Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 09, 1900, Image 2

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Their brcees bear tlie orange scent,
About tliclr grove the wild uotcs
The sunshine girds tlielr Bliorcs. Con
-tcnt ,
Has madti (,cm fitecrly- Her owo.
Hut far they )le ahfaj m
Beyond the tossln'R'bar, '
Beneath the sunset, and alone.
The Ions lagoons arc lapped In ealm,
The shadows arc ringed with sorties
The shadows slant from palm to palm,
Hut dim they He ab, dim
I'pcu the utmost brim
Of sea and sunset, fairly seen.
Wlltltn flitnn nrna T iflfn nml ftmrn
The ch'nrt Is plain. Ah, Swce1liaft,"'be'
My pilot while ,tbe winds arc fair.
Come, then, Itqlorcd.; sail ?lth me.'
For1 near tliey draw ah, near,
And cleat they 'crow all, clear.
Beneath, the Bunsct,on the. sea.,
rfllPMntlGaettc. " " " '
r? EItE.-we.arc at the old willow.
Jnl Wua' do ya "ay, to couilug to
v anchor for a bit?" ho remarked
bringing tbo Canadian close la to the
"That Is Just "what one finds so hn
possible In life coining to anchor, I
mean," she said, dabbling her left hand
In the water.
"Look liere, DI," be Jerked out pros
ently, "what Is the good of beating
about the bush? There's something
wrong, and you are worrylug yourself
nbout It, and, I am going to make you
tell me everything. You used to (ell mo
everything ouce.fDI. without Invita
tion," he added, 'with an attempt at
raillery that was chiefly pathetic
"Don't be a duffer, Hugh" she ob
served. "May I not be .sententious now
and then wlthout'belng forced to ex
plain that I mean nothlng'at'all? Now,
will you please ahiuse.rric7 It. Is n
shame to waste an afternoon llk thls."
"Of course It Is." be echoed. "You
see, dear, all the gods and the fairest
of mortals meaning your delightful
self cem to be conspiring for my hap
piness; when the gods behave In this
odd kind of -wny we are told to distrust
them. First of all, I have you have
bad you quite, fast, since the days when
I robbed orchards, and you, like a sec-
woman and a man of whom tho woman
was very fond so fond that she had
promised, almost before she grew up,.
that she would marry blm. She did not'
know that love meant something else,
until until she came up to Cambridge
'one Mny week. Hugh, please don't
'look at mo In that way: It Is only a
story. Well, she met some ouo very
often, more often than she bad n right
to do, during that week; she did not
realize the end to which they were
drifting she was merely Interested In
drawing a. grave, book-hnrdened mnn
out of his shell; being rather willful,
she could not be confronted with a solid
wall of Ice and not wish to thaw It."
The mail's face was the color of damp
parchment. "Qo.ou," he. said as sho
halted'lu the tolling.
"She succeeded, Hugh. It all eamo
nbout on the night of a certain college
bail, beneath an old willow the same
under which we anchored not. long ago.
Thov wall fcf Ice 'melted suddenly en
oud Eve. ate the apples; then I have
secured two firsts and a reasonable
chance of a fellowship: lastly, n mos
commendable maiden aunt sees flt to
die and endow me with the .wealth that
perishes. It Is too much, vou know, ni
not a doubt of It; the stagey thing to
Happen is for me to lose you. and there
by make dust and ashes of all my other
uo jou Know." be recommenced
presently. "I can't, for the life of me.
neip reeling sentimental, arid gray, and
awfully sorry for myself, when I think
that Cambridge" Is over and done with
Iook at that bit of Clare there, gazing
uui uijuii iiug s wuii sucu a genial
eye; then there Is the willow above us,
and the bridge from which one used to
listen to the nightingales, and and the
i-en sunsets one lias sepn. and the
cheery life. All gone, DI, forever and
"All gone," she echoed In a voice that
was almost tragic by comparison with
the halMUppancy of his.
"Stnylug up here Indefinitely as a don
Is not the same thing," he went on.
"The glamour wears thin, and one slips
niio iormuia m place or feelings, and
acquires uncanny views of women. Yon
have met Hoborts often lately, haven't
you? He Is only Just 30, ami yet he
has settled Into his groove as If he
were 110. As a coach ife Is marvelous,
r.nd I have every admiration for the
way in which he lias pu'ld me through,
bnt-but-I should have liked to ex
hibit the genuine Itoberts to you. 1)1;
you would have been edified, I, think.
I never met a mnn who could so effect
ually turn his blind eye (o the good
qualities of women."
"Ah!" murmured tho girl. "Let us
go down the river figaln,"hg.sald uf ler
n pause. "T Imvo something to say to
you, Hugh, and It will be easier If wo
are In motion."
"I have often wondered what would
happen to Itoberts If he met his destiny
written large." hp .mbaed, audibly., yiv
would knock hfm'clenh out offline, I
fancy, should he lose. That Is the
worst of these men who go on In smil
ing Indifference to amatory dangers:
they irre pulled up with a horrid Jerk.
Don't yon think Infant vaccination w'.tlx
love lymph is. u iM. ndvocated? You
don't take It-hair as badly In that c'.is ."
"Oh, Hugh, why will you be so-so
frivolous?" pleaded the girl.- somethlpg
between amusement and desperation In
her voice.
"Can't help It, DI, for the life of mo;
I was bom so, you know,"
"I am going to toll you a story,
Hugh," ho went on with more con,
posure, "and you shall glvo mo your
verdict on It. Don't stop; I can't bear
w remain, still. . The story Is about a
masse, nnd the rush of water carried
both of tbem away. It was then that
the woman learned the added element
which converted fondness Into love: It
was then that she lost sight of honor
and nllowed the man to kiss her."
"Good God J"
Sim bad' not dreamed .that Hugh
would take It like this. Sorry, very
sorry, she expected 111 m to be, but not
anguished. Sliejhad grown up with
him, nnd tragedy always seems out of
place with people who have become
dovetailed Into our lives by commonplaces.
"Hugh, you must not think I gave
you up," she said, with the silly strug
gle of a sheep that sees the slaughter
house door before It. "I told hi in al
most at once that I was bound to you.
and I shall not break my promise. Only
had to confess, because It would not
hnvo been" right to conceal It from you."
They were close In to the left bank
f the river, nnd a step was audible on
the pathway. Roth looked up. Uoth
turned their eyes from to each
other, and a light broke. In on Hugh.
"That's Roberts, the man who pulled
me through so well." he observed, cha
otically. "Would you like to land. DI?"
"No, no!" she cried.
But the canoe was already brought
and he had leaped on shore. Me-
anlcally she took the, hand he held
t to her: mechanically she responded
the confused greeting of Eustace
Roberts, classical coach and father of
unnumbered firsts. One among the
last-born, of his offspring seemed to be
somewhat Intoxicated this afternoon
perhaps the heat bad been too much
for him.
"You're a decent old sort, Roberts."
he remarked, hilariously slapping his
precentor on the back, "and I congrat
ulate you. Should never have expected
It. Sly dogs, you cynical beggars. Don't
mind me enjoy this kind of thing, you
know. Good-by. good-by; I must be
off. No good missing Hall, you see,
for the sake of being de trop."
Before they could stop blm he was
well out In the middle of the river and
paddling hard In the direction of
"Poor chap!" muttered Roberts.
"Poor chap!" said tho girl. "Is that
all you can find to say appropriate to
the occasion?"
"Yes: the rest Is away behind, shut
up "beyond the reach of words," he re
sponded, gravely.
Romethlns that Witt lutereat the Ju
venile Member of Kverjr llouacuolil
Quaint Action anil llrluht Haylim
of Manjr Cute and Cuuulnu Children.
Bessie, Bessie, come quickly, and
bring kitty with you," called Aunt Klla
up the stairs.
"What for. Auntie?" was tho answer,
as Bessie came running down. Sho
held n pretty little tabby kitten of three
mouths old In her baby arms.
'jCook says there Is n mouse back of
the kitchen, dear," replied Auntie, as
she lifted the little girl off the lust step
of the stairs.
"A live mouse!" cried Bessie, trot
ting down the passage after her Aun
tie. "Why, hasn't -It run away? It
will be kitty's Ursr mouse, won't It.
"Yes. and I think It will bo mousle's
first kitty, too. Cook says It Is a very
little one," said Auntie,
muscles, be tney ever o uny. mm n (
that tho baby Is 0 month, old It cu do ;
things that very fow little one k year
and nlialf old can do, and I' Is better
and stronger In over. vny than most
bablc. jt has iwvfi had a sick day.
Tills baby athlete will i n tee 111 body
straight lip from a lying position Willi
out using hi arms, will rnti III body,
by the leg muscles alone, from a crouch
ing position to nn upright one several
times In succession, will arch hi bni'lt
like a wrestler, and will aland up on
1 rn '
A wholesaler In Hit city hml o' f
his papa's bands and balance himself the brightest nnd t I vhhIvo I if.
Ilk-i. a bareback rider. Ill Papa hi!
made hint a little trapexe. to which
Baby Siagg hang while he Is swung
roughly about, and draw himself up
by the strong muscles In hi little arm
like nn old performer. Every unity in
the block Is being trained In athletic
no'w-and they 'are nil hungry all the
time. ,
Why It Wan llriltline.
"Bobby, you must go to bed tio"
"But, inn, It Isn't lime!"
"Yes, It Is; your Uncle Robert and
your father are going to tell What bad
boys they used to be at school."
Nellie' Motto.
Aiitillo-Whiit Is It you are embroldt
Opening a iloor nt the end of the paa4 ,m; ,ld; for BuIiim7
sage. Bessie ran Into the kitchen.
"Where Is the niousle. cook?" she
asked. "I've brought kitty."
"He very quiet. Bessie." said cook as
she led the way to the little yard back
of the kitchen. "He'll eouie out ngalu
In a minute If you wait."
Bessie put down the kitten, who.
never having seen a mouse before, sat
down on the steps wondering why he
Little Nellle-The good die young.
IIIh Itfctpe for the llcncllt of Drowning
Men Did Nut Work.
"I'm through," said the book agent
wearily. "I've noillled the bouse that .
they may no longer expect me to risk '
my life handling their goods. For the
last thirty days I have been touring
the State with a universal compendium
of knowledge, containing first aids for i
the wounded, treatment for snake
bites, how to bring n drowned man to, I
and a thousand and one other things
that every mail should know, Itotind lu '
calf and sold at a price within the
reach of all. I traveled on my wheel,
and that enabled me not only to work
the small towns, but the surrounding
country as well. One day 1 chanced
to cull upon an old farmer. 1 tried to
get htm Interested lu the great work
was nwakened from- his cozy nap on ilinti was handling, but wjtliout, sue-
Bessie's soft bed. Very soon the dear
est. tiniest, tlmldest gray mouse Bos
'Siefhnd'erer seen" ran out frbm under
tho gate, and looked round with his
bright black eyes. He did not seem a
bit afraid of kitty, but ran up to blm
and held up his little nose for a kiss.
As kitty was not very big. no doubt
mousle thought It was his mother.
"Kitty thinks. 'What a funny little
thing.' " said Bessie lu a whisper, as
he bent down nnd smelt It. Mousle
gave n little Jump, and ran away as
fast ns he could go. Then kitty sprang
after him.
"Ob! he will kill the poor little
mousle," cried Bessie, Jumping up from
her chair.
"No. he won't Look, dear! He's
gone!" said Auntie. And sure enough,
at that moment Master Mousle reached
his hole under the fence, and ran Into
It with a squeak of Joy.
Bessie picked up the kitten. "Poor
kitty! don't be disappointed! Never
mind If you have lost him. I'll give
you a nice dinner lustead."
Then she added, ns she ran upstairs,
"You're a very good little kitty to let
mousle run home and not kill him."
Hail Ills Share.
Recently a medical man told this tale
at a professional banquet.
"Not long since," said the doctor, "a
member of the medical profession died,
and In due time approached the gates
of the beautiful land. He was, of
course, nccosted by St. Peter.
' 'What Is your name?' asked the
aged doorkeeper.
" 'Sam Jones,' was the reply.
" 'What was your business while on
" 'I was a doctor.
" 'Oh, a physician, eh?'
" 'Yes. sir.'
" '.Made out your own bills, I sup
" 'Yes. sir.
" 'Collected 'em yourself?'
" 'Why why yes, sir,' stammered
the wondering shade of the physician.
"And then St. Peter threw wide the
portals and said: 'Go right In, my
friend; If you've done that vou've
bad punishment enough.' "Colorado
Springs Facts.
T'io Hlvlipot Tower.
The highest tower In the world Is
presently to be built as one of tho
great attractions of Buffalo during the
ran-Amerlcnn Exhibition, which Is to
be held In that elty In IitOJ. It Is to be
,151! feet high nnd 400 feet square at
the base, and will be n much more or-
nanientnl building than the Eiffel
Tower. It will be served by no fower
thnn thirty-three electric elevators,
sixteen of which will run onlv to the
tlrst landing, L"Ti feet above the level of
tho ground. The who!e Journey from
the bottom to the top will necessitate
fourehnnges of elevators, and will take
nbout six minutes, while the elevators
will have a carrying capacity of 10,000
n Hour. 'J lie estimated cost of this
tower, which will be built of steel, Is
$800,000. or nbout twice as much as
that of-tho Eiffel Tower.
Just a Little llor.
There Is a boy In our town,
(And he is wondrous wise),
Who, when the rain comes pouring down
And clouds o'ersprend the skies.
Says, "I'll Just smile the best 1 can,
No matter how it pours;
And we'll have sunshine In the house
If It docs rain out of doors."
When naughty words swnrm through his
And clamor to be said.
He shuts his teeth-together tight
And says, "I'll kill you dead.
Unless you will be sweet and kind,
And good and full of fun;
You can't come out until you are
No, uot a single one!"
He thinks when he's a grown-up man,
With wUe mid sober face,
.He'll do some wondrous deed to make
This earth a brighter place;
But nothing In this whole wide world
Can give more lasting joy,
Or make more solid sunshine,
man just a little boy.
Philadelphia Times.
Punch nnd Judy Are Great Favorites.
Paris' old-fashioned theaters still
have Punch and Judy shows. The au
dience are models of attention. The
children sit serious or lightly laughing,
following with delighted eyes the evo
lutions of the notary, the gendarme,
Pierrot. Mother Berllngu, and the oth
ers that take the places of the charac
ters our own young people kuow.
Tbo theaters are la the open air. All
through the fall Into early winter the
bare-legged little folk come to them,
rosy-faced and hardy. Under the bare
branches of the horse chestnut trees of
tho Champs Elysees they spin their
tops when It Is all but freezing. The
play Is a much longer one thnn Is given
here, and there Is always a wheezy old
accordion to furnish tho music, but Mr,
Punch fights his wny through It all nud
meets with tho same end at last.
cess until I showed him the chapter on
drowning; then I saw that 1 had him
There was n smnll lake near where the
boys went swimming and the old man
lived lu fear that some one would get
"W ell. when I showed htm bow fully
the Itook treated the subject I made
sale. It wits a hot day. so 1 acepted
an Invitation from the old man's sons
to go lu swimming with them. 1 was
hardly In tho witter when I was selml
with a crump. I shipped a good deal
of water, but I managed to reach the
shore without much trouble, although
I was greatly exhausted. While 1 was
gasping for breath the old man came
running up with the book that 1 had
sold him. Finding 'be chapter on
drowning he read the directions to his
sons and told them to go abend. Be
fore I knew what was going to happen
I was seized by two of his husky sons
and hung up by the heels and pounded
on the back until all the breath was
knocked out of me. Then I was rolled
over a barrel and pounded again; then
a bellows was Jammed down my throat
and I was pumped so full of wind that
1 thought I would burst. They tried
every fool Idea that was lu the Iwok,
nnd It was only owing to n sound con
stitution that I lived through It. I'm
through! I can't afford to take the
chances that are In the business,"
New York Telegraph.
Groat French OlnaeterH.
Twenty-live thousand French prison
ers were taken by tho German troops at
the battle of Sedan, In the Franco-Ger
man war, on the 31st of August, 1870,
while on the following day, hh the re
sult of the German victory, over 83,000
French soldiers surrendered, together
with 70 mitrailleuses, -100 lletd-plceos,
and ISO fortress guns. About 14,000
Freuch wounded were round lying on
the battlefield, and nbout 3,000 escaped
Into Belgium nud laid down their arms.
On the 27th of October, In tho samo
yenr. Marshal Bazalne, after fighting
and suffering several defeats In tho
neighborhood of Metz, surrendered
with his army, Including Marshals
Caurobert nud Lo Boeuf, (5(5 generals,
nbout 0,000 ofllcers, and 173.000 men,
including the Imperial Guard; 400
pieces of artillery, and 53 eagles or
tures on adverllsliiK rend lo him by a
country merchant Inst week that he unit
ever heard lu hi life. Thl country
merchant I not one of the ordinary
i,.r,.i..iMirt lie Is a character In hi
1111 V. II Hibernian, and with 111 full
share of the proverbial wit. Thl iner
chant lives In n small elty of Hit' Hlii(.
nnd buy the belter pint of hi Ktod
in this city, lie wa on a luiyiUK trip,
nud, passing a wholesale house, ho ob
M-rved nailer iiiuikln III the windows,
He went III lo look nt tliein. or ho had
sale for such things lu hi store.
"An' do ye have paper napkin to
sell?" he asked of the wholesaler. Ho
did have llieni. he said. "All how the
dlvll do' I be kiiowlu' that ye have pa
per nnpklii to sell, If I don't come
down here nud happen to see them III
the windy? Why don't ye till n man
ye have paper nnpkln? Why don't ye
advertise In the Commercial Bulletin?
Thin we'd know what ye had to sell."
The merchant told him that he (lid ad
vertlse lu the Bulletin, which wit trie.
"Ah. yls," said tho men-limit. "An"
how do ye advertise? Ye put n cut of
yer liulhlln' m the paper. Now, what
the dlvll do I be winitln' to see the cut
o' yer hulhllu' for? I don't care for
yer old biillilln'. If what's lu yer
biilldlii' that Interests inc. If ye hnvo
paper napkins, say ye have paper nap
kin, nud don't be a showln' us a pic
ture of your big store, 'flint's the way
I'm golu' to sell these paper napkins
I am liuyln' of ye. 1 put mi advertise
ment In me paper nt home to tell tho
people of me town thet I have paper
napkins to sell nud the price they huvu
tq. pay for them, nud be the (towers
Ihcy.comejiid buy thlin." This whole
NiiW told me that he bad more good
advertising sense mlitied Into lit ui In
teu minutes by this iiienihuiit than bo
had found In ttoiiks In the past ten
years. Hardware Trade.
Com of Living In Pari.
"To prove that we arc economical
loitiig women shall I (ell ydu bow much
we pay nt tlie pension?" write a girl
In the Ladles' Home Juiirnal. who. with
a girl companion, Is traveling In France
and giving the bene lit of her experience
to girls who may go to the Pari Expo
sltion this yenr. "The tariff card, tacked
on the wall of my rose-twlued Mario
Antoinette room, says the price Is ultio
mines. 'I lieu how do I eonio to be pay
Jug only seven? Ono learns over hero
to inarchniiiler 'lo haggle, to bargain
ii iiiiiiiiiiiiu prices reau Troin seven
francs,' and you write to her asking If
she can let you haven room ami at that
price, she will polmbly reply that the
only rooms she tins uiirenleil cost teu
frnucH. But If you nrc wise enough to
ask her If slie has a room for seven
frnnes the answer will be 'ye.' Wo
nre, of course, beyond the pale of the
bathtub, electric lights and big tips; the
main who cares for our room Is satis
fled to receive n modest fee, and It Is
with n thrill of delight that we pick up
our ?aiid!cstlekH and say 'good-night'
Just as they do In novels. Wo nro com-
fortablo and happy on two dollars ner
nay. ine fact that wo are alouo does
uoi urnig us n moment's nniioyatice, nor
subject us to any uiireasonablo
ON THE Mlnsisaip
Great U1 Al,
passenger ervlco nn ,l0 ... , I
lllvor U lu u fairly .....
Ion. Ilelween Ht. pllui "77
running water and 'W
ICael, Htemiier hns a K
lug from Nieiu to strn,, . "''l.
i.i..u ...i ... "'aril iki
mid from there lo New Orir "i
nro largo nnd well huiii
lit,... foffi. till. ulnt..
w. ...... niniv MIOIIIII
hie am set for nical- ,i ... '"I
piiHsengerK dance U ii, t-voin.,,!
uie it plnuo mill sulnlr i.,ll(y f J
cost nbout n inui h ., ,i, ,
day a It due m ,i goU( lake ,il
so that a paMiwigcr vtrtuullv
pleasure of Iravel fur i1,io:"
chief. (llnVrclitv between i, ii,'
lion I nml Ihil nr. i y... . '
Instead of vlcwlm? till MM . L'
day afler day from a vntia
a new view rroin tin. i,lt, t," t,
blent. Tint turn I ii..... 'P.
so that the passenger iimj H.j
miliar with the urban as maul
country life of tlie valley. ti,..iJ
..t ,i... .i.... ... ..i "j
" mi- iimi in lllwiIVS Inli. ii i
from tbo boat on Hie im k at
HI, . '
uiiniiiiiiiiiin. i iiere nan lieen jj
vmiee III the manner .r iminiB?
since the steamboats Mnti pWmJg
river. A soon a the hoar in,., jj
e the shore the gangplank In 0J
nun n seemingly entiir prUci.i
negroes begins lo move buck aii.iT
carrying nn boitiil the bug oft'
which, un the northern luitlou J
river, often makes tbo inill. of nT'
go. Plow, boxes. Iiiuilii-r oiklU
ehaiidlse tint the other pr..diicu. 1
ioviv are miieii tlie same ccrjfJ
The cargoes, howeter. an nrlll)
all present a picture of n ii.iniiruiD
ago. At Memphis, from tin.
the water' edge, Is an liniiir
.'lined plane of granite tm viol
ii the center, about two liiiinlnX
roui the bluff, run a vMe ruX
entire length of the lewc. mid 5
IMjnrn among the coiupn-M rt
mid oil mills. whi)e en-m,
(till ,ll llll,l t'u n,.,u... ... .1... ..ill
..,.., v a m, n in hi iui UIM,
letweeu this rond nud tin- bluif-.
eve I nearly level; from hrrr
river there I a steep descent
heroadeomeniiil go continually ift
Iri.nli. ftr ..ill... i limits mi, .I ..I. J'
nml great piles of small rnrgoi-i
from local Jobbing houses, bfl
there are. dtirlmr liusv limm
glomerate mass of dray, ninli i.
bales, sucks of, cottonseed. darkltA
ii son or rreignt. Meyoml la uw,
row or steamer that Hue Hn- otM
lu the background sweep the i
of (he Mississippi. The center of
Ity may be one boat, sm h an ttJ
Handy of the Memphis and Hot
Hue. Juwt arrived, bringing a ctrj
'J.OOOcoilon bale that have been J
up along the river mouth. Tb
pile of boxes and furniture. noJ
of nre being earrW
piece at a lime, by a long strn
lazy darkle, over Ihe gnngphrt
the lsiwel of the big boat Tliert
laborer, returning by way of Hk
plank at the prow, roll out bofort
the cotton bale nud pile ibein la
some distance up the levee. Atxxfl
dill of wheel rumbling over the
pavement, drivers shout to tlielr
mule. There are pleturesipie
nnd snatches of melody. HW
steam, shrill whistle, the crealli
loading and unloading freight, ab
bellowing of overseer, who ftff.
rule, active dark'es. with iiiom!
lungs nud an Inexhaustible mi pel
b!g winds, mingle In busy cuu
Albslec s Magazine,
Eating nnd AWIulit.
It has been seriously asserted hv
many people that we nro naturally
lighter after a mini, and they have even
gone the length of explaining this by
A Daliy Bunilow.
There Is a nliie-nionthd-old baby In
Chicago which Is a wonder. For the
tlrst four weeks after It came to this
world It was like any other baby, Just
a soft little kicking bundle of hunger.
men ins papa, who Is Mr. A. A. Stagg.
Htraniro Money.
Chocolate Is still used ns money In
certain parts of tho Interior of South
America, as also are cocounuts nud
eggs. Accordlug to Fioseott the money
of the Aztecs consisted of quills fiill of
gold dust nnd bags of chocolate grains.
Before the Introduction of coined mon
ey into Greece, skewers or spikes of
Iron and copper woro used, six being
n urnciim or hnndful. The smnll, hard
shell known ns the cowrie Is still used
In parts of India and Africa In place of
coin. Whnlcs teeth are used by the
FlJInns, red feathers by some of the
South Sea Islanders and salt In parts
of Abysslnln. In parts of India cakes
of tea nnd In China pieces of silk pass
ns currency. Oxen still form tho circu
lating medium among many of the
Zulus and Ka III rs.
P.iHslti't of tbo Lilr.
Bermuda lilies aro becoming scarce.
If means are not soon adopted on be.
half of this branch of the Illy family
It will soon, like the buffalo, practically
disappear. Although a native of .Japan,
tno Mister Illy Is best known to Amerl
eaiiH ns being common In Bermuda. .The
soli of the Island Is of peculiar composi
tion, coral dust being mi Important con-
stlttient. It was lit one time very rich,
but tho production of the bulbs of the
Bermuda Illy bus exhausted It in n
great extent, henco the danger that the
(lower will disappear. But the exhaus.
tlou of tho soli Is not the only thing
Mint threatens tho Illy. The flower It.
soir is suffering from exhaustion. Flori
culturists hnvo not yet been nblo to lilt
upon a name for the disease. The bulbs
are getting smaller year by year.
llrld 'o Burned with Eloetrlolty.
A novel method of destroying a wood
en bridge has recently been tried with
complete success. Weighted wires aro
pmccu across certain beams nnd heated
Using Unemployed Imml.
l or two years and moro Columbus,
Ohio, has tried tho Plngreo plan of
using unemployed land ns gardeimr
ino poor, anu nns round It practical ami ...t..l...l 1... .1 ....
I tiiuuj iiiiuihi-ii iiy ioomu w oo aro in
need or neip. Last year the number
of families who tried It was moro thnn
iioiiDio tpat or tho year before. Sixty
wldows-wero nmong thoso who prefer
red tlie potato patch to tho washboard.
Every city would bo tho better for ab
lowing Its wnsto nnd unemployed land
lo furnish food for thoso who nro poor,
and who nre glad to work lu the fields
for their support.
Mr. (;lniln'inir' Cnurtfr
The following little story ilium
of Mr. GlaiUtone's courtesy. It f
us. It comes to us from an old ri
of Llaiifalrfeehiiii. The Im'hl
curred at Peniiienmiiwr, lu the
of 1 MM). About 1.20(1 feet mi the
tain I a small faruwteiiil. Pen IV m
tit which resided a woman on
yenr old. who brought her
stock of provisions lu a large l
up the steep ascent from Lliinh
linn village. One hot Hat unlit r,
lifter beginning her upward cllnJ
sat down to rest. Mr. Gluilstmu',)
her, entered Into conversation.;
chatted freely, and detailed tbt
teniM of her basket. He tlfteil It,
lludliig It heavy, offered to carry
The offer was accepted, and Ibi
eraii statesman bore the baskeliV
the white-washed fHrm coltugl.
the summit. A party of tourln
preaching from the Druid's Clrch
respectfully saluted Mr. (llmi
who, having set the heavy loud M
the old woman's door, strode vltfc
across the mountain path to l'fB
inawr. "Did you know that vJ
Gladstone who carried your biiH
you?" Inquired ouo of the party.
Indeed; I don't know Mr. Glad1
replied tho old woman, "but I
that Is a kind gentleman, wliof
Is," London Chronicle.
mn .7f od fcZ 13? the teacher of athletles In the Chicago by means of electricity; tho wires burn crlptlon of beggars' supplies;
however, show that we lose " ?. "Bs ' "?" It?'" ' woo.1. nWed by . bot.s wooden nrms. legs, humpbacks Two hundred thousand tons o
A Beggars' Trust.
According to tbo Now York nollee
most of tho successful beggars In that
eny belong to n trust. Tho beggars'
trust Is said to own n largo house In
Brooklyn, which provides overy do-
Ilobrowa lu tho British Ami
It Is Interesting to note that1
the troops mustered Into tho
by the British war olllce nro i
companies composed exclusively
brews. In Bombay there aro t'(J
panics of Hebrew soldiers, anu i
my register shows that thoma
Hebrews have enllsled lu tho
iirmy In recent vears. St. I-oim
FoniKii Oro for America!
pounds and six ounces between night
and morning; thnt wo guln ono pound
and started In to make a baby Saudow
out of him. First he exercised the tiny
the weights, and the bridge falls.
Luteal In Itoics.
iUUi B, ono Und legs every day. and the lmiiv latest in oes.
Z nZfjTT b,breakfa8t-. t cooed and laughed&S l it gS T1 ,atC8t tb,n ,n roses ,s
?e,"f .'K9.nU?u? f0.urtcen ounces fn. And he waslTiTigrler than I! sslon of nn East Anglian roso-gro
pitiful placards for alleged blind men ore and ir.o.OO(i imm nf dinner ori
and cripples, etc. Tho beggars pay tho been bought lu foreign .countries
m-iuiu iuiitu-, mai lUUCIl nuts on nn 'ei, i,i..,i. ,-, .....
i - . ... ... "
loso during t'io afterni
of ten ounces; but
dinner to healthy
pounds and ttvo oi)'
averatro linnl him nml ,,.l l.l... .in .i.. . :
i. i,,u' ' un mo inends
rdlnitry of Mr. Stagg were afraid he would hurt
t two tho little fellow. But Mr. Stagg knew
reljhU lut bow to handle a bundle of human
i pos-
who, In his catalogue, savs thnt it
name Is Kruger, and thnt It requires a
warm position and much disbudding.
If nn holiest mau Is tho noblest wnrL-
of God It might bo policy to keen an ey , ,n nu nutqmobllo looking for vou
n ri .Ua baII ... n .1 . I
vu hue avii-iuuuv UIILU.
trust a certain percentngo of their nn.n.
lugs, nnd tho trust regulates tho hours
of their labor, selects tho districts, fur-
manes a iisi or cnnritably disposed poo
plo nnd looks after member when III,
Good fortuno seldom travels around
shipment to Phlladelnhla durlnj
coming year, nnd more than 200r
will bo required to transport tna
goes. The ores como chlolly frorai
Cuba and tho mines on tho Orlnl
Itrcul Halting In Fr;
In Franco tbo bread Is
niinrllv l ...11... ...... .. liuuui me 01 u lUUU a
A 1
, -
. iviigiyu wuii its coat off, i foot long. h