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f OF 1 DAT
An InterotinS Collection of Ittmi From lh
Two Hemispheres Presented In a
' Condensed Form
A Manila Spaniard was convicted ot
Minister Loomls may bo transferred
to another post.
Another attempt was made to as
asslnato the czar.
Roland Reed, the actor, Is dead at
his home In Now York.
A largo nmount of Washington re
serves Is to be opened to settlement.
Gross fraud has been discovered in
the subsistence department at Manila.
Much misery prevails at Marseilles,
France, as a result of the dock strike.
General Fltzhugh Lee says future
of Cuba depends on native statesmen.
A packing-house ,flro in New York
damaged $200,000 worth of property.
Three thousand arrests have been
mado since Russian revolutionists be
came active.
A 130,000,000 syndicate Is negotlat-
v ing for the control of the Pacific coast
fishing industry.
Secretary Gage says if artificial
prices are asked for bonds, he will al
low treasury funds to accumulate,
Commander of the Petrel was suf
focated and 22 officers and men pros
trated in a fire on the gunboat Petrel,
By an explosion of gas at the fur
nace of the Edgar Thompson steel
works, five men were fatally Injured,
The Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth
regiments, Just returned from the
Philippines, will bo mustered out at
San Francisco.
The president has appointed Wheat
on to be a major general and Funston
and Jacob Smith to be brigadier gen
erals of regulars.
Peter Karpovltch, the assassin of Bo-
Bollepoff, Russian minister of public
Instruction, has been sentenced to 20
years' penal servitude, with loss of
civil rights.
St. Petersburg may be placed under
martial law.
A battle between French and Chi
aeso is Imminent.
Floods in New York and Michigan
cause much damage.
England has protested against China
making any secret treaty.
Morgan will probably prevent
strike in the anthracite region.
An imperial edict prohibited the
signing of the Manchurlan treaty.
Denmark lays down conditions tor
the sale of the Danish West Indies,
Morocco will settle the American
claim without a naval demonstration
The sultan of Sulu complains that
the Americans are violating the treaty.
Russians participated in the disin
terment of bodies of American ma-
There are rio indications that the
Nabraska senatorial deadlock will be
A steamboat line will be established
on Snake river between Lewiston and
Pittsburg landing.
Development of the Mount Reuben
mines in Southern Oregon is going
forward successfully.
Agulnaldo was captured by Funs-
ton in Isabela province. The rebel
leader is now in Manila jail.
It is announced that the Rogers lo
comotive works, at Paterson, N. J.,
nave been sold by the receivers to a
Now York syndate of capitalists,
who will enlarge and operate the
Civil Government Is Impossible In
the Sulu Islands.
JOLO. Island of Sulu. March 80.
Tho commission was heartily received
nt tho headquarters ot tho sultan.
The residences of mnny of tho people
wero decorated with lings, tho staro
and stripes floating through the
town, whllo thousands of firecrackers
wero exploded in all directions.
It was a beautiful Bummer morn
ing, nnd when tho sultan had not
nut In an nppoaranco upon the ar
rival of the last launch, n cutter was
sent with tho secretary ot tho com
mission to Invito tho sultan to visit
tho ship. They brought baqk his
majesty, clothed In gold and purple,
and decorated with Jewels. He pre
sented a comic onern aspect hs he
came on board, followed by his min
isters and a score of relatives In mot
ley court nrrny. They wero greeted
with a saluto of 17 guns, commis
sioner Taft explained to his majesty
that there was no disposition on tho
part of tho members of the commis
sion to Interfere with the administra
tion of tho sultan's affairs or the
habits, customs and religion of tho
people. Ho said that tho only mo
tive governing tho commission was
tho prospective prosperity nnd hap
piness of the people of the Sulu Isl
ands, and that the people ot the
United States expected tho treaty to
bo strictly observed.
Tho sultan then thanked Commis
sioner Taft and spoko proudly of tho
cable and other Improvements Intro
duced by the Americans, nddlng that
his best friends were the military of
ficials, and that he expected to abide
by the decision of tho commission
ers nnd to follow their advice. His
majesty then inspected the ship.
That afternoon tho sultan wns re
celveil at tho American military
headquarters and Inspected the
troops. Native sports followed,
onon Mine
Hems of Interest From All Parts
of the State.
$1,000,000 HOTEL FIRE.
The Jefferson, at "Richmond, Va.,
Burned, But No Lives Lost.
RICHMOND. Vn April 1. Tho Jef
ferson hotel, this city, which won
orortud nnd furnished by tho Into Louis
aintor nt a cost of $1,000,000, was de
stroyed by lire. Tho inognMcont
structure covored hnlf a block In tho
ultrn-fnshlonnlilo pint of tho city, nnd
Capture of Agulnaldo Leads to
Many Surrenders.
Brief Review ot the Orowth and Improve
ments of the Many Industries Through
out Our Thriving; Commonwealth.
Tho ilnmcs wero dlscovorod In tho I ........
... . ,.!.. .L. I II I- II.. t.l.n.l f Htln.l.n.n
upper pun oi mo nuiui-Hiiuui oiuu me innurrrcuun in mi mnu v
Stamped Out Filipinos Learn That
Coqullle It Is proposed nt Coqulllo
to organlzo n flro company. i
Table Rock Tho Table Rock Irri.
gating Ditch Company will soon begin
Iftilitance Is Useless.
WASHINGTON, April 1. An Im
portant (linputch rocolved nt tho wur
Hlmrtlv before midnight, nnd In n short
time that pnrt of tho building wns it
roarlnn'iurnnco. Tho guests who wore
iimr driven nut of the Mnlll-streot
herldan Tho depot at Shorldan Is ' l,,rtl" of lh ho!?1 to,,11 t0!UKt J!'"
shod, i lobby on tho Finnkllnstrcut side.
r. ....... .....t. n. Innmlll ftUltll.
clally among tho man? of .lo.mrtmont today from General Mac
whom had retired for tho night. Arthur. In tho opinion of tho officials,
Mnny porsons lost nil tholr offectH. Wont fur to support tho prediction
No ono DoriBllcd III tho Ilnmcs. Tho ,,in liv dnnnrnl MneArthur viialer-
work of cleaning nnd ronnlrinir i llro started In tho linen room from it i . ,,, ,
Hwi nml tt tit it mltnlllnti 111
ditches. defective fluo. Tho Irtsurnnco Is .n..Y. .i "i.......
about ICr.0,000. All tho surrounding " """ i.
houses nro flllod with property taken , icles tho surronder of n consldoniblo
from tho hotel. Thuio hns been somo nddltlonul number of robels nnd mil
looting, nnd sovornl arrests havo been I unrJP nrlUB nm t, important feature
made. Thero woro In tho hotel mnny of R ,H Umt (10 BrrclIor mrkH lIl0
EX 'Srsor'lXlVompleto stamping out of the Insur-
stood in tho Frnnkllu-strect court, rectlon In tho Islnud of Mindanao.
This statue was brokon. which Is, next to Luzon, tho Inrgost
Immcdlntoly upon tho discovery of 8and In tho groiip. Tho dispatch la
the fire, which wns eating Into tho nH fnOW8.
celling of the linen room, tho hotel ...,.. Mnrrh,,1(,Inr fin,..
n- ntiunrnMia .vna lirnllt'ltr mill mnv ' - -
uiu 1.I1HU.H ...... . . w , . 0 . . "
Attoniinnts inuu
Bald Mountain Tho now qunrtz
mill of tho Bald Mountain mlno
started up last wcok.
Rltter Tho floor wns blown off the
suspension foot bridge at Rltter sov
oral days ago by wind.
Hood River Tho Drosnncta nt thn
strawberry crop nt Hood River nro
good, nnd thero Is nn increased acre
age. Union A plan for startlne n
readlnc room nnd Ilhrnrv nt Uni nn . lint thn hntin hlirKt.
Is being perfected by women of tho dnshed through tho building nwnkon
clty- i ing tho guests, mnny of whom woro
Milton Tho Offner Fruit Pnckinc sleeping nnd hnd to bo drnggod out
Company, of Walla Wnlla. cetera f bw- Mo8t of the guests on tho
plates erection of I, Franklin-street end of .the hotel saved
at Milton.
r TailKIIII-lIl-UI- rail Ul lliu il.m-i .. n..miri.l Dnlw.rl l III, .!,,
their bnggago, nnd llnnlly tho Jefferson "JJjr Oenoral 1 lobor I
stntuo wns gotton put. w th the heatl P0"8 Aimpnii nnd muz, 31 wins.
f""i... i? hn-,n ia i thn imrt rendered to Captain David Shi
tXlamath FallS ThO Wnrlf nt rlnnn. l..l... nrt Thn trnnsla In thn imrt
----- . f . . -' I i . -r . 7 uiunuit uit. - " n 1 ' . ' ...
wnicn wero witnessea oy the commls- "b ."i1 l" '"main 'nns irrlgatliig whero tho flro started lost their Dag-
uuuii ucgun mis wcok.
also be widened.
nloners and others,
Tho Philippine commission sailed
this morning for Isabel, Island ot
Basilan. Before leaving the commis
sion had a long consultation with Ma
jor Sweet, the American commander commercial club,
ui uaio, ana unui narnein. tno
ornl WUIInm Cobb repoita tho sur
render nt Btimulno, Mliidnuao, of I)
oftlcorH, ICO men, 1S7 rllH-H nnd 80
shotguns, Cnplutrnno's comiuitnd. TIiIh
ends tho troublu in Mindanao nn far
ns the FlllplnoH nro concorued. llrlg-
HughcH ro-
sti r-
Cnptaln David Shanks,
eighteenth Infantry, nt Mnmburuo:
ZOG guns
The ditch will gage, and mnny of them lost all their " Runs, nil on h co.nmnn.i, furron.
I clothes. Owing to tho height of tho .Aoni o Lieu ennnt Colonel William
Union A schemo is under wnv nt building, tho ro department wns nt n
Union to erect nnd nnnln n t,n.J ;reat disadvantage. Tho flro mado
brick building for tho uso of a town an Immense blnzo. nnd prnctlcnlly
.1. -Mil.. nntinn llm ll n 1 1 d fiml
strongest chief of the Sulus, who , , eorn u ls reported that tho ptalrcnees being numerous nnd wide,
usually opposes tho sultan. Inter Mountain group in tho Green-
Any measure of civil government uu'u u"i' occa sola to a syndl- effect OF CAPTURE. '
in Sulu appears impossible at pres- cnl 01 Laiifornia capitalists.
ent. The customs of vassalage, ser- Gold Hill O. Lane will havo "5 or Insurgent Leaders on Luzon Are Ex
vltude and polygamy prevail. Thero 30 tons of oro crushed nt Humnson & 1 peeled to Surrender.
! . V " . "'D . ""f ueney s quartz mill at Gold Hill. I mavm.A Anrll 1 Aenlnnldo
Is not always followed. The Morros
and Chinese desire a cessntion of
military rule in Jolo, but the con
glomerate character of tho popula
tion and tho uncertainty as to those
without the walls render this inadvi
sable. Military officers consider the
treaty unnecessary and an impedi
ment to progress.
SSekwrtlf.ii?r0m th EUI mln0 on now detained In a comfortable room
In a wing of tho Malncannn palaco.
Blackwell hill
I I till- t .......
train hPt Tim,tiii . 's in chargo of Captain Benjamin
.B,;KJl,s nnni,o,i,h an" i;umtonan' mv
the rails and crushed him beyond rec- A- Youngbcrg, of battery G, Hilrd
ognltion. 1 artillery.
Granite Thero Is no public school w,lon Agulnaldo was captured ho
nearer thn nPrt nnv min wore a plnin dark blue suit with tho
GROWING. Ite, and application has been mado for "'l1 cIo,s,0,y l" UP ttLiho, lh.r,oat
a new scnooi district, with Red Boy as ,'m , "V "K"u"v "
the center. band. Ho takes his enpturo philo
sophically.. Ho Is generally cheerful,
Condon A disastrous "pile-up" took but sometimes moody. His health
place at the sheep camp of S. B. Bar- during tho past year has been very
ker, near Condon. On a scnarntlnn rood. It Is uncertain what attitude
the neighborhood of that city. Two ,, 0 ewea Irom tho lambs the latter ho will now assume Certain visitors
steamers ply between Hong Kong and P''ed up in a ditch, and 88 head were nro permitted to see Agulnaldo, but
.Provinces of
HONG KONG. March 30. It is re
ported from Canton that the activity
of the French is greatly increasing in
flnnfnn nml mm'inritn nro miih In SmOtUereU.
evidence on tho Chinese waterways. Sumotcr It Is ronortod frnm Rmn.
it is also reported that two steamers 1 tor thnt tho i ,":.".,"'
are being built in France to run bo- ;thn; r 7h Tw.t ;S..""W B
tween Hong Kong and Canton, and derground development continues
that France intends to subsidize the tho nm.m.i.t. nf iu in .".
carrying of the malls. It ls also ex- each succeeding day "
pectcd that a French postoffice will
open in Canton about April 1. Canyon City James Robinson, one
Objections havo been lodged to the ot tno oldest and best-known citizens
plying of the steam launches under
the tricolor. Chinese captains now
fly the tricolor with an addition of
three small stars, which are invisi
ble a shore distance away, and as a
result, it Is said, the Chinese people
imagine they are still under the tri
color, and conclude that the French
innuence is gaming. It is also re
ported that a French hospital was
opened at Shameen some months
back for the purpose of receiving Chi
nese patients. All this aids French
Influence and prestige.
Accident to Chinese Minister Saved
Last Monday, when the world ex
pected that the Russo-Chinese con
vention as to Manchuria would be
signed, the Russia foreign office re
ceived word that the Chinese minis
ter in St. Petersburg, Yang Yu, had
fallen and been seriously injured.
This news was received at the time
with a grain of salt, but a represent
ative of the Associated Press was in
formed at the United States embassy
this evening that Yang Yu had not
only slipped on a wax floor, bruising
his elbow and leg. but hurt his head
and was consequently confined to his
newspapor interviews with the prls
oner are not allowed.
Since Agulnaldo has been domiciled
nt tho Malncannn pnlncc, porsons not-
provided with speclnl permits Havo
been denied admission to tho grounds.
General Trias, tho commandor of tho
Insurgent forces in Southern Luzon,
who recently surrendered to tho Amer
ican authorities, visited Agulnaldo,
of Grant eniintv riio,i nt rnno nit., and told tho lattor why ho had sur-
after a lingering illness of nearly 1J rendered. Trias said that a contlnu
years. Deceased was born In New . nnco of armcd opposition to tho United
Brunswick, January 12 1834 States was unjustiflablo and ruinous;
' ' that the Independence of tho Philip-
Klamah . Falls The Ashland-Klam-, pines was Impossible, and that tho FII
ath Falls mail route and schedule has , iplnos had bettor accept liberty, pros
been changed. It will hereafter be a perity and progress under American
daylight run, and the route from : rule.
Parker's station to Jenny creek will I The capture of Agulnaldo, follow
ue over the logging camp road. , Ing tho surronder of General Trias,
.., , . will probably occasion the surrender
..P.a"y?".y,'i eA coraPany content. 'of the Insurgent leader Malavar Id
nVoov .,o if .mo ;Vm ua,i;on Batangas province, Luzon; Bollarmlno,
Creek, five miles sou h of Canyonvllle,, i Albay province. Luzon, and Luc
to the mines owned by Lewis Ash, , ban. the Island of Samar within a
wnicn are situiea aoout halfway be-. month. Many pcoplo vlBiteil tho rcsl-
I dence of General nnd Mrs. Funston on
I the Callo Roll, In tho suburb of Ermltn,
The general modestly declined to tnlk.
Mrs. Funston was evidently tho hap-val-.
piest woman In tho Philippine islands.
per General Funston nas neon recom
S. Scott, Forty-fourth Infantry
Tho following cablegram wns ro
colved nt the nnvy department from
Admiral Ilcmcy:
"Cnvlto. March 29. Bureau of Nav
igation, Washington: MneArthur tel
egraphs: Thnnkx to splendid coop
eration of Vlcksburg, I have Arftilu
aldo socurcly In my postmsslon nt
Malacannn. General Funston loud In
prnlso of everything navy did. ISntlrc
urtnv 1n!nn in thnnkn tfi vniirmtlf. nr.
- iicers nnd mon.' KISMHY.
Secrctnry Long replied to tho nd
mlral ns follows:
"Romoy. Mnnlln: Inform MncAr
thur highly appreclnto his and Puns
ton's generous prnlso nnvy, nnd con
grntuinte them heartily. LONG.
Senator Burton nnd itoprcsuntHtlvcn
Long nnd Curtis, of Knnsas. saw tho
president nftur 4 o'clock, when tho
rush of work had ceased. Tho prosl
dent listened attentively to what the
delegation had to say. nnd snld lie
hnd under consideration tho matter of
rewarding General Funston for his
services In capturing the Filipino
ciiior. The delegation rcgnrd their In
torvlew ns encouraging and hope to
soo tho Knnsnn rando a brlKiullor ccn
oral In tho regular establishment, hut
Its members wero careful to say that
tho president gnvo them no pronilso
nor nny lmucntion nn to nis intnn
tlons In this regard. They would not
bo surprised, however, If considerable
opposition to giving Funston n brlca
liter generalship should deCclop nt tho
wnr (icpnrtmont. There is no dlsDoM
tlon In tho regulnr establishment to bo
little General Funston's exploit, cs.
peclnlly slnco tho receipt of Goneral
MacArthur'8 dispatch giving full credit
to Funston, but thero would nntu
rally, bo opposition to Jumping it vol
unteer officer 35 years of age into tho
grado of brigadier general, and the
Knnsas delegation recognizes this
tween Riddle and Canyonvllle.
Wheat Walla Walla, EG57c;
ley, nominal; bluestcm, 59c
mended for the highest practicable re-
Flour Best grades, J2.80J3.40 per ward. It is believed hero that ho will
barrel; graham, J2.G0.
Oats White, $1.25 per cental; gray,
1.201.22 per cental.
Barley Feed, J1G.60T17; brow
Ing $16.50J17 per on.
Miiistuffs Bran, $16 per ton; mid
Illngs, $21.50: shorts. 117.50: chon.
Hay Timothy, J1212 GO; clover,
J79 50; Oregon wild hay, 67 per
ueurooxn. xuuB iu IB over UU, uuu Hops 12Uc per pound;
flpthv TTo hnn ronontlv rllanlnvorl I 1 '
- . , ---r crop, vuy iC,
great anxiety in reference to the con- WooI-Valley, 1415c; Eastern Or-
ventlon, and has hesitated to sign, eon nftio.. mnhnlr sSiT n
nartlnilarlv slnro h l In doubt !??.? ,Jp1' mohair, 2021c per
.V. tAAl .1. . 1. .Lnl,i 1. 1 ... 1,1 h .nh.. P,u,luu
The savings bank at Riverside, la.,
waa broken into. The burglars drilled
receive an appointment of brigadier
general in tho regular army.
The Panama Waterway.
Washington, April 1. Tho conditions
under which tho Colombian govern
ment will consent to tho transfer of
tho French concession for tho con
struction of the Panama canal to this
government, should tho latter solect
that route for an Isthmian waterway,
aro before the state department for
Its consideration. Senor Sllvela, tho
minister from Colombia, called on
Secretary Hay today and loft with him
a memorandum bearing on tho subject.
uiruugu iuu Hieei uoura oi me vault, aoout nis reception snuuiu no return rintto oninr .'a muuiuiiumum ""b "J-..,
forts. They secured only a small sum
of money from the. cash drawer and es
caped on a handcar.
Fire has started In No. 1 shaft of
the Republic, Mich., mine, and resists
all efforts to extinguish It. The flames
aro raging through the shaft, and no
estimate ot the loss can be mado. Tho
' xnlne has been closed, throwing 500
men out ot employment. All the
miners escaped.
A mob of 500 or more gathered at
Galesburg, 111., bent upon lynching Ed.
Jackson, a negro, who murdered En
gineer Charles Rowe. Tho mob
marched on the Jail in a body, but
news of its coming reached Sheriff
Matthews, and he smuggled Jackson
out of Jail into a carriage and drove
with him to Monmouth.
8panlsh War Claims. Eggs Oregon ranch, 1313c per
Washington, March 29. Tho Span- dozen.
ish war claims commission, of which Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.6005;
ex-Senator Chandler ls president, has pens, x&(j5.50; dressed, ll12c per
received from the state department a pouna; spring, ?406 per dozen;
full list of the claims against Spain ducks, $5G; geese $608 per dozen;
growing out of the Insurrection In
Cuba, which were filed in tho depart
ment up to the 15th of the present
month. These claims are all those of
American citizens, for under the treaty
of Paris, the governments of the
United States and Spain undertook
turkeys, live, 9l0e per pound;
dressed, 13014c per pound.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 130
13c; Young America, 13&14c
per pound.
Potatoes 45E5e per sack.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers,
to adjust claims of their own citizens. $4.76; ewes, $4 04.50; dressed G07c
xne granu total ot tnese claims is per pounu.
about $30,000,000, and included In the
list are five claims in excess of $1,-
000,000. The largest single claim is
that of John W. Brock, on account ot
property losses, estimated at SZ.luz,-
514. Mrs. Ruiz, widow of the dentist
who was killed in a Havana prison, ls
a claimant for $75,000.
Hogs Gross, cholco heavy. 45
$5,25; light, $4.76 05; dressed, 67o
per pound.
Veal Largo, 77c per pound;
small, 809c per pound.
Beof Gross, top seers, $4.5004.75;
cows, $404,50; drcsbCd beef, 78c
per pound.
to discuss Its features whllo tho matter
is under consideration by tho stato
department. Tho French concession
originally expired in 1904, but It has
been extended to 1910.
Tho Japanese residents of Tacoma,
Wash., havo organized to keep out
Pioneer Stage Operator Drowned.
Oakland, Cal., March 30. Tho body
any disorderly characters from their of John Allman, a pioneer stage coach
During a .recent epidemic of diph
theria in a tewn on tho Hudson, 205
cases wero treated with serum, and
among these thero were only two
Elections In London resulted in
tremendous majorities in favor of mu
nicipal ownership of all public utili
ties, thus broaklng galling monopolies
existing for centuries.
operator of the coast, has been found
In tho harbor, and it ls believed he
was accidentally drowned. During
his lifetime be mado a business of
bidding on almost every .mall-carrying
contract in tho west, and at one
time had moro government contracts
than any other man engaged in the
business. He waB a personal friend
of President U. S. Grant, and during
that official's administration spent
much of bis time In Washington,
The Brussels automobiles aro taxca
from 30 to 50 francs por annum, ac
cording to horse power,
Tho Inter Island Telegraph com
pany of Hawaii is the first wireless
system to bo opened for business.
The case of Missouri ugainst tho
Chicago drainage trustees will be tho
first jury trial in tho United States
supreme court in 107 years.
Professor Shaler, Harvard's geolo
gist, says that within 30 years new
mining systems will produce an al
most Intolerable supply of gold.
Work of a Lunatic.
Akron, 0 April .1. Tho Diamond
pottery plant was totally destroyed by
flro last night. Tho fire originated
In waste soaked In oil placed in va
rious parts of tho building. A well
dressed man was noticed loltorlng
about tho placo some tlmo boforo the
flro started. Earlier In tho ovenlng
an attempt was mado to dynamite
tho pottery of tho Robinson-Merrill
Company. Tho watchman dlscovorod
sticks of dynamite placed In various
parts of tho main building beforo tho
fuses had been Ignited. At other fac
tories oil-soaked waste was found in
various sections of tho buildings.
Massacred by Tlburon Indians.
Proenix', Ariz., April 1. It Is re
ported that a party of goldseokors was
massacred by Cerls Indians on tho is
land of Tlburon, In tho Gulf of Cal
ifornia. Two weoks ago six Moxlcan
prospectors left Topopa on tho west
coast ot Mexico in a small boat and
wont to Tlburon Island In search ot
gold. Pedro Pasqulola, ono of tho
party, has reached the mainland in a
small boat, and roportod a fierce fight
with tho Indians. He escapod, and
believes his comrades wero killod.
Retention Made Impossible by
tlon With Hitchcock.
WASHINGTON, March 30. It has
practically been determined that
Hermann will not remain commls
slonor of tho general land ofilco.
Whllo tho president speaks well of
Hormnnn, ho cannot hnvo him a sub
ordlnnto to Hitchcock, In view of tho
friction that exists. Hermann has
been tendered a placo on tho civil
sorvlco commission, but as this Is a
reduction both In salary and Impor
tanco, he does not llko to mnko tho
change. Tho president docs not want
to dump Hermann out In tho cold,
anu tno civil sorvico commissioner
ship was suggested to let him down
Georgo D. Mclklojohn, ex-asslstant
socrteary of war, Is mentioned ns
Hormann's successor. Ho lost his
former place In making a fight for tho
senate but It Is understood ho con
trlbuted his full shnro In tho cholco
of two Republicans, and may bo rec
ognized for nis party loyalty.
A Dubuque Fire.
Dubuque, In., April 1. A four-story
cricK structure occupied by Georgo
Richardson & Co., manufacturers of
shoos, and B. F. Richardson & Co.. la
dies' shoes, was destroyed by Are to-
nignt. L.OBB, $ii8,uuu.
Says He Is Heir.
Tacoma, Wash., April 1. Samuel
Phllby, a Tacoma ship carpenter hero,
claims to bo ono of tho heirs to the
English estato of Thomas Holden,
mentioned In yostordny's dlspatchesJ
Phllby'p mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Bhel-l
ton Phllby, 76 yoars old, now living nt
Brazil, Ia was tho granddaughter of
Thomas Holden, through her mother.
Tho claim of tho Phllby heirs com
bats that of tho Broadbents, of Balti
more; Stambaughs, of Now York, and
others, who claim Inheritance through
Holdon's sister Elizabeth, whllo tho
Phllby heirs claim dlrbct descent.
Massacred by Indians.
Phoonlx, Ariz., April 1, It Is re
ported that a party of goldseokors was
massacred by Corls Indians on the
Island of Tlburon, In tho Gulf of Cal
ifornia. Two weeks ago six Moxlcan
prospectors loft Topopa on tho west
coast of Moxlco in a small boat nnd
went to Tlburon Island in soarch of
gold. Pedro Pasqulela, ono of the
party, has reached tho mainland in a
small boat, and roportod a flerco fight
with tho Indians. Ho escaped, and
belloves his comrades woro killed.
Commander Roper, of Qunboat Petrel,
'WASHINGTON, April 2. Tho nnvy
department early this morning re
ceived it cablegram frvm Admiral
Homey, commnndor-ln-chlof of tho An
latlo ntatlon, giving it brief account of
n flro In tho Hall room of thu gunboat
l'otrol, nnd of tho death of tho cum
mniullng olllcor, Lieutenant Command
or Jobho M. Roper, mi it result or a
liorolo effort to rescue tho men below.
Tho dispatch ntntcH that 22 other of
ficers and men weru prostrated, but
alt aro rucoverlng. Admiral Hemoy'u
dlMpntch follown:
"Cnvlto, March 3L Flro wns dis
covered In tho Ball room of the Petrel
at 7 o'clock this morning, Itopcr com
manding. After going below once, Iim
went ngnlu against ndvlce, and ni
tempted to recover tho men below. Ho
was nuffocnted, nnd died at 7:15.
Twenty-two other oftlcorH nnd men
woro entirely prostrated, hut nro re
covering, Tho llro Ih out; dnmngo
Immaterial. Will solid Itoper's re
mains by Buffalo. RICMISY."
Tho department nt oneo Hunt iv tel
egram to II. F. Fny, brotluir-lii-liiw ot
Lieutenant Commander ltopnr, nt
Longwood, Mass,, asking that ho In
frnm Mrs. Itoper of tho news. Tho
following expression of Hympnthy nml
appreciation wiih iiIho made:' "With
thlH sad iiewn tho department send to
Mrs. Itoper deep Hympnthy In the great
loss sho hnH Himtnlnod, and the highest
appreciation of thu gallantry nnd nelf
sacrjflco with which Lieutenant Com
mander llopor gavu Itltt life for hl
fellow men. It was n heroic deed."
Lloiitonnnt Commander Itoper wan
born In Missouri, and entered tho
naval sorvlco June 25, 1808. Ho wan
commissioned to tho rnnk hold by him
nt tho tlmo of IiIh dentil, March .11,
1S99, and was ordered to tho command
of thu Petrol November 15, 1899. Tho
Petrel wan one of the vessels under
Admiral Dewey nt the bnttln or Ma
nila bay, whan sho wan In charge of
Lloutohant Commnnder Wood. Tho
latter ofllrer enmo homo shortly nfter,
and Lieutenant Commander itoper hiic
coeded him. Tho Buffalo, on which tho
remains will bo sent homo, Ih used for
tho trnnspnrtntlon of troopH, nnd Ih
about to return to tho United Htutca
by way ot the Mediterranean.
Then, General Young 8ays, a Small
Force Will Do In the Philippines.
SAN FilANCISCO. April 1. Major
General H. B. M. Young, who'nrrlved
from Mnnlln today on tho trnnsport
Lognn, said:
"Genorul Funston's exploit wns ono
of remnrkuulo bravery, and he Ih de
serving of tho Highest recognition at
the hands of our government. Thltt
tnlk about 'West Point Inlluenco' Is
all bosh. If any such NtntomentH
havo been mado that graduates of
Wost. Point or men who have risen
from the ranks will oppose Funston'H
advancement, It has come from thn
lips ot disappointed officers. No good
olllcor or gentlomun would bollttlo
such a bravo achievement."
Clcnornt Young, in npcnklng of tho
offoct of tho capture of Agulnnldo on
tho situation In tho IslnndH, said ho
believed tho troopu would have to bo
kept thero but six months longer. Ho
did not think It would ue wlso to bring
them nil away, howover, for thero was
a largo number or marauding bands
throughout tho Islands who would havo
to bo kept under subjection.
"It will tnko nt least two genera
tions," said tho general, "to get tho
Filipinos to understand tho meaning"
of solf-govornmcnt ns wo understand
It. Tho Filipino Idea Is to havo tho
country parcoiod out nmong tho lend
ers, and they will rule tho peoplu nnd
get nil thoy can out ot them. Wo
shnll hnvo to look to tho children or
tho babies ovor thero now to gut tho
matter on n correct basis."
Brave Musician of the Fourteenth May
Be 8ent to West Point.
WASHINGTON, April 1. A potltion
signed by all officers serving with tho
Fourteenth Infantry rcglmont has
been sent to Adjutant Gonornl Corbln,
requesting tho nmiolntmant at Mimf.
clun Calvin P. Titus, company E. Four
teenth Infantry, tho first American sol
dier to enter Pokln during tho rocont
troubles In Chlnn, a cadct-at-largo tc
tho military acadomy. Tho potltion.
"During Ills sorvlco Mimfrlnn Tltim
has proved hlmscir to bo a trustwor
thy, Intelligent, sobor, brnvo and thor
ough Boldlcr. On August 14. 1900.
nt Pokln, Chlnn. ho wns thn limr
Amorlcnn to bcoIo tho wall ot tho Chl
noso city nnd ontor Pokln. On tho
following day, whllo ongaged In tho
fight In tho Imnorinl cltv. h ft rnrnlvntl
a slight wound. Ills morltorious con
duct dosorves recognition, and It Is
boltpved that If given an appoint
ment to West Point, and a commis
sion upon graduation, Musician Titus
will mako an oxcollont offlcor."
Roughly Treated by Burglars.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Anrll 2 Mm Ann
Ward, aged GO, ls lying in a critical .
condition from tho effects ot brutal
treatment by throo mnskmi imririnru
at her homo this morning. Mrs, Ward
and hor dnughtor woro nwokonod by
tho profi'uco of burglnrs nt tholr hod
Bldo, each woman finding a rovolvor
pointed directly nt hor head. Mrs.
Ward undortook to resist, nnd whllo
tho dnughtor was hold In snhlnotlnn liv
ono of tho mon, another knockod tho
older woman Into unconHeinimnnpn
Itornlly crushing hor skull. Tho hus
band nnd son of m. Wnr.i
slocplng on tho third floor, hnvlng la
tholr possession about $1,200, tho
booty tho burglars ovldontly woro
Rain nnd High Wind.
Dallas. Tex.. Anrll 1 a !,, .i
storm, accompanied by a high wind,
provnllod hero this afternoon. Tho
wind damagod roofs and blow down
ihrubbory and tho vroclpltatlon was
to heavy that It formed torronts la
tho streets which swopt ovorythltiK
before thorn. Stroot-cnr traffic was do
ayed and a quarter of a milo of track
In tho southern nnrtlnn nt ti,
had to be abandonod for tho remaindor
of the day. Tho damage In Dallas
Is ostlmatod nt $25,000.