Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 29, 1901, Image 5

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During tlie few warm days of
Inst week, Hol Veatch became rest'
less nml started out on his minimi
routul-up of rattlesnakes and iiic
ceeded in capturing two or three of
the venomous reptiles. One large
fellow carrying to rattles lie cap
tured ulivc nnd nftcr carrying his
Hiinkenliip tluiH in his pocket for
nlxmtft half n day he liccanic a
little too frisky to suit even Hob's
usual nerve when he killed it. lie
brought the lifeless form to town
nnd mounted it in good shape and
had it on display in the New lira
drug store window. At lant ac
counts Hob was out visiting other
dens and will not be satisfied until
he has visited them all hi this
neighborhood with murderous in
tent and it is a sum thing that hc
knows where they arc all located.
has nitcmitn to khmain.
.Since the farewell party tendered
Charlefl Vnndenburg and wife lust
week upon the "supposition that
they were soon to move to Eugene,
Mr. Vrndenburg has accepted a
position with the new hardware
firm and will remain here perma
nently. It is the opinion of a
Nugget man that Charley was only
bluffing nbout leaving Cottage
Grove and took this means to in
duce his friends and neighbors to
bring in a (cast. It is possible
however, that he never before real
ized that lie possessed so many
generous friends in this place.
Anyway hc has decided to remain
here, and the Ntigget is pleased to
announce- the fact.
Wednesday morning a hobo sold
n knife to Marion Vcatch of the
meat market of Garoulte & Veatch.
Mr. Ventch notified Marshall Mc
Farland and the officer began n
search for the man. In he vicin
ity of the planing mill he found him
nnd a search resulted 4in the find
ing of n dozen or more of pocket
knives of the cljenpcr variety and
three hunting knives. They were
nil new and many of them had the
trade mark upon them, while no in
formation of a robbery of this kind
had been received by Marshal Mc
Farlaml at the time, it is thought
the hobo had broken into some store
the niglU before and helpct (himself.
He .wan lodged in jail. Not finding
iiuy trace of the stolen property lit
was released next morning.
The I. O. O. Lodge of tlii-
city is now making arrangements
for the observance of the 82nd anni
versary of Odd Fellowship, which
occurs, April 26. A large number
of guests will be present, and a
well arranged program consisting
of music, readings and speeches
will bci'the order of the evening.
Tho Odd Fellows have long been
noted in this town for their ability
to,, entertain and those who are
present at the anniversary meeting
will be royally entertained.
In Justice Vaughn's court Inst
Monday the case of Hctinct vs
Stone, wherein Bennett brings ac
tion against Stone for damages,
was heard. The jury composed of
the following gentlemen, Kd Un
derwood, R. W. Veatch, II. C.
Dutton, U. F. Adams, Curriu
Cooley nnd jHracs Miller, after an
all night session failed to ngree,
nnd on Tuesday morning were dis
B. E. Hawley, well known in
Bohemia mining circles, recently
bad a most miraculous escape from
suffocation. He, with seven other
miners, were employed in the Gold
bug mine. near Glendale, and were
working on the 300 foot level when
n box of powder was ignited, and
the deadly gasscs from the burning
powder had almost suffocated them
before they could escape by means
of a cage to the surface,
The McFarland market which
only recently was refinished iuside
was leased this week by Messrs.
Bartels & Ernest of Portland.
These gentlemen come with the
recommendation of being ex
perienced and successful market
men, and they expect to have their
shop open by the 1st of April.
Many people here will be inter
ested in anything relative to J. H.
McGec who for n number of years
was owner of the 'Annie mine"
now known as the Noonday. After
n number of years of operation in
the "Annie," he became bankrupt
and left this Section owing many
labor bills and some store accounts.
At the time there was much
difference of opinion as to McGce's
management and honesty, many
being highly indignant at the way
he treated his men claiming that
the mine was in pay ore and that
many thousands of dollars of bull
ion was shipped out. Others were
more liberal in their opinions and
while Mr. McGec has 110 doubt
many enemies here, he also has
many friends all ol whom will read
with interest the news of a recent
success in Nevada. This wcik
Tom Johnson received a letter from
Harry Dell announcing the fact that
Mr. McGec has recently sold a
mine oil Muuey Creek, Nevada,
for a big stake and is again 011 his
feet and in a prosperous condition.
Mr. McGec was an old man when
tic left here and his friends say hc
must be nearly Ho years of age at
the present time. When he left
here, so the story goes, he went
out a proud old man, clad in an old
suit of clothes with his "blankets
011 his back." Such is the fate of
mining men.
Mesdamcs H. D. Scott and T. D.
Aubrey, who were the prime
movers in the entertainment given
two week's ago for the benefit of
the reading room, entertained their
friends who assisted them on the
program, at the reading room par
lors last Friday evening. The
Indies arc charming hosts,, and a
oleasant time was had by those
who were favored. The evening
was spent in interesting games, the
discussion of n splendid luncheon
and a jolly good time. At n late
hour, the guests after tendering
their appreciation to the ladies who
io generously received them, de
parted for their homes, feeling well
repaid for their services rendered in
the free reading room benefit.
Those present were Mesdamcs
Scott, Aubrey, McCurdy, Abrams,
McClollau, Howard. Atkins; Misses
Wettle, Patterson, Hart, White,
Aubrey; Mers. Scott, Aubrey,
Woolcy, Veatch. Copperuoll. Bre
haut, Abrams. McClellan, V hite,
Howard, Patterson, Atkins.
C. M. Collier was appointed sur
veyor, and H. C. Veatch, Wm.
Landers and N. II. Martin, viewers
of the following proposed county
road: To make county road No.
445, to run from the bridge below
Lawson Slagle's ranch.on the pres
ent road south 011 the line between
the Thompson ranch and the
ranches of Slagle and Elliot to the
Cntlicart road in the vicinity of the
Advent church and to throw out
the present road from the Slagle
bridge to the forks of the road at
the lower end of Thompson's ranch
wliere-the Cathcart road runs into
the present road. The road was
viewed the first of the week nnda
favorable report sent in to the
County Court.
Last Thursday evening about 20
young people decided they would
surprise one of their friends that
evening, and the fortunate person
was Miss Ethel Nokes of this city.
They marched in on her very much
to the young Indy's surprise, and
prepared to spend a pleasant even
ing, in which they were not disap
pointed. Games and music were
indulged in until a late hour when
all departed for their homes.
The Fouith Regiment Band of
Eugene is booked to give, one of
their concerts in this city at Mar
tin's Hall next Friday evening
April 5. The band has already
gained the reputation of being one
of the very best in the state and
their minstrels are said to give an
excellent entertainment, chuck full
of side-splitters and rib-ticklers.
Be sure and see them,
All Aboiit you.
Cluo. W. I.lovd wont to Ktiaeno Mon-
Bimrld over Is suit! to bo prevalent at
Cnrlln YVnlch v lulled In Creswell
over Sunday,
lion. Ivnri McQueen wnn a rmnHeriKer
to Hiikciio Monday.
Mm Nulla Onrrnil vUllixl In KlltfUIIO
tho llriil of tliu weulc.
II. M. Wittier Ih now employed on
tho 8. !. Co's tie train.
W. W. Hnlnen.of tlioKutfcnc tiinncry,
win In town Tliumday,
Dr. W. W. OkIchIiv won nn arrival
from Junction Monday. , -
Tom Hubert of Ah1iIwh1 was visiting
in IIiIm plncotliM week.
MIm Lou Wi-tllo wont to Portland
Inst Wednesday afternoon,
Minn Laura Jones Ih vUitinc; friends
nnd relatives here this week.
MIhh Atuilo Anhrey ft-turned to lier
homo in Ktiuenu Wednesday.
KugcnoV merry military mokcx nt the
Opera limine next Krlilny evening.
Mm. C. Wolfer. the home lieslerof
Coiimtock, in nt the Sherwood Hotel.
W. W. Manlcrnon linn returned from a
trip to Illumining property In Ilolicniiu,
Chief of I'olieu Gibson, of Sulcrn, wan
in town Wednesday on official business.
It. II. nnd I). A. Mosby were doing
business at the county eeat lant Satur
day. W. L. Cobb nnd wife, of Wilbur, nre
vlnltlng in Ibis city, the guest of U.A.
Tboi. M. Gardner of Amos greeted bin
mniiv friend in thin city last Monday
nnd Tuesday.
Mall Carrier Patterson reports nhout
four feet of snow ut the Musick mine 011
bis hiKt trip.
CharlcH Cochran returned to Eugene
Tuesday nfternoon after several day's
visit in tli Im place.
KdTobin tho bustling trnvolor for Pa
eillc Paper Co,, Portland, did business
here last Saturday.
C. II. Jones returned Saturday from
Palermo, Calif., where he lias been
pending the wlnUr.
A good heavy wagon, heavy harness
and a plow all nearly new for sale cheap.
Inquire of F. It. Phillips.
John Peterson, n Hohcmin miner, who
has been spending a lew weeks nt Uruln,
hi rived 011 the 1 :'-'l train Monday.
O. It. Hall, representing the American
Typo Foundry, wub in town Monday and
made this ofllco a pleasant call.
Ham Dennett has returned from Port
land where bo hint been employed in a
jon printing onice lor enine nine pani.
Pert Wlllnrd is down from the Helena
mine this week with n briiined thumb,
tho result of a blow from a four pound
Miu.n f! j A. HlrW- rv iv
llrush ol the 'tuuiotiH Stock, Harlow A
Kruxli mine, weio 111 town Jiotiuay anil
J.J. Dellnn and Dillard All In their
up-tii-diito inu.-ieal specialty ut the
minstrels next I'ridiiy evening April nth
at tho Opera House.
Doe Powers who has been spending
llin 1,1 .Til lu.f lull U'liftniN.
day. IIj will in it few day go to lio
be'mla in the employ of the liulden .Slip
per o.
Mrs. II. W. jJliurchill ;ent to )ak
land, Ore., Saturday to attend the fu
neral other sister-in-law, Mib. Katie
Churchill, who died at that place Friday
uarcii im.
Messrs. Tbos. Iltcw. and Leo Minerd
havugono to Keddiug, Calif., where
they have pureliised a saloon. Mr.
lilu'w still retains his interest, In The lie
sort, in this place.
Geo. McQueen has recovered from n
severe attack of Ingrippe and his smiling
but somewhat emaciated countenance
is again to bu seen behind the counters
at hakin & ISristow's.
J. Stoneburgand wife left on Wednes
day night's overland train for Ontario,
Canada, where they go for n two or
three month's visit with .Mrs. Stone
burg's relatives.
T. J, Croniso one of Salem'H oldest
and well known printers, was a visitor
in Cottngo Grovo laBt Sunday. Mr.
Croniso was agrcenbly surprised at the
bustling appearance of tho town.
Wm. Fabcr, tho Albany brcworyman,
was transacting' business here last
Saturday. Mr. Faberisnlso interested
in s me Bohemia mining property, uml
will visit tho camp early in the season
with a view of doing some-development
Max Weiss, of Roseburg,- nnd owner
of tho Helena Bnloou in this place, has.
appointed It. P, Long his agent. Mr.
Long is now in chargo of tho business
here' and has this week added some
needed improvements to tho intorior of
tho building and proposes to conduct an
orderly house.
Portland, Ore., March 14, 1901 .
Mr. E. A. IIackkt, Hear Sir: I take
ploasuro in stating that Hldpath's En
cyclopedia of history ot tho world Is one
of tho best that I know of; It is n mas
torpleco in language, very concise nnd
to ths point, loaded with the good things
in history nil tho way through, especi
ally the charts In history which is alone
with the price of tho books. It should
be in every library nnd well regulated
familyr K. J. Iladley, Principal of
Sunny Sido School.
Boston University, Boston, Mass.
I consider it oxcellently ndupted to
its purposu I should bo glad to see it
placed In the librnry of every young
man in tho U. 8,, nnd even in tho Eng
lish-speaking world W. F. Warren, L.
L, D, President,
In Brief.
Oco, Griffith for nrlcen nil rleunlntr
and dyeing.
Anow invoice of plated ware, clocks,
etc., at Madten's.
For all kirula of flshltiK tackle call on
Orlflln.t Ventch, Co.
Toilet articles, lienson Drug Co.
Wall paper at Jenkln's A Lnwson's.
For L. I. Mav fc Co. ffanl en Heeds call
on Wheeler A Scott.
A now line of silverware ut Maden'.
suitable for wedding presents.
Oo to Kawlaiid'H millincrv storo for
spikes, '1 vents each.
A lariro assortment of tho irrnnt fav
orites. I'ontum, Caramel Hiid Fig Prune
Cereals, at Cumming-i.
Wall naner from 714 cent nor douhla
roll anil up at Jenkins A Lawson's.
When vou want to catch trout buv
your flics of Grillin & Veatch Co,
A carload of wall naner lust Jeceived
at Jenkln's & Lawson's.
Look at those louvcnir spoons at Mad-
sen's. Something new and nice.
Yuu will laneli when vou see tho
travesty. Ino Vudls Upside down at the
Suits! Suits!! Tailor mfldosuits!!!
Up todate in everv respect, from 115 un.
Call and see samples.
If you want anything in tho line of
pruning shears call on Griffin, Veatch Co.
Stationery, pens, pen holders, and
pencils ol every description at Benson
Drug Co.
For flower and gardon scods get L. L.
May fc Co. Northern grown seeds at
Wheeler & Scott.
Stationery, the best in the market, to
be found in Cottage Grove, at lienson
Drug Co.
Sportsmen remember Griffin & Veatch,
Co., carry the ilneat lines of sporting
goods in South Luna Co. .
We have on hand a large stock of
kiln-dried flooring, celling and rustic in
grades 1 t and 3. Iit us make you
special prices.
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co.
Bright and sparkling end and motto
songs at the Opera House Friday even
ing A-pril6th.
Just received this week n choice va
riety of ladies and Misecsflne shoes.
Calf and sec them at Cummlng's store.
Tho drug stock of Benson Drug Co. Is
choice, complete, and absolutely the
best in the market. Try us.
Wheeler .t Scott handle the Oliver
Chilled, Syracuse Chilled, Garden City
Clipper and J. I. Case steel plows, Critic
steel harrows and Planet, Jr. cultivators.
Get vour prescription filled at lienson
Drug Co, Pure drugs, of superior
Moro than 600 diflcrent patterns of
wall paper to select from at Jenkin's &
A car load ol Columbia Ulver cedar
mingles for sale-by Jenkins- Lawson.
Fresh caudles every day, made from
pure sugar nt the Tailor shop.
When you want a physic that ii mild
and g"ntfe, easy to take' and pleasant in
effect use Chamberlain's Stouiai-h and
Liver Tablets. Only 25c. by Bk.vson
Dnco Co.
Go to Geo. Pohlman's tailor shop
Main street and sec his full lines of
samples and pools. He can please you
in any style or line you may desire.
Only the best drugs In the market at
lienson Drug Co. Bring your prescrip
tions. The most complete Hue of paints,
brushes and wall paper in South Lane
County will bo found at Jenkln's &
Wo have lust received n carload of
wagons which we bought direct from the
factory saving middle men's commission,
if yon want n wagon you will get tho
profit bv calling on
Wheeler & Scott.
Ovor 500 odd patterns of wall paper to
chooso from and moro on tho wuy, at
Jenkins & Lawson's.
Bowaro of air dried or half dry floor
ing, ceiling and rustic. Tho Booth-
prices on kiln-dried lumber.
Scenes on tho Mississippi tho artful
song and dunco by Robert Gllstrap and
Cheshire will bo n -pleasing number at
the Minstrels next Friday evening at
the Opern House.
When you Want
Good Shoes
Low Prices
Yorau's Shoe Store,
Eugene, Oregon.
Mrs. Geo. Bohlman's,
Saturday, March30,190i.
Rough Lumber,
SB6 perm. at
Sapinaw, Or.
S Wc have a Magnificent Stock of FINE SHOES, 3
y our prices are lower than like quality sells for any 5
S where else, and wc guarantee shoe satisfaction in 5
f every respect at f
Money-Saving Prices, f
We think we know what the people want. ; ;
To suit the public taste and purse and meet popular dc- ' J
niand is our business ambition. IfS
We will fit any foot or pocket-book and assure satisfac- 2
tion, and then "the proof of the pudding is in the eating." :Sg
The Fashion Stables )
Glfi'isiJrai) S. Bn2s, proprietors.
Reasonable Prices
First-Class Turnout, Double or Single
Wheeler & Scott
Geo. Gumming-,
Dealer in eeneral merchandise has now a well selected stock of choice
family Groceries which he is selline
offering special values in gents furnishing goods, men and boys shirts,
underwear, gloves, etc., all at greatly REDUCED PRICES. Bargains in
Ladies, Misses and Childrens Shoes.
In addition to regular stock he is now offering the balance of the
Schuller stock of shoes at less than cost.
Everybody cordially invited to call and get prices.
George dimming.
Given Away.
A $3G CltESCEXT BICXCLE to be presented to some customer
of the Eugene Soap Company May 4, 1901.
With the object in view of placing our soap in every household,
we have taken this means of bringing it before the public.
Every purchaser of 25 cent's worth of our Laundry Soap is entitled
to a chance, for our premium offer of a Crescent Bicycle, to be awarded
May 4,1001. The chance for the wheel costs you nothing. Buy 25
cent's worth of our Laundry Soap from your grocer, and he will write
your name on a coupon to be forwarded to us in time for the drawing.
We trust that you will avail yourself of this opportunity, not only
of probably receiving a bicycle free of charge, but of helping to buildup
a home industry.
Our Soap is on sale at: Baker & Johnson's; Hemenway & Burk
holder's; L. Lurch's; Jos Schlee & Co's, and F. J. Meiuzer's.
Eugene Soap Company,
The open season for trout fishing
in Oregon begins Monday, April 1 ,
and lasts till September 30. It ts
unlawful to take, catch or kill any
trout or salmon less than five inches
in length, and such must be care
fully disentangled from the hook
and transmitted' lb tlie water with
out viblencei it' is unlawful to sell
or offer for saleany specieStof trout
at any time. Itds unlawful to take
trout between one hour after sunset
ami one hour before suurisc. ...
E1.1 Bangs.
Proprietors of the Bohemia jg
g and
Black Butte Stage Lines. S
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Sewing Machines
ball-bearing and High-grade Vertical
Feed and three under feed machines.
Prices to suit.
Eor sale by
at lowest livine nrices. He is also
A $35
Parties desiring lady to go to the
house and sew by the day, should
consult Mrs. O. Fredericksen. Price
$1.00 per day. Telephone No. 113.
Mrs. O. Fredericksen.
Mr. Beck's class' In music la doing
splendid work, but 1I10 lids little
faith in the progress of tlioie who make
music a study during th summer
months only.
. 1 . . i w" S.
roruimes, nmueeiioue iiau, ucubwii 'i
Drug Co.
"4. "1
BE5TT- ... &. "W