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Let us dream-let us sing by the, way,
v.u m uui lor a uayi '
XllO WOrlll U niWniT l.ornl. ,n Mill
With ever the sweetest ot songs for you,
And answered shall be the prayers we
"Sorrow Is but for a dayl"
The rivers In music say,
"Sorrow la Imf rr ..
The bills and the rills the song repeat-
lO the listening vlnlnla nf vnnr fpet.
And the high stars sing on their heaven
ly way:
"Sorrow is hut for a dayl"
It is but for a day for a day;
It will fade It will vanish away;
And over the darkest the thorniest sod.
We shall reap in tbe beautiful lilies of
And the wearisome winters shall blossom
like May
"Sorrow Is but for a dayl"
Frank L. Stanton.
This Is a peculiar boat called "a warping barge" that Is In use on Ilrltlsh
Columbia rivers. Navigation on many of these streams Is obstructed by falls mid
rapids over which It is Impossible for a boat to pass. The Alligator crawls around
these obstructions in the manner shown in the picture. It Is a Ihtt-bottonird
craft with a strong winch and cable In the bow. When It is necessary for the
boat to make a trip overland the cable is carried out ahead and hitched to a tree,
the steam winch is started, and the winding in of the cable pulls the boat ahead.
5 A ThunHAf Chnumr O
wm s I w tr VI M
rp HE sun was shining brightly
1 1 when Lucy Manning went down
w town, .and It was oppressively
not, but she looked dainty and cool in
ber crisp milled lawn and white lint.
Having bought a few yards of ribbon,
a shirtwaist, "marked down to half,"
and an lco-cream soda, she started
homo. The trolley car was almost
empty nnd she took a corner seat, near
the front.
Suddenly the sky grew dark, light
ning flashed, thunder roared, and rain
came down in torrents. The conductor
struggled nobly with the curtains, but
before Lucy's were down she was wet
through. She looked at her gown sor-
best friend, nnd of course he was nice
to Grace. And be wouldn't tell Snm's
secret even to clear himself. O, dear,
"Mr. Fulton, ma'am; come for bis
coat," said a maid, at the open door.
"I'll see him, Nora."
Lucy gathered the great coat In her
arms nnd carried It to the drawing
"Miss Manning," said Lawrence, as
habits and hygiene," nnd also practical
work In civics. "This course alms di
rectly nnd pertinently to equip the citi
zen with nn understanding of the chief
social, Industrial and llnnnclal prob
lems before the public, ns well ns with
a practical knowledge of the operations
of government."
Just before election time every year
nntlonnl, State or local tickets are nom
inated or those of the outside world are
he came forward, "why didn't you send adopted. Each classroom Is divided
It down by Nora? It was Inexcusable Into ns ninny parts ns there are parties
for mo to leave It on your hands, but I represented In the class, and the parties
forgot all about it." vie with each other In decorating their
"About me, too?" asked Lucy with a sections. The enthusiasm runs high
blush. and boys and girls alike take nn active
Lawrence started. "Lucy, what do interest In nil the proceedings. The day
you mean?" before election' day the school Is closed
'What I said. Did you forget me?" early and the entire school participates
"My every thought was of vou. In the election. The school authorities
"Well, I forgive you, Lawrence.
don't like quarrels."
erect Australian voting booths, and In
spectors nnd policemen and Justices are
appointed, girls ns well as boys otllcln-
Lawrence was wise enough to accent ting In nil of these capacities, even to
"forgiveness," and to assumo that It being policemen, in n mimic way an
covered last night's offense ns well ns the details of an election In the outside
to-day's." t world are observed and the result an
By nnd by Lucy asked curiously, nounced to tbe school. A. M. Garrlng
"How did you happen to be carrying ton, the professor of civics, nnd the see-
that heavy coat on this hot day?" retnry of the school both state that the
"O. that's easy enough, dear. I was Blrls taue fully ns much interest in tno
bringing It home from the ofllco for preliminary campaign and in the actual
mother to pack away in enmnhor or voting ns do the boys. bprlugileld,
something. She asked me to do it way Mass., Republican,
last April.'
Little One Often Shipped AcroM Colin
wimi. n... l.itnr through train pulled
Into the Union station with a hlssltiK
ami roaring of steam and wneeis u u
the army of tired passengers hurriedly
debarked nnd hastened for thu gates
one. of the train porters whistled and
called to a uniformed attendant who
wnu wiilllnir In t'ltrrv handbags to tho
'Oh. Mill," called the porter, "hero a
couple of 'tags.' Ulmnio a luimi.
iintvii iin ntiin stt'iis of the car
helped u tiny boy of (I years ami turned
him over to thu attendant while ho
reached up again for n little girl about
two years older. They were piniuij
Imt iii.ntlv dressed and from the lad
cont and the little girl's dress depended
iitioii thu breast of each a common snili
ping tag, which twirled nnd Muttered
lu the breeze. The nttemiani lurueu u
over to read the directions.
"Davenport via Itoek Island." he re
neated. "All right. Tom. Is tho trans
portation all right?"
"I'Mne and daisy." said tho porter,
"Thrntmh from New York, llavu to
Htnke Hi. 'in to the bus fare, though, I
"I'll tlx that with O'Brien," volun
teered tho attendant. "He'll haul 'em
over to tho ltoek Island nil right."
All this time tho two children had
been standing patiently waiting to see
what would be done next with them
gnzlug round wonderlngly nt tho big
train shed, the hurrying crowds and
the panting engines. Taking a hand of
each, the attendant led them towurd
the waiting-rooms and they trotted
along ns eonildlngly as though they had.
known him all their brief lives.
'You come right along with me." said
the railroad man In a soothing way
"and we'll see about getting something
to eat. Are you hungry?"
"Yes, sir," piped both children.
"Well. well, we'll have to llx that
up." went on the man In tho blue mil
form. "Come right along lu here," and
he turned toward the lunch-room,
Just like a man," commented his
fiancee, sagaciously. Chicago Tribune.
lrnjet' Urcnnizatlons Have a Leiral
btanUinc in New Zealand.
'.trade and labor are organized
throughout New Zealand, nnd as such
are recognized nnd legalized by the
state In the act of 1S94, says the Lon
don Daily Mail. The very title of that
act, though not changed, .originally ran:
How Mall Matter Is Taken Care of on
tbe Ultt Ocean Llneri).
A work with which but few persons
are familiar is that performed by the
men of the postal department of the
big ocean liners. Twelve hours foi
each of six or seven days occupied in 1
passage, they labor on a pitching, toss.
lug vessel In a small space about fifteen
feet square nnd three stories high.
Electric lights gleam night and day In
tho compartment 'where the postal
rowfully; the color was running; It was
ruined. She minded the gown's plight
more than her own.
"What a -pity," she said to herself; "I
was sure that t would wash."
Just then a tall, good-looking young
man appeared at her side.
"Good-morning, Miss Manning," he
said; "pardon me If I offer you my over
coat. You will .catch cold In that thin
gown, I am afraid." '
Lucy drew herself up haughtily. "No,
thank you, I shall do very well as I
"But I Insist," and Lawrence Fulton
dexterously wrapped the coat around
her. Then be sat down on the same
seat, but so far away as to be almost In
- a puddle. Lucy eyed him furtively,
"I don't care if he does get wet,'
thought she. "Mean thing. I wonder
how he happened to have his overcoat
with him this hot day."
Presently ber conscience began to
trouble her. "Mr. Fulton," she said
"why don't you sit farther over this
way? You are In the wet."
"I am perfectly comfortable, Miss
Manning, thank you."
"That's absurd," answered Lucy,
"You are almost In a puddle."
"It doesn't matter," said Lawrence,
"Nothing matters now," he added, half
under Ids breath. But Lucy heard him
although she gave no sign.
The car sped three blocks, but neither
of the young people said another word,
At Superior street Lawrence arose,
bowed, and left the car.
"Goodness," exclaimed Lucy, almost
aloud, "he has left his overcoat." But
the car was already nt Chicago avenue.
When Lucy arrived at her gettlng-off
place the ram bad ceased. She emerged
from the overcoat a much-bedraggled
object. "I feel like a freak," she said
to herself, impatiently, as she walked
two blocks In her wet and spoiled
finery, with the heavy overcoat on her
arm. The sun had come out again and
added to her misery.
Arrived at home, arrayed in dry gar
ments, and, happily, feeling none the
worso for her wetting, she ruefully
Bnrveyed the overcoat.
"I suppose I must send It back; he
will never como for It after last night."
Sho shook It out, preparatory to fold
ing it, nnd a long white glove fell to the
"Why, there's the glovo I lost last
winter at tho McDonald's dance," Lucy
cried. "Stupid boy, to take it and car
ry Jt around." But her heart softened
a little. "That' was tho night after ho
asked mo to marry him. O, wo had
such a good time nt that dance."
"Lucy, have you heard the news?"
cried a younger sister, bursting into the
room. "Grace Anderson is engaged to
Mr. Worthy,"
Lucy gasped. "Who told you, Molly?"
"Grace herself. She was hero this
morning. I can't stay to talk now. I
want to tell Frances," nnd tho impetu
ous young lady whisked herself away.
"And to think td think that I sent
Lawrence away because I thought that
he and Grace were were too much
together. Sam Worthy Is Lawrence's
"An act to encourage the formation of
Industrial unions;" and the whole bpirlt clerks work, for it Is hard enough to de-
of the movement is that both employers cipher the addresses on the foreign mall
anu workmen should form their unions matter, even In tho light of years of
and associations on representative lines
under the provisions of the net, and
that all questions should be dealt with
by the unions and societies up to a cer
tain stage, and then brought by them,
and them only, before the boards of
conciliation, and .ultimately, if neces
sary, to the arbitration court.
Tne trade and Industrial unions of
New Zealand are required to comply
with all the ordinary business safe
guards which should surround the cor
porate bodies which they form, and then
but not till then they are registered
by the state and placed In a position to
act and be heard In Industrial disputes.
Penalties are attached to all breaches of
the provisions controlling the unions,
and In some cases to enforce the award
experience. The sea postal service Is
now lu Its tenth year and Is In opera
tlon on twelve trans-Atlantic vessels. It
has proven such a success and is of so
great an advantage In expediting the
foreign Snails that the government Is
considering the establishment of the
service In other vessels.
The postal clerks are usually located
In a small room below the berth deck
with low ceilings and narrow berths,
In this compartment the separation
racks arc placed. The compartment ot
the racks are labeled with the principal
cities of the country towards which the
vessel Is bound, and It Is' the duty of
the postal clerk to have all the mall
delivered to the ship upon leaving port
ready for distribution when Its destina-
if m . hi
"We've got auother dollar yet," said
the girl In a motherly way, taking out
an old purse from her dress pocket Be-
At...I.Iko A..I,,,,,, '
"mli.ieiil Hon i! V'll,-ltl.
mlng the war lu T t?fr
miitiHtng mmi bm,!,,v.M., A'Hca n
"H'HtiiK mad boiilcva i-d .' ,ftlc
ti ii 1 1 .mil, i nr I in,.
tlmtthulirl hlu;:j
ooiiH ami uvn gm-. ' V?H
Hours. l''rai.W) .!,,.,;;, , " Kl'l l
him, although hor eyes wore nhlnlajf
with (ears.
"Well, give them this anyhow," mild
tho old man, Mllpplnu; a dollar Into Hill's
hand; "they may need It boiiio place."
"Suio 1 will," Hiild tho attendant, anil
the old couplo hurried away to catch u
train, after giving ouo last loolt at tho
little Dues solemnly munching their
When tho meal wan ended thu llttlo
ones were taken Into thu laillua' wait-lug-room
and turned over to tho ma
tron, another motherly woman, who
was used to taking euro of llttlu ones
traveling with "lugs." They woru In
troduced to tho washroom nnd llxed up
a bit after thulr long rldo and then iiu
tiu.v bud a wait of Kovornl hours bo-
fore tho other train was duo to leave,
thuy slumbered peacefully In " comer
of thu room behind a screen. Mean
while Ulll had "llxed It" with O'Hrlen,
the 'bus driver, that they wero to tu
whisked over to tho other depot with
out charge, that there might lo no pos
sibility of their getting lost on thu
streets or street cats, and u few niln-
......i iw.riit.ii ill., ifiii'u iuiiiiiii iiiiiii linn , . r 111111 ui'iiui ill iiui ... .
Ill-n linmv "V ...ti, III tn
ready to pull out they wero turned In tlienniuu of thi.(j,i f sv "p fc
over to another friendly rniiroau man, ny leaving tbu nngon with
. . . ..i i i Hi. .inH mm I'tiiimi uiim in tiitiH....
WHO HlU't'll uimi v..."- j .... ... v...,,M. ,,l a uioiikiiy
tho jitU'Ulum or uiu conuiiuiur mm uu munvwi uint the oonv.
"'"ii y.. ror it m.,1,,, ""'""J
ingsliorlngoor,,,,,,, " "hj
The on tin. y
tlmtonullrituh vg, ,;,ot,f(
"" hi nave ..,:,;; tTt H
nioiiHo baboon as tm. oiiip.I? ",J J
lo had ih. ... ' V of 111
1..HI. ...... I
A' uini'i linn; I'llllil ii.. .1 .. .
took him under Mh p .rffi
wiw not I(.m iu.r. ' ""'""ri.
lml made ' ' ' "'""M
after tho first ongag,., ' 7 d
ikihIIIv.. .1..H..I.. i. .. I'O look!
...; ,: Ult' "omul f.:,
Ing thu Vnnl Ulvr. " ,r ,eH
rodo tip to the ..Hirer- ,lf J,
V.'sand demanded. , , 0 "'Ml
brakenuiii to them.
'Keep an eye on 'em," snld tno in
hllll IlllKHlMl Uu, r "KWMItl
. m,ll .., .,
... . .1
tendiint to tnu liriiiieumii, nun uu mini , .y
he would. So good an eye did Uo keep ,
on them that before tho train left half
thu people In thu car knew thu llttlu
ones wore traveling alonu from an or-1
plum asylum to a Htraugu bomu lu thu i
West, ami they were loaded down wiiu
annles and popcorn and other truck.
One woman Insisted on renting n pillow
from the porter for thu llttlu lad; an
other bought a pictorial magnr.lno for
the girl, and by thu tlinu tbu train pull'
ed out the homuluss waifs were as com
fortnble as kind lunula and looso change
could make them. Thu brakuman look
ed on from thu door.
I only hopu the kids will bu na lucky
wherever they land," hu said to tho
tralnboy, and then they rolled out foi
thu West Chicago Chronicle.
ue b
A policy of Insurance against loss or
damage by wludHtoruiH, cyclones or tor
nadoes Is held, lu Holmes vs. I'hoculx
usurancu Company (C. C. A. 8th C),
7 L. It. A. 'MS, not to cover damngo
by hall.
t.'nllnri. In ntiMnt nr i-nfiirro nil nrdlll-
uce prohibiting the riding of bicycle 1 k"8 BM lllc'i' rol,t'1 on "nil hotdlnrn,
on sidewalks Is held, lu Jones vs. Will- 10 mowiuio nrtieii-s that were tone
liiiiiHlmrir fVn.l. .17 L. It. A. 11)1. itlHUf- "P '' down wildly, an the win
Ik-lent to umkua municipality liable for ' n,0"K me rocky road,
Injury to a person struck by a blcyclu j l iok anerwani the monkey ;
ridden on the sldewnlk. i ""? wml "" "icu in the Maxladi
boon, who bad stuck to the wijjj
wus working bravely, picking
of the court they are heavy, the max!
mum belng500 for each union, and fall
lng tho recovery of this there falls a
maximum liability of 10 on each mem
ber of It.
Tho effect of this registration Is to
make tho union and all Its members
subject to the Jurisdiction established
by the act, and although the registra
tion may be cancelled on tho applica
tion of any union, this Is done under
due safeguards; and no cancellation is
permlted during the progress of any
conciliation or arbitration proceedings
nffecting tho union which applies.
Neither docs such cancellation relievo
any union or Its members from obliga
tions incurred Jn any previous award of
the court. No workman may leave his
work, or employer lock out his work
men during a dispute.
Urooklyn School Which Snccessfully
'I euchcB Iloth Hoys nnd Girls.
Tho high school department of Pratt
Institute, Brooklyn, claims In its cata
logue "to lit boys and girls for Intelli
gent citizenship." This Is not an Idle
claim, for beside tho ordinary work of
high schools the course Includes
efliclcnt manual training, scnslblo phys
ical development, with "separate lec
tures to boys and girls upon, personal
lion is reached. On ono aide of the
room is a separation table on which
registered packages aro sorted and
which holds a small pair of scales fox
weighing them and stamps for marking
supplementary mall.
One deck below, reached by a narrow
companion way, aro the newspaper
racks-great Iron gridirons with b,i
yawning sacks of canvas suspended be
neath. Into these pouches the third
nnd fourth class mall matter Is thrown
with marvelous precision and rapidity.
A trap d6or In tho third floor leads to
the collar of the floating postotllce, one
deck lower, and hero the bags of mall
are deposited when tho ship leaves port.
An fast as a dozen or so aro emptied by
tho men at the separation table and
distributed at tbe cases, another bunch
Is hauled up. Thus hour after lmnr i
fair weather and foul, toll tho men who
earn their livelihood by facilitating the
exchange of news, of business mmtn
and other expressions of the human
emotions. It Is no sinecure to bold the
position of postal clerk and great ex
perience is necessary to enable one to
till the place properly. Tho worth
good men Is appreciated and tho mr.
eminent pays well for service In this
Tho hand that grasps too much hold.
but little.
side thu long, folded blue tickets was
paper dollar,
"Never you mind about that dollar,
said their guide. "You'll probably need
tuat before you get to Davenport."
The little boy had not said a word
He was evidently either In a daze over
the whole affair or supremely coufldent
that everything was all right In tho
lunch-room half a dozen trainmen were
stirring their coffee nnd a uumber of
passengers were snatching a bite to
"What you got, Bill?" asked a brake
man. "lliose jour famllv?'
"No; a couple of kids going to Daven
port on tags," said BUI. "Bright-look
ing youngsters, ain't they?"
they were helped up on the stools
nnd while a waitress set forth a lot of
things to eat ono of tho passengers, a
wime-uaireu om gentleman with his
I wife hanging ou his nrm, was attracted
oy tue oud-iooklug tags
"What are these for?" he asked tho
iraiu attendant.
. i. .. ..i.i,.,
kju, must.- cniiurcn are being sent
from New York to Davenport and tho
roms down East tagged 'em so they
nuuiuu i but, iosj, explained tho rail
roan man.
"Do you mean thnt these babies aro
traveling alone?" demanded tho old
"Oh, ryes. It's quite common," said
Bill. "Wo get 'em every month or so "
"Poor little dears!" exclaimed tho
mouieny om woman, watching tho big
round eyes with which the bov ni,
served the preparations for bronkrnt
"Where are their parents?" asked tho
uiu gemieman.
"Dead, I guess," ventured the train,
man. "Anyhow, they'ru belne shinnmi
from nn orphnn asylum In New York
to a farmer in Iowa who adonted 'om
They'll be all right," ho added, as ho'
uw me iook or coucern on the faces of
the old couple. "The boys will take
Ul "mug uie line. You see
most of tho boys have got kids nf thnil
mtrn nn.l (I, .'.. l , .
" " r ' " BUCU R "uslncss
mm iney never can tell whnt'll happen
to 'em or when It's golnc to striim
they have n soft heart for orphans and
they keep nn eye out for 'em."
uy this time tho children worn .n
Ing Into the breakfast with a win ,i
a thought was suggested to tho old gen
tlemnu. who seemed to bo qulto work
ed up over the situation.
"Let mo pay for this check," he sug.
gested, putting his hand In his pocket
...... , ,c. aoesn.t unnpL,n
too often, you know, and I can stand It
once In a while, 'causo I've got kids of
my own. m tlx 'em up for the 'bus
rldo to the other depot, too "
Tho old man nnd his wife looked at
each other and sho nodded brightly to
A State hospital created for purely
government purposes under the exclu
sive ownership and control of thu Statu
Is held, lu Mala vs. Eastern State Hos
pital (Va.), 47 L. U. A. r377, to be not
liable for Injury to an Inmate by neg
ligence of the persons lu charge.
An ordinance penal to re
ceive Intoxicating liquors Into a munic
ipality without paying n specific tax
for the privilege of so doing, although
the liquors may havu been lawfully
purchased elsewhere, Is held, in Hen
derson vs. Heywnrd (Ga.), 47 L. It. A.
tIGU, not to bu authorized by the general
welfare clause in thu municipal char
ter. A provision In an fnsurauco policy
against other Insurance Is held, In Uni
ted Firemen's, Insurnnco Comixiny vs.
Thomas (C. C. A. 7th C), 47 L. U. A.
450, sufficient to override nny supposed
agreement to consent to such other In
surance, which Is based on the fact that
the Insurance agent knew of the Inten
tion to procure It wheru the agent was
nn Insurance broker noting for tho In
sured. A statute denying the owner of land
nny recovery for trespass thereon by
animals unless he has Inclosed the
premises by n lawful fence Is upheld
in .May vs. roindexter (Va.), 47 L. It. A
iiii-iiiuuui wnen tnu iioer attititc
fiercely. A terrible lire was imttiH
on them, and the colonel and mmj
men fell mortally wounded, Jocko, bl
stead of scampering nwny. Imitated t!
action of the survivors and mf.i
cover. "Ho found It behind nn uptorwi
leainer bucket, nnd remained tbl
showing no fear, but taking lafialtj
pains to keep out of the way of proje
This exploit made him a popular fil
vorlte with the entire army corp. "1
the men oven excused him when im
discovered, during nn arduous mini
In bent and dust, that .locko bad focraJ
out how to unscrew the stopper! of u
canteens, and that he had drtmk cr!
wasted nlmost nil the water of the nfi
C88, against the contention that It do-
prlves him of property without duo
process of law. But such a statute Is
held to bo no defense to one who drives
his cattle on to another's land beennso
It Is not fenced.
Executive officers of the State gov,
eminent are held. In State ex rel. Now
unenns Canal & B. Co. vs. Heard
(La.). 47 L. It. A. BI2. to have no right
to dccllno tho performance of mtrolv
ministerial duties on tho ground that
the statute Imposing them contravenes
tno constitution. With this case is a
note on the unconstitutionality of a
statute as a defense ngalnst mandamus
to compel lta enforcement.
Now Wuy of Killing Hats.
Tho extermination of rats bv tho nn.
plication of a bacteriological process
has recently been suggested nt tho pn.
teur Institute of Paris. It is snld a
microbe has been found which wilt
produce a deadly pestilence when In
troduced into a population of rata ami
cause their annihilation, or, at least,
mako them a negligible quantity. Tho
bacillus In question was deriv...! fmm
field mlco suffering from a snontnn.
eous epidemic disease, and by elaborate
processes of repeated culturo was
transmitted through a series nf mi
nnd rats. It Is reported thnt In r,n
per cent of the experiments there wns
ii cowpieio disappearance of the rats
that In 80 per cent their numw
ly decreased, while In 20 per cent tho
method failed. 1 10
On Hor Now Dress.
"Hero, waiter, you have nhni. .
threo consommes Instcnd of iw v.
sir; there Is tho one I snllled on .!
amo's dress."-Journal Arausnnt.
Whllo women admh-o truth in
they aro not pleased with th fM,n,fi!
ncss that leads him to admit that ho
has been In love before.
There Is a kind of a woman thai
every rnan hatea at sbrht
A Dccrcime, cm tit Allium-, Blnee tbi
I.unt Ccnaim Not tue l.'ulf.
Tho population of the capital cltle
3f two .States, New York and Nebralc,
la less at present, according to the cen
Sim reports, than ten years neo, Al
3iiuy'n present population, UI.OOO. showi
a decline of 772 compared with 1890,
ami Lincoln's present iwpulatlon, 4V
0OO. shows a decline of ROSS. TblJ
fact has suggested that State capital
throughout the United State inaylme
declined lu population- such Is not the
case. Thus Providence, the capim oi
Hhode Island, has gained 23 per cent b
population during the last ten K3r,;(
Hartford. Conn., hns Increased from
Kl.000 to nearly 80,000, or 50 per ctM
Trenton, N. J has Increased from oi,
000 to 7:1.000. a train of 27 tier cent, !:
Columbus, Ohio, Increased from 83,000
to 125,000, a gain of 42 per cent.
In fact, considering that the capita"
of American States havo been And
chlollv with reference to their
graphical situation and without refer1
ence to their facilities for business com-
m nlcatlon with other places, it is caiw
for surprise that American caplWJ
should show bo largo an Increase ,
year. Thus Indianapolis, tho capital o
Indiana, almost exclusively dependeni
upon railroad connections,
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lation In ten years, a gain of more baa
50 per cent, nnd 0 per cent greater tnw
Clovelnnd'H and 00 per cent greaw
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canltnl of 'Iown. has increased in w
years 2-1 per cent in population. "
rlsburg, tho capital of Pennsylvan
tins increnBeu ou per ci.-".. ,
capital of Colorado, shows n gain
25 per cent; St. Paul, Minn., n gain 01
23 per cent, nnd Salt Lnito w
'4 CI
23 per cent, nnu mm i""" Wo,h.Bk ,
of 10 per cent. Itlchmond and Na n M
vllle, tho capitals of Virginia and 1C. H
'nossee, show a considerable gam
population, and Topeka, the cP"PJ
Kansas, shows 8 per een J N
though census fl8" 'df "tK
falling off in tho populn o IdJJ
atnt Trenton, tho capital of V B"
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Jorsoy, has gained more i'"''"" jer-BWi
iy during tho last ton years than
soy Qlty.-Now York Sun. y
Norway a Khy C"whleb ffe
mi,. nl TUnrfincnn C0UHW7 " . ,. WE
has a lower death rate than "
Norway. - .
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