Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 09, 1900, Image 5

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Whlle hunting along one of the
ditches tlmt lend Into Camas Swale
a few weeks since, Robert Veatcli
discovered und unearthed n mam
moth tooth of some extinct monster.
We are unable to say whether it be
longed to the pliocene, mlocenc or
niiy other kind of old age but
judging from its size nnd condition,
we think it antedated Noah's Ark
The tootli was a huge niolnr about
eight Inches long, six inches up
right, and four inches wide, and in
n fair state of preservation. Mr.
Veatch will have It examined by
Prof. Condon of Eugene with a
view to determining what sort of a
prehistoric !cast wore suchgrlndcrs.
The registration law requires
those living in tnc sevcrni uisirictH
to Hive section, towiisiiip aim rnngc
in which they reside unless willim
n liicui 11 miii'ii wniii mi 11 i w,
...... .1...4 ...... ulw.ill.1 IkAMt
these facts in uitiiu wncn prcpar-
. . ... II I .fnl.ii.
M.rll. ntt.1 ((III fltllt
tniiuerH Oil IIUUl wiu mm '
IV .....II t... 1hkI .In.. .....t
hour. "Do not put oil until to-
tuorrow wuui you can uu iuwhj ,
. .... ..!.! t
at once aim net u y" imn.
Something may turn up at tuc last
moment tnai win cause you 10 iusc
in- i ii' ml j niiiii i w
Spring is almost here. Butter-
onaiiKuicH. i. nu.-i ia ii.inib
i . a r :.. t:..i.t.. tr.
Hip a IOW Ol llic cany jiiaiin, nui
i - i ..i.i ... itnriitur MinirM
IlllSf III lllllUl IIIIU (
Will WUUSUUIU mine uniwiin,
!i l. ... ... .1 ...lit., tfi-iit r?no
w..j ,
lllltV liuiinvwi 'I-
'twig" you with a hearty handshak
label his button Hole so tuai tic can
AH IV t t It - ' tj
lillll IV ID 111 1 1 II II I'irL" LI J LI LI 11 LLll
1 1 III.IL llll II 1.1 IbLMllka
I A V I in: A , I f. t L'l I .1 I' IV L .
Master Karl Hill, ol liugcne,
- . r . r r .t i i .1...
ai, wnuii s j v - - -
II.! tlitnl-imr nf nrVMIt
zini" n militia comnaiiv comnoneu
-i. . -t i i. ..j I...,.,, i,
. . . .. ..1 i ..!.. I.i lot..
. .. i :. ii
rilltMI SUHULT UUV illiu iiuiik
. ..!!.. .T tii'iL-intr tile ("lllliil'f-
irove Hood drill music.
111. Ill tlUklVV J "f,
tfnntii.. ic i'irt Ifiritl'lllllir 1111(1 iIia kit'C ltrt tiiitrhl
ust as well nave u crack coinimny
According to rcporls IJugene has
ivn ii nr iiiiiii I nil 1 r iiiiLi uiii: n
k . i.i . I .....
III' llllll'l 111 11111 Illlll.-IL. IU1 Ik Hill
I'ti iii ii r rf n t uiMiir luiiiit nir in nci
UllsZ 111 iUU liailllD VII li.Ufeit4lb win
uuraiiuuc me iesuve emcra
. . i r i .1
hiir first lircnkiiiir nut. 1 lie
0 - -
leaivu ulnster imnlled would ue a
good dressing lor these turKey
A large congregation assembled
nt the C. P. Chinch Sunday even
lag to listen to the rendering of the
(Christian Kndeavor Society Pro
gramme, prepared by Katlier Clark,
president of the Christian Kndeavor
Society for the United States. Ably
assisted by the pastor and church,
EMiss Mabel Wynne conducted the
exercises fitting to the pleasant
occasion, and those who attended
left pronouncing the entertainment
one of the most instructive, inter-
testing and enjoyable of the season;
The Cottage Grove high school
is expected to close about the 3rd
of March. Want ot sufficient funds
is the cause. It is to be regretted
that the school cannot continue in
1 the prosperous condition for an
other quarter at least. Its uiS'
I continuance, will greatly retard the
progress of those who arc now at
tending with the expectation of en-
teriiur advanced irrndes duntiir the
ruing year.
Senator Mcllridc, at the request
of the llopgrovvcrs' Association of
Oregon, offered an amendment to
the pure food bill, providing that
the "standard of pure beer sluill re
quire tlx use of hops in the manu
facture of beer in the ratio of not
less than one ponudof hops to each
barrel of beer." This amendment
is favored not only by the hop
growcts, but by reliable manu
facturers, who aim to crush out the
manufacture of impute beer.
Peter J. Holer, of Springfield, re
ceived .from Knglnud two full
blooded Cotswold ewes, the first to
arrive in Lane county. The two
sheep, together with transportation
cost Mr. Holer $125, making them
quite valuable. Guard.
John Holland of Kugcne, well
known throughout Lane county has
leased mid taken charge of the Cot
tngc Grove Hotel and has
thoroughly renovated the same nnd
will bow to the public an an up-to-
date hotel man. John is a good
fellow, obliging and accommodat
ing and will 110 doubt give good
satisfaction as a a landlord.
Rev. McCee 011 his return from a
nuccessful meeting at Coburg, wus
presented with a splendid bed room
set and parlor chairs by the I,adics
Aid Society of the C. P. church.
Mr. McGcc and his genial wife feel
very grateful for the generous do
nation from the hands of his co
workers. HOPS SOLD.
Mr. Stroud, of Cottage Grove,
has sold his hops to K. C. Smith,
age-it for Horst Pros. 74 bales of
h jpsa' 6 cents per pound. -Guard.
John Yarucll dropped into our
office yesterday and identified his
lost watch chain which we had ad
vertised This is how people are
rewarded by reading a live paper.
The old gentleman Wheeler, his
son Joseph and Mrs. KUidge
Wheeler, at the Silk Creek saw mill
are all seriously ill with lagrippe
and fever. Joseph is not expected
to live.
Miss Medley is prepared to do all
kinds of dressmaking at her home
just north of Carman & Newlaud's
The drawing for the sofa pillow
for the benefit of the Catholic
Church, will he held Feb. 17th and
the winning number will be an
nounced that evening at the close of
the entertainment.
Mrs. Sarah Clevengcr, President
of the Rcbekah Assembly of Oregon
will visit Cottage Grove Rebekah
Lodge Thursday Feb. I5. Visiting
members invited to attend. The
lodge has changed the night of meet
ing to the and 4th Friday of each
Mrs. Nat Martin has been ill this
week' but is recovering.
Mrs. Joseph Cole who has been
under the cure of a physician at
Cottage Grove for some time, was
able to take her departure Sor home
Mrs. John Medley left for San
Francisco on n business trip
During' the early part of October, 1800,
1 eoutriutU'd a bad cold which cettlwl on
my lMiib'H ami was noirlt'ctoil until I
fi'arcl iliut consumption Mail appeared
in an liiL'lpiont Htato. I whs constantly
eoiiKhinu ami trying toexpol Homothint;
which 1 could not. I became alarmed
and after giving thu local doctor a trial
bonulita bottlu of Ohumbeiiam'a Cough
Uemudy and the rcuult wn Inunodlato
Inmrovoiiicnt, and after I had used
three bottles my hniga wore reatoredto
their healthy state. H. S. knwAium
Publisher ofTho Roviow, Wyant, III.
Kor wdo by Uknbon Duuu Co,, Cottago
Grovo, Lyons & An-ucaiTis, Drain,
AH Abolit Y0I1.
AVall Griffin returned lionioTliuroday.
Attorney Knox in In Kimono on bunl-
Mr. 0. 0. McCIcllcn of Salem is
in the city.
W. II. Lincoln wrnt to SugrneThurn-
W W McFarland was on bindncNi at
CtbhwiiII Thurnday.
Gill Mcdows went to Bohemia
Twcsday morning.
J, C. IHbler of Idaho visited
friends in Cottage Grove last week.
Hon. W. F. Gray of Silk Creek
was in the city Monday.
Duke Knox, of the U of O., is
visiting his parents for a few days
Hon. Ivan McQueen of Loraue
paid Cottage Grove a visit this
J. W. Cook was among the re
publican leaguers at Portland Tues
day. C. II. Durkholder the merchant
left for San Francisco on business
W. W. Chrlsman and family
visited Make Stewart on Row River
this week.
W. W. Masters and W. K.
Uoweu departed for the Bohemia
mines Tuesday.
Mrs. O O. McClellen of Salem
arrived Sunday ou a visit with her
sister Mrs. C. J. Howard.
Mayor Bristow left for Portland
Monday to attend the Republican
League that met Tuesday.
Chas. Gcltmakcr, Jack Jones and
George Rouse left for Bohemia
W. F. Brock of the Oregonian
was in the burg several days this
week attending to business.
W. W. Withers our popular
sheriff gave this office a pleasant
call during his visit this week.
Mrs. Frank Walkly who recently
died at Kugcne, was interred last
Priday in the I. O. 0. F. cemetery
at Loraue.
Albert Veatch who has been at
tending the umveisity at Eugeiie
came up Tuesday on a visit to his
Miss Augusta Garouttc, . .who is
under treatment by Mj-s. Dr.
SchlefFis rooming at J. H. , McFar
laud's. Sheriff Withers arrived at Cot
tage Grove on the overland Tues
day. The sheriff has become a very
frequent visitor among us.
Wm. Hawley made a business
trip to Loraue last week. He "re
ports everything nourishing 111
that vicinity and the farmers busy
putting 111 their crops.
T. W.Todd, advertising solicitor
and practical printer, dropped in on
us this week and made himself
handv doing his own job work. Mr
Todd understands his business
Preaching n a msubjecfChrist-
iau Perfection." 7:30 pm "God in
Nature." Public cordially invited
to attend.
F. K. Bii.mngton, pastor.
joMidili W iL-elrrd od nt Ilia home nt
th Wheeler Ilron &. owens saw mill
aged about JJO yoara Feb. 7 11)00
Tho wifo of win Alien at Crea-
woll Thurecny morning.
The report for Latham school, for
the term commencing ijept. 11,
1899 and closing Feb. 3t J900.
No. days taught 98
" "present 1841
" " absent 169
" " times tardy 10
' ' minutes lost by tardy
marks 134
" days lost by pupils not entering
at beginning of term 208
No. of pupils enrolled 26
" " withdrawu during the
term ' 6
Total enrollment 20
Pupils who obtained premiums
for excellent works were as fol
lows: Firt premium, Miss Delia
White; second premium, Master
Guy Whitlock; third premium
Master Chas. Hull.
Pupils obtaining prizes for ex
cellent speaking were as follows:
First prize, Miss Jennie Hull;
second prize, Miss Inez White;
third prize, Miss Grace Whitlock.
Mrs. Dambwood, Teacher.
ID Brief.
If you nm looking for a prcnent Hint
will bo useful na well na ornamental go
to Phillips andJoucH Hardware.
You can ot na good atiitnp photo at
Iloyda aa any plflco in Lano Co., '21 for
Valentines, Valentines, Valentines
Bknson Dkuc Co.
If you want wall paper or hooka don't
forget to got prices of J. P. Currln the
GmpriM A Vkatcii Co. aro the leaders
In all kinda of mining atipplleH, ammu
nition and Hportlng gooda.
Bulla! Huitatt Tullor made auita! ! !
Up to date in everv respect, from $15 up.
Cull and aeo aamplea.
Gr.o. Ii01II.HAK.
For beat value in tcaa and coflccs go
to Cutnmlng Afiuhr.
Valentines in all the latest dc-i
signs. Bkrson Druc Co.
Remember Dr. 1. L. Bcofhdd, Dentist
when you want dental work done.
Bubarrlbe for tho Oregonian and IJo
homla Nugget. -
Bol Davidson received Iiin stock of
lewelery thia week and now has a very
nice dinplny.
Tlu llnift linn of etraw matting at
cochran A Hevina.
Fresh candled every day, made- from
puro sugar at tho Tailor ahop.
For quality and chcapnesa in fresh
meats go to the Central meat market.
You can sec all the very latest
designs in handsome Valentines at
Bknson Drug Co.
C. V. Liwla, boot and ahoe repair
ahop. Pint cluee work, low prices.
O ppoaito Sherwood Hotel.
Hoys, have you seen thoao fine shot
Kims at Gnirn.v A Vkatcii Co.
Get your wifo n washing machine,
wringer orchurn for a Chriatmaa present
Phillips and Jones have thern.
Wo now haro all aire in Cnttern
Boota and Shoes. Eakin A Bristow.
Kakiu A Bristow aro agents for the
Genuine Oliver Chilled and Steel
Plowa and cxtra8.
Young men come and see our
Valentines. Your best girl must
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Benson Drug Co.
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thine in the wood choppera -line,
Phillips A Jones havo a good ataortmant
and pricca right.
Tho beat for the money if you want
any table or pocket cutlery go to
Phillips A Jonea Hardware.
Take your laundry to Geo. K,
GriHIth, agent of tho Engine Palace
Lnundrv. Goes down Thursday and
returns Saturday afternoon.
A choice selection of driwcl fruits at
Cummino ASbhk.
A great variety of mush goods at Cum-
ming A Sehr.
Subscribe for the Nucget.
We will sell you Valentines from
ic to 150c.
Benson Drug Co.
I will aell all Japanese goods at
greatly reduced pi ices until Feb. 1st.
Call and sec them.
Emily M kinder.
J. P. Currln has 11 cnniro line of in
grain and figured wall paper, at prices
to suit the trade.
We aell good goods at good prices for
our customers, uentrui .Meat Market
Senator McBride has the thanks
of this office for valuable public
documents received.
J. K. Barrett has been taking
the school enumeration this week
Johnson Taylor is building a new
house on his property ou 6th street
I'. J- Jennings the mining man
arrived from Portland Tuesday ac
compatued by W. A. Kinney in com
pauy with Mr. Lloyd the two de
parted for Bohemia Wcduesday.
There ia no bettor medicine, for tho
babies than Chamberlain's Cougl
Remedy. Ita pleasant taste and prompt
nnd effectual curea makoita favorito
with mothera and small children. It
quickly curea their coughs and eolda
preventing pneumonia or other serioiiB
conse(pience8. It also curea croup and
litis been used in tens of thousands, o
caaeu without a ainglo failure so far aa
wo havo been able to learn. It not
only curea croup, but when givmi aa
aoon a tho croupy cough appoara. will
prevent the attack. In en sea of whoop
ing cough it liquetlea tho tough mucus,
making it easier to expectorate, nnd
lessons tho severity and frcquoncy of tho
paroxysms of coughing, thus depriving
that diseaae of all dangerous couso
qnoncea. For Bale, by Ubnbon Daua Co.,
Cottago Grovo, Lyons & Ah-msoatk,
Drain, Druggists.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Higher Award.
Cimming & Se
Dealers in General Merchandise
A full line of Schilling's Best Teas, Coffees,
Spices, Flavoring Extracts, Baking Powder,
and Soda.
These are the "Money Back" goods.
Best values in Glassware, Crockery, Gran
iteware, Tinware,. Wood and Willowware.
Pickles, jiu bulk, Syrup in
Salmon, Herrings, and Pigs Feet.
-Gumming & Sehr.4
The Fashion Stables.
Ghi'isnjan. & B11, proprietors.
Reas nadle Prices
' First-Class Turnouts,
Rotel Sugene
- . v:', .BRISTOW.
; C iv
Headquarters ;for Mining
Every wan - attended-to. o
Eugene, ------ - - Oregon.
koom 5.
Assembly opr-ned Monday morn
ing by singing "Oh the Banks of the
Mi.-s Ethel Wooley ws absent
from school Monday morning.
The public school will clse in
about three weeks after which ther
will be a subsc; ition school for one
Herschel Allison and Josh Brown
from room 3 visited our room for one
hour this week.
Charley McKibben was absent
Jennie Miller n former pupil
visited school Wednesday,
Eva Chamberlaiu is absent from
school this week.
The boys have been using the
vacant room this. week for ball play
ing. ,(
Willie Bsagle and Willie Martin
visited our room for one hour this
MissClarie Hill visited the school
Miss Lulu Kizer was 'absent from
school last week.
Prof. Day has adopted a plan to
prevent whispering whereby lie
compells the culprits to stand on
the floor for an hour.
Make your life complete by find
ing the rest of your heart at the
League's Valentine Social at Cum
mings Hall Feb. iqth. Ten couples
representing Ancient and Modern
Historical Characters will- give a
drill, ioc admission und refresh
ments when you get in.
"I think I would' -acnizy with pain
wuro it not for Chamberlain's Pain
Balm," writes Mr. W. H. Stapleton,
Horminio, Pa. "I havo beon nflllcted
with rheumatism for several years and
have tried remedies without number,
but Puin Balm i the boat medicine 1
havo got hold of." Ono application re
liovest tho pain. For sale by Bkhbon
Daua Co., Cottago Grovo, Lyons &
Aitlsoati:, Drain, Druggists.
Arc now fully supplied with an elegant line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Tens and Coffees, the finest In the market,
and at iowest prices.
A large selection of all the leading brands)
of Pickles, Sauces, Catsups, etc.
The best brands of Canned Fruits and Veg
All at Bottom Prices.
bulk, Pickled W
Em Bangs.
Proprietors of the Bohemia
Black Butte Stage Lines.
Double or Single.
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Successor to B. F. PHILLIPS,
Groceries, Flour
and Feed
All kinds of Produce bought at
the highest market values.
Call and get acquainted with ua.
We shall be pleased at all times to
quote you prices upon all Uneft
handled by us, whether you buy or
Our stock i9 new, neat and clean
and having had years of experienca
in business, we assure you the very
best goods the market affords, and
the lowest possible prices.
Remember the place: Phillips'
old stand, Cottage Grove OregoiJ.
Are now Well Stocked with WIN
TER GOODS. Quality r
the very best and
prices that will
Astonish you
UP-TO-DATE line in UN
DERWEAR. All Grades and
Call and See Us.
Main Street.
P.oa't Tobieco Spit mil Smoke tfonr nra An?.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be rao$
vetlc, lull of llfo, norvo and vigor, tsko No-Tc
Ilao, tlio wnndor-worltcr, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, EOo or $1. Curecuaroi
teed. Boolilct- and sample (res. Addrasa
Utorllns lltimois Co., Chicago or How YP