Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 04, 1901, Image 8

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intimated that Prince mny
ct tlie Monroe doctrine to nti-
jcr test y me ptircnasc 01 n
i . c
ore tract 01 innu in tirazu. vji
r i , ... 11 rf
course, French capitalists may in
st money in land in llrazil nnil
transaction would not con
ii this country. Hut it is uni
ted in this case that Prance pro-
of the land purchased by French
I' --- i -
capitalists, which would he quite
another tiling. The Monroe doc
trine is- based upon two principles
-first, that European powers
shall not extend their system of
government to the Western Ileinis
phere, rind, second, that the West
em Hemisphere is no longer open
tocolonizationlby European powers
As France is u republic, the Mon
roc doctrine might not npply to U;
but as it is a European power, it
"certainly would. The pending
transaction is the purchase of 100,
ooo square miles of land. If France
should acquire sovereignty, it
would possess the basis of a colony
half as large as France itself, ami
Jhrger than several European
powers. As Hrazil is in a measure
protected by the Monroe doctrine,
it is probable that she will decline
to dispose of the sovereignty of any
oSher territory. Bulletin.
Mv wife's irood advice (lived my life
writes F. M. Ross of Winflcld, Tumi.,
for I lvail such ii bad cough I could
hardly breathe, I steadily grew worse
under doctor's treatment, hut my wife
urged me to wta Dr. King's New Din
eovery for Consumption, which com
pletely cured mo." Coughs, Coldii
Bronchitis, La Grippe, Pneumonia
-Asthma, Hay fever nnd all maladies of
Chest, throat and Lung are positively
cured by this marvellous medicine. 50c
nnd $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed
Trial bottles free at Urnho Ditua Co's
drug store.
At the Taylor & Ross Photo
Studio a negative of the proprietor
or proprietors of each firm located
in Cottage Grove. Wo will make
each one a present of cabinet photo
from same. Please come in ns soon
as possible as we want to arrange
and make them into one picture
Remember you get a nice cabinet
photo free to pay you tor your
trouble. Taylor & Ross.
40 acres 2 miles from Maplcton
on Sinslaw river at head of tide.
Good frame dwelling, orchard in
bearing, 5 acres in cultivation,
ballance good cedar or fir timber
Inquire or write to James Hetnen
way, Cottage Grove, Ore.
Eugene has a colored boy who is
taking on a college education and
making his way by aid of a boot
blacking stand which he operates
to good advantage nights and
mornings and Saturdays, He de
serves credit for the ambition to go
up in the world, and while he is
being given credit for his efforts to
gather the knowledge of the ages,
he should also be complimented
upon his business ability and his
cleverness in working his scheme
to the best possible advantage, ply
ing upon the sympathy of the pub
lic and the generosity of the news
paper men of Eugene in giving him
so mucn tree advertising. He is
indeed a clever gentleman alright
Just published by the Southern Pa
cific Co., is n pamphlet upon tho rc
Hources of Western Oregon, which in
cludes an excellent map of tho state, and
contains information 011 climate, lands,
education, etc., existing industries and
their capabilities.
Attention is also directed to such new
llclds for cneigy or capital as promise
fair return.
This publication fills n ncid long ex
perienced by Oregonians, in replying to
inqiliries of eastern friends.
Copies may he had of local agent
Southern I'ncilic Co., or from
G. P. A., Portland, Ore.
Cnt this out and take it to Bkn'sox
Uruo Co'r drug store and get n free
eainploof Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver TnbletB, the best physic. They
aleo cure diForders of tho stomach
ibiliousncce and headache.
m Brief.
Cutter shoes at Kakln A Rrtstow's
Call at the Uovd Art Onllory and sue
new samples.
tin to Jliidsen's .for lino lowolry nnd
holiday silverware. .
Kor liiind'loitded shells call on Orlflln
ml Ventoh Co,
SulUI Suits!! Tailor iniuhi suits! 11
Up todntu In ovorv respect, from 15 up.
Call and seu samples.
Grlllln-Veatch Coi carry the, llnest
lino of Ammunition in South Lane Co.
For oualltv and cheapness In fresh
meats go to tho Central meat market.
Reuutlful rings and silverware at
Mudseu's for tho holidays.
Ladles' storm libbers btst made )(
... . . ..I. it. i i.i.i.i
per pair ai uoyu s. uiuminm munn
rubbers -Tic. '
Just received this week a choice va
riety of ladles and Mlsse-ulni! siioch.
Call and see them at Cumming's stove.
Rubber's, rubbers below cost, ladles'
. . .... i.. ... ii it .....jiiik
ruDocrs -jim per pair ai. jiu.vii ujiiwnn
Masonic. I lull.
quantity of llnu dressed lumber hint
flooring for sail'. Apply at the black
smith spop of fcby A Hoi en.
llnvil's lubbers below cost-. Hoys,
MNxes. children and ladies shoes at cost
at lloyd's gallery.
Wo have on hand u largo stock of
kiln-diled Mooring, celling and rustic in
grades 1 "J and !. Let us make you
special prices.
Sportsmen renii'i'iiberlirilllnA: Vciitch ,
Co. carry a lino lino of Shot uuns ami ,
Hitles. I
We sell good goods at good prices for .
r ... I t ..... M ... I. .. '
our customers, uummi .uenv
A car load of Ciliimbia Ulvor cedar
shingles for sale by Jenkins & Lawson.
To secure a good tight lloor or ceiling
nnd one that Will always ruinaln mo iiu
Kiln-drie.1 lumber. Tim llooth-Kelly
L nnber Co. iit Saginaw kllu-diy all in
terior finish and rustic and are ol.ermg
special bargains in .anu .
To the bo v orglrl who brings us on
.January 1st 1001 tho greatest number of
our soap wrappers with our advertise
ment thereon will bo given one ol those
"cow clocks" shown in our window.
kaki.n iV UlllsTOW.
Go to Geo. Hohliiiiin's tailor shop
Main street and set) his fall lines of
samples and goods. He can please you
n any stylo or line you may desire.
Fresh candies every day, made from
puro sugar at thoTailor shop.
Geo. Hohlnwn, tho up-to-date tailor,
will show you goods, all shinies anil all
prices. Think of it. A tailor made
suit for fl) and up! Pants ft nnd up.
Over IK) odd patterns of wall paper to
chniuc from and moro on tho way, at
Jenkins k Lawsou's.
If troubled witli u weak digestion,
belching, sour stomach, or if you feel
dull after eating, try Chuinbprlaln'H
Stomach nnd Liver Tablets. I'rice '.'5
cents. Samples free at Uknson Dnco
uo surug siore.
United States Lund Ollico,
ltoseburg, Ore., Dec. --, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions ol tlio act
of congress of .lune .1, 1H7H, entitleil "An
act for the sale of timber lands in tho
States of California, Oregon, Jvovudn,
anil nsuingiou lerrnor.v, as rxteiiueu
.. . .;''. .; ..;., " ;
to nil tho Public Land Slates hv act of
August 4, 18))'-,1 Mrs. Annio elin, of
Hiigcnc, county of Lane, State of Ore-
gon, lias tnis nay men in tins omco nor
sworn statement Mi. I-w, for the pur
chase of tho SH 4 of Section Xn. 10 in
Township No. U0H, Hangc No. 7 V, mid
willoircr proof to show that tho land
sought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, nnd
to establish hcrchiim to said land beforo
tint Register and Itecelverof this ofllce
at ltoseburg, Oregon on Friday, tho 8th
iliivof March,
She names as witnesses:
.lames N. Handle, II. Hans (Icrg
strom, Georgo W. Ihoedlng, II. C. Han
noil, of Kugeiie, Oregon.
Anv and all persons claiming ad
versely tho above-described lands are
requested to lllu thoir claims in this
otlice on or before said 8th day of March
J. T. HiunciKH, Itegister.
United States Land Ofllce,
ltoseburg. Ore., Dec, 1!0, 11)00.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the net of
Congress of Juno 8, 1878, entitled '"An
act for tho saluof timber lauds in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all tho Public Land States by act Au
gust 4, 1892, James N. Iloyd, of Cottago
Grove, County of Lune, State of Oregon,
bus this day filed in tills ollico his sworn
statement No, 1H47, for the purchaso of
tho 8V H, of Section No. 14, in Town
ship No. 22 8. Itango No. 2 W., and will
offer proof to show that tho land sought
is more valuable for its timber or stono
than for agricultural purposes, nnd to
establish his claim to said land bofore
the Register and Itecelverof this ollico nt
ltoseburg, Oregon, on Monday, tho 4th
day of March, 1001.
Ho names witnesses:
J. P. Phillips. Philip Spong, Jack
Lowls, I). Uriunbangh, of Cottago Grovo,
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tho above-described lands are
requested to fllo their claims in this
oflice on or beforo said 4th day of March,
J. T. BitwaEs, Register,
Tfme Schedule
OtlleilK"- .
1 IU(1 1 111
UMftn Ml
Hull l.ntio, I enror. HI.
Worth, Oniiihn.KiiU'
miH City, HI, J.titi Im,
(;lilcii(i iiinl lii.t.
II inn
Vlii limit.
' Inylim
Hull Uko, llunvor. H.
mm City. Hi. l,oiil,
L'lilfii(ii unit I hhI,
H: 10 n in
II i in
Walla Wnlln, Lewis.
Inn, H.oliitio, Mill
noitpolls. HI. I'lllll,
l iiliilli, MlhuiuUc,
t'lili'iiKU iiinl Hunt.
s i in
All aullllIK (tales Hill.
I Juct lui'liuimo.
! KorKmi I'ruiii-liii'o
Hsll avurynilnys
I i in
Dully Kx.
S in
l(ii in
il n in I'.x.
To Anlnrlii unit Wny
IjiiiiIIiikk. I i. in
Kx. Huml''
OroKiiu City. NuHlirr
Hitloin nnil Wiiy-I.nnil-liiK".
:M p in
7 b in
Tiie.l linr.
anil Hut.
Vammii.i. HIVKIIH
Orcifim City, IMylim
nnil Wii)--jiinllnu.
.1 ikl p in
Mini. Wi'il
mill I'rl.
:i::Vi it in .
lll llllll III I.Ulloll.
II n in
W. H.
General Passenger Agent.
Portland, Oregon
vioit DR. JORDAN'S oncAT
:huseuh of anatomy
Q (UMalUlkiBlgikJ
tn III Wurnl,
Urtn'ttl ultmtllon In Ihi City. J.
uwulirfiU ituMjar vlilt'in.
rl ill-ai,lilll trl; rui r.lhy U
tlm (il'lc-l bnrrlnllmni the I'Mlllo
C'uiiil. JillilUliiilX)xrra. a
Yuni inrit mul mMillfi
ngvil nirii wlin uro MiirrrliiK A
(rum llie i iTm-Ii ii( ruiitlilul InilK- r
.miIiiiih or rxiikt4 In nmtllrrr
rear. Neman nml iilirelmi lle-lil 1 1 tjr, tin-
iiutrnrj, Ii JIuoIioimI In kII llariiniil. v
0 rMtliiimi NiirrinHliirrhtnit, 3
rliirn, l,.niirrlin, Uvrl, frrqtivnrr
A of HrlMnllMaT. ri. 11 n con.titimllun of Q
v rrmeilleiitiitcrriitcurallrn power, the lltirlur'
i hitiuiirriiiixnii in imiimniuniiiii "in inn ,
' onlr niTiirtl Tmnirillole relief, but permneiil (
i cnr. Tlio IK:tor iloe nut clulm lupeif.irni
1 mlrucle, but Ii well knuwn to be it lair e.inl
qiiurei l'lir"k-ln nnd Hurcrouirieuiliieut
NTrillMM llinrnllKlliy erenireira irom i
I the. nyelein Hlllinut llieiiMof Jleienrj. U
rurr for Itiii.lurr. A quirk m((nif O
rurttnr Vllru. riMri ami
Ur. Jonlan'e- ,pll mIii1 rneiliixle. A
KVKIIT MAJf minlrliiRloiKWlllrecelTO'
our hmnl nrlnlwi hi nil niuini'"'.
ire Will lwminttaa j-v.ji
12Z In
t'litit'tiiaii'Mi M,rr. '"".'IV.
annum r Riuhn.sAM.u,
Troiimniiperwiimllyorliy leiler.
u.,11. ... n.f iill.nsulIIY OF
r'"" v." ",:.:.,:::.-i..a ...i.h. ...i.
I MAIIItlAH M.ILKnKMiet (.Watuob.e
buuK fur men.) Call or wilte
DH JORDAN & CO.. 1081 Mirktt SL.8.F.
nATmiini)T I) I fJI li'IP PA
ftJ) ) PiUl ) UU
' Trains lravo Cnttiwo Grove for Port-
lUnd and way trtulioiui at 3:07 a. in.,
; 11!:I0 p. in.
I. v. Portland fl:M. m. 7:00p. ni
I Lv. Cottngd Cirovo I t'.'lt n. 111. J:f7p. m
t Ar. Ashland . . k. . .12 :!W 11. m. II ::t'l a. rn
Ar. r-acramcnto. .. 5:(Xip. in. ! ::tr r. m.
a. San Frant iaco. 7:-trp.m. 8:15
Ar Ogden B:45 n. m. 11 : "
1 a - Denver s(M a.
I a- Kansas City. . 7:25 a. in. 7:l!ria.
i a, c ilraco..
i Jin uinrnv ii'iii ....
i Mi Ancoles, . 1 :20 p. in. 7:(M)a. in.
Ur y. Vrn (1:00 p. m. fl:(K) p. m.
Ar j:ort Worth.. . 11:!!') a. in.
7:5 a. in. 0:110 a
Ar. Oilvof Mexico 0.65 a.m. ICWia. in
Ar. Houston 4:00 a. in. 4:IK)a. in.
Ar. N'-w Orleans.. 0:25 p.m. 0:25 p. in.
Ar. Washington.. 0:42 a.m. :42a. m.
Ar. New Vork....l2:43p.m,
Pullman and Tourist cars on both
trains. Chair cars Sacramento to Og
den and Kl Paso, and tourist cars tn
Chicago, St. Louis, Now Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Jlniiolulu, Ja
pan, China. Philippines, Central and
South America.
Heo I). T. Awbror, Agont, Cottago
Giovo Station, or address
C. II. Mamcham, G. V. A.
Portland, Oregon.
So Hiiro aro wo that tho locating of a
few of our Klectric lielts will develop
into numerous miles of our Helta and
Appliances, that we mo willing to send
oiio free to any sullerer from tho follow
ing disoaries: Cold extremities, Crysto
celo, Femulo weakness, Kidney com
plaint, Leucorrhea, Liver complaint,
I'aralyslr, Lost vitality, Nurvousilcbillty,
Solf abuse, Worn-out women, Sciatica,
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotency, Rheumatism.
.Diminutlvo Shrunken and Undeveloped
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc.,
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Kattlo
Creek. Michigan.
Having permanently located in
Cottage Grove I will give piano
lessons to a few students. Either
German of American method.
Call at residence, North River
Mrs. W. II. AnuAMS
jo you hear
the minds of
ur- . ,u,.i,. .lUmvercil that will cure disease, it
II ever llli-ii; in iin-"..i..w
must lie a liquid charged with gas."
( A J
Radam's Microbe KUlcr
ectintr L'asesl See formula on every
YutnpiilcL free.
Hesldi'iice with J. K. llarrell.
m.i.d. Itit
Tho practical sido of
A montfily publication of inostimnblo
Kr? UNABLE o fiUiirf?V'rS& r ' :
, wh town for thl. ,7"""a.
wlllrlninimt at .l t'lOlueoi hi a o aiKna "ie;.trni atn)ilai R'J 1 I 'ilel ery yW?Jzril S51.V
..I'lt ifv. il : AI1T1.ITV innwelllone-l. W iefrr U. .ilrlai r ""l"''" ' 1 ! 'i7JllrA"
rellnwi enmnanr. Wo will mil yen IK-r uf lef-wie l reel fnm the Ureiml l " ' 'jatf' Jit.l"t
scientific problems, tho mechanic, the industrial oxpen, tno manuiaciurci;,
tlio inventor in fact, to every wideawake person who hopes to better his
condition by using Ida brains. Tho inventor, especially, will find in The
Patent Record a guide, philosopher and friend. Nothing of importance
escapes tho vigilant eyes of its corps of expert editors. Everything is pre
scnted in clean, concise fashion, ho that tho busiest may tnko time to read
and comprehend. Tlio scientifio and industrial progress of the nge is accur
ately mirrored in the columns of The Patent Record, and it is tho only
publication in the country that prints tho oflicial news of tho I. S. Patent
Ollico and tlio latest dcvolopementH in tho field of invention without f ;a?
or favor. kuiikciiiition ritici: oxk dollak ri:n vkail
The JOB OFFICE of this
paper is at your disposal for
the best of printing of any
and all kinds at barely liv
ing prices.
When you need anything
in the line of printing please
remember that the motto of
this office is good work,
good material, neatness and
dispatchjand the prices are
within reach of all.
Wo vialco our
'. "Diamond"
' rlStOl With tWO STtVENl-DlAMONO MccaTAMlT
, length of barrel, (1 and JO inches, JCverj
one guaranteed. 1'rlce, 1'ostpald, $li.00 with
! O-inch barrel : $7.60 with 10-inch barrel.
ire vialco a fall lino of rlicn j l'rico,from SO.
upwards. Every arm wo turn out in warranted
Stmt Stamfi for Cltnhtue. '. O.
it come thtindcrinc up througlj
- Kobt J yndall.
. . . .1 lata. II
is Pure water ennrecu win uim
jug and bottle. Information and
,atii- a ,
IM Vr W - a-aiay afaU A VM 11 V
a .,Ma,..a wiTMinrir i gjirnt in iuvinwi
imi ,'. 11 I Vi i Mfrl you aei.l IU if It 11 nt all and more Uan w,
nuriieirv. afrcp muiiniw - , - , m 1 . w .
nt nur Htntrliil Airmit ' anniI tirlcn or t I J
U the rnAn)t 1'anrani in a I'teycle eor off rieU. We narA'neTl kUaI
U,Mretn &Xfi3f"!i marl.etf.nd you nwel lint aerei. I '';;-V.'nJ
If yi.u iV nut lln It re wo represent. We are t'VMK fUOrviX
MAM I'Ai ITIIW ih1 take tlile iiietljwl r 'iulty V'rtJl!
" : ,..,,. u,ii,li m T1.1. m,r nt a iib In wheel at till' Ivw price It
a It IDE ft AOENTntuh town to repreeent tie
prjcnirlfiftT t ntfc rVinVit IlVwincl.t U.lle,Mli.clu liert
SPEC F uATIOHSe Sh,lhyee;mllul.n llli f'orcfd eonuee;
iina nnil, Mnta. Iinnraeril en-am er ilerlee t-i ften teat nut and
&"l."lr i MTrown, ,
ri nl.l cTii"ltr u 'm elf l.rlicl.t W lhrjli y teatarery leo.
Intn till! lilACIlire. wur liiauiaaj l,ir, A
fclirr wanr oniee dliiVl ,.' IBJWrli In full ltl. order we will
rllEE mXi free aTenunie II 'rJI.U I0.MW mile lrrtf;.tteni ryrl
meiV?( or i !j.ljh lloor u,ni. Vour money a" tk iryonarenol
K'ui'-an'lMIICCI W U l tnanuraeluia the cheap dnrV
UnbAt' nijEELSe mittioriiiHiir i"rJ'';uV'!!i'!'1fi,,r
scienco is reflected in
valuo to tho student of every day
00 iHk I
United Hlittos Land Office
- Itoobiirg, Oregon, Oct. 11, Moo,
Notice Is hereby given tlyit i ,.,.
plhincn with the provisions of n,,. ,.,
of congress of June 8, 1H78, entitle -a.,,
net for tho snlo of timber IhiuIm In tin,
8I11IOH f Ciillforiilii, Oregon, Nevmht
and Washington 'territory," as ex
tended to nil llio imhlle Laud 8iiiten l.y
act of August 4, 1802, Criiinpion H. jom;H
of Collage Grove, County of Lune, Ktnto
of Oregon, has this day filed in tin,
ollico his sworn statement No zuy for
tho iiurnhast of the HK Heclinii No
18. in T wiishin No. 22 H.. Rnini, v .",
iWesl,iiiid will olfcr proof i( nlmw u,t
Hie iiiiiii songiiv is ii'oro vaiuitiile lor iln
timber or sione than for ugrieiiltnrul
ptiriioscs, mid to establish his clmm tit
Haiti lniul iH'foro the Register nml jj,,.
celver of this olllce nt Honcbiirg, Oregon
on Saturday the 20th day of iJeLfinir'
11KI0. '
Ho iiiiincs as wltncsiics:
Joseph Perkins, John Uap, F. p
Phillips, I.I). Palmer, of Cottsg drove'
Oregon. '
Anv and nil persons t-lnlrriinic siN
veiaely the iilxive-dcccrlbcd IhihIh am
rciiiiested to lllc their claim, in tln
ofllce on or before said 20th day of I),.,
ceiulmr, 1000.
J. T. ItftitxiKM, Register.
We Carry Knit Line of
Sash and Doors
IJstimntes Cheerfully
all classes of work.
given on
Cicavcland : Collage : Cob
The Pest Ready-Mixed Paint on
the market.
Lund Otlice nt Riebnrp, Ori-con,
September 27. IIXW,
Notice is hereby given that the fnllow
ilig'liniued settler has Iiinl notice of hi.
intention to make tinal proof in "up
Hin of his clniin, and thnt saiil pri.if
will Ins linido Indore Joel Ware, U. h.
Commissioner, at Ktigene, Oregon, nn
Noveniln-r 23, 1000, vir.: Siinuirl K.
Phillips on II. F. M. 7407 for the U.t3.
NV 1-4 SW 1-1, See. 28, T. 10 S., R.3
He names the following wiinci-ar to
rrove his coutiiiuoiis residence iiKinsml
i-ulli vai ion of said land, viz:
Charles Colcord, (!. W. Smith, AI-In-rt
Ferncll, .laities liw, of Crc.wcll,'
.I.T. RniiMiKs, Register.
Here is a chance to get your hoy
into a paying business on a small
capital. I have a choice lot of
gi uie Hclginii Hares that I will sell
in pairs nt very low prices. There
is no need to send to California
when yon can get the same thing
hern at home. Lord Uritain, Mr
Styles, Kashoda, Yukon, Red Rover
and other fashionable strains aie in
stock. 1 A. Rankin, Eugene.
Noliibly among tho pleasjircs afforded
by the Shasta Route is the winter trip
to Southern California nnd Ariions.
Renewed acquaintance with this nection
will ever develop fresh points of intereit
and added sources of enjoyment, ""der
its sunny skies, in tho variety of it. in
dustries, In its prolilic vegetstion nd
among its ntiinlierless resorts of moun
tain, shore, valley and plain.
Tho two daily Shasta trains from
Portland to California have been re
cently equipped with tho most approved
pattern of standard and tourist sleeping
cars, but thn low rates of fare will "till
continuo in ci'.'ct.
Illustrated gi.'des to the winter re
sorts of nlifornia nnd Arizona may bo
had on application to
C. H.Maiikuam, G. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon.
Notleo Ii hereby Klvonlhatl hav i been p
minted Ailmlnl.trutorol the entate otu.o.
elttlin. avMln.t .nlit e.Wte aro requ red to pre',
lioni mom wnu pru iur it ,,:.reri.
nllleo at HotlHKO llrove. Une VVft'i.UM
within .ix iiinnlhi from tho date ol ibli notice.
Dnted thliUth day of .Novombor
Jamks llKMKNWAY, AdinlnHtr.'or'
Notlcoli hereby Rlveii lhat Ja.. f'jwirt.
mlnilni.tmlor of the citate of va. SaWni. w
ecrtied, ha. Died hli llnat u". Vi. "f
nbovo named futiito and that in
December lUU0,at tho hour of one . o clocj
jMid .hi. yjrA
Proprietor of the CAFE ROYAV
on River street, near the bridge,
PnTTAGK Grovk, OrK.
Short orders day and InlghtJ
Short orders day and I nig iu. v
thing first-class aiiU the bt
market affords.