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ST Is the very essence of a presidential
election that some candidate must get
left. Some one must be disappointed.
And In the history of the republic many
great men have nought and lost this cov
eted prize. Three great names stand out
prominently In the list Clay, Webster
and Ulnliie each the Idol of his party,
each the victim of political scheming.
Aarou Burr, just u hundred years ugo,
missed the presidency by the narrowest
margin. He was an adept iu political
Intrigue, with a magnetic personality and
a brilliant mind that won him eiual favor
In the eyes of the voters with Jefferson.
Each received seventy-three votes and
this threw the clectiou Into the House of
lleprosontativcs. Thirty-five ballots were
taken without result.
The Federalists were anxious to defeat
Jefferson and they gave their support to
Burr until the thirty-sixth ballot. Then,
Burr refused to give pledges required of
him, their support was withdrawn and
Jefferson was chosen. In accordance
with the law of those days Burr became
Vice-President. But he was a disap
pointed man. Following his defeat for
the presidency came the fatal duel with
Hamilton, the Bleunerhnssct scandal, his
traitorous attempt to divide the country,
his temporary exile and social obscurity.
De Witt Clinton was Mayor of New
York City for several terms, ns well as
United States Senator and Governor of
New York State. He was popular with
the people, but his stroug character made
him many political enemies. When Pres
ident Madison was renominated for a sec
ond term Cllntou took the Geld against
him and made a hard fight, but lost for
lack of the vote of one State, of which
be had felt sure. His fame Is secure,
however, as the "Father of the Erie
Henry Clay, like Blaine, made repeated
attempts to secure the presidency, only
to fail each time. It Is a coincidence
that each would have succeeded were it
not for the blunders of too zealous sup
porters. "Harry of the West" tried for
the prize in 1824, when John Qulncy Ad
nms was elected, also in 1S32, when he
Idea Crystallized In America Is Not an
Original One.
America is not entitled to claim orig
inality In her purpose to erect a hall of
fame at the University of New York.
Bavaria originated the Idea long ago
nnd a hall of fame exists In Munich to
day. It. Is known as "Die Iluhmes
halle," and overlooks the newer part of
the city and the Theresleuwlesc The
hall was begun In 1843 under the su
pervision of the architect KIenz and
was completed ten years later. It is In
the form of a colonnade, seventy me
ters long and thirty-two meters wide,
and has two projecting wings which
partly Inclose the statue of Bavaria,
This Is a gigantic Iron figure, 110 feet
high, weighing 04,177 kilograms, de
signed by Schwanthnler.
Along the front colonnade of tho
nuhmcsballe there are eighty busts ot
famous Bavarians. These are exposed
to the air, but the Doric columns are
so arranged that they protect the busts
In a measure.
Blight Cnjisea that Have Resulted in
.rlomeiitoiiH Events.
Only a short time ago the ancient
Swan Hotel ut Ipswich, England, was
destroyed by a lire, which originated
through rats gnawing matches.
The sudden appearance of a hilarious
mouse among the occupants of the gal
lery of the Victoria Theater, Westmin
ster, on boxing night, 1858, started a
panic, which resulted In tho death of
fifteen people.
A mongrel cur strayed on the St.
Leger course some years ago, Just as
tho field swept by. Seven horses came
down In a heap, and of the Jockeys who
were riding them five were hurt three
To win a bet of 2 pence a Httlo pit
lad, employed at tho Ferndale colliery,
CA35 . . -Si'.CUMTONV
.BtAWJI . Tl'
was overwhelmingly defeated by Andrew
Jackson. In 1840 the adoption of the
ufiit rule prevented Clay's nomination in
stead of William Henry Harrison; In
1844 the Whigs nominated him by accla
mation and Clay's election seemed cer
tain. But his Southern adherents blun
dered by inducing him to favor the an
nexation of Texas, and that lost him the
votes of thousands nt anti slavery men.
The Whigs won in 1848 nnd Clay would
have been their choice if Gen. Taylor's
newly made military reputation had not
given the nomination to that hero.
Daniel Webster is another great per
sonality among the unsuccessful aspir
ants for the presidency. Had he con
sented in 1S48 to accept the nomination
In the Rhonddn Valley, picked the lock
of his safety lamp with an ordinary
hairpin. He himself, together with
nearly 200 of his mates, perished In the
explosion which followed.
At Shoeburyness some fifteen years
ago Col. Francis Lyon Invented a new
kind of sensitive fuse for big caliber
shells, nnd Invited a number of gun
nery experts to be present nt the trials,
On the night prior to the day on which
the experiments were to be made he
locked up a number of the fuses In n
shed In which there were some fowls.
The chickens started scratching, and
the dust flew up and settled on the
threads of the screws of the fusts.
When, next morning, an unfortunate
gunner started to fix one to a live shell,
the missile went off, killing the opera
tor, the Inventor and five otBor persons.
Burrowing rabbits so weakened tho
foundations of a tall chimney at Cleck
hcaton, Yorkshire, that It fell, crushing
to death fifteen people.
The gambols of a big retriever some
say tho playful antics of two children
sufficed to wreck the west coach Scotch
express last year. A luggage trolley
was started, ran down the sloping plat
form and toppled over onto the lino In
front of the train.
The Espernnza was cast away on the
coast of Chill through a toddler of 0
meddling with the compasses. She bad
on board ninety-seven souls, nnd all but
eleven perished. Among tho saved was
tho Innocent cause of the terrible catas
trophe. A fire which was directly responsible
for the loss of moro lives than any oth
er single conflagration, originated
through the vagaries of a tarantula.
Tho scene was Santiago and a grand
religious festival was taking place In
the principal cathedral. The building
was a sea of drapery, flooded with ev
ery variety of Illumination.
Twenty thousand silver lamps were
In full blaze and the acolytes were busy
as Vice-President on the ticket with
Zachary Taylor he would, upon the tat
ter's death in 1850, have become Presi
dent. In 1ST2 Webster's friends mode a
determined effort to secure him the nomi
nation, but party Jealousy made their ef
forts useless. This great man felt keen
ly the disappointment of his hope's, and
his death occurred on Oct. 24 that same
Lewis Cass, who was very prominent
In national politics sixty years ago, had
two narrow escapes from presidential
lightning. In 1S44 nn unexpected ad
journment of the Democratic convention
just as Cass was about to be nominated
gave time for a successful combination
against him In favor of James K. Polk.
lighting the 2,000 tapers on the grand
altar when the errant spider skipped
Into the central aisle and nlarnicd a
lady, who screamed. The acolytes, or
some of them, looked around to ascer
tain the cause of the commotion and
one of the naked lights they carried
came in contact with the drapery of a
colossal figure of the virgin. A few
minutes later the vast cathedral was a
raging' furnace. In which were being
consumed more than 2,000 bodies.
Stray Stories.
Lilian Bell Describes the Acting of the
Peasnnts of Oberammerean.
In the Woman's Home Companion
Lilian Bell writes of her experiences at
Oberammergau and of the Impressions
made upon her by the great Christ
drama. She concludes with these vivid
"As to the play Itself, I wish I need
say nothing nbout It. My mind, my
heart, my soul, have nil been wrenched
and twisted with such emotion as is
not pleasant to feel nor expedient to
speak about. It was too real, too
heart-rending, too awful. I hate, I abhor
myself for feeling things so acutely. I
wish, I were a skeptic, a scoffer, an
atheist. I wish I could put my mind
on the mechanism of the play. I wish
I could believe that it all took place two
thousand years ago. I wish I didn't
know that this suffering on tho stage
was all actual. I wish I thought these
people were really Tyrolese peasants,
wood-carvers and potters, and that all
this agony wns only a play. I hate tho
women who are weeping around me.
I hate the men who nre letting the tears
run down their cheeks and whose shoul
ders nre heaving with their sobs. It
Is so awful to see a man cry 1
"But no, It Is nil true. It Is taking
place now. I am one of the women at
tho foot of tho cross. Tho anguish, tho
cries, the sobs, nre all real. They pierce
my heart. The cross, with its piteous
burden, Is outlined against tho real sky.
Tho green hill beyond Is Calvary. Doves
flutter In and out, nnd butterflies dart
across the shafts of sunlight. Tho ex
pression on Christ's faco Is one of an
guish, forgiveness nnd pity unspeakable.
Then his neaci urops forward on his
breast, It grows dark, tho weeping be
comes lamentation, nnd as they ap
proach to thrust the spear Into his side,
from which, I have been told, the blood
nnd water really may bo seen to pour
rortn, I turn raint ana sick and close
my eyes, it has gone too far. I am no
longer myself, but a disorganized heap
of racked nerves and hysterical weep
Ing. nnd not even the descent from the
cross, the rising from the dead nor tho
triumphant ascension can console mo
nor restore my balance. Tho Passion
Play but onco in a lifetime."
Japan in Search of Ideas.
Japan's effort towards Western civ
ilization and methods take a new de
In ISIS Cass wns United States Sea
ninr. hut nvslmnnl when the Demoernti
luimlnntrd him for tlio presidency, Ow
lug to tho opposition of the Free Sellers,
ho did not receive the electoral vote ol
New York State, and tlio Whig caudl
date, Taylor, won tho prize.
ir,,r.. nr.w.i.i-a iiofoiit In the presl
denllrtl contest of 1872, with Its direful
oflermath, wan a political tragedy. High
In the councils of the llepubllcnn party,
respected by tho wholo people, (Ireeley
put aside the political "principle of a
lifetime to become the candidate of Dem
ocracy. Overwhelming defeat broke hli
generous heart and was quickly followed
by death.
SnmiiM .T. 'I'IMpii. failure to he Innti
guratcd as President of the United Htntes
Is the one weak link In the presidential
chain that connects the present witn un
dawn of the republic.
The result of the contest In 1870 was
hi doubt from tho close of the polls on
election day until March 2, 1877, when
the electoral commission appointed to set
tle the matter decided that ltutherford
B. Hayes had received 183 votes as
against 184 for Samuel J. Tllden.
It was n perilous period, and the nation
owes much to the man who refrained
from speaking the word that might have
plunged the country Into civil wnr.
James G. Blaine, the "Plumed
Knight." is perhaps the saddest figure in
the galaxy of American star statesmen
who have sought the presidency, but J
sought In vain. For a score of years bit
name was always uppermost In the pub-,
lie mlud whenever the Itepubllcau party '
met In convention. In 187(1 the nomina
tion was almost within his grasp. In
1SS0 he received a tlrst ballot vote of
284, but he and General Grant, bit,
strongest rival, had both to step aside for .
the compromise candidate, Garfield. .InIW(i, Htrctcliinir across strings of cthl
1S84 he was certain of victory, but failed
through the loss of New York State Uy
the narrow margin of 1,047 votes.
Among other well-known men who
tried to be President and failed were
Gen. McClellan, Gen. Hancock, Benja
min F. Butler, William J. Bryan and
Admiral Dewey.
parture every day. The latest venture
of tho enterprising nuthorltles of the
Flowery Land Is In the direction of
architecture, a matter In which up to
the present Japan has been particularly
It will be remembered that tho Crown
Prince Yoshlblto wns married a short
time ago and nmld universal rejoicing.
It has been found Unit there Is no place
sufficiently magnificent to accommo
date the royal couple, and It has, there
fore, been decided to build nenr Toklo
a dwelling which shall rival In splen
dor anything existing In the East and
possibly even surpass the royal palaces
of Europe and the magnificent struc
tures of America.
To achieve this object It was neces
sary that Japan's architects should see
some of tho buildings of the West, and
accordingly Prof. Toro Iwamura and
Mr. Sano, the former a member of tho
Toklo Academy of Fine Arts, nnd tho
later an architect In the employ of tho
Japanese Government, have started on
a tour with this purpose In view. After
visiting various cities in the United
States and Canada they will extend
their tour to Europe. London Daily
Called Toddy a Lobster.
As Governor Itoosevelt nnd two other
men were crossing 33d street, New
York, from tho Itepubllcau headquar
ters, they met Lieutenant Governor
Woodruff and the party stood talking
on tho cat tracks until they were al
most run down by a street car.
"Get off the track, you big lobster,"
shouted tho motormnn to Governor
Itoosevelt nnd- Lieutenant Governor
Woodruff, ns they were shaking hnnds.
"Are you trying to hold up this car?"
"That's tho Governor," remarked a
man on the car.
"Take It nil back. Governor: I'm fim
lobster," said the motorman, taking off
his hat to the Governor, who waved his
hand and laughed.
No Place Lllco Home.
An Atchison tnnn took sick Snturdnv
and decided to stny home till ho got
resieu, no was obck at work Monday.
His wlfo had asked him within a fow
hours to take care of tho baby, to ebon
onions for pickles, to grind tho coffee,
to dress tho chicken, nnd to milk tho
cow "while ho was resting." Atchison
Effect of a Lovely "Ad."
Fair Visitor So you hnvo really de
cided not to sell your house?
Fair Hostess Yes. You see wo placed
the matter In tho hnnds of a real estato
agent. After reading his lovely ndver-
tlsement neither John nor myself could
think of parting with such n woiidorful
and perfect homo. London Tlt-BIts.
Short One "Go azy, Tim: ut's treo
raolles thnt's beforo us;" Tall One
"Sure nn' thot's phy Ol'm hurryln: Ol
want to git there before I git ail tired
ouir risa uro.
Ho Achieve! Vuinc, Notoriety mid
Leudamlilp t u llniiml Ho 1
Mitiiyttlilcil Mini of Woiulorfiil Force
unit liucricy.
Thoro nro fow mora Interesting Hg
uroH In tho politic"! life of tho country
tlum Marcus A. Hiimm, mid In tlio cur
rent number of MoOluro'H Mngiiislno
William Allen White drawn u most In
(Kinulliiir nnn nletllli! of llllll.
Hnniiii. says tho writer, In. Intensely
hiimiin. Thoro la nothing gou-iiiio,
imtMm? iieiiioiilnc. nothing churunle
imtiiinir HiTiii'iiilini about htm. Hu In a
plain ninn, who stands In tho Inst illicit
will. Iilu friends, mul lights his enemies
to tho dentil. Ho cnJoyH a good Joist',
follow, or n good dinner; iiiki
If possible, liken all thrcu Hurved at
u.ii.i,. miiin. urion no wins m
iinnev. Hometlinen loses conspicuously
iiiii)om n fool Of llllllMClf occasionally
laughs nt It good-naturedly, and docH
u m.niii iivon us you and I." Ho
liiis on lila bones tho clay of tho tinoX'
plulnable old Adnni-rleh In weakness
L'th. unices anil folhlcH, and
wlthnl hu Iiiih tlio philosophy which
niwiiiiiiml tlio Hhenherd of Ardeu. So
his strength is nioro than his weakucs
for ho has the virility of common souse,
Ho Is not lumpy crocheting tidies itnd
hiinnilnir rliiclnir resolutions. Ho Is a
man of deeds rather thuu of explnua
Hnnna Is not n man of exalted Ideals
Between IiIh purpose and Ills execution
hu until lies In n straight line, if gen
flniu'ii In spectacles come along tho
en! obstacles, and planting In It the
potsherds of trniisccnilcutal philosophic
scruples, Hantin pushes forward to his
end. kicking nwny the strings mid
crushing the pottery under his feet.
Lnter, If he has time, he devotes n
few lurid minutes to the spectacled gen
try before he closes the Incident with
n bang and goes about his business,
Hiiniia Is perfectly willing to admit
that beyond the Alps lies Italy and that
the hills nre green nfnr off; but he lit
gists on his American privilege of vot
Ing for the majority report. In politics
1 1 n mm Is a partisan. With him the
long-nosed, short-chlnned mugwump Is
entitled to the same consideration due
to the guerilla In time or war. Hnnna
would endorse n political proposition
not nuthorlzed by his party caucus and
his platform about ns readily as a gen
eral would take orders from a news
paper. In his party Ilniinn has ills
putcs, differences and contentions. But
he knows when he Is whipped, nnd re
spects a similar knowledge In his ad
versnry. When a light Is over, It Is
over with Hnnnn, He bears no mnllcc,
carries no knife from the conflict to uho
another day, and he has n scorching
contempt for tho contentious and to
Hnnna Impossible persons who Insist
that a question Is never settled until It
Is settled right. From Haniia's point
of view the wnys of the reformer nnd
of "the serpent on the rock" are be
yond understanding.
For Hnnnn's solicitude for the people
Is as tender as that of the Iato William
II. Vandcrbllt. Hnnnn believes In ev
ery tnnn for himself mul the devil take
the hludcrmost. He does not fawn upon
the failures of life, nor mlnco matters
In locating the blame for their condi
tion. Every good cause has produced
Its demngogues, who nre as dangerous
to progress as the opponents of tho
cause. And although Ilnnim has been
grilled In cartoons ns a money devil
with dollar marks for scales; has been
sizzled In public scorn as a conscience
less boss; has been called a crusher of
labor, an industrial octopus, n commer
cial Moloch, and every mnnner of bird
or beast on earth, In the air abovo, or
In tho waters beneath, Ids bitterest en
emies In their most Interesting flights
of vituperation have not added to tho
gayety of nations by calling Mark Hnn
na a demngoguc.
If a large, Jagged, brown cuss word
Is needed In a diplomatic situation,
Hannn furnishes It. If a laugh Is need
ed, Hnnna has It and Is not afraid to
uso It. If an open fight Is required,
Hnnna makes It. Ho Is a man of slmplo
Instincts and slmplo purposes. His re
lations with certain of his Senatorial
colleagues were arranged In their bi
ological development millions of yenra
ago. For Instnnce, the velvet-pawed
feline tactics of former Senntor Quay
set Hannn to baying deep-mouthed Im
precations and kicking out behind tho
loam of recent alluvial reminiscence'
It Is not thnt Hnnnn Is so entirely dis
pleased with what Quay does ns with
tho way It Is dono, for Hnnna Is no
nonsekeeplng Not One Round of Pleas
ure for Him
"Housekeeping," said Mr, X. nrgu
mentntlvely, "Is not one constant round
of pleasure. It would be, 1 suppose, if
It nrnll fif 111. I II l, I , I ... ... ..
vuniH, mo traiiospeopio ami Mrs,
line, iiiiuiiiciippeu uy mem, I inn fa
ii iiooi im mill r ii ii ii l ii u- nim-u ,,
tiiuiiHiiiiHMii huh it drawbacks.
Tvo thought mo for u long time. V(.
. 11 I...... S I ... .
last winter and tlio stovcplpo In t li
Illinium full ilmi'ti iiml in. i
ill 1MM
vw,uim in
umiuriiMi with soot, to bo iiccuiiiii.
Ilillitf Mil mill',, Hum i, i-i.i. uImm.i u
"'w niiu oimimji
mum, wiiuii ii o c mux or uiv nni,,,,,,.
iiiuriiiii u.iioricnccH wns reached,
"It was .Mrs. X.'s fault, It iiIwiivh
.Mrs. X.'s fault. Hliuui Hu, ih,,,. ,,f
tho wenkor sex hits been to bluuio fo
III! 1 1111 M I1 1 1 1 1, 1 ilUinimftK't A I ...... ....
Wll Wlil',1 111 lllll'i, uiltiii, Cflfiiitlu ..
...i.i ... , ...
ulllllllll llllvn ilium mil II .tfl iiitill
(11.11., I tltlll 11,1,1 t.u lu llI.U f....ll..l
t,.., ,. I ..... .. . .
. ..... , ,,iu, mitiiin noil
to tno mitcher's to bo delivered by him
rvii ii if if v iiiimii it'll tt-iiiit t.i ill..
tor. llllll ROM. I Inllll'M ffl lit tliilii..... I ...
c.tVHM Hint nnd my oncrn hat nnd
1tniitminttttit mul llm illit n.
K with tli Ih foHtal nmiy, mid wlivn
i.l.t ..(nil... tlu.. -V ..-LI
P .iv. ft it, J V HIT. nil Ill
tint Pl.l .Uk..,......l.l.. ........... l .
tiiittf-, ikiii m i; iim" lU HJIIUU II niiihi
mul lifivn it iitt' 1 1I I tit iiiiw.ti.u,... i..
" " - -sw ' M- l
tritf ntir ti tin f ii iu in tKiiiiii.-. i .
ii w nil iiilMliila. If I iiml nivvot uin.f.u
cti tno itiucii my wife woumn't have
uipvuiviki sitviv "linn L. (all iiiuut no
in it,..
tlilloiis butcher, In fact, hadn't sent th
mnrket baskets home.
LIIIUIT 111J111U ill nillWIll Mil' IIILTMI Will lfll
ket would close Iu half mi hour. It wo
up to me to get thoio baskets,
change my coat.
v. " . i . .v ...... h, ..lllll Ul
. .. ..... . .. ... ,. ,,n.
" kaivsvsiw umiij III ll II 111
iiuur mi L-viiiiNiiri in nn ivim in n rrrti.
I.... ...... f 0 I.I .. .
tvj .nit it I'titi ift niiuiMi niiiu Hlll'M-IM
f V 4 VH- If Wit If 1 IWl ii"!. Ill 14 III llll It IIIJUU
iiHivLni uiv itiiivi'n niiii uiv luiiimnmiirs
t...& .a.
to attract a :rvnt Ionl of attention
uini iu lit. iiiiiH'i iiiriiiimr. nun in
louit un ii k""K m nuirKi'i iiiki iu run
ii un iimitis iivviiiii IIVV tfilb 1 U
nfrnld I succeeded badly.
ninth, which was that Mrs. X. declared
I was the worst-tempered mini she ever
met, ami that I could take my choice
!.... ....... ...., I. ... .. .tl.,..Mn nM
I'l i 1 III .i7,i,pt l ItttUtlU UI KU.I! 111
n hotel to live. That's the reason wo
start to boarding next week." ltaltl-
moro News.
Author Mndo n Ilnppjr Hit.
Ono of the most popular novels of tlio
day had n strange history which might
have been considered fatal to Its suc
cess had It been known In advance. A
Now York author whoso books are al
ways sure of n certain degree of ikiiiu-
larlty Mulshed nil but the last few chaji
tcrs of n novel. Try tin he might, It was
Impossible for him to completo the
story satisfactorily. 8o he put the book
nwny, nnd for two years It lay unllnmh-
ed on his desk, although tho author
thought of the work from time to llnio
without being able to get any nearer
tho solution of the plot.
Flnnlly he lost nil hopo of ever com
pleting tho work nud decided to end It
nt n point several chapters In ndvnnco
of that at which he had ceased to write.
With thin abrupt nud unexpected end
ing the novel went to n publisher, was
accepted and turned out one of tho
most popular novels this author has
ever written. Ono of the most praised
features of the book Is Its unconven
tional ending, which Is said to be Just
explicit enough to satisfy ovcrybody
without going Into Inartistic detail. And
the nuthor was at ono tlmo so dlscour-
nged about tho ending of tho book that
he hnd almost given up tho Idea of sub
mitting It to any publisher. New York
Sun. I
Htory of n Prodigy.
Rlbrldgo T. Gerry's fixed conviction
that the uso of children ns public en
tertainers is ruinous to their moral and
physical being tins resulted in much
benefit for talented youngsters and In
a dclugo of abuso for their protectors.
Several years ago he called In the aid
of the law to provont tho performances
of n child pianist. Tho child was ad
mitted by all nuallllcd to Judgo to be
marvclously talented, nnd ns tho young
prodigy seemed to bo well cared for
the outcry against tho society wns long
and loud. Hut Sir. Oerry never lllnehed.
and tlio law upheld him. Shortly after
ward tlio child was taken to Kuroje,
and the cplsodo faded from tho public
mind. Ten years Inter the samo pianist
reappeared, now In tho vigor of youth.
Ills musical gifts had been dovcIoied
under tho guldnnco of tho most accom
plished foreign Instructors. Tho public
wondered nnd admired, but fow knew
that tho musician owed tlio training In
his nrt to tho generosity of tho man
who hnd restrained him from concert
plnylng ten years before," AInsleo's
"Africa Is to havo stringent garni
"Yos: things, nro getting so thnt our
mcnngerlcB won't havo a thing In them
but whlto elephants and Welsh rab
bits." Indianapolis Journal.
UolK'im Artificial Nutmegs.
nhomlst has analyzed tho
artificial nutmegs that aro made in Bel-
glum In largo quantities. They Include
var bus vegotauies anu -v vi vv.
mineral substances.
a mnn omrht to enjoy his wedding
trip; when he returns, ho has twice a
much work to do na ho had before.