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WTiy do we vnlt (111 enrg nre deaf
Before we speak our kindly word,
Andonly nllor loving praise
When not a whisper can be heard?
Why do we wait Mil hnnds nre laid
Clone-folded, pulseless, ere we place
Within tlicm roses sweet and rare.
And lilies in their Hnwlcss trace?
Why do we wait till eye are wulod
To light nn 1 love In death's decy
Wistful ojos liefore wc bend
Above them with impassioned glance?
Why do wc wait till hearts nre still
To tell them nil the love In ours,
And give them such late meed of praise,
And lay above them fragrant tlowers?
How oft we, earcles, wait till life's
Sweet opportunities aie past,
And break our "nltibaRter box
Of ointment" at the very lastl
O! let us heed the living friend
Who walks with us like common
Wntchlng our eyes for look of love,
And hungering for a word of praise!
New York Tribune.
AY wo charge admission and use
JS)"11"' money for some fuu for this
sutnnicr camping or houseboat or
something," Mild Bert Stone, folding his
legs up comfortably 011 Ills toboggau
cushion and looking triumphantly at
Ills companions.
"Bully Idea!" exclaimed "Shorty"
Harris, who was very tall and very sllui,
and appropriately nicknamed by bis
crowd, "to try and bold down,"
they clnlmbd. They were talking about
a toboggan carnival they were arrang
ing, to be held on the toboggau slide the
boys bad themselves built. They bad
all chipped In ami bought the lumber
and built the slide back of Bert Stone's
home, us It bad a wide and deep lawn
that extended back to the next street.
The big public slides were larger, of
course, but they were some distance
out of the center of the city; the Stone
home was central and the grounds
around gave them a slide that was ir
Wock In length. "Don't take till the
queen's birthday to get back to the
top," the boys cried, with pride and sat-
long stretch of Ice and snow that
gleamed ahead.
Under the slide a good-sized shed bad
becu built, In which hot colTee, sand
wiches and crispy fried cakes were
served to the hungry coasters, who
came In laughing nnd noisy relays, be
ing reminded coustnutly by their hosts
to "stack yer toboggans outside, you
duffers; there's no room In here, Do
you want to upset the coffee? Quit
crowtlln' now!"
Cheeks glowed with the frosty night
nlr nnd eyes sparkled brightly, while
they Joked and chaired and all talked
at once. It was generally known what
the boys Intended doing with the mon
ey taken In at their "carnival," nud
many questions were nsked the busy
and not over-patient cooks and waiters
about the gym.
"No; It won't bo for girls. Maybe
we will have a ladles' day once In
awhile," said West Franklin In answer
to the anxious questions put to him by
some of the long-braided tobogganers.
"We can have a hop or something ev
ery few weeks that you girls can come
to. but girls always get Jealous over the
other girls' togs and things nud kick
up ructions, and we alu't going to take
And .Mr. Franklin wiped bis heated
face with the tea towel and grinned,
quite unmoved, while a shrill chorus of
girl voices told him he was a hateful,
selfish old thing nnd they wouldn't go
to his old hops nnd they hoped he would
Just break his neck lu his nasty old
gymnasium; so there!
Hut the carnival was lots of fun and
the grown-ups came In great force and
money rolled 11 at the treasury while
coffee and doughuuts rolled out of the
Next afternoon the meeting was call
ed to order at the foot of the slide, and
"Shorty" Harris, the treasurer, was
asked for bis report. The treasurer
arose, took a dlgnllled attitude, cleared
his throat, and lu 11 solemn voice, suit
able to the occasion, read this report,
made out ou the tlyleaf of a very much
battered algebra.
"Coffee, donated by Mr. ami Mrs.
Stone; sugar, donated by Mr. and -Mrs.
Jordan; cream, donated by Mr. and
.Mrs. Kills; butter, donated by my folks;
lanterns, donated by Hunter's station
ery store; bread, ham, tongue, mustard,
poor old Granny Jenks was Raiting,
open-mouthed nnd silent, nt the stun of
?47.50 that lay lu a little heap of crin
kled bills nnd loose silver lu her faded
gingham apron.
Hut that wasn't the end of It.
O ninny Jenks said very little. She
sheltered her gray bead In another little
shanty and settled down quite content
edly with her pipe. The boys brought
her things to eat and wear as usual.
She frequently "yarned" by tho bout
while they popped corn at her little
stove. She did nut mention the money,
but she seemed so happy at not going to
the poorhouse the boys were quite sat
isfied". And, like all boys, they hated
being thanked for nnytblng, anyhow.
Spring nnd summer came and passed. J
Old granny grew very feeble. Kail 1
brought thoughts of trying some j
scheme again for the long-desired gym.
And the boys talked of "another carni
val, may be, when winter came"
Granny would listen and nnd her head
and chuckle In her queer old way. Itut
she would say little. And one day she
said nothing. They found her asleep
In the comfortable rocker the boys'
money had bought her, before her little
tire and with the stubby pipe In her
quiet lingers. And when charitable
bands prepared her for her last home.
where there was no more dread of the
poorhouse forever, they found blibb n
In her clothing a little roll of bills that
amounted to $270. It was wrapped lu
granny's will, which rend: "1'er the
byes that glv me the mutiny wen I
burnt, fer tef blld ther Jim." Chicago
In All Piiota Where Their Fliurp Lit
tle llllla PcHctruto tho I lurk There
Appear the Hed Hpotn Unit lleuuiily
tho Wood.
After liuWug spent more, than sixty
years and more than $10,1100 In hunting
bears and studying the ways of wild
creatures, Grootilouf Davis, of Put
ten, Me., has begun to raise tiiiuu
wvodiK.'ekoiu with the purpose of
using them to convert ordinary rock
maples Into the rare ami costly wood
known as bird's-eye maple, Mr, Da
vis Is more than 80. Sixty yeaiti
ago he Inherited a mill property valued
at ? 10.000, which he soon sold and then
be went to the woods under the side of
Mount Ktithahdlii. Here he built 11 log
camp and spent much of his time ou
the trail of bears and Indian devils, of
which he has killed more than any
strango face In a strike, nnd I wan ft 1
soda card In -i uuw deck, so far as St.
louls or Chicago was concerned.
"Wo wero about Ht. Louis for a few
days shaping tlilngH, nnd ltiiinsey wiih
having conferences with persons In thu
unices of the company. A cipher bud
been arranged so that when the tlmo
came mid It went out over tho Hue ev
erybody could quit. Kvery man In tho
order knew the signal and was walling
for It or some uiinouncciiieiit that tho
matter had been llxeil up.
"Alter 11 Imi'iiioiiv conference olio
Mlrlnm-'Jiick DuiiHiiap tried to klia
1110 live limes last nlglit. Molleout-IU'
deedl WI111I Interrupted lilinV-l'uck.
(,'nok-Uuw'iu 1 goln' to iiiakii inlnoo
pie when wo haven't any inliKo meat
lu the bouse? Mrs. Koedcin-Piit some
tlow the IlUtanee Traveled by the lice
Cnn He Determined,
The range of the honey bee Is but
little understood by the musses, tunny
supposing that bees go for miles In
quest of nectar, while others think
that they go only 11 short distance. It
may be curious to uiuny to understand
how any one cnn tell how far the bees
may tly, but this Is simple when 1111
derstood. Years ngo, when the Italian
bees were llrst Introduced In the Unit
ed Stntes, these bees, having marks
different to the common bees already
here, they were very easily dlstln
..-I..., ....I 1 .1,-1 ., , . I .Fl.lotl.wl .1.1.1 .,(.,,. .11, f I..... ......... I. ...I .V . O, .
iijt-u-i-.mi-s mm uisues, uouuicu oy me ,- .-, . ""-i"." mm ,... ,,,.,1.1 111...
club members' folks' generally; club's obtained the Italian bees they could be j boUom ' -"J
As these woodpeckers did not migrate
lsfactlon, when they had completed
their work and surveyed the tall struc
ture rising, airy but strong, above the
snow. The "shoots" were carefully con
structed nud Hooded till they glistened
smoothly with solid ice. The Inclined
walk and stairs were solid and well
Tailed, nnd the boys and many of the
"grown-ups" had put lu a lively winter
with the slide. The long Canadian sea
son bad been up to the mark and not a
thaw bad come to spoil the fuu. Now
they were planning a carnival as a fit
ting climax before spring got In with
her meddlesome lingers uud spoiled
their work.
"Gee! We might make enough to Ot
up a gym," cried Jack Carter, enthusi
astically. "Punchln' bag and table, fly
In' rings, titrnln' pole oh. maiuuia!"
And we could all divvy up for the rest.
I've got the boxing gloves and old Bob
here has a pair of foils and the masks
ChrlBtmns-r "
expenses for carnival, none; bnlnuce
left lu treasury from box olllce receipts.
There was a Comanche howl of aston
ishment and delight that brought every
body lu the neighborhood to their win
dows, and through the uproar Bert
Stone's voice could be beard shouting
for "Order!"
"Will you shut up, you Indians?" he
"Shorty, where In thunder did we get
all that mouey?"
"Why, It was this way," said Shorty,
modestly. I put a sign up at the gate
where I took tickets, and It said: "I
am too busy to give back any change.
Just chip in your colu and slide.' Well.
the kids had their even quarters, but
the growu-ups read the slgu and laugh
ed and went down Into their pockets
for big money. See? So we made con
siderable more than we expected."
The club's Joyous appreciation of this
business enterprise fell on Shorty's
back with a hearty shower of boy
thumps that lauded him In a snow
bank, from which. he arose snowy and
unserved ami tlielr range easily no
ticed. If bloom Is plentiful close where
the bees are located they will not go
very far, perhaps u mile lu range, but
If bloom Is scarce they may go live
miles. Usually about three tulles Is
as far as they may go profitably.
Bees have been known to go as far
as eight miles lu 11 straight Hue, cross
ing 11 body of water that distance to
land. It Is wonderful how the little
honey bee cnn go so far from Its home
and ever llnd Its way back to Its own
particular hive. If. while the little bee
Is out of Its home or hive, the hive
should be moved nemo ten to twenty
feet, according to the surroundings,
when It came back to where Its home
was llrst located it would be hopelessly I
lost. If Its home wus In an open space I
with no other objects close. It might
llnd Its way home, but even should the
hive be moved only a few feet, many
of the bees would get lost.
So to move n hive. If done lu the wjn
tcr time.. It would be nil right, but If
In the summer time it should be done
after dark, or when the bees are not
flying, end even then the bees should
... .. . ... . .. . ... 1 1.. 1 1 1 ...
day at noon everything on the Hnntii ' " unu.-
Fo quit working. Tho signal went out American,
ami there was not nil operator from "Is the boss In?" nuked the stranger,
Chicago to Gainesville. Texas, that etileiing the drug store. "No," replied
cared to work. It was a complete tie- the absent-minded clerk, "but wo linvo
up. The railroad people blniued Itmii- something Just as good."-Yoiikors
soy and said Im had acted In bail faith. Statesman
He denied having given any order to cierk-l'erluips you'd like lo look at
quit. He culled the men buck to the Kome goods 11 Utile mure oxpouslvo tliiiu
keys', but the damage had been done. t,M,, simpper-Not ueccHBiirlly, hut I
The story was u couple of days getting would like to look at homo of hotter
out. iiuiillty.-l'hlliulelplilA Press.
In Wichita there was a fat opera. i.illtm , iMsiutnnt i.Mitor
tor mimed Williamson, who refused lo .... , , . , , ...hll ,,Va, Poti.
consider life niiythlng more than 11 Ur , Kdltur-Who? Assistant I'M
hike. It 11 in mi difference to mill
.,il,.- In M,,liwi . . ... nor t.oiiNiniii HCNiicr miner u uuiu
ot ic man lu .Maine. ; ,v ,(M,r ,is mime was Williamson, or . . svracuso llnrnhl
It has been Mr. Davis' belief that 110 ,11I11W ,,. L, .,,.. wltli I'lmm-.-Si r iihc Herald.
.... , , , , .,, The I) Itoiciico "Oh, well, you prude,
every Job. uud Jobs after e- ,. '',, .H.,.lr
erypay day. lie conceived the Imp- ' I cm u for jo. 1 kiss . Hour
py I lea .lint the thing .0 do was to tie Kr"l""J- '". need ..'. send me 1 uny
up the Santa Ko. The more be .bought ; rt,w-' , ' "ur cur-
of It (he funnier he though! It was. ami '' "( l,,v"1""'1 ,'"" lh'nh'r-
dually he opened up uml sent out the HUl-DId you sny that gun of yours
cipher order to strike. The result was would shoot I.OtM) yards? Jlll-Tliitl'n
that, believing the strike was on. many what 1 did. "Well. It's marked to shoot
of the boys decided the thing to do wiih '! " yards." "Yes; but there uro
to become a grievance committee of two barrels."- Youkeis Statesman,
one. and lu two hours there was n To the .Manner Horn: Jaggles-When
string of operators from Illinois to one Is annoyed by convcrMillon lu a
Texas declaring their Intention of theater It Is generally by (lie rich poo-
never sending another word for thu pie In the boxes. Waggles Another
Santa Ko till the strike was won. proof that money talks. - Smart Hot.
"Ramsey sent out n elrelnr over the Passenger tto siatloti porter) Now,
wire, and some or them returned to ir o'clock, and the lime table says
work, li look a couple of days to get the train arrives at :i:ll. Hlnllim Pot-
theni nil to understand that some one tor-Oh, well, you iniislu't take the tlmo
had played 11 Joke on the order and tho tntitt. too seriously. I'llogeudii lllnlter.
road. The man lu Wichita was black- Variety." said the man who never
listed by the roads and the order, and t,llkH fr hUmt,i -iH ,ie splco of
from that time on until to day he has fl, .. i euvy yon." stild Miss Cayenno.
neon Kepi nusy cmiuguig 111s niiim-. ..y , xviatV" "Your enjoy.
iiie nisi 1 uenrii 01 nun no wus u 11
branch of the Santa I'e. satisfied that
lie would be discharged as soon as the
pay car came along and he was recog
nized ns the mini who ordered Die fake
strike." Chicago Inter Ocean.
creature should be kept In captivity
more than a mouth. If the creatures
he caught chose , to remain with him
after that period they wero welcome
to such fare as lie could attord to give.
If they wanted to go the doors wero
open, lu this way he has tamed squlr
rels, muskrats aud woodchucks until
they and their offspring nearly overrun
his camp. With birds ho has been less
successful, because most of them went
away south at the annual migrations,
and when they came back, If any did
couio back, they were ungrateful
enough to prefer their liberty to auy
thing that Mr. Davis could oll'er. Ho
has two crows, one of which Is luoro
than ;i0 years old, which have stayed
by 111 in uud never sought the society of
their kind. Two robins lived with him
for three years, but perished one cold
night when the camp tiro went out.
His great success has been won with
woodpeckers, of which he now has near
ly 100. They are of the hairy and tho
downy sfiecles lu about equal numbers,
but mure than both of these lu number
aud esteem nre the rcd-licudcil sap
suckers, which pick round holes lu the
That's all right." he cried, dodging st'r.m,1 ,n 8onlL'- a"U 8m"k.0
lw.l.1,,,1 tin. ulM, d tliut- ...o.l .i. I" ie we eiiuuiii-u. iiiiu 11 iiiraru or
UV...UU ........ . '. J UUU.I1C1
dive for him; "I'll take your word for
It. You seud me a valentine If you like,
but cut It out Just now, see!"
So the boys hugged each other and
danced -a few turns In the snow and
pummeled each other delightedly, and
then at last sat down to talk It all over.
They finally settled how the money
wus to be spent, aud the meeting was
Just breaklus up as little- Willie Sum
mers came breathlessly running down
the street and stopped at the gate to
"And we've got a daisy pad for the ,eI1 "tue 'oilers" the news.
floor, that the guv'nor used to have,'
l)roke In Itoo Jordan, excitedly.
"And clubs. Who " "I have!"
cried West Krankllu. tripping over his
toboggan aud landing full length In
front of Bob Kills, who promptly sat
on him. "Let mo up, you elephant!"
he added. Indignantly.
"Say 'please, sir,'" prompted Bob
"Please notbln'," said West, upset
ting Bob with a sudden twist, then
washing his face with snow.
"Tlraej" "Olve It to 'lm!" "Go It,
Old Granny Jenks or "Whisky
Jenks," us she was sometimes called
bad Just been burnt out. Her little
shanty wus near the scboolliouse and
she was well known to the boys. Old
granny was very poor, but she clung to
her little tumble-down house and flatly
refused to go to the poorhouse. and
some object placed In front of the hive,
so that the bees lu coming out may
mark their ilew location. Bees, no
doubt, nre guided by sight, and also
sense of smell. They arts attracted by
the color of bloom, us If they nre at
work 011 n certain kind of bloom they
are not likely to leave that particular
kind of bloom for any other us long
as they can find that kind. Again,
bees arc often attracted to sweets by
their sense of smell, for they will go
after sweets even If In the dark. If
close. However, any kind of sweets
may be placed In glass In plain sight,
but If covered, so ns not to emit any
smell, the bees will take no notice of
It. Baltimore American. '
While traveling In Cornwall, lu 1891,
Rev. S. Baring-Gould came near IioIiil-
womu someimies use rattier profane overwhelmed lu a bog. He and his
Mr. Davis bad company the yeur round.
He put up boxes for them to occupy as
homes and lu a row years the maple
grove back of bis camp wus tilled with
birds. The yellow hammer Is the ouly
species of the woodficcker family that
will live without In.'oot food, uud after
the kuiHUckors grew very numerous
Mr. Davis had much trouble to feed
them. He dug up the nut hills uud sift
ed the sand out to get the Insects for his
birds, but lu spite of his labors the red
I headed woodpeckers made sad havoc lu
I his sap orchard," digging holes In hi
best maples nud Impairing the flow of
' sap, from which much of his living wus
! It wus Impossible to kill the birds be
cause of the company they afforded aud
It was equally Impossible to live with'
out the Income from the sup orchard
The old man spent weeks In his grove,
watching the result of thu wounds
which the birds Indicted on the bark
As the scars healed he noticed that
there was a bright red spot left on the
wood directly below the-wouud. If the
tree was budly marked the red spots
were more numerous tlmn they were on
trees which had suffered less, while on
trees which the woodpeckers hud not
visited there wero no truces of red
About this tlnme it occurred to him
that as the beautiful markings of bird's
eye maple were due to the red spots In
the wood, aud us nobody had ever been
able to account for them, It wns possl
blc that the variety of maple known as
bird's-eye might owe Its origin to the
work of the woodpeckers. If so he hud
made a discovery that had bullied hot
anlsts for years. He bad also learned
bow to make his colony of tamo wood
peckers self-supporting.
By mixing the ants, which he sifts
from the s-jnd, with a paste formed
from elm bark boiled down to a thick
batter, be can smear the trunks of
thrifty maples with such food as Clio
woodpeckers require and while they
are getting a meal from the bark tholr
bills are boring new holes In the trees
this climate." Washington
incut of
Mr. (iotslbuy Ah, little man! Wont
to see the wheels go round? Waldo
lleiines Thank you, sir: but I'm per
j icciiy iiimiuur wuu iiie meeuiiuisiii 01
1 the modern chronometer. Harper's
. Hiiznr.
"I have compelled my wife to cenno
strumming 011 the piano," said Mr.
Goldsboroiigh to Mr. Hunting. "How
did you manage It?" "1 Insisted upon
singing every time she begnu to play."
Sympathetic Krlend Why haven't
Hallwuy 1'errjr nt I.uko Ilnlknl 11 Tri
umph of .Modern Kiixlitcerlnir,
The most Interesting portion of Rus
sia's great -1,000 mile railway Is thu
steam ferry across Lake Baikal, lu Cen
tral Siberia. The lake has an extent of
over KI.000 square miles, uud Is tuoru
ftlllfl tU'lf'n lltf Willi. IIM till, Klll'tlutl f'llllll.
ncl at Dover. In places It Is as deep ru exhibited anything this year? Art
language when people would Insist that companion got lost, and nt dusk found tlmt 8lluU transform ordinary innplo
11 was 1110 proper place ion ner. This themselves In a boi: called Itedmtro
gave her a bad namo among tho good six bullocks had already becu lost
people of the town and they would not there that year. Mr. Baring-Gould's
have anything to do with her. But she adventure is related In his "itnnit nr
Hobby!" yelled the boys ns four legs llked tuc hys ond ,old tkein many a the West"
and considerable snow Ilew lu the air. lon giry auom war times and In- All at once I sank above my waist,
xnen mere was a call Tor order, Stone " jjuubu ner nine pipe,
thumped the struggling pair apart with Aud tl10 Toboggan Club boys carried
his toboggan pad aud the meeting came uer tuacco and things to eat at odd
to order once more, times. And they knew how granny
"Franklin has clubs and we've all got lrealel dying In the poorhouse. Sho
lots of stuff we could fix up with," said liau" no rftnt t0 Pay an(1 gathered her
Stone. "And tho gym seems about the own Arowood, and with what tho boys
best plan. What do you all say?" took her sho seemed to get along some
There was n noisy assent. It wns de- uow
elded to charge admission, the proceeds Now she was burned out.
to go toward fitting up a gymnasium "Every stick and rag," cried Willie,
with his eyes big. "And she's yellln'
an' howlln' my!"
for the use of those who nad helped
pay for and build the toboggau slide.
Arrangements went forward gayly; the
uoys luvltcl all their friends school
and was being sucked farther down
I cried to my companion, but In the
darkness hn could not sec me. and had
ho seen mo ho could have done nothing
for me. The water finally reached my
Happily I had a stout bamboo, some
six feet long, and I placed this athwart
the surfaco and held It with my arms
as far expanded as possible. By Jerks
I succeeded In gradually lifting myself
and throwing my body forward, till
finally I was able to cast myself at full
Tho boys wero silent and Willie length on tho surface. Tho jjuctlon had
looked surprised. Bert Stono stared
mates and "grown-ups" adding that It down at his boots and whistled softly.
would cost them a quarter to "get In
the percesslon." and nt last tho night
of the "carnival" came. It was clear
and cold and sparkling. A big moon
generously helped out by flooding ev
erything In silver light, In which the
long festoons of Chinese lanterns that
decorated tho toboggau slide gleamed
rosily nnd bravely. Boys aud girls
Shorty Harris kicked the snow against
the gatepost and thrust bis hands deep
lu his pockets. Soon Stono looked up
suddenly and met tho eyes of tho rest
of the boys Dxed on him anxiously,
"Poor old Whisky! It's kind o' tough,
eh?" said Bob Kills, softly. "Hadn't
wo better better " Tho boys all
moved uneasily aud then sighed. The
flashed up nnd down; bright spots of sigh relieved tho tension and they all
color on the bright snow In their many- seemed to agree suddenly. '
lined blanket coals, tho woolen scarfs "Yes, let's the gym can wait come
that bound tholr waists nnd tholr long1 ou!"
tnsseled toboggan cups flying In the nlr Willie stared. Tho boys, with Stone
as they shot down tho slide like some and Shorty In tho lead, sprinted down
Lrllllnntly dyed arrow, then out on tho tho street. And twenty minutes later
been so grj-at as to tear my leather
gaiters off my legs.
I lay at full length, gasping for near
ly a quarter of an hour before I had
breath and strength to advance, and
then wormed myself along on my
breast till I reached dry land. .My com
panion. It turned out, had had a similar
A Trugecly.
She If you had 110 Idea when we
could get married, why did you pro
poso to me?
"To tell the truth, darling, I had no
Idea you would accept me." Life.
Ileforo marriage men nud women
argue; after thut they dispute. ' '
wood, worth no more than $VJt a thou-
Baud feet. Into bird's-eye maple that
sells nnywhere for ?50 and ?iiO a thou
sand, nnd the dealers cannot get all
they want at those prices.
How a Telegrapher' Tie-Up on the
bantu Fe Wot Hroiiulit Aliout.
"The reccut strike of the operators on
tho Santu Ke," said uu old telegrapher,
"reminds me of the strlko which took
place In 1801. I had been down In
Texas and by easy stages was working
back towiird this city, aud was In St.
Louis when I met Itamscy. I forgot
Unmsey's llrst name. He wus 11 good
fellow. I knew him when he used to
work on tho L. & N., and then heard ho
had quit to study law. At that time he
wus practicing law lu Kast St. Louis.
Itumsey was tho head of the O, It. T.
"He was a little fellow, full of grit,
and u good talker. The boys put him
lu at the head because be was a law
yer and It was thought best to do
things according to Hoylo lu the or
ganization. Like everybody else that
comes out of Texas, nfter a siege of It
I was auxlous to get back to God's
country and spend tho balance of my
Ill-gotten gains nmoug tho people of
my birth. When I met Knmsey ho
asked 1110 If I wus an O, It. T. matt,
and 1 told him I was. Ie told mo there
wns liable to bo u strlko 011 tho Santa
Fo and usked me to stay about for a
few duyu. You can always use a
as 4,ii00 feet, nud parts of It have never
becu plumbed. It is surrounded by
some of the hardest mountains which 11
railway engineer could encounter. The
plan of the Trniis-Slbcrluu Railway In-
1st I refused all their offers 1 simply
can't sell myself to anyone. Friend
Hum! Something like your pictures!
Journal Amuxnut.
Magistrate (severely)-Ilow could you
eludes a railway around the southern ''-' mean as to swindle people who
end of the lake to connect the two lake I"'t conlldence lu you? Prisoner-Well,
shore terminals, but the enormous dlf- yr honor. I'll make It worth something
llculty uud the expense, which Is uu J'1' ,f i'011'" '' "'e to work them
Important matter to ltusslu at the pros- B don't. Tit-Bits,
cut time, of constructing such a Hue ' "What do you think of tho Christmas
conspire to liidelliillely postpone Its magazines?" "Oh, I huvou't paid auy
completion. attention to their literary merits.
To link the two ends with. 11 steam What I object to Is that so tunny of
ferry which would be nble lo break the advertisements are duplicated."
through the Ice which covers the lake Cleveland Plain Dealer,
from the middle of December lo May "Come, children." said Mr. Wldwer,
was doubtless suggested by the excel- Introducing the second Mrs. Wldwer,
lent work of the Yerinuh Ice-breaker lu "come and kiss your new mamma."
tho Baltic. Sir William Armstrong, "Gracious!" exclaimed little Klsle. "If
Will t worth & Co., of Newcastle, were you took her for 'new' (hey stuck you,
the constructors of the Yermiih, und to pa."-Phllndelphln Press,
the order of the Russian government Mrs. Forrester-Seems to mo that
"i ncuim in... .urger you WOU d set vour run for Mr. Hull
Ice-breaker which was christened the
The Baikal has three lines of rail laid
Upon her main deck to carry one pas
senger and two goods (ruins across
the lake. The trains enter the Ice
breaker at the bow, which Is run up
against a pier. The rails are connected
nnd tho trains run Into (he vessel. Willi
this load she will cut her way through
three feet of Ice ut a speed of 1:1 knots
an hour. A screw ut the bow with a
separate engine sucks away the water
He Is evidently an easy catch. Miss
Chorister ICasy catch Is no namo for
him. He has been an epidemic In our
set for ten years. Denver News.
Hif Just hear how the newsboys
holler! Isn't It enough to drive ono
crazy? She Why, Clinrles, nro you
sure It Is newsboys? Really, It must
be college boys giving their college yell.
1 think It Is Just lovely. Boston Transcript.
'Whttt's thin!" exclaimed tho Boer
from underneath the Ice at the bow Kl,L'ral, In a tono of nnnoyunce. "Moro
which thus splits from Its own wi.ii.1.1. prisoners." "Dear me! I wish they
the two stubby-bluded propellers at thu would show some consideration for tho
stern nt the same tlmo force the vessel f"",, ,,mt wo "ro lry'". conduct a
through the broken Ice sheet. The nc- wnr 1"HIe"11 r running a boarding
tuitl track of tho Baikal measures thlr- "use." Wushlngton Star.
ty-nlne miles. I "Mudatne, nro you n woman HUffrn-
1 gist?" "No, sir; I haven't tlmo to he."
IlcnnwH Its Iiurk. ; "Haven't tlmo? Well, If you bad the
The cork tree Is an evergreen, nn privilege of voting, whom would von
onk, querous suber, about tho size of support?" "The saiuo man I hnvo sup
our apple treo nnd grown largely lu ported for tho Inst ten years-my hus
Spnln for commercial uses. The bark baud."-Modes and Fabrics.
Is stripped In order to obtnlu tho cork, ' ..i)0U't smoke?" exclulmed tho friend,
which Is soaked and then dried. Tho ..No was ,le rL.y. .., nlwuy8 ult
moment the bark Is peeled -off the treo , u
begins to grow another cork skl... and my wlfo ..15ut wuy ,,oyou gcIuct (nbl8
each new one Is belter than the last, so particular season? "It obliges her to
, u " nviii'i mo corn. ' Hclcct gomuthiug besides clgnrs for my
'i ho trees uro stripped nbout every Christmas present.--Wnslili.gton Stan
eight years, nnd so strong does It inako , .... , , .
them that they often live to the t ft Tot ,? J"" BMhocl the ho.
oaa ..,. .;,. n, i.: ..... . . clnl reformer. "Why don't you co to
j..,.., .,. ,,u ,miii ia nujiincu
off It Is trimmed nnd dried uml flatten
ed out. Then It Is packed und shipped
to uu parts or the world.
Moscow's Great Hospital.
Tho municipal hospital of Moscow.
which was founded In 17111, has ucconi-
work?" asked tho bocIiiI reformer, "I
nover thought of that," exclaimed tho
beggar. The next evening tho social
reformer delivered a lecture oh "Sim
ple Advlco to tho Poor." Philadelphia
Diner (to restaurant waiter) What
modntlons for 7,(l()0 persons, and In tho' have you got for dinner? Wnlte;
courso or a year it receives ,If..(KJ0 pa- Roast beef frlcassedchlckenstowcd
tlcnts. The Institution has on Its stifff lunibhnshbaked nnd frledpotntqcscol-twenty-slx
physicians and over 0,000 legepuddlngmllktcaundcoffeo. Diner
nurses. In 1812, when Napoleon was 1 Glvo mo tho third, four, llfth ulrti.
retreating from Moscow, ho gnvo or- eighteenth nud ulnteenth syllables.
ders that this hospital bo spared.
Friend It's a good thing you don't be-
llcvo In reincarnation.
Tho pessimist Why?
Friend-Just think of having exist-
ences without cud, each worse than
those which preceded It! Puck. ' '
Soiuethlug Just as Good; "Uavo you
j Dickens' 'Tulo pf Two Cities?' nsked
me occasiouui customer. "No, sir," re
plied 'the now salesman at tho book
storo, after a glanco nt tho shelves,
"but I seo wo hnvo a 'Rotnanco of Two
Worlds,' by Mnrlo Oorclll. Won't that
dor-Chicago Tribune.