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    PI THE OLb hOMESTEAD. child burled her head on her brother.! Uf" ' !!! ' ' J v '" ....? I
Bfll . neck. Then, suddenly rising, she ex- 1 XV VVmlB J i'l, XiVjC 8 1
URl its worn-out acres fallow lie, , clnlmed: "O. why was I not ft mini? 1 v . VSNXNsP II...cvdYW. W 'JamthittWXft fll
i i.0o.1 i,. hmtlwr'a tVirotiPiiil ".ViWMHlVLVBl -L-T-SSlK?! .VW1 IV mkUMfVmt. r'X& 1
'imii-rKrufy wa :.rrrT. .--rvvv- villi i ,. w ''j-jrsrzm tj
-in . it
its worn-out acres fallow He, ,
Unprtmcd the orchnnl stands
For they who-tended tlicm long since
Have gone to other lands
One to the prnlrlcs ot the west,
And one across the ecu;
The roRt lmve reach cd that blest country
Where partings may not be.
The elm boughs tap the skylight dim
As, In the days agone,
They tapped to waken merrily
The little folk at dawn. '
The woodbine curtains tenderly
The shattered window pane,
Yet grants admittance to Its friends,
The sunshitic anil Uie ralu.
No step, no whisper, breaks the hush
But hist! A swoop of wings
Athwart the attic's dreaming dllBk,
And tender twitterings!
A tenant for the empty nest?
Sec from the window ledge
A phoebe bird calls to Its mate
Upon the cradle's edge!
And In the cradle, vacant long,
Pour ilowiiv fledircllncs peel)
And cuddle close. They'll dream of wings
And twitter In their sleep
All through the quiet summer night;
While on the dingy wall
Flit silently the thin, weird shnpes
That come at moonlight's call.
G life and love that were of yore!
O sad old house bereft!
To thee but memory's treasured store
And the little birds nre left.
One of thine own Is in the west,
And one 'across the foam;
The rest are In that fairest land
Of Home, Sweet Home.
UUca Globe.
IT was sundown In Santa Rosalia.
The rainy season was on In Cuba,
and low. rumbling thunder bad
Been heard all the nfternoon. That Is,
the people who lived In the little clus
ter of palm-thatched bouses called San
ta Kosalla thought It was thunder. And
10 it was the distant roar of Spanish
artillery that came up from the-south.
One little cottage stood by the road
side, some distance apnrt from the oth
ers. It was the home of the Moncados.
The father; Jose, was dead. He had
fallen a victim to the last, the "ten
years', " war. Three sons were left to
carry on the fight, and they were then
with Brigadier Lopez Iteclo. Only
mother and Emilia, the sister, a little
girl of twelve years, were left at home
to watch and prny to God to aid the
Cubans in their struggle for liberty.
Suddenly the noise of clattering hoofs
came from the southwest. The- still
night air bore the unmistakable sound
with distinctness. In an instant every
bead was at the open door. Nearer and
nearer came the galloping rider. He
was alone. Ills horse was covered with
foam and panting like a tired bound.
Up to the little gate of the Moncado cot
tage he staggered, and then his rider
reeled and almost fell Into, the arms of
bis mother: "'
"My God! Rafael, you are wounded,
my boy "
"It is no matter; I can still ride. The
battle of Saratoga Is raging. I am on
my way to Colonel I'ena. He does not
know of It. We need him and his cav
alry. Help me to a fresh horse and I'll
catch Pcna at Santa Lucia to-night I
must "
The poor fellow never finished the
sentence. He had fainted. The arms
of tender women bore him Into the
bouse. Poor little Enielin followed,
the tears streaming from her eyes. She
watched them draw off the riding boots
filled with her brother's blood. She
brought water to moisten his parched
lips. She saw the ugly wound In his hip
and murmured .through her gritting
teeth: "Bad Spaniards! Bad Spaniards!
They will kill us all yet!" And then
her.bortber's eyes opened. The cold
water had rovlved hlui. He tried to
move, but ouly groaned In agony. Once
more he strove to rise.
"Mother, some one, help me to my
feet! I must go on I must go on. I
have ridden sixteen leagues since morn
ing. There are only four more to Santa
Lucia and to Pena. We must have him."
And with a mighty effort be rose to his
feet. Then ho wavered, tears of help
lessness came Into his eyes, and be sank
back on xTno bed with a sob of anguish.
"To think that I should go so near to
the end of my Journey and then fall!"
"How were you wounded, my boy?"
"Twas near EI Desmayo late this
afternoon. I had changed horses at La
Vlnda an hour before. Suddenly I ran
into a body of Spanish guerrillas from
Ban Miguel. I could not fight them
there were too many so I took up a ra
vine townrd Isldro. They fired Ave vol
leys after me and gave chase. They
knew I bore a commission. My horse
was fleet nud strong and I got away,
but carried with uie ono of their rllle
balls. I toro off parts of my sleeve and
pushed them Into the wound, but It still
bled. I'm better now; I'm rested; I'll
go on." And again he tried to get on his
"Rafael, my boy, It Is Impossible; you
are weak, You cannot ride; tho motion
of the horse will cause you to bleed to
death. Guldo must go. Emilia, tell him
to saddle o, fresh horso nud get ready to
ride to Santa Lucln."
Emilia started townrd the door, but
her brother raised his hand In protest.
"Guldo Is only a half-wit. Ho might
start for Santa Lucln. but bo would
nover find his way In the dark. Even
If ho reached tho placo ho would forget
whom ho wanted to see."
"But there Is no other man In Rosa
lia," pleaded the mother.
"True! Therefore I must go, wound
or no wound. Emilia, tell Guldo to sad
dle a horse and bring It to tho gate
Quickly. We are losing time."
'Brother, wo can't lot you go. I'll
never see you agalu." And tho poori
child burled her head on her brother
neck. Then, suddenly rising, she ex
claimed: "O. why was I not ft man?
Cuba so needs men! Yes. I'll toll him
to get Linda, ready at once. Colonel
Pena must go to help Gomez." Turn
ing, she kissed her brother's forehead
and hurried out to the stnbles. Soon
the quick gallop of a horse wns heard
approaching tlo house. But It did not
slap nt the gate. On It sped lu the di
rection of Santa Lucia.
A moment later Guldo, the half-witted
black boy, wandered aimlessly Into
the room.
"Where Is tho horse, where Is Emil
ia?" Inquired her brother.
"Gone!" replied the boy.
"Gone? Where?" came from all pres
ent. "I dun know. She said sometbln'
bout St. Lucia. Jumped on Linda's
back, and looks to me as how 6he's
And so she wns; the brave little Emil
ia, altljugh not n soldier of Cuba, bad
taken her brother's place. She had gone
to get Pena; to tell him that the tight
between Gomez and the Spanish Geuer
al Castellauos was on nt Saratoga and '
that every Cuban In Camaguey was
On the little heroine rode In the dark
ness of the night. She had been born
and raised lu the country, and she knew
the way to Santa Lucia, although she
had never before traveled It In the i
dark. But she was riding to save her
brother's life nnd for Cuba. Darkness,
danger, nothing daunted her. Bare
headed and alone, she urged her horse
over the road nt a pace which would
have made most girls tremble with
fear. ;
Not even when an hour later the trop
ical storm broke In all Its fury arouud
her did she. hesitate. Lightning strik
ing the tall "palma reals" caused Linda ;
many times to shy nnd almost bolt the .
road, but 'the brave little rider held on
and never loosened rclu until In sight
of Tenn's campflres. , 1
"Qulcn vs!" suddenly called out the
picket. I
"Cuba!" answered the brave little pa-
trlotas. She reined up her panting steed.
'Adelante una!" ordered the guard,
nnd Emilia, pale, wet, and dripping, .
rode forward. I
"Caramba! It Is a child. Who are 1
you? What do you want?" !
"I am Emilia Moncado. I want to tell
Colonel Pena that there Is a battle at
Saratoga. General Gomez has only 530
men against over 2,000 Spaniards, and
he needs help."
A few minutes later, almost fainting
with fatigue nnd nervous strain, she
was borne Into the presence of Pena. i
"Dlos mio!" he exclaimed, as he list-1
ened to her story and then gave the sig
nal for his command to mount. t
"You poor little thing, you should bo
abed and asleep." Wrapping his coat
around her little, trembling, wet form,
be Jumped into bis saddle and bad an
officer pass the child up to him. . The
order was given to march, and In his
arms the fighting Colonel of Camaguey
carried the little heroine back to her
home In Rosalia. '
"Take her," he said, as he handed her
over to the half crazed mother. "She
brought us the news. I'll speak of her
to General Gomez. She deserves the
rank of a Major General. She has
saved her brother's life, and her brave
deed may win the day at Saratoga."
Omaha Bee.
AVanted the Bird- Cared For.
There Is a story Just now current In
Rome to the iffect that a sculptor in
that cltr, In an evil hour for his reputa
tion as an artist, undertook some time
ago to produce "to order" a brouze stat
ue of President Kruger. One of the
conditions Imposed wns that no liber
ties were to bo taken with Oom Pnul.
Ho wns to be represented In all his
native heaviness of features with the
fidelity which Oliver Cromwell exact
ed; and for personal decoration he wns
to be depleted In his ordinary frock
coat and tall hat; The most trying stip
ulation of all was, however, that Mad
ame Kruger, Oom Paul's amiable lady,
Insisted that the crown of the hat
should be made concave so that It might
catch and hold rain water for the re
freshment of little birds! The artist
has succeeded In doing the bidding of
his patrons, and the statue Is now al
most ready for transmission to Pre
toria. This concern for the welfare of
the harmless little birds Is creditable
to Madame Kruger's maternal heart,
but bumanltnrlnnlsm of this kind Is cer
tainly not conducive to tho production
of a keen aesthetic sense. St. James
Matches Mndo from Paper. '
The days of the old-fashioned wood
en match are said to be numbered.
Matches nre to be made of paper. By
a new process the paper Is cut In strip
nbbut half on Inch wide. These are
drawn through and saturated with &
flame-producing material, They are
then rolled Into tubes and cut tho
length of ordinary matches and dipped
In the phospohrus to form the head,
which Is lighted by striking In tho
same fashion as the ordlnnry match, 1A
Is predicted thnt the match-making In
dustry will be entirely revolutionized
by this new method. The matches aro
very much lighter and are thought to
be more reliable than tho old sort. Pa
per of various kinds will bo employed,
that made from wood pulp being better
adapted for this purpose.
- i U
'"' Account or ,, !'
This one Is ,,,,, '!''. ?
uiiuimcp mill liutl .1 -a,, V ."''
imtioliniin, win,
10 till' police Million
i i me pone,. Minion, j, ,"1lu '"Ml
,1110 victim lH.m ii.dci.i.ii JT 4
W iiilf direst md m hmm T id
b, ite stonememt ! A Mutw wew ?.
LaHmh haMhlfciWI,Mwe years
(3 -ft. .1 11 J(1 n .-
Tffirta Usmi ytftote: Hon Sorrow
UljeroOT,5Upfiira and mcrar ws
T&cteterf wl date iB mwmi 0?
Milium, wuii a ,, 'U
trout l.rooltn ,, H, ' "elunt
Ho tin it ii i-i-n 1 1 .
for on thin iMiriUMUnr ,lo; 'aH
mH. lu.foio ilaun. A "t nuJ
HlllllT lllllll II,. ,( I,,,,,,. . , ' V
H Milt llN-ov,.r iili ill I hi 'I
m- ..1.1 ..1... 1 '"""i nmi,.i .
lido tho (or T "' Wot!
tlU Click Of t. lllKht Intel! i"1!)'
thought ,l, l0 I,,,,,, , 1 ' ' i
tviiH nil hour t'urlicr
It . " 111
1. nnd hiH uiKilt J, 1,1
IHh oilier doth,., .'"H
The little Hturn -v., ,W MB
blinked at inn, ami ,-,... "IU1 1
" " l'i-y lw'1-.'.l nt l,
wind iiiiirim,,-,.,) drowmiy 1. l
l HUN llHhh.g.
wlioppcr. n.,,1 he i.m.i notmovZ1
bin own iloorMtep. a nll iiit-i,. R;
tied im (n,J.,.. I ... " '"K'tcarr,;
Prince on. A, ,,: ' !""
1..U..I .. . Id
"' """ "w mt noumt.,1
ItlWIK U-nlll nalp,,.. UU"W
Thi) car luiKNcd ti. limie
llPUPCr 1111,1 tl. ,.lllr,.,-H ln-hue, '
mi 1 cm. r inn tiu.r a ,11
looking burglar w, l.iTore h,1L a?
'"'ll''l. I'' would make n capturs t
ftlik III, I .. .....II . rutr, L,
"i- " on upuii The ik
' "u hiiil tiuiiltnia fouriZ
vr. How he pi,,. UotZ
1I111 Into the brook 11,. ,,...,
eyen; the grin of tl... law wimupwit
It took llltich perHiniKiv,, do,,,,
perHplrallon to .onvi,,,-,. t!,e patrria,,
that everyllilim win, nil ririn
There was now a iiK,t t u, W
hor'n kitchen. Tin- viwiin dn-Un d
jo over. lie did m lit !ook-jbii
me wiiiiiuw 1111,1 t-aw Uie lemur
itetllliig bin frletidx-H breakfait n
ervnnt-glrl caught n Kllmpcfy
peeping In at Hie window and pin
went Into hysteric
II,.' went III to Koollie licr llii.
Imr, Hleeplng calmly. forRctful (kill
wiih going nulling, wan nwakfui 1
the NOtiuil of vol, cm in tlio tlMM n
icrviint-glrl ihuhi be cntertalDltt
iiors. 11 win (iiiirngi'oun. Uc (i
put tin end to It He hunt nnir.
the kltehell- nud here emlrtli IWW:
uIch of tho I'rlneetoi, mmt DiWta
-Kprlllglleld IIoilicMcnJ,
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Mexicans Still Delight in Sports of
Doubtful Aloralitr.
Mexico Is one of the few countries In
the so-called civilized world where bull
lighting Is still regarded as a legitimate
pastime and where the successful bull
lighter Is esteemed a hero worthy to sit
by the side of the most lofty of men
nnd the most beautiful of women. The
arena Is recognized by the government
and by high otllcluls ns a proper place
In which to educate the people, and
when the wild bulls come to town ac
companied by the matadors, the bnn
derllleros and the plcadores the entire
populace turns out to greet them.
Sunday is the day usually selected for
bull fights In Mexico. Then the entire
population Is at leisure nnd a large at
tendance Is certain.
The advance agent of the fighting
are the Spanish horses. That Is why
the blinding handkerchief Is tied ovet
his right eye and the charging of the
bull are all received on that side.
There is a vulnerable spot thnt the
picador knows how to find on the bull's
withers. This Is the spot he strikes at
when tho bull charges. No Injury Is
Intended nnd no Injury results, but
there Is one thing sure to happen If the
right spot Is struck. The bull halts and
swings his head sideways In sudden
pain and the attack Is ended. If he Is
a good lighter he will charge again nnd
at least once again. Three times Is the
test, both before and during the fight.
One after another the chosen animals
arc driven Into the corral nnd tried.
This sifting process may last several
days und at the end not more than half
of the twenty-five nre deemed worth
keeping. The others nre turned out up
on the range again.
u confusion of dazzling colors nud nn
angry light. When tho fight Is over tho
meat of tho six dead bulls Is sent to
the barracks for tho soldlcni.
German Juries.
In Germany, when the vote of the
Jury stands six against six, a prisoner
Is acquitted. A vote of seven against
.five leaves tho decision to tho court,
and on a vote of eight against four tho
prls.oner Is convloted.
After a man has accumulated ns
much ns $5,000 It Is perfectly proper
for his wife to refer to tho "grounds"
surrounding their home, Instead of thr
troupe usually places nn order for bulls
ns much as a month or two before they
will bo needed. Ho knows tho ranches
where the fiercest are bred and ho en
ters Into negotiations with the hnclen
dado of one of these for twenty-five of
his bulls. Out of this number only six
will bo needed eventually for iho fight,
but the weeding out process Is so thor
ough that twenty-five Is none too many
to start with.
Once the twenty-five nre shut within
tho pasture their troubles begin. They
have plenty to eat, they have room to
wander, but tho sorry tlmo comes
when they must bo put through their
paces. Out on tho ranch a round corral
has been built with an opening Into the
pasture. When tho tinio for trial comes
a bull Is driven Into tho corral, shut In
there and Joined by one or more of the
lighters. He is tensed with a bright
colored capo, which Is part of every
lighter's outfit, or with a barbed pole.
If )ie has any tight In him It Is not long
before he begins to charge upon ono of
tho horses.
Tho little California ranch horso Is
not In tho habit of standing still to be
charged upon, as ho Is wanted to do.
Ho Is sniffy nnd hurried nnd ho Is not
trained to bo otherwise In bull lights as
When tho time comes to take the
chosen dozen to town for tho eventful
Sunday a great commotion goes on at
ine liacienua. Everybody must bo up
early to see the party off. Each bull Is
fastened by the horns to two cabestos.
These cabestos are steers that have
been broken to haul dead cattle, and
for that purposo have holes for rope
punched In their horns. The fighting
bull has no holes In his horns they
would render him Imperfect for the
light-but the ropo that Is wound about
his can bo tied through theirs. Ho Is a
much handsomer and prouder fellow
than tho drudging steers thnt form h8
bodyguard, for their horns branch sldo
ward, while his prod directly forward
rendering him hlen nmudn or well
For a few hundred yards there Is
much excitement, for none of the beasts
tuko gently to their now modo of travel
and the vnqueros who drlvo them nre
ns excited as they. But hysterics grow
tiresome oven to bulls, nnd after a
while they settlo down to a quiet Jog
trot thnt may be continued for fifty or
soventy-flvo miles berore the seothlnu
town of tho fight is reached.
And then-tho shouting of many poo
plo und tho screeching 0f trumpets, and
To Acquire a Good Vocabulary.
"A good vocabulary Is acquired bj
reading good books, ns well ns by bear
ing the talk of those who exprcst
themselves lu the speech of educated
people," writes Margaret K. Snngsler,
In Jho LndlcHMIoruo Journal. "Thought
lies back of s'peech, nnd the more sub
jects Interest us the more command of
language we shall have In which to de
scribe them. They who rend sclcntlUc
books will hnve a grasp of scientific
terms. They who discriminate nicely
and use the very best word to say what
they hnve In their minds will consult
a dictionary nnd see what are tho simi
larities or the contrasts of certain
words; will choose, ns nmong gems, the
llnwless ruby or crystal; will not bn
satisfied except with the exact word
which can express precisely tho mean
ing they wIrIi to convey. The reading
of good authors lifts our vocabulary
from meanness and meagcrucHs to no
bility and splendor, enriches our speech
with words which arc like a beautiful
embroidery on the garment of dally
life, nnd furnishes us with allusions,
quotations nnd phrases which are pic
turesque, apposite or convenient for
Cordiality a Jtcnrt Winner.
There Is hardly anything m fact, '
honestly believe tle're Is notalng thai
can take the place of cordiality In the
home so far as the pleasure of guosta
Is loncerned. Fittings nud furnishings
nmj'be elegant, the carpets upon which
you. trend may have been designed aud
woven by the mo', skilled hatnlt. In nil
the world, nnd tne pulutlngs that ban
011 the walls bo genuine old musters,
Mid yet If In the midst of nil this benu
ty nud elegnuce jou nre uot met with
a cordial smile and handclasp, you aro
roisclous of something lacking, nud
the voice must sound cordlnily. Word
alone, no matter .'jow well chosen, are
empty unless there Is a true ring It, tho
voice. Therefore, cultivate a cordial
voice If you caro to win n llttlo place In
tho hearts of those you dally meet.
Bnltltnoro Hernld.
Ceylon's Baurod Oxen.
One of the curiosities among ttio do
mesticated nnlmnls of Ceylon Is n breed
of cattle known to the zoologist ns tho
"sacred running oxen." Thoy aro tho
dwarfs of the whole ox family, tho
largest species hover exceeding thirty
Inches In height. In Ceylon they aro
used for quick Journeys across country
with light loads, nnd it Is snld that four
of them enn pull. tho driver of n two
wheeled cart nnd a two-hundred-pouud
lond sixty or seventy miles a day. They
keep up n constnnt swinging trot or
run, nnd have been known, It Is claim
ed, to travel ono hundred miles In a
dny nnd night without food or wntor.
Tlt-Blts. ,
Do women entertain good opinions
of other women? A man can nlwnys
llntter a woman by telling her she Is
"different" from other women.'
I Corks which have Mlnped c&bc
tic can be easllv extractpil linuii
designed Implement, whlrb hi ti
nannies pivoted together to cmM
Dillr of elongated laws, wlilriurtta
Df strong ileel and are narrofw;
to pass tiirough the neck anJcitri
j :ork.
' For preventing hoisting fnjlnh
II f tlnir the enu'e too far the dwiid
provided with n tilting block l lit
with one side of the cage, a rodr
Ing from the block Ip (be cnt-ol
the engine, to Mop the taller ui
cage rises high enough to Ion
To prevent tho flow of rii tin
let Ih accidentally fxtingulsbedia
proved burner has n uietnllle rod 1
nectlng tho tip with n valrelwa
nine, the rod eximnillnt; unikrikl
at the mnteh to onen the raheitl
low the gns to How until the to
A Pennsylvanlan has jiatentedii
proved Inclined pnongfr w
which has In nlacc of the Inclined
less chain n Het of treat!, whlck
formed by mounting tliechslnou
ers, which alternately cuter upp
under guides In rising, to dm
tread Into steps,
I.Vir illltnlimtli-nllv tlirOWlOC the
of switches n new engine nllicti:
has n beam extending out In fronU
tackle for mvlnglng the free em
either rail, with a small wneciu
outer end, which engages "
rail and forces It Into position w
engine moves forward.
(2l.-,,l,,u nt i-nrii 11 rn llUtoma.tlClItl
serted In the dyeing lluld at lot
I.u 1 K
by a new machine, which u
1,,.- ,.r ..,ii,.,u ,.imin with links
..i.. ,11, u-liliOi the item
.. .1 ...,,i tnr roM IrlOf
iiiuuuieu, wiui iiii-uuo -- 1
chtilns to dip the skeins la a w
II,,. luillnm nt l)w clrCUlt.
1 41 U IfVllutll ' "
Articles of food can be choppei
oughly nnd finely by
. . . . nt r ent
Having IWO unmro " - ink
receptacle, the bottom of the!""
Ing cut nt tno hiuiiu
blndes, which brings the entire w
Drnnn nt tun knifo Into use.
bottle novo uBuu . ,
replaced with nn f
rod is placed in 10""'?,,
mounteq ,
tents nro ,.itojoii
enKnglnK notches on ne rod 0
UUll k uuifx -
More I.rllll
Prof. Simon kowcu - (
stars which are so ',"
five no measurable ; par
that one of tneso, - ;-fldeDce,t
pus, can bo said, v M ,
1,000 times WBU er JJMrt,
..Whether we should snj - ,
,, . . . ...
orTJ.000 110 oue - spldi VP
mnrniudo stars, Hl8el.n"....rt
"" . -nll B U16."v.
are nt an imuienn" -, m
must, in view 01- ,Mia
noss, cuormously out8inne
Tho constnnt low p
for nn entire year I. rjlj
,i n Cashmere shawl
duce a Casbtnere