Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 22, 1899, Image 9

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    TM .M -Jt P'l M' .7 I I VHVX.VJAE' III
n.' w w -ry tv
f.ti. P V P' p"V '- V ). V; 0V. tV; PiV; V0 5
WO ,
oTilVLV there wiim notnin
1 .. il.r.lll) Hmollct 10 HllggCHt
tl,ar!0. Ho Wllri the
a' .;,.niiiiici'. ui i" y plainest,
"VrtiiUi 'I ri'HiM'flisl mi'iiiliiT
' ' r,l of trade nni! n tliorotii
Smollett's wife ever
lllnitwi'i' mill yt't Mm. Sinol
conllnni'y Jealous.
s,c:t It In her r,Ml1""' '"'"" Ul"1
... .....Miiiii!! more tlmo In lllM
. . ........
yjjjPOU"!)!. (Illll iici'iuiic iriKiii-
lji)t!l 01 "I1 . ,i , i in i
' . , .... ....... mliiil ii u ,. iilr-i...
m'T Ull Him. ' " ! nnwi
'fll KIHIT OVIT the OtlllT HCX.
il niaI" unexpected tle-
jn tilt' Oilb'C. llOWCVcr, silo
nlo'lliWd. fell milieu nat-
i'i.,.,. if Mii iiiii c i i. mm i t
un on 'lu' premises was nie
. t ...II..
ircatn, or Wliuui ocn njum
i be JcilotiH.
iti4 niciiioillpnl In his liahltM
irpsulnii'il town clock. On n
dijr every Mprlnj; ho leaven off
i mil on n ecrtnln day In tlio
pati on ovcmhocri. Onco In
rear tie mm iiim wateii
it the Jeweler's, 'i'lie tlmo for
Irs bin ftiroiioini'tcr cniiio
litflr. mid Smollett loft It with
rrir on Broadway, lit tlio shop.
ictiirerc rather Hlmky nbottt Hint
uk) ti hntl to ho at IiIk desk early
fceto watch matters, lie couldn't
itoetogo nroiiml after IiIh time-
nxlltiahsehce was iiIwm.vh both
bin, for lie had to depend upon
clocks, a French mantel clock
ii never known to he right half
; Ultimo, or his wife's chatelaine.
ntalnrjiyH missing cars anil being
il appointments.
ttirLrdln. with the lieHt of Inten-
fonnd the Jeweler'u ticket anil
bwKlf nfler tho watch. sayliiK
S to Smollett about It. When xhe
iuv iiiuri in me jeweier. ne
Jtltfliid thi'ii nt her.
MiiaKeiitli'iiiaii'H watch, miss."
"iimNueii prettily. "Oh, yes; It's
'Uuanu n. she snlil.
tfouzht It from the Bafo nnil un td ?
ftk lt nil rlKht. ma'am." He
? me case nni! ooeneit tin. imv
ill till- n fir km. .M
wa tiny Joeit of hair Hllimcd out
I ft A I rt AN nnrt..
- Mir If L.MI'
I Jeweler sin n ceil nt It mill llii n
Her hair Ih a KohIen hrown.
ffulch i dropped out of the
"ws yellow.
Jeweler was n u-iho m..t,. i
IlllllSPlf. I Iik lfnni..w,ul..l..
l'VI'1 U'i ffk II... .1.1...-
W ln.rne.1 , t.Ilh,r c,
-.-vil MIN liei PI. tr iwl fnuMohl
"dint. ne closed ii... ,..,.. i.
Mlt.l.... - l.ll-l lll-
nil m. ti .
in nn ... .....
"c lori'nlfim ,ii.i. ..
x yonr pardon."
uave forirottcn
1 1. iJ M IWlAi
ieere" w"KHl 10 '"'-' with
,,ua" sa il Milu i.i,.. . .
'iiro iitiii
nrh.i. ni mil mil. I'nnt'u
""lira cunt..., .... '
' UUI 111 n 1. 1. .ttlll-11
iui.11111 nt. ill... ..
Ilm I. . - lillll
IIUII." Ufil.l T .. ..
mat nil,. i,, .... :
'"t It Imelr In m" ff"u
uermi.oi .. . . icii.
.f f... " 'no 11,11 1111,1 aii'iitif-
I 11UI11 flm l.j ' vi.i,
; homo Hint ii..
Of 1,1. . .. 1 T "0UM ' o
In t V ' '""llllllcr llttln wlfi.
,:.?" luaco an Ici.t,,.,
" wonion mq i.. i
fPfl tlk IT., ..I
Hon,-".. '". Ho
ItOtlmlli " . .. ""."1,ur
"tut on
as asraln n i .".' .
...... i;oj-ri.(.j(
iihft,,r, '"" t"" other follow
vvi in t in . 'intiivi
nannnn...., ivLMi correc
d V;. .V,:,m!t'.lIcoat he
"'OHIO lrnol ""a IIHIO
i ,,Lu'"imea to eiit n n.. ,.. .....
box ,;..' rB,uu 1110 tWo and
Wouss,,;. " y..(,(nr." snll tho
"Warn,..,. . .. uover rouml
lt0,,.TH?ut. ''t watched
inn .,. i ,i uu o ii r wninii
. " i n i, .... .. ",v.
tho loft i M lts "customed
wt breast pocket of his
yo brutel"
"8 ran .," ," '"" or 'oars
'into-hJ . . 1 tho rooin shut
" "Pn"'ent8 ngaln.
vmi naa rr
tried. In a Riieakln way. for the m-r-vantM
were Kreatly In ovldetice, to unln
audleiic. with IiIh wife; hut hIiu would
not open her door and ho upent the
Jilcht on the couch In the library and
went down town tlio next mornliiK In a
moHt bewildered Htato of mind and an
t'mpty Htate of Ktomach.
I.ydla'H actloim ho worried him that
he could not keep IiIh tnltxl on IiIh biiHl
neKH. Ho wan Irritable and Keiierally
fractloiiH. and the red-headed jouiik
man Hiirfcrcd accordliily. About noon
nimrlle IaKci. an old frleml and a eood
lawyer, cauie In. Charlle'H eye
twinkled, but IiIh manner wa Bolemn.
"See here. Abrain." he Haiti, "whafs
thk I hear about you?"
"What Ik It? That I've Hold C, H. d.
Q. HhortV That yarn's Htale," Hiiapied
"No, Hlr. Something more Hurlouu than
"What Ih It?" In dawning wonder at
the lawyer's solemnity.
"It Is-or Homethlng regarding your
private life. I know It Isn't any busi
ness of mine." Charlie haHtencd to say.
with a deprecatory wave of his hand;
"or would not be bad I not known you
so long. Hut as a per.'onal friend "
"Personal fiddlesticks!" exclaimed
Smollett, crossly,. "What are you get
ting at?"
"Why, this trouble with your wife."
said Charlie, with the air of a funeral
mute. "Abrain, I never thought It of
you. I never would have Hiis;icti d ttiat
you, Abrain Smollett, were a gay de
ceiver; that you were living a double
life "
"Double- " well, a word not exactly
permissible In good society. "What do
you mean?" yelled Smollett. IiIh ugly
face turning a deep brick red.
"Hush. Abrain!" said the lawyer, sol
emnly. "There Is no use In your grow
ing excited about It. Did you suppose
that you could continue In hucIi n course
of Inlldellty without being found out
some time?"
"See bore!" Smollett arose In his
might, seized Paget by the shoulders
with no gentle force and seated him In
a chair. "This has gone for enough."
he nald, In a passion. "Explain your
words. What has my wife been to see
you about?"
"Divorce!" said Charlie, In a sepul
chral voice.
Smollett simply wilted Into his chair.
Charlie leaned forward and tapped him
smartly on the knee.
"That's It, Abratn. The poor child
has put her case In my hands; but I
bogged her to let nie see you before we
began drastic measures "
Smollett's face was pitiable. "How
what "
How did she discover your Infamy?"
demanded Charlie, without compassion.
"She saw that lock of the other wom
an's hair In your watch "
"The other woman!" gasped Smollett.
"What other woman?"
"u your watch."
"A Tuynan In my watch?"
' v. . rceo. no
u.ll-ll ,lll-, UUI Ills UUI. A..W1 .1
ually grew calm. He one
back case and tho yellow lock fell Into
his hand. He looked from It to Paget.
"Is this It?"
"That, I presume, Is the fntal evi
dence "
Hut Smollett withered him. "Do you
mean to say my wife has been to see
"Where Is she now?"
"I prevailed upon her to go homo and
wait till I had een you," said the lnw
yer, chuckling wickedly.
Smollett put on his hat ami did not
appear Ur the olllce again that day,
much to the disturbance of certain
stocks in which he was known to deal
heavily. Hut lu the afternoon ho wns
seen driving with his wife In the park
and later they occupied a box at the
Paget dropped In on him a day or two
"Has tho divorce been settled out of
court?" he nsked.
.Vow I suppose you think you're
smart, don't you?" returned Smollett.
"Well, I'm always glad when I can
bring families together Instead of sep
arating them, If there Isn't nny money
In It for me," said Chnrlle, sanctimo
"Huh!" grunted Smollett.
"Ami In this enso tho evidence was
so dead against you. Any woman could
have made n perfectly clear brief out of
Ills Saij
good bit darker thnn It was when she
was a child of (). Her father gave me
that lock and I've carried it-well, a
good many yearn. Now are you satis
lied?" "Yes." said tho lawyer, slowly. "Hut
was I.ydla?"
And then he barely escaped with his
i re to tell the rewt of us of Smollett's i
-"lemon in tn0 character of
"a gay
Sim. Hwiirtwood, Mnrrlcil 27 Yeum,
HiihUOI.IvIiik Children.
Mrs. Samuel Swartwood of Wllkes
bnrro, Pa., Is the mother of the largest
family In the United States. Although
a comparatively young woman, be,ng
only -11 years old, she Is the mother of
twenty-live children, twenty or whom
are living. The youngest Ih only a few
weeks old, and gives promise of being,
l.ko 1i!h brothers an.l h ati r.i, h.ilj and
Mrs. Swartwood Is a lemnikahly well
preserved woman. She was married
when very young, and her Urst baby
was born fourteen mollis after her
marriage. There have V-n but live
yeara since during which the house
hold has failed to be blessed with a
baby. These years were 1871, 18SI5,
18S7, 1888. and 181)0. Hut two of them
were In huccch-.Ioii, ami In the succeed
ing years twins were born.
Of the entire twenty-live children
there were but the two Hots of twins,
which weie born lu 188U and 1803. One
of each set of twins Is dead. .Mrs
Swartwood can recite the hour and day
each child was born.
Itcgardlng her married life, Mrs.
Swartwood talked freely. "I was mar
ried when I was M yeara old. I loved
Will when I was a girl and I wanted to
be married. Hver since we have been
very happy, and 1 would not change
places with any rich woman. Look at
thesechlldicn! Ain't they riches enough,
and every one living at home except
the two girls that got married. It's
nice for father and me to have them all
here, although It does crowd us a b t.
We havent got a big house, as you can
see. and every bit of the space is used.
Walk Into the dining-room there and
look at the table."
It was a table to look at, of generous
w!d.h at.d very long. It bore plates and
knives and forks for twenty-two people
At Intervals were great piles of bread.
"It keeps mo and the girls pretty
busy looking the eat ng and
washing for our big family," resumed
Mrs. Swartwood when I came out of
the dining-room. "Father makes al out
$70 a month, and the boys bring in
about 500 a mouth, nnd while we get
along nicely we have nothing to spare.
We've given all the children as good
schooling as they can got around here."
"What do you think of married life?"
I ventured to ask.
"Well, I ought to know. I guess. Who
wns It sa'd mnirlcd life wns one long,
bweet dream? (.rover Cleveland,
wasn't It? Well, 1 agree with him. It
has been to me. Every woman should
get married, I think. 1 don't know
much about the new woman, but If she
don't believe lu mnrrled life I don't
.want to know nuytblng nbout her.
What's as haypy as having children to
love you nnd you loving them?
"None of my children has been n
source of grlef.trouble. or anxiety to
me. nnd I think fltyl has been especially
kind to give nie so tVany. Yes. sir, you
can put me down a believing In the
married woman who unloves m nnving
Tlio aTnrrfnenaMo Ace. f
A spinster who Is still llvlnc In bono '
nys the marriageable ago is nnywliero
I.... .i i . ..
iiubnuuii niu nummary ana tno ceme
tery. -Chicago Daily News.
Tim TyimivrlUir Invention.
A dtiitiHticimi Iiiih proven thai the Inven
tion of the typewriter hu.H tivcii enmlov
inent to fiOO.OOO people, hut lie faiN t.. state
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Jfjon haven't a regular, health? movement of tbd
Sl i "cr,r dar. rou'ro sick, or will bo. Keep roS?
hpwoli open, nixj bp. well. Force. In tho tha6o of
Violent tihvftln t)T nil fllm I
erooothcjt, easiest, most perfect war
oanrcrouj. Tho
ul keeping tho
Foolish men
men eat thorn.
make feasts and wiso
HOW'S TniB'4
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honorable li
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anil Iron fencing; olllce ralllnj. etc. Sit Alder.
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JOHS POOLE. Tomi.jw OnraoK,
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Ever use It?
At Roberta, Ga
15 cents a bushel.
cotton seed costs
Mr. Swartwood. Is an enf
Jeisey Central ralhoad.
Jieer on the
oihace of
n uHUHAno. 1 1 M . .1 1 1 1 -raftn .
imapi i ii i 1 1
i lTlIZlnrRw.i, ;.- ws.vwski?i
It "
"Oh. I don't suppose you will bo satis
fied till you know It all." growled Smol
lett. "That lock of hair was- "
"Yes?" said Charlie, with Interest.
"Was Lydla'e. Uer hair has grown a
World's 1Mb IlontA,
The English marine publication, the
c,.,.,... s-ivs: "Wo British ptlde our
selves that the aggregate t
British ships npproxlm
merchant toinia
world, but
matter where a
nations places us In a position other
than first. It nppears we have only
eleven vessels of over 10,000 gross tons
headed by the Oceanic, with her 17,
000 tons. But Germany has twenty
three vessels In that category. The
Urjfted States Is the only other nation
with vessels above 10,000 tons, nnd she
has four. The biggest ship owned by
France Is 8,803 tons, while Norway's
greatest ship is of 3,277 tons gross. In
speed Great Hrltnln Is right nhead of
her competitors, having thirty-one ves
sels with a speed of twenty knots or
more; Helgium has six, the United
Stntea four, Germany and nollnnd
threo each, France two and
Thus In speed the Hrltlsh flag excela
tho world, while tho disparity between
Germany nnd this country, so far a
size Is concerned, will soon be lessened,
ns several big vessels are nearlug com
pletion In Hrltlsh yards."
N titro's M ml' ry.
One of tho most curious examples of
Nature's mimicries Is tho substance
jowelers call odoreta leto. Tho ordi
nary observer wouiu can tins lovely
stono puro turquoise. But It Is really
nothing of tho kind. It Is simply the
fossil teeth of long extinct nnlmnls
which havo been become tinged with
various mineral salts. It Is much softer
thnn tho truo turquoise. All the best
turquolsqj comes from Khornssan. in
Every scheme that works ia soon
The Plennntest, Most Powerful and
Effective Keverfaillng Remedy for
La Grippe, Catarrh,
u,.. Will cure any ache or pain known
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This offer tafts no duvs only. Large bottle (300
doses of 5 DHOPH each) Jl.OOor 3 lor T2M.
IQ7 and 169 Dearborn St.. Chicago.
JIM Misfortune.
Teacher Try to remember this:
Milton, .he jioet.Vns blind. Do you
think you can remember it?
Hobby Smart Yes. lKa'am.
"Now, what was Hilton's great
I "Ho was a
State Journal
Bronx b
favor of
district counci
April. Ihey
work-day, $11
noutiay una
You should.
Steam Pumps
and Water
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Machinery All Kinds.
and Magic Lantern Bargain List
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he blood.
to bume.
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J blood is
'y's taw.
o for 1900 Sei
, Mloh.
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c3 rfSfR
1 smm
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ltetallera'l'rotit-eavctho Wholeaalers
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ft A
cttAn youn
aim fl7Fr im. vni
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treated soien.
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