Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 16, 1900, Image 7

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Ulcd f"" outnnsouM urnptioiiH.
Orel Writer WImihc lei.l). J. i,,,
to l.ltcruliirr.
Attiurlviiii liwrarjr cIicIck Imro suf
ft'ii'tJ a nuvcro Iohh in ti,o duiiiii or
UmrlBH uiidiuy Wiii-iht. Illn hiihhIiiis
rrani I'lirihly hchibm IfiivfH hut olio of
u trio of faIIIOIIM wriu.tH w,l() wmi ,.
"1'lKliliofn utiil friends in llni'iford, ttiu
uIImt two IwIiik Mrs. Hurrlut lleeutiur
Htuw'o ami Hiimind L. (Jloinims (Mark
wHi). Cluini'iiH iiIoik' hiii-vIvcs."
Uliiirl..H Dudley Warner was born In
liiliillclil, Mil km., voiity-onu years
(). uiieestry being of the lii-Ht New
HllKlHIKl Sloult. Ho Inherited IllH tllHtO
r llli'iiituro from IiIh fiiiiiur, who was
fond of lmol(K ami poKse-Hed a flue II
Inary. Young ChitrlCN received Ills
early ediieatlon near his imilve plnco
and in Casienovlii, N. y. Me entered
Hamilton CoIIoko. at Clinton. N, Y
Krndiiatlng from Unit I tint It lit Ion In
1831. While In college he contributed
to n couple of nuiKalimn mid also pro
pared a Hook of ICIoipionce. Ho en
tered the law depiirtment of the Uni
versity of IVniisylvfititn, urndiiatlnB In
183(1, Ho prncileiHl IiIh profoHHlon for
Little Liver Pills.
Muot Donr Signature, of
See Pnc-Slmllo Wrapper Iktow.
T'. irnvu urn both stout nml
trtuicly will bo found mtv-
and nuitablo ftir country housu
i:t r(iiThoK, out r-imr-
jr At Hili rcnwin your feci H-H
W, iifrrmiM nml iiiieiiinfiiriiii.ifl. If
?.', Kuot-Knce. It rests and,r.,
"".' II, nil I lit NHliI I'll IIMll
f Viiln ft". l ' ninmiii ii
Kln "iire fir (
fimcr KmMi.1 lij-i-t. V. luuo n.-r Mi.
W1 , 11,1,'t xt l,,i,lk,,r,. ....
S'i'f'.iin.oiilidp' Don't ttut I'M'tM.t.. !!.
FF.': I-., Aili re.H. A It'll H Olin-
rrol. J- J' ThoiiijiHon Iiiih dlHcovurud
''jHjd'imalli'r than ntonm and tln.o 1m
ill vuil'---
L.nvnn tnko (irovu'H TinittdvcM Chill
Palo bccauKO tho form u In in plainly
rioted on every txittio miowiiik timt it
, dmply Iron mid Qaliilnu in u tiiflta
tl form. No Cnro, No Pay. 60o.
Us rubber iinnimlly made up iiito
Ubilli i Dulllulont to innuliito an
iiliotio cable.
(9 vrx.
llltittur ll on etery loi of tlio senulna
taalivc BromoQninine Tawct.
tunxilr tbt rnrtra a cola In ouo Uuy
AChlcnco firm lun it up n linn of
itomtiln to carry puHeeiiKcrri botwuun
bitore ad ouo of the railroad ta-
i for h ceutc
Th Wurk .TIiIIk You Nlrrp.
Ik!l Tout nilmt nil rot Ccrr
ai; Citliarlle rcfulr yuiir illnrilloii. your
n.TvDr wjwcii, inn iiiuiu in fuiivvi uiuui.
KrenliU, IW.itfc.tOe.
Atfu Franciiico tho board of iinpor-
fwt hu pnmcd an ordlnanco ri!iluu
fcjtioLoun that laundrluH may bo in
mention each day, which ia (Ifhltined
ittiact tho hour of lubor of theovur-
cried eniployua of thewi foiiuirni
:-.nl5 to 13 houtK.
The liability to disease is greatly
sfcaedwhen the blood is in iroodcon-
im, and the circulation healthy nml
iierous. For then all refuse matter
loromptly carried out of the system ;
atrwise it would rapidly nccumulnte
-leracntation would take place, tn
id become polluted and the consti
pwa to weakened that a siuipi
aWy mieht result seriouslv.
A healthy, active circulation mean
m digestion and strong, licaltli
Al a blood nurlfier and tonic S. S.
ainocauai. It is the safest and hi
saedy for old people and childn
kcauie it contains no minerals, but
Me exclusively of roots and herbs.
Jto other remedy so thoroughly a
.ujiy cicanses ine uioou oi ii
purities. Att
same time it buil
un the weak and
bllitated, and re:
Vfito tin Aritirr a
fa It cures permanently all manitfj
I Wood and skin troubles. 1
.te KoUr. of Urbana, O., wrltoi
: Eoioma on my handi and faoo fd
.Ht"": M would break out in littT
guj mtdlqated aoaDi and nalva. withou
.uii..8, Da- ouretl no, and ray akin
l,u.?t.'.n.7 BleBfrfod, of Oapo May. If.
Si i'.S' nor of the breaat. Doo
friond, thought hor oaao hopo-
VL T 0r4ner, Fioronoo, fl. O.,
Sc7h SV"1 .with Dolla. Two boti
VmSihe- 5.ut.h blood in good oon.
tun iioua oiaappeared.
totf 0Ur free book nml witc
..PnyBicians about your case.
advice free.
Gin, Brandv. Rum
'hlltn.,., ,ann ,.
tort and siiehiiv, Vi'io. AXX
A T.T. n ii it it
ff'''"MritM,i0 ?,iV,f,wari,.,,e,lvere(' ,ree '
Ciiia itegor Btt'RmBr I-andliiR. lllHiilc
Iitabliihed so Veara.
'! irn..
four years In ChlcnKo, but a legal career
was not to IiIh liking. He returned
fliiKt and became HHHlHtant editor of tho
Hartford I'resn, which was later united
with the Hartford Courant. With his
aid college mute, (Jen. Joneph It. Hnw
ley, he conducted that widely Inllueu
tlal Journal up to the time of his death.
ItH literary fame Is largely due to his
connection with It.
Mr. Warner's first succens ns an au
thor wns In the hook "My Summer in a
Onrden," In which he described his ex
periences as an amateur gardener. Its
gentle mitlre, delicious, sly humor and
simple style brought It a hearty wel
come, nml It became evident that a new
American writer of distinction had ap
peared. From this start book after
book was given to the public from his
pcneSHnys, travel sketches, papers on
Important questions of social and politi
cal reform, novels, etc. In them all
Charles Dudley Warner nmlntalned and
iteadlly developed the brilliant name he
had made by his first volume. He wns
connected with Harper's Magazine for
levernl years, nnd at one time conduct
ed the Kdltor's Drawer nnd later the
Editor's .Study. It was not ns a writer
alone that Mr. Warner achieved suc
cess. He took a more than passing In
terest In the welfare of the country,
nnd Hindi) his voice heard upon ques
tions of education, of political Interest
nnd social concern.
Murk Twijln on tho Ktuiup.
Murk Twain was never much of u
K)llUcIan. Indeed, what he doesn't
know about politics would make n very
large library. On one occasion, how
ever, the humorist took part In a cam
IKiIgn so far as to make a little speech.
It was In 18S0, and Mr. Clemens, who
Tor (mail nml na ouy
to tnko tut angar.
... UA&mj.I... MUITIUVII1.H.TU.I.
2t cnt I Pnroly Vfetslloviw
Ilia Only IEi-hmoii.
Tho Sixth Michigan cavalry, of the
fiwnoiiH Custer brigndo, was command
ed by n colonel who had formerly been
a iiieinbur of tho Michigan bar. In
the early morning of tho hint day at
HcttvHberg his regiment, with othorB,
wiin in lino iiwniting order. The men
grew impatient and excited, and grad
ually becamo noisy in their talk and
laughter. Tho colonel bore it for n
few moments, nml then, turning to his
men with a nervous genture, ho called:
"Keep Mlenco therel" instantly add
ing in an apologetio lone: "Not that
1 eaie, but it will sound botterl" ,
It has been reckoned by tho United
States commission that the avail
bale oyrter growing area in tho Chesa
peiiko is nliout 1,000 Kjunro miles, and
that with proper cultivation this urea
would bo worth $11)0 n aero yearly.
Already them wonderful oyster beds
begin to kIiow tho results of rookless
overfishing and approaching exhaus
tion. I am "lire I'io' Cure for Consumption
R-d my life three years ago. Mn.
''iiiim. liniiiu.NK. Maple Street, Norwich, X.
Y.. Keb. 17. WOO.
There nro no (makes nor frogs in
Alaska, hut thero uto toads.
Taku Laxativo iiroino Quluiue Tnb
lots. All dri'vg'.ite rofnnd the money
If it fails to euro. K. W. Grove's sig
nature is ou each box. 25c.
I Trinity of Syrian Tfnman.
A medical nilnuionary in Pyrin writes
that the vanity of Syrian womon is
pomotitnes inont amn-lngly exempli
fied. A nhort tlmo ago a patient in
tho hospital at Horhitsucroedod in hav
ing her friends smuggle in to hor a
miinobr of forblddon articles of food
and numerous toilet nccessorlos. In
her locker wero discovered n pioco of
looklngglas", n small qunntlty of
French ehnlk and a minnte supply of
rougo, all intonied to aid in tho decor;
ntlon ol her porson for tho impending
operation. Sho protosted tearfully
w hen tho cosmetics wore confiscated,
and refused to bo. comforted, saying
that sho did not Ilka to look so palo.
Knlinr Said to Wrur n Culrnm.
A story is oorront in iierlin to tho
effect that ever sinco tho murder of
King Hmnhert tho German omperor
has worn a cuirass of finely tempered
steel. It is also said that when pass
ing through Homo io embark for China
Count von Waldorseo proeentod to King
Victor Kmanuol n cuirass of identical
mnniifacturo as a present from tho
, kaiser.
Insurance for bathers is tho nowest
cntorpmo in tho insnranco line in Eng
land. 1'enny-in-tho-slot machines will
bo ercted In popular bathing places,
lioforo you enter tho water you drop in
your copper, nnd out pops a twenty
four hours' life insurnnco policy. Then
if von nre carried down to Davy Jones'
locker your widow or noxt of kin is
entitled to 200 worth of compeusa
tiou for tho sudden takijg off.
I Tho cano bottoms of chairs can bo
rendered tight again by supporting tho
chair, moistening thu cano sent thor
oughly with very hot wator by means
of a sponge, and washing offj so that
tho enuo work becomes completely
soaked. Then place the chair in tho
open air, in a strong draught and al
low to dry. Tho results will always
bo gratifying.
A Nnvr I'lra Kxtlni-iilalirir.
A Hclcntlot iiggcxts that milk be used tp
extinguish tlii; names of kerosene, because
-nil i k iiinns an emulsion Willi ine on,
which makes it accomplish us object more
I quickly." The bent medicine to quickly
cure constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia,
biliousness or tlatiilency, is Hosteller's
Stomach Hitters. Try it also for malaria,
lever and ague,
I From very early, timos Europe was
astonished by the wonderful things
which cumo from tho Chinese the
silk, ten, epices, tho great ideas and
Instead of rickety tables for ohina
and bric-a-brac a house decorator ad
vines a nariow shelf acrons ono side of
tho room upon which to stand jugs and
Tim lint rrtacrlitlon for Hiilurla
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grovos.
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply
Iron and quinino in n tasteless form,
No Cnro, No Pay. Price EOo.
Tho common pot-ronet of beef is very
much improved by being tardea with
thin strips of salt pork; tho butcher
will do this if requested. The pork
imparts a richnoss to tho beel and to
tho accompanying scuee that is much
more delicate and less greasy than
when t io usual pleco of boot suet la
fafafK i v..
If roa baron't a -titular, bealthr uioTetnent of the
boiroli eicry dar.'jou'ro lick, or will bo. Keep jour
bonola open, and be well. Force, In Ibotb&poot
Tlolont pbyilo or pill polton. la danacroua. Tho
amooiboit. cailcat, moat perfect war ox keeping Ine
Powell clear and clean ll to tak
Ploasant, Palatable, Potent. TaMe Gpo1. Do flood.
Merer Sicken. Weaken, or Urlpe. 10c. iOo Write
for f roo aample. and booklet on bealtn. Addrcsa
SUrll.t Umt4f Vtmpuj, Cble.v Xiw T.rk. S3a
Or in fact anything in the Machine liar,
write us for Catalogues and Prices.
Portland, Oregon.
It mny nioilernte tho stench, but m
doesn't destroy It. I haven't snld nul
moro of him than I would say of nijj
self. I.ndles and gentlemen, this il
Gon. Ilnwley."
No Altoruntlvo.
"Hoys will bo boys." Kven as fal
nwny us South Africa they prefer com
pound fractures to simple- frnctloml
Hays Itlchnrd uardlng Davis, wrltlnl
from Pretoria to tho Iioston Herald:
Thero nro many boys In the Hoc,
nrmy. Four of them are suns of Itelt
tho Secretary of State. His father tol
mo proudly of how the youngest, whl
was llfteeti years old, covered a Hrltls
Tommy nnd called upon him to hold uj
his hands. As his comrades hud nl
ready surrendered, tho Tommy threw
down his gun, and said to tho boy:
"I don't cnro. I'm blooming well slcn
of this war, nnywny, Ain't you?"
"Oh, no," protested young Holts, slml
ply, "for father says that when the wnl
is over he's going to send me back t
Loiik-IjIvoiI Folk.
Usually with long-lived folk tho bod
Is long uud the legs short.
An old bachelor says tho writes
women are moBtly postscript.
Bought lias borno tho slsna-
nit lins uccn mnuo nutter ms
mr ilft vinrs. A 1 1 fv nn nnn
Joiuitcri"cits, Imitations nnd
inoriiucnts. anil ciidniiircr tho
enco against Experiment.
stltuto for Castor OH, Paro
S.vrnns. It is Pleasant. It
Iforphlno nor other Nnrcotlo
inrantco. It destroys Worms
b cures DIai rhoca ami AVInd
Trouhlcs, cures Constlpittlou
atcs tho Pood, regulates tho
tr healthy n-.d natural slcon.
Rio Mother's Friend.
8 Always Bought
Signaturo of
ver 30 Years.
nn.v aTH(iT, NtwVonK city.
The Youth's Companion
FOR. 1901
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200 Storle- by the moit popul-r writers of Fiction,
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THE new volume of Thcp;Companlon
the 75th will reflect the endeavors
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all literary periodicals for every member
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Heroism," will be but one of the many
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An automatic window which closes
itfolf at tho approach of fire has been
presented by August Niedermeyer, of
Milwaukee, Wis.
8100 ltKWAItD S100.
Tbo readers of this paper will bo pleased to
learn that tbero Is at leant one dreaded dUcaso
ih.rttf ipnpn haa been able to euro In all Its
stages, and that lscatarrb. Ilall'sCntarrh Cure
la tho only positive cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of tbo system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up tho constitnt'on and
assisting nature in ooing its worn, ine pro
prietors have so much faith in Its curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars
lor any case that it falls to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. Address
r. J. uiienuy & co., Toieao, o.
Tho census bulletin confirms the
truth of tho statement that tho growing
American cities are those whero manu
facturing can bo carried on economic
ally. Stops tho Cough and
Works Off tho Cold.
Laxative liro'iio-Quiuiue Tablets cure
a cold in ono day. Ho cure, No Pay.
Price 25 cents.
Bold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Familr I'llls are thf boat-
An electric canal service is to be
maintained ' between Cincinnati and
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth
!rg Syrup the best remedy to use for thrlr
children during the teething period.
Tho Mediterranean squadron of tho
French navy is being equipped with
wireless telegraph instruments.
Experts calenlato that the Transvaal
war has cost each great London daily
newspaper about 00,000.
There Is no other ink "just as good" ax
Carter's ink. There H only one ink that
is best of all uud that is Carter's Ink.
Use it.
The French government considers its
postal system rather in the light of a
source of revcune than as a public ser
vice, which is obvions from the fact
that it cleared about 93,000,000 francs
($17,049,000) prolit through it lost
llKI.T H'ANllil),
WAXTKD 1li-n nnd waitiif-n of gnoA
clittrnctr to ri-pri-amit tHlillllml hotiaa.
on anlarv; aplHiidltl titirtuillty Ad
itrraa 1. O. Itox 587, I'ortlnml, Oregon.
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The Famous German Wood Preserver)
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following: distributing- agents: Perfection Pile Preserving- Co., Seattle,
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Spread of Germs Through the Human
Syateiu Instantly Checked by
a nnops."
"5 DROPS" Is a germ killer; a preventive
of disease; a builder of nerve force; a maker
of pure blood; ol healthy tissue. Where It is
used there can be no disease. It Is a natural
foe to germ life. Left to themselves, without
adequate measures ol prevention, the germs
which enter the weak human system multiply
so rapidly that their numbers become beyond
human comprehension, destroying the struc
tures of the body until death comes to the vic
tim's relief. "0 lHO 18, " If taken In time.
Is an absolute preventive of disease. IT Is the
only absolute cure for Rheumatism, driving
out of the system forever the urle acid and
other Impurities which cause It In Its various
iorms. it is lancu up at once Dy ine Diooa,
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times more effective. You should never be
without It. Secure a bottle today. You will
then be on the safe side. "B liropa" is harm
less and can be used by a child as u ell as by an
adult. It la uaed with unfailing effect III I
tho following dlaeaseat Itlimi iintlam,
Sciatica, liBekanhi-, Nurnlgl, Gout,
Dyspepsia. Aathinn, liny fever. Ca- f
tarrli. Croup, 1. 11 Grippe, Liver anil Kid
ney Troubles, Sli-eplesaueaa, Nnrvous
11. sa, Nervous nnd Neuralgic Headaches,
Karache, Toofliaolie, Heart Weakness,
l'arulyils, Creeping Numbness, Ktc.
Gentlemen: I want to tell you what your
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vere drawn so I could not open them, nor
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My husband had me try every medicine he
could hear of and I still suffered untold agon
ies. Nothing I could get would ease my pain,
until last November one of my neighbors had
Rheumatism so bad he could not walk. He
tofd my husband about "a Drops" curing
him, so be cot me a dollar bottle, and in threo
weeks I walked without a cane and could use
my hands, something I had not done for two
years. I give all the praise to "5 Drops."
My neighbors know that I was at death's door.
Now I nave used four bottles of "6 Drona"
and can do my work with eaie. I am still tak
ing it sometimes. If ihls will do any good to
ward getting suffering people to use "5
Drops," use this as you please?. It nny one
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uriur uiti next iu uays, to enable
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wonderful of all remedies, we will
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ceint ol 4c. to nay noataeo. Airnnta
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WIVoIUFh pension
BICKFORi'. Withlnoton. O. C. thev will re.
celve Quick retiliea. il Mh N. II. Vols, stuff
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
JOHN POOLE. PortTiMun, Obeooit,
can give you the best bargains In general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts nnd windmills. Tho new
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lTCIUNU Piles produce moisture and cause Itching.
This form, as well aa Ultod. Ulredlng or Protruding
Piles are curedbr Dr.Boaanko's Pile Remedy.
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Jaratdrngglttsorsentby mall. Treatise free. Write
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Don't Stop Tobacco Suddenly
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and noil tics you when to stop. Sold with a
guarantee that three boxes will cure any ense.
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CiiKNica. Co., La Crosse, Wis.
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Mitchell, Iiewis & Stavep Go.
A guaranteed Cure for Catarrh and
Consumption, l.00. 1) Lock ilox 145,
W. H. SMITH & CO., Euffilo, M.Piop's.
Have in ado Dtopiy apil its com
ulloations aBBtoiil.vlor twontv
( years with tlia moat wonderftt
success, uavacureumany tuous-
anu cases,
Sox H, Atlanta, Os.
N. P, N. U.
.So, 40 -IUOO.
W1IKN writing ti.
mention. Una pui
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