Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 19, 1901, Image 8

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    A member of Cottage Grov
Camp No 6424 says while we havi
nothing startlinir to report, the
outlook for the future is cncourng'
ing. Our camp has been without
a well organized team for over 18
months, we have now elected
chief forester who is now organiz
ing a team that will prove to be a
success to ' the camp. We ask the
neighbors to come out and give us
some encouragement. The camp
has appointed a committee to pro
cure the necessary equipment for
the team. We will not try for the
prize at the St Paul Head Camp
this summer, but if any team in the
neighborhood beats us tniQ02 they
will have to hustle, you bet.
Neighbors when I scan the
columns of the V oodman paper,
and sec what is being done by the
different camps throughout the
country, it causes me to wonder
whv every man either married or
single does not seek admission into
some fraternal society, that is con
ducted in a way that every honest
man can belong to and when a man
lias others depending upon him for
support he ought to insure his life.
When this is done if he has been I
wise enough to ascertain with
reasonable certainty that the fra
ternity to which he has committed
his important trust, is a safe and re
liable one. His thoughts as he
leaves home eacn morning to en
gage in the duties of the busy
world are if the worst comes to the
worst his loved ones will not be
turned out on the cold world home
less and friendless.
A Woodman.
Washed down n tclccrnnh lino wlilcl
Clma. C. Kills, ot Lisbon, In., hntl to
repair. "Standing wiiltt neon in
water," lio writes, "gave mo i terr
poM mid i-nmrli. It urmv Worso dn
Finn IK- tho best doctors ill Oakland
Neb.. Sioux Citv mid Omnlm tiniil I lm
Consumption niid could not live. Thou
I begun nsl 111? Dr. Kttiu'a Now Discovery
mm tYHn wiiouy curni 11 ni. uun .-!
Positively onnraiiteed for Cotinlii. Cola
nnd nil Throat mid l.tnii! troubles by
Kknson Diu'a Co. Price Mw nnd $1.00,
Having permanently located in
CottnRe Grove, I will take n few
pupils. Harmony nnd Thorougl;
Bass a Specialty. Either German
or American method.
Call nt residence, North River
Mrs. W. H. Abrams
Mrs. C. Wolfer. the Home
Healer, will be in Cottage Grove
on the 27 of each month to remain
until the 20th 111st. Lonsultation
free. Terras lor personal or absent
treatment very reasonable. Tooth
ache and headache treated free
All who are sick are invited to call
and consult me at the Sherwood
Yours Truly
Mrs. C. Wolpkr,
The Home Healer.
Parties desiring lady to go to the
house and sew by the day, should
consult Mrs. O. Fredericksen. Price
$1.00 per day. Telephone No. 113
Mrs. O. Frkderickskn.
TISM. Quick relief from pain.
All who use Chnmberlnlns Pain Balm
for rheumatism are delighted with the
quick relief from pain which it a fibrils
"When speaking of this Mr. D. X. Sinks,
of Troy, Ohio, says: "Some time ago I
had a severe attack of rheumatism in
iny arm nnd shoulder. I tried numer
o is remedies but got no relief until I
was recommended by Messrs. Geo. F.
Parsons A Co., druggists of this place, to
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. They
recommended it so highly that I bought
u bottle. X was soon relieved 01 all pain.
I have since recommended this liniment
to ninny of my friends, wiio agree with
ne that it is the best remedy for muscu
lar rheumatism in the market." For
Hale by Benson- Dnco Co., Cottage
Grove. LyoxbA. Aitleoatk, Drain.
Here is a chance to get your boy
into a paying business on a small
pital. I have a choice Iotothigli-
Kiade Belgian Hares that I will sell
in pairs at very low prices. There
is 110 need to send to California
when you can get the same thing
hero at home. Lord Britain, Sir
Styles, Fashoda, Yukon, Red Rover
and other fashionable strains ate in
stock. F. A. Rankin, Eugeue.
The operation of through trains be
tween San Francisco and Los Angeles,
via Surf and Santa Barbara, will begin
on Sunday, March 31, 1901 on the new
Coast Line two through trains daily.
The Const Line Limited leaving each
terminal in the morning, equipped
with elegant cafe nnd parlor curs, will
make daylight trips through the most
picturesque, varied nnd entertaining
scenes on the continent. Inquire of
agents of the Southern Pacific.
Greatest of
Gold Properties
3680 Acrcs9 Miles Long.
250 Milli n T ns
Richest Gold-Bearing Quratz,
ground by nature's hand into gold
laden gravel, from 50 to 600 feet in
dentil over the entire property. In
addition, company owns
1-U Miles
in length of river bed, each mile of
which contains many million! of
gold, situated on the Rio Grande,
iti Taos Co., New Mexico.
100 Million Dolta for
J. G. Crawford of Albany, Ore.,
Brought from a farm near Tangent
recently the entire skeleton of a
woman taken from a mound which
he reports is undoubtedly that of
one of the original mound builders.
A like skeleton, that of a male, was
secured in the mound several
months ago.
The Wood is constantly being purified
by thelunga, liver and kidneys. Keep
these organs in a healthy condition and
the bowels regular and you have no
need of a blood purifier. For this pur
pose thiro is nothing equnl to Chamber
kin's Stomach nnd Liver Tablets, one
dose of them will do you more good
than a dollar bottle of the best blood,
purifier. Price, 25 cents. Sumples
free ut Be.nso.v Drug Co'a drpg store.
Eleven thousand fleeces of mo
hair were pooled and auctioned off
at Salem, March 27, for 22 cents
per pound. There were six bidders.
This is considered one of the finest
lots of mohair ever gotten together
in the state. About 100 goat
breeders were in attendance.
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn., scratched his leg with
a rusty wire. Inflammation nnd blood
poisoning set in. For two years he
iufiered fntensely , Then the best doc
tors urged amputation, "but," ho writes,
"I used one bottle .of Electric Ditters
and IK boxes of Bucklen's Arnica
Salye and mv leg wns sound nnd well ns
e-ver." Foe Eruptions. Eczema, tetter,
Halt Rheum, Sores and all blood dis
irdern Electric Bitters has no nvnl on
earth. Try thorn Benson Dnuo Co.
will guarantee satisfaction or refund
mono. Only 50 cents.
Bowareofnir dried or half dry floor
ing, celling and rustic. Tho Booth
Kelly Lumber Co.. are making Bpecial
Krfws on kiln-dried lumber. I
Xotiably among the pleasures afforded
by the Shasta Route is the winter trip
to Southern California nnd Arizona.
Renewed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
and lidded sources of enjoyment, under
its sunny skies, in the variety of its in
dustries, in its prolific vegetation nnd
umong its numberless resorts of moun
tain, shore, valley and plain.
The two dailv Shasta trains from
Portland to cniuornia nave been re
cently equipped with the most approved
pattern of standard and tourist sleepin;
cars, but thi low rates of fare will stil
continue in eiTsct.
Illustrated Bi.'des to the winter re
sorts of tlit in 1 vi I Arizona maybe
had on application to
, C. H. Maiikham, G . P. A.,
Portland, Oregon,
SoBurenre we that tho locating of a
fewof our Electric Belts will develop
into numerous sales of our Belts and
Annliances. that we 111 e willing to send
one free tojjny sufferer from the follow
ing diseases: Cold extremities, Crysto-
cele, temale weakness, Kidney com-
filaint, Leucorrhea, Liver complaint,
'aralysip, Lost vitality, Nervousdebility,
Self abuse, Worn-out women, Sciatica,
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotcncy, Rheumatism.
Diminutive Shrunken und Undeveloped
Sexual organs, ami Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc..
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Battle
Creek. Michigan.
Articles of incorporation have been
filed with the county clerk by the
Eugene Opera House Co. The in.
corporators are L. N. Roney, R.
A. Booth and F. L. Chambers.
The capital stock ot the company is
$15,000, divided into shares of $10
Countless thousands have found n
blessing to the Itodyin Dr. King's New
Life Pills, which positively cure Con
stipation, Sick Headache, Dizziness,
Jaundice, Malaria, Fever and Agno and
all Livor and Stomach troubles. Purely
vegetable; never gripe or weaken. Only
25o at Benson- Diioo Co'sdrng Htore.
wanted. Uanouio. rename person in
every county to represent largocompany
of solid financial reputation ; $93(1 salary
per vear, payable weekly ; (vi per day ab
solutely sure and all expenses; straight,
Imna-lklo salary, no commission ; salary
paid each Saturday and expenso money
advanced each week. STANDAR)
HOUSE, 334 Dkaruobn St., Chicago.
ItcacI the Proofs:
United State Official Report
Commissioner of the U. S
General Land Office, Washington, D. D.
by a geologist and mining expert of
world-wide repntntton, Prof. Ben
jnmin Silliman, who spent several
months there, then being connected
with the United States surveying
corps, and in his official report says
"Here are countless millions of
tons of rich gold quartz reduced by
the threat forces of nature to a con
dition ready for the application of
of the hydraulic process, while the
entire bed of the Rio Grande for
over 40 miles is a sluice, on the bars
of which the gold derived from the
wearing away ot the gravel banks
has been accumulating for countless
ages, nnd now lies ready tor ex
traction by the most approved
methods of river mining. The
thickness of the Rio Grande cold
ravel exceeds in many places
600 Feet, or nearly tiirkk timks
that of the like beds in California.
while the average value per cubic
yard is believed to be greater in the
New Mexico beds than in any other
such accumulation yet discovered."
"I have made a reconnaisance of
the whole of this gravel along the
Rio Grande, and have examined
with all the care possible in the time
at my command, the character of
the gravel and its contents of gold.
Nothing. I am persuaded, since the
discovery of California and Australia
is comparable for its measurable re
sourses of gold available by the hy
draulic process to the deep placers
of the Rio Grande."
Other reports from eminent min
ing experts of National reputation
pronounce the property of this com
pany the richest and most extensive
Capital Stock $2,000,000
Fully Paid and non-assessabla, par value
$(.00 each share.
One-half the entire capital stock
has been placed in the treasury of
the company as a working capital.
To complete necessary ditches and
place on the river bed several gold
steam dredges, the company now
A limited number of Its shares at
Cottage Grove
We are now prepared to furnish
all kinds of Brackets, Moulding,
Cornice, Sash and Doors, lloor and
Window frames, Screen Doors,
Windows, Pickets, etc.
Woodwork of all kinds made and
repaired. We will also work 1'loor
iiig, Rustic, Siding, Ceiling, or
size Studding, etc.
Improved Farms for Sale.
Valuable Town Property, consisting of Businsss Houses
and Splendid Residences.
J.vt on '' principal IntitluvH streets,
rMining Claims in Bohemia.
Alwtract of title secured and guaranteed.
Information ns to the laws governing the disposal of government
How to secure homesteads, timber lands, mining claims, etc.
Property for sale published weekly.
COTTAGK GROVH Ih the second city in I.nnc county, Oregon.
Has n population of about 1200. The center of the four points of the
compass when it comes to ingress or egress, llohcmin with its vast
mining resources only thirty-five miles south cast, with n good wagon
road leading from the S. P. R. R. depot right hetc in town. Prospect
ive railroad to the mines. The Const I'ork of the Willamette river, on
which arc situated the lllack Unite quicksilver mines sixteen miles south,
Hows through the center of the city, furnishing abundant water facilities.
It is only n mile and n half to its confluence with Row river, the outlet
of the great timber ranges to the south cast. Westward toward the
coast ratine is an inexhaustablc supply of timber, interspaced with nu
merous ricli farming lands well improved nnd cultivated.
North or south from hereon the S. P. railroad you can reach cither
Portland or San Francisco and be in touch with the whole world on
short notice.
Water works in full operation. Electric lighlsnnd telephone system
Trniiis le.ivu Cottage Cirovo for Port-1 gV The best agricultural landi in Lane county liciiitlic vicinity
liiniliiml way ntHtions ut a in mid ' snrroiiiidinc Cottage Grove on cither side, fit for farming or stock mishit: .
1 iin. ... .........
I.v Port In ml
" Cott-.ipe Urovo
Ar AhIiIiiiiiI
" Siiuutmcnto
" San I'nuifitfco
' Ogtlon
" Denver
" Kiincas city
" Clih'iigo
" lw Angi-lcri
" Kl Pino
" Fort Worth
" City of Mexico
" HoilHtOII
" New Orleans
" Wiifliinytuit
" Xew York
Pullman mid
8 :'M u in
:57 i 111
12:55 a 111
5:10 p in
7 .-15 p 111
4 :5o n 111
II :U0 11 111
7 .5 11 111
7 11 in
" :0U p 111
0 :00 p in
(I :'() 11 111
1 1 :!!0 11 111
7 -.00 a 111
0:X0 in
(1:42 n in
12:10 111
8 ::I0 p 111
2 :00 it 111
J2:H5i in
5 :00 11 111
8:I5 111
7:00 a 111
0.15 p in
7:25 11 111
S::tO p 111
8 .05 n 111
0:00 p 111
0:30 it 111
11. .Wit in
7 :(Mn 111
i::i() p 111
(!:42n 111
12:10 p 111
trniti. Clinir ntrs i-nrniMK'Hto to Ondcn
mid Kl I'ii ho, anil touritft cum to C'Iiicuko
St bouix, New Orleans und WiieliiiiKton.
Coiinectini! at San I'mnoUco with the
pcvernl Htemtisliip linen for Honolulu,
J 11 1 mo, China, I'liillipliics, Central nnd
South America.
Sco iiueut at Cottnue Orovo ttntion, or
C. II. Markiiam, G P. A.
A. IeAV of out .Bargains:
I rni
Cts Per Share,
After nale of which, price ivlllbc
advanced to $1 perxhare. '
Applications should be sent in
promptly. Write for prospectus.
Make checks, money orders paya
ble to
Rio Grande Placer
Gold Mining Co.
7 Exchange Placo, Boston, Mass.
Music Lessons
On the Piano.
A late Gkadhd German Mjstii-
od of Music is now being taught at
the C. P, Manse by.
Mrs. L.D. 33eck.
Recitals will be given at proper
intervals, thus giving parents an op
portunity to note progress.
50 cents per lesson, 30 minutes each
Chicago. Knit IjtVe. I'enver. Kt iyta
rurlUiul Worth. )n:h,h'u.
eflnl tan CIIJ-. St. I.uls,
J:15a m Chicago ami I aat.
Atlantic Halt Lake, Denver. It. 8: W cv m
Kxpreii Worth. llnmha.Kan
Ot. in City. SI. Iiulu,
Vlu Hunt' thli'ugu nl nt.
Spokane ! Walla Walla, I.ewl. 7am
l'lyer , ion, Hixikane, Mill
Ojim neaimlli, Ut. I'aul,
l Chicago ami Kail.
Spin Ocban STKAMKinrn 4pm
All unilliiK dates sub
ject to t'hHiiKe.
Tor Han Franclaro
bait over)- .'xlnyn
Dully Kx. I Columiiia ltlVKK I p. m
Sunday Kiiaukuh Ei. Bund'y
8 p m
Saturday ToAatorlu and Way
10 pm Landing.
GatnKx. Willamkitk JltvKR I:.l0pm
Sunday. Oreiron City, New Uerir Kx.Hand'y
Salem and Way-Land-Itif.
7am WlM.Axr.TT baud 3:30 pm
Tue.i.1 bur. Yahiiiij. Hivkm Moii. Wed.
and but. Oregon City, Jiayton and Krl.
and Way.Lundliiiii.
Leave Hnakk Hivkii lavo
ltlpitrla Itinarla to Lewliton. J.ewinton
3:.lram Dally
Dally 9am
1 120 feet front on uortli vide of Main
street, by nboM H00 feet deep. Ifoillliled
by river on the north. Hoiim of nevrii
iooiiih, Imrn mill onllionncc. This in the
beat hiixincrtt locution in Ciittiigo (J rove.
Price t2400.00.
2 A new two nlory reMileiieo, fil.x
rooms', d,ctor'n ollleo, cement lloor with
driven well inmile of limine, (50 feel front
on south side of Miiin Htreet by 107 feet
deep. Adji'inin,- M K pnromi);e. A
very attractive place $1700.
.1 A two tory finely llninlicd lioiifle.
eiirln iinima, IiiiiIimoiii mnl uiitliuinies.
Splendid luciitiiiii, two IoIh in Iaxiu and
m ilen iidilition in bon'.lieaet Cottage,
tirove. I'ric 1JOO.
I Two tory dwelling bonne, ten
dhiiiih, brick fruit limine, fruit tree, 00
feet front on north fide of Main Direct by
800 feet deep, corner properly. A line
location for u hotel. Price 12750.
o A two story line, ithiiost ncwcUell-
ii.if Iiiiiiu.. ii riumij Iftrit ii. nl lii.iiui.
Portland, Orepm. Mt. ' i,r, 'i-. a Mr.lemliil or-
eiiiiru oi voiiiik H-iiniiK iieef, lOKUiner
with untpc nnd vnrionv Itinilii of Urtiei.
Hltiiitlitl In lii mnl miiU'it nildlllon
In HOtitlieitMt CottiitteOrovu. I'llce f 1200.
0 Ajjenend mcrclimiliiu etorv on the
corner of Wnll mnl Kiver ftnet .milli.
fplenilid Htocfc of lry pmxIh, Ixwitr,
hIiikt) mnl miiin ami lmlieit fnriilnliiiig
Time Scirdule5
General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
U(mI. A hplrndid Uucaln. Price to
Ik; ilclertnided ly Inventory.
(ioixl new two atory dwelling limiae in
tliOKtowlnir town ol Hniiiaw. Two lulu
fiicloaol, aevrniy foot front. Konr
ro iiih, tplrndld water fcilitir. Price
I too.
Two HplcnditI lol on aecond utrvct in
Cot tnpi i love. I'rire 4210.
.TOO feet by 100 feel in n Htilirliii loca
tion, Natural cptin, oak trei'c, nil ud
ioiniii)! fiMt lillU in Meat Cottueu lirovr.
Pilce :wo.
Two Iota in block 20, !niif; A IjinilinH
ntlilitioii, r', ly 100 firl K'paratcly.
Price $175.
A linely flnlHlied two alory ilwrlline
liotiNo. ten room, Iwtli room, rcment
Htoini cellar, writer nnd electric IIkIiU,
iiliinit nine Iota fronting on fourth aired,
adjoin I in,' river in rmr, nrnr Clirlallau
elitirch, mx il bum uml otitlioiucd. 1'ricu
Two rikxI loin near railroad 100 feet
Nimre. l'rice $I'.'5.
Iarmini: Uml, well Improved,' I inilo
from Cottnxu (Jrove, ndJolniiiK the coun
ty road, in tracU from Ti to 100 iicrec.
If yon wunt u Imitfiiln lixk lliin up,
Siilendid cottupton I'oiirth nlnvt,t7(0.
Ixik i hid tip If yon want Uirfr.dn hi it
When you need anything
in the line of printing please
remember that the motto of
this office is good work,
good material, neatness and
dispatch, and the prices are
within reach of all.
The JOB OFFICE of this
paper is at your disposal for
the best of printing of any
and all kinds at barely liv
ing prices.
Tho practical nido of ecienco la reflected la
M'll1 I III1
vicit DM. JORDAN'S orcat
fU4tvMa BUUifta4 S.riolk.j
Is the Worid.
arralnl attraction tn tht City. U
WoiuUrM tltlhtor Hilton.
ii n
! A monthly publication of inestimable valuo to tho student of every day
scientific problems, tho mechanic, tho industrial export, tho manufacturer,
tho inventor in fact, to every wido-awako person who hopes to bettor his
condition by using his brains. Tho inventor, enpocially, Trill find in The
Patent Record a guide, philosopher and friend. Nothing of importance
escapes tho vigilant eyes of its corps of expert editors. Everything is pre
sented in clean, conciso fashion, so that tho busiest may tako time to read
ana comprclicnd. I ho scientilio and industrial progress of tho auo is nccur-
u"TrZ7Z K nic y. 'n,.ror!,, 1,1 tuo columns of The Patent Record, and it is tho only
no innnNU nm. '
un. uunun.l rr.llftlt UiatAvHB
Vit II n sr Itlrli anil .Ml.ljfta I
nirtffl itifii wtin Nr. .iiiTh.Ih..
frum tliv t-UecU ol youthful hull,. I
cretlnua ar exii i.m In inam...
' years. Norvuaa und phralcal llvhliiiy.Ini. (
. t,OttIICV. .Ukt JIlHllUUtl lllllll ll.n.mnll. 1
) ctttloim; Niermntirrliii, I'ritalmiir. t
rniFa,uiinorruna, uic.i, vrvtinrnm-y '
ut Urlmtlluv, io. y h ciimbliiatlsii ol I
rrinvuivj,, cunilivii. pourr, lliu lctlr '
k liasaaurraiuzed lila trciilme nfc tlmttt win nm .
' oiilr uir.irU immpdlaMo rrllrf, but permunant (
l mlrn 'Clin llruiln. iln.a ..... . ... . . : 1
. w. m ..m..u. Huii (unwiHIII IVI'VIIUrill
1 mlrnclcn, but It well lenuwn to bo a tnlr ami
. iOUHru CliVMrlun unfl Kurironii.
t tuiiiB.pticiuitx if laenaea 4ir Jlvn. t
, NYI'IIIMN thoroughljr eradlcntoa from '
) ton nyiteru vtlltiout llm umoljlti'rarr, (
Ti'umm fltted by an Kxnert. Itmllrnl '
I eurr tor Ituiitiiro, A qulcl! anil raillcut I
iuro iitr a-iira, rtmnurt and r IMnilo, by '
r lr. Jordan' apeclul iiulnliu mctlioUu. .
publication in the country that prints tho official newa of tho U. S. Patent
Offico and tho latetit dovelopcmcnta in tho Held of invention without iar
or favor. BunscnirnoN rnicit one dollar van teak.
X Wo make our B
IJVKItT MAW amilylngtoiuivlUreccIroV
tr nonrii opinion til liiacnriiplnlnr, .
Wt will Uuttrantct a 1'OStTlVS CURE In I
i event easa nua unttArttikn.
uunviiiaiioii I'll K li nnnairtciiyprivats.
Trcitmont persoiiully or by leilur.
Write fur llonlc. lnri.oioi'irv nv '
I JIAIlllIAi;. ifAlLUDFutu. (AviUuablo I
uoum. tur uttrii.; iwuit or wniw
OH JORDAN It CO., lOSt Market 81., 8. P.
' IHetol With two STtvtut-Ouudjin Mcea. Tuwr Para.'
. lengths of barrel, 0 una JO inches. liver)
one giiarameea. x-rice, x'oaipata, tpa.VO with
O-inch barrel : $7.50 tvlth-10-inch barret.
We malce a full lino of rijlcn ; l'ricc, from 96.00
upwards. Every arm we turn out is warranted
Smri Stamp or Catalogui, V. O, Jinx