Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 15, 1901, Image 8

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Sin, 0. Wo) for, tlio homo licnler, is
now prepared to treqt nit mmincr of tlls
eaaeswith inngnctlBin und without the
use ot in etll nine or tlio mirgcon's fcnlfo,
no matter what your discitfO miiy Ik),
coniumpHoncnnoor or nny other tronblo
mere m n euro tor you tnrongn mis
wonderful power. All ensps tnkuu xvnero
iricdlcino hits fulled. All cmi bo treated
nt their own lionieiind through tlio mnil,
Forfurtlicr partlculnra wriloinent my
li'onio nnd foil inntriictionn regarding
thin trentmont will be sent you by re
turn mnil. Anyone wihliiBto learn this
wonderful science 1 will also tcnoh them
through mnil only. Addiest) nil tetters
to Mrs, 0, Wolfer, Tho Homo Henter,
Comntouk, Oregon.
Trent, Ore., Mnrch 31st, 1000.
This is to certify nnd in a statement to
nil those who may be suffering from dis
eases or nny ills of the flesh.
Thnt I have suffered for tho pnst 18
years with catarrh of the stomach,
which resulted in giving mo at times
"Awful gnxioty was foil for tho widow
of tho bravo Gonernl Buruhnm of Much
ias, Me., when tho doctors said the
would die from Pneumonia before morn
ing" writes Mrs. S. II. Lincoln, who at
tended her that fearful night, but she
begged for Dr. King's Now Discovery,
which had more than onco iwved her
life, nnd cured her of Consumption. Af
ter taking, sho slept all night. Further
uso entirely cured her "This marvellous
medicine is guaranteed to euro all
Throat, Chest nnd Lung Diseases Only
Greatest of
Gold Properties
m Grove Real Estate
3680 Acres 9 Miles Long.
250 Milji n T
Richest Gold-Bearing Qurntz,
50o nnd $1.00 nt Hksson Dittio Co., ground by nature's hand into gold-
Inden gravel, from 50 to 600 feet in
Drug Store.
depth over the entire property.
addition, company owns
14.- Miles
in length of river bed. each mile nf
peartnnt "1 ho First National Hunk otCcittHirol ... . ....
tho nervous headache of n most excruei-1 SyVM. S!!S St'OTRS'.. Vnl? WI "cu contains , many million . or
nting nnd distressing character. I was 1 piiod with nil tho iroviioi sot tho niatutet of gold, situated on the Rio Grande
in Taos Co., New Mexico.
Treasury Pcpartment,
fftlro ot Comptroller ot the Currency.
Wanhlnirtmi. I). (' . Dcpember nth. foot).
Whereas, by aatlsfartory orlilcnpe pnocntctl I
to Iho utiileralirnctt, It has been niaiie to -1
Improved Farms for Sale.
Valuable Town Property, consisting of Business Houses
and Splendid Residences.
J.otn oh the principal (mni)tenH Afreet.
Mining Claims in Bohemia.
Abstract of title secured and giinrantecd.
Information as to the laws governing the disposal of government
to wvakoneil that 1 was uualile to per
form any manual labor, my stomach
would not retain scarcely anv food. In
connection with this malady 1 had rheu
matism for tlio pnst six years which
greaily distressed mo when moving
about. Ihavo in vnln tried ninnv doc
tors also natent medicines recommended
tome by my friends. As a last resort
with but little hope I called on Mrs. C.
Wolfcr tho magnetic healerof Comstock,
Oregon, on Dec. 13th, 1809. After re
lating my case to Mrs. Wolfer sho
kindly gavo 1110 assurance that I could
bo healed nnd began my treatment that
day. 1 improved trom the hrst, and ni
ter taking two months treatment, lean
say toad am sound nnd wen in every
respect. My trouble of the stomach and
rheumatism has entirely disappeared as
jf by magic. I am how in my 00 year of
nge and leel like l did when 11 young
man. I hare taken no medicine 01 any
kind since beginning this treatment.
Very Respectfully.
Samuel Gartik.
Trent, Ore., March, 31st, 1900.
I wish to make a statement for tho
benefit of parents or those who maybe
MiueruiK in any nv me 111s wini nil
flesh is heir to. Our little girl 0 months
old was attiicted wi h scrofula on the
cords of the neck which gavo us great
anxiety hardly knowing what to do, in
rom our experience doctors seem to
know little of nny certain treatment of
such cases. Mrs.C. Wolfer tho mag
netic healer cf Comstock was in the
neighborhood and wife nnd I decided to
cull her in. Mrs. "Wolfer informed us
that sho was nblu to treat and cure such
cases, bhe cave tho babv ono treat
nient nnd the scrofulous swellings soon
disappeared in three days nnd have not
returned, tins Deing three months treat
in cut.
Verv Resc't,
Mrs. Ola Howard
Mr. Juitx Howard.
tho I'nltol State, rvqulreil lef be compiled with
In) fore mi tiwltlou shall be aiuhoriied tu
commence the business of banklnc.
Now therefore I, Charles it. Dawes, Comn-I
irmier tu me v nrronry, uo nereuy rcriuy mat
"The First National llank otCottniro drove," In
tlio City 01 Cottaim drove. In tho Counts
Iaiic. and Stalo of Oreirnn. Is aiithorlzeit
rommenee the bestness of bnnklnir a nrovhlcil
Iii Si'cllon Flftjr-one hundred amt sixty-nine of I
mo ncviscu matures 01 1110 i uueu Mates.
In testimony whereof witness ray hand ami
seal ot oflleo this Fourteenth day of December,
ska I. omptrollerof the Curreney.
) No, S6fi
Notice Is hereby given that I have been an.
pointed Adminlstrotorot the estatoot 11. II.
Vanseholaek, deceased. .All persons having
plalms apilnst said cslato arc required to pre
sent them with proper vouchers to me at my
oflleo at Cottage llrnre. Lnno County, Oreyon,
within six months from tho dato ot this notice.
Dated this !th day ot Nnromber I'm
James IIxmexway, Administrator.
How to secure homesteads, timber lands, mining claims, etc.
Property for sale published weekly.
COTTAGE GROVE is the second city in I.ane county, Oregon,
Has a population of about 1200. The center of the four points of the
compass when it comes to ingtess or egress. Bohemia with its vast
niiniiiK resources only thirty-five miles south cast, with n good wogdn
road leading Irom the b. 1'. R. R. depot right here in town. Prospect
lve railroad to tnc mines, i ne uonst J'ork ot the Willamette river, on
which are situated the Black Butte quicksilver mines si.xtecn miles .south,
flows through the center ol the city, furnishing abundant water facilities.
It is only a mile ad a half to its confluence with Row liver, the outlet
of the crent timber ranges to the south cast. Westward toward the
const range is an liiexhiiiistablc supply of timber, interspaced with till
merotts rich farming lands well improved and cultivated.
North or south from hereon the S. P. railroad you can reach either
Portland or ban I-rancisco and be in touch with the whole world oil
short notice.
Water works in full operation. Electric lightsond telephone system
gW The best agricultural lands in Lane county lie in the vicinity
Here is a chance to get your boy
into a paying business on a small (jnniin Silliman, who spent several
pital. I have a choice lot of Inch- months there, then beinir connected
.1 - ti l T T . t . . t - 1 , , , ! . - .
, Ajciyiuii Aiutca iiiui x win sen with the United States surveying
111 pairs at very low prices. There . . . ,
is no need to send to California corPs-"d u. h.s official report says:
when you can get the same thing "Here are countless millions of
here at home. Lord Britain, Sir t0lls of rich gold quartz reduced by
Styles, Eashoda, Yukon, Red Rover l,.te. crcat forces of nature to a con-
and other fashionable strains ate in dition ready for the application of
stock. E. A. Rankin. Eutrene. of the hydraulic process, while -the
entire oea ot tne Kio Grande for
tlie Proofs:
Unitcit Staten OJIclal JWport
Commissioner of the U. S.
Gonoral Land Office. Washington, D. G.
by a geologist nnd mining expert of s"rrolim,inK Cottage Grove on ettherside, fit for farming orstock raising.
. . . . ..i:.' 1
worui-wide reputation, Prof.
Corrcjpondciicc solicited .
A. Igav o: oxit 'Brn'o-nin.'?:
E. B. Mnndav, a lawver of Ilenriettn,
Tex., once fooled a grave-digger. Jle
says: "My brother was very low with
muiarini lever ana jaundice, l per-
uaaect him to try Electric Bitters, and
he was soon mneh better, bnt continued
tieir use until lie was wholly cured. J
am sure Electric Bitters saveil his life."
Tills remedy expels malaria, kills dis
oasegerms nnd purities the bloud;nids
digestion, regulate liver, kidneys and
bowels, cures constipation, dyspepsia,
nervous diseases, kidnev troubles, female I
complaints; gives perfect health. Only
50c at Bevso.v Dbl'O (Jo's drug store.
1 I'.'O feet front on north side of Midn
street, liy nlwnt 300 feet deep, hounded
by river on tho north. House of neven
roonn, barn 11 ml iiithniiPH. TIiIn is tin
lieal biiainefH loontioii in Cottage Urove.
Price MOO.00.
'J A new two story residence, kIx
rooniH.diH-tor's ollice. cerneni floor with
driven well incide of house. tU) feel front
on -oiith suleol .Main street iiv
107 feel
over 40 miles is a sluice, on the bars deep. Adjoining M K parsonage. A
of which the mid dprir.l fmm t.,. very attmctivu place $1700. .
--v . . I w - - - aswiaj k I. I
. wecemucr 10, luoo. wearing away ot the gravel banks S Atwo story llnely llniHliiil linuvc,
otice is hereby given that James bas been nccumulatinir forrntinilc elglti rnoins, bathroom nml outhoiiseM.
Hemenwny and Frank P. White, pro- C' ' f "g,L rCr S Splendid location, two loin in Long and
nnctors of the real estate and insurance aSei. ow lies ready for ex- La-lies inldilion in southeast Cottage
Imsiness conducted under tho name of traction by the most approved Urove. Price li00.
Hemenwnv oc White have this ilnv iIim. iiiethmij nf rivup t,.;,,:., it. .
solved naitnerxhin Iiv imiiiiiil Hiiiui.nt i 1 c ., ' uc 4 two story dwelling houce. ten
soiveupa.tnersl.ip by iiii.fiial consent. thickness of the Rio Grande gold mnui, brick fruit houH,-. fr.dt trn-H.llO
L ,'EV,?N"A gravel exceeds in many places feet front on nortli tide of Main street bv
ww A tti, uj iicuiiv 'i JIKKK TIM US
that of the like beds
Tne hatchery at Mapleton will
this year turn out an enormous
quantity of salmon, the spawn se
cured from abroad and that taken
from the Siuslaw river making
very large percentage ot young fish
perhaps greater than the hatchery
has ever turned out from a similar
number of eggs. The little fellow
are developing rapidly, and it is in
teresting to see the many thousands
of young fish swimming about in
the tanks. Manager . Bean takes
much interest in the work and
A 1- t . .
morougnjy auve to tne require
ments of the hatchery. West.
The claim of other cough medicine to
be ns good bb good ns Chamberlain's are
.effectually set at rest in tho following
testimonial 01 Mr. C. D. Glass, an em
ployoof Uartlett & Dennis Co.. Gardiner.
Me. Ho says: "I had kept adding to
owiitauu (,uiiii in ina miner 01 joy,
trying every cough medicine I heard of
-wiwiouc permanent noip. until ope day
j. wns in mu urug store oi jir. iiouiehan
and he advised mo to try Chamberlain's
uugii itemenv and onered to pay back
my monoy if I was not cured. My
lungs and bronchial tubes were very
soro at this time, but I was completely
cured by this remedy, and have since
niways turned to it when I got a cold,
una soon nnu rouei. j also recommend
it to my friends and am clad in n;iv it u
tho best of all cbfigh 'niedlcines.'" For
aie Dy jjekso.v jjruo' Uo., Cottage
"rove, l,vo.xs ct applkoate, Drain
Suits cleaned and pressed from
$2,25 and up according to texture.
Prices in proportion per single gar
ment. Eugene Steam Cleaning
and Dyeing' Works, Geo. E.
Griffith, Agt.
wAKreD. Capable, reliable person in
eviry county to represent largocompany
of solid financial reputation ; 030 salary
per year, payable weekly j $3 per day ab
nolutely euro nnd all.xpenses; straight,
boria-fide salary, no commission; salary
paid each Saturday and expense monev
advanced each week. STANDARD
3J0U6E, 331 Dwnuonx Sr., Cihcaoo,
in California.
while the avernre v.nlit iipr;rl
Vnf,.liU nn,iMf iUr nt.,n....n., ..fP. 1 1 1 1 ... 1 . I
nviiinauuiuni yaru is ueiieveo to De greater 11: the
by theShnsta Route is the winter trip New Mexico beds thnn in mu-niW
to Southern California and Arizona, micb accumulation yet discovered."
Renewed ncnuaintanco with tliis section "I have made a reconnaisance of
.mi vvw ueveiop iresn points 01 interest tile Whole of this irrnvpl nlmirr Hi
anu nuoeu sources 01 enjoyment, under K10 Grande, and have examined
its sunny skies, in tho variety of its in- with all the care nossihleiii t hf tim
uustries, in us proline vegetation nnd at my command, the character of
nmong its numberless resorts of moon- the gravel and its contents of gold,
tain, shore, valley mid plain. Nothing. I am persuaded, since the
.me mo oany ftiiasia trains irom discovery ot California and Australia
Portland to California have been re- is comnarnble for its mp.nsnml.l,. ri.-
cently equipped with the most approved sourses of gold available by the hy
pattern of standard and tourist sleeping draulic process to 1 he deep placers
! lull tl,a ... r t... .-Ml ...I, -A.I., -n ... 11
m ine 10 (oranae.
Other reports from eminent min
ing experts of National reputation
pronounce the property of this com
pany the richest and most extensive
100 feel deep, comer pmitertv. A line
locution for 11 hotel. Price fl!7r0.
T .V two story line, almost new dwell
ing Iidiihc, l room, liiiru ami oiiIIioiihc
ciimplelo, three lols. A xplendld or
fliiird of voiing liearlng Inrs, ingelher
with grapes ninl various kind nf Ix'rili.'i".
Situated in lnig nnd Lnudi-H nddilion
In NoutheiiHt Collage llrovo. Price f I'JOO.
0 A general iiieri'liiiiidbe More on Hie
itiirniTof Wall nnd River street miiilh,
A splendid stock of drv goods, UmiIs,
hIioom and uents and lmli- furtdHhlng
giMsls. A i-pli'iidld biiruMin. Price to
bo deleruiidtil by inventory.
(IoikI new two slorv duelling hoiifn In
the growing lotvn of Siigiunw. Two lols
eneloxed, ceventy fiMit front. Four
ro ins, splendid water facilities. Price
cars, but thi low rates of fare will still
continuoin eict.
Illustrated gt.'des to the winter re
sorts of alifornia und Arizona may be
had on application to
C. ILMarkiiam, G. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon.
Capital Stock $2,000,000
So sure are wo that tho locating of a
few of our Electric Belts will develop Fully Paid and non-aSSBSSable, par Villi 8
into numerous sales 01 our Hells nnd Si On flsnh sharn
Appliances, that wo tne willing to send .
ono free to any sufferer from the follow- Une-nalt the entire capital stock
ing diseases: Cold extremities, Crysto- has been placed 111 the treasury of
cele, Female weakness, Kidney com- the company as a working capital,
plaint, Leucorrhea, I,ivcr complaint. To complete necessary ditches and
Paralysir, Lost vitality, Nervousdebility, nlace on the river bed sevrnl M
belt abuse, Worn-out women, Sciatica.
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotency, Rheumatism.
Diminutive Shrunken and Undeveloped
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc..
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Battle
vn-uK. .uiciiicitn.
steam dredges,
company now
A limited number of its shares at
Cts Per Share,
When you need anything
in the line of printing please
remember that the motto of
this office is good work,
good material, neatness and
dispatch, and the prices are
within reach of all.
The JOB OFFICE of this
paper is at your disposal for
the best, of printing of any
and all kinds at barely liv
ing prices.
W Crrjr mil l.lnji ol
Sash and Doors
Estimates Cheerfully given on
all classes of work.
Cleivffind : Collage : Cilife
The L'cst Rcntly.Mixcd Paint on
the market.
Jenkins: & Lwson.
On On Nb 0 Ob
I spart Tim. flcbniiil Asms
thlmiri). Hull Ukt, litnT.r. rt. 4pm
I'tirlUmt Worth, Omaha, Kin
ln'UI mt l.liy, Hi, U.ul,
V: 15 tu Cblrovo slid r
AlUntle Vail Uk, llttiv.f , Kl. l:i'a
Kxpteti V(irih,(
V pin i.'iiy, Ht. lAWtn,
VU II nut- Ihlnmimiit
Hw)kii Wall Walla, Uwla- 7a ra
Kljer Ion, Himkan., Mill.
Spiu iiimimiIIii, St. Paul,,
ChkKO and Kaat.
8(tll UCKK HTKAHUMIra 4pm
All mIIIiik ilaieaaulf
I Jtwt to chaiiK.,
Korfon Kranclaro
j tall erirrftiU) !
Dally K. , (VU'MNU ItlVIR .
HnncUy ; hiimki Kx.Huod'r
1 in ,
Siurd- ToAtlorU ami War.
10 1 III. UllillllKt.
GamKi. U ilium terra Ulrica 4:2tn
Hunday. Orwonlllr.NtwUrr Kx.HundV ami Wajr.Latiil.
7 ty WlM-'MitTTRAKO lionra
Tuwlhnr. Yamiiiu-IUtkm Mnn. Wot.
aiuthai. i Ornrun t.'ltr, liajrnm and Trl,
- f ami Way.Undlim.
' ",.? ... !" Ill-rn t.rt
lllparla Itlparla lo Uwlatoli. l.awiMua
"y am
General PaHsengcr Agent,
Portland. Oregon.
United Htitlra ln.l Otflr.
Itiwflnirv, Ore , lit c, 22, 11HX).
Notice la licrcltv ciri'li llmt in n.m.
pliiincc with llm hrovUiona ut Ihr art nt
foiiKrvf n( June , 187S, c nllllrd "An
iii'l lor Hit mlvol llnilM-r lamia In I ha'
ftllUi-n "I Uiilllurnlii, Orison, Ncvaila,
und VuailiiliitiTi-rrtliirv."nixtfmlr)(
to nil tin- I'nlilio Uml ft'lnlrt Iiv nrt o(
Anitiiat 4, IHH2, Krrilf rlrfc T. Wflin.of
Riicrno. fount v of Ijiiip, Suit f Or.,
mm, lirn-1 lii ilny llliil In llila ottlrv lilt
cworn Mlitiriiifiit No. I33H, for Ihr pttr
fluiM o( ili NK t of .StTllmi No. 10 iti
lownalilji No. L0 K, It align Nn, 7 W. n
will olli-r proof to iliow Hint the Un.j
ouiflit ii more viiliublu tor it tlin!r or
tone limn for acnrnltiiral puriw.i,
nml to eittuhllah lila ulnim loaalilUoiJ
In-foie tli Hi't'ltlrr ami Hrrrher of thla
olUro nt Itotfliu g, Orrpin on Krldajr,
th6 8tli.lnvof Mnrt:li, 1U01. '
Hp nniiipi n rilncMBra:
Jumna N. Jtanillir, ). Ut) Ikrg-
troni, Giforjro W. Itrfnltiig, II. (J. '
iiiiiiiiidi, oi Ktmmir, O'l-ym.
Anv nml, nil pertoiu rial ml nj; ail
vcrnvly tho Hboye-ilmrrilx-il Umli arm
reiineHttsI tu tlio tliplr clniui in tlili
ollico on or bt-foru mi id 8th ilny of March,,.,
11)0 "u
J.T. liimxira, Krcinter. "
Tho practical nido of scienco Is reflected in
vibit DR. JORDAN'S oreat
(IMmn Slila u4 SmaihJ
lnB'"eMt Anatomical iruenm
Orraletl nttraettm the CUir. U
$ "e,Plllely curnl by 6
tha uidaat Bnctillt..n the l-aclflo
Comu JSUblllieIMyar. A
00. JDRnil IWIVllTr niSPinrn
Jt""n m and ml.ldle
UZm ik. iKrta v.r..,5 ,u.!.ri 1
year.. Vgm h S .-'.KSIE.
After Hale of which, price will be
advanced to $1 j)er ttharc.
Applications suouia te sent in
promptly. Write for prospectus,
Make checks, money orders paya
ble to
Rio Grande Placer
Gold Mining Co.
7 Exchange Place, Boston, Mas;.
iV..i"l1f'"'r aav moi claim topvrform
mlracleii, but U well Irnuwn in h. . LY. :.!!! ,
A u,.:SSJ?.T J.TOI'f.OI' from '
ZVr0,?"l'ir:.A 95'. "! radtculi
br. Jordan'a .pedal palnlna mathoda! ' ' ,
.5rl'B. ?IA" anplylnitouawlllrecely
our honrtt opinion at lilsrnmplitlnl. wotc"
Tretmei t personally or by letter.
tvnta r,. w
DB. JORDAN & CO.. I0BI Market 8t, 8. F.
Music Lessons"
On the Piano.
A late Gkadkd Gkkman Mjjtii-
od of Music is now being- taught at
the C. P. Manse by.
Mrs. Xj. D. Beck.
Recitals will be given at proper
intervals, thus giving parents an qp-
portuiuty to note progress.
1 30 cents per lesson, 30 minutes each
A monthly publication of inestimable value to tho student of every day
......lift. .1,1 .1. . 1 T , 1 . ..
iiiuuiuuia, mo misname, mo uiuusiriai expert, tno manufacturer,
tho inventor in fact, to every wido-awako person who hopes to better his
condition by using his brains. Tho inventor, especially, will find in The
Patent Record a guido, philosopher and friend. Nothinc of importance
.... . . -
escapes 1110 vigilant oyes ot it3 corps ot export editors. Everything is pre
sented in clean, conciso fashion, so that tho busiest may tako timo to read
and comprehend. Tho scientific and industrial progress of tho ago is accur
ately mirrored in tho columns of The Patent Record, and it is tho only
publication in tho country that prints tho official news of tho U. S. Patent
Oflico and tho latest dovelopements in tho field of invention without filar
or favor. sunBcnimoN rmcs one dollar ieb year.
five maco our
T 1'lstol with two Suvdu-Oiamomj MooaTawrPlirou1
2 lengths of barrel, O and 10 inches. Every
j one guaranteed, x'ricc, postpaid, $o.uo with
1 O-inch barrel ; $7.BO with 10-inch barrel.
We make a full line of rllett 1'rlce, from $G.OO
t upivarda. livery arm we turn out is warranted
Stud Sttnfi r Calahfui. V, O, Jinx ,
or T11K
Train leare Cottag Ororo for Port
land, and way aUtiona at 3:07 . tn..
12:20 p.m.
Lv. I'ortlnnd BiJWa. m, TOp.m.
Lv. Cottaite Grove 1:20 a. in. 2:57 n.m.
A. 1 -1-1 1 in.nn . -
n iDiimiiu,..,.,i:.i;i a. m, 11 i,ina. ru.
Ar. hncramento... 6:00 p. in. 4:5a.m.
Ar. San Francleco. 7:4ft p.m. 8:16a.m.
Ar. 0(jden 6:46 a.m. 11 :4S a.m.
Ar, licnver IMOOa.m. 0:00a.m.
Ar. Kanaan tliy. . 7:25 a. m. 7:26 a. m,
Ar. Chlraito 7M6a.m. OiSOa m,
Ar.IM Angelea.. 1:20p.m. 7;
Ar, KlTaao 0:00 p. m, 6:00 c.m,
At. Fort Worth.. . 0:0 a. m. 0:90a. m,
Ar. Cltvof Moxlco 0.65 a. nr. 0M n.
Ar. lloiuton 4:00 a. m. 4:00a. m.
Ar. ftf Orleans,, 0:25 p.m. 0:25 p. ra,
Ar. Waahlnpion.. 8M2a. m. 0:42a.m,
Ar. bw ork. . . .12:48 p, m. 12j43p. m,
rullman and Touriit cara on botli
trains. Chair cara Sacramento to Og.
den nnd Kl Pao, and tonrlat rara to
0 ilcapo, Ht. Loula, New Orleans anj
WaahinKti n.
Coiit.cctlne at Man Franclam with
eral atonmiiliip linrs for Hnnolnln, Ja
pan, Chips, Philippines, Central and
South America,
600 I). T. Awbrov.
Glove Sta'lon, or nddreaa
U. 11, Mabkiiam, O, P. A,
Portland. Oregon.
Geo. Uolilmiiii, tlio iip-to-diito tnllor.
will show you nooda, nil atuidca mid all
prices. Think of It. A tailor' mn,U
stilt for (0 nnd up! Pnnti $4 and up,