up is in pro
gress on all tho creeks, mid all aro
sending in dust. Soino of tho moro
remote creeks aro not sending much
yet, because of tho muddy condition
of tho roads or trails. Some of tho
trails aro almost impassable for oven
tho pack animals. What gold is
sent from Gold Run. Hiinkor, Domin
ion, Sulphur, Eureka, Quartz, Last
Chance, Gold Bottom and others of
the outi-ido creeks comes by horse
back. The stages from Grand Forks
frequently bring in us much as $20
000 at a time, and it is no uncommon
sight to M'c prosperous mini) owner
car crying into banks grips of tho yel
low metal that draw them heavily
Administration Hopeful That It Will Accept
Washington, Juno 10. Tho cabi
net was in session over two hours
today discussing tho Cuban and
Philippine situations A communi
cation has lcen received from Gover
nor General Wood in regard to the
prospect for tho unconditional accept
ance of the Piatt amendment, but its
contents are not made public. It can
bo stated, huwcvur, that thcro is a
hopeful feeling in administrative
circles that after tho first soreness
wears off tho convention will sec tho
wisdom of accepting tho terms of
tho amendment. Tho answer to Gen
eral Wood to le scut and the language.
of tho communication was under
consideration today. Meanwhile tho
status in Cuba is to bo maintained.
No action looking to the calling of
another convention is contemplated
if the present convention should de
cline to accede to our terms.
Tho program looking to tho estab
lishment of civil government in tho
Philippines is being formulated in
tho shape of an order which is to be
promulgated shortly, It is said that
thcro is no definite conclusion as to
whether the powers of tho civil ad
ministration will bo exercised under
tho general war powers of tho presi
dent or tho power vested in him by
tho Spooncr amendment. That, how
ever, is considered a matter of detail.
Tho main point is that tho civil ad
mnistration, which will bo confined
largely to tho municipalities, will bo
vested in tho head of tho Taft com
mission and such other officials as
may be designated, and that they
will exercise their functions subject
to tho direct authority of tho secre
tary of war, to whom all reports will
lo made. Civil administration un
der military supervision, such as is
contemplated, is said not to bo anom
alous, and tho civil government in
New Mexico and tho Southern states
during tho early stages of tho recon
struction period aro pointed to as be
ing substantially analogus to what is
proposed in tho Philippines,
Sentence Commuted.
Denver, Juno 10. Tho stato board
of pardons has commuted to 18 years
the Hie sentenco of JS. O'KolIcy, tho
man who killed Bob Ford, tho slayer
of Jcsso James. Tho killing occurred
at Credo, Col., July 12, 1892.
Telescope Mirror Broken.
Pittsburg, Juno 8. A great 30
inch mirror belonging to a Newtonian
reflecting tolcscopo at Lick observa
tory was, shattered into many frag
ments wtiilo it was being drilled to
convert it into a casscgrain glass.
As a result it is probaulo that tho
long projected exposition of tho Lick
observatory into tho southern hemi
sphere will havo to bo postponed.
l'rofessor Jirashcar will mako a now
glass for tho Lick scientists, but tho
glass cannot bo obtained in less than
six months. It was valued at $3,000.
Big Fire at Lexington.
Lexington, Ky., Juno 10. Tho
Otts cooper shop burned this after
noon and tho firo communicated to
other buildings so rapidly that it was
feared for some, timo that tho city
would bo laid in ashes. Tho firo was
boyond control for two hours. Twon-ty-thrco
houses, mostly tcnoments,
wore destroyed, with thoir contents.
Loss, $80,000.
Ma'orlty Does Not favor the Proposition, as
They Believe that Cither It or the Puget
Sound Naval Station Would Have to be
Abandoned In the Cnd-Mlnorlty Made
a favorable Report.
iiMiington, Juno 10. Tho naval
board appointed under tho tonus of
an net of congrins, to examine Into
the adavntagoH of Lakes Union and
Washington, In tho stato of Wash
ington, near Seattle, as froth witter
basins for laying up naval vessels,
has mndo an adverse re-tort upon tho
proposition. The majority find in
sulwtaneo. after careful examinations,
that, having in view tho Inwt interest
and welfare of tho navy, u fresh water
basin in this location separated by
some distance from tho naval station
on Puget sound, would bo oxKMislvo
to maintain, and in the end, one or
tho other would huvo to bo abandoned.
Tho minority of tho board mado a
Btrong plea in favor of tho proKsed
naval basin, and dinouss at sumo
length the engineering work which
Would be required to carry out tho
High Explosives Canse Trouble Between the
Army Ilurcas.
Now York. Juno 10. A special
from Wa.tihiigtou says:
High oxplosives havo disturbed re
lations betwien tho bureau of ord
nance and loard of ordnance and
fortifications. A bitter controversy
has been raging lictween those two
hranclics of the army lor moro than
a year and has been brought to tho
attention of Secretary Root Tor linal
Tho fortifications law authorizes
tho secretary in his discretion to
purclutso for $100,000 tho right to
manufacture thorite, an explosive for
filling shells, and tho Ishaiu shell,
a projectile in which tho explosive
gohitiuo can lx fired. Tho board ol
ordnance and fortifications, has re
commended that tho secretary of war
acquire tho patents upon the explos
ive shells named.
Tho luiard of whioh Major Rogers
Ilirnoys is president, has leon con
ducting tests at Sandy Hook. Tlioso
explosives included thorite, maxim
ite, rendrock and others. Its rejiort
has just Ik'CU received but General
llullliugton decline to make it pub
lic. It is known, however that the
Ixmrd reports that "after exhaustive
trials of thorite ns a shell filler, In
cluding field, siege and seacoast shell,
it is found that a reasonable degree
of efficiency cannot Ihj obtained, and
the lioard therefore recommends that
the tests Ihj discontinued."
Maximito seems to have pleased tho
board moro than thorite. Tho board
of ordnance mid forticliutions thinks
animus influenced tho ordnuueo
board in its decision.
Secretary Root the Real Head of Philippine
Washington, Juno 8. Tho now
civil government to bo established
in tlio Philippines is receiving tho
considcratou of tho president and tho
secretary of war. It will differ hut
little from what was first outlined,
as thoro will bo a governor for tho
archipelago and legislative council
and other officers. This government
will have control of all civil affairs,
but it will bo under tho war power
to tho extent of being directed by tho
secretary of war. Thero will bo a
nico distinction as lo tho iiuthortiy of
tho general commanding tho troops
in tho Philippines and tho governor
to bo appointed under the civil gov
ernment. No official declaration lias
been mado as to which will be the
supremo authority, but it Is known
that tho secretary of war will bo su
premo. Wliilo it is not tho Intention
to conduct tho government of tho
Philippines under tho I-orakcr law,
that law will bo taken as sanctioning
what is to bo dono. Tho new govorn
ment will bo similar to that which
existed for a short timo in tho early
days of Now Mexico. Thcro was a
civil L'ovcrnor. appointed by tho pros
ident, and a commanding general of
tho army. Both had their functions
in preserving tho peace and control
ling tho affairs of tho territory.
Major George Arthur Dead.
Olevoland, Juno 8. Major Ocorgo
Arthur, assistant paymaster of tho
United States Army, who recently ro
turned from tho Philippines, died
suddenly at tho Wcddell housof this
city, early yesterday. Ho was obout
43 years of ago and unmarried. Major
Arthur arrived at tho hotel at a very
early hour, and sat down in a chair in
tho lobby. Shortly afterward an at
tacho of tho hotel found him gasping
for breath and unconscious. Ilo was
removed at onco to a room, but soon
June Snow In North Dakota.
Jamestown, N, D., Juno 8. A
snow storm occurred today through
out tho central and northern por
tions of North Dakota. At James
town snow fell two hours. A similar
etato of affairs is reported in towns
on tho Jamestown Northern Railroad.
Tho snow quickly molted. Snow foil
lato in May 1891, but a similar oo
currenco in Juno is not known to
havo happened before
Sureon on Miles' Staff In Pnrlo Rico -Insomnia
Affected Illi Mind.
Pittsburg, Juno 10. Major V. II.
Daly, dirgeon on tho staff of General
Miles In' Porto Kluo, committed sui
cide tit his homo by shooting himself
In tho right temple. The body wat
found In tho bathroom lying In a
pool of blood, with a !I8 ciilllw'
volver lying on tho floor. Dr. !' oi ,
who was summoned at once, found
tho bullet hole In tho toinplo mid
announced that death had taken
place several hours before. No vtuim
Is known for Dr. Daly's deed, uiilees
It bo that insomnia drove hlui tempo
rarily Insane, l'or some time ho
had been unablo to sleep regularly.
The doctor was a widower anil leaves
no immediate family. Ilo was 50
years of ago and for many years lind
boon prominent in inedleal circles.
Ho gained international promlueiieo
during tho Cuban war, as it was his
report to tho commanding general
of tho army that started tho "one
halmed" beef inquiry.
The Boston Yacht Independence Takes An
other Trial Spin.
Boston, Juno II. Tho IndeM'ii
deuce hiul another short sail In tho
bay this afternoon, and tho hreeo
being only modorato the yacht spread
moro canvas than has yet Ikmjii hoist
ed. Tho sea was smooth, and again
sho proved her wonderful reaching
qimhtiox, boNidoMshuwingcoiiHiderablo
ability hi windward work. Not only
did sho hold very well up to tho
broozo, keeping within an averago of
three points, but sho footed quite fast
and tacked in tho lieigliorliood of 20
seconds. The trial was confined to
less than two hour) of actual sailing,
most of tho timo leing spent on the
wind or reaching, and as yet tho yacht
has not been sent deail to leeward, It
leiiig thought well lo wait for the
spinnaker and club to-wall. Thero
was no accident today, barring u
slight rent the miiinsail, which
rather hindered tho setting of that
great" piece of canvas. Tho yacht
may go out again tomorrow after
noon, although there is considerablo
work to Im done iihiii her.
Collision Causes Two Trains to Be Blown lo
Atoms Six Lives Lost.
Illughnmptoii, N. Y., June II.
While a freight train on tho Lacka
wiina was taking water at Vestal, 10
miles west of hure, It was inn into
from In-hind by a double header wild
cat train. In the second car from
the caboose of tho stationary train was
a largo quantity of dnyamite, which .
was exploded by tho impact. Six
men were killed and three fatally in
jured Both trains woro blown to atoms,
but tho remainder of their crews
CMcaHd with slight injuries. Much
damiigo was done by tho concussion,
most of tho windows in Vestal and
Union, across tho river from Vestal,
being shattered. Ringhampton's
plate glass fronts did not escape,
ninny of the largest glasses In tho city
lwing broken. The shock was felt
at a distanca of 30 miles.
Officer Who Is Now In Siberia lo Secure the
Animals May Starve to Death.
Seattle, Juno 11. Tho minimi voy
ago of a government ship to Hil-cria
after reindeer, according t,o Dr. Shel
den Jackson, who left for tho north
on tho transport Warren today, lots
been abandoned for tho season.
Lcutcnant Borthoff, who crossed Rus
sia and Siberia last year to gather u
herd of deer, will bo left to get along
as best ho can until a year from tho
coming July. Dr. Jackson thinks
Borthoff may storvoto death or perish
whilo waiting for a ship to take hiini
off. Ho is likely to bo left all
alone, and to his own personal efforts
for subsistence throughout next win
ter, as thcro aro few natives where ho
will bo. It will bo impossible to at
tempt to rescuo him until after next
Juno, as tho ico will permit no ap
proach to tho coast.
Prospector's Rich Find.
Davenport, Washington, Juno II.
II. D. WinholY, a prospector, ar
rived yesterday from Stevens county,
having in his possession. a gold brick
valued at $834. Ho refused to toll in
what manner tho specimou was se
cured, but oviddntly it was extracted
in a crudo manner from oxcedingly
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Emperor's Return Postponed.
Shanghai, Juno 11. An imperial
edict, issued Juno ((, announce that,
owing to tho hot weather and tho ml
vanccd ago of tho Dowuger Empress,
tho return of tho court to Pokin has
been postoucd .until September k
whioh tho astroloirors
a lucky day on which to oommnco a
Fell From Dome.
Buffalo, N. Y.. Juno 11 r.
, w - "M'lr
niandor J. II. Bull, of tlm ir..t.i
States navy, in ohargo of tho hydro
graphic Borylco on tho Pun-Amorican
grounds, foil from tlm 'n, (
government building. Ha Bkull
Was fractured about tho loft oyo, and
ono of his logs was brokon. Tho ,os
nltnl authorities say that, while bin
injuries aro serious, ho probably will