Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 17, 1901, Image 3

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.' I iTK,.4
Allied Armlet Keinnnilbe for Mnth of lh
Anarchy nxftllnif In China
Now York. Mny 8. Tho latest nmll
irom uniriii brought to tho ntutu de
piirtineiit now proofs of tlio terrll.lii
filial tllttlllill.d tm,it 1. 1,. 1fl(... .
li.a k., ii.. A..1L..111.. . I'"""'!'" I'nii viiiiiu cimaiuoim
"""" wiiioJt exist tint or tho forok... mill.
Inry ruin, in North Olilim, involving
bodying the Views of Different Senators, ' ' 01 ii'nuUoro fully real-
. .. . ' iird t'VOII ill WllMllIliirton. inn utterly
M Waslunton It It
That the Memorandum i Preienled, Cm.
T h.U.. fl .... . . a
j.uiii.uii, jiiiiv o. I lid Amni'lnlr-il I i ... .. ...
mrnt.lrv .1... .l...f, . ' trusted oineinis in tho
Nicaragua ciuml treaty. It in under
stood timt it. iidvibur. neutrality.
mailed from l'n-
KlM a month ngoi
lilO (lllcsl (III III nilHliwr Mm In
Ill'lllllltV. niw. ,( !,,.
.tJ,u.i.,lu, ,or wm.i irtaiy. mils Ol UlU CllillCN0KOVCriltll0llt. il
Washington. Mnv 8.- It In learned :,ot pnniniount. All the people who
from an nutliorlllvo Houroo that before l'r.. "kt,,y l kll,)W declare that tlio
Secretary Hay loft hero for tho West I p,,,l.1(;', JX'asant can stand no greater
no Had sovorn conferences with Lord "union 01 taxation than In tlio pant.
ratincofoto rolatlvo to tlio basis for m 1,10 question resolves iUolf Jarta-Iy
nnothor isthmian canal treaty, and lo. retlital tlio exjtonso of collection.
that an unolllolal written inemonin. Mvn,c'' 1,1 Cliina involves radical ro-
duiu nlso won submitted to Lord 'on"?' Another proposition for
PaunctHoto on tho sublcct. Tho nm-1 heeling tho indemnity in to crant
bassndor him mado known tho goncrnl ''lenitive mining and industrial con-
results oi wicso conversations nnd of r " 1 " ' ' 'H'"'' "'a mat nicnnt
tlio memorandum to tho authorities mr.ltr'"g l"cir independence, and
in London, and It in doubtless to this "y'K P oikIIchs troulilo for tho Chi
Reported Fully Upon Their Trealmenl While
In Washington, llolli Soclil and Official
Report Made a Good Imprciilon on the
Cuban Conilltutlonal Convention A Tew
Radicals Oppose ill Acceptance. itniaiive-wiii Mot uivuhje iiimpprreinled in tho United Hliiies
Conlenti of the Document. Kfiieritliy. The character of tho in
loriinttloii wlnoli him now como into
Did lllhilllil(r,ilw...'u ...........!.... I..
minion Of tho Uubmi constitutional
convention, which returned hero from
Wiwhlneton Slay Ii at tho secret boh
oion pretiented an extensive roport of
Hit conferencoH with I'rcnldent Mc
Kininy and Secretary Jtoot and
clowiiij; account of tlio banquets and
reccptionii tendered tho mcmbcrn,
SiKiior Oilcrga objected to incor-
porating an account of tho social
programme in tho report, but tho
commisHion instated upon thin
point. In referonco lo tho third
cliniHO of tlio l'lutt amondmont, tho
reimrt slated that tlio United States
would not intcrveno unloso Cuba is
attacked bv a forcL'ln nower and
there- Mints in Cuba a condition of
nllairN Himilar to that which existed
under Spain at tho tirno of American
intervention. Jtegarding coaling sta
tlons, tlio roport set forth that the
places no denired by tho United States
were CancB Maysi and San Antonio
ana anotier point commanUing tho
cntranco to tlio uull of .Mexico.
Thco would bo definitely determined
when drawing up tho treaty. Tho
object of these stations would bo tho
is not a prolVer of n treaty, it conveys ,."rfv' ''""ccrs wantonly impaling maintenance of tho independence of
to tho Urltlsh" authorities what is nnn. I Httlo children by the waysido in the Cuba as well as tho Protection of tho
siuoreit osHcntini ny tlio sonators who "lr' " rcKin aro some ot tlio least united fttntes. Tlio report also, said
control tho ratification of any treaty 1,10 "'-'" authenticated horrors, and that tho United States would in no
...I. I -I. til I . . 1 . I 1(1 UHmn I1.. I.I I .. .1...! rtl 1 - l . . .
iviiiun win no mnuo. it also is m;ik mimiura a ueau uni-i "y iniuncro wun mo local govern-
learned inuiri-ctly from senators who ,,wu V,lnMI,ul 111 J"81 nB "atislactory nient and that President JIcKinlcy
navo neon consu p It nit nmoiiL- tlin " umienco oi no nuartcr iw n c cad una promised to aimointa eommis
cniet teatures oi the negotitaioiis aro xer iney neitner know norcaro
n neutralizing of tho canal, the Unit- lor 1110 trilling distinctions Htuton alouo undertaking to guar- 1,10 ''''. even if they could
iiuteo mis neutrality, and tlio adiiiis- kw, cuiihi uoi set up an adminiBtra
ion of all shipping on mi equal basis tivo macliinery of tlieir own for the
with that of tho United States. Al- "l'r. Tlioy iuuhI restore tho power
that allusion Is made in tho London
dispatches. Tho negotiations, how
over, aro so tentative and informal
that tlioy aro not regarded an an olli
cial cxclmngo or proposition, What
they embody is not mado known,
uiuugu it is understood they nro
chiclly an exposition of tlio views
held by tho United States senators as
to tho essential features which should
bo included In u treaty. Whilo this
nose, who aro quick to recognize the
'If tho wholo horror nf tlin mnrvlnr
and pillage dono lietwcon Tien Tsin
and I'eklii conies to bo understood in
the United States and in Kurotw.
tho Hum of it in no irreat as cnmimrMl
to the numlier of Cliristians who have
suffered at tho hands of tho Chlneso
tjiat, rightly or wrongly, tho Chinese
are likely to tie held tlin iniiirnl
1U 7
Tented Vlllaei are Beln Erected In Jack. 1
Jacksonville Fin., May 9. Tho
Almost superhuman work of the dif
ferent committees has somewhat re-
liovcd tho situation and it is now be
lieved thnt in every instanco thoso
without protKir food and clothin if wcro 8
in a measure cared for tmlav flfirl f lint.
tonight thero am vimt.1v fnu..r ,..ininM
who wero coinielled to Bleep upon tho !
streets. Two huiiilrnl u .Mill wirn i .
erected today, and whilo thoeo woro i
very crowded tonielil nm! wlilln i
oral Churches ands clioolhoiises in tho
suburbs wero also crowded with sleep
ers, this condition will ulso be reliev
ed tomorrow by tho arrival of 2,000
tentfl from th 0 ?eilfriil rmvnrntnnnf of.
Washington, which will bo erected nt
once. Tlio military companies liavo
Imjcii of great assistance with their ex
perience in rapidly erecting tents.
rhcrowill also bo nrovided severnl
extra commissary stations in various
parts of tho city to relievo tho situa
tion at tho two already established.
There has been no outbreak of
ncss in the city. Thousands of peo
plo have left tho city. Those remain
ing will bo iriven somo kind of lnlmr
nt tlio bureaus which havo lecn cstab-! 1uIremcnta of tlio tree can be better
lished. The cleaning up of the Btrects understood. Hut few 'fruit growers
has been going of rapidly. I keep their trees open enough. Tho
Clouds of smoke still i-nvolnnn tlin ' trees are so dense thnt the brunches
city from the smouldering embers of cannot perfect themselves and neither
wio conuagraiion, but many build
ings havo been sufficiently coolwl off
to allow the safes to bo opened and
books and papers of a great many
concerns havo been fount! nnlv
lightly scorched. Twel Vft nflrlnnrla
of provisions have arrived from New
TiiffiT"i r
l'rilnlntr the Orcltnrl In Fnmnur.
IJesldes the thinning out and shorten
ing of fresh growth In summer, such as
has been referred to several times In
these columns, It would often bo work
well dono to thin out branches which
are too closo together, branches which
should have been cut out In winter, but
which were neglected. It Is often a
good deal easier to see when to cut in
summer than It Is In winter, as the re-
though, ns stated, thoo conferences
mid these written memorandums havo
liccn exchanged, it is not exxctcd
that there will bo any further nego
tiations prior to Lord l'auncofoto's
Iopurturo for London, which occurs
Juno fi, or during his alwcnsc. The
Uritish embassy will remove to Now
port as soon ns tho ambassador leaves.
Hion to meet a Cuban commission to
(INciisi tho economic question and
to draw up a commercial treaty as
soon as tho republic is established,
and that ho advised tho Cubans in
tho meantime to study tho situation
to some native mrtv. and the miinL-cr in this roMtiraL Tlin rnnrmntitntivn
they do it tin better for China. Tim announced that Sccrntnrv Mnnt li.ul
ChiuuKu estimate that 1,000,000 of said that there was nothing in the
their people havo lost thoir lives by l'lntt amendment to prevent Cuba
violent deaths or starvation about from hnvinir dinlomatic rciiresiiita.
rekin and Tien Tsin since tho allies
camo. "
Many Other People Burned and Injured In
CWcajo Fire.
'..'4ilic,lK0r?Iny 8. Seven tcon!o wcro
miriiLn 10 ueimi, inrco latally injured,
and several others slightly burned and
othorwlso injured in a lire that de
stroyed a thrco story apartment build
lug at 8910 Marquctto avenue, South
Whilo tho occupants of tho burning
uuiKiing woro struggling with tho
snioko and flames in hope of forcing
inoir way to siuciy, tno iircmon who
were resiionuing to tno alarm wero
vainly waiting for a freight train,
which blocked tho way of tho firo en
gines, to movoaway from the crossing
and givo nn opon road to tho lire.
Marshall Driscoll, in chnrgo of tho
firemen, called to tho conductor and
brnkemen to movo tho train, but they
reiuscu to comply with his request.
Tho polico woro sent for and the train
crow arrested. Then, under orders of
tho firo marshal, tho tram was backed
from tho crossing, but by tlio timo tho
firemen reached the burning building
tho structure had been destroyed.
Scattered among tho embers
found tho charred remains of tho vict
ims. Tho bodies woro burned beyond
recognition, and woro identified in
various ways.
Tho train crow aro being hold nwait
Ing an investigation by tlio coropor.
Tho origin of tho firo is unknown.
Tho building was an old one, built of
wood, and burned so rapidly that nil
avenues oi cscapo by stairways wero
cut off before tho occupants wore
awaro of tho firo.
Thirty Ninth Infantry and Others Just Re.
turned from the Philippines.
Han Francisco, May 8. Tho Thirty-
ninth infantry was mustered out of
the sorivco today. Tlio Thirty-second
xwoniy-iiiutii and Twenty-sixth will
an ioiiow in a low days. .Nearly nil
tno ouiccrs ot tno Twonty-sixtli in
fantry havo been ordered to appear
oeioro wicoxamining board lor com
missions in tho regular army. Tlio
reduction of tho sizo of tho nrmv in
tho . Philippines will brine homo
immediately after tho return of all
tho volunteers tho regiments of tho
regular army who havo been longest
in tno riiuippines, tho i-ourth caval
ry, tlio fourteenth, Eighteeth and
iwenty.tiiird infantry.
iho transport l.gbcrt. which has
just arrived from tho Philippines will
bo detained in quarantino for a week
or more, a soldier having diedof;nnal
pox miring tno voyage, ino cabin
passengers, however, will bo fumi
gated and allowed to land.
Orjtnlzatlon With Slxtyflve Millions
Now York,
been issued by
garuing mo orcan
cd States Shinbuildine comnanv tin
dcr tho laws of New Jersey to acquire
tho Nowjiort News Shipbuilding &,
DrydocK Co., tho Union Iron Works,
San Francisco; tho Hath Iron Works,
Ltd., and tho Hydo Windlass Co., of
Hath Me,; tho Crescent Shipyards
and tho Samuel J. Mooro & Sons Co.,
of Elizabethport, N. J., and tho
Cauda Manufacturing Co., of Car
taret, N. J. The total annual ca
pacity is estimated at 380,000 tons.
Tho aggrcgato orders of tho con
stituent companies on hand promise
an estimated profit of over $5,000,000.
Tlio committee will bo authorized
under its charter tn issim cnnitnl
Ottumwa, la., May 9. Turlington stock to tho amount of $65,000,000.
flowers nor fruit can be looked for,
When branches arc but small one Is apt
to forget tho future and permit too
many of them to form. It Is well to
keep In mind that a lot of Inside
branches to which the sun never gets
will not bear fruit. They are useless
and should come out. that tho sun may
reach what are left In summer time
It Is easy to see at once when enough
has been thinned out Besides this ad
vantage, there Is another, viz.. the scars
quickly heal when cut while the sap Is
active. Iieslccs tho thlnnlnc out and
MavO A ' it i slmpenlng of the tree, summer pruning ( would perhaps be called "Just past
l',v 11 rw it j rv. of cherr-es. Plums, pears and like fruits , bard dough stage." If cut earlier
nVni .ii itt u llas tho ctTcct of making' them fruit fodder will be better feed, but tl
o.ganization of tho Unit- i, , , . r .... -n-ni ,.i ... j, .
attach tho team to have the If no of
draft Just right We remember seeing
n farmer using a now plow, which ho
condemned a being tho meanest thnt
ho ever saw, Yet n llttlo change In tho
hitch from plow clevis to whinictrco,
and a little adjustment of the harness,
proved It to be a good plow, whilo the
horses wcro doing better work nnd not
expending one-hnlf as much strength.
Yet lie had probably plowed moro acres
In his time than we have square rods,
and with his old plow could have turn
ed as good a furrow as any man In
town. American Cultivator.
JTnrret nr Kofflr-Corn.
In the recent quarterly report of th
Kansas Department of Agriculture li
a most excellent article on Kaffir corn,
prepared by J. O. Honey of tho Stats
Agricultural College, upon request ot
Secretary Coburn. Concerning the har
vesting of the crop he says: Kaffir com
remains green until frost and the seed
does not shatter; so. If grain Is the only
consideration, there Is no great hurry
to harvest; It can stand until after
frost and the stalk Is dry. But cener
ally the fodder Is a consideration, ai
well as the gram, and then the problem
is to cut when the best results from
both may be obtained. The longer th
fodder stands the hnrder and less pal
atable It becomes, while If cut too earlj
the best yield of grain Is not secured.
After the grain Is hardened so that II
Is difficult to mash between the thumb
nnd finger, and there Is little molstnre
apparently in the seed, there will b
very little shrinkage In the grain. This
bearing In a short time. A youmr shoot be considerable shrinkage In the
of a cherry cut back -within a few eyes grain.
of Its base, will form fruit buds on tho i 0nc thing that has kept this crop
spur left A pear shoot shortened In ! frm being more generally raised It
tives in foreign countries.
Engineer Killed and a Score of Passengers
one-half will often form n fruit bud at
the point where cut off. Very often a
tree which has not fruited will be mado
to do so for the first time by these
means. There Is always much pleasure
In having n tree of good outline, and
for this and the reason already given,
pay attention to the pruning. St Louis
Yacht Constitution Lowered Into the Water
at Bristol.
Germans Fired on Orltlih.
z Tlon Tsin. Mny 8. Somo German
soldiers who wero guarding a German
bridge across tho Pel Ho river at tho
iouth end of tho Uritish concession
here; fired on tho Uritish tug Tho
Ego this morning, wounding two ot
her crew, Tho bridgo Impedes rvior
traffic and tho tug touched it.
' Japanese Monument to Perry.
Ilorkoley, Cal., Mny 8. Baron
Kontnro' Kiuieko, pressident of tho
Hoi Yu Kyo Kai, tho American asso
ciation of Japan, has asked the assist-
nnco of tho University of California
in rousing public intorest m tho
movoinoiit to erect at Kurihamu'ii
monument coinmcmorntivo of tho
landing of Commodore Perry half u
century , ago. A considerable fund
. has already boon raised, and it is ox
5 i peotcd that tho nionumont will lie
unveiled on tlio coming anniversary
. of tho landing of tho American envoy.
Marlon hjnaclo Prado Dead. ,
Purls,, May 8.-rMnrion Ignacio
Trado is dead, aged 74 years. Prado
participated in Qonoral Castilla'a rev
olution against tho Echugoncs gov
ernment in 1854. Ho marched
ngnlnst Lima in 1805 and entered tho
cnpital Novombor 0, nt tho head of n
vlotorious urmy, Novombor 20 he
declared himself, dictator nnd was sub.
eloquently oleotcd constitutional presl
dant by tho Pomvlan congress. He
wus agate olected president in 1870.
Uristol, It. I May 8. With her
mil gaily decorated with 1 aes and
!icr deck well filled with sailors, tho
Liin1lf. Prttlbf if tlf frvti iit.ia 1tioAnn.i
watv vuiiunitu VIUII ttlta UIII1DLC111M1
this evening by Mrs. ilutlor Duncan,
who broko tho traditional bottlo of
wino on her glistoning bow, just as
sno Biaricu siowiy uown tho whys into
tho sea. Tho scono was a brilliant
ono, as the Constitution was slowly
lowered into tho wator, tho cheering
from tho boats outsido being loud and
vigorous, whilo tho searchlight from
tho steam yacht Colona, just outsido
tho dock, illuminated tho stern of tho
Constitution. Itockots and other
fireworks added to tho gaiety of tho
situation. As tho storu of tho craft
omorged from tho shops, tho privato
signals of tho members of tho syndi
cate woro displayed on small flagstaffa
upon her deck.
passongcr train No. 3 was wrecked to-
day whilo passing Thayer, a small
town 18 miles east of Crcston, causing
tho death of tho engineer and injur
ing over a score of passengers, none
fatally. Tho locomotivo hauling the
passenger train struck un engine at
tached to a freight train that was
backing onto a sidetrack. Tho pas
senger engine and nil but two cars of
the passongor train left tho rails, and
rolled down n 20 foot embankment. ,
Thayer is situated in tho bed of a
deep ravine, nnd on cither side of the
station tho track curves slmrnlv
A Double PtavB Rllo.
These silos are 12 feet In dameter by
30 feet high and are set 0 feet apart
and Inclosed as shown. The doors of
the silos face each other In the Inclosed
nlley. They are filled from the win
dows shown In the gables. They are
Miners Object
to Rule That Non-Payment
Confiscation of Dust
Seattle, May 9. Dispatches from
Dawson under dato of April 23 state
that tlio royalty has been officially
reduced to 5 per cent and that cer
tificates must bo presented at the
boundary showing that the royalty
has been paid or suffer confiscation
of dust. A vigorous protest is bcinc
Neither engineer could sco tho other's, undo by the miners, wiTitin vii lonr. n nnnn '
other. Tho iiassonucr train was run
ning nt n high rato of speed. Tho
engineer of tho freight train heard
tho passenger train coming, and
made tho utmost endeavor to back
his heavy train onto tho sidetrack,
no succeeded in getting all but the
engine on tno siding when the crash
camo. As tho passencer train round
cd tho curve, tho cneincer saw his
peril, but stuck to his post, reversing
us engine, throw on tho air brako to
tho emergency notch, nnnlied the
sand, and awaited tho crash. At the
last moment tho men on tho freight
train lumped, escaiunc serious muirv.
Tho freight cugino was thrown across
tho tracks and tho passcngor engine
nuricu uown a loot ombankmcnt.
Torquolse for McKlnley.
Santa Fo, N, M., May 8. Four
beautiful and valuablo turnuolso from
the Porterflold mines In tho Burro
mountains woro presented to Presi
dent MoKinloy by Govornor Otoro.
Tho largest Btono woighs 20 carats,
una was a superb specimen.
Sheet Music Trust
Chicago, May 8. Arrangomonts
hayo been completed for tlio forma
tlon of n combination of tho eight
lending publishers of popular sheet
music in tho United States.
' Smallpox' on Ocean Liners.
Now Ydrk, Mny 8. Tho ocean lin
ers arriving q Into aro nvoraging 1,
000 immigrants each, nnd tho health
officers of tho port are kept busy.
Stccrago passongcrs with sore oyos nr
rejected, ns a enso of small pox was
discovered on a German etcamor. A
steamer from Marseilles had thrco
cases of smnllpox among her 1,173
stccrago passorigois.
Salmon. Cancrsf Trust Almost an Assured
Now York, May 0. Tho Journal
of Cbmmerco says: It was learned
from n reliablo sourco last night that
tno Alaska 1'ackers' Association.
which has been tho chief obstaclo to
tho proposed consolidation of the
salmon paokors, had givon options
on its various plants to tho syndicate
wnion nas been Becking to effect such
It is learned that tho Alaska Paok-
era' Association had placed a valua
tion of $12,000,000 on its outfit.
Tho indications aro that tho matter
of consolidation will bo brought to a
head at onco. Tho plants oxtond
from Chilkoot, in Alaska, south to
Scattlo, 900 miles ulong tho coast.
Somo of tho best known financiers in
the United States nro behind tho deal,
and nro understood to bo actually
Tho proposed capital of tho com
bination is to bo $32,000,000. The
capital will bo in common and pro
ferred stock nnd debonturo bonds.
There lias been n marked advance
in tho prico of beef and eggs but there
a ample supply to last until naviga
tion opens. A cold storage plant has
been erected by Tacoma peoplo at a
cost OI if JU.UW.
Sluicing has already commenced
on 6omo of tho creeks and consent
ttvo estimates placo tho clean up at
the problem of harvesting. There are
a number of methods nnd they all
have their merits. If the fodder is de
sired for feed It Is perhaps best to cut
stalk hnd all and leave In the shock
until dry. The best machine for ac
complishing this Is the corn binder,
which leaves It In bundles of conven
ient size for handling, and the foddet
Is held together. The common method,
however. Is to cut with n mower, and
the crop should be left to cure well
before raking. Ordinarily It Is put Into
large shocks or small ricks containing
from a ton to three tons each. This is
dono with a hny gatherer, "buck rake,"
or "go-devil." and saves a great deal
of handling. It keeps In excellent con
dition when treated this way and can
be hauled when needed. It Is ready to
harvest In about 105 days after plant.
lug, nnd this should be before frost, as
freezing while green Is detrimental;
besides, the hay will not cure as well
In cool weather, and It Is essential thai
It he as perfectly cured as possible.
Will Request the Powers to Obtain One
Pekin, May 9. China will request
tho powers to obtain for her a loan
sufficient to pay tho indemnity as
soon ns tho amount thereof is mado
known. Sho will also ask for an ex
tra 20,000,000 tnols to bo provided
annually, according to tho proposi
tion ot tno ministers.
Tho foreign ministers havo decided
to address n collective noto to tho
Chineso government informing it
that a joint indemnity of 450,000.000
taels would bo domandctd and asking
what method of payment is proposed
A reply is expected by tho end of tho
built of 2 by 0 Norway bill stuff dressed
on a bevel to fit n 12 foot radius. It
takes SO pieces of 2 by 0, 12 feet long,
nnd SO 2 by 0, 18 feet long, a total of
2,400 feet of Norway bill stuff, to build
ono of these silos. It also takes about
100 pounds of No. 0 steel wire, which
will make about SO hoops, put on In
groups; shingled roof; tho silos painted
threo coats on outsido and a coat of
raw linseed oil on the inside. Ohio
No Strained Relations.
iiOmlon, May U. -Tho rumor thnt
tno roiaitona notweon Gormany nnd
Russia aro strained on necnimk'ni
slights on tho part of Count Von
Wnldorseo aro discredited at tho for
eign offlco, though it is Admitted
that a majority of tho nowors nrn nnn.
sldorably irritated by tho field mar
shal's numorous expeditions it is not
boliovcd thnt this has led to ait dofl.
nite mlsundoratanding.
Fiendish Crime In Kansas.
Leavenworth, Kan,, May 9, Miss
Bonnie, nn cmployo of tho state peni
tentiary, whilo gathering mushrooms
near Lansing, was struck on tho back
of tho head by an unknown person
and rendered unconscious, nfter
which sho was assaulted and then
thrown into nn old well. The young
woman regained consciousness and
after repeated attempts reached tho
surfaco and wont home, whero sho
told of tho crnno. Sho stated that
sho had caught a glimpso of her
assailant and would be able to iden
tify him, Miss Bonnio died soon
aitcrwaru, Searching parties are
scouring tho country.
Several Persons Mtsslnj.
Now York May 9. Firo whioh
started jiiBt before midnight on the
ground floor of tho fivo story apart
ment houso at 750 Loxigton avenue
drovo 20 or moro families into tho
street nnd many peoplo had narrow
escapes. Tho polico nnd firomon,
aided by citizens, rescued several per
sons. Two "were injured and several
are reported missing. Tho fire started
in a butter and egg atoro. It spread
T.lmlna Foil.
If wo thought we had soil that needed
more llmo In It to sweeten It, we would
prefer tho phosphate of lime either as
an acid phosphate or in tho very tine
ground phosphatlc ,rock, or basic slag,
such ns nro usunlly called floats. In
any strong soil, rich In humus or decay
ing vegetable matter, or where a green
crop bad been plowed under, wo think
cither of these would dissolve quickly,
while the cost Is not much greater than
that of sulphate of llmo or common
land plaster. Then we should get the
benefit ot the phosphoric acid as well
as of tho lime. But to get the full ad
vantage of tho llmo we would put tho
field In cabbages, cauliflowers, turnips,
wheat or other small grains, or In
grass, l.nne is or nine auvantago for
corn, nnd on potntoes It Is said to In
crease the senb nnd decrease tho value
of the crops If not the quantity. With
n strip of litmus paper It Is easy to as
certain If the soil uecds lime, as the pa
per put In wet soil will turn red If there
Is too much acid, but If It Is still blue
the soil is sweet or has llmo euough.
Wood ashes nlso contain lime, mixed
with potash. In some soils this is the
best form to apply lime, ns potash is
often needed, but It Is not easy here to
buy good wood ashes. American Cultivator.
Ralalnor l'onnc Tnrkera.
There Is neither luck nor tact In rais
ing young turkeys, but simply good care
and the right kind of food, says a Field
and Farm writer. Ono of the first
steps Is to have good eggs from well
mated fowls. Set the eggs under a
chicken ben. Be sure not to give bet
too many or she will wean them when
too young, or as soon as they get large
enough to crowd. Five or seven nr
enough for one ben. It takes the eggs
nbout four weeks to hntch and every,
thing should be In readiness for the'
poults. It Is necessary to have n good
coop.. Make It without a bottom and
set It on the ground. Confine the hen
and let the little turkeys run In and
out-at their pleasure. Put tho coop
awny from the chickens, and with
planks about twelve Inches wide and
eight or ten long make them a small
park so they cannot wander away from
the mother hen. The coop should be
i moved to n fresh place every day and
I tho little park every other day until
! the little turkeys are old enough to fol
low the hen mother. Young turkeys
that run with old ones will grow faster
nnd nro fnr less trouble, but they nre
likely to wander away and get lost -
Kosy-ltunnliic Plows,
Wo are not suro but that a plow
would be better If it hnd ouo haudlo In
stead of two. Tho plow which requires
a man to exert both hands to uso It
Is tiresome to both man and tho team.
Even lu stony ground wo hnvo guided
tho plow with one hand nnd not put
out as much strength on It as we did oa
tho reins that guided the pair of horses
that wero not used to working together.
But to do this one must know how to
Notes from the Plneery.
Salt nnd nshes aid digestion In swine.
A clean feeding place for swine Is a
prime necessity.
Lice rarely Infest hogs that have
plenty of sulphur.
Itusty old straw Is one of the worst
mntertals for bedding swine.
Cholera In the herd travels swiftly
from ono animal to another. '
The healthy hog's stomach Is as reg
ular as clockwork In demanding food.
When feeding for fattening always
watch for signs of Indigestion. Obey
tho first sign by reducing rations.
Cholera will be prevented If sulphur
bo mixed with the salt nnd nshes. Tho '
sulphur mny be mixed with slop nlso.
When n pig refuses to eat and thumps '
nnd has his hair turned tho wrong way.
trot him out nnd give him a doso of ax.
Make tho dose a big one.
Itomember that smiling nnd cram
ming and Jamming fpod Into a pig to
fatten It lu a short time Is a wholly ab
normal, unnatural performance. We
must expect It to wreck somo of 'the
forced animals. Rural World,
The Marty Heo Pollinates the Frnlt
Experiments mado some time ago nt
tho Michigan Agricultural Collego
showed that tho bees were altogether
tho earliest Insects out; that at tho tltno
the average fruit tree Is In bloom It Is
too early In the spring for other Insects
to be of any .value for fruit polllnatlpa.