Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 09, 1900, Image 3

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paying and "Doing
hire Two Things.
Ut Is not what we say but
hat Hood' s Sarsaparltla
7k. if. - 4-11e lU rrViitt if ?
"fSBf. 75 rtM1 record
J pftf i7 bmw Zooc
meases, including scrofula,
J mumattsm, dyspepsia, ca
umrfi, prove Its power to
t" 5Stf i
ffMcatnirh "5Wy Mnuf tuji 7t uci a
fE5&;tlan -with CAtArrh tfiAt I could turdfo
irsff35wi W hd no Appetite, I found
Wood's SrspArlU An e-xceltent remedy,
bSEiow fuve a good Appetite." EIIa ,
lie, Erntls, Texas,
tmnaU't f 111 rut Hit llli) linn Irrllatlne: end
iVinyj-ll'MI" luUk llTi 1 1 owl 'a H t mi r 1 1 lal
jdSST A llnril I.iirk Hlnry.
jffllJo stooil iHiforo tlm x)l lf JiiiIko ft
. Sryeck. llu miKKMtt'il an uclio of hotter
I'ffinyi- l' '""1 I"""1 nrri'Ktoil Iho nlijlit
( fix; f oro for dleopliiK In mi oihiii iloorwuy.
pn jtltiKO w unit 11111 jirisuiwr mm
nnkfalvviiVM iiKill 11 inl I l II III (lllun
.ftlotJiMl liiin with riinl to liUiutt.
MtiW'i.U vmir limior. it win thin
... .
thn miin Kill), (inlotly. "I
11 iin you nun mo
w. I wiih n mock nnwer onto.
Fltl.. f ....... .. ...,....,. i.iitit t l.j.i 111
. JkMJIVll n,r, j in"" ' "
v3Rfu.n.l tit ..1111111. t fVltltU, I flUa
""'Snlly holiil, you ki
'aiBtlo iitlo, then
know. WdII, I 111111I11
iitlo, thru hhlfti'il to Iron. Iron
lautnnl to imiiillii nml I lout. I with
d rov from iitMiuiiliitliiK for u tlmo, hut
IheTplil fitscltiiitlnn ilruw mo iigutii into
tiinTiniiiilMtroiii. I took 11 fiver in WllllO
'VSlUtTlnn 111I11I11B etock, hut It wiin it
SlloSer. I wtlil I would try niriiiu. I
bought 11 llttlo tniin of tlilTori'iit mil
j.Wy utoek, hut I Hihi't tin to it low
'jenouK1' nml wont nuiirly hroko. Tlnm
'JJWovod nil yf tny rynmluliiK furtuno
ffinto pork . It turmxl out tfmt jtork
,Jwai an tho ho, nml huro I um."
k -3BP' JU,1K hnl lintcnt'd to tho iitory
'c sticntlvcly nml nt ltn coiiclimion 1Im
SliatKoiI tho iirlHouur. "Ilnvo you nny
ijnobiiy? 110 liiiulrfil, hh tho iimn
tnftnv) to li'iivo tho court nmiii.
No. Hir." wiih thu- rotily; "I'm
ibrokor now tlnm I oV6rAv."-7l)i)trJt
liiitirntfiil Trxlu Kiiilinifiil
? m ()- It. A. N. nml Uriiuou Klior
hnvo mliluil it Lullut. mnokilli! illhl
rv i-iir In lint I r I'nr I llIilL'O
fiiriouch tniin, nml n illniiiK nir ncrviuo
nail noon iiuiuu'iiiirnioo. inu imiii n
Rnuipiiml with thu luteal ahnlr ciim,
Taiy conclifo mill luxurioui (litt-oliim
mill onllnnry nlfnHii), Dlicot coiinua
lion mniiu 111 Mrmi(ir wiin union in
ffcTflo, mill nt Ok'ihin with Itio (Irmnlo
mtfc... 1 11 1...- 1.. e tt'....l.
uiiu, irum 1111 jHjiiiin 111 vyii'KiMi 11 iinii'
milton mm innno 10 1111 j.iibiui 11 011111s.
VjiVr ",'oru,"t'0') rnton, tttc, cull on
nnv O. It. & N. nuut, or nihlriiin W.
Ilurlbiirt, Uenurul i'uaouiii'ur Auunt,
I.lfjiior hi tlrorrrtrB.
In Conui'ctlout, liquor nml Krocorlct
Cftiinot now li'K'illy ho kiIi! on tho hiimc
iprumiMiH. For 11 numlHir of yunm imHt
Snmiy Kr'orii'H in tho Ktittu took out
vlutt 1h cnl Km I 11 jmckiiKu llcriiM) uinlcr
rhlch thuy told liiiuoni not to bo ilriink
pii tho iromiitcH. Tho limt loKiHhttiiro
MKfd it htw jirohihitlnK tliU nml now
Spy urocur who wiclieM to Mill lliiuom
vill huvo to yivo up JiIh t;rouury IjuhI-
Over one-fourth of IIiimhurK'n In-
iihituntH nny 11 11 income tux.
EMuiiiiivii uiiu iiutniiKjr in
ill fur (ivory 13,1)03 jHirKiiiH.
An Excellent Ooiiibliuiilon.
1110 piensnra mctnoii una ucuunuini
clTocts of tho well known remedy,
Kynui' ok Fiob, tnanufnetured hy tho
Cai.ifounia Fio Sviiui1 Co., Ulustruto
tho vuluo of obtaining the liquid luxu
tlvo prluciploH of plitnU hnown to bo
mudlulnully luxutlvo and nrcKuntln(f
them In tho form most refreshing to tho
toato and ncceptublo to the system. It
Is tho one perfect strengthening lnxu
tivo, cleanmntr the system effectually,
dispelling colds, liendnches and fevers
(fently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome lmbitunl constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality und sub
Ktanco, and Its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or Irritating them, make it the ideal
In tho process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they are plcubant to the
taste, but tho medicinal qualities of tho
remedy aro obtained from senna and
other aromatic- plauts, by a mothod
known to tho Cai.ifoiinix Fio Sviiui
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, plenso
remember the full name of the Company
printed on tho front of every package.
for ale by all Druggliti. Price 0c. per bottle.
V V Ivl In llrnn. HnM hr rirurvliiU. HI
m noa
Mini lloUtcd lo u Kocif liy tho Wrlulit
ttt 11 llurrul of llrlt'UH-A l'lillinlt'lililii
Mini ICleclroviiU'il liy 11 11 Uiiilirvllii
While Vlowlnu 11 '1'ny Wlmlow.
vxooit old AngloHnxoii nihiKc,
riioUihtiiMTted nlwiiyit liiiipvii," Is
im ink' lo ihty mm It cvit wiih. hi
fuel laWU'ii veillh'd hy tho oceui
ml Iho
hy tho occurrence)
of peculiar nccl'dciim. Homo uccldfiits
nru ho odd mid hrouulit about hy such
n Ntriiiigtrfotuhliiittlou of clrciimHiuiiccM
Hint probably I hey 0011 Id nut bu re
pented In a ceniury, simply bccnime nil
thu tondllloliM would not be Identical
ut a irlvt'ii tlnio. For Miiinpli!, an nc-clih-ut
happened in connect Ion with tho
crccllon of 11 lty-ncrnm.'r In one of our
lurgo KiiHlcrn clllvafti Hie following
manner: A laborer was clanged In
regulating the "paying out" of a ropo
attached to n fall and taeUlo lined In
lowering Imrrcls of bricks from one of
thoupper stories lo the nro,md' Tho
riiin was conirolled by iM'lng wound
two or three limes around a gnnplc,
one end of which wns stuck Into a bolo
In Hid woodwork on tho grouud floor.
At (lie time the accident In question
occurred n barrel wns filled wljh bricks
preparatory lo being lowered mid wns
swung out Into mtilnlr In the tuuiil
wny. In pnylng out tho rope the la
borer cnrelesHly let It slip off the gns
pipe, hut he clung tenaciously to Iho
end of the rope mid his weight, being
less than Hint, of the barrel of bricks he
wns hoisted lo the top of the building
ns the bricks ilesrended. the ham J
striking ti lit) ns It passed not snllleleut
ly hard, however, to compel him lo
loosen hl grnsp. As the bricks reach
ed (lie ground the Jar knocked the bot
tom out of Iho barrel and released the
bricks. As n consequence the laborer,
clinging to the rope with n teua'lty
bom of ilespnlr, fell to the ground, ll'hc
iiarri'i In ifs turn struck the boa mil nt
the top mid broke Inlo pieces, wljlch
fell iiii)ti the man lying below. l Is
needless In say Hint the man wns seri
ously Injured, but. curious to say, a
pipe which he was smoking nt thy mo
ment he started 011 his perilous Jonrney
lo the roof was held still In Ills clinched
teelh when he wns picked up.
Here Is another ense where nil the
lieholdcrrt expected to see n man dashed
to dentil, but through pure accident he
enme out without a scratch. This nlso
occurred on n building In course of con
struction. A workltigiunti who wns
employed on one of the upper stories
of n frame building stepped off nnd fell
lo the ground. Ills companions thought
surely Hint he must be killed, or nt
nny rale severely hurt, hut there wns
a Iiiikc pile of sIiiivIiiks where be fell
nml he tumbled Inlo them ns If Into n
feather lied mid lifter he recovered from
his surprise picked himself up mid re
turned 10 his work In the upper part
of tho building ns nonchalantly ns
though nothing unusual had happened.
Here Is a nuin who met with a
strmico accident, but who did not get
off ns luckily ns the hero of the pile of
shnvlngs. lie heard n cry of fire In n
house adjoining his own. In his own
house he hud n chemlcnl fire extin
guisher, which he fastened to his back
mid went to see what he could do to
assist his neighbors. For some reason
best known to Itself the extinguisher
went off like a huge skyrocket nnd the
tfnfortiinnle mnn wns lifted bodily
through the window nml hurled to the
ground and killed by the full, although
not Injured In the slightest degree by
the explosion of the extinguisher.
The greatest risk Incurred In shoot
ing Is generally Hint of being hurt by
the direct discharge of the piece, hut
hero Is the case of n man who wns out
hunting mid illscbnrged his gun, when
n shot, through pure misadventure, hit
n hard object nnd rebounded Into one
of his eyes, completely destroying tho
Ono stormy night In I'hllndelphln n
mnn wns standing before 11 show win
dow engrossed In the bcnutlful holldny
display, lie wns holding nn umbrella
over his bend nnd above him wns an
arc light. In some uiincconutablc way
tho lip of tho rod of his umbiclln ciinie
In contact with the Iron frame of the
lump, the frame, because of some frenk
of the current, having become chnrged.
Tho circuit wiih completed nnd the mnn,
who nn Instant before believed himself
In a plncc of perfect safety, received a
shock which killed him.
And so It Is Hint the most remote nnd
Insignificant causes prodnco startling
results. A man Is never hurt in just
thu same manner he nntlelpntes, If he
thinks about It nt nil. If he hnd n
drend of railway smnshups ho Is usu
nllv dragged out of telescoped passen
ger trains comparatively uninjured, but
cscnncB that fato only to sneeze 100
hard on Homo lll-slnrrcd day. brenklng
a blood vessel In a vltnl locality, from
which ho dies. Snn Francisco Call.
Itooklu-j Chairs anil Insanity.
I'll., mi'idnir chnlr causes lusnnlty,
bo It Is Biild. In fnct, the physicians
nro claiming that the routing cnnirs
nre tho cause of the nervous troubles
from which women suffer and are ad
vising their relegation to any place
ilmra MuV will IlOt 1C USC(1. TIlC IllOrC
nervous and tired a person Is the more
vigorously she rocits, totally ouuvious
in Mm runt tlmt eiiercv Is simply being
consumed by tho endless motion ami
strength thnt might 00 appueu is wast
ed dally.
How I'nttl Identified Ilcrsotr,
On her tnnrrlago to Huron do Ccder
Btrom. Fnttl loft orders nt her homo
thut her mail should all bo forwarded
lo tho Oiiiuics postotllco. on her arrival
Ithero buo wcut to tho postotllco and
itsked If thcro wero any letters for tho
IlnroncBS Adellna do Cedcrstrom Paul,
"LoU of them."
"Then give lliein to inc."
"Ilavo you any old letters hy wblet
I can Identify you'"
"No. I hnvo nothing but my visiting
curd. Here It Is."
"Oh. thill's not enough, madam; nny
one cuii get visiting curds of other t"'0'
plo. If you want your mull, you will
have to give me n better proof of yotit
Identify llinu thai."
A brilliant Idea then struck Madame
I'attl. Khe begun lo sing. A touching
song she chose, the one beginning, "A
voice loving nnd lender," nnd never did
she put more Heart Into tho melody,
Ami marvelous wns the change ns the
brilliant music broke through the In
tense silence. In n few minutes tho
q 11 lot postofllce was filled with people,
nnd hardly hnd iho singer concluded
the first few lines of he bnllnd when
nn old clerk enme forward nnd said,
trembling with excitement: "It's I'attl!
I'atlll There's no one but Adellna 1'uttl
who could sing like thnt."
"Well, nre you satisfied now'" nsked
the singer of the olllclal who hnd doubl
ed her Identity. Tho only reply which
ho mnile wns lo go to the drawer nnd
hand her the pile of letters.
O001I lllnntliic.
"The guides who pilot visitors about
In Norway," said a returned traveler
to tho New York Tribune, "are a pleas
ant, Intelligent set of men. They speuK
our language fnlrly well, nnd are al
ways anxious lo pick up new words.
"HomctlmcH this desire leads lo funny
mistaken. While exploring tome of
the wild and precipitous cliffs ono day
wllh my guide, we cniiio upon a spot
which looked llkoun abandoned
"What Is this. KnrlV I asked.
Tlnvo they been getting out stone
here' '
" 'Yes. sir.' he answered; 'It Is whero
some time ago they have been shooting
the rocks.'
" 'Oh, yes; btnstldg.' I snld. with a
smile, and Karl's qijlck enrs caught tho
new word for 'shooting.' I heard him
murmuring It himself two or three
times nfterwurdr
''the next day our Journey brought
us Into n large Unci Of mngnlllecnt
forest. 'Knrl snld I. 'there ought to
be line hunllng here In the season.'
" 'Yes. sir, wns the iirompt " reply,
'very good hunting.' Then with tho
nlr of n mnu who seizes nn opportunity
be lidded proudly, 'Indeed, It Is near
heie, sir, thnt we blast tunny binrs.'"
Ironwnro Illoyolc.
Here Is a picture of 11 bicycle mndo
(snvo for the lump nnd belli entirely of
the couqioueiit parts of nn ordinary
stove. The machine was made by nil
Omaha firm In order to advertise Its
wares. This extraordinary mnchlnu
mny henceforth be known ns the "bone
shuker" par excellence, while It umy
utso boast of the biggest bicycle bell
und bicycle lump on record.
An Was Fitting.
Kveryjiody who nttended the World's
I 'nlr in lMi.'i, us well ns many who have
only read of It, will appreciate the fol
lowing story, which comes from Chi
cago: A mnn from ono of the suhurbnn
towns culled nt n luwycr's ottlce oue
day nnd nsked him:
"Can't a given name be changed If n
man wants It done nnd Is willing to
pay for It?"
"Certainty." replied the lawyer, "It
there are no good reasons why it
should not be done."
"Well," rejolucd the caller, "my namo
Is Park."
"I named my oldest boy Washing
ton." "Well?"
"And my youngest I named Jnckson."
"Washington Park and Jnckson
Park. Very good."
"Hut there Is a daughter, Lucy, who
comes between tho two. I want to
have her name changed to Mldwny
A Tenderhearted Congressman.
"On the steps of the Capitol tho oth
er day some Binall boys were torment
ing n poor, forloni feline, when a mem
ber of the House came upoti them sud
denly. "Oh, boys, that Is cruel!" as
one of the boys gnve tho kitten n
vicious punch, wheient the boys run
quickly nwny. Tho member, who Is 11
new ono, turned to leave, when the
llttlo morsel gave n pitiful "meow"
nnd limped n few steps. "Tho poor
thing Is lame and Buffering." ho snld,
and lifting It tenderly ho examined It,
nnd evidently concluding It wns n seri
ous matter took out a tluo linen hand
kerchief, In which ho wrapped tho
kitten. Ho then dropped It gently Into
his overcoat pocket und made his way
to tho earn. Washington Stur.
Tim Main Difference).
Fuddy Some folks hold that plated
waro Is as good ns solid sliver, while
others will have only the real article.
Duddy I know. Tho mnlu difference
between plated ware mid solid Bllver Is
thnt ono Is mado for use and the other
to bo handed down to one's heirs.
Boston Transcript.
Beforo a mnrrlnge engagement Is a
week old, tho girl Is well posted on an
argument to provo that boarding Is
cheaper thnu kecplug house.
Kvery retailer likes to work tb
, word "wholesale" Into his printing, t
XnthntUttlfl Old TVhurlmlon.
There is an old ndngo to tho effoct
thnt It in never too late to mend, and
that seems to apply U the hioyolo, or,
rather, U) tho jieoplo who ride It. A
1'oorla (III.) mini learned to rido nt tho
age of 01 years mid now is 72. Dnring
those 1 1 years ho has ridden 00,000
miles, nml is still going. To corn
inamorato his career as a cyclist ho tins
erected it monument over tho spot
whero ho is to bo burled, und on tho
shaft tho figure of n bicycle is carved.
In tho Ilooue county (Mo.) circuit
court a saloonkeeper was fined $lft0 for
selling to a minor. Tills is tho first
eiiso over tried in'JIoono comity, nuder
tho law, by which dumnges assessed
In such cascs go to tho party making
Our Inrn-uaril Tracln Willi China.
Kniluml i'hii 110 longer compete with us
in Ibnuliipiiieiit of nisny products to China.
This in merely iinturul. The best wins' In
very lliliig. Fur n like rennon, llontettrr's
Stoiimili, Hitlers hits for fifty years ne
knowli'dged nn nuperlur, bcrniiae there is
nothing belter to cure rnuttipfttiun, ilidl-Ki-ttiiiii,
dynpcptlu and biliouiiiess.
WliHl Wh r.Brkhlf.
'"Hint waiter of yours is tho slowest
I etcr struck," snid a fat customer.
"Well, if yon hud a wagon, and tho
nheols didn't work to suit you, what
would yon do?" usked tho restaurant
"Why, I'd grenne 'em."
"Well, whv don't you 'ercaso' tho
waiter?" Vonkers .Statesman.
A largo cotton mill is being erected
in .Mexico at Atotoccillo on tho line of
tho intcr-ocennio railroad.
25c. 50c. mmMEmmM- DRUGGISTS
To any needy mortal, suffering from bowel troublu and too poor to buy CASCARETS, we will tend a box free.
Willamette Iron and Steel Works
npttrfiirra ami llullilor. nt Murine Kiicl"', Mining "! Dreilchifr Mnclnnrry
nml (lnriil Mill nml Iron Work, Kirn Hydrant, I'lillc", Sliiiftlng, etc. Corrv
jtiiomlriir KullclU'il,
went mmm
MAnl -builds-up-. rm
11 me voti tested it
No other ink "just us good,"
Is Curable
the Use of hh
Address OR. 1SKWKIUK, Mountslu Home, Ids.
Th Months of Mlnaa. I
Contrary to tho general opinion, more I
people go mnd during tho summer
months than in the usually gloomy nnd
dull months of November, Decombor
nnd January, when times aro bad nnd
I the general conditions appear moro con-
ducivo to insanity. Not only in this
1 country, but nlso in mnny others, it is,
' found more people go mnd during May, I
Jane nnd July than during any other :
portion of tho your, and that suicide
, which is due to some form of insanity
is nlso morn urovnlent durlnir thn
I I'Uo's C.rTforConsumptlon ha, been a
family medicine with us since IWtf-J. II.
MuUisoiy, 2l0042d Ave.. Chicago, Ills. I
lla Thrtiw Awar the Winn.
I Thrco dozen I Kittles of old wine were
unearthed in the village of Bonthnmp
I ton, L. I., try workmen who wero dig
ging a furnnco pit in tho cellar of Kd
I ward P. Hunting's house. Tho house
I was formerly occupied by Mr. Hunt
: ing's father and it is supposed the wine
. had been buried there for more than 00
years. Mr. Hunting is a teetotaler
' and tho wine was thrown away.
Take Laxative Ilromo Qulnlno Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. K. W. Grove's signature
is on each box. 2Cc.
I Within a year eight beet sugar fac-
1 tories have been built In Michigan.
' Mothers will find Jfrs. Wlinlow's Hooth
I lug tiymp the twit remedy to use for their
, children dnring the teething period.
Two-thirds of the worlds'
produced from beets.
sugar is
When a man gets one, he becomes a slave
to his bowels. Every person ought to have
control over the different parts of the body,
and it is the easiest thing in the world to
educate the bowels, make them do their duty
naturally and regularly, and . keep them from
becoming a source of misery and a deformity
as well.
Educate your bowels!
Don't neglect the slightest sign of irregularity but
see that you have at least one natural easy movement
a day. Pills, salts and black draughts are dangerous
because they strain and weaken the bowels. What
you want is a mild but sure laxative, that tones and
strengthens the bowels and stimulates their movements.
Such a laxative is CASCARETS, and when you
try them, you will find that it is the easiest thing in
the world to make and keep your bowels clean and
regular, strong and healthy. By keeping the bowels
clean, all serious disorders are
Addrui Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York, mentioning advertisement and paper.
Thousand", of garden.
endependon Ferry's Seed.
very year and never suffer
disappointment. Cheap ubatl.
tutes bring loss, not paying crops.
It pays to par a llttlo mora for
Fealty's Buna. Five cents ner naner
everywhere, and always worth It.
ilnars the Best. WO Reed Annual free.
MACHINERY, all kinds
29 to 3B First Strett PORTLAND. OR.
Use lllf for unnatural
IrriUtloos or ulcerations
tit tnucqqi membranes.
lslnless. and not astrln
Ithc Evajs OhimicaiOo. nv or poUonoui.
I DOiu Of Ilrncsisu,
or sent In plain wrapper,
by expreis, prepaid, for
1 1 .00, or S botlles. S2.7J.
Circular snt oa request.
Auburn (N, Y.) tho mnlstors llftTO
gained nn increaso of wages from $9
per week to $12.
The HenMnlenl, Most Powerful and
Kftectlre .SeverfallliiK Itemed? tor
Rheumatism S'.'uVifJu.
f.A OKI I' I' It nml CATAItKHI knew mini HimiRMjiil. know or
"" ttieemrncjror"n IHtd l'H"iI On
alive well Frewntlvn of any Ache or ram
known 111 tlr hiimsn bodjr, there wmild nol b a
bimllr In all America wllhnnt a bollU or
Ilrop"'" Renl or trim botlle. IK!, r lrf bottle,
II -conlainlim doM. bolUe-for It.
160-104 E. tax St.. Chicago, III.
In fnn Francisco tho retail carpet
mc,n hftve "ganlzeil to regulate prico.
and prevent competition, rlvo 01 tno
largest carpet houses nro in tho now
Btati or Onto, Citt or tolho, 1
Lccis Couhtt. ( .
Frank J. CiiKNtr makes oath that he Is tba
lenlor parter ol the nrm of Y. 1. irnrurr & Co.,
doing bu.lnei In the Cltr of Toledo, Connljr
and btale aforenald, and that said firm will pay
the sum 01 ONK II UNIIKKU DOI.LAKH for each
and ererr cane ol Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the u.o of iuu.1 K Ccn. MEiEy
Sworn to before toe and subtcrlbed In my
pretence, this ttb day ol December, A. D. 1894.
, -- A. V. OLEA80N,
I Kotary PubUe.
Ilall'i Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and acti
dlrectlf on the blood and mucous mrfacea of
the iritem. Kend for testimonial!, tree.
F. J. C'HKNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
Bom by nrnegmtii, 75c.
liall's Famllr l'llis are the best.
On April 1 next Uuffalo carpenters
will get 25 cents an hoar.
VITA LIT V low.ilcbllltaleitor eliantet nireilbr
Ir. Kline1. Iiiln(ri.lliir Tonic. KHKK l. Trlat
ndltlpoililallllnrz Wek' trealmenl. Ilr Kllne'f
lii.tltule. Ml Arcb St., I'lillndelptila. Keiniiled l7L
The Hepublic Steel Company, one oi
the two big steel trusts recently
formed, has 13 plants in Indiana.
Pftnrff and Wire Wurka.
ami Iron leiicliii:; iilMce rnlliiiK, etc. .til Alder.
j Maulitiiftrjr and Siitjll.4.
I clitnery, iiilie. 48-10 UrslHi., Portland, Or.
JOHN POOI.R, 1'onTt.Aun, ORroorr,
tun plve you tlie best btircnlns in general
, lmiclitnery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts nnd windmills. Tho now
fcleel I X h windmill, sold by him, is tut
ecjuulled. CORN WHEAT
Will out-yield corn; will make the ramaktri4
of meal; hi superior fattening qualities; will
rolve the jirohleiu of fattening Hogs and Cattle,
In a wheat country; should to sown In the
spring the same as wheat and will yield from
60 to 100 bushels perarre; the straw alter tt It.
thrashed has an oily substance and It Is almost
as good as hay.
Price of see-d lOo per pound or S)5 pea
lmnilred. Address
M. J. SHIELDS & CO., Moscow, Idahot
Fop Good Digestion
And quiet, restful sleep, use
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Onlr vreetable liiEredlent used lu the msklnir.
For sale hy druggists. $1.1)0
For Qonorrliota &nd Qleet ret Pbt'i Oky BpeoUlo. II
it th ONLY medicine which will cur mcii and erfi?
cam. NO CASK known It hi ever failed to car, no
matter how tenoai or of how long standlnfr. nemlu
from 1U um will utonlth you. It ! tAlutlx ufe.
prtrent stricture, Aiid can he taken without inconre
Die nre and detention from hiuUneca. PitiCK, tlOO. Fof
sale by all reliable dnurirliita. or arnl prepaid by eipnas,
plainly wrapped, i
1, onrerettpsoi .nr.. vi ,
Circular mailed on request.
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