Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 25, 1901, Image 5

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Work on the electric light plant
in going Btciuilly on mm Air,
Auroras announces that the plant
will be in ruuulng.ordcr in the
i Course Ol J1IICCI1 Iinys. ill niii:iir-
- t i
'nir of the time consumed in re
siding the plnnt Mr. Abramfl
states that the, setting of machinery
is always slow and especially ho
wiieu inc climatic cunuiiiun hhvi-
ferc as has been the case in this in
stance. The new 36 inch turbine
water wheel which will driye the
machinery, was received by Mr.
Stone last Monday and was placed
in nosition this week. When the
nLUKC Ul Ulb HTbt nil! ,'..,
dynamos will be run by water
power, and other times the power
will he generated from the two big
Doners now in position ai 111c rear
of the building. Lineman T. A.
Abraras and A Nelson have been
going over the old line tightening
and resetting poles and by the time
the machinery is in position all the
little details will be completed and
theu let 'er shine.
The following is the program of
the Lane County Teachers' Asso
ciation to be held at this place Jan.
35th and 26th beginning Friday at
the M E Church: Qucrtett; recita
tion; address, The Nicaragua Canal,
Pres. Hawley of Willamette Uni
versity. Saturday 10 a. tn. at
school building: Opening rcmarkH,
County Superintendent W. M.
Miller; School Preparation, Prin.
M. C. Harris of Creswcll; Geog
raphy, Miss Gertrude Grousebcck;
Kights and Duties of Teachers,
Stmt. Miller and J. H. Ackerman.
1:30 p. m.. music; Africa, Miss
Powers; High School Work in the
Public Schools, discussion; Super
vision, by School Principal, Pres.
J. H. Orcutt of Drain; State Course
of Study, discussion; lecture Satur
day evening, State Superintendent
J. H. Ackerman. All persons in
terested in educational work arc in
vited to be present.
J. C. Long & Son intend moving
their 50 barrel steam mill at Cot
tage Grove to Salem and have it
housed, in a suitable building in
time for Uie coming harvent. They
do not ask any bonus. They have
n first class Corliss engine and up-to-date
machinery, pottage Grove
mid Lane county hate to sec them
leave Guar.fl. ,
While the pccple of this vicinity
generally will regret to see Messrs.
Long move their big mill from this
vicinity ,itill in the fac of the fact
that the community will not sup
port two mills, it will no doubt be
a good move for the proprietors,
Salem, ought to be a splendid open
ing and the Nugget wishes Messrs.
Long success.
Dr. Suapp was given a birthday
party by about 25 of his friends last
Tuesday evening. Mr. George
Hawley entertained the company
with his graphophone .and Mrs.
Alice CofTman rendered ,6ome sweet
music on the organ. At a late
hour alt prepared to departed for
their homes expressing them
selves as , having spent a pleasant
evening and wishing the doctor
many happy returns of the day.
The real estate firm of Phillips
and White are making arrange
ments to do an extensive real estate
business this season. The gentle
men speak very encouragingly of
the prospect of many home seekers
visiting this city this spring. Every
day they are 'in receipt of letters
making inquiries for the purchase
of property and estiblished business
The S. P. Company have three
Igaugs of section men now consoli
dated in the work of repairing and
adjusting the track in the vicinity
'of Saginaw, where, so much damage
was done during the recent high
Mr. J. M, Starks this week sold
his grocery business to Mr. Fred
Meinzer. The Nugget wishes the
new proprietor success, (
come Near Having a Hot Time
Lust Monday Night.
Last Monday evening while the
Christian Church of this -city was
being filled to its capacity with
seekers after the great truth, the
basement of the church was dis
covered to be on fire. An alarm
was immediately raised, and the
fire department turned out, but be
fore the company could reach the
scene tho fire was extinguished
through the prompt action of sev
eral attendants upon the services,
and what might have been a serious
loss to the denomination, culminat
ing no doubt in many accidents to
those who were crowded into the
building, was averted.
To the credit of the minister
officiating and the good sense and
coolness of the audience generally
the evacuation of the building was
commenced and executed in an
orderly manner. The church stands
upon a high basement, the doors
reached on cither side by precipitous
steps, and had excitement prevailed,
there would have, been sad hearts
in Cottage Grove today.
Ruben Tucker of Silk Creek was
in this vicinity last week.
Elmer Griggs, left for Eastern
Oregon last week.
MissOua Coffin of Ynqiiina has
been visiting Mr and Mrs Will
The meeting of the literary so
ciety was cut short Saturday night
so that everybody might attend a
Dances and Birthday parties are
becoming very numerous lately.
Mr. Jiurkct and family expect to
leave for California next Sunday.
James Miller is slowly recover
ing from the injury he received last
fall but it will be a long time be
fore he entirely recovers.
The late rain and snow has put
the roads in bad condition.
Last Monday evening J. W.
Sherwood of Portland lectured to a
small but enthusiastic audience
upon the merits of the Mnccnbce
fraternal order. Mr. Sherwood is
a pleasing gentleman as well as an
interesting talker. His friends will
be pleased to welcome him atony
time he may sec fit to visit Cottage
Mrs. Ann M. Lovelace, mother
of Mrs. Jntnes Ostrandcr of this
city died at her home in New
Paynesville, Minnesota on the 11
inst. Mrs. Lovclnce visited her
daughter here about four years ago
and made many friends who will
be saddened by . the news of her
Suits cleaned and pressed from
$2.25 and up according to texture.
Prices in proportion per single gar
ment. Eugene Steam Cleaning
and Dyeing Works, Geo. E.
Griffith, Agt.
A farewell party was tendered
Mr. C. W. Wallace last Monday
night, in view of his early de
parture for Colorado Springs. Some
sixty guests were present and n
pleasant evening was spent in
games and the rendering of literary
selection by local talent. Mr.
Wallace Waves for his new home
with the hearty good wishes of
many friends.
' Owing to the recent high water
on Coast Fork which caused the
loss of many thousand feet of logs
to Messrs. Geerand Rouse the saw
mill men at Amos, are arranging to
erect a temporary saw mill tit this
place and in such an event will
drive the logs here and saw them
up. There is some talk of utiliz
ing the boilers n.nd engines of the
new light plant.
Mrs. L. P. Dock receives Dunlin from
bIx (0) of ngo mid upwards. Tim Svn
tlietio JMano School of Now York City
admits thorn nt tho litre of live. Wlion
pupils tieein Urns enrly the study nnu
juiiriiri1 in imiMii' iiivoini'NPUi'niiii IIHUirv.
ftn About you. .
Geo. V Lloyd In In from Bohemia.
G. Mod. tv liiiHiotnrnotl froin Holiemlti.
MIhh Anna Underwood vIhIUiJ In town
tills Week.
MIh Nottlo Gnr cd returned to Eugene
W. h. Ccippernoll retitmod from Ku
genu Monday.
Mrs, W. II . Ahrnins luis been 111 this
week wltliifrlp.
Mm. W. K. Martin loft on 11 vlnlt to
Kukoiio hint t'licNiiny.
0. M. MePurlutiil Is confined to Ills
room with glcknoH.
Goo, Hound ntmo down from the
Helena initio Tuesday,
MIhh .Martha Medloy was an arrival
from KiiKcno Monday.
11. 8. Hinltji linn returned roin mi ex
tended trip to California.
Dr. C. Wolfcr loealed nt Comntock
was In tho city ilils week.
C.J. Howard went to Sulem Thursday
to attend tho legislature.
Dr. Lowe tho outlclmi is coming soon.
Tho wiso will wait for I1I111.
John Palmer waH in town Thursday
from his Mosby Cicok ranch.
Ilert Willard is in town from the
Ik-lona mine to spend a week.
Joseph .PI rniil of Kngene, Was trans
acting business here Wednesday.
Pert Lawson is ronllnod lo his room
with a severe attack of lugrippo. '
Mrs. L. Holland of tho Cottage Grove
Hotel was a Kugeuo visitor this week.
John Veatch and wlfo and bahy at
tended tho Dr. Hnapp surprise party.
Mr. and Mrs. Stark left Vdncnday
for their old homo at Coquillo City.
C. Ii.-Iirunn.-ui went to Portland Sun
day for it week's visit in tho metropolis.
J. V. Kays, tho well fcnnWn furniture
dealer of Eugeno was in town Wednes
day, II. I). Scott and wlfj aro visiting with
friends ut llillshoro and Portland this
W, W, Mastersnn ret 111 nod from tho
Lucky Hoy initio in tho III tie Uivr dis
trict Saturday.
F. I). Whenlerof the hardware firm of
AVIioeler & Scott did business in 'Port
land this week.
Kll Hangs, the Kiigone liveryman, in
in town today for tho purpose of buying
a ear load of draft horses.
Mrs. Katie Mcdlev loft Monday after
noon for Iih Angeles, Cal., where sho
goes for the benefit of her health.
D. 1. Patterson of Independence, Vnlk
county, has acectped u position with
llenson Drug Co., of this city.
Chiis. Cochran was up from Eugene
this week and assisted in furnishing
music for tho poverty ball Tliiurfduy
Frank King' arrived hero from Pillard
this week and will go from here to
iiinction where bo will bo night man in
the S. 1'. depot.
O. V. HriiHh returned from Tillamook
Friday where lie has been visiting
friends fur tho past month. Ho left
Saturday for his mining property in Ho
lieniia. K. S.Tobin tho all-round good fellow
and up-to-date representative of Paeitio
Paper Company made Cottage Giovm 11
business visit this week. Mr. Tobin
never fails to do buiuess either.
A C. and J. II. Harden of Spring
field who havo just retired from the
general morclmmliso business in that
town wore here this week looking for 11
business opening.
P. 11. Sherwood returned to Colorado
Springs last Thursday . morning, Mr and
Mrs. Ike Thomas accompanied Mr.Sher
wood, Mr. Thomas will probably re
main there. Mr. and Mrs. A. V.
Wallace-and 0. W. Wallace will leave
carlv next wnok. Tho Nugget extends
to u It of tho adventurers its best wishes.
Mrs, M. E. Iloxter field lecturer for
tho Florence Critteuten Home of Port
land will lecturo to the ladles Sunday
Jan. 27, at 3 p. in. in tho M K church
under tho nil p ees of (ho W. C. T. U.
All young ladies over 13 years cordially
SEARS At his farm four miles east of
Cottage Grovo, Monday,. Ian. J, 1001,
Mr. 0. J. Sears, Sr. aged 85 yeurs, 11
months mid 20 days.
Tho subject of this sketch was an old
and highly rospectod pioneer of Oregon,
having settled hero in 1852. Ho leaves
a family of six sons aniTtwo daughters
to mourn his death. Interment at tho
Sears cemetery Tuesday afternoon.
Revival services nt the Christian
Church in this city, conducted by
evangelist L. A. Stevens and wife
closed last Monday evening. Much
interest was manifested in these
services and the immediate result
was 28 additions to the congrega
tion. Rev. Stevens and wife left
here for Everett, Wash.
The many friends of Hon. Ivan
McQueen will be pleased to know
that he has so far recovered' from
bis long and severe illness as to be
able to attend toiite official duties
at the state capital. It was feared
forn time that he would not be
able to attend this session or the
legislature, but in n late letter to
his brother in this place we learn
that his health is improving and
that he will probably be able to re
main there to the end of the sessipu,,
In, BrleQ."
Geo. Griffith for prices 011 cleaning
and dyeing.
Go to Mndson's for fine Jewelry and
holiday silverware;
For bund loaded shells call on Griffin
and Veutch Co,
Suits I Suits!! Tailor made suits!!!
Up todatoju ovcrv respect, from flOup.
Cull and soo samples. '
Gko, Boiu.max.
Grln 11 -Watch Co. carry tho finest
lino of Ammunition in South Lane Co.
For quality and cheapness in fresh
meats go to the Central meat market.
Jioatitiful rings and silverware at
Minlseu's (or the holidays. .
Just received this week a choice va
riety of ladles and Misses fine shoes.
Cull find see them nt Cumming's store.
A ipiantity of fine dressed lumber and
flooring for sale. Apply ut the black
smith sliof of HbyA. iiorcu.
Sportsmen remember Griffin Veatch
Co. curry u fine lino of Shot Guns and
Hi lies.
We sell good goods at good prices for
our customers. Central Meat .Market.
A car load of Columbia Rivnr cedar
shingles for sale by Jenkins & Lawson.
Fresh candies every day, made from
pure sugar at the Tailor shop.
Wo have on hand a largo stock of
kiln-dried flooring, celling and rustic in
grades 1 2 and 3. Let us make you
special prices.
HootiiKkm,y Lumiikr Co.
Notice In hereby Riven Hint tho nndcnUcnctl
tins been ilulynppointcdliytlie County Court of
the State ot Oregon for Laiio County, ailmlntn
trntor of the catate of George I'. Uarontte, tie
cciiteil. All person linvltn,' clnlmi HKalimt laid
catntenre licreby rciulred to present the anine
to me properly verified at the ofllrc of J. K.
Youtiff In Cottage drove, Oregon, within six
month from the Unto hereof.
Dated tlild 2.jth day of January, 1901.
Frakk Kklly,
Administrator of the estate of licorgc '. flc
ronttc, deceased.
ill Fashionable Ladies.
Agknt for
All Mail Order
Promptly Filled.'
Eugene, Oregon.
Hotel Eugene
Headquarters for MINING MEN.
- Oregon.
United States Land Office,
Ito.xeburg, Ore., Jun. 15, 1001.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
congress of June 3, 1R7S. entitled "An
act for tho sale of timber lands m the
Suites of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all tho Public Lund States by
act. of August -1, 1802, Jatnes,E. Wheeler
of Cottage Grovo, county ofi.ane, State
of Oregon, has this day filed in this
office his sworn statement No. 1402, for
tho purChaso of tho Southwest (Vj) Quar
ter of Section No. 34 in Township No. 21
South, Ilango No. 2 West, and will ofier
proof to show that the land eought is
more valuablo for Its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said laud before
tho Itegistor and Receiver of this office
at Roseburg, Ore. on Friday tho 20th
day of March, 1001.
IIo mimes as witnesses:
J.'D. I'almor, F. P. Phillips, F. D.
Wheeler, Orin Robinson, of Cottage
Grovo, Ore.
Anv and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are
requosted to fllo their claims in this
office on or beforo said 20lh day of
March. 1001.
J. T. Bridoes, Registor.
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oro., Deo., 20, 1000.
, Notico is hereby given that in com
pliance with tho provisions of tho act of
Congress of Juno 3, 1878, entitled "An
act. for tho salo of timber lands in tho
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," us extended to
all tho Public Laud States by act Au
gust 4, 1802, James N. Boyd, of Cottage
Grove, County of Lane, Stato of Oregon,
has this day tiled in this office his sworn
statement No, 1347, for tho purchase of
theSWJtf, of Section No. 14, in Town
ship No. 22 S. Range No. 2 W., and will
offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuablo for its timber or stopo
than for' agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before
theltegistoriind Receiver of this office at
Rosobtirgj Oregon, on Monday, tho4tli
day of March, 1001.
IIo names as witnesses;
Jf. P. Phillips. Philip Spong, Jack
Lowis, D, Brumbaugh, of Cottage Grovo,
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tho abova'described lands aro
requested to fllo their claims In this
ofilco on or beforo said 4th day of March,
1001. ' -
J. T,,BptDQE8( Register.
10R ALIy.
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