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rublUhoil Every Friday
(lomprilierWe Review of tlia Import'
nut lluppoulnrn of tho Taut Week
Culled Frtu tlic Telegraph Coluutm
Tagals arc not friendly to Archbishop
Chapello, now nt Manila
Tho Stanford football team defeated
tho all-Seattle players by a score of 28
to 0.
Tho treasurer of Shot by county, In
diana, isshoit $125,000. His books
aro missing.
The Paris high court has found M
De lloulodo of guilty conspiracy undor
extenuating circumstances.
Ilanna will bo chairman of the next
Republican national committee, be
cause the president wishes it.
Because he rode on a railway pass,
suit has been filed against a member
of the Kentucky election board.
President Colo, of tho Globe National
bank, of Boston, which recently failed
has returned and will stand trial.
Peter SL-Wilkcs died at Stockton
fie was a confederate congress
Ian during the last year of the war.
Che president has nominated General
Batas, Young and MoArthur for pro
motion. V-!Battt la to sjjrcceod Lawton.
A native was found with all the
symptoms of bubonic plaguo in Manila.
Two deaths occurred in tho house
where ho was sick.
As a result of campaigning in th
Philippines 14 soldiers aro insane a'.
tho Presidio in San Francisco. The;
will be sent to "Washington.
The situation at Ladysmith is be
coming horriblo. Twenty deaths ir
one day were reported by Genera!
White. Entrio fever and dysentery
are prevalent.
The recent California earthqnakr
caused inactive volcanoes in the desert
to become active; made old gag wells i
at Yuma flow again and caused fissuret
in the ground.
Trunk lines have all advanced freight
rates. Merchants havelfiled nrotests
I i lis ji m
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rnri i irir (TrTr-T.nY" i Tr-imr . - 'mnr 'irrrr iir nri'irr .rnmr,mii iiiwhihiii
mm 'iHWJMwwiMra "vmmm&fflmii wi h
.Vy-nnr to. S3U W
is 'lysn i v:fc
o,ur" i uj
B i i-Iti-pri nd n.. I KXi
Gold imports are helping England's
Tod Sloan, tho great jockey, is com
ing West.
Money rates hnvo taken a tumblo
and may go lowor.
Affairs of tho Globe National bank,
nt Boston, will bo wound up.
As a training-ship tho Hartford will
sail for South American ports with
400 boys.
Christian science treatment allowed
two children to die of diphtheria nt
Heavy losses on both sidos aro tho
chief results of recent hard battles at
Montana politics aro getting much
needed airing by tho testimony in tho
Clark case.
Gorman vessol-owuers regard Hng
land's recent seizures as a sohomo to
kill competition.
Tho released Amoricau prisoners
were barefooted and in rags when they
arrived in Manila.
Editor Stead has publishod a letter
in London in which he gives somo iu
sido facta of tho Jameson raid.
A miniaturo battle of San Juan hill
was fought by Chicago youngsters.
Tho police intervened, but not before
tho "Spanish" officers woro seriously
After a day's bombardment, the !
Boers captured the British garrison at
Kuruman, Bechuualand, taking. 120
prisoners, arms, ammunition and pro
visions. ,
The Boers whipped White's forces
out of positions three different times,
but each time tho Britishers' Gallantry
returned to tho fray and recovered all
the lost positions.
Our losses in the Spanish war were
32,290. Tho grand total of the volun
teer force was 223,235. About 2-1,000
of these were discharged or deserted.
The total deaths were less than 4,000.
Friendship between China and tho
United States would be complete if the
Chinese were admitted to tho Philip
pines. Our trade with China increased
40 per cent last year, all duo to friendship.
The shotgun quarantine has been re
ived in Honolulu. Bubonic plaeue
has a strong hold on the city. Two
more deaths had occurred by December
30 and there were seven now capes ol
piague. ine national uuard was
called out and they burned the infected
French-Canadians believe their day
of redemption is at hand, and gloat
over British defeats in South Africa.
They expect complications to arise by
wmcn tneir independence wil: come
Tlieylo not want to be an-
. TT.. rt i 2 il. '
i A
Prolonged Attack Mado on
British at Ladysmith.
Wit fliitUllitit Willi Aiimti-n
Cuiumovulnl rolloy.
Chicago, Jon. 10. A special tolio
Tiiiies-llomfd from "Washington phi
MlulHtor Wu Ting Fang, tho roproH(a
tlvo of China in Washington, has jm
following with tlio closest iiitorostlio
various developments in tho noi;otiatiH
VICTORY ! which liavo boon in progruHH botMn
11 tho United States and tho various A-
ernmentH rolativo to tho proservatn
of American rights in tho empire ofn
sovereign. Ho Is natlsllod that aijo
from tho natural desire of this gov((
ment to protoot Its trade, It has aol
nu nlm.nrn frlnnd (if llln COUlltrV. 1
London, Jan. 0. 1110 uaiiy .Man nas Bp01lklug today of tho ofToct of tho
tho following, dated January 0, at Bunmc08 given.tho Unltod Statosby
noon, from Froro camp: Bovorill poofs, ho w,ia,
"At 3 o'clock this morning vory China'8 friendship for tho UnlW
lieavy ilring began at Ladysmith. It gtltes 1h ft Krowti, ,)( v,.,ua. NotliH
lastod fully four houra, and must havo , lumnunod to disturb tho friem
ly rolatloua 'of tho two Kmlon,t
Orlttali Mnko n Iloavy Attn ok on Colon-o-Chovloy
Oninji In tho ilelght of
Activity llnril rishtlUR on.
meant either a sortlo by tho British or
a dotenninod attack on tho garrison by
tho Boers. Our shells could bo scon
falling on Umbutwhna hill and tho .en
emy were roplylng.
"Besides tho cannon reports, thoro
woro sounds, indicating small piocos of
artillery in action. Tho fighting must
havo been at closer rango than lias boon
tho caso up to now.
"Our naval guns at Chovoloy font
thoir usual flro into tho Boer tronolios,
but there has beou no furthor movo-
ment hero."
Tho Daily Telograph has the follow
ing from Frero camp, dated Saturday:
"A very heavy bombardmont went
on at Ladysmith from daybreak until
this morning. It is beliovod that an
engagement was in progress, for mus
ketry fire was also heard. It is possi
ble the garrison was making a sortio,
for the Boers at Colonso hurriedly loft
their tronohes and rode toward Lady
smith. "Our big naval gun at Choveloy
camp fired sevoral rounds at tho enemy
as they were leaving their Colonso
lines. General Bullor has ridden on
A speoial dispatch from Froro camp,
dated Saturday evening, says:
"General White heliographs that ho
defeated the Boors this morning. They
crept up so closo to thedofending forcos
that the Gordon Highlanders and tho
Manchester actually repnlsod them it
the point of the bayonet."
I look upon tho recent negotiations K
tho preservation of American rights i
China aB another movo by thin govon
ment which, while designed piimari?
for tho protection of its own inteioHtij
cannot but bo regarded in any otnr
light than as another manifestation
its good will for my country
Pottigrow's Chargos AgHinst
tho Govern mont.
Homo HiMiniillcinal H I itt miittii I m Mh,,. (i,
inn noiinm-r iiiiiiioiul I)i ,(
tioiiiiil Itncn Uiii'Nlliin , M.
WuHhlngton, Jan. 10. Duriii'.' a din.
ciiHHlon today of a rpohition of iii,lllrJ
olTered by Po'ttigrow, of Soutli Dakota
FOino'nonatio"nal ntutoiiiontn vin uuuh
in tho senate regarding tho attitude 0
the United States toward tint l iii.ino
liisurgentH. I'ettigrew decliiii.. that
the government had attacked iik allies
and thereby had been guilty .if tho
grossest treachery,. This Htiitmnunt
was roHynted warmly by lidu'e nf Mm.
miolniHotts, who (leolared that thin .
eminent had done nothing of the kimi
mil that, not even remotely, hml ,
, n. II. i
I uiHIFJill.ll. vttv aw-,j. ii;ii uvulJllhlllK '
"Tlinrn la (llllr nnil rilllllo On till tlll I-ililIllOM.
phioid wators of friendship of tho tw Morgan of Alabama iHs m...,1 llt
countries which lias In it any possi length tho nice iiuctlon in the nuth,
billtyof lessening tho cordiality thai basing his remarks upon a roMilntion
nowoxists. This arises from tho polioj "ured by l'ritohard, Hepubliraii. ,
now being pursued bv tho military mj.Xortli Carolina. Ho maintained that
thoritios in the rhilippineH, which ox-t' attempt to force tho black run. into
eludes Chinese subjects, and in Homo" sinl and political equality with the
eases oven merchants anil students whowhlto race vnn only to clog tin pro.
belong to tho excepted classes under row ol an maiiKind.
tno treaty Jiavo ueen roiuscu uuiuibsioii.
I am satisfied that when this country
xed to tho United Str
Id not better their
saying this
mmmmsior ri
WtJi i ' onlyVu
i (4i'im
any re-
bor emi-
rested a.
i renowedt
German 'steamshl
id to take back cont?
xuts and the captain
IToxas port.
3ooker T. Washinstou, 3b promi
colored man, says the Negro'e
il vat ion is to make himself use-
keep pace with the times.
At Colesburg Genoral French wai
opposed by from 5,000 to 7,000 Boers.
Tho British losses were slight, while
Boers are said to have lost hoavlly.
A horrible murder occurred nea
Itosser, Ala. A woman was cut tc
pieces and tho remains were partlallj
burned. An old negress is suspected.
Se'cretary Hay announces that favor
r5'iifci.Vav ' ' D' ropU"3 havo been recolved from
wlrSfs, England, Germany, France, Russie.
A." lTrf and Japan to an open uoor poucy m
1 vjL. ' i.i..
3 ' Secretary Boot has taken measure?
to break tho corner in hemp. He has
1 ' ' had many complants and lias instructed
s Otis to open Southern Luzon pork
Senator Harroll, of Kentucky, sayf
Whallen tried to buy his vote against
Goebel. . Harroll wantod $5,000, but re
colved only $4,500 and now charge;
Secretary Root has dlrectod the es
tablishment of a government line ol
! steamships oonnooting San Francisco.
Honolulu and Manila, similar to that
running botweeu Now York, Cuba anc
jPorto Rico points.
"j&afi Wood.
the task.
and sevi
d off
ing into
era Cruz
not prevent
her claim
on ana sev
en indicted
Is dcif
r t
nee after seven
soon be presonted to con'
plan for another national
to be 16cated at the headwaters
e Mississippi.
ere will be a conference of the
ernors of tho arid states and terri
tories at Salt Lake January 17 to con
sider tho question of arid lands.
In Clay county, Kentucky, two men
were shot and killed and four otlnji
participants seriously wounded in a
light that started at a murder trial.
A Paciflo Mall steamer arrived in
San Francisco with a cargo of 0,014
tons, nearly twice as much as any ship
that had ever entered the Golden Gate.
Experlenoa of Ueutennnt Ollltuuro With
the Tttgals.
Manila, Jan. 0. Lieutenant J. C.
G 111m ore, of tno United States gunboat
Yorktown, who was captured by tho
insurgents last April, near Balor, ar
rived today on the steamer Venus from
Vigan, provinco of South Ilocos, with
nineteen other American prison
ers, inoluding seven of nis sailors, from
tho Yorktown. Lieutenant Gillmore,
after reporting, came ashore and hob
bled along wfith the aid of a oano, to
iJi?H,0te! criento, where American
officers und ladies woro waltzing
through tho halls to the strains ol
"Aguinaldo's March.."
Although tannod and ruddy from ex
posure, ho Is woak and nervous, show
ing tho results of long hardships. Ho
speaks warmly of Agulnttldo, and very
bitterly against General Tiuo, doolar
ing that while in the former's jurisdic
tion he was treated splendidly, but
that after ho (ell into Tino'a hands, ho
suffered everything.
Colonel Hare and Lioutonnut-Colonol
Howse, tho latter, of tho Thirty-fourch
volunteer Infantry rescued Gilhuoio'u
party on December 18, near tho had
waters of the Abalat river, after- they
had been abandould by tho Filipluo4
and were oxpectiul death uvui tlio buy
ago tribes around ieni.
"When tho resoling fori icacucd
them, they wero liarly btavviJ, hub
were building raftsUi the hopo oj 6c,
ting down the rivero tho ccibt.
' Lieutenant Gillmio guuld uuC oj'eaiQ
enthusiastically enoWh uobut tlltl Htt
his party.
While they wer (hd h4ti c
Tino's men ho isbuedln order that nuv
person aiding an Amiican by ood. yr
money should bo treled as a. erim
inal. One citizen Yigun, Seno?
Vera, was probably Klgd (Qf bQuiiiiiJ..
ing them.
Lieutenant uiumot deollneJ a
speak regarding polital couditioadt
except to say that ho lought tho. in.i
surrection would last along 4 tUt4
wero any Tagals left.
Describing tho llightirom ilen.juec.
when the Americans aivoacue.d, Luju;
tenant Gulmoro saiu:
"Tho Filipinos, comstoly toniiled,
loft Benguet Decern nor Tliey bur
considers tho bcnelits which follow th
free adiuiFsion of my countiymen Into
tlio riiilinniiicH. it will issuo an order
revoking tho military decree which pro
hibits Chinoso immigration.
"Tho trade of tho United Stntcs with
China lias increased abnormally, 40
per cent over what it was tho year pn:
ceding. Its dovolopmcnt is uudoubt
edly duo to tho friendship which exists
botweon the two countries, and to tlio
knowledge that tho United State has
nono but a kiudly interest in tho em
"Our relations with all tho countries
of tho world aro of a most peaceful char
acter. My government 1h reorganizing
tho army, and is employing fornign in
structors, and wo hope to obtain a mo
bile army which will be ablo to defend
tho country in time of need."
flol flirt rvriKmiArs frnm Um in tiwn
Congressman Hopkins of the house oft(jn retraoiug tho trai not knowing
where the Amoricaus kuld attack,
wavs and means committee says there
will be no revision of the war revenuo
tax law at this session of tho 50th con
gress. Attaohod to tho annual report of the
secietary of agriculture is a recommen
dation for agricultural experiment sta
tions in tho government's new island
A brother of ona of th. Boer generals,
who is visiting Chicago, says that if
Britain crushes tho Transvaal armies
thero will bo no peace, as the Boers
will flght to the last.
General Greoloy, the chief signal
officer of the army and tho woll-kuown
Arctic explorer, " was assaulted and
t food for
iui iioroos,
After being almost w
three days, they killed
and wo lived on horse fid for several
days. I did not havo a u nioal from
December 7 until I rtjied Vigan.
Indeed, tho rescuing partiyod large
ly upon rlco without saltrTlioro was
one day when I was rodul tq qhor-.
ing grass and bark."
l'uotory ISullilliiK Ef 'ycil..
New York, Jan. 0. T flro early
this morning that dostroyi tho briok
factory building on East ifty-ninth
street did $100,000 digo. The
building was usod in part i storugo
warehouse by BlooniingdallJrothers,
Chlneiifl Crow of I'orlT-l'Iro I'nrUhiMl
Wire on llnfU.
San I-rancisco, Jan. 10. Tho story
of tho loss of tlio British steamer Hu
pen, on her voyage from this city to
Hong Kng, via Java, has been received
in this city, and the details show that
tho loss of tho vessel was accompatiiod
by a, far greater loss of llfo than tho
cabled roports told of. Tlio vessol
sprung a leak after leaving Java with a
cargo of sugar for Hong Kong. Tho
Chineso crow refused to work. Tho
ship's boats, with ono exception, wero
destroyed during a storm, and tho crew
built a number of rafts, launching
them and sotting them afloat, leaving
the captain und ono passenger on boar
the sinking vessel. Tho Europeans t
cupied ouojuft and tho Chineso M en
divided on six or seven others.
Tho rafts were sooii surrounded by
huudrods of ravenous sharks, which, in
thoir eagerness to get at tho ship
wrecked sailors, jumped far out of tho
water. Soon several of tho Chinese
rafts woro overturned, and it was then
that tho Europeans decided, to return
to the vessel. Tho only remaining
boat was repaired and launched, tho
captain taking command.
Tho island of Lubaud, in tho Philip
pine group, was finally mado, and tlio
natives, on learning that tho uiarinors
were British subjects, mado them com
fortable and later sont them to Manila.
Nothing was over heard of tho Chinoso
crew, numborlng 45, and thoy must
havo been drowned aud devoured by
tho pursuing sharks.
seriously injured by a messenger in his nmi thoy aro tho chief
own home at Washington. I
Sohwnn mill Wlitmton ltroakliiB Up tlio
ItoiiiiilnliiK Dunlin.
Washington. Jan. 10. Tho war de
partment has rocoivod tho following
from General Otis:
Manila. Bates is pursuing tho on-
emy in tho south with vigor.
'bchwan's column, moving along
tho shore of Laguua do Bay, struck 800
Insurroctos under General Norlel at
Biuon tho 0th inst., and drove thorn
westward on Silan. IIo captured tho
place, from which tho cavalry pushed
through to Indian. Schwan captured
three of Noriol's six piecos of artlllorv
and will take tho remainder; also his
transportation, with records, and a
large quantity of ammunition.
"Two battalions of Twenty-eighth,
part of Wlioaton's column, struck the
enemy near Imus yesterday, killing
and wounding 140.
"Blrkholmer, with a battalion of tno
Twonty-oighth, struck tho onomy on
trenohod west of Bacoor yesterday
morning. Tho onomy 19ft on tho Hold
05 in dead, 40 wounded and 82 riflos.
Our loss thus far Is Lieutenant Cheouy,
Fourth Infantry, and four enlisted mou
killed, 24 onlistod mou wouudod.
"It is oxpootod that Sohwan's troops
Tho houso today ordered two investi.
utioiis as a result of resolutinnu mtro
'need by Representative Lent., ol
hio. Tho first Is to bo an imtij;a
on by tho committee on MtillW'i'i
ad K.stroads into the charge two
Herat appointees of the pr'"ileiit
dim C. Graham, of I'rovo City, I'tali.
(Id Postmaster Orson Smith, 01 Lonan,
tali aro under indirtment as i- lyya
UstH, and whether allidavits to thai
cl-ct wero on file at the time of then
Hiintment. I lie other is a jenenil
.estigatlon of the military commit.
into tho conduct of General Mer
11 and tlio United States urm.v olli-
during the Wardnor, Idaho, ri'iti
subsequent thereto.
IIIIAiiiiiiiiiiIIIoii Ik mill tlm Situ
, iitlon l)mit!rate.
hridon, Jan. 10. Gonoral Wl it
fitillholds out, or did so 00 hours nget
wli tho Boers, ousted from their foot
hohiitiside tho works, suspended the?
assaflt at nightfall. England 1m
takq lieart.
'I'h situation, liowever, is wowi.
Tlio loleagurod forco must have 0
pondd large amounts of amimmituo
whi( cannot be replenished, and mint
have lost a number of oflicers mil
nieuAvhich Is counterbalanced, so fir
as thlgiirribou is concomed, by tie
grcatr loss of the Hoers.
Goriiral White still neons roitoi, aid
tho lifllculties confronting (ientral
Bulleriiro as great as boforo. Tho br-
mer's luadorned (entences, as read ta
reread! suggott eloquently tho peril in
which jho town was for 14 houis, nl
how bitoly ablo his 0.000 mon were to
keep film boing overcome.
Tlio ihief concern for Genoral mite
is in WsDCct ot ammunition. Siy-
elglittdiys ago, at tho beginning of tho
siege, his small ammunition ths
vagucjly described as "plenty." His
aitilltry then had 300 rounds per giu.
.Somobf tho batteries havo boon In ac
tion fjequently siuco then, and all rero
nroballv emmucd last Saturday. His
stock bf sholls i:onse(iiiently, must be
low, and this will mako it difUcull for
Genoral Whito to co-operate In a itovc
mout by General Buller.
will cut off tho rotreat of
Cavito army."
tho onomy's
Yoiiiik Anmrlrii Won tlm Diiy
Chlcugo, Jan. 10. Littlo Claries
Hos worth tooted a tin horn on Simmy
aftornoou on tho prairlo at N wtorn
and Wabausia avenues and immediate
ly 100 boys sprang "to arms" t tne
improvlsod buglo call. A great oatue
the two innios
of 50 boys each advanced towanl each
other in military fashion. A neighbor
hood foud started tho mattor, and" un
dor tho truco 01 a whito flag tho boys
had agrood to fight tho "battle of San
Juan hill." . , .
Mauy of tho boys had rifles and fl""'-
guns, most 01 tnoin unioauw,
natoly. Thoso who could not got igmis
hud brooms or sticks. Somo of tlio
boys had revolvers. Tlio two armies
threw themselves upon ono another
with a fury littlo short of ft real en
gagement. Whilo tho battle rage",
the patrol wagon from tho police sta
tion camo to tho scene. BigpoNf ,l,e"
charged tho combined "ilmorican
and "Spanish" forcos, and when tne
smoko and dust had lifted, tho fleoiiu,
forms of tho youthful warriors conld dc
seon disappearing toward nil points oi
tho compass. On tho battlo-fioia,
wounded and moaning, lay Bvoral
bTho worst injured was "Lieutenant''
Harry Johnson, 11 years old , "
"Spanish" ofllcoi, who was shot m i""
back. Tho "Spanish" oommautw.
"Gonornal" Artie- Standt, had a tim
wound in his left leg. Others hat
slighter Injuries, but nono of tle W"
ivnrr, anrlnnslv hurt. Later tllO 11L"
arrestod Emil Gustafson, aged 16,
i... ii.,i i,,i tim bullets win-"
I hit tho two "Spanish" ofllcors