Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 12, 1900, Image 6

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O TIIB white-gloved obony
II stntue at the door this was only
' nuothcr of Stark's teas. Starl
was the caterer. Ills punchbowl, his
waiters,, bis salted almonds, and his
, J)lllwcift"froni house to house during
v-', y,e season. The man at the door wish
,'' ;cd Stark would get a now punchbowl.
y llt',)T,Gfc"-Jiot for the different faces
'that appeared behind It at every house
- lue to him would be one long, uneiiu
lng party. Prom his post he could see
the tebbj In! the dtnlng-room, and he
jyioAv froui'The height of thq candles
ifiai It was nearly 0. - The pen would
coming soon.
Matronly women In long fur wraps
were waiting for their carriages, and
'xrlrls In nlcture hats and trailing silks
slipped, through the throng Into the
awhiE-rooni. A . sweet-faced vounc
glfKln wltev-chlffon, with her amis
lull of pink1 roses, stood before a man
tel banked -with' flowers, at the leff of
& stately woman In lavender. It was
the girl's flrsi bq.w. tos&cloty, and the
.woman ny ner siue was sun young
enougu to reel old when men stopped
to make' p'retty spepphes 'to her 'daugh
ter. Mrs. Howe felt that having a de-
r bntante daughter -was almost as bad as
, finding the first white hairs. The men
- were arriving now; the elder ones
alone the young fellows from the unl
J verslty ro-enforceil by one or two com
panions. Near the door was a great,
Tbrdad-shouldered athlete, supported hi-
fi little blonde man with a confident
air. . , '
The big fellow kept saying: "Now,
King, don't bolt and leave me alone.
I'm getting more' hands and feet every
lute. I'll sonabe like that chap
ibout In Latin.
, Now you
won't you?
my. JIne."
efuV Don't
oes happen
sr- ... -vj
last summer. Ho lives In Atlanta, and
his name Is Vernon Pierce. Didn't
you meet a Mr. Pierce from Atlanta
over there at the springs?"
Dolly knew her face was hot and
Hushed. She hoped Hob wouldn't no
tice It. "Yes, I think so," she said,
trying to smile.
The other girl went on:
"Alice confessed that he was a great
flirt. She must be going to be married
soon, or she would not announce bet
engagement. My dear, you look sim
ply worn out. But you will get used
to these teas and dances-and things
by the end of the winter," said the girl
with the social experience of two sea
sous to her account. She smiled and
glanced up at Bob, and showed nil her
dimples again.
The football player led Dolly to a
little cushioned seat In an alcove.
There was an orchestra behind n
screen of palms. Now they were play
ing "La Paloma" with a mystical Mex
ican Jingle. Dolly looked down at the
great bunch of roses In her lap. They
had come that morning with Vernon
Pierce's card. She was no longer
there In the heated hall of her city
home, with Bob, dear old stupid, tire
some Bob, by her side. It was moon
light, and she felt the air of a sum
mer night on her face. They had leen
dancing and now thoy could hear the
strains of "Forever and Forever." In
the light from a window some one
was standing before her. His voice
was low and he was singing the words
of a waltz. "Oh, bid me hope to call
thee mine, forever and forever."
She could remember nil that he said
that night at Greenbrlnr, and she re
membered that she had laughed at
him. Yes, she had laughed, and now
she was glad. Of course he said the
same things to Alice the next week.
Alice went up there to the springs Just
after Dolly came home.
The man at the door came over and
gave a handful of letters to Dolly.
These cnine in the ufternoon mall,"
he said.
"You can read those, Bob," she said
as she fogjffigier companion a pile of
small enxaSBSL She knew they were
regrets OjHRflih thing. There was
Tlnncst Hoy.
'I nin ulnd thoro nro n fow honest
pcoplo loft. Two years ago 1 sunt n
boy around tho comor to buy a postal
card. I have- novor soon tho boy to
tliis day."
"You don't call tlmt boy lionost?"
"Yes sir! This morning I rocoivod
a postal with this on tho back: 'Dour
Sir: Horo is your postnl. 1 started in
buslnoss with tho penny you gave mo
and havo prospered. Thanks.' " Chi
cago Evening Nows.
KtiBlnnd'a Armored Trulim.
The imiKiiitli't'iit iiriuorcd trulns used by
Engluud in her wiir with the Hours will
protect her troops In about the same way
thtit Hosteller's Stotuufh Hitters drives
dyspepsia from the human stomach, and
then mounts Knrd thai It does not return.
The bitters bus won In every cao of Indi
gestion, constipation, liver and kidney
trouble for lilty years,
Natural gas convoyed in bamboo
tribes was utilized in China years ago.
1'lso's Cure for Consumption Is the best
of all rough cures. Onoree V. Lots,
l'abucher, La., August 20, 1885.
Tho nvorngo advanco in wagos in
Wisconsin for all classes in the year
p:ist was 15 por cont.
From nil nocounta tho glnitamnklng
trado will In tho near futuro bo rovolu
tlouieod by maoliinory. Some of tho
invontloiiH havo omorged from experi
mental Htngo, and thoro nro many inoro
to follow.
By local applications, m they cannot rcaoh tho
diseased jiortlon ol tho ear. Thero 1 only ono
way tocuruikaiiiqM.unrt that Is by ; constitu
tional romcdloi. Deafness U rallied by an In
named condition of tho mucous llnliut of tho
Kustarhlan Tube. When this tubo nets In
llamrd joti havo a rumblliiK soand or linpcr
feet hearlniti " when tt Is ontlroly closed
deafness Is tho remit, and unless the Inflamma
tion can bo taken out and 111 l tulio restored to
Us normal condition, hearliiK win lo destroyed
forever: nine csics out ol ten are ranted by
catarrh, which Is uothliiK hut an Inflamed
condition of tho mucous surfaces.
Wo will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case ol Deafness (earned by catarrh) that can
not bo cured by flail's Catarrh Cure. Bend for
.circulars, free. j &
Bold by PruRRltts, 76c
Hall's Family fills aro tlio best,
l'niutors and decorators at St. Louis
want 37 H conts, eight hours and Sat
urday half-holiday on and after April
1, 1000.
Tho Unitod Stntoo turns out annu
ally 180,000,000,000 pounds of plug
' 'Nature Abhors a Vacuum. "
Soothing In the world sUnds still, U
you .ire tvell and strong day by jiy
blood supplies its tide of "vigor. Jf y,u tt(
ill, the blood is torong and c Arties incrtu.
lng quantities of diseased germs. Y0u an'.
not change Nature, but you can aid ha b
keeping the blood pure. Hood's SarsiPA.
rtlla does this ,s nothing else can. Be
sure to get Hood's, because
Tim Jiuiiiiiry Cmitury,
Tho January Century will contain
poom by Hudyurd Kipling, "in t)l0
Matter of One Compaq. " Dr. Mitch
oil's story, "Tho Autobiography 0f a
Quack," ondfl in that Ihhuo, Imt
another serial by Dr. Mitchell will be.
gin in tho March number. It Is elp(
"Dr. North and His Friends," undtiuo
who him read tho manuscript call
"an opitouio of tho science, culturoniiA.
common sonso of , tho nineteenth century."
'Tt 'J
K7 I
ft f
:ed Atlnntn.
mg, masculine
tho "re-
ill m s
uu r i .
laugTii y -
twisted his
my dear child,'
must be tired s
Mr. Fields, won'
tho dlnlug-room a;
' coffee or something?'
Bob thanked her with
look, and the two dlsnppca
. ,,vhy.,to U19 dining-room. Th
end of the table was a lljmp-looklng
t. glrj. nvlth pule yellow hair and loose
gloves on her thin arms. In front of
n her were a lnrgo samover nnd an array
of cups. Sho had been pouring choco-
Jato.and'toa for the last ten years, and
"Was' c8wlfag" did in the service. The
jfna., eijver canueiaDr at eituer,e.nj or the
: i3WbIoproudly bjlduy tho lialf;buraed
Ipirric (jnndles wuhplnk shadsnnd the
fcm-glass dishes of pink bonbons, spar-
ikled In their light. Tho waiters hur-
tied Jiere jand there, lirjnglng In plates
, -6t 'safnd aiid Ices. Pretty girls In
tlalnty'dresses served the guests stand
ing about the room. When-Dolly and
Bob canio in a girl In a miich-bcrufllcd
pink silk rushed to them with a sinlle
- Uint showed all her dimples.
"Oh, Dolly, you'ro simply perfect. I
' ftf-niirAfi in rnnr rn vim wiieii trjiiiin in.
.. 1 ,1 w " - v- '
but there -were so many people. My
Bear, your dress is a dream! And
those rosea t I "was awfully late. I
came right out here. I hope I've done
s'uoine good. Why, Mr. Fields, I'm so
clad vou could cdme," she rattled on.
"How la the sprained kneo? We were
ill so proud of you last Tiiureuay.
Dolly, what do you suppose I heard
this morning? I went up to seo AIIco
Avery. You know sho camo homo from
Now York last night. Well, sho Is en
jnged. She met the man at the sprlugs
an, "I wahtedJ
ri with the roses, but
risk It to the careless.
nst. Ot course, I am In
my disappointment In
fig t6 your 'coming out
y-'-lt depends entirely upon
to this I shall -come up
holidays. I don't know
rflss Avery has announced
r not, nut sne is engaged to
In. By the way, we both havo
name. Thoy will be mar
lass ci uecemuer, ana I am
niaiv-If you will let mo
you wnat 1 tried so
ratand Inst sum
tjHacnraKo siraignten a can
'above them. lib.
the face reflected in
the mirror and murmured, "Not In my
line, wot ra my line."
Dolly looked up into his face smiling,
but he knew that the light In her eyes
was not ror mm. New Orleans Times
Feminine Sava?cry.
European women nave a craze for
tattooing at the moment They cause
tnemseives to be decorated with drag
ons, serpents, grlfflns nnd such things,
and call the figures tatoographs, The
Queen of Greece Is said to have had
her ankles tattooed with some small
figure, and a Parisian womnn, hearing
of this, went her one better and had a
spider web tattooed on her shoulder.
Sho claims to be delighted with the
result, for sho says when In full dress
the "tattoograph" gives her an air of
mystery, and attracts people to her
shoulder If not to her side. It Is not
stated that tho mouse has become a
popular figure. A woman who could
bo guilty of such folly Is not far re
moved from a savage, nnd It Is safe to
say that this fad will not be adopted by
American women.
Mnoauluy'n Mem ry.
Archdeacon Farrar In a recent remi
niscence says that when a young man
he hoard Maeaulay name every woman
who had been executed In England. He
was then asked If he could name all of
tho archbishops. "Oh, yes," he re
plied, "any schoolboy could do thnt."
Tho Archdeacon says that Macauley's
memory made him tho mdt wonder
fully informed man that ever lived.
TTIE AI.lEfTAnT OAXAT,. I. lower end of
mpphwM (mi.)lpo)whlch qonreri e f od from th tbroat
totbeatonuchi S. CnJlc end of itomachi 3. Prlorto end of
ttemaetai 4. Kuodenami S. Gall bladdar; t. S. I. Small r.i
ii.aV " Oopcwni t. Vermiform apptndln . Aoenillni coloni
10. Traiutein coloai 11. DeiwenSfnf eoloni U. Blrmuld ej.
urei IX Itectujni it, inui. Tt duodeum lioontloaoai with
tie email lnte.tlnoi. THe imall loteatlne amptlaf Into tba
lArey lnto;tlno or colon at to CKcum. Iht arrowi Indicate
the direction vh:cb lh conteata of ibs beweli malt take lo
pauliiff tbroufti tbs alUnaatary canal.
arc packed away In your insldcs and must be kept clean,
in order and doing business.
It's a long; way, with many turns and pitfalls to catch
the refuse and clop; the channel if not most carefully
cleaned out every day. -tw
"When this long; canal is blockaded, look out for
trouble furred tongue, bad breath, belching of gases,
yellow spots, pimples and boils, headaches, spitting up of
food after eating, an all-around disgusting nuisance.
Violent pill poisons or griping sails are danger
. ous lo use for cleaning out the Bowels, They
, force out the obstruction by causing violent
spasms of the bowels, but they leave the Intes
tines tueak and even less able to keep up regular
movements than before, and make a larger dose t
necessary next time.
Then you have the pill habit, which kills more people
than the morphine and whiskey habits combined.
The only safe, gentle but certain bowel cleansers are
sweet, fragrant CASCARETS, because they don't force
out the foecal matter with violence, but act as a tonic on
the whole 30 feet of bowel wall, strengthen the muscles
and restore healthy, natural action. Buy and try them I
You will find that in an entirely natural way your bowels
will be promptly and permanently
Made CLEAN and STRONG by
25c. 50c.
To any ntedy mortal, who can't afford to buy, we will mall a box free. Address Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New
IV? ed
cal Science, Wonderful,
Astonishing;, Yet
By the Introduction In the medical field, of our most wonderful "fl DItOI'B," a lecacv ol
inestimably value has been bequeathtd to mankind. Suffering humanity is no Ioiikci ? u tho
mie,5?Lf?',dJea.s.e!' wJllch ''ve always defied tho skill of the medical profession, for now "5
DHOPS" defies these diseases, and has robbed them of their terror. This Is truly a Gocl-tdvcn
remedy, yet Invented by mun for the benefit of suffering mortals, nnd will bo handed down to
comlm; generations as the most wonderful production In medical science during the Nineteenth
Century. This remedy Is positively curlnc more people dally than all other remedies com
Dined. We chnileiign the worst coses of Ilhouiiintlsin in all Its forms, Cuturrh, Nmirulcla.
Astlimu. Ia fl riii tin and k I ml mil iIIihiiih. & imt nl uii .i i. i.. '
positively cured In a short time many who worobtd-rldden for years; others who could unit
walk by the use of crutches, and still otlmra uhn hml tin iriiomm i.t. ,.,........ ,.i....,i.i ...
more too iw mo uy,unww m vur jiuBsession to provo uu we say and
J,,iP.PS" positively cures the following diseases: RIIKUSf ATIBBf. NKUnAI.OIA
SCIATICA. IlVSIKlrfrA- HAnifAlilrir ir A v.vnwi mV.,!!!. -i Iit.if .
f.TO?h?&JP.9'f",."TIS' f1." ".;,, "UNKV DISKASKS, and I where ono
future attack. "8 DUO
old by .Mall or Express
.'nilff Ify cured 0 V'J?"0 1,le8!cf. for it fortifies tho system against any
, rJ.8,0iliflmf.fn1,flV?.!l?p,Jtlled08,e-. f'are bottle (800 doses) pre.
iL'SnCX4thi,rt5r,days '""'' oJthli paiier.we will send samplo'bott e Tu Awtript of fob
each. No one can appreciate this wonderful remedy until thev try it. Write today. Aeonts
wanted. SWANSON ltllKUMAtic7 cinin cAmISaiJv0""
100-101 JS. toko Street, Clilougo, 111.
ONI? por A nnce r.... oi.i. ,r..j..L.
and pjspepsla, KemoTeTlmplesand Purify th
BlOOd. Aid ll lfPt Iltll . ... ' J WiZ
notOrlMorBlcken. Toconvlnceyou.wewlll'mall
CO., PhllKdn., cnua. Bold br Druiuisti.
iTXIlflNOPileBrroclace moisture andeane Tt Jb in a
'his form, as well as lillnd, UJeedluif or Protrudlna
lies ars cured by Dr. Oosanko's Pllo Romody
u uiseai
IHopa iteolnir an
ue about jour cao
Inf. Absorbs
man. Treat
BOHANKO, PbUada..!1
us bv uiuKit urioui vj man. i realise I fee. wrlt
Weak and
Worn-Out People
tain secure Health and strength can do
It quickly by using
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It contains no dangnrous drugs It has
aploasaut taste. II a bottle at druggists.
Feiiuu mid Wlrn Works.
and iron fencing; olfice railing, etc. SH Alder.
grow paying crops bocause thojil
fresh itnd slwsfi ths best. Ill
sale everywhere, nefiiseaubstltusl
Stick to Ferry's Seeds and propyl
1900 Seod Annual froe. Write futl
D. M. FERRY A CO., Detroit, Hid
For (Innnrrliira and OleH (ret Tabu's Okyf5;-. !
Is th ONLY Medicine which wiU cure trl""II
cm. NO CASB known It bs er.r f.U.,1 I&K
muter how serious or of how lonir standlrSr
from Its nu will utonUh you. It U ti""f.
prevents atilcture, anil can be taken wlth!r rOl
olenre nd detention from bunlnem. VMCKZ..
sle hr all reliable dnnnrtnts, or sent preMUl"
plainly wrapped, on receipt of price, by t
Circular mailed on request.
dief for Won
BentVw.ln.plaln, sealed ernCiCS.
MH7ioruii lioolc,coiita!,.TioL1s
l.r. anil Ta..i mn...u I- . . ..ill
.iv.tuiuiuwi V. Ul .t I
AlHoliluery mill Hiiiill..
chlnery, supplies. s8-601'irst Si., 1'ortland, Or.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, OnnooK,
can clvo von th hnof i,nrr.i..n i.. I
1 l . ww UMlKUlllO 111 KCIICfttl
.Machinery, engines, boilers, tnnks. pumps';
Vjowa, belts nnd windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, Is un
equalled. ' '
Grow up with It.
V mm iIiIIa
rrencn remae
Pralied by thnwnd. of MflMaiU
afq, alwayi reliable and wirT.noli
T BolduTairdruifirl.iln mevr
ftag- on ton In Slue, White and Tied. Taked (atr.
Wenoh l)rug Cu.!8el & &fl 1'earl St., Wjlrzl
CUR! YffiJ
yJL J Prereoll Ooot.t'l'oD.
N. 1. N. II.
II.A lllff Cll.ilnn..
Irritations Qrsnes.
of mticouiiulrin
rainless, if.
pr sent In fii, tot
liy exprei,3.4.
1 1. OB, or 3 lingueit.
Circular ir
wrltliiL to uilvort
1 1 uiontion tins iupor.