Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 04, 1901, Image 7

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m iilii vii Jinmi.
Such I, (,e (fpor, K((tner prom
nrlllili Surrounding Tliein,
liOtiilmi li,.,. ii
Ly Employe ofllie SnnlMij!iia.-rhJ
Mrcci icanway. d,,,,. LM. f"";",i. J,,u"
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uulio am intuitu
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Land BCTtnit pay and fewer nouns
,ii(HiiySy' 11 Not In Position to (Irani
tocfC'ic Ne.tfilUlloni Under Way
(or Speedy Settlement,
jcrnnfon, Pa.. Doo 2(1. Kvory (mo
.crouton Itiillwny Company obeyed
itilko order, which wont Into uiltuit
JO'Clia'K Illuming, anil as it
sequence only two uirn worn run
tlo( tlio Liiknwiina valley today.
............i i... i
u two with iiiiiiiiiimi iy mipiinntiiii-
.t I'dtturnou iinil llpatuhitrn, fmn-
aiml clcrKH. ftu aiioinpi wit nniiin
Molcit thorn, mill, although ruin fell
ftt part of tlio day, the two unrn
(km liml a paimriiiunr.
ffea tid-up tog lull extends (min
wluii to rorwit City, it dlstniini o(
lit, mid include 111) inlliio n(
UllOllkud. ()f
;IIH Coliinv liim I,,...,,
tli" two forces tlmt mi-
Inrml ll... I llllll III-
1 ,1, ,ol(m tll0 l.1Htenl IH
no . of tm out,,,,,,,,),,,,.,
I.-1 ,,, ,, tll(lt ,,(,r,!(1viti j;
: ""wwn him I'rkHn. Out
"Is lnl Colin.,,, in W, ,,,
. il.,l wl.1,1 , w, ,, ,ilHImt(l)m1I .
""'lately when l,ow wlnin, Uh mtv
c. ar t.l. 'Dm liners have
ot received much nsdidanco i (11)U
t'lMiy iik f,ir iin inv Information kuh.
Wn huvo iirmoil MMIII, of the colonic,
wl'o.iro iiHNlntliiK out forces. Hull.
wy anil toli,(,raili cni.i.iiuneatlnii bit
I'"'!" much Jnu-rrui.twl by thu Vury bad
"Hmvut In In t, neighborhood ol
n " U,,er"' VnnnU 1,1
Hon with fiiniiinil (Mi.i.i.
a force under lli,yrH until of AIhuiiIIch'
llnrir. 'Mm ii,... i.... i .
a,m whh'h nro run on.limrily Ho j Ho,,thwt,.t,rly direction urfH '."
U iiinimuui i..., ..joining ,,- l.ini'OAtrOOin. il .,., fll.....,i ...
Envoys Believe She Will
cede Powers' Demands.
The Llit li Growing on the Waihlngfon Coail
Wheat Ship Carl the Lateit.
Port Towfltoild. Wash.. I)nn. 27
Con- Knon tu ,,(mt nrrlvlng from Capo Pint-
iwry uriiiKH iroan now of innrlno din
nstorH along tlio coast, nnd when tlio
full rotunm nro in tlio ilniriBtro bv tlio
uiwr.inA.,r,.,. .... , rocout miccoHdlon of unlet) will bo tho
KINOLEADCftS HAVE IIHEN ARRHSTCD , Inrgont in thu history of thinning along
j tho I'uolflo Conat.
'A'ho (Jorinan oliip Cnrl, whoat laden
i rincei Tuan and Chung Taken Into Cuitody rom Tacomn. Doo. C, for Kuropo, whs
In the Interior Yu Milen Ordered to , towod to I'orfc Angolos thi mornliiu by
Return to Slnan Fu to Be Executed. I V.m, tu" J)y,,en waterlogged con
dition. After nnniiinu out ol tlio Btniita
of Fuca, tho Cnrl encountered a gnlo
which con tinned Hevoral dnyH, and was
bo roughly handled by tho olomsnts
that tho fltnnohloiift of tho bulwarks
wero pulled out, and as tho great waves
London, Doo. 87. Tho Hlmnghnt
correspondent of tho Standard tolo
graphing iJno. 2a, nays:
mo govoiiiiiiontlias arrested l'rinco
Tnaii and I'rlnco Chung on tho bordero nwopt hor decks tho wator ioured In ro
of tho Hlian Ki and Hheu Hi iirovlncos. rapidly that tho pumps could not keep
" iiniuii mis i,ooii oruoroil to return nor clear. Tlio caigo of wheat be
to filnaii Ku forthwith, to bo executed, oanio naturatod, and so rapidly did sho
il jrncilim v. iMiijuiii; , uiiiiiiiii); lll
', R' stutli of 1'itlston as lr as
,jllc(io, tlirciiti'ii to go on a strlkn.
I both coiiipaiiloii tlnil up tlinro
J Ik) a total ciisHiitlon ol ntumi
trulllo on it busy utroteli of
try 80 inllos north, liioludlng tho
Iir Un citiuM Mil Hcraiiton, Wilkes
Ine, I'lltiloii and uarlKimlalo.
!Tk ittlkors mot tonight mid n).
jtfd coiiiiiiltti'oi to iiiaii the dllTur.
I railroad ktatluns. Thuy aro to
filth (or moil who it Is rumored biivn
40 recruited in I'hllailolphla hi tnko
gflr places. Tlicy will dlstributo
to striiiigers, notllrliig thinn of
ntrlkc, and asking thorn not to rlnu
i tho curs. An appeal to tho local
ibllo Ims Ix'i'ii Imiied, asking that the
bio not iNitrouiieed.
irtio moil demand 'JO cents an hour
old emplooi ami 16 to 17, for
Innru. I hoy nlso ilniuaiid a I0
irilsy. Tho ooiiiNiuy, in its aiism-r
tho crlitviinco coiiimltti'o. Miys it Is
i In a isialtlon to alTord any lnorinieu
Iwgo nt too pri'Mtnt tliiin. I'rosl
htClnrk arrived tonight and suited
i rand would bo ripnrated with new
In II the old men cannot bo touurod
What the Company Offers.
tfllkesbarro, Ta., Dec. '.'II. Tho nm
TMof the Wllkoatmrro & Wyomln
l7 I'loctric Knilwav ( oiiipiin. ami
oiiiciuls or the company mot I
(erouct) today to talk ovvr ennui
Tiucei which tlio It.lll SllllltlittUll
the cojiipany. 'Iho employus do
3,1cm! I'D cents an hour for every
:r worked and shorter hours. I'ros
as Itlug said ho wanted to be fa I
p the iiioi), hut their domainls wero
LMceplug, and the company could
(lord to grant thinn. As a com
mlio I'ronident itlgg oirered the
in 10 rents an hour, hut no reduction
tbs hours. Tho conductors ami
icrnioti rdfuaoil to accent this oiler,
......... ...ininii witn n column ol
IthiiuIi s fnrci. yesterday livening
about r. o'l louk CleiimntH' loroo was
ngagwl south of Oliplianfs Nuk, but
I do not yet know the result."
A later dispatch from Loid Kilrheiioi
dated at I'rutorla, says: "The western
column of llom occupied llrltitown
and cut the railway south of Do Aar
Junction. Tho enemy Is being fol
lowed up. (ifiieral French has beuii in
con tact for two days with the com
mniidoes of liuyers ami Delaruv, south
"f tho Magalies' llerg. He in' pursu
ing them. The mioiny have lost con
siderably, and Commandant Krouz and
and others have bei-n cupturod. (Jon
oral Oulvlllu engaged two soparato
coinmiiiisdos Ducemiiilier 21 near
Vlmlkfonteln, with slight lomos, the
enemy retiring."
it is supposed.
'H is Infurred froip thoko roptirts
that tho imperial autlioritU-H aro pie
piirlng to concede tho demand of tho
Joint note for the punishment ol tho
instigators of the troublo in China.
According to a iiuwh agency's dis
patch from 1'ekln dmcd Doo. 20, tho
foreign ministers thero aro unanimous
ly of the opinion that China will ac
cept tho conditions imposed by tho
joint note of tho powers within n
somo uown unit it becamo necessary
to jettison a portion of tho cargo. Tho
vessel bonded for Capo Klattory, nnd
was filoked up and towed to Tort An
geles, from where sho will bo taken to
tho Esquimau, 0. C, dry dock. Tho
throo-mastod schoonor Itoportor, which
sailed from Gray's Harbor for Hono
lulu Doo. C, was towed in horo this
evonlng with her dock load gono nnd
waterlogged. The first day out from
(iray's Harbor tho lloportoi sprung a
mouth. The note wiib htartod on its leak, and at tho same timo a hoavv foir
way to the douugor empress and tho ot in, preventing her from returning
(inilioror immediately after its proseu- to port. Men were placed nt tho
tatioii, but communication Is slow, and pumps, and tho galo increased, caus
It probably will not reach them until lug tho leak to increase, which necessi
Uoi:. 27. ' tatod tho deck load helm- t hrnivn nvnr.
"Vlce-Adinlial AlioxofT," says the board. Whon 20 miles north of Capo
Kt. Petersburg corro-pondjint of the 1'lattery alio was Hying signals of dis-
Tliues, "lins issued orders to the mon tress, and a steamer, thought to bo tho
undiT his command in China to make Centennial, remained by tho schoonor
detailed lists of tho Chinese proporty lover night, but tho galo increased to
money, cattle, provisions, etc., taken such an extent that the steamer had all
by them, and whero such property now B'10 could do to look out for herself, and
Is." Tho correspondent also says that 'e't Tho captain ot the Hoporter
detachments of ltussiiiiis in Southern then hoaded his vessol for the Straits of
and Southeastern Mauchuiia continue Fuca and ancccoded in reaching hero
tho work of exterminating disorganized with all pumps working. The captain
tnliiBfe troops and brigands. 1 liaa sailed tlio coast since 1875, and
Indian Outbreak feared.
SMttlo, Due. 20. Advices hnvo
iroct-irod from Hitka, Alaska. Hat
that that town is in a condition o
piened excitement, fearing an out
of Indians. Tho United Stales
Iocs stnl lonod there are under arms.
the marshal and dep ulies are tak
evory precaution to protect tho
iM in caso of trouble. Thu aspect o
Irs is very serious at Sitka, as thu
uu nro by fur the strongest numei ic
.' riioro aro OS murines coin in and
t7 Captain I'eudlotou at Sitka.
Sympathetic Strike.
iflueslmrro. I'a.. Doo. 20. Two
mini and fifty girls employed at tho
"Mug Valley lace iiiIIIh. in tli
'.bnvo notified tho iimuiigemont that
f will not ronort fur work tumor
' I hoy go out in symiiathv with
WcaverH of tho mill, who have been
tn a strike for nine mouths. The
roof tho girls to report for work
iiecceaituto tho total Huupouslon of
Struck and Killed by Cars,
rnul. Doo. 2(1. Charlos M. Mil
IiHsistaut ougiiioor on the Montaiiii
lon of tho Ureat Northern railway,
litraclc and killed by an oleotrio
a this olty. Miller's headnnartoru
D at Williston. N. D.. and ho was
i visit to relatives in this city. N.
fill 1 or, for many yoars chiof ongl.
of tlio Great Northoru system,
( brother of the deceaaod.
Strike Declared Olf.
nncio. Ind.. Doc. 20. The strike
N snannors in tho Trnst window
'plants in Miinolo, which throaten-
cloto all tho westoru plants, was
il oft tonight. Thu workmen mot
lecided not to return to work iui
tlioy rocoivod tho same pay as he-
Tho manngoiiietit tlion oiforod
pi which wero nccopted by tho men.
d hlu argument iu tho For to ltlco
Murder Case Decision Reversed.
Nth Ilond, Doo. 24. Judgo F.lliot
I Isprvnd bin dnnlutnn nil tlm nintlnll
!o''ir a now trial of Manuel Gates,
B""d of murdoriiiB William lloo-
"''counsel for tho dotoiidaut in
II ft IV Al'tflflllPM t.tlft aniiiuvifc
1). S.
N CrioBAnf
launch Lev,0ro, of which Uoosou
captain, uv n0im on tho river
ys below i)0TO Qatos is aup
I to have attack, uBeson.
Recenlly Organized Parly Mat Been Formal,
ly Launched.
.Manila, Dec. 20. The recently or
ganized autonomy party wai launihud
today at a meeting nttom e I by virtu
ally nil the loral Filipino leaders in
.Manila. The do duration of principles
was read and alter mhiio iIIhcuknIoii
adopted by a vote of 1211, lens tliiin
half a dozen declining to oto All
signed an cmlortoinont of the platform,
including .Sunor ratemo, oue
uiOKt iiilluoiitlal of the former imiir
gent loaders, whoso nal attitude
toward Americaii authority has been
much ijuustlonuil.
A dispatch from
agency hero dated
1'ekln to a nows
Dec. 20. savH mis'
sionarics state that lioxers :!5 miles cast
of 1'ekln killod 12 Catholics and burned
eight in the temples.
saya tho six storms he experienced
since leaving Gray's Harbor Deo. 5
( wero tbo severest ho ever witnessed
during tho past 25 years.
The Poiltlon of Cape Colony It Hanging lu
the Balance.
The Revolutionary Committee
President McKlnley.
Boston, Dec. 27. At tho convention
of tho repieseiitatives of tho Armenian
revolution, tho following resolution
was adopted and telegraphed to Presi
dent MoKiuley:
"The committeo of tho Armenian
Revolutionary Federation of this coun
try, in their annual convention assem
bled iu Boston, unanimously congratu
late you upon your re-election to the
presidency of tho United States, nnd
London, Doo. 27. Tho position of
I Capo Colony is Iniuying in tho bnlance.
According to the .Morning Post's Capo
! Town corresfioudont everything depends
I lltxill tlin finnnt tv nt ninnmnitinn in
Of tile ! !,.. luiuunauimi ttl tttn .U'ol.itMit Dtitli
residents, 100 of whom havo joined tho
lioers in tho l'hillipstown district
alouo. Knorgetlo measures havo been
I 4fil',.n in Dlmn tlin l,,,.fiulnn I, tit .linvn
inn principal uiscussion was with ig uuquci,tlonably danger that parties invito your excellency's kirn nttention
rofcrunoo to tho organization of the i n ...m . .i i. .,. i tn thn .iB.,inroi.i intinn ;
the Colony and gradually raise tho our people iu Armenia aro perishing
wholo Capo iu robellion. Keinforco- 'and will soon bo exterminated if a
inents can arrive nono too soon. I powerful hand docs not come to the.
Most of tho dispatches from Cape ' roecue of such a nation which has boen
Town stato that the raiders are doing ' the champion of civiliatiou for centur
little harm, and aro being rapidly on-' ies in Asia Minor,
closod by Lord Kitchener'a comblna-j "in tho proseut complicated situa
tion. Lord Kitchener is in tbo heart tion of European diplomacy, tho Unit
of tho disaflected districts. Ho has ed-States is the only nation that has
the advantago of being personally ac-. been unsolflsh nnd neutial iu Oriental
quaintod with local conditions. Last affairs, and yot n friend for suffeiing
March ho supervised tho suppression races; the ouly nation that can ter
of tho rliug which occurred then. Ho rorizo the great assassin nnd his blood
is bringing down thousands of troops thirsty fanatics to save the remainder
from tbo North. of their victims from imminent blood-
Tho Standard's Capo Tovn corre- 'shed.
epondeut says l ho loyalists demand I "Our fathers and brothers gave their
that maitlal law shall bo proclaimed t lives for the sake of our country, nnd
throughout Capo Colony, but adds: wo nro all roady to fall in their places,
"Such a stop is now impossible, owing hut in this utmost strucglo wo have
to tho lack of sufficient troons to on-, not tho right to oxpeci nssistanco from
forco it."
goveriimout of the party. A council of
20 members was elected together with
an oxocutivo coinmitUo, iiicluilini:
Sunor Arellano, chief justico of tho
s.ipronio court; Frank II. llourue,
Honor AmrionoH Fioroi, a former insur
gent; Souor Mnrciitino Torres,
attortiey-geuoral of the Philippines,
Sitnr Jose Near, pmjciiting attorney,
iiiul Honor Toman Del Hon irio. The
inallost number of votes rocoivod by
any candidato was 80.
Japanese Minister- Reslgni.
Yokohnuia, Dec. 20. IIoslil Torn,
ininlhtor of comiiiunlcatloii, nnd for
merly Japanese minister to tho United
Statos, has roslgncd his portfolio in
coiisequenco ot tlio porsiHout allega
tions of his implication iu iluaiicial
scandals. Ho will bo succeeded by
Mr. 11 nra, ox-uiiuister to Corea. It Is
possible that the stability ol tho Ito
cabinet will bo affected.
Large Deal la Coal Lands.
Falrmount, W. Va Doo. 20. The
largest coal deal over made in Harrison
comity will bo consummated in a few
daya. Tho torrltory comprises 12,0(10
noros, or 10 square miles, lying around
Hali'iu. Tho purohascra are: James Iv
Bron, of Uuioutovn, and
Coohran, of Dawson, who
$812,000 for tho eutiro tract.
Alfiod J
win pay
Killed In a Tralnwreck.
Toxnrkaua, Ark , Doo. 20. Tho
Texas & l'aciilo pi'simaor tralu of tho
Larodo & Fott Worth was partially
wrroVed 10 miles west of hem today.
Tho enuino Kim ok a oow, juiupod tho
track and turnod ovor Onoof tho fire-
mon, I'.u uattorson, was kiiioii. ivii
ginoor Cubbity was badly scalded. No
ono olso was seriously hurt, .
Roumanla Declined Russian Loans,
London, Doc. 20, "Itussla offorod
Roumanla a loan on 10.000,000," says
tho Vionua correspondent of tho Dally
Express, "to nsHist hor in tho finan
cial crisis; but tho offer was declined,
booauso thero wore conditions attach
ed undermining lioiimaulun iudepcud-nooo."
Railroad Will He Extended.
It line boon lonrnoil from reliable
fourcoa that tho Nevada-California rail
way will on extouded
Cal,, to Lakoviow, Oregon, in tho noar
Desired That Washington So Honor Spokane,
Seattle and Tacoma.
Senttlo, Dec. 27. A committee of
officers of the National Guard of tho
stato of 'Washington has comploted a
revision of the state military code,
which is to bo presented to the legis
lature next mouth for formal accept
ance. This coda iiuikos tho guard con
form in all respects to similar organ
izations in the regular service Tho
strength of tho guard is to bo consid
erably inrceased, and examinations
for commissions made much more
Special appropriations to build threo
nrmorlos, nt Spokauo, Tacoma nud Se
attle, will bo asked for. It ia also
hoped to secure a small appropriation
for installing a battery and moderniz
ing some equipments said to be out of
this great republic, which fouuded its
existence npou revolution, nnd which
has the inheritance of liberty from
Washington and Lincoln?
"I'lense accept our sincero wishes
and assurance of our highest regard."
Released From Prison.
Montroal, Deo. 27. Jamos Baxtor,
formerly of Chicago, and lately of Now
York, who was sentenced hero some
timo ago to five years in tho pouiton
sinry for his couuoatiou with tho liauk
Villa Mario frauds, has boon relonsed
on "conditional pardon" from St. Vin
cent do Paul poiiitentinry. His wifo
and friends have boon working incof-
miiIIk In l.1u .wir.lni, n.w.rt,,,. nf 111.
from lcrino, ll(MlUj)( ovcr gijlco his COUviotion. Ho
in sufforiug from dropsy uud his condi
tion is serious.
Four Mexican Officers and Thirty Men Killed
From Ambush.
El Paro, Tox., Deo. 27. Mexican
troops iu Souora, Mexico, wove recent
ly attacked by a band of Yaqui In
dians. Four ollicers nud about 30
men wero killed outright, nnd Colonel
Francisco Peiuad, one of tho leading
officer? of tho army, was shot through
the stomach nnd seriously wounded.
C, V. Light, of Gtiynmas, who was
there wheu tho report was made to
General Torroi, gavo the news out
here. Ho says tlicV soldiers wero cross
ing the couutry, nnd were fired upon
from ambush near Lainisa, about GO
niilos from Genoral Torres' headquart
ers. Tho sovoro prtss censorship has
kept tho news from tho ijeiioml public.
Colouol Peinudo, the wounded officer,
is one of tho most popular ollicers in
tho army.
A Schooner Bottom Up.
Empiro City, Or., Doc. 20. Tho
sohoouor Gom, which arrived here
from San Frauolsoo this evoiiing, aftei
hard struggle with tho wind and
wnvos, Bignten a vessoi oottom up
nbout 80 niilos wost of Capo Arago.
Tho vossol was paiutod whito, nud had
olonu bottom. Tho schoonor Ivy,
whloh nlso nrrlvod today, reports Boo
ing cousldoritblo lumber alloat Dooem
her 31, hut dld.uot slglit tlio sotioonor
bottom up.
Peru Buys a War Vessel.
Now York, Doo. 37. A dispatch to
tho Herald, from Limn, Pom, Buys: It
la joported that Sonor Ccrvajiil, gov
ernment commissioner, has purchased
n war vossol iu Franco. Tho British
cruiaor Amphiou has arrived tlwro.
Urge Shipment of Peach Trees.
A shipment of 100,000 voting poach
trooa from Georgia nurseries, hound
for Capo Colony and Natal, South Af
rica, has been inudo.
Investigating Western Harbors.
Senttlo, Deo 27. Coptaln M.
Mooller, on official of the North Ger
mau Llnyd Steamshljp Compauy, is
now In Soattlo on a tour of inspection
of western ports. Ho hits vlsitod Port
land, Tacoma and Sau Francisco,
aud is to report tho result of his iu
vostigtion to tho company.
Record of the Plague.
Calcutta, Doc. 37. Lord Curzon, of
Koddleston, vicoroy of India, in
tho conrBO of it spcooh today Baid that
since tlio appoaranco of tho bubonic
plague in 1808, 25,000 dentha from
the diseueo hnvo ocourrod in the
Mysore provluco.
New Organization Formed,
An orgnnlzatiou for tho employment
of all idle labor is bolng formed in Bos
ton under tho title of the Workers'
Co-operative association.
But Kitchener Cannot Drive
Them From Cape Colony.
Westward Movement of the Dutch From the
Vryburg Dlitricl Dewet In South,
eastern Orange River Colony.
London, Dec. 20, Tho latest dig
patches from fc'outh Africa show that
I Lord Kitchener has succeeded in hold
, Ing tho Boors in check. Ho has not
yet boen aucccfsful in oxpolling them
from Capo Colony, while different
j cornmandoos continue to display aston-
idling activity over an immensely wido
1 Hold.
I It is questionable whether his proc
lamation will havo much effect until
Goneral Dowet Is captured. The Boers
are likely to regard it as a sign of
; weakness nud to have a wholesomo
', dread of vengeanco if thoy surrender.
1 Tho proclamation is approved by tho
party at homo that favors conciliatory
terms to tho Boers as a step in tbo
right direction.
I Queen Victoria, it is said, has ap
proved the proposal to institute a new
order of knighthood to reward officers
who havo eorved in South Africa.
Tho order will probably be called the
Star of Africa.
A dispatch from Vryburg, dated De
cember 20, says that Boers in consider
able numbers wero making a move
ment westward. They had 1B0 wagons.
The dispatch suggests that they wero
trokking to Damara Land, although
the Boers themselves denied any such
Boers May Surrender.
Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony,
Deo. 29. There nro renewed but un
confirmed rumors that General Dewet,
President Steyn and General Hasbroek
have hall a conference nnd decided to
offer to surrender, providing tho colon
ial rebols are not punished, and tho
leaders, including themselves, aro not
Boer Attack Repulsed.
Capo Town, Deo. 29. A small
party of Boers attacked Burghersdorp,
on December 20. They wero repulsed
after heavy fighting. The Boers are
activo, and skirmishes in several places
have been reported.
Good Advices From Most Lints ot Trad, v.-
aiiurci wire more Numerous.
Bradstroets says: Bensonabln
Hons inle in trndo at prosont. Holu
! day trnde activity is widespread, and
I comparisons with proviotis yeari ur
favorablo at most markots, with tho
possible oxcoptiou of some parts ot
tbo Northwest, whoro tho spring wheat
ishortago and unseasonable weather
havo checkod distribution. Notably
cheerful reports come, too, from "West-
orn jouuors, wno liavo been caned on
for reassorting orders, and who report
collections good. Quietness in whole
sale lines is usual nt this poriod, but
it is to bo noted that specially gocxl
advices come from tho iron and steel,
1 hardware, groceries, fancy goods, toys,
and confectionery trades, whilo a dis
tinctly cheerful tono is found in shoes,
I leather aud lumbor, although EaMern
shipments of tho first valued are still
, considerably smaller than last year.
Industrial lines nro faiily well em
ployed, and strikes nro few and far be
tween. Prices show few changes,
most staples being steady, bnt it might;
bo noted that most farm products aro
slightly higher than last week, and!
1 well above 1899.
Wheat, including flour, shipments
for tho week aggregated 4,123,350
bushels, against 4,785,577 bushels last
! week. From July 1 to tin to this season,
wheat exports are 90,140,353 bushels.
Business failures in the United
States for (the week number 200, n
'against 207 last week, 211 iu this
i week a year ago, 212 in 1898 and 280
I iu 1897.
Canadian failures for the week num
bered 28, against 18 last week and 2a
! in this week a year ago, 34 in 1898.
1 and 80 in 1807.
Martial Law Proclaimed.
Cape Town. Dec. 29. Martial
lias been proclaimed in the districts of
Beaufort West and Carnovaran.
Chinese and Japanese Want Pay for Property
Destroyed During Bubonic Plague.
Washington, Deo. 29. It is expect
fcd that Governor Cole, ot Hawaii, will
Inako a recommendation to the Hawaii
n legislature, which meets in Febru
ary, for the settlement of tho claims of
Chinese and Japanese growing out of
tho destruction of their property at
Honolulu at the time of the bubonio
plague outbreak. It appears that the
Chinese claims aro leas than was at
first estimated, and that tho total of
the Chinese and Japanese claims are,
approximately, $1,800,000. Tbo Chi
nese government has not been in a
condition, of late, to exert pressure in
behalf of the claims of its citizens, but
the Japanese authorities have been ac
tively lookiug out for tho losses sus
tained by their countrymen, and now
seem to bo in n fair war of securing
partial remuneration. Governor Dole
suggested n short time ugo that tho
matter be refoired to tho Hawaiian
legislature, and this was approved by
the officials horo as tho beat means of
adjusting the matter. There appears
to be little doubt that the legislature
will authorize a settlement.
Frozen to Death Near Dawson.
Oregon City, Deo. 29. A Tacoma
dispatch states that Harry Moffat, of
in, a place, was frozen to death some
thing over t.TO weeks nco near Dawson
City. Ho had gone alone to Eureka
creek for a hunt, uud was caught in a
sucw storm and wandered aimlessly
about for two days. He was found by
a rescue party with his hands and feet
badly frozen, bnt died before they
could reach Dawson.
Excoptiug tho dispatch, no news has
been rocoivod here by J. W. Moffatt,
brother ol the reported dead man.
Hairy Moffat left hero on the first trip
of tho Elder for the Klondike cinntry,
whero he had sines been engaged in
mining a short distauce from Dawson.
F. F, White, who left Dawson a few
weeks ago, states that Moffatt occupied
a cabin adjoining his own.
Seattle Market
Onions, new yellow, 22fo.
Lettuce, hot house, .1 per crato.
Potatoes, new. $10.
Beets, per eack, 85c$l.
Turnips, per sack, $1.00.
Squash lKc.
Carrots, per sack, 60c
Parsnips, per sack, $1.001.25. ,
Cucumbers 4050c.
Cabbage, native and ' CalifornU,
2c per pounds.
Butter Creamery, 30c; dairy, 18
22c; ranch, 10c 18o pound.
Cheese 14c.
Eggs Ranch, 40c; Eastern 25c.
Poultry 12c; dressed, 14c; spring,
1815c turkey, 13c.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $14.00;
choice Eastern Washington timothy,
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $25;
feed meal, $25.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.30;
blended straights, $3.25; California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $6.00; trra
ham, per barrel, $3.25; whole wheat
flour, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.00.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $14.00;
shorts, per ton, $14.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $19.00 per tonr
middlings, per ton, $20; oil cake meal,
per ton, $30.00.
Fresh Meats Choioe dressed beef
steers, price 7jc; cows, 7c; mutton
7; pork, 7c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 9&
Hams; Large, 18c; small, 13;
breakfast bacon, 12c; dry salt sides,.
Turks Assaulted a British Charge.
Constantinople, Deo. 20. Somo
Turkish soldiers have grossly assaulted
nud maltroated the British charge
d'affairs, Mr. Do Unison, nnd other ,
members of the British ombassy in the
vicinity of tlio powder niagazino at
MakrikPlu. narp demands tor ro
dresa have been made to the Port.
Santa Fe Buys a L'ne.
Chicago, Dec. 20, Announcement
was made today of the acquisition by
tho Atohisou, Topeka & Santa Fe
Railroad Company of the Pecos Valley
& Northeastern, which runs from Ania
rlllo, Tox., where it connects with
the Sauta Fe system, to l'eoo City, a
distance of 8?7 miles. Tho price paid
for the property could not bo ascer
tained, but it ia understood that tho
payment will be made in cash and gen.
eral moitgage bouds.
Portland Market
Wheat Walla Walla. 6454Ko;
Valley, nominal;, Bluestem, 57o pec
Flour Best grades, $3.40; graham.
Oate Choice white, 45c; choice
gray, 42o per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $15.50 brew
ing, $16.50 per ton. 1
Millstuffs Bran, $15.50 ton; mid
dlings, $21; ehorte, $17; chop, $1G per
Hay Timothy,$12 13.50; clover,$7
0.50; Oregon wild hay, $6(37 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 60 55c;
store, 32)c.
Eggs 30o per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full cream, 13so;
Young America, 14o; now cheese lOo
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $2.60
3.00 per dozen; hens, $4.00; springs.
$2.003.50; geese, $6.008.60 doz;
ducks, $4.00 6.00 per dozen; turkeys,
live, llo per pound.
Potatoes SOQOOo per sack;' sweets,
l)o per pounu.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 75o:
per sack; garlio, 7o per pound; cab
bage, IHo per pound; parsnips, 86c;
onions, $1.75; carrots, 76o.
Hops New crop, 1214o per
Wool Valley, 1314o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 1012o; mohair, 25
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethere
and ewes, 3o; dresaed mutton, 6Ji
7o per pound.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $5,75;
light and feeders, $5.00; dressed,
$5.006.25 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, $3.504.00;
cows, $3.003.60; dresBod beef, GO
7o per pound.
Veal Large, OOCJao; email, . 7
8o per pound.
San Francisco Market
Wool Spring Novada, llJ3oper
pound; Eastern Oregon, 1014o; Val
ley, 15 17c; Northern, 0ai0o.
Hops Crop, 1900, 1316o.
Butter Fauoy creamery 26($20!e;
do seconds, 26c; fancy dairy, 33
23o; do seconds, 21o per pound.
Eggs Store, 80o; fancy ranoh,
Millstuffs Middlings, $10.60 &
10.50; bran, $18.00 13.60.