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EllfflS Of 1 MI
An Interesting Collection of Items From the
Two Hemispheres Presented In a
Condensed Form.
A cioamory will bo founded nt Eu
ffeno, Or.
Prinoo Tuan and Princo Cheng have
boon nrrostod.
New Zealand will Bend more troops
to South Africa.
Yn Hslon was ordered to return to
Binan Fu to bo exooutod.
Two in on were killed ns tho result of
u explosion in nn Idaho mine.
Tho ndavneo guard of Knstorn sheep
buyers hhvo arrived at Hoppncr.
Tho foroign ministers bolievo China
will nccopt tho torms of the noto.
Fifty-two Poles havo been arrestsd
In Vienna for alleged political conspi- j
racy. I
Firo in Eau Claire. Wis., destroyed
half tho businoss section. The loss ia 1
9160,000. j
The Weston, Or., school will ask the
legislature to grant normal gaduatea ,
diplomas nndor foimer conditions. j
An unsuccessful nt tempt was mado
to blow np a hotel in Oklahoma torri- j
terry. A suspect has been arrested. j
Two noted Chicaco scientists declare !
ftnr lnnc nxneriments. that the beat-
inc of tho henrt ia caused by common
salt in tho blood. :
Jnmes Patterson, for the rinst four,
years city treasurer of Aberdeen,
Wash., is dead at his home in that
city, aged 07 years.
A shooting affray occurred nt Burke,
Idaho, and as a result Fearley Gordon
and Charles Beck aro in the hospital
suffering from shot wounds.
Alfred Hnrmswortb, editor and pro
prietor of tho London Daily Mail, pre
dicts a complete revolution in journal
ism duiing the coming century.
John Tiger, a full blooded Indian,
living in Indian territory, while intox
icated, shot and killed three men and
wounded $ boy. lie was captured.
. . ,
A serious raco war is expected at
Cementville, a small Indiana town.
The trouble was caused by two negroes
getting intoxicatod and trying to in-,
timxdate all the whites they met.
A French detachment of 100 men on
their way from Tien Tsin to Hung Tsu,
were fired upon by Boxers as they np-1
proached a small village.
One officer
was killed and another wounded.
French burned the village.
Webb Jay, Indianapolis manager for
the Flick Manufacturing Company, of
Winsboro, 111., and a prominent bowl
er, wag arrested on a charge of embez
zlement, preferred by S. B. Kinehart,
president of the company. Mr. Bine
Jutrt states that the alleged shortage
will not exceed $8,000.
Dowet is the guiding genius of tho
Minister Wu thinks the joint note
demands too much. j
Minnesota has experienced her flist
blizzard of the year. j
The Japanese minister of communi-'
cation has resigned.
Spokane has decided to hold a min
eral fair during 1902.
Oregon has paid out nearly $100,000
la scalp bounties dnrinc 1899.
Public attention in Germany is oc
cupied with crime in high circles.
Kitchener reports that Boer invasion
into Cape Colony has been cheoked.
Germany wants the sultan to pay its
bill before buying an American war
ship. Rebels are scattered in the pro
vinces of Panay and' Cebu, Philippine
England will buy 50,000 horses and
.mules in the United States for array in
South Africa.
Delay in negotiations haa caused
great change of sentiments as regards
China in Japan.
A tornado did great damage in Ala
bama. News is meager, owing to all
wires being down.
JL Phelps Whitmarsh has been np
pointed governor of tho province of
JJenguet, Philippine islands.
Forty-five insurgents wero killed and
one American wounded innn encounter
near Gunubatan, Philippine islands.
E. 11. Southern, the well known ac
tor, who h8 been laid up for somo time
by an accident, is entirely recovered.
A large portion of the Philppines
mil at be abandoned unless the relief of
the army is immediate, says Secretary
The police are working on the case
of Long, the Portland burglar recently
arrested. It is thought that a charge
of murder will be laid at his door.
Tho salmon output in the Northwest
exceeds that of nil former years.
In Prussia an income tax is levied
on all whose income exceeds $226 a
An agreement has been leached set
ting aside $20,833 a month for Count
ess Castollane, Jay Gould's daugter.
II. M, Hanna, brother of tho sena
tor, gave a Cleveland hospital Northern
"Ulo preferred stock vuluod at $82,-
Tho Scranton street car strike hn
boon called off.
'J ho knlsor is contemplating n visit
Xo tlio Unttod Statos.
Soattlo has stnrtod n movomont to
suppress vico in that city.
Soldiors mny Imvo to bo cullod out
to quail n fuod in Kentucky.
ComiuK Oregon Logishitnro will be
asked to found uormnl school ut Hums.
F.dwiu HedforJo, n noted Kentucky
cnttlo broodor, is dead, aged 08 years.
According to advices from Dawsou
nuother rich strlko has been made
near thoro.
Many Liuon insurgouts hnvo beon
captured as n roault of scouting by
Kitohenor reports that no progress is
being inndo against Poor inavdors in
Capo Colony.
Tho Poors capturvsd tno Uritish out-
nosts nt llolvotia, taking 200 prisoners
and killing 60.
In an nltorcatiou ovor n enmo of
cards, u South Carolina sheriff and
two other men met death.
Tho report that Germany is negotiat
ing to purchase tho Danish A-e-.tllles ia
denied in olliciul Denmark eirclos.
Tho emprosd dowager will not bo al
lowed to havo anything to do with tho
naming of tho now emperor of China.
Firo in KauFas City, Mo., for n time
threatened busiuofs block?,
but waa got under control with small
Severe snow storms prevail in Cblo
rado, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Ne
braska. In places railroad tralllo is
badly hampered.
The United States government has
made an offer of $3,000,000 for
Danish Antilles,
, . tit . .. ,iu .ii.i.i i, iia iliiUUlIUU
This price is ns highly tho J Q Ford Comtmn "
us " ottioiais win go.
A bill will bo introduced
at tho
coming session of tho Oregou legisla
ture to reduce tho milroad fare from
4 to 3 cents per mile.
Tho Philippine commission has
added to tho pending school bill a pro
vision for the employment of GOO
American teachers, nt salaries ranging
lroiu $75 to $100 u month.
A train on the Henderson road was
wrecked two miles east of Henderson,
Ky., and live persons furiously injured.
A coupliug pin placed in tho switch
frog apparently by weckers caused the
Humors uf a cabinet crisis in Spain
increase. Senor Sagasta, ex-premier,
ho haa finnl y brokn 8ienco, declarei
that ch of lnlIli8trv ,8 Inevitabie
jou account of the ,liflerence3 ln the
cabineti a8 wel, a3 in the rankg o u,
'1'rirflQ n iA ron nf Hlitmntu wawa rra-
mated alive. '
mere are saia to oe ou.uuu lepers in
' the archipelago.
Massacress of native Christians in
China continue.
Clements cannot lorce the Boon
from Magalies Berg.
The lumber industry in Eastern Ore
gon is rapidly growing.
A Bquadron of Yeomanry is said to
have been captured by" Boers.
Whitmarsh, the new governor o'
Benguet, is a Britisn subject.
Stocks of wool in the United States
exceed 350,000,000 pounds.
A receiver was appointed for the
Old Town bank, at Baltimore.
The trial of Alvord, the defaulting
note teller, has been postponed.
The grandson of ex-Attorner-General
Miller was abducted by his mother.
Kitchener is making little progress
in driving the Boers from Cape Colony.
Robert Taylor, a well known resi
dent of Ashland, committed suicide.
The bolliday rush at the New York
postoflice was the greatest ever known.
Three hundred students have been
arrested in St. Petersburg for propagat
ing Socialist doctrines
Fontela, a Filipino refugee, says the
United States will nevei succeed in
subduing tho Philippine islands.
Congress will be asked to recognize
Hobson s gallantry in sinking the Mer
nmao in the harbor of Santiago.
Fire partially destroyed tho Method
ist Episcopal church (colored) of Prov
idence, Mo. The pastor was fatally
In tho event of England rejecting the
Hay-Pauncefote treaty u new ono may
ho negotiated at tho next session of
Boxers numbering 2,500 men at
tacked a French column. They were
repulsed with heavy loss, leaving be
hind them 1,000 dead and wounded.
Inquiries into quarters most likely
to bo correctly informed show that
nothing is known in Paris to justify
tho report circulated in the United
States that Pudereweki, the pianist,
was killed in a duel in France.
A baud of probably 50 mon forced
an entrance to tho Green county, III.,
jail, with the intention of lynching a
prisoner, but were foiled. Tho prison
er had been seen tly removed to an
other jail.
King Victor of Italy had a narrow
wcapo from drowning while viewing
tho fiood iu Rome.
Since the repeal of the Colorado law
providing for capital punishment thero
have been 7!1 murders in Denver and
Horseshoes weighing an ounce each
and just a tritlo larger than a silver
dollar were turned out in a California
shop for a Shetland pony six months
M 11 1X111(11
Michigan Robbers Secured Over
Station Agent Left the Sacks Unguarded Over
Night In the Public Waiting Room
Letters Strewn Along the Track.
Dotrolt, Dec. 31. A mall pouch
containing $100,000 in negotiable pa
por and nn unknown amount of money
was stolen from the Michigan Contrnl
passenger station nt Wyandotte, Mich.,
somo tluio last night. The Inst mail
for Wynndotto nrrivos nt 10:28 ca tho
Michigan Central, and owhu to tho
latouoss of tho hour it is loft nt the stiv
tlon until nioruing. Wliou the two
mnll sacks woro thrown from the
train last night, Night Operator ltlch-
ert throw tho pouches under a in
, tho corner of tho waiting room. Ilo
then went to his homo in Dotrolt. To
day when Mail Carrier John McCleury
came to tho station for tho mail sacks
ho missed out,. About tho same tiiuo
George Bossy, a driver of nn oil wagon,
reported ht tho stntion that a pouch,
ripped open aud empty, was behind an
oil tank a short dlstauco from the sta
tion. At about the sumo time two
employes of tho J. B. Ford Alkali
works found n number of chooks nud
opened envelopes strewn nlong the rail
road track. Postmaster Johnson, of
Wyandotte, was uotillod and went at
once to tho sceuo. Tlio trail of tho
thief was marked nlong tho railroad
trnok by strown letters, checks and
Hmfta Mnaf nf (It. ... .11 ....... 1 ...
force of clerks was sent out to colloct
the letters strown nlong tho track. J.
li. bora, Jr., said he expectod a draft
today from Sow York foi $-10,000.
ino urait mil not como, and it is bo
liovcu that tho robber or robbers took
it, with other valuable papers, from
the pouch.
Havoc Wrought by Storm In English Channel
Many Wrecks Reported.
London, Dec. 31. Thero has boon n
recurrence of storms and violent gales
in the channel, and considerable dam
ago has been wrought nshoro. Tele
graph lines are down in many places.
Vessels aro seoking shelter iu tlio har
bors, and n number of wrecks have
been announced. The gnlo is so furi
ous in the channel that tho Continental
services wero suspended this evening.
Wales is said to have suffered the
worst effect of the gale, both on land
and sea, but everywhere the telegraph
wires are much disorganized, and ro
ports are therefore incomplete. Con
siderable damage to property iulund
is certain to bo reported. Somo 50
barges and sailing oraft broke from
their moorings iu tho Thames alone.
At Oswestry a theater was destroyed.
The hurricane is increasing nt
Queenstown, where the observers say
it is the fiercest storm in vears. Tho
Maria, laden with coal, sank nt her
anchorage. The mails are dolayed.
In response to rockets from Kddv-
stone light, Plymouth sent a dockyard
tug with a lifeboat to assist what was
reported to bo a large steamer in dis
tress in the channel.
Incessant reports of innumerable
shipping casualties show that tlio gale
was one of the worst known in many
years. Probably sevoral days will
elapse belore the full damage becomes
In addition to some vessels not yet
identfied, several have been wrecked or
placed in great danger, the fate of some
of the cross-channel steamers being in
doubt. For instance, the Great West
ern Railway Company's steamer, ply
ing between Milford and Waterford,
is 12 hours overdue, and no tidings of
her nave been received. It would be
impossible to enumerate nil tho minor
Dynamite Explosion Killed Six Men at a Rail,
road Camp.
Keyser, W. Va., Dec. 31. By n dy
namite oxplosion ut llakor Camp, near
Durben, Pocahontas county, on tho
line of the Coal & Iron railway, now
building out from Klkins, six men
wero killed and several others fatally
injurtd. The nccident happened yes
terday while the men wero nt dinner.
Somo dynamite had been placed about
the stovo to thaw, nnd shortly after a
terrific explosion wrecked tho camp,
killed three men outright and iujured
eight others, three of whom have sinco
died. The threo mon woro blown to
atoms, legs, arms aud hands and even
parts of their bodies being found in
different directions from the building
in which they lived. Tho names are
not obtainable tonight.
Minister Buck Coming home.
Atlanta, Ga., Doo. 81. A private
telegram received here from Colonel
A. E. Cuok, United States ministor to
Japan, says he has sailed for San Fran
oIbco en routo home.
Stage Fell Over a Cliff.
Ouray, Colo., Deo. 81, In n runa
wny nccident about three miles above
tho city tho lied Mountain stage was
overturned nnd six passengers precipi
tated over a cliff about 70 leet in
height. Mrs. rt. S. Illokoy, a passen
ger on tho coach, received serious and
porhaps fatal injuries. The driver,
John Pates, snstalnod a compound frac
tnre of the right leg and many body
lii.nlcoa Ofli.iw tinioiiiin.n ... .
l "'"""i v..w .oo,uUia wuau mors
, or less injured.
Unable Yet to Drive llotrs Prom Cape Col.
ony- Disturbed Area Growing.
London, Deo 28. Tim pmiolty mid
obsomlty of the dlsputuhos from Font"
Afrlo.i givo vino to renewed niixluly.
Apparently tlio disturbed men u( Capo
Colony oxtonds further couth than It
did last December, nnd I.unl
oner doos not appear to hnvo much
success iih yet in driving back tbu In
vaders, Thu war nlllco hnd received no nows
last evening of Ihu reported capture ot
yoomimry near ltrlstuwn.
A llurghosdorp dispatch had a in.vs
(orlons roftronco to an "unfortunate
mistaking of tho enemy for llrnhunt's
Horse, which resulted iu the sounding
of 'ccubo firing' and enabled the Hocm
to oouupv tho commanding positions,
tho British retiring from a ill 111 on It
General Clements' success acninst
tho Boers iu tho Magalirs Berg region
In nlso doubtful, tho Inst dispatch re
porting that "it was conslderod advis
able not to force the llovrii from their
'I ho British pros coiitinuos In tho
iimin optimistic, but the condition of
nffairti brings homo tho oiiormouri dilli
cultles that will face Lord Kitchener
iu patrolling nud policiug ituuh Iiii
menso tracts of country, even when
tho iloer.s shall bo filially subdued.
The Daily .Mail, which umkex u strong
npnenl to tho government to "faco tlio
facts aud send
Lord Kitchener niuro
troops," says: "Thero Is a roul risk
iu being lulled tu sleep by ciuofully
consorod messages."
Lord Kiteheuor, according to a dis
patch from JuhaiinuMhurg, bus ismed n
proclamation, dated Pietorla, Decem
ber 20, announcing that burghers who
voluntarily surrender will bo ullowoil
to live with their families iu tho gov
ommont langors until such timu as
guerilla wnrlnro has sulllcU-utlv abated
to admit of their returning iu safety to
their homes. Thu proclamation also
promises that nil property and stouk
brought in nt tho timu of surrender
will I'D respocted nnd paid for, if requi
sitioned by tho military authorities.
More Imported Men Induced to Change Their
Minds and Join the Strikers.
Scranton, Pa., Doc. 28. Fifty.threo
more men recruited in Now York to
take the placos of tho strikers on tho
Scranton Itnilrond Company arrived
tonight, but boforo tho train hnd como
to a full stop tho strikers and their
sympathizers tioardod the car, and by
nsiug arguments nud exhortations In
duced all but 18 of them to agrco to re
turn to Now York. Tlioy aro being
cured for at strilkcrs' headquarter,
aud will l o furnished trausortiitian
home. Thoro was no violence and no
angry words, although not infrequently
U.. t I .l.A ,
iiiu VUMJIJ.IUV n ituuinn nun iiiu niriHura
missionaries would bo working on the
. .. . .... . uiuii iiuiii uiu uuutin ui uvuriuvillIIK.
same men nt tho sumo timo. n
The company had only 12 mon loft A new wire cable in uito on thu forry
to run tho cars today. Five oars were , connecting Kiger island with tho maiu
run out, but 'ow passengers were car-1 1'""1 was stolen tho other day. Tho
rled. wiro was a00 feet long. Thoro is no
Tho company is fitting up an impro-1 clew to tho thiol,
vised hotel in tho Lindoa street car1 Professor Morrill left Central Point
barn for tho accommodation of the im- sovernl days ago without giving his ad
ported men. Tho hotels refuio to ro ,iross. Ilo also loft somo lionnl bills
ceivo thorn, and tho merchants refuse , unpaid, nud forgot to louvo tho church
to furnish supplies. Three mon wero . and oruau kevs uf tho llnntlst ohnn-li.
cuuxuu uii iiiu earn huh itiiornuon nun
i i 1.1.1..
sent uwny by tho strikers. General
.Manager bllllmuu says tlio company i
will hnvo cars running on all the linen
Wilcox's Big Mileage.
Washington, Deo. 28. Itobert II.
Wilcox, delegate in tho house of icpro
seutativos fioin the Hawaiian islands,
lias just been 'paid a claim of .$1,000
for mileage. It was'the largest claim
of the kind over made, but it was paid
promptly by tho 6crgoaut-atarms of
the house. Every congressman is en
titled to mileage ut the rate of 20 cents
por mile, "by tho most direct nud
practicable route from his homo to
Washington and return," Tho dis
tance between Honolulu nnd Washing
ton is figured at 5,000 miles. Mr.
Wilcox will druw $500 moro (or his
roturn trip.
Cashed Worthless Checks.
Aberdeen, Wash., Deo. 28. L. D.
Savago, stenographer in tho olllco of
City Attorney J. O. Cross, yesterday
swludled many business men by induc
ing them to cash worthless chocks iu
sums ranging from $15 to $40. Sav
age made out tho checks payable to
himself. Ho hud but littlo troublo iu
getting them cashed.
Pardons for Forto Rlcans.
New York, Doo. 27. A dispatch to
the Herald, from San Juan, Porto
Itico, says: Governor Allon has cele
brated the holiday season by extending
executive clemoucy to 24 prisoners in
Porto liicau juils. Ho has pardoned
17 murderers and homicides und soveu
thieves. '
Arrested for Stage Robbery,
Lttkevi'ew, Or., Deo. 28. Hob
Oglesby, drivor of the Lakovlew-l'iils-ley
stage, was arrosted tonight by
Postmastor Wilcox for tho robbery of
that stage Docomoor 21. Money that
ho took from tho mail has been Identi
fied. Andree's Brother Gives Up Hope.
London, Deo. 28. Tho brother of
Andreo, the missing 'aeronaut, says a
dispatoh from Copenhagen to tho
Daily Mail, dospairiug of his return
from tho Arotio regions, lias ilnully
opened his will.
Another Chinese Envoy,
London, Doo, 28. It is asuortod in
Shanghai, according to n dlsparch to
tho Times, that Cheng, Is going to Po
kin, having boen appointed to assist In
the negotiations,
08111 M HS
Items of Interest From All Parts
of the State.
A Hrlef Review of the Growth and Improve
mtnts of the Many Industries Through
out Our Thriving Commonwealth.
Condon is digging another olty well.
Tho Salem tax levy for 1001 will bo
10 mills.
Tho Oregon Agricultural College has
100 students.
j Dallas will refund its dobt of $2,500
nt a 'owor rate of Intercut.
Pendleton wotorooimuniors will havo
to use meters after April 1.
j Tho sheriff of Giant county has col-
looted ovor $25,000 sineo July,
i Several fariiiors of Goose l.uko valley
are boring for artesian witter,
i Thero aro now about 110 logging
camps on Luke creek nnd Hluslnw.
The treasurer of Luke county has re
oolved n largo safu fur his otlicii.
I Mark Wolf, of Porryilalo. klllod n
Hllvor fox near that pluoo a tow days
I Emmet Kimlierlaud was fined $25 at
' Prairie City for having stuluu a quan
tity of barley.
Tho Garibaldi beach roadway is ro
ported wnidiod out in pluccii, and filled
, with driftwood.
' A petition is being nigued nuking for
tlio construction of a now stucl bridge
at Cottngo Grovo.
I MoKinley Mitchell, of Gcrvnln, is
shipping largo quantities of potatoes to
tho Arizona market.
A carload of tilo lin beon rooolvod
at Croswoll from Salem for tho purpose
of draining thu town.
In lio rocent storm thu surf washed
away Mr. MuMillen's house at thu
mouth of thu Nehalem.
Peter Potorcou, of Surprise valley, has
purchnsod 2,300 head of young sheep
from George Ehrhardt.
'crons who havo been hunting
goosu in .Sherman county, say they II nil
birds satrccf than over known.
Jtunlncsi men of Pondlatau aro can
vassing for a $5,000 fund with which
to erect a Y. M. C. A. building.
Thomas Martin and sons are figuring
on building a creamery at Morrill next
spring. Tho institution will begin
businoss with milk of 25U cows.
Two oolte, belonging to Churlos Hub
orshou and Frank Kargl, of Condon,
. . , . ,
ff '"i0" " "ir.1 ?.B 1,0,1
Grunifo has refused to allow n liquor
licenso to a dealor who persists in keep
ing his saloon in tho street. Ilo
claims the right, to remit In becauso ho
was thoro boforo tho town was incoipo
rated. A froightor who passed through An-
telopo last week said tho road down
Antalopo canyon wus getting to bo in
good condition and that hereuftor
teams which havo boen going by Cow
canyon will go that way.
Activo work is progressing in the
Liborty mine at Itivertou, under the
Buporvinlon of Superintendent Camp
boll. Ten mon are at work, und it is
expeoted that tho output will reach 5
tons n day in tho courso of u few wcoki.
It is proposod to establish ono or two
rural freo dolivery routes from I'cndlo
ton. Tho ono most talked about is
that leading up Wild Horso creek,
northertstorly from Pendleton, thence
across tho country to Fulton, thouco
back to Pendleton.
II. T. Anderson, whoso ranoh is sit
uated four milos northwest of Morrill,
Is building a rosorvolr n quarter of a
milo in area. It will not only irrigate
400 aoros for hiuisolf, but will bo of
sufficient capacity to contribute water
to other laud in tho neighborhood.
A fatal accldout occurred nt Glon
dalo. A young colorod mm, fairly
woll drosiod, who had boon in Hose
burg a day or two, had managod to
boat his way that far on tho overland.
Doing put off thoro ho attomptod to got
upon tho brakes of tho local. In the
darknoss ho missed iiis hold and fell
between tho whools of tho moving
train. Ills right log was cut off nt tho
thigh and tho left wus tprrllhly crushed
nnd ninnBlod. Ilo wos plokod up nnd
carod for by tho peoplo thoro, but llvod
only an hour or two. Ho said thnt his
namo was Lano Hopkins, and that his
parents woro woalthy and lived upon
ono of tho finest uvouuus in Low Ango-
Tho'now ferry nt tho Livorpool cross
ing of tho Long Torn will bo in opera
tion this wook. Tho forryman is Mr.
Drown, who rosidoB uoar the crossing.
For running tho forry ho is to reooivo
$2 por month. Tho boat used is that
of J, M. Ilorron. It was iu uso last
wintor nt tho Uundy crossing of the
Long Tom, but is uo longor ueoded
thero by reason of tho completion of tho
drawbridge. For the uso ol tho boat n
monthly rental of $5 is to bo paid.
Tho oablo for tho forry was hired from
Mr. Iliokard for a monthly fee of $1.
ni?fiKR THnnilnn
tlrnwnlntf nf rn.Ui.Mli.. ci i . .
inner, iow,
T)iivmiiinrf . Tu. V v...
,, ' ,"" '"' oi.. A ...,
Illllf minor la mix 1 . n"iri
... .......... ,,,, uoru t hut 4d
allium! i, llilniii ........ .,
Hkiitlnu on thu river nm.r i .1
It U ImiuiHslble to ooi.llrn, tho ru, , I
A traveler who arrived nt hovii . 1
.., IA ...IICM west of VmW, e",V.y I
....i. nnu w iiv.iium U NUCIl
an nooil
Say Report It True.
Moines, In,, 1W
i who. in mi.
l i. - ..- -".nn
iiiinnKin liy wuv ill Ilul,..,.
nun mumwn say tint repn
f tin
iiniwuimi in 4ii inn i..i.i-
. -- ........ u li li iriin ..
im... 1 11 - I.. .... n
Miiiii, niiuiir in mm. In, 1.1.
........ 1 . v' "'"TBI
nuiii nniitiiiK oil It IKIIII I lll'ilr ,1...
urotinds nud tho iiooldent orourri,
uhutit II o'clock In tho evening Wr
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiii wnii wiuit t hoor
uut bo obtained at present.
an j
, N Particulars Ohltlnahlc.
ni.i........ i .
imuuru irom uim .Monies, In ,MV,
At 2 o'oluck this nioruing i(.in,iiii
tuition was moiiVod with tin. mj,ir ,
nlllcu In OskulixiiHi over the tolohlmiu.
nnd It wus Htittod there that iiiiorum'
lion had noun received fruin mi,,,,,..
rtiiillriiiliig thu rumor that 111 ini,i...
had been dinA'iiod Iu What i hecr tui
tate. '
I it wiih stutod Hint tho chillis (,,
uetin hkiiiiiiu on a jwnil near tlio U
groundM, Thnre were only a tow,.,
capon, inn inigeiiy occurred ulmtit!
j'uluok in ho evening. Iioyuml till
no iiariiotiuirH worn known in On
I 11 I. ..L .I.
iiHis'i, inn uiieur cannot now bti
rcauiiuu ny wire.
Through the ollho of
cuiiipauy at liidlauoln it
from the Oskalnosit ulllce
.uiiiwii ulllcu had 'learned
nior of thu ilrowiiliig of
a teiopliomJ
win hurneii
that the UN
Unit the rii-l
I'J chihlrci.9
was true,
No partlculnrH could boob
After a Long Suit a Womin Gels $4,000 for th
Kllllifg ol Iter lluihand.
Chicago, Dec. 81. Mrs l.iiin 0.
Jeunlngi, now nf Chicago. l)t JU,J
been iiwunled $1,000 for tliu lyiicblng
of her husband In Illpley comity, I ml ,
three cm ago. Tho money will U
paid ot er by the eight buiuismeti ol
uX'Sherlff Henry Itunhlng, ami is the
riwult of it private Mtttlemuut ol tin
Indemnity suit Instituted lv tlio wid
ow threo months after thu murder
This puts un cud to a rum tliiU Iiiu
aiounod attention nil over the United
William Jenkins was one o die men
lynched In September, 1807. for ul-
logeil complicity iu the ttrnllng ol a
horse from Lilo Levi, of Ocgooil, In
diana. I.ofi a I to wits a victim of the
muli. The men killed ner Unhurt
Andiowa, llelnu Schutcr, William
.lunkitiH, Clifford Gordon, n 1 7-rar old
boy, and lilulo I,evl, an nged soldier.
Them wiih h light iu which slioU wen
fired at a deputy sheriff.
Jenkins, with thu otherc, was arrett
ed und taken to jail nt Versailles, Ind.
Mr. Jenkins, susitcotltig thnt mob
violence was brewing, walked from
Osgood to Vernal Hot at night nnd
paeeil the r-truots till dawn, armed
with a revolver. For rovoral hours slit
waited under tho window of her hui'
baud's cell, ready to challenge any who
enmo to do him harm. Her fears be
lug finally allayed, Mrs. Jonklus
started far homo. No snouer was tha
out of sight than it mob gathered.
Drugging out thu five men, tho inoh
killed them iu succession by beating
them ovor the head with n iuukot stock
Mrs. Jenkins was compelled to lice
to save her own life, coming to Clil
cago. Hero she brought suit for $5,0011
dnuiages against Sheriff llushtug't
hoiKismen before Judgo linker in tlx
United Statos circuit court. Tho salt
dragged along lor threo years sud
finally tho bondsmen decided to sottlu
outside ol court.
Mrs. Jenkins, when compelled sev
eral mouths ago to go to Itlploy county
to attend the tiial of thu case, was pro
tected by a body guard of govornmoDl
deto-tlvos. Sho, will go to Versailles
next week to got the $4,000.
f'ound An American Diamond Mine.
Alamo Gordo, Deo. 31. A promi
nent railway official bore today re
ceived n box of 50 gems closely roeom
bllug nud nllegcd to bo diamonds
found near Cupltan, tho coal camp on
thu lino of thu HI Paso & Northeastern
railway company, 80 milos north ol
this place. The stones were (omul by
J. J. Plow, fnrmorly associated with
tho Do Doers Consoli'datod company nt
Kimberly, South Africa, who has boeu
sociotly investigating tho field for tlis
past month, and a lottor from minne1;
compulsing tho shlpinout statos that
they aro olthor diamouds or Houieiiuui;
so oloeoiv resuniuiuig in gem
thev dooolvo him. Thoy will success
fully stand every crudo tost known.
Tho gonis will be sout away for unm
Mother and Children Perished.
Urookvlllo, Pn Deo, 81. Fire to-
today dostroyod tho residence ol Mrs.
Ilnrrluor. and tho mother nnu "
dnughtors, ngod D nnd 7, perished.
Burned to Death.
Doo. 81. Ono
Chicago, Doo. 81. ono womu ,
Mrs. Mary Kennedy, was unrnou i
dentil and two others and a child wero
seriously iujurod In n firo of mystf
ions origin at 224 West Monroe rtifrt.
Tho injurod are: Mrs. Mary Min,
faco und body badly burnod, inir
Mrs. Loulso Hauuon, overcome by
smoke, will rooovor; -
7-months old child of Mrf. Ilonaov
Dvercouio by suioko.