Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 17, 1901, Image 4

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Kntertffttthe polofflc t Cntug Gror,l
Oregon i Second Clan mull matter.
Milbocrintlon i.rli-. 81.00, 'In mivnnrx.
AilvortMnr rt nmi'n known upon
Friday, May 17, 1901-
people may be induced to go Into
St. There is no more favorable lo
cation in the state than here, and
if the enterprise will pay in other
sections it is bound to pay here
The Junction creamery alone paid
to the farmers of that vicinity last
mouth $1000. The good people of
Junction do not claim that they have
any advantage over Cottage Grove,
but we must admit they have
With each through train from Their advantage lies in their
the east comes meu seeking inlor- ability to seethe true worth ot a
nation and purcuasers 01 uregon first class creamery, ana eacn
timber. Only within the last few month, especially those months in
years have eastern lumbermen, be- the year when money is always a
. .. .-J -..51- . . .. . s . t t
come luiiy acquaimcu wuu mc imie naru to get, iney una uicm
enormous timber belts of Oregon, selves already in a position to put
and already vast acreage has been in circulation, which Cot
purchased, with indications that in tagc Grove, providing she starts j
now, must wait another year. How
about it eentlemen? Can't we use
another thousand dollars in our lo
cal circulation? Let's try it, an
then, if we find we have too great a
circulating medium we can con
demu the creamery business,
Flnu rcsldcnros, cliolco lot, business
blocks for sulo Joromo Knox A Co.
Bownro of nlr dried or halt dry floor
Itiir. rotllne Hint rustic. Tho Uooth
Kelly Lumber Co., nro innkiiig special
prices on iciiiwiriru itimuur.
Try tho now romody for roatlvonciis
Clinmbcrlnln'i Stonmeli ntul Llvor Tab
let. Kvcry box tniarauteod. Price 2ft
wnts. For Mlo by Uknnon Duim Co.
or TUB
- . . . .Int. In
n lew snort vcars every uvauuuic
ncre of timber land will be owned
by these operators. The lumber
ing industry made Wisconsin,
Michhran and Northern Minnesota
the great states that they are. in
creasing their wealth millions of
dollars; and today, the tide has and cut off the revenue
turned toward Oregon, and already
the great state feels satisfactory re- J MEMORIAL DAY PROGRAM
Knits from the concentration of the
timber capital. But the tide has Ord Post No. 13 G. A. R, will
onlv now turned our way: the bene- meet at City Hall at 9:30 form rank
a. : TVn vmm niTo in lead of procession Ladies of
ij. J3 Vbl IU WUJk. - J 0 I
... ... , r ftrnln W. I f" A T i"Vl.
many said it would De years ociorei v... w . . ..... ..,
the truttinirsaw will commence Fellows, Rebekahs and other so
the reduction of our mighty forests ciettes, firemen brigades, school
to lumber: which in time will be children, citizens and the boys in
converted into money, circulating gray are cordially invited to join
throughout the state; but this cry with Ord Post. Procession will
today is far-fetched and grows start at 10 o'clock sharp will march
fainter as each year brings us nearer to cemetery where the union cere
the realization of the wealth bound tnony will take place, then all are
hr,nth thp- hnrlr of ftrepWs f rent invited to decorate the graves of
fir trees. When men who have soldiers, friends and relatives, then
made a success in the timber busi- rm l'e and march to town and
ness. who have lived to see the disband for dinner to assemble at
northern pineries stripped of every Methodist; church at 2 o'clock
foot of timber through their own where an address will be delivered
efforts, invest their money in Ore- y M Elizabeth Wand of Salem
gon timber land we have a right to department, president of Ladies of
believe in their judgment, and that A. R., all are invited to attend
they estimate the time nt-ar at hand The following are the flower
when the slaughter of the crrent committees, the flowers to be de
forests ol the Pacific northwest will Hvered at City hall
be a reality. From now on each Miss Dolly Hawkins, Mrs. Geo.
year will see many hundred timber- Thompson, Mrs. J. K. Barrett, Mrs
men added to the manv hundreds L. H. single. Mrs'. Curtis Veatch,
Tito M National Bank
At Cottage Grove, in the Stole of Oro-
(foil nt tliocloseof bnslnois, Apr., 24, UK) I
Iioani ml discounts It0,2 l
Ovcrdrntlt, Mcunsl and untoetirtd.... 2,311 Ot
V. 8. Honda to tecum circulation 12,500 DU
'remtuma on V. S. Donils 684 CO
Stocks, iccurltlei.eto 7,219,31
Ranking house, furniture, and flxtur , 00
Duo from National thinks (not Kcsvrvo
Acvuti) 171700 09
Pu Irotu appmvoil rcicrvo agents..... 15,Ufl 17
Internal. Itevonuo atHinva SO W
Fractional imper currency, nickels,
audcont .' SS71
Specie I .! tw
9,161 CO
Redemption fund with V. .8 Treasurer
(S per cent of circulation) CSS 00
Total 137.C74 M
Capttat itock paid In , K.0COC0
Undivided profits, 1cm cxjiensci and
taxes pId 41 M
National Hank notes outstanding;. . .... 5,CW CO
Due to Trust Companies and Saving
Hanks ISO 49
Individual deposits subject to check.. 37,103 IV
Denand certificates ot deposit 290 00
Total , 137,074 CO
Stntoof Oregon,)
County of Lnno.)
I, Herbert Euklti, Cachlorol tho above-
named bank, ilouolemtily swenr thnt tin
aboru statement 1b trtio to the best of my
knowledge and belief
Snbiicribed nnd sworn to boforo me
this 11th day of May, 1901.
J. E. Yonso.
) Atteat:
( Dauwi.v HnisTOiv
Directors) J Gko. M. Hawlky
( N. W. Whitb
already at 'work in our forests
Wuat does this mean.' It means
thousands of dollars put in general
circulation. It means additional
wealth wealth to the day laborer
wealth to the merchantmen'
wealth to thetimberman wealth
thousands upon thousands of dol
lars of it to every branch of trade,
Oregon is blessed, and that blessing
destines her to be one of the great
est and richest states on the Amcri
can continent.
The creamery business in the
Willamette valley is today assum
ing promising dimensions far in ex
pectation ot the most sanguine
hopes of its enthusiastic supporters
of a year ago. Today as you glide
along over the Southern Pacific
Co.'s road traversing the most
beautiful valley on earth the
Willamette valley at all the im
portant points and many of the
smaller ones you will see new
creameries some small and others
large but all of sufficient size to
meet the present demands upon
them. At every point you will see
the express car door opened and
cans containing the cream from cer
tain stations the amount of.which
is not sufficient to justify the loca
tion of a creamery, taken on and
empties put off. The fact is the
project which Mr. Markham of the
Southern Pacific has been so in
strumental in putting into a flour
ishing and successful condition in
this state, is today a very impor
tant itidustry among the farmers
and growing in popularity every
day. Why? Because it is a sure
money earner. It gives to every
farmer who has energy to procure,
keep and take care of from one to a
dozen cows a monthly income,
which is as certain as death and
high taxes. Cottage Grove is just
a little behind the times, but per
haps by the time the farmers in
other sections of the state have
placed their creamery business
upon a sound basis and are making
more clear money from it than the
rest of their farm brings them, our
Miss Ethel Wooley, Mrs. Dickey,
Miss Dorwood, Misses Delia Dur
ham, Bessie Griffin, White, Nettie
Burdick, Yancie, Rhodes, Dessie
Harms, Rhodie Ring, Judie Colley,
Mrs. laura Koe. Memorial ser
mon will be preached at the Metho
dist church in the morning of the
Gth by Rev. Crandall. The Post
and Ladies will march to the
W. H. Lincoln, Com.
RobtGrippin, Adjt.
F. E. Miller, Committee.
Several cases of sickness around
George Canady went to Eugene
Mr. Tucker went to Albany for
a snort visit.
An attempt is being made to get
a library for the school.
Mrs Jimina wter and son are
visiting Walter Canady and family,
Mr. DeSpain of Philomath came
up here last Tuesday returning
Ruben Tucker, Martin Tucker
and Miss Eva Tucker went down
the valley on their wheels Sunday,
Read real
Knox & Co.
estate bargains of Jerome
rrrmox fok liquor license.
To Whom It Slav concerni
ponce is ncreuy given mat ino ionowing
petition will he presented to the Count Court
or Mine uouniy. uregon at us June ivui term,
to-wlt on Saturday the 8th day of Juno 1901 :
To tho Ilonorablo Countr Court In. and for
ijine uouniy nu ciaie oi uregon.
tub unaersigncti, you petition, Jonn h.
Moyu. ol emu, Oregon, respectfully, yet earn
cstlv reaueststhat allcenM roar bo
him by your Honorable Court for six months
una that he may bo itranted a license to sell
Spirits, Malt and Vlnlous Liquors at his place
ol business at Acme In afd Ennu L'ountv and
State of Oregon. Your petitioner further repre
sents that ho will keep an orderly bouse and
will not permit any unlawful gaming, or riot
ous conduct In or about bis house And your
petitioner! ever pray :
G. R.Thurman. John I. Powell. It. Mills. John
Fletcher, lvv Morris. I.. I. Ilulterfleld. H: V.
Hughs, John I. Ilutterflcld, Win. llrynd.H. O.
Btlngley, Wra. F. BatTey, O. C. Cumpton, II. It.
iiariin. u. w. riicoiie, i.
dell, W. W. Bay, K. K.
F. Woodcock. L. V. Bt
u. roil, John r. Ford, w. F. Miles, J. Young.
wirth. W. U. Neelv. H. J. Kevmour. W. II. IIol.
comb, F. E. Hewitt, J. J. Denner, J. C. Btlngley,
u. uassiay, v. Yates, J. a. jure, I. n. smith,
it. a. jiarri
Evans. A. O.
Condon, T. M. Hath
Morris, Wm, Uar-
Lynch. Jas. Cossrove. N.
Btlngley, T. 0. fSaubert, Geo,
r, C. Yates, J. A. Hire, I. M. Bmlth,
rrlng, Wm, Kyle, J. Felltnan, E. A.
O. Funke, J. F. Montgomery, F. T.
F. Holste, dus V. Dorks,
levmour. It. F. Dennis.
C. BHUbert.N. Belnes. W. 11. Grey, W. 8. Ilrewer,
C. Ileek. Casner Trlden. Georire Present!. J.
A. McLeod, C. II. Morgan, Andrew Montgomery,
ii. r. wniieiocic , r. r. iiort, j.h. vi&rn, w. r,
Harris. Chas. II. I.ncy. (i. W. Craven. W. II.
Bailey, E. Morgan, Hans Hanson, John A, Ma
son, u. Harnett. James Morris, t . iteady. it. A.
Funke, J. L. Banborn, E. E. Murr, John Holger,
Geo. II. Colter, A. T. Anderson, C. (1. Uehuke,
C. E. JUrwood, it. II, Bernhardt, a. P. Hind,
Successor to B. F. PHILLIPS,
Groceries, Flour
and Feed.
Lurch's Lurch's 3
Jsjtq the finest in the City.
You can now get a good Selection,
I Lurch's
Lurch's 1
My all Tofetlicr !
In tliu sprlns time ccntlo Annto
There'll n smell lit the buck yard
And 1111 odor in our city
Thnt liltw tho ntnirtgcr hard.
I:'ri 1111 nryument for rowvrnuo
Hut thi're UMiiotlivrplnii;
You can ro o Hie New Km Drug Storo
And you umy buy u can olClilorido
of Lime.
Ita very flno
Tiilco It In time
Don't losou dollur
To nitvo a ill me.
Call early and avoid the rush .
11 r eh nut fi
Driiff Store.
Xelnon, yew lira
Be in the Swim
Buy your goods where
you get them at Right Prices.
We carry n full nnd cotnplcle stock of
Hardware, Iniplciiienis and Krerying for the Miner!-
We nlso handle the celebrated FISH BRO'S WAGON,
OLIVER CHILLED Plows, Tents, Wagon Covers, McCormiek Binders
and hi fact everything in the hardware line.
Give us a call. -se
When you Want
Good Shoes
Low Prices
The most simple, practical and durable
Typewriter on the market at any price.
Ask for catalogue.
PRICE $35. E. L. KING,
General Agent for Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Albany, Ore.
All kinds of Produce bought
at the highest market 'alues.
Call and get acquainted with
us. We shall be pleased at all
times to quote you prices
upon all lines handled by us,
whether you buy or not.
Our Stock is New, Neat and
Clean, and having had years
of experience in business, we
assure you the very best goods
the market affords, and the
lowest possible prices
Remember the place: Phillips'
old stand, Cottage Grove, Ore.
Meat Market.
A CHOICE LINE of the best
Meats the market affords constantly
on hand.
Pure Lard a-
CWe will PLEASE You
Our Market will be closed at 10
o'clock a m Sundays.
Bnrtcls & Ernest.
Main Street, J
11 ., -
Yorans Shoe
Store Before You Buy . a Piano or in Dpi
It will pay you to write
All Fashionable Ladies.
All Mall Order h
Promptly Filled.
Eugene, Oregon.
Dycing& Cleaning Works,
C'oatl, - - - - f 1.00, lip.
VeM, - - - - Jib, up.
l'nt, - .75, up.
Suit!, - 2.W,np,
Single garment! In proportion.
I)rt' pattorni, - "J j eti per yard,
Dre!, ... - ji.00, up.
QISO.I2.ail IIWITJI, Agent.
Rough Lumber,
8B6 per m. at -
Saginaw, Ok.
Having permanently located in
Cottage Grove, I will take a few
pupils. Harmon' and Thorough
Bass a Specialty. Either German
or American method.
Call at residence, North River
Mrs. W. H. Abrams,
Mrs. C. Wolfer, the Home
Healer, will be in Cottage Grove,
on the 27 of each month to remain
until the 29th iust. Consultation
free. Terms lor personal or absent
treatment very reasonable. . Tooth
ache and headache treated free.
All who arc sick are invited to call
and consult me at the Sherwood
Yours Truly 1
Mks,:C. WoiiFBR,
The Horne Heajer.
Eiler's Piano House
OFFICE: 351 Washington St., Portland, Or.
We are the great profit killers and piano price regulators of the
Northwest, and with our special facilities can tell a fine piano or organ
for less money than you can gel them elsewhere. Write today. Cata
logues for the asking.
Our stock includes the three greatest American pianos the Kim
ball, the Cltickering and the Weber together with other good makes.
Easy Payment Plan,
Eiler's Piano House.
Or call on MRS. L. D. Buck, Local Representative, Cottage Grove, Or.
Closing' Out
4 All Goods innst go at some price
$ ...Two Weeks Sale...
Opposite Post Office.
mon to travel nnd advortleo fur old cstnb-
Hulled lioiio 01 Bolln llnnncliil Btimdlii
Siilury $780 11 year and oxpontici, all
payablo in cnmi. No canvassing re
quired, uivo roioronccs and encloso
Bull addressed stamped envelope Ad-
drc'aSMunagor, 355
;uxtgii JJlclg. Cliictt-
wanikd. Cupablo, rollnblo pornon In
oyery county to ropreBent liirgocompnny
of solid financial reputation s $930 salary
per vear, payable weekly; $3 per day nb
Bolutely sure and nil expenses; straight,
mum-Hue cumrjr. no commission; salary
puiu euuu omuruuy ami expenso mon
advanced each week. BTANDAB
H0UBK, 334 Dkjwiiojin St Chicago,