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Kuttriptlon Jirlue,, In nuvnnce.
Aivemlng raUi mn' known upon
Friday, January 4, 1901.
Some people have queer ideas of
methods to be employed in the
matter of reforming those who have
' wandered from the straight and
narrow path. Many great and
good men and women, who are ap'
prehensile that the world
crowing wiser and more wicked
would no doubt be highly indig
naut were one to say that they do
not extend a helping hand to those
who have fallen into the whirl-pool
of vice and dissipation. But
how many of these so-called phil
anthropists save even one poor tin
fortunate and bring htm back to
the brighter and purer life?
The trouble with the most of us,
we are too proud and have too
great a regard for what some very
good friend whose grace we wish
to court, and who in reality is
too purse-proud and bigoted to de
serve the association of God's
children, will be offended if we
reach down and give a helping
hand to the boy who, mayhap, has
been "wild" for a time, or if we
should dare to throw some goodly
influence within reach of the way
ward women.
You will never save a boy from
the influence of evil associates by
calling him a "tough" and declin
ing to associate with him. If you
really want to save him or help
him to do better, go to him he
won't hurt you. You needn't be
afraid of his influence, and if yours
is of the sincere, conscientious kind
you will do him at least some good
and may be the means of checking
his mad flight down the path of dis
sipation and vice and restore him
to the realms of the pure teacher.
The mother will never bring
back the wayward girl by pushing
her into the street and slamming
the door; the friend of the young
girl who has escaped the sting of
criticism and whose discreetness has
perhaps saved her from the foul
monster slander, will never bring
the poor broken-down spirit of her
girl friend back into the pure life
by imparting to her the generous
(?) information that if she will re
forni'and repent and stay glued to
the anxious seat a year or two she
may condescend to take her out to
prayer meeting with her some
If she wants to help her friend
whom fate has treated less kindly
than she, she should bring about
that reform through her own in
strum'eiitality by going to and being
with, and casting the sunlight of
love and purity within reach of the
heart, that in the majority of cases,
so yearns for, yet knows not how
to possess, a better, grander and
nobler life.
You will never save a misguided
boy or girl from the influences of
vice, by disdainfully telling them of
their sins, and barring them from
the society of those who are their
betters. Rather let them in. Give
them an idea of that which is
better, and the battle for good is
half fought a soul is all but saved.
If your life is so much better
than theirs dpn't be afraid to let
these poor, broken hearts who so
hunger at times for a kind word
a look of sympathy a hearty hand
shake, have a glimpse of that
which is beautiful.
Practicing that which you preach
don t expect anyone to buy your
stores until you show them. Some
skeptical wretch might doubt that
you have anything worth buying.
New York Spectator
To those familiar with the facts
in the case, no surprise was occa
sioned by the application made last
Friday in Indianapolis for the ap
pointment of a receiver for the
Order oi Chosen Friends. This
order is one of a number of similar
concerns which have been hanging
on the ragged edge of insolvency
for some years past. They were
started on a basis unsound in theory,
and, when once in difficulties,
found the very arguments they used
to attract members in the begin-
ning turned against mem. ine
Order of Chosen Friends began
business in 1S79, and for some
Notici! ov Application ok II. 8. Kkkii
Conbouiutku Qua xts Claim.
One of the numerous candidates
for president of Ecuador, has with
drawn from the coming presidential
race. No one has yet intimated
that bis name is Bryan.
freeze you?
this kind of weather
years core every appearance
prosperity, its membership nt one
time amounting to nearly 40,000
During the last 10 years, however,
the' young and healthy members
heve been descrttug it in large
numbers, owing to the rapidly in
creasing death rate among ine
older members, until at the close
of iSqo the certificates in force
numbered but 20.707. and an ad
ditioual number have withdraw
during the present year. In 1899
the order reported receipts from
mortuary assessments of $780,365
and it paid in claims during that
year $722,122, while its total dis
bursements exceeded the total in
come by $64 At the close of
the year the net cash assets in hand
after deducting all reported lia
bilities, amounted to but $21,285
The new members admitted last
year numoered 1500, wlnle 22bo
certificates terminated by lapse, and
435 by death, showing a death
rate pf 21.5 per thousand certificates
exposed, the average death cost
per $1000 of insurance for the year
being S25.46 Quite a number of
fraternal orders are in an equally
precarious condition, with as little
possibility of avoiding the fate
which has befallen this Indhnapolis
order. Their difficulties increase
with the passing years, yet they
continue to accept new members,
apparently with the hope that
something will happen to arrest
the inexorable progress of old
mortality. This class of orders
should be honest enough with their
members to notify them that they
cannot go on as at present con
ducted, and either increase their
rates to a point where every death
loss will be absolutely provided for,
or go out of business atoncoaud,
thus avoid more serious troubles
than those now confronting them
Those orders which have not yet
felt the pinch of a heavy death rate
should take warning by the ex
perience of their less fortunate com
petitors and so arrange their plans
as to offer every reasonable assur
ance of absolute security. Is the
"fraternal insurance" to become as
offensive, as indicative of broken
promises and failure, as "assess
ment ot co-operative insurance,
now out of date?
The nineteenth century may truly
be called a pace-maker for the civi
lized world. From its dawn every
civilized country seemed to become
suddenly alive with the spirit of
progress, and as the years flew by
and the gallant youth reached higl
noon and drifted into dottaee
the dim eyes were gladdened with
the vision of magnificent conquest.
Thevgreatest inventions have been
perfected in the life of the nine
teenth century, the greatest wars
have been fought with the mightest
and best equipped armies in the
history of the world. Art in all its
various branc'ies has added a luster,
the science of government has been
advanced and freedom has been
extended to every law, and the
masses of the people are broadened
and brightened and made better.
The nineteenth century now past
and gone, has paved the way for
results in the various sciences and
along educational lines in the
twentieth century which now seems
beyond conception.
A great century has passed into
historic keep giving way .only for
the dawu of a greater one.
Hcforo tlm United StnUs Laud Ollloo at
Kosulntru, Oregon, November ltttli, IUU0.
Notice is lierubvulven llirtt U.S. !eed
whose I'uHiutHce mhlroes laUrimtn Van,
Ori'uon, bus lnntio lunillciillon for it
United Stutos mi ton l for tlio Hidden
TreiiHiiro Consolidated . (tmitr. claim,
mineral survey No kV, Hltmitod in tbe
Itnlioinlti Mining District, Iauw and
Douglas Counties, Slate of Oregon, lyiiijr
in sections 7 and 18, townsbip 28 south,
111 Hire 2 oust, and section l'J ot township
-M hoiiiii, rane one east, ami uoiitfixunn
of the Hidden Tfvusnro minim.' claim,
tho Holy Terror Jtiinlni; ulitiiii, the Olyilo
mining claim, "he. Mary 1 inliilnnelalin,
tlitt Lato .einijitfon inlnini; claim and
the lsiai'Kiiird mining claim anil moie
particularly ilof-c.ribod as follows:
ItcuiiinliiL at corner No 1. a nine imat
5 fool long, (5 inches siiiuuo, cutl! feet hi
tile ground with inniimi or Htimo nlotitf
niilo tho original post scribed 1-12-1-1-105;
whence tho Mintlirtesteorii.erof ecc
tion 7. townshin'J.'l. south of rniiuoliuast.
hoara south U degrees oast, lOOA feet ; tho
IT. I L. Xfl -I t ' .
uuiiv-u oimi's .u menu .iiiMinmt'lH,
established in Mlrvoy No. 229, for "llo
huinia Mine" bears south 7 degrees lfi
minutes west, 2523 feet; and running
North -10 degrees 83 minutes oast) to
corner No. 2, 411 feet. Tnenee
South 70 degrees 48 minutes east, 140.'!
teet to corner m:. s. Thence
South 40 degrees !55 minutes west, 111
feet, to eornur No. 4. Thence
North 70 degiees 48 minutes west,
1403 feet to corner No. 1 and the nlucuoi
of beginning
Beginning at corner No. 1, a nost.
4 feet long, 4 inehea square, driven a
few inches to lieu-rock and Surrounded
by a mound of rock, scribed t-t 103,
whence southwest corner of section 7.
township 2r! south, mime 2 east, bears
south 42 degrees 63 minutes ouMr GIIS
feet and whence Mineral Monument of
survey No. 220 bears south 1 degree west,
ivio leet, and running tlieuce
North 74degrees 40 minutes west. 1300
feet to corner So. 2. Thence
North 27 degrees 40 minutes east. 307
feet to corner No. 3. , Thencti
feouth 1 1 degrees 4!) minutes east. 1600
feet to corner No. 4. Thence
South 27 deurees 40 minutes vit 697
feet to corner Xo. 1 and placo of be
MAUY F. l.OUi:.
Beginning at corner No. 1. identical
with corner No. 1 IIoi.v Tkuuoii Lodo of
this survey and the S. K. corner of the
location, whence the-youthwest corner of
section i, township 23 south, range 2
east, bears Kit degiees east, 10X13 feet mill
whence the .Mineral .Monument estab
lished in survey No. 229 bears south 7
degrees 15 minutes west, 2323 feet; ami
running iiienee
.North 4 degrees 40 minutes west.
1500 feet to comer No. 2. Thencu
North -10 degrees 35 minutes easts 411
leet to corner No 3. Thence
South 74 degrees 4!) minute east .1500
feet to corner No. 3 meiitica with corner
No. 2, HoLVTEitiiouLotleofthissurvev.
South 40 decrees 33 minutes west. 41 1
feci to conn rNo. 1 and iilnceof beginning
Beginning at corner No 1 on line 2-3-
Ci.yijk Look of this sui vey, a II r pout 4
feet long, 4 inches square, set 18 inches
in the ground, scrilied 1H03, whence Hie
southwest corner of section 7. townshin
23, south of range 2 east, bears south 57
itegrees 1U minutes east, 2070 feet and
whence Mineral Monument, established
in survey No. 229 bears south 25 deurees
50 minutes east, 2924 feet and tunning
tnenee ,
Noith 00 degrees
feet to corner
North 32 degrees east, 680 feet to cor
ner 2o. .(. 1 hence
South 00 degrees 4 minutes east. 450
l . ... X t .111
icL-fc iu Luinur aii. t. ineuce.
South 32 degrees west. 680 feet to cor
ner 2o. 1 ami place ot beginning.
Beginning at corner Xo. 1. identical
with S. AV. corner of this location, a nost
4 feet long, 4 inches square, set 18 inches
in tho ground scribed 1-405, whence the
southwest corner of section 7, township
23 south of rauge-2 east, bears north 88
degrees 34 minutes west, 404 feet anil
...1 il l! I . .
wneiiL'u uiu .iiuierai .Monument estab
lished in survey No. 2J9. bears south 43
degrees,3o minutes west, 2019 feet and
running thence
North 27 degrees 40 minutes east, 503
feet to corner No. 2. Thence
South 46 ileurees 45 minutes cast. 1327
feet to coiner No. 3. Thenca
booth 27 degrees 40 minutes west. 503
feet to corner No, 4. Thence.
North 40degrees 45 minutes west. 1327
teet to corner ro. 1 ami placo of begin
Beginning nt corner No. 1. identical
with corner No. 1, Ui.vde Look of this
urvey. whence the southwest corner of
section 7, township 23, south of range 2
east., nears soum ciegrees o.i minutes
east, 038 feet and whence tho Mineral
Monument, established in survey No. 229
hears south 1 degree weet. 1975 feet and
running thence
worth 27 degrees 40 minutes east. 597
feet to corner No 2. Thence-
South 70 degrees -o minutes east. 1403
. .. 'l mi.
luut w curncr xuj. o. .iiieuco
South 27 degrees 40 minutes west. 597
feet to corner Xo. 4. Thenco '
North 05 degrees 38 minutes west. 021
feet to corner No. 5. Thence
North 74 decrees 30 minutes ivoHt.8-111
icetio corner o. l anil place ol begin
i m:.
Tne notices of location of the forotrolntf
. I -. t ii . , " . v
qiiuriK iouu umiius nrc, ot recoru as lol-
Tho Hidden TnnAsuitn is of record In
Volumo 7, page 20, Kecords of Mining
Claims, in tho oflico of the Countv Clerk
for Douglas county. Oregon, nnd'ln tlm
ollice of thu County Clerk of Lane
county, Oregon, in Book 5 of Mining
ijE Hour J. Kftitou is of record in tlm
flico of tho Countv Clerk of Don
county, Oregon, in Volume 0 of Mining
Records, nago 315 and in the oflico of the
County Clerk of Lane county, Oregon, in
Book 4 of Mining Kecords, page 430.
Tho Clyde is of record in the nfn on nf
the County Clerk of Lano countv. On.
pou, in Book 4 of Mining Records, page i
43 1 i
Tlio Mary F. is 61 record in tho oflke !
m-1 Lurch's
1 A Great Reduction
Lurch's 1
Ladies, Misses and Childrcns
Jackets and Capes,
Call 6aHy for Bargains.
I Lurch's Lurch's
of the Countv Clerk of bine county, Oic
gon, in Hook 1 of Mining lleoords, page
The Latk Acni'isrrios Is of record In
the ollice of the County Cleik of Lane
countv, Oicgon, in Hook No. 6 of .Min
ing ltecords, page 1118.
Tins llLAOKiinti) Is of record in the
ollice of the County Clerk of Douglas
county, Oregon, in Volume ( of Mining
Records page 310.
The presumed general conrce or di
rection of the said Unimex Tiii:asimik
Cossuud.vtkii Qcak eluliii, together
with the surface ground is shown upon
tlii.iilnt iwinlml herewith.
Neighboring or adjoining claims are
the Helena. Mineral Survey No.3U0, uinl
the White Wings on the north and the
iniiiiu, Mineral Survey M. .Hi ami lie
lenry, Mineral Survey No. 371 on the
Anv mid nil nersonselaliiilngiidverselv
the mining ground, vein, lode, iiremiros,
or anv portion thereof so deicrilied, sur
veyed, platted and applied lor are iieie-
Iiv ihiiIHimI that nil ens their llllVCI'HC
claims are duly tiled us according to law
and the regulations tliereund r, within
the time prescrihoi ny law wim ine
ReifiHter of the United Stales Lund Olllco
at Roseburg, Oregon in thu County of
Douglas, Stale of Oregon, they will be
barred in virtue of the provisions! caiil
Date of first publication, Nov. 23, HMO.
Tho Graded Herman Method of piano j
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I Central
larket I
it CO, Proprietors.
All kinds of dress and street liats
for Ladies, Misses and children, j
Sc.hleef liuilding. i
Take tlm hohvmia .V'f .
legrees 4 minutes west, -150
No. 2. Thence.
COP," The Jeweler
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Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing
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Pkopkiktoks. j?
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