Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 05, 1900, Image 3

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i. i' If,
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Lesask for protection
a I It M
Truck of Mm
. 1. Tho IiinurKfiits
Kicuntod tho coast towns between
In nml Vlgan, lleulng to tho
lUlM Utoro tho advancing Amur-
ire returning in niinui immm in
mrni tho Americans no not on.
terrorizing tho nut I vim mill
who Hliovvuu irliiiuixiiip for
AmcriciiiiH. Hits natives ami
.American k"""""'"-
Lionel WohhoI'h cavalry, while
Liinjlntho vicinity of 'Irlniihiil,
Ljievldf"''" of I'iliplno soldiers bo-
Lla that vicinity, but it wiih Iihimjh.
Hrfccnt imtuwmi in wiuiriirriNiii ui
(joltjmcnn agauiHt mo inroaiunod
,dtticJ on i nriamiaii niiy averton
Cbfcnel Hare, of tlio Tlilrty-thir.l In-
iW, who Iiiih ni!on lonowing a pany
fiBtrlcaii prisoners, lost trade for
dyi, nixmt iwomuor 'u, oi hih:j
ind evidences r? their passage ar
cnitoniarily loft behind thorn. It
thought tho prlhonorn wore Miparated
convoys I to romoto parts oi tho
,nUin, thus increasing tho dilllrul-
ofGenunil Voting's troops to ulloct
Gtneral Whoolor, who wiih recently
Minlla requesting an upjoinlnmiit
ath In tho lino of tho oxHiotod oani'
jiiga, ii now at Paranaqtio.
jlmrtlmni f'iptur-d Htronghold.
WuhlDKton. Jan. l. iicucrai mis
ibleitho war duiwrtmunt today iih fol
"Manila Colonel Lockott, with a
Fluent of two battalions of tho
irrj-ilxtii, ii olonol hchtiyler), ono
ttUllonof tho Forty-fifth (('olonol
it), ami ono company of tho Twcn
Tenth Infantry, nr.d two guns (Cap
ita Van Dcunen,) attacked tho enemy,
lOitronzina mountain stronghold
'jond Mont Alhan, northotiHt of San
A largo number woro killed
;d wounded, nnd '-'I woro taken nriH-
ri. Lockutt captured ono cannon,
rifle, 20,000 roundH of ammunition,
) pound of powder, arsenal fortillra.
poni, all thoir f(x)d cupplios and con
Semblo other property.
Idii captured point, located on a
lonntaln trail, wiih formerly Hupion-d
w iinpreLMiablo. Our casinrltieH:
peu'enant Knlow, Klovonth cavalry,
ad fire enlisted men wounded, mostly
rrivato Mathon, I'orty.flfth in-
itry, drowned."
Not Alilorli'iill Vnairla.
Port Townsend. Ji.n. 1. Tho nur-
lim of foreiKH vohkoIh by tho United
wiea government for uho iih triuiHinirtH
Mug tho .SpaniHh-Amorlcan war and
eir inbdcquuiit wilo by tho govern-
: toprivato citizoiiH Iiiih resulted in
nipHcatiiiK matterH for purchnner.i
the fnut that aftnr' uurirhimi of
ch vccsels tho government roftiHOH to
Jlow thctn to bo doriiinnntoil in tlm
limited StateH n American vohhoIh.
Tho caeo in iwint in tho utoninHhin
Sscipio, which wiih rocontlv Hold hv the
Iavy ilopartniont and wiih nftorwarilH
ftluHeil ilocumentation. Tim
implied to tho hoerotarj' of tho treasury,
klnff that if ho Hhould break tho
iCipiO UI). Wlll.tlll.r till. t..i.tnrl..1 nf
blcli eho was couHtruotod would bo
nbjecttoduty if Bold in tho United
teH. Yestenl av f'nllnofir TlmiHtln
Shelved a circular lottor covering tho
'wo case from tho trcamirv ilenart-
Inent in which Acting Secretary Spaul
ng snys that upon tho nalo of said
SSel in a nnrl- of !. c..,.,...
I.t i v w u.o uiiiiui. piuiun
e material or tnatorialH takou thoro
"om would not bo
jPortation within tho meaning of tho
pitoms laws, and Would tlinrnfiirii lin.
I'wmpt from duty.
Tim lMuirn.. U.,,
6an FranciHco, Jau. 1. Tho otoainor
,ull0.arIv0l, "V this afternoon from
vnont, via Honolulu. Tho Gaolio
" euni to quarantine owing to tho
WBne Hcaro, hut hor cabin pasboucors
...,uwuu i lttU(1( towboat8 pl ;ng
wcon tho atoamor nnd tho oity for
iIhf,PreSS corro,Pondont at Honolulu
is tnero liavo been no now casos of
since lust advices. Thoro havo
neevoral sudden deaths, nnd in
61,1 1UBtauco rumor ussignod tho
PfOVCd othorwlHn i i ..t it lit.
It t, mB but two Souths woro caused
bV.i 8,curt'0. tho remaining casos bo
8 ooubtful or susnioioiiH.
Uobbeil of 818,000.
JlllJC: rK' yJOl" Jim- 1. v. J.
S Vmainont stockman, was
'BenuurK. Colo.. .Tun
A. v, J. . "1UU wnon Hbout to ontor
iii'ow ,,oto nd
was robbod of
.uuo. Thn
money was mostly in
coat and
l'ncf n I . . . J 1 il
woro torn f, l,f, M
AHlBnp vrae oa his way to Mexico
w "uy cattlo
" TI.ey No lMtirMt
Mm I'ltitiiinn.
NOW York. Dm- fin -n... .....
il i .i no mo
ui u.o I'anama (J,m Oo, ,
A in rl ii tiu I,. ..i.. .i. . ..
I hotter ohanee in tho Htrtifjlo
ho Nl.Hrauan oonooiHlo.mrleH.
ImiikltiK hmmoH and individimlH
ro uiiiliTHtood to ho intereKted
v. r " V1 t;o- Kn,". Ih &
"i i , jtiorton. f ilm-inn i
II..I....I ., . . .. . l"ni.iuill, U um
pany .mortgage & Trust Com-
I" addition to thnno, soyoral bankin
lOMMw in Han Francisco and in citiej
J in Houth and West aro interested
n the company. Tho Herald says this
ncor)ratlon f an American company
IH tlm result of negotiations between
representatives of t.0 French company,
neladin Haron (jpenhelm, who came
to IIiIh city from Paris several inrinil..
iJK", and leading finanficrs of America.
r)rofi.ntntiv. of tho French con..
pany came to this country omioworoi1
to transfer tho rights of tho company
imwng now neen incoriKjnited, the
tnniMfer will very shortly bo effected,
the transfer to be given formal approval
by the shareholders in France. These
shareholders receive nbaics in tho now
American company in proportion to
their holdings in tho old.
Tills "Americanizing" of tho Pana
ma canal, as ono of tho gentlemen in
forested in the new company styled it
yesterday, has been brought about in
order to place tho I'anama canal on a
footing in America more satisfactory to
l ho French company, and to place it
on tho same base tb tho Nicaragua
canal before tho United States govern
ment. An isthmian canal commission, with
Hoar-Admiral W'alkor ns chairman, is
now at work making an exhaustive
study of all iwsiblo routes for a canal
across tho isthmus of Central America.
This commission was created in the
closing hours of tho last congress, and
$1,000,000 was appropriated for its uso
through ttho river and harbor bills.
Its rojwrt will undoubtedly be final as
far as tho United'States is "concorned as
Ut tho best route for a canal. Its par
tics, both engineering and exploring,
are now scattered ovor Central America,
obtaining material to assist tho com
mission in forming conclusions.
Tho French company, realizing tho
imjKjrtanco of tho commission's find
ings, has taken tho stops which have
been described, behoving that tho canal
commission would naturally bo enabled
to judgo more impartially between the
two routes with both under American
control. Tho gentlemen of tho French
company long siuco rccognizod that
tho undertaking of a canal across Nica
ragua either by tho United States or by
private parties with tho assistanco or
indorsement of tho United States would
Ihi a most serious blow to thoir project,
but tho American financiers who have
formed tho now company, now that tho
two routos aro on an oven footing, and
that judgment will bo mado only on
tho grounds of engineering and general
desirability, they arguo that the
"Americanizing" of Panama is tho
only way by. which tho 400 shareholders
can havo any hope of any roturn from
tho if200.000.000 which has gono out of
France and into tho canal, and they bo
Hove that this arrangomont can pro
iluco only good feeling botweon tho two
Sinco 1881, when tho French com
pany was lormcil, tnero nas neon ex
pended in work on tho canal somothing
liko $8,000,000. Sovoral thousand
men, mostly nogrocs from Jamaica,
havo been employed, and oxports do
claro that tho monoy has boon proproly
oxpendod, and that good progress has
been mado. Thoro is n largo number
of men at work on tho canal at tho
proseut timo, and this forco will bo
found at work by tho canal commission
whon it goos ovor tho routo, which will
probably bo during February. Tho
canal is about two-fiths completed,
nnd tho now American company esti
mates that tho cost of completion
would bo about $100,000,000.
Hilton I'alntliiRK nt Auction.
Now York, Doo. 80. Tho gallery of
paintings colloctod by tho lato Judgo
Hilton is nbout. to bo sold nt miction.
It is comnosed of nearly 200 paintings,
mostly by modorn Fronch artists, and
la valuod nt moro than $500,000.
Among tho masters roprosontod aro
Moiasonier, Cort, Daublgny, Goromo,
Vibert, Maknrt, Munokasy, Uourgoroau
and Tlssot.
Qtinriintlno Agnlmt Now Cnledonla.
Melbourne, Victoria. Doo. 30. A
passongor who nrrivod horo on board
tho stomnor Australian from Noumea,
Now Caledonia, whore tho plague is
raging, has boon quarantined, and eight
athors havo boon placed undor survoil
lauco. Monoy for Improvement.
St. Pmil, Minn., Doc. 80. Tho
Groat Northern dirootory todny in
eronsod its capital stock $7,500,000,
for tho purposo of acquiring now prop
Brtios nnd making extensions nnd im
provements on tho Pacific coast. Tho
Sioux City & Northorn nnd rnoiflo
a, nru
S 1 PP""08 to b0 tn
v.. I" "1""!IH' PtoHMoiit of tho Fourth
Nat onal hk; Inward Bwoot, (Jcor,o
Hhohlon & Co., Hllrln M &
and (!corL.i. w v, .7 s. , . .
Purttigtmin Houth Africa
vlilnil Up.
I to lid 1)1-
. 7, m"' ' A 'iHipatch to
M..... r i. . . . .
um iiorant irom Jierlin says:
Tho Lokal Anzieger publishes tho
contents of tho (Jerman-Fnglish-Portu-gueso
secret treaty. This doublo treaty
will have executive forco as soon as tho
hwlBH jurists, Messrs. Hlaesi-Honsley
and (iol.lau, havo givon a decision in
"omgoa Nay arbitration.
The decision, it is expected, will bo
given in January or February and will
probably bo in favor of England, in
which case Portugal must pay to Kng
land and America an indemnity of 1,
000,000. F.ngland obtained in 1801
from Portugal tho right of pro-cmption
in Delagoa hay, and tho cession of Dol
agoa hay U Kngland may therefore bo
expected in March next.
It is possible that President Kruger
may now doelaro war on I'ortugal and
attack Delagoa at onco.
In order to prevent any Interference
by Franco or Hussia, Fnlgand con
cluded a secret treaty with Germany
regarding tho comploto partition of tho
Portuguese colonial possessions. Ger
many is to receive all tho Portuguese
lH)fsessinns in Asia, with 20,000 equaro
miles of territory and 1,000,000 inhab
itantu. Germany further receives in
Africa all Portuguese territory north of
Mozambique, except a strip of land
three miles wide, for Mr. Cecil Rhodes'
trans-African railway. For this tho
Gorman government will pay Portugal
25,000,000 marks.
Ilurtol of til ii
Ifuroc of the
Washington. Jan. 1. Upon tho
windy heights of Arlington cemotery,
tho Maino dead, brought from Havana
by tho battleship Toxes, today were
laid away in their final resting places,
with simplo religious services, and tho
impressive honorB of war, in tho pres
ence of the president, members of his
cabinet, officers of the army and navy
and other officers of tho government.
A cabinet officer, surveying tho llag
draped coffins beforo tho ceremony be
gan, said: "Tho lives of these men
coat Spain her colonies." But thero
was no uoto of triupinh in tho grim
scene today. With a touch of sadness
and solemn gravity, tho nation tier
formed its duty to the dead and gave
its defenders a Christian burial at
homo, in soil hallowed by patriotic
Unttto With Itobl.ern.
Seattle, Jan. 1. Two masked men
held up a Ballard strcot-car at 11
o'clock tonight. Thero woro eight
passengers aboard, and a regular fusil
lade of shots was fired. Ono of tho
passengers inside tho car, C. E. Plimp
ton, opened lire on tho hghwayman en
tering from tho rear, and threoj shots
woro returned. One broke Plimpton's
I A V. .l . 1 1. I .. 1 i.
arm auu uiu uuiur euiuruu inn uruuui. v
Knortiy alter muinignt tno potico
found near tho scene of the Ballard
street-car hold-up tho body of ono oi
the two bandits. He had been almost
instantly killed by a bullet from a
passenger's pistol. Tho body is still
II I K IIuITkIo Mine Turn fAit llloh.
Baker City, Or., Jan. 1. A sensa
tional strike was mado today in A.
Geiser's Bin Buffalo mino, two miles
west of this city. Tho miners took
several samples of ore from tho tunnel,
which today tapped tho 80-foot ledgo.
Bt assays lust returned to tno owner
of tho mino, the samples all show gold
values ranging from $18 to $102.75 in
gold and five ounces of silver to tho
ton. Mr. Geisor, who was formorly
part owner of tho Bonanza mino, said
today that if tho values hold out
throughout the Big Buffalo, tho prop
erty will bo equal to tho Bonanza. Tho
Big Buffalo is within plain sight of
this city. r
Killed Ills Youiir Wlfo ncl Hliinclf.
Winnipeg, Jan. 1. Piorro Dentzer,
a Gorman farmer, aged 50, living near
Rathwoll, 100 miles from Winnipeg,
shot and killed Ids 10-yoar-old wifo in
a fit of tempor. Dontzer then carried
his baby to a neighbors' houso and re
turned homo. Tho authorities wero
notified, and on approaching the houso
found that tho woman's body had beon
taken insido the houso nnd a cross had
been raised by Dentzor on tho ground
where sho had been shot. Dentzer had
spread a shoot on tho floor, placed his
wifo'a body on it, blow out his brains.
Went Through a llrlilgo.
San Bernardino, Cal., Jan. 1. As
No. 88, west-bound freight train over
tho Santo Fo iouto, waa crossing Cajon
creek bridge today, about 12 milos
north of this city, nino cars wont
through tho bridgo into tho creok bot
tom. Six of the cars weio loaded with
cotton, one with telegraph wire, and
ono with gonoral merchandise and sul
phur. Tho cars caught fire and made
a torriblo conflagration, destroying tho
ontlro contouts and framework. No
ono was killed.
A Murderou Collector.
Chattanooga, Tonn.,Jan. 1. Samuel
Mills, a collector for an installment
house, this aftoruoon attempted to solzo
furniture in tho houso of Mary Von-
nblo, colored, for a small debt, i no
woman attempted to prevent it, and in
the struggle tha Xnn Xla3itor
rZeousiy!10 'SZ aJreaS1
""nmpremi nnd Flnniicll Ilnppenlng,
or Uilrroit to the Orowliig
H'etrn Htiitm.
Sinco tho first of July tho pcoplo of
.....riv.i raivu ooniritniteu to tho federal
treasury in licenso money tho magnifi
cent sum of $158, 270.40 for the privi
lege of doing businoss in Alaska and
Joveloping tho territory, says tho Skag
way Alaskan. This is in audition to
tho tariff duties paid.intcnial rovenues,
taxos and all other
ho country at largo. It is a special
tax levied utwn hiiHlrif.i in aii,..
alone, such as no other citizons of tho
united States aro required to nav: tn
fact it is a tax that was tmvr t.rnr i..
the history of tho United States levied
against any of its people.
I'lnnty of Hiippll,,, at Dawnon.
W. Bullock, latelv
Dawson, said to an Alaskan reporter:
"Dawson is supplied with everything
needed there for tho winter. Tho re
port as to a great shortago of oats is
oot true. Thoro is plenty of oats along
mo rivor ana in JJawson to supply tl I
interior. When wo got away fro.
Dawson, November 7. oats were sell
ing for 22 cents a pound and hay at
15 cents. LaHt winter oats went to 40
and 45 cents, and hav to 85 to 50 renta.
Tobacco soils in Dawson today for $1
tn $1 OS a nni.n.l ii 1. 1 !
- t. iiiiiii, .unn lliuil lb IjriUgS 1U
Bennet Tho Bennett prico is $1.50 a
pound. Flour that sold for $8 in Daw
son a year ago is worth only $4.75
thoro today. Thero will bo plenty of
beef in Dawson throughout tho winter.
Dumbolton had four scows loiuled with
beef on tho way in, ono of which is at
Selkirk and ono at Stewart rivor. I do
not know whero the others aro. Dum
bolton will tako tho meat through to
Dawson over tho ico after the river
freezes. McDougall & Burn3 have 80
tons bolow Selkirk and will take it in
over tho ico. Tho labor market of
Dawson is glutted. Thero Wtere 1,000
to 1,500 idle men in tho town when I
loft, and moro wero rushing in from up
tho river."
AtllnR Future Output.
Charles Christopher, who has nego
tiated more largo Atlin mining deals
than any other man in tho country dur
ing tho season recently closed, is au
thority for the statement that there
will ho no less than half a dozen large
hydraulic plants put in operation in
Athn with tho opening of spring. He
says tho output of gold in that country
will exceed $5,000,000. The gold com
missioner collected royalty on about
$700,000 this summer, but ho failod to
collect on moro than half tho output.
There was at least $1,500,000 taken
out of the Atlin gold holds this year,
nnd noxt year the output will exceed
$5,000,000. Last summer tho great
majority of the minora did not got to
work beforo August 1 , and they all
worked small claims and handled most
of tiia dirt with shovels. Noxt year
they vih.arjilo it
I tho hydraulic
Snowallilo qS
Nows of a big
Whito Pass
brought to VJ
Teos. A
buried b'
rock, knockir
Tho train
Imclang outfiS
r. O'Kogan, onli
doavored to walk ;
snowbound train,
scious, with hiSj.jvpe 1
Tho operator i.'H
Skagway that tho trac
ered for a distanco of
of fivo to 20 foot. T,3
riu mt r .sis? a
yond Glacior aro dovjqj
iieuuieii raA
AvAMi5ria, HaStfJrta Vt m;S',U
. ri.ila
tempt waa madftJ9Sfo&af '
Methodist misoTfeffimi-i " $
congregation, XmnTgshintai "W,
worshipping, h bombTrtado of leajfpipe
and filled with gtndpower was ex
ploded. No ono vaa injurodi The
deed is ascribed t heathen Chinese
jealous of tho introduction of Christi
anity among thoir countrymen.
To r.ut in tho nop.
Directors of tha Oregon Hopgrowers'
Association mot in Salem Tuesday af
ternoon, and wtro in secret session fom
hours. Tho ch:of lmsiness transacted
was to require ovory local Toprosenta
tivo of tho association to obtain a com-
ploto liBt of hopgrowers and tho amount
of hopi now on hand in thoir respoct-
ivo districts,' mo ooara aiso an-
nounood thatit ia now ready for busi
ness. ( Notes.
open' houso ia ono of Albany 'i
noetts wr uuo.
a 1nflA
-Inle-buyora from California aro in
Southern urogou couniios.
A Burfts paper reports a salo of 2,700
atook Bhaop at $2.00 por hoad.
It is estimated that tho call for war
rants recently made by tho country
treasurer of Whatcom oounty covers
about $170,000 of county indebtedness.
Vlanros of real ostato transfers re
corded in King oounty (Soattlo)
0 495 transfers, oi
J"Jln0 of $3o8n 636l not
ncludini, of course, tho value of the
tnuisferfor nominal sums.
rompornry Ttenrtlon From the Heavier
Holldny Tmde on Iteeord.
Bradstroet's savs: IlnlMnv fn
and stook-takinif imnnrt. nn nm.
of dullness to general distributive trade
brokon, howover, by fair activity in
reorder businoss to fill tin cfnnlra rln.
plotod by tho heaviest holidav tm,l
that has ever been experienced.
Anticipation of snrlnw trn,in
haa given a more than ordinarily ao
tivo appearance to bimlnooi. in
goods at New York, while in industrial
lines tho efforts of mannfnft
keep up with filled order-books is re
sulting in unusually activo operations,
following tho flurry in money, stocks
and in some lines of speculative com
modities noted last week, has como, as
was expected, a moro cheerful tnn
and a firming up in quotations is noted
in such staples as cotton, which was
effected by last week's monoy devclou-
monts, and also in hoa products, cnf.
fee, copper, tin and lead. The Rtrnmrth
of textiles is still a feature which finds
usuncauon in current statistics of
larger season's receipts and sales of
wool, and in reports of enlarged old
and heavily increasod new capacity in
manufacturing lines.
In iron and steel, seasonable quiet as
regards new business is observable, but
unabated activity on earlier booked
orders is reported. In some cases, no
shutdown was mado for the holidays
by mills and furnaces.
Wheat (including flour) shipments
for the week aggregate 8,010,557 bush
els, agaist 2,818,714 bushels last .weC";-
0,202,025 bushels in tho corresponding
week of 1808. 6,495,001 bushels in
For tho year, failures are the smallest
in number for 17 years past, and were
it not for a few heavy fiancial suspen
sions in December, liabilities, which
will excoed thoso of 1892 slightly,
would have been smallest for 12 yean
Seattle Market.
Onions, new, $1.00 1.25 per aack.
Potatoes, new, $1620.
Beets, per sack, 7585c.
Turnips, por sack, 60o.
Carrots, per Eack, 50c.
Parsnips, per sack, 7585c.
Cauliflower, 75c$l per dozen.
Cabbago, native and California, 75
90o per 100 pounds.
Peaches, 65 80c.
Apples, $1.25 1.50 por box.
Pears, $1.00 1.25 por box.
Prunes, 60o per box.
Watermelons, $1.50.
Nutmegs, 5076o.
Butter Creamery, 82,0 per' pound;
dairy, 1722o; ran,ch, 22o per pound.
Eggs Firm, SOfeSJ.
Cheese Native rf3o.
Poultry 9 lOp; dressed, 1314o.
Hay Paget Sound timothy, $13.00;
.choice Eastern Washington timothy,
$17.0018.00 ,
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $23;
feed meal, $28.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$21; whole, $22.
Flours-Patent, por barrel, $3.35;.
blended straights, $3.10; California,
$3,25; buckwheat flour, $0.00; gra
iafm, per barrel, $3.80; whole wheat
flour, $3.10; rye flour, $3.804.00.
Millstufla Bran, per ton, $10.00
ton, $17.00.
ed feed, $20.E0 per
Air "sw i;
wild hay, $?7 pertc-J
UnttffT Eanov creamery. 506Jo:
seconds, 4M 45o; dairy, 37K40o;
store, 2585o. '
Eggs 1810o per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full cream, 13o;
Young America, 14o; now choose lOo
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.B0
3.60 por dozen; hens, $4.00; springs,
$2.508.50; goeso, $7.000.00 forold;
$4.506.60 for young; ducks, $4.60
per dozen; turkeys, live, 1213o
por pound.
Potatoes 5570opor saok; sweets,
32o por pound.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 00o;
por sack; .garlic, 7o per pound; cauli
flower, 75o per dozen; parsnips, $1:
beans, 80o per pound; celery, 70
75o per dozen; cuoumbers, 60o per
box; pons, 84oper pound; tomatooa,
75o per box; green corn, 13)4
16o por dozen.
Hops 8llo; 1808 crop, 60o.
Wool Valley, 1218o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 814o; mohair, 37
80o per pound.
Mutton Grose, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 3o; dressed mutton, OH
7o per pound; lambs, 7o por pound.
Hogs Gross, choico heavy, $5.00;
light and feodors, $4.60; dressed,
$5. 60 6. 00 per 100 pounds.
Beof Gross, top steers, $3.604.00;
cows, $38.60; dressed beof, 6
7 Mo per pound.
Veal Large, 07Mo; email, 8
8o por pound.