Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 19, 1901, Image 4

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rtf'c. J. Howard - i --Editor.
Kntcredat the portomce- at Cnttr QroTt,
Oregon Second Class malt tuat'.er.
1 STulMorlptlon prlc ShfJOf l ailT
AdTrtLlng rl uhm. known upon
The council should 'cainhe'tit
t.ention"or-wl(j;liaeivlo.4he reckless
licss displayed in riding upon tne
wnlks. Someone will get seriously
hurt one of these days. "T "'
The recent .frosts have ticcasioned
sonic little speculation as to the
amount of darange done.-.-Thus far
reports do not establish the fact
that any" serious damage to fruit
the beginning of the has resulted. . , .
i -
Friday, April 19, i9t
It is now
winter season in South Africa, but
reports state that the British are
still having a hot time of it. . . .
With Bohemia
River District, in
and the
active- develop-
this .season, occasionally
' More than one criticism has been bringing .to the surface rich ores,
made of the jail faciiities of Cottage there is little' doubt of the future
Grove, and not without just cause, wealth of Lane county.... Timber
Jfn man should happen to sober and mines. backed up by . splendid
tip while in there, he would turn farming and stock raising- ndvant-
sick at the stomach. ages, will make this county
known fmm Ttrnir fr WVstlliroiich.
hi . :i j 4 I
x. u uijr wxou. out the United states,
missioner is respccttuiiy nsKea o
take notice of the sanitary condition
of Cottage Grove. The
It Now all TofcliicT'
In the spring time KtnU.Annio
There's n smell In tile bask yaril
Am) n odor in our clly ,
That hits the stranger hard.i--
li'fi nn argumunt for ncnonico
Hut thero is another )liv;
You can goto tho Now Kr Proy Stons
Aiid you may buy n can ot Chloride
ot I.iinp.
Its very fino
Tnko it in time
Don't lose iv dollar -To
save a dime.
Call curly nnd avoid tlie.rnsh..
Brehaut A Xeton,' Scit' -Em
lirtiff Store.
Governor T. T. -Geer has np-
council pointed Judge J. W. Hamiltonof I
should order the streets, alleys and Roscburg, n regent of the Uttivcr-
backyards cleaned up. sity of Oregon for the term of
twelve j cars, beginning April 1
wane rue uoers continue 10 Ig0I( to succced hs &thcri Dr. S,
open peace negotiations wun Hamilton, of Rosebnre-. time
tne iiruisn, mey are aiso encrgcuc- pired- Dr. Hamilton has served
ally opening up their garrison doors Restate faithfully as a regent of
anaanvinBiuiucuruisauuui icBu- lhjs grand institution for 24 years.
lar raDDit drive uasis, 500 a arive.
An ordinance is up before the Want
Good Shoes
Low Prices
Yoraii's Shoe Store,
The approach on thQ,wcat end of dty of Eueene to bange
the bridge in this city ;is badly in th. nanle: 6f Charuefton street t6
.neea 01 repair, 11 ins we couniy T . -Charnelton
court's business, said, authorities
Land O-hco at Itosolmru, Oregon.
April 5.1001.
Notice is ncrebv irlven lhnt the follow-'
street was I ing-nmnwi settler has njeu notice ot- hi
named after one of MnntvM',l0,V'u!!Hd;'i!
i...u 1,. ..l'CoJ Tl,, -jai-H . j - 01 ins ciaim, nnn mai ruiu prooi will ie
should be promptly notified. There carly sturdy pi0neers. Charnelton I miuU before Mnrio L. AVnre, T7."S.'Coib?
c ., , . Mulligan, and Ue gave to Jiugene is, 1001, viz: Ucojso. E .-Taylor, on H
jng from this neglect. lbc f. acres u which tQ E -is- f6p the E 6Kt, Nw. iSRJf
5 ' . . ... . NE SW Sec. St). To. S. B.4E.-.1
r, : t : sianas mucn 01 me weann 01 rue
Creameries are becommmg more
numerous all over Western Oregon
anrt will pventiiallv nrove a ble-
,WinH.; wtinn. ThPV or, ni. ing aboilt for opportunities to en
.... i..,:.. tirely obliterate the Sold landmarks
meuts for local capital. The Wil- oftl,e ty which sfery:e: to remind
Iamette. valley section is pre-emi- one of the hero,c meii . Whoave to
nently a dairying country. seat the SrwttH. it stands
: -on, ana wno. long passea De
lia nnmen (he following witnesses to
city.' The city council of Eugene prove his continuous residence .uixm and
can be in better bt,.sine. ihxnXni&.l??. .Ht. .
' 1 Anurow 1. inyior. Lonani rtiiTtxxi. 01
Cottnge Urove, OreKonjAVarreh llolljind,
of Eugene, Oregon, I'eter L. Johnston?
of Junction, Oregon." .!.
III III III ''w . 1 H
ILfirftVs LUrCll S-i
W " ' AND
M the Finest iil the City.
g You can now get a good Reduction, p.
1 Lurch's Lurch's
All Fashionable Ladies.
All Mail Onlers
Promptly Fillcil.
Eugene, Oregon.
DyoiofiiGleanii Works.
ll.UO, up.
SMItf, -
Single pirmenti In projwitlon.
Ite ptcrn. - 7fel peryant.
UrpMW. - - . - - l.W).np.
GEO.E. a 11 1 WITH, Agent.
Be in the
Buy your goods where
you get them at Right Prices.
Wc cany a full and complete stock of
Hardware, Imiilenieois and Everything for the Miner!
Wc also handle the celebrated FISH BRO'S WAGON,
OLIVER CHILLED Plows, Tents, Wngou Covers, McCormtck Hinders
and in fact everything in the hardware line.
Give us a call. saw
rURiri.-t llainTow,
1 roiaeni.
Some night the old shack, which yond the gloom of earthly night.
United State Land Office,
Roseburj:, Ore., March 20. 1001. -A
BUlIidcnt conteat aflldavlt hnvini?
r ... u.. u r p!t ,r :4.:ti j 41. i" r oeen nioi in hub onice oy ilartln
tia uuu uj, Uau.c Ui v...j its, ji.sio ucuupcu me council oi Haagenaon, contestant. nsainaV thee
Hnll ttt7I crn finrrn tvhen n crnon T finn rfitir-ti'c m.frnnftlic n.1l U I hnmp(pfld i-utrv Nn. OQ71 m mit xraV
4', .4 t. .. . , I. .. . : , . .- r .v. . hJ2.11W1.tortheSW.4Sectionl2,ToiV.
aizea exowu geis inio ... n snouiumeuer juagment; n not tne mayor. ah ' 2, fc. RRnE4 T v?kjt. bv JohrrCur-
bc, substantially braced and tied, (Better bonor.your "home" and the I ran Conteatee, in which it is hlleged
the rear entrance way changed sa men ,yho. made .it for you by ch,g-
If you did but this yon' h'a emp oymwnt in llu Armr, .Navv, or
aa . , . I tllb tliMIIIIU VUIWD Vt Villi. TM KJ tu k vD
would have, txri lay out some more ns a privie mer, officer, eoinartor'
Streets. " miinne, mirjijB me r wiiipain,or.
(inrinz any omer war in wiiiun- l no
NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. "'ii. f,w,te8 . y '.engagixi, sam
respond nnd olfcr evidence toiicliln. BiiKI
Notice is hereby civen that the ponnfv alleeation at 10 o'clock n. m. on Mav Kft
commissioners court will receive aealedl . :.' niore ine Kegisier ana Jtecciver
The First National Bank
raid up Capital, $25,000.00
The most simple, practical and ifirablc
Typewriter on the mnrket at any price.
Ask for catalogue.
price $35. E. l; t(mc,
General Agent for Otegon, Washington andIdaho. Albany, Ore.
as-tg;,go up from the -walk, and a mg the names of all the streets lo l.reiideJ thereon,,, int haa whoUjr. nUat
, . . r . . ... , -nr r .. . . -v 'Ir.Onetr the same, nna that thlt nl)ei?e
respectable coat of paint applied. bear-names of tEose heroic old Lbience from th't la'nd7tni n5t d!ie?t
Marshal Nunn is busy these days
fi king the sidewalks and crosswalks.
It is a good idea and should be con
tinued from time to time until we.
have the endorsement of the travel
ing public that we have as good if
not better walks that) any other city-
bids for the furnishing "of material and
bnildingof a county bridge
Lane County, Oregon, laid
of the United States Land cilice, at
I r v
- .1. . ii.. aj 4: . ri . . 1 i.uacuuru. uriwii,
" "w ouuuingoi a county Dnage ai ixrane, l The safrt contestant Ijavins-, .In a
tnis kind are always beneficial.
1 1 . 1 -.rr.i. fr.rl..;. . 1CV1I
unuge to uei r' "k in4 .ttivn 4., iwi,
one thousana lector more in oneth. V..1.""" "".
A Salem little bov seeintr the ,i-,i-h. a 1-. .i -C ' 'Bence personal j service 01 inn. nonce
" F..w, ....I.. -v.- j-.-i.vv4 I rin not Da mntic-. 11 m Jiere i nniprcl
:picture-of Aguinaldo in the papers high water mark, said bridge to rest on and directed that such notice be given
next morning after his capture "and ar blocks at least fifteen inches in y ue anu pror p.i w.caiioiK
. ....... . Ml.m.i.r .nrfini.o. .11 J. T. UBIDOK8, Registoi'.
1..-. tW W !, 1,,. fol,r. uiieier anu to navu ceunr caps. All
. ... ., bids to be accompanied with plans and
by. the soldiers, said, Mamma, 8Deciflcation- Bnd flled witVihe County
vrtiat will Bryan do now?,"Uppn Clerk not later than "Wednesday, May 1,
being.asked what he meant, he, re 1901 j 'at 1 o'clock pm. of said day.
plierd, 'Why is't Apruinaldo Bryan's The court reserves the right to reject
boy?" The little fellow is but seven M and,a" ,V
J ... , , , , ,. , By order of the court this 5th
years old but be had heartreuough Aprij
during the campaign last,,year to . E. TJ. Lke,
J. II. Booth, Receiver,
Successor to B. F. PHILLIPS,
Groceries, Flour
and Feed.
form a conclusion not very far
wrong, figuratively speakrng.-Statesman.
men to travel and advertise forold.entab
lislicd house of solid financial standin
Salary- $780. a year and. expefraes,
avanio in casn. xno canvossinc-
iiired. Give references and enclose
1 I .1 .1 ..1 . 1 I ,1
.t-w f I w?l1 "urtrBru biwiiiucu riivrjuuv. nur
uay OI. , Mimonpr XiH linrlnii llliltr. Cliti-i':
....... , o ,
County Clerk.
A new line of sailors iuat received at
newianu's xniinnery more.
Mr. fliinndv lost in tlie low unit Tu.
ine MonawK corresponaenc to Uween himself and MrHowe nndasa re -
the Guard, by way of fixing the suit had to move offthe place, leaving
location of the "Ping Yang" nejgh- Mr Rowe in possession.
borhood In the minds of the readers, Rer. Burnet preached here Sunday to
states thatPintr Yane is located a lare congregation
about 12 miles east of Eueene.' and Mr Goodnough expects to start the
mentions the fact that it is going to
be a great wood depot. At this
seeming "flood" of -Ping Yang's 8iierablv,
Vttpe" wnicn someone saia ieaas The weather hns been very fine lately
yycm to. lortune, tne uuaru's corre- ana tne roaus are arying up rapiuiy.
'pondent was, indeed, charitable in A WEEK OF PRAYER.
not locating Eugene by designating
Hatit is I- miles west of Ping
. "Ge,o- Lea expects to commence
work on the streets again next in Cottage Grove
lea Market.
rock crusher in a short time.
Mrs. Will Coffin fell .from a wagon a
short time ago and was shaken up con-
The National W. O.T.U. hasiesundl A CHOICE LINE of the best
a call requesting the churches to unite Meats tije market affords constantly
with them In a week of prayer from p'1"13 luc uiww"'wuuj'
April 14 to 21 In tho interest of the on liana.
Christian Sabbath. The following nro-
gram has been arranged for the service
,4ir tuUfi tfio viw of rnmnlftinir Friday, 7 :S0 union prayer meetine at
' , j i 4 ME Church, subject, Importance of
tl)e contraci commeuccu iu.i sum- Union Effort, Prof L L Briggs.
mcr and which he was obliged to Sunday April 21, 11 a. m. appropriate
, . - ' - - - - J
Sunday 7:30 union services in the C
P church, by Rev C E Crundall.
Tho choirs of each church areoxpected
to furnish music for their respective
discontinue on account of the de
plorable condition' of the county
road-deading into the city from
Saciuaw. The fact that street im-
Pure Lard a Specialty.
CWe will PLEASE You
Our Market will be closed at io
If troubled by weak digestion, loss o'clock a m Sundays,
movements must stop owing to the
unfit condition of the county roads SSJfa,-- H
over which material must ot neces- jjver Tablets. Every box warranted.
.sity be battled,, does not speak very For sale by B.wsox Dano Co.,
well for the county court, but then noiix.
we will look forward, to a substan- WALKER-At Walker, April 10, 1001,
iiaHmprovemeut tuts seasou, I to Mr. and Mrs. ueo. walker, ason
Bartcls & Ernest.
Main Street,
Money to loan on approved sccurit yt.
'' 'E-Lchahees sold, available anyl
!-. td'.Crl ir-iA'A tr.2" r- ' . .
i. rl'nt$r'iRuttieii -l Solicited.
.All Produce bought
at the highest market values.
. Cnll.aud get acquainted with
"us. Wc shall be pleased at all
times to quote ,you prices
upon all lines handled by us,
, whether you buy or not.
Our Stock is New,, Neat and
Clean, and having- had years
' of experience in business, we,
assure you the very" best goods
the market affords, and the
lowest possible prices
Remember the place: Phillips'
old stand, Cottage Grove, Ore.
Spring and Sumcr Styles
We would be pleased to have you
call and inspect them. .
Best values for least money.
yjB Wis A NI '8 Millinery Store,
Schleff Building, Main St.
Rojigh Lumber,
$6 perm. at
Saginaw, Ok.
1 N
. , ' . Before You Buy j Eiano or,a Organ-"-
It will pay you to write . , .-
Eiler's Piano loisb
OFFICE: 351 Washington St., Portland, Or.-
We are the great profit killers and, piano piice. regulators of the
Northwest, and with our special facilities can sell a fine pianoj.or,. organ
for less money Ihan you can gei,thcrti elsevxhtrc. Write today. Cata
logues for the asking. ' . , : . j
Our stock includes the three greatest American pianos fhe 'Kim
ball, the Chickering and the Weber together with othergood tnik'es.
Easy Payment Plan.
Eiler's Piano Hoiige.
Or call on MRS. L. D. Bhck, Ixal Representative, Cottage Grove, Or.
Did you se
That Triple Plated Silverware of Brown's?
Yes, it was fine! Where did he get it? Why, that was the old set
he threw away, nnd when he found what fine work the
Cottage Q-rove Plating Co.
did, he resurrected all his old ware and you have seen the result They
take all the dents out and repair everything that is broken, aud after
plating, the goods look and will wear as well
great deal less. They also do Gold. Nickel and Pnnfir r.isc -.i
guarantee the same to wear according to agreement.
Written guarantee with every job. For prices and further particu
lars call on or address '
W. L. Coppemoll, COP," 71m JtwiUr.
Opposite Post Office,
Notice ! hereby clvon thai thn nn.i....
ilgned liai been appointed administrator of the
citato ol James M. Clmpln, ileceaicd by an or
deroftlie County Court ol Iino County, Ore.
,uiI,uiiiuwbuuhiii.iduui iwuiu uit inula uay
of Kobruarv 1001. All pcwoiu baring clalmt
agalnat ald etate aro hureby required to pro-
nen to iuo uudar.
'nnrt Ifnn.n . v...
gene. Oregon within tlx month, fiom the dale
of thlt notice.
Dated at KuKene, Oregon thli nth day of
February, 1901. '
Administrator of tho ntufn iu.UJJi!1
plndeceawd. .
a. u. rouer, aiiorney lor estate.
Perfumed, the beat to be liul.
DrugOo. . .-
W4?W'10 mn J'nof o Ilranch Offlee
u nwl? 'V'0 Pn In thl vicinity, If vour rceorJ
Thi A. T. MORRIS Wholesale House,
,.,,., . . . cinciniVati, bto.
Illmtraltd catalogue 4 tU. tampi.
WANritn. Ciipablo, rollnblo porfori Jn
oyery county to topreswit Inrcofomprtiiy
of solid llnanclnl reputation i 030 aitlury
per veur, payable weolcly j $3 perdav nb
solulclv Hiiro nnd all expeiinen; HtralKlit,
lnina.fldo iialury. nocomnilB.loni Bulnrv
pnm each 8atnnluy and expcnie money
?.,,,',o(,,c.l--?,lJh weel' STANDARD
U0U8L, 834 Dharborn Bt Ohicaoo,