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Published Every Friday.
Comprehensive Ilovlow of the Import
ant Happening of tho Pat Week
Culled From ttioTolouraph Columni.
actlvo iu tho
Wliito blaakhurrios and green i-opcb
have been propagated iu Loueiuaa this
Sovonty-two new coal minoa liavo
boon opened in Prussia this year, in
creasing the output for 1000 by 2,500,
000 tons.
Wbat promises to bo the best apple
crop in tho history of Canada not
merely tho quantity, but quality ia
now fast approaching tho harvest sea
The United Statos has answered
French note.
Roosevolt donouncod tho Deomcratic
Issuo of militarism.
British ministerialists hold 357 soats
and tho opposition 205.
Horso buyers for German govarn
ment aro in Eastern Oregon.
A gonoral uprising ia oxpotted iu
tho so'uthorn provinces of China.
Mgr. Chapello argues for retention of
church property in tho Philippines.
An eight-year-old boy cf llosoburg,
Or., was killed accidentally while play
ing with a rifle.
One man was killod and 12 injured
in a riot in tho anthracite region at
llazloton, Pa.
Mrs. Ann Jane Darrah, of Liberty.
Or., an aged and blind womau, wai
burned to death.
Thomas Sheridan, 50 years old, a la
borer employed in a shinglo mill at
Fairhaven, Wash., was run over by a
train and killed.
The American marines from Pokin
have arrived at Takn, where they will
be joined by tho Tien Tsiu battalion,
and sail on the Indiana for Cavite.
The wife of a minister at Atchison,
Kan., jumped into a cistern with her
S-ycar-old child and both wore
drowned. The woman was insane.
A cablegram received from Commissioner-General
Peck, at Paris, contains
an announcement of final results ob
tained at tho exposition by the coun
tries in the way of awards. The Unit
ed States received 2,475 awards; Ger
many, 1,826; Great Britain, 1.117;
Russia, 1.413. Tho United States
leads not only in the crand total, but
also in all grades of awards, from
grand prizes to merely honorable mon
tion. Referring to the mooted purchase of
tho Danish West Indies by the United
States, the Copenhagen correspondent
of the Daily Telegraph says: "Tho re
newed negotiations will result, I be
lieve, in tho purchase. The opposition
party in the Danish parliament favors
the transaction, but urge's tho govern
ment to obtain a larger price than the
United States has previously offered.
It is understood that America wishes
to use St. Croix as a naval coaling
Bryan concluded bis tour of Illinois,
Cecil Rhodes will re-enter politics,
The empress dowager is said to be
Roberts will name his own succes
ror. Colville Indian reservation is opened
for settlement.
Roosevelt spoke to an immense audi
ence in St. Louis.
Ciihada will soil crown mining
clams in Klondike.
General Brooke urges reorganization
of the army on modern lines.
Conger has prepared a list of Chinese
officials that should be punished.
Idaho Soldiers' Homo was destroyed
by fire. One inmate was suffocated.
The American Biblo Society fur
nishes a list ot missionaries killod by
General MacArthur reported to the
war department that the transport
Rosecraus and tho , transport Argylo
arrived at Manila with Light Batteries
O nnd M, Seventh artillery, Majoi G.
G. Greenough.
P. II. Gilbooloy, counsol for the
Klizabethport, N. J., Banking Com
pany, announced that William Sohiio
ber, a miesing olerk of the bauk, was a
dofaulter to the amount of $50,000,
and that tho bank directors had made
good the aomunt of tho sliortage.
Lord George Hamilton, seoretary of
state for India, has received the tal
lowing from Lord Curzon: "The gen
eral condition of crops is excellent,
and except in a pait of Bombay famine
conditions are disappearing. The to
tal number on tho relief list has fallen
to 2,740,000."
Tho American Bridge Company
closed a contract to furnish all of the
structural steel to bo used in the erec
tion of a big arsenal at Kure, Japiiu,
Iho money valuo ef the contract is be
tween $250,000 and $300,000. It
will require six months to turnish the
material, and it must bo delivered at
Kure within a year.
Oflloials of the North German Lloyd
Steamship Company at Now York City
bavo awarded u contract for a monu
ment to be ereotod in a plot owned by
the oompany in a cometery in North
Hudson, in memory of tho persons who
lost their lives in the great firo that
destroyed tho piers and stoamors of the
company at Hoboken, on June 30 last.
Bnller will return to England.
Germany accepts France's proposal
Immense (lold of coal has boon dis
covered in Alaska.
Reformers defeatod
army on East river.
Tho Boors aro vory
Kroonstadt district.
Russians tako tho first step on the
right bank of tho Amur.
Lord Alverstono will bo tho now lord
chief justico of England.
Mexican troops aro having a hard
campaign against Indians.
Captain Shlolds and his 51 mon were
rescuod from tho Filipinos.
A milk combine has boun fotmed by
milkmen of Vancouver, B. C
Roosevolt conolnded his Kentucky
tour with a spcoch in Covington.
Tho rebellion in Southoru China is
anti-dynastic rather than anti-foreign.
Yellow fovor is expected to increase
Therefore Thev Aro Unable
tho imperial i , to Meet Strikers.
Statement From the Standpoint of the
Owner nnd Opcritor-Sy Miner1
Union Mint Not lo Too Tnr.
i.i.....inrlnir nnd I'.tllowlitB
live Tneue'
ii- rv.i 1 K Tim west coast
noil. Tho rebel ImlroiiM no""1
unlorlng. tho disturbers following
oEv lactic,, raiding and attack
?"g and then returning to the gurr o
d towns, while tho Americans
thorn to tho mountains. Genera J
ilea's ollloors aro surrendering
soldiers, attempting to escape to bam.r
in boats, am being captured, am
organization broken up. Tho oapturcil
guerrillas and ladronus, when qiios-
Swooping Evory thing Bofbro
Thorn in South China.
ft,,,. V..f Army U I"V.IIm:
l-rereel I 'Uy r Hul
Autlvlly I" ChiiIuii.
How KI.K, Ool. 17.-Sii Vnl Sen.
1 s MssKfrsiaEE T-srriis
.).... .l..t... 1 llitifr nil till!
Scranlou, Pa., Oot. 10. In rospouso 80 AMU,ricrtns stacked 45 rebels, rllleil
o a request for a statement
viows on tho auswor of tho
Minoworkcrs to tho operators
lion, r. n. uaiKius, prosuu-m ui mo woumj0, . Twenty meinour i ami. .Woatod
Temple Iron Company, which company Sv-eocoud Infantry, in an engage- ,,,rial troop from C. i to w h lltoil
Is largoly interested in coal mining, to- t 0 tll0 i0t, istant, In Butun ,y tho roiormors
provluco, had ono man Killed ami tour
wounded. . .
Tho Phllippluo commission, of whlon
Judge Taft la president, today passed
!..i,. i.iiio r miiint iiiinortauco, ono
Uliih .
uisht euvo out a somewhat lengthy
statoment, in which ho says iu part:
"Wo will glvo our mon reasouablo
timo to return to work, trusting they
will sco tho mlstako of being guided
in Havana whllo gewera aro being dug. j and intlueucod by men who, however proyjdj,,,. for n civil lnoroaso of salaries
' I1UUUSI HUH MIIUUIU illl'J UIUV uoiu mini nl cnpnrnl llllllltnllllll Oil UllllBl lliu.uit-
, etlorts to benefit tho minors of tho an- Juj, goi,0()i tiachers. appropriating $7,
inraciio reciuu, iiru uunuiu iu nuviau
"oil IioIiil! killed
I . -. . .1 l
I'l... .i.lxlKiia RllV II IHO IMI1V llllliu in
iroat activity In Canton In pr.)mratloii
(or .llHpatohlng troopH to thu dlHturbod
Road improvements has begun in tho
Philippines, with money collected
from customs at Manila, ,
Lorin Poaso, of Hadloy, Mass., died
at the ago of 100. His father livod to
bo 09, and his six brothers and sisters
all passed 70. ,
James Ellis Tuokor has. sailed for
Honolulu to revive tho customs law
and service of tho Hawaiian islands so
as to bring them up to tho standard of
those at homo.
Firo at Herrick, 111., destroyed 10
business houses, causing a loss of $50,
John F. Adams, a patient at the ,
Orecou insane asylum, hauced him- !
I self. I
Li Hung Chang expresses regret for
' recent occurrences and thanks Ameri
Dowet proclaims that burghers who
refuse to fight will be mado prisoners
of war.
A caso of illness, suspected to bo bu
bonio plaguo. is reported at Stepney,
a parish suburb of London.
Records that fell into the hands of
correspondents show that Chinese au
thorities supported the Boxer move
' A dispatch from Port Limon, Colom
bia, says that a serious fiio broke out
and that several prominent commercial
buildings were destroyed.
The sultan of Turkey has leased to
Germany for 80 years the island of
Uroan, in the Red sea, 40 miles north
of Kamaran, for a coaling station.
Full returns as to the wino harvest
throughout Germany for tho year show
that it is moro abundant and of more
excellent quality than for several years
Miss Amanda Fairman, a prominent'
young lady of PhilipsburK, Mont., was
found dead in her room, having been
shot with a shotgun. A shotgun was
lying on the table. The suicide theory
is denied, and it is believed she was
Li Hung Chang ia in Pekin.
Southern Tebels defeated General
Ho's army near San Chun.
The submarine boat Holland has
been placed in commission.
Russia urges that the Chinese in
demnity question be arbitrated.
Coal miners in the stato of Kansas
have won a striko and gone to work.
The members of tho Chilean cabinet
have resigned, owing to a political
The National League baseball season
camo to a close with Brooklyn tho pen
nant winner.
Charles Fargo, second vice-president
of tho American Express Company, if
dead at Chicago.
The Loraine, O., plant of the Federal
Steel Company has been closed, shot
ting out 3,000 men.
The queen regent of Spain will ar
bitrate the differences at present exist
ing between Peru and Chili.
A clergyman of Blair, Neb., convict
ed of bigamy, was sentenced to foui
years in tho penitentiary.
Dysentery is raging among the troops
at Tien Tsin and the German conting
ent will transfer its headquarters to
Ibe steel plants of tho Illinois Steel
Works, at South Chicago, were closed
down, 2,600 men being thrown out ol
A minor official of the Vatican at
Rome has been arrested on tho charge
of giving tho thievos access to the
room from which tho sum of about
850,000 liro was recently stolon.
Striking coal miners will accept the
10 per cent increase in wages offered
by the operators if it lasts all winter.
However, the mon will not resume
work until officially ordered by nnion
In northern Panay, October 12, Com
pany D, Twenty-sixth United States
volunteer infantry, was attacked by a
force of Tngnls. The enemy lost 20
men killod and 40 wounded, while tho
Americana had two men wounded.
Twenty-two prisoners and 12 rifles and
a quantity of ammunition were cap
tured, A colony of 500 Sicilians from Now
Orloans is to leave for Hawaii early in
January, under tho leadership of Father
Nasca, an Italian priest. The colony
will bo in tho employ of an Amorlcan
company, which has largo sugar inter
ests in the Hawaiian islands, Tho
company will build a church, school
and homes for the Sicilians.
I them intelligently nnd for their host
i good.
j "Mr. Mitchell apparently thinks that
the control of thu mining operations
rests in tho hands of ono or two per
sons, notably Mr. Morgan, or tnat thcro
Is a trust of somo sort which can do
cido tho wholo question, whou, as a
matter of fact, there aro onlv three or
four of tho transportation companies in ,
which any one concerned has any in- j
fluence, and tbov do not represent 80
per cent of the whole anthracite ton
nago. More than 100 different com-;
panics and individuals aro interested 1
in mining tho total touuago, and no
ono man can control or have tho slight
est influence over their action. '
"One thing tho companies aro ap-,
parently agreed upon Is that thoy will
not agrco. Efforts have been mado for
yeirs to get somo plan to which all
could agree to control tho tonnage, so 1
that fair prices could bo securod for a ,
product which requires so largo an '
investment of money with such great
risk to tho labor employed, as well as
tho capital employed, but effort after
effort has failed through failuro to
agree on a plan that would not violate
tho laws and to which nil could agree.
"But Mr. Mitchell comes horo and ,
Bays in effect that no miueworkcrs ,
shall go to work until every operator
does just exaclty wbat the other does
and that the Lehigh and Schuylkill :
men must have a new basis before the j
men in the Lackawana and Wyoming
regions can go to work. :
"The United Minoworkers will lay
themselves open it they have not al-
readv done so to the chargo of being ,
the largest and most dangerous trust to J
the public welfare that has over exist
ed and the organization will make the
mistake of all others that of going too '
far and using its power to hurt tho ;
public, as well as those directly interested.
"Our company will be glad to dis'
cusa the matter with
when they aro ready to meet us with a
view of going back to work, without
regard to what Schuylkill operators
may do. The strike has already cost
us a great deal of money, and tho men
much moro, as well as loss of trade,
which wo may not recover in years.
In the meantime soft coal mines are
working night and day filling the place
of anthracite coal."
r.iin .. far flin i-oni trilCUOIl Ot n
garbage crematory at Manila nnd for
tho reorganization ol tho auditor'
Tho Wright bill, asking for $1,000,
000 In gold for tho completion ot
Spain's plans for Manila harbor Im
provements, oltcitcd comment from ono
i representative of. Manila's Intorna
tlonal Chambor of Commoico to tho
I effect that, as tho merchants had long
' beon paying a spocial Impost fund to
this ond, tho merchants should bolong
to tho board controlling tho construe
! Hon; nnd that as tho United States had
collected $3,000,000 since Its ocoupa
Prill'rMII ii f Ciininliell
Tien Tln, Oot. 17. Tho British col.
limn under Lord Campbell, which
onus part ol tho o.xpodllon against
I'ao Ting l'u. "1 tmMuK " duUmr
to tho south of tho Pao Ting rlvor,
reached Tit Liu, on tho grand canal,
vusturday. ,
' Sir KruoBt M. Satow, who succeed"
Sir Claude McDonald as British millili
ter to China, lias utartod for l'uklu.
M. do Glorn, tho IttiKslaii niinlHtor, Ih
tikoly to return soon.
An Appenl t lh Ctnr.
Berlin, Oct. 17. Tho Chinese iiiIiiIh
tor to Uuiwlu. Yang Yu, who visited
Emperor Nicholas at' Llvldla yoBtor
dav Mrongly apjamlod lor tho lnterom-
.!.. ..f ,1... mnimmir ill 111 fllVOr 1111(1
tlo by imposts for harbor improvements, , , (0 llm uttr from Emperoi
l.n fn.ln.l a em lm nnnndSltV for the 1 ' . .1.1. . .....
duueo L'oiiur to show that the
ho failed to soo tho ncconsity ior toe i
appropriation of lusular funds and sug
gested tho uso ol n speolal fund. Tho
discussion was deferrod until Filday.
(llilMiisa ruler mid court aro loss to
blame for tho nntl-forolgn outbreak
than tho Russian omporor had boon led
to boliovo.
Anln Ilrel' Aerompllra Tell ol
tho Amorlrnn Plot.
Now York, Oct. 15. A dispatch to
tho Journal and Advortiser from llomo,
says: Tho anarchist Bortollani, nr-
pl 1 co o f Bros c l , h mX a' confession ei.ict. removing '-"'-'"-
that Princo Tuan Holds tno imperial
ltmrtlntiry Hillrt.
London. Oct. 17. "Since tho Chi
nese court arrived at tho now capital,
.iuan Fu," saya a spocial dispatch from
Shanghai, datod yetciday. "roiotlon-
about anarchist plots,
"I havo known about thoso plots for
a long timo," ho said. "It was I who
sent tho letter to tho crown proseoutor
at Naples, warning him in advance that
Italian anarchists woro coming from
America to kill tho king, but thev paid
no attention to my lotter. At an au
aroblst meeting In Patcrson, N. J.,
seven men were selected to kill kings
and chiefs of states. Ono ol thorn was
allotod to kill MoKlnloy or Bryan dur
ing the presidential campaign. I do
not know tho uamo of the man who
was assigned to this duty. Tho recent
nil l-i !...! l l,..t
v,mcaBo pio wua luuopcuuv. ...... . . . . , . ,, . ...
I beltovo otlior i " .,' - , ..
I uiijucwuus iu uiu jiiini;iiien nut lurm
i by M. Delcasso. It does not assort
Tho Dally Chronlclo has tho follow
ing from Vlonna: "None of tho pow
ers oxcopt Franco anil tho United
States approves tho Itunslan proposal
agalimt China to tho arbitration tribun
al at Tho Hague."
1 (lerinanjr Accept I'ranae'a I'ropnanl.
Borlin, Oct. 17. Tho Berlin Noustfl
1 Nachrichtou says that it understand!
; that Germany's answer to tho note ol
! M. Delcasso, French minister of for
, nign affairs, was dispatched today, and
Thirty Teel Driven Ahore Nova
Scotlu Swept.
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 10. Additional
disasters to shipping on this coast-aro
reported. The known list of vessels
driven ashore now numbers 30, mostly
owned in tho province nnd Newfound
land. The loss all over the country
and in tho neighboring provinces
through terrific rainfalls and washouts
ond damage to orchards and bhildiugs
by heavy winds will bo very many
thousands of dollars.
The Canadian Pacific wires connect
ing Cape Breton with tho rest of Nova
Scotia are completely broken at tho
straits ot uaneo, wnere tne cabio was
fouled by a schooner dragging her an
chor in the recent gale.
Heavy rain is falling agoin today
throughout Nova Scotiu. Rivers and
lakes everywhere aro overflowing and
destroying property. Tllore has been
no Canadian Pacific train from Mon
treal in four days and a serious wreck
of the Sydney express caused by a
washout is reported in Capo Breeton.
The Gloucester schooner Mystery, at
Canto, reports ono man lost at sea.
Manila, Oct. 10. Captain Devo
reaux Shields, who, with 61 mon of
Company F, Twenty-ninth roigment,
United Statos volunteer infantry, was
captured by the insurgents last month
in the island of Marinduqne, was ics
cued yesterday by tho American roscue
force with all the members of hie
The naval board to examine tho old
frigato Constitution has reported to
the navv department that it will cost
about $400,000 to placo that vessel in
condition, such as is contemplated by
tho Boston Patriotio Society, which, is
raising a lund for the rehabilitation of
"Old Ironsides."
hatcbod at Patorson
plots having tho samo object, hove been
organized in tho Unftcd States. An
archists have killed kings and queens,
our employes I now t,,ey Bhould kill a presldout of a
repuuuc to snow mu ivunu uu iur u
archists thero aro neither monarchies
nor republics, and that a king is ns
cheap us a president."
Transport llroke Down.
Seattle, Oct. 15. Major Ruhlen,
assistant quartermaster here, has been
notified by tho quartermaster-general
that the Kangtse, tho freighter under
charter to carry animals and supplies
from Seattle to Manila, has met with
an accident off Singaporo, and will
probably not enter tho government
service. She broko her shaft and is
expected to bo laid up for at least flvo
weeks. As a result of tho accidont to
the Kangtse, soveral additional vessols
will probably bo at onco chartered.
Tho Mogul has alreaady been chartered
from Dodwell & Co., and will curry
part of tho carco intended for tho
Kangtse. She will be loaded with for
age and will go under tonnage charter.
Tho Mogul is not oxpected to urrivo
here until about November 1.
that tho reply deals with all his propo
sitions. Warning to While Women.
Berlin, Oct. 17. A dispatch re
ceived here from Shanghai saya th
British consul thoro warns European
women against coming north fiom
Hong Kong in tho hopoof joining their
husbands, tho situation iu tho Yaugste
valley bolug -very serious.
New Zenlmid Mall Service.
Wellington, N. Z Oct. 15. Tho
house of representatives today approved
the postmaster-general's agreement
with Messrs. Sprookols to continuo for
n year tho San Francisco mail service,
Tho vessels will run every throe weeks
instead of mouthly, beginning Novem
ber 1. Tho timo from San Francisco
to Auckland will not exceed 10 days.
Au amendment favoring n Vancouver
S6. vlfi9 WHS carried without a division.
. Flood In Now llrumwlok.
St. John, N. B., Oct., 15. Tho
provinco of Now Brunswick has re
ceived a torriblo drenching from n rain
storm which lasted 108 hours, nnd
which m amount equals 10 inchos.
Not a train is moving on tho Canadian
Pacific Railway botweon St. John and
Vanceboro, or on tho branch linos of
tho road to St. Androws, St. Stephen,
Fredenoton or Woodstock. The tie-up
is due to washouts. Conditions aro
tho worst which have existed in tho
Canadian road's history, and thous
ands of dollars aro represented in tho
damage already done and in loss of
Ilurelar Hob the Vatican.
Rome, Oct. 15. A number of tho
papers hero publish tho extraordinary
statoment that tlie securities valued at
357,000 liro, the theft of which from
tho Vatican was recently roportod to
tho Italian polloe, had been stolen
some timo previous to Fobruary last,
and were sold in that month on the
Paris bourse. Thoy woro stolon, It is
assorted, bv ordor of an Italian capital
ist. If tho story bo truo tho mure re
cont burglary was committed with tho
object of deceivlug tho authorities.
This theory bus produced a groat Im
pression nt the vuticau, but it is not
geuoially credited.
Mnlue Uoea to Niico.ultl.
London, Oot. 15. Tho Amorican
Ladles' commlttoo has rocelved a dis
patch from Wei Hal Wei, dated Wed
nesday, Ootober 10, reporting tho ro
turn thero of the American hospital
uhip Maine from Taku with many in
valids on board, of whom two oflloials
and 00 men nro Amorlcans, and 10 of
tho latter belong to tho Ninth infan
try. The Maino will sail for Nagasaki
Dnezpectnd Activity Delay Lord
Kobert' Departure,
London, Oct. 17. Commenting npon
tho activity of tho Boers and tho stato
ment from Capo Town that Lord Ro
berts has postponed his home-coming,
tho Standard says:
"Thero aro cortalu Indications point
ing to the conclusion that unexpoctod
difficulties huvo arisen which Lord
Roberts deems grave enough to delay
his return for some timo to come. The
facts suggest that it iHimposaiblo yet to
denude South Africa of any substantial
portion of tho largo army now ongagod
in dominating a sullen and recalcitrant
Tno editorial finally calls for the
severest measures ogulust irrecouolla
ulo Boers, "prompt and ruthless pun
ishment for overy iusurgeut burghoi
caught in dolioto."
Murolilii(- lteiiined.
llazloton, Pa., Oct. 17. Tho throat
ened march of tho striken to J'authet
creek valley started from this section
toniaht. Tho oblectlvo pointa of tho
marchors aro Lansford, in Carbon
county, and Coaldalo, in Schuylkill
county. Theso towns aro about 20
miloH south of llazloton, and tho strik
ers expect to roach tholr destination
early tomorrow morning. Most of tho
collieries in that section aro operated
by tho Lohlgh Valloy Coal & Naviga
tion Company. Thoy havo 'boon work
ing all through tho strike, desplto tho
offorts of numerous organizers sent to
that sootion for tho purpoao of gottlng
tho mon to quit.
Yellow Fever Will Incren.e,
Havana, Oct. 10. It Is gonorally
admlttod that yollow fovor wil increase
in Havana when tho stroots aro opened
for tho installation of tho sowers, n
work which will probably requlro three
years. Major Lodge, paymaster . for
tho division of Cuba, is down with tho
t)ar Hheda Ilnriied.
Clovoland, O.. Oct. 17 Tim nnr
flhods of tho Clovoland & Eastorn Eloc-
trio .Hallway Company at Gatoa Mills,
togother with a numbor of cam niul
other proporty, havo beon destroyed by
uiu, xuo lOSB IB !ilUU,uUU.
Firo In mi Iiiillumt Town,
Sullivan. Iud.. Oct. 17 Vim t.
nignr, uestroyod tho largo building in
tho publlo squaro ooouplod by Barton
Bros.' department store. Loss, $100.
000. ' v '
Waid.lnnt,,,,. n, "
. ." IU. All .1
MIr l.riatloim of th0 R0 ft
Imnod upon the oitli,,C0, fu'M
department. 01 ll" ovct,
At thin time of the vim, it. i
olllooMiiro preparing tl.olr , i
o-tlinatoH for the opm t, , M
ending June 111), 11103. Tl,!,.. 7' "
will bo tr.uismltM t .J T !C"H
tailed In the approp (l 0 r ""
of wliloh Will l oil M.
.luring February, uh,' '
on March 4, t being tl,Tnrk h,t
I'lm o.tltuutH w-blei, 1, vn 'C,"
iniporl.nce to the m,rmZT
for the continuance ol Z i
"'l"f rivers, the examCM"1''
survey of reorvoir site., L,
iilKiii the cost and value o( Jl"
of large areas of fertile arid fi"'"
1'or Niirteya,
Al the last Hmilmi f conor...
National Irrigation Association
gotlcally endeavored to ImoS.
appropriation of the geologic e'
for this purpose inZ jl
almost aliHiirdly xuin of $30,000 ,
amount of 2BO,ooo. this being J.,,
accordance with tho in-udu ot tlZI,
try. Tho lnon-a-e was mado a
neimte, but In conference vl l
houeo of renreMintiiMi L
ofl00 M)0wa; JjJfc
Mon being made that at tho mm 2
the sum of $350,000 would bo f.
Oruuiilned HfreeHt. Woik
A lesson that can bo lenniodLti
attitude of many of tho Kmtcm ltl
as regards river ami harbor amn
ments: IIiuku imnrnvm, "...
to ohancu or regarded wlthindlfWI
Imr. Itin j.liilitiu nf ......i. i . .,
iiiiiiiu Hiiiivm nun nynKimntictllj pyjj
ed by organized effort, inch ,1
nonr.i8 oi trade or inncWl
UMOellltlollH. ICllMl-rll I llti.rc.t. . I
ganl.eil for work, and when an Fntri
meanly waniH a rivi-raml ImrlcrirsJ
nriatlou it uoom alter it In ihoJil
ryntemiitlo manner, and mMtaS
gota It. This In what the Wtrl al
and should do. Every Wettern
of trade, chamber of commtrnul
I'ommereial organization should lJ
ltsiill ludtvlilually, bring all the Ul
unco It can to bear utmn t Via
and congressmen of Its state, mi I'M
iveiy :o-oporaiu wuu tlie Mtlcul L-
rliratiou AsHocIatlnn to not nnlt h. Jl
favorablo congrexslonal actlun og ibe
survuy estimates, but to otherwln ij
vance tho luteretM of tho aril kI
tlirougli national clianncl..
Irrlsatloii ('oncrrx JUtlltf.
Tho ninth annual aoraion of tbt hi
tlonal Irrigation CoiiKrws will bwIiJ
Chicago llllnolH, Nuvi-mbcr 10-5J
Will lie llllllt Kven If Unll.I ilxM
llikra Nlrarneua Kntrrprill.
Now York, Oct. 17. M. llotia, I
reotor-guuoral and president cf li
board ot directors ol thu I'tDaoiCci
Company; Goneral Ahbott, chief cf
neer, and W. N. Cromwell, coosiilt
tho canal company, were paneowif
tho steainshtn La lmiluu (romBial
"Tho Panama Canal ComraiiT'slI
Goneral Ahbott. "Is waiting to Cf
recommendation of thu Wslkcreil
uiIhnIoii to conirresH and forth
of that Iwdy. I bollovo that tin W
Ion will bo in favor of the hm
canal us being more feasible tti
nomlcal and giving hotter reroltt, 1
the decision is auaimit the Tuh
canal tho company will nevtrtielaii
on building it. 1 bollovo tint i ia.
tho Panama and Nicaragua auurj
built nliio-touths of tho vcim
chooe tho Panama canal ns Wat
lmtinr. what tho Walker coiamWl
hoard when in Piirla was a retell
to it. Already between three ai tm
million cubic yards havo Mffl '
out down thoro ami two-fHtbi cf J
work has beon done.
tritt-. i u lin-lmallnr
Chicago, Oot. 17.-A dlspatchtoftl
Itocord from Uuaiiaiajara,
says: A band of brigands, twd ' j
leadership of tho notoriooi i
Floros, has boon commlttinis nno
murders nud rohborioa In tbeiw
district of this stato fnr eovcral rnow
News has just reacliod here W
i.i .! .. iw,i,i mid on the v
of Autlan and killod the lJ
Following this unprovoked mtttrA
ootoi tno piaco nuu "
popuiaco. ..." ";:.;..,
ruralos has gone In pursuit ol v
.. Munlfltl'-
AruIii Jlriven rru - -j
Mansnold, O., Oct. 10.--TJ. J
lolto Deacon iiomor ""-:,,
cago, mado another j
tempt to hold service .hore'J
was taken in cnarguiy -"-. i
Holding services at thojiou' ',!
n ",l a oontOUtof tllOCWl
vuveiiiiiii . . ,,a!tl
tho oast-bound Peunsylavnia pw -1
train at noon,
' 17. i sirlk'-
8 mnol
pors, president o thoA.ncr IcanMI
toin of Labor, is in the o ty iow A
to tettlo the cigarmakers iW ,1
ha lustod now ior s v
moiithH. Ho l'J,n vrio IctA
representatives of flr" Jo J
nnn.lovcd about 4,000 ol I
olgurmnkors who are still
........ MiitH"""1,
THO viliii" jfJ
n Oct. lt'"V'.JL
imilv of Ada Lauts. " '0
daughter of Charles LanM. -
was ioundln the rear o
rosldenco last nigl't- A wri ,
. i i .. ti.iwlni-od lie' I . . MtiWL
tho little girl loft "0X ha"
senco was not iief
hour nnd after a Bearh on t
. . rt 111111. IV
hor body waH