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HUM III II I Troops Wltnaraw.i rrum -r- 11 iH IIIMI M JUL nil
mblllic BVarr Frlitnr.
mm or Tur day
An Inltrotlntj Cotlcdlon ot Items from IU
Two Hemltphtru Presented In a
Condensed Form
Settlement of the Dispute at Tien
PEKIN, Mnrch 23. Count Von
Wnldcrscc, Gonernl Harrow ninl Hon
ornl Wognck hnvo been In conoiiHn
tlon and Genornl Wognck hns agreed
to withdraw tho Ilusslnn troops from
tho disputed ground at Tlon Tain,
provided tho Drltlsh nlso withdraw.
Ho Insisted nlso upon n guarantco
thnt work on tho railway siding
should not proceed until tho matter
had been diplomatically adjusted,
Thin ... -,-.! ...1 Ht MH1H
ti ' " . I iiim iiiuuusui linn biimimiiuu mo
-T" ... ---. I
Ji wmiuw. ...... satisfactory to Goneral Harrow and
was accepted by him. Consequently
tPlttsburg street-car men mny go on tho British and Ilusslnn troops will
striko. be withdrawn nt 5 o'clock this morn
General Funston hns gono in pursuit ln' (Frlny). thereby avoiding nil
ot Agulnaldo. troublo nt present. Orders hnvo been
Kruger expects to visit tho United !8SUod that ? British "
States next month. leavo or oven slcoD out nt nlBht
iir kin in iiiiiiiir wiiiiiiiiL i iiriiiHiiiiii:
Tho Phlllpplno commission is taking hl8 nddrcBa t0 tho najutant. Tho
marines will return to tho ships.
Admiral Seymour objects to any of
tho Australian naval brigade, who
volunteered for service on tho rail
way, remaining. Tho mllltnry nu
thorltlcs say ho docs not understand
tho situation, that his Inference Is
uncalled for and mat tho Australian
marines are just tne men needed.
Tho Russians havo ordered a rcgl
ment to proceed from Port Arthur
to Tien Tsln. Tho arrangement made
by General Balloud tho French com'
mnndcr, are regarded as perfectly
satisfactory and all danger ot trouble
between the British and Russians Is
Hems of Interest From All Parts
of the State.
testimony In Negros.
Japan energetically protests against
the Russo-Chlncse treaty.
Tho Portuguese government seized
Jesuit property In Lisbon.
Spain received $100,000 for the is
lands of Cagayan and Slbutu.
A tornado did great damage to ship
ping In Pensacola bay, Florida.
Corea removes British collector ot
customs, which causes a protest.
Governor Rogers, of Washington, ve
toed tbo bill for tho selection ot school
A Brief Review of the Growth nd Improve
ments of the Msny Industries Through,
out Our Thriving Commonwealth.
Ashland Construction of tho Ash
land freight depot has begun.
Pendleton Young mon of Pondlo
ton hnvo organized a cornet band.
La Grande A largo fruit cannery
will be established at La Grande.
John Day Tho Sheep Gulch mine,
near John Day, has resumed operations.
I avoided
Russia agrees with Great Britain
to let VonWaldersee arbitrate the Tien
Tsln dispute.
Mrs. Nation was escorted from Transfer of Government In Philip,
grounds of Kansas soldiers' homo to pines June 30.
train by police. WASHINGTON, March 23. Tho
Gravly of the Russian student trou- transfer from tho military to the civil
Mes Impelled the Czar to call a special government in tho Philippines Is ex
meeting of the ministers. pected to occur about Juno 30, nc-
New Jersey village was destroyed cording to calculations made nt tho
Toy burning oil, as the result of the war department upon information ro
wreck of a coal and oil train. celved from tho Taft commission and
Insurgents will be given 30 days' ex- General MacArthur. It Is known that
tension of time to take advantage of oven whore civil government Is bo-
if irti resumuns vounS and omce- ng established by tho Philippine com
ioldlnE mission, tho military will bo neces.
General Weyler, Spanish minister of sary for some time to support the
war, is preparing extensive army re- civil authorities. It is tho intention
iJVa.i01 fTfnv to Undraw tho military as fast oj
be Improved, and economies will be possible, however, from any nartlcl
reauzea in mo war Duaget, patlon , tho governments established,
"The United States government," I ana tne soldiers will be more of a
says the London correspondent of tue I Pol'co than of a military force.
Dally Express, "has refused New Zea- Wherever possible, native police will
land's request to reopen the question of 00 urganizea.
permitting British steamers to trade
between Honolulu and San Francisco." BATTLESHIP ASHORE,
JSi LrZS&Z 'rUH MaM.chu.ett. Runs on a Spit In Pen
drygoods factory at Kansas City! sacola Harbor.
-walked out. Tho firm recently re- PENSACOLA, Fla., March 21.
duced the price for making overalls I The flagship Kearsarge and the battle-
xrom in to as cents a dozen. shp Alabama, of tho North Atlantic
In the bankruptcy court at Burton- squadron, crossed the bar here this
on-Trent. Encland. Lord Wntnrnirfe Tnnrnlni fn i.niim in h nr
declared his bankruptcy was due to wlth Target Bay. Culebra Island, as
taclhaVaMsr.0 . Th0 Ma-.achu.ett.,
of 18S1. Hn said h hnrt thorphv wnicn followed the two other war
35,000. The liabilities of the debt- ships out, took a sheer, left tho chan'
or amount to 26,00o, and his assets ncl, and went aground on a spit of
are a.j,uuo. gaud at buoy No. 7. President
Great damage has been dono by O'Brien, of the National Bar Pilot
floods in Andalusia. Association, arrived late tonight from
... . the battleship. Ho says she is aground
l"D witn 24 feet of water under her for-
unaes January z&, doing great dam- ward turret, while thero is nlentv of
Salem Tho O. R. & N. Co., whoso
docks were washed nway, contem
plates replacing thorn.
Etiaene Many oifors nro being re
celved for Eugene school bonds, which
tho district will sell to tho amount or
Summervllle It Is reported that
Wlthdraw.1 From Dliputed
Land at Tien T.ln.
BKItl.IN, Mnrch SB. Tho wnr olllco
tins tho following from Count vou
W''Tlio8Annlo-Hus8lnn dlsputo nt Tlon
Tsln hns boon sottlod from n mllltnry
standpoint In n manner satisfactory
to both parties nt n conference bo
...on riKiinrnls Woitnck and Harrow.
lloth guards nnd postH havo boon
withdrawn nnd Bnlutes havo boon ex
changed. Tho Hrttlnh declare thnt no
orrenso to tho RusBlnn ling was In
tended nnd that tho allege.) removal
ot tito RusBlnn boundary marks wns
neither by tho command nor with tho
knowledge of tho mllltnry authorities.
Tho work on tho disputed Inud will
not bo continued until tho govern
ments havo ronchod nn iigreomont ns
in its possession or until n apoclnl un
derstanding has boon attained."
l'RKIN. March 23. Tho troops on
both sides of tho disputed land nt
Tien Tsln havo boon withdrawn, nnd
all danger of a fracas Is ondod. Tho
opinion of tho British Is thnt tho Gunncrc Is After
the Moorish Ruler.
Cruiser New York Arrives t Gibraltar, ind
Will Convey the American Olllclsl
Irom Tinnier to Min.
GIBRALTAR, March 2ft. Tho ar
mored crulBor Now York arrived horc
today. Tho Now York will convey Mr
aummoro, United Stntos coiibuI k;
oral, from Tnngler to tho Honport ol
M,incrnn whllliro ho Will 'I VVOI OVOP
land to Morocco City. UAi polltlctil
cnpltal of Morocco, thoro to uoinanii
from tho sultan nn apology for an np
paront discourtesy to tho United
States, committed by tho sultnn I
grand vl.lor and his minister to for
elcn nffnlrs. At tho biuiio time, Mr
Gummorn will reituvBt tno nultnn to
sottlo certain clnlma of tho United
nromntness oi Goncrnl Harrow In cnll
Ing up tho marines from Tnku pro
vented n collision. Tho llrltlflh ro
port thnt prior to tho nrrlvnl of tho
mnrlnna fliMitrlnn wont Hiinnllnd from
the Madras Ploncors, who for sovornl I Stntes long ponding ngnltiBt the gov'
dnys woro surrounded by crowds or ' eninioni oi Morocco, iuobo nniiit
fnroicn soldiers mostly French, who ! nroso largely from nlloged undtio In
the comntete outfit of noW machli ory tl,nm wl,h n" klmlB of bu.o. torforonco by olllclnls of the sultan
or therac earned y " "Lmmelllia. i ''K them "cooUes." The Mndrasses . with Amorlcj m cUl.e,.. loln buj,
been ordered 1 wore becoming rostlvo when tho mn- ucbs In Morocco, when Mr. Hum
' fines arrived nt night nnd quietly ro-1 mor.0 said ho would boo tho sultan
Weston Two quarter sections of I u,.,i t,ni nmi i nn nnlv wlmn l nei-Honnllv on tho mnttor of these
One fnrmlng land, ono and ono-linlf i ,Inyfilit appcarod thnt tho Russian, claims, ho wo. told by tho grnnd
miles south of Weston have changed dcovoro,, th0 c,nnge.
UIVIIVIU. AilU iiiilu I'UIU hub fto, uuu.
Quartzbura Qunrtzburg will soon WHY BOTHA DECLINED.
bo connected with .Prnlrlo City by
telephone. Tho wire has been 1 Kitchener Refused Complete Amne.ty
btrctched nearly tho entlro distance. 1 to Leader.
Tho condition of Representative
Livingstone, of Georgia, who Is ill
at Washington, is encouraging.
Tho cruiser 'Olympla was placed In
the drydock at Boston to be scraped
ana painted below the water line.
Company I, of the Twenty-third In
fantry, stationed at Fort Douglass,
will leave for Fort WIngate, New
Carlos Roloff, the newly appointed
treasurer of Cuba, whose term begins
April 1, will qualify with a bond of
Shamrock II will have several
trials over the Queen's course in tne
Solent, and oil the Irish coast with
Shamrock I.
Senator Frye, of Maine, sailed from
TJew York on the steamship Cherokee
lor Santo Domingo. He is on a five
weeks' vacation.
Charles Roller is under arrest at
Xos Angeles on a warrant from New
ark, N. J., charging him with embez
zlement and forgery.
Klrfg Edward has approved the ap
pointment of General Sir Arthur
Power Palmer as commander-in-chief
of the forces in India.
Miss Pearl Colleasure was shot at
water under all other parts of the
sblp. It Is expected the battleship
will be pulled off tomorrow.
Philippine Trade.
"Washington, March 23. The to
ports into the Philippine Islands from
the United States during the first
eight months of i900 show an increase
of 72 per cent over the amount for
the same period In 1899, according to
a statement of the commerce of the
archipelago issued by the division of
insular affairs of the war department.
For the period stated of 1839, the Im
ports from the United States amount
ed in value to $780,793 and for tho
first eight months of last year to
The total value of mcrchandlnc,
gold and silver, imported Into the
islands from January through August
of 1900 tho period of time to which
tho statement relates was $lG,8b5,
C84. The exports were valued at
S17.808.222, showing a balanco of trade
In favor of the archipelago. These
figures, as compared with the same
period of 1899, show an increaso of
34 per cent in imports and 28 per
cent in exports'. The exports to the
ClaUop The Elk Creek toll road. LONDON, Mnrch 25. Tho Dally
In CIntsop county, Is almost com- Chronicle, professing to ho nblo to
pleted, and win soon bo opon for RVo nn outllno of tho negotiations bo
travel. Ono bridge remains to bo ! tween Lord Ktchenor and General
put In. Botha, says:
Gold Beach-Gold Beoch Is now in "Tho chief obstacle to a settlement
telephone communication with tho out-1 wns ,,-.r(l Kltcl,(3"or,B r,c,f"SI1 to rant,
side world. Tho lino has been ex-1 complete amnesty to tho oadors of
tended across tho river from Wed- rel,0,s ,n f'0 V. 110 P"0"
.i-hii-r, self-government on tho lines of Jama
ica Immediately upon tho cessation of
Eugene A bridgo on tho Elmlra hostilities, with legislative bodlos
mall route, about eight miles west pnitly elected by tho burghers. Tho
of Eugene, Is In a dangerous condt-' government agreed to provldo JC1
tlon. It will bo rebuilt ns soon as the 000.000 to compensate. Boors for prop
water recedes. erty destroyed mid, nrtlclcs commnn
Ashland S. H. Calhoun, of Ash-1 dcerc,l b' ,tho ,1Jocra on commnndo,
land, has exchanged 1C0 acres of land ! provided tho signatures of tho of
near that place for a llko amount of i ,lccrs who commandeered tho goods
land In Klamath county belonging to woro forthcoming. Ho nlso offered to
G. H. Palethorpo. I Rrnnt loans on easy terms for rebuild-
, , ing nnd rcstocklug farmsteads. More
Baker City Mr. C. McEndry. who i nvnr tin n promt Hint rlillilrnn atimiltl
owns placer claims on Pino creek.
Im0..?""!1 !vPr S!,I)0' nas,ooon cx-!tho discretion of their parents. Tho
hlbltlng In Baker City a gold nugget i government undertook to mako no
wnicn weighs $107. clnlm on church tironortv or funds, or
Pendleton Frnnir i.'mrlnr i. mnb. ! upon hospitals or hospital funds, or
Ing plans for a horse parade at Pen- UDOn P"lvato Investments. No burgher Ish troops from tho disputed terrl
dleton early next May. similar to tho of elthor stato was to bo allowed to ' tory In Tlon Tsln. M. Do Giors,' the
one last Mav. AH kinds of well-bred , possess a rlllo, except .by special II- Russian minister to Chlnn. bellcvci
"General Botha was generally In
favor of theso conditions, but ho dis
sented strongly from a proposal to
give tjio lull prlvllogo.of citizenship to
properly domcllod and registered
blacks. Ho wns nlso greatly con
cerned about the position Jewish cap
italists would occupy in tho country,
and was told that .Jews and Chris
tians would enjoy equal rights, no dis
tinction being mauo In tho matter of
vlzlor and his milliliter of foreign nf
fairs thnt any such effort would he
UBoless, ns tho BUltnn would romuve
himself nnd his ministers from tholi
cnpltal, Morocco City If tho Amarl
can consul nttompted to visit them
thero. This discourteous stntomonl
constitutes tho affonflo for which the
Moroccan government hns boon nsked
for apology and to Bccuro which npol
ogy Mr. Gummero, backed up by the
Now York nt Mnzngnn, will travo)
ovorland to tho sultan's cnpltal.
Tho United Status oxporlunced
soma dlfllculty nnd dolny Inst year In
securing tho payment of $5,000 from
Morocco for tho latter', failure to
mako nny nttempt to punish the lead
era of a mob who burnud and killed
tho naturalized American citizen
Marcus Ezcqul, nt Fez, InBt Juno,
Aftor considerable correspondence on
tho matter nnd nfter tho United
Stntcs had threatened to send a wnr
ship to Tnngtcr, Morocco paid the
$5,000 In question.
Mlnltters Desire to Put Her on Her
P12KIN, March 25. Tho British
headquarters hero report tho with
drawal of both tho Russian and Brit
wut 1-0. iuv. mi miiun ui wuii-ureu
horses will lie allowed to take part.
Ashland Inquiry of lumber dealers
At Ashland reveals the fact that while
Improvements havo been colnir..or
steadily all winter, building will tako
on a fresh Impetus with the open
ing of spring.
Milton High water in tho Walla
Walla river washeu out tho under
pinning at the Milton end of tho
bridgo near Brown's mill, and con
slderable work was necessary to re
pair tne damage.
Sumpter The Sumpter Valley rail
road will commence work on tho re
maining three miles of road to tho
new town In a few days, and trains
will be running from tfaker to Whit
ney soon. Whitney will bo tho ter
minus of the company nt present.
Eunene Sheriff W. W. Withers
rounded up a gang of 11 hobos In
tho woods beyond the river opposite
Eugeno and took them to tbo city
Jail. Residents beyond the river had
complained that many of their
chickens were missing. At tho camp
of the hobos preparations for a big
chicken dinner were going on.
a charivari nt Outhrln. nnrl hnr lifn 1 United States show a decrease, $1,954.-
Is despaired of. She was hit with a 031 worth being sent to this country
Bullet while standing on the porch. m lauu as against ?z,&47,S3a worm
TU. 1 1 ... .....J..!'" iOW,
.-uu unti iiuuou ui iue Austrian
Relclisrath reported a motion of
urgency In the Bohemian census de
late after a discussion lasting five
Creditors of Gaylord, Blessing &
Panic at a Chicago Fire,
Chicago, March 21. Flro tonight
totally destroyed tho largo warehouse
of J. S. Ford, Johnson & Co., at Six-
Co., tho oldest firm of brokers in St. J teenth street and Wabash avenue,
XjOuIb., who failed recently, filed a pe
tition to declare tne company bank
Owing to the effects of the heavy
rains on one of the famous .marbel
quarries at Carrara, Italy, a land
slldo of 2,000 cubic yards occurred,
destroying tho railway station.
The late Margaret Plllsbury, widow
of ex-Mayor George A. Plllsbury, ol
-Minneapolis, bequeathed $20,000 to
Plllsbury academy at Owatonna,
Minn.; $25,000 to Margaret Plllsbury
Hospital, at Concord, N. II., and
$10,000 to the Northwestern hospital,
at Minneapolis.
Tho Baltimore & Ohio railroad has
ordered 105 now engines,
Florida is now thronged with visit
ors from the northern and western
In the United States regular army
Spanish is spoken fiuontly by 304
commissioned officers, French by 224
and Gorman by 136. I
Besides King Edward thoro are 73 ,
holrs to tho British throno without
going outside of tho group of Vic-'
torla's direct descendants.
Tho building and everything inside
was ruined. The north, south and east
walls of the building collapsed while
a number of firemen wero inside
fighting the fire. They were com
pelled to drop tho hoso and run for
their lives. Soveral woro badly
bruised by falling bricks. A panic
was created among tbo thousands
of spectators, and in a wild rush to
escapo injury by tho falling walls
many women and childron were
knocked nnd trampled upon. Tho loss
is ?zuu,uuu, equally divided among
uuiiding and stock.
Ono Cent per Mile for G. A. R.
Cleveland, 0 March 21. An Im
portant meeting of railway men was
hold in this city today, at which the
1-cent-per-mllo rato promised for tho
Grand Army of tho Republic National
encampment, to bo held in Cleveland
next September, was formally pro
mulgated. This fixes the railroad
rato absolutely, and finally govers tho
rate going and returning from all
points In Central Passengor Associa
tion territory. Tho rato will also ba
tondercd to tbo connecting lines and
outside territory for basing purposes.
Wheat Walla Walla, 65 050:
alley, nominal; blucstem, 59c per
Flour Best grades, $2.8003.40 per
barrol; graham, $2.60.
Oats White 44045c per bushel:
gray, 4243c.
Barley Feed, $10.50017; browing,
$16.50017 per ton.
Mlllstufrs Bran, $16 per ton;
middlings, $21.50; shorts, $17.50;
chop, $16.
Hay Timothy, $12012.50; clover,
$709.50; Oregon wild hay, $607 per
Butter Fancy creamery, 22025c;
dairy, ,-18 020c; store, ii13c per
Eggs Oregon ranch, 12c per
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3,500
$5; bens, $505.50; dressed, ll12c
per pound; spring, $405 per dozen;
ducks, $506; geese, $608 per dozen;
turkoys, live, 9010c; dressed, 130
14c per pound.
Potatoes 15055c per sack. ,
Mutton Gross, best sheop, wethers,
$4.75; ewes, $404.50; dressed, 60
7c per pound.
Hogs Gross, cholco heavy, $50
$5.25; light, $4.7505; dressed, 607c
per pound.
Veal Large, 77c. per. pound;
small, 809c per pound.
Beef Gross, top steers, $4,600
$4.75; cows, $4 04.50; dressed beef,
78o per pound.
Hops 12014c per pound; js'J'J
crop, 67c.
Wool Valley. I4ai5c; uastern
Oregon, 912c; mohair, 21023c per
Russian secret pollco have arrcstod
many literary mon, lawyers and stu
dents for allogod conspiracy.
In conscquenco of emigration there
is a greater preponderance of women
in Norway than in almost nny other
country in Europe
Congressman Llnnoy, of NoMh Car
olina, Is the only republican dyer
elected to congress who served iu n
prlvato in tho confederate army, ,
thnt everything will ba amicably ad
Justed at London and St. Petors
burg, nnd doubts tho probability ol
further troublo In tho matter. Gen'
crnl Voyron, commandor of tie
Frc'nch troops, has ordchtd a now
regiment to Tien T.ln to replace, the
ono now hero. French officers horo
think It was a mlstako to lonvo
regiment recruited In a city nt Tien
Tsln. This regiment wn. composed
01 a tougn riiris clement.
At tho meeting of tno ministers
held this morning, tho only question
considered wns that of policing the
legation quarters
FMmfng Oil Deitroyed NvV J0riey
NMW YOltK, Mnrch 26.--A rfvor f
.laming oil Hwopt down upon thu Inn,,
vIIIuko of Olongardon, N, .1,, wlilln ilH
Itilinhllantn worn iiHloop thin niiiiuiiir
and reduced 11 biilhllimn, Mlorow Hi'f
residences to nnhori. The eonllnK,
tlon wiih extraordinary In churn. i(r
and In Itii Tho village in ,, ,
valley along tho Now Jonioy v,i,
Itnllioud. An linmoimo fich;lii i,,,!,,
wnM coiilnf: duM ntl(30 A. l. 11
cnmpoBod of ti Htrlni; nf conl ciim MI
18 tank caw. High iilmvo tho villa,;,,
tho track, of the railroad run u I.!1K
the Hlilo of u mountain, Thoy den, ,.,
ns thoy approach tho vIIIoro. lint ,.v,.
nt tho station a 10 conBldorahly nimvi)
tho main street, which rutin up t tll0
dopot at a ntxnp Incline,
A fow mIIc west of tho viliiiKC
while co mini; down tho Incline nroiimi
tho mountain tho train parted Tim
engineer on tho forward end imii(.,
upon tho throttle of tho utiKino
and trlod to race nwny f.()m
tho section, which wan Increasing
It. speed every second. He tn.
nged to keop cloar of the raring
cars until he got opponlto tho depnt nt
Uloninirdon, whou the pucoum bim-iioii
smashed Into the Unit. Tho (Irs I m.,
tlon, composed of the coal cars, wn.
going at n high rato of sped m.,j
none of IU rar. woro Jolted off tho
track. Tho oil tank, on the runaway
section were liurlgd sideways urros.
tho tracks, and the oil tank cars .
hind woro piled on top of It In ovcry
way, The flrBt crnah caused tho oil
In ono of tho UnkH to explod. umt
Ignite, nnd tho terrific heat caused tno
othor car. to axplodo, ono after tiio
other. Tho Incllno running from tho
depot down to tho main turret arteii
a. a sluice for tho burning oil, nnd it
poured Into tho chief thoroughfaic or
tho village,, vetting, firo to cVery thing
It touched. Houses, fences, trees,
.hrubbnry nnd ham. wore roducpil to
nslict) In nn Incredibly Hhort time
Villagers awakened ny tho eilo
.Ion. rtiHhod from tho on-comltiK flood
of bjnzlng oil, currying children m
their arms. Bomil risked ihelr lives to
free horse., cows and doun In outtmild
IngM, but other unfortunate aninuil.
could not be reached In time, ami wero
burned. Within five minutes after tin,
first explosion the flowlm- river of oil
had reached the Masonic Temple In
tho heart of the vlllnco and ten nun
tiles later thnt structure wan envi-i
oped In flame., Then building after
building, all of them frame, took tiro
a. tho oil reached them, and within
half an hour an area of 4,00 font sqimro
was a mass of llatno. From tho
wrecked cam the oil flowed down tho
Incllno of the rnllroud track, milking it
long line of flro that destroyed tho ties
and bent and twisted tho tracks. The
loss Is estimated at from $00,000 to
A committer ol
Plna County, Ariz., Will
the Experiment.
PHOENIX, Ariz., March 25bc ' ffi? ?n
ting"T":r:Z. t bo demanded by the powers
ed down anlmonant decisis in thS h''W, To
matter of tho Plna county bonds. It Is keen an nrn v of Iran foooo ti
held that tho territory must refund ,ny,J ...r.m. 3?. l ,2'
these bonds, amounting now. with In- think w 7. 1. . rniv LZnnZ
S&torWlS3 KvekltoBe,,.nr,l,Ter.rorryC
" l0le.!I)"s,.e.8,lll0...t0rfltr n' during tho slogo wero tired of boo.
iuuii vuiuuiiBHiun which ino leglBIIl- inc l0vin mllltnrv rnmn Thn
T IS JCa" hope'cliruter
$200,000 wero issued by Plna coun- n8 B00n "8 "088lbl'
ty under an act of tho lcglsla-
turo of 1883 to encourage tho con-! ,u fa-Mftnrt boundary.
structlon of a nnrrow-traticrn rnllrnnil ...
from Tucson to Globo. Tho road United States Expert Will Define
wns begun but nover finished, nnd I L,ne In Mount Baker District.
tnougn tneso uonus nau ueen turned HRATTLR Mnmh vr.n u oi-.
over to tho promoters, tho county ro-'clalr, a government oxpc'rt, win 'leave
fused to pay tho Interest. All the
bonds are held In Now York.
Government Calls for Bids.
Seattle, Wash., March 25. Quar
termaster Ruhlen will tomorrow Is
sue an Invitation to tho various ship
ping concerns doing business between
this city and Alaska to furnish pro
nosals for tho contract tn llclitnr nt
Nome nnd St. Michael such govern-1 close together nnd provont the possl
ment stores as nro shinned this sea- blilty of error in tho future.
son by tho war department to tho Tho geological features of tho expo-
military posts to tno moutli of the union win uo conducted Dy 15. c. Her
Yukon river and points in tho Interior nard, nnJ will Do simply an nlllrma-
within a short tlmo to remark the
international botindnry In tho Mount
Baker aistrlct. Captain J.-F. Pratt,
of tho United States coast and geo
detic survey, Btated today that the
boundary Is not to bo changed, hut
Is simply to bo ro-markod. Ohlltoratod
posts, monuments and othor land
marks will bo restored and now ones
will bo placed, to bring tho marks
of Alaska. Major Ruhlen roughly es
tlmatcs that tlioro will bo 15,000 tons
or freight on tno basis of ship's mops
uremcnt to uo sent north this sum
mer. Tho bids will 00 opened March
30. Tho government win havo four
ships In the Alaskan service.
HI. Last Raid.
Santa Fo, N. M., March 25. Tom
Ketchum, famous as an outlaw, the
man who terrorized tho territory for
years, was executed today, "Black
Jack" was tho soubriquet by which
Kotcbum was best known. Ho was
sentenced by tho territorial supreme
court on f enruary zb. Numerous at
tempts wore made to stay tho exocii'
tlon, Ketchum having many friends
among a certain class. Although ac
cused of soveral murdors and other
felonies, Ketchum was only tried for
tho robbery of a train near Folsom, N.
m., tno penalty ror wnicn, in this ter
ritory, is ucain.
Northwest Pensions.
WnHlilnetnn. Mn
nuvo uuon grantou as rouows:
Oregon orlcmal, William H. Rum-
lov. Modford. SS: Mnxlnn n wnr our.
vlvors, Increaso, Sarauol B. Jackson,
jsugeno, fiz; widows, increaso, spe
cial act February 20, Cathorlno A
Yoimcr. Portland. wnr wl. Un.ln
original, John Dennis, Portland, $12!
. Washington Original, Thomas F.
Mahan. Seattle. tSt Vntnr rUmrnhnrc,
Port Angeles, $6; William M. Mat
tox, Thorp, $6.
tlon of records already .made.
It Is thought that a Cnnadln n -rim.
mission may bo present whno tho line
is being re-deflnod as a precautionary
raoasuro, and to provont any future
difllcutles over errors in tho re mark
Father of Mrs. Marcu. Daly Dead,
iieiona, Mont., March 25. Zcnas
E. Evans, father of Mrs. Marcus Daly
nnd Mrs. J. Ross Clark, wlfo of tho
uromur ot tsonator w. A, Clark, Is
dead at Anaconda. Ho was 79 years
of ago, and came to Montana In tho
early '60s from Pennsylvania.
Two Hundred Boer. Caught.
Bloemfontoln. March
suit of tho combined tnnvntnnnta
ngalnBt General Fourln.
banchu, was the capture of 200 Boors
120,000 shcop, 5,000 horses nnd a host
of cattlo. Tho Boors hioko south
ward to tho right nnd loft.
Northwest Postal Orders. '
Wnshlncton. Marrh vr. u-un
offlco at Ironside, Malheur county, Or.,
has been moved ono mllo to tho wost,
without chango of postmaster.
A now nfllen. Irnnwn na ennnn t.nn
been established In Franklin county,
Washington, between Judson and Hat
ton. Charles A. .Inven him iinn o
pointed postmastor.
The office of Eddyvllle, King coun.
ty, Washington, will bo discontinued
March 30.
Negro I. Ready for Provincial Gov.
BACALOR, Island of Negro.. Mnrrh
25. According to expressions of a
largo majority or tho delegates from
Occidental Negros and of a fow who
woro prcsont from tho Oriental side,
tho sentiment of tbo peoplo Is over
whelmingly In favor of nuccoodlng
tho present governments by provin
cial governments In both division..
Tho reasons given for ti..s view nro
thnt such a chango will effect a reduc
tion of tnxca and tho high notaries, of
olllclnls, tho establishment of schools
nnd tho improvomont of ronds. Tho
speaker, alleged that owing to n lack
of inqan. of education, liberty was
becoming license. Tho mllltnry com
mander 1. credited with having or
ganized the only school.. They nro
taught by soldlora. Comuilajiloner
Taft assured tho delegates that Ne
gro, would bo supplied wllh Ameri
can tenchers and he outlined tho need
of organizing province, uniformly
with othor Islands,
Tho announcement of yesterday's
surrenders In the Island 01 Pnnay was
greeted with applause.
General Harrison's Estate.
Indlnnupolls, March 25. ICx-Prosl-dent
Harrison left $40,000 In llfo In
surance. TIiIb fact wos announced to
night by Prealdont Bltol, of tho Union
TrtiBt Company which Is executor of
General IJnrrlson'u, will, Ijq snjd:
"Our appraisement of tho HarrlBon
estate gives Its total vnlun nt 13R0 onn.
This Includes all real ostato, railroad
uonus, stock- in tno union Trust Com
pany, tho law bulldlnc horo. nnd other
Gale. In Engllth Channel.
London. March 26. Tim n
spring was characterized bv n cnlo
nnd a heavy Bnow storm swooping
ovor tho channol. A storm hns boon
raging ror thrco days ovor tho North
sea. Wintry wenthor Is nonornl
throughout Central Eurono. In conso-
quonco of tho gale In the channel,
more than 300 stcnmorB uro anchored
off South End. Tho vohbo.h nro ho
crowding tho nnehornrn tli nt
minor collisions hnvo occurred.
$100,000 Philadelphia Fire.
Philadelphia. Mnrch 2fi. Tim Wnat;
Park Ice nnlaco. nt Plftv .ftpr-nml nnfl
Jofforson strootB, was dostroyod by
lire early this morning, ontnling n Iobs
of about $100,000 on which thoro wan
an Insuranco of about $7C,000, Tho
bulldlnc Was Used ns a (dintlm. rink
and for tho manufucturo'of ice for com
mercial uso, and was ownod by tne
York (Pa.) Ico Manufacturing Co.
Earned Hlo Pardon.
Topoka, Kan.. March 25. flovnrnnp
Stnnloy today pardoned Convict
Floyd Graham, who nldod Wnrdon
Tomllnson In suppressing tho insur
rection at tho ponltontlary conl mlnos
this week. Grnhnra cllmbod 400 foot
up tho air shaft and communicated
to tho warden that tho cortvlcts woro
woakonlng on account of thoir do
plor&blo condition.
Two Insurgent Surrenders.
Manila. nn tihnn..,.i -m
Cavlto, four Insurgent ofllcors, nnd 63,
mon with 56 rlflos, havo surrondorod to
Lloutenant-Colonol Frank D. Baldwin,
of tho Fourth Unltod Statos 'Cavalry,
n2 t ono 1,,BurBont ofllcor and 12 men
mm m rnies to uoionoi Waltor Schuy
ler, of tho Forty-Sixth Volunteor In
fantry. Tho attondnn on nt .I,., Dmt..l.n a. .1...
. v W BUIVItU UL 11117
Evnnirnllenl nlnimi, if.,n. . .
dlminlBhcd.- Proteatantlsm is spread
ing rapidly In tho province of Pamiinn