Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 22, 1899, Image 4

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Knterert nt the postolllPQ nt Cut tape Orovc,
Oregon nil Second Clnjs mntt mutter.
Mtiliftorliitlnn price. WI.50, In ml viitiro.
Alvcrtlliig rate mniln known upon
Friday, Dec. 22, 1899.
It isn't a hornets just the British j
have run un against its a boers I
Representative Tongue will be
found right in line with the best
interests of Oregon.
HoIk ay
The Salem Journal, edited by
Hofer, the blatherskite, broken
down, turned down politician, is
out with an article casting re-
Onthe 19th day of June 1900 the j
National Republican Convention!
will be held at Philadelphia. And )
then and there the republicans will
name the next president of the
United States.
Hon. Thomas IT. Tongue has
been made chairman of the arid
lands committee and is also a niem-
! or
011112: ami
See' Them!
flections upon Senator McBride ber of the rivers and harbors
and Congressman Tongue, stating committee. As a member of the
rivers and harbor committee
Representative Tongue will make a
valuable membpr.
that our next U.S. representatives
in congress and senate should be
men of principles. The Journal's
article will hardly be appreciated
by the masses of the intelligent
voters of Oregon who have
flattered themselves that their
ballots were not cast iu vain when
tVifv pWroH MoRride and ToiiErue.
However the article will ' hardly d,er Tthe s,ta a,ld Stripes; i. e
I They will be sold as cheap as you can buy them
South of Portland.
Lentz, the old traitor, is
harping about itnperalism.
has blank;ted the "crime of
and now harps on the "crime of
crimes being committed ,un-.
cause a ripple of comment
originated in the murky brain of
as black an apostle of political
crookedness as ever filled space in
a newspaper. Of all the con
tetnptable, egotistic, demoralized
reprobates that have disgraced the
repuftican ranks "Kernel". Hofer
is the arch angel. The trouble
with the white livered "Kernel"
is, that in his frantic and un
scrupulous efforts to get the wood-
chuck ho has never been near
enough to get salt on his tail, and
hels mad about it. It has been
many a long day since we have
been more ably represented than at
the present time. Congressman
Tongue and Senator McBride have
a reputation of getting what they
reach for and they are the kind of
men needed to represent our in
1 flip United Srnrps pcrnhlishttirr ife
as It " "
form ot government in the Philip
pines. It is not surprise, how
ever, that crime is uppermost in the
mind of this depleted demagogue,
Lentz he's full of it.
'bristmas Offerings.
9 9 9
Oregon can well be proud of the
record her senators are making at
Washington. No better avenue
for judging the ability of state
representatives than the positions
assigned them upon committees of
direct interest to the state from
which they hail. Senator Mc--Rrittts
is bv the honor conferred
an mm in assiiiuiiiciiia uuun
. i r a
littees, proving himself to
t and lasting benefit to
Be is chairman of the cot
jfenses, and,
littees onl
Men than any S?nator
iin office, having served only :
'years. These committees are
vast importance to Oregi
especially commerce, Philippine,
ter-oceanic. canals and public lan
Senator McBride is getting inttj
proper shape to serve his con
stituency in a commendable
manner. Senator Simon is also a
member of seven committees . the
two prominent ones being judiciary
and public buildings. Among the
others of which he is a member is
mines and mining.
Until the otherday the Cottage Grovu
public was in darkness as to the real
cause of the fearful tragedy enacted in
Havana harbor 1 ss than two years ngo,
when so many of our bra ve naval men,
ware without a momenta notice burled
into otertiity. A good old populist who
lives not a thousand miles from this
city has figured it out and he;-c it is as
near as a reporter could gather in the
fragments of oratory :
"I tell yer it is the money power what
is runnin' this 'ere shooting match
fact is, its a-runnin' the hull world.
This war business is just a put up job
to help ono money power of a kentry to
pay ofT its oblegashnns and its was got
at in just er bout this a-way, b'goah !
(gathers up a little more inspiration by
taking another chew of tobacco and
spitting on the side walk.) Yer see, in
the furst place it was a cut and dried
thing that the United States sent the
Maine over ter Cuba and we blowed the
goldarned boat up ourHdli'n for,-
sense to get into a fight so'ci ter .git- ter
pay Spain twenty millun doners, bo as
that kentry could pay her ublegnahtin
ter France. I'll tell yer I las study,j.i
this outa'Sifrlv ryd I am of perty I
from Che JHew Yov& Racket Store
It is with pleasure that we announce to the people that we have not gone back on our past reputation m
regard loour uoiuuay line, n any iiung we nave a more select line man we ever carried before: The fol.
lowing is a partial list of our line:
3?liol;o .Albums
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Plush, cabinet size !fle.
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Autograph Albums 5c to COc.
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Photo -Hoklovs
Wo have Home beauties iu thin lino 11
and $t. ,.
Trl'arikerchio I s
Ma.nicure Sets "nm! m!,",''! ,t;!,"1l,.,i:, ,,ovor'
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We hnvo nothing but the fincBt in this Q,lt sidoB 1.
lino, prices front $1.4D to $2.(50.
Toilet Cases
Necktie ."Boxes , . . .
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sides, 76c. above Jl.Sfi.
Better grades $1 and $160. Opal tinted celluloid lithographed ft!.
Our line of mens hankerchiefii in
linen and silk is complete.
wonleo have a nice lino of ihoiih hand
painted satin suspenders for the holiday
'.urgent line of neckwear ever inTottnge
Grove, in nil the new sbapci nnd color,
including ti-rks, puffr, squares, bows,
foiir-in.hand nnd bat wings.
1 1 Brief.
hoaded i
hi si nd
WlJcSSfti IS
visible so-
jrhty prob-
than the
' v.
ago Grovite,
ngam on
and fits
'od clock that looks likl
ie hours on a musical go
Half hours on a tinkling
Cranberries I
.Cranberries I
Firs: of the Season
Cijmming& Selir.
For oualitv ami cheapness in fresh
iiii'iitH go to the Central meat market-
Notice Hemenwuy & Burkholdcr's
nd. Shoes, shoes, shoes.
Wanted at Gannan A Newlund 1000
turkeys nt highest market price.
Fresh candies every day, made from J
pure sugar nt ttie iiulor shop,
Geo. Wallerv, one of tho clevorei-t
f-ong and specialty artists on tho road is
ith Thcarles Ministrcla at Martin's
lull Friday Jan 6.
Timothy seed, just received at Cum
ming & Sehr.
Jan 6 hte Ministrels Jan 5.
is j We heil good goods at good prices for
km tig ?
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Fire, Life and Accident Insurance C mpanies.
tastefully decorated in cilt scrolls, nnd our customers. Central Meat Market.
haH.Xlnco that reflects tho beauty anil Wo will pay cash for county warrants,
worth of the movement behind it. or collect claims against Lane County
Eight dollars and the Chrismas dinner paying cash for same,
willbemoro enjoyed when such a gift IIembnway k Buukhomhih.
shines from
the Jeweler.
the mantle. Davidson
The filthy creature, ' McDaniel,
who murdered his betrothed in cold
blood in Portland some months ago
after having ruined her, has been
given 15 years in the penitentiary.
If the evidence was strong enough
tofasten guilt upon him, he should
hanged. The world can well afford
to be rid of such a scorpion, whose
only thought is to polute the bed
of innocence, and drag from the
foul covers of lust, his victim to aj
more secluded spot there to strangle j
to death the mother of his unborn J
Ware That Wears.
All silver plated ware looks alike
when new. I am selling high grade
forks und spoons that will look well in
five years from now for tho silver on
them goes deeper than thoshino. David
son tho Jeweler.
Benson Drug Co. is going to give away
nhandsomo Toilot Case on Now Years
day. All purchases amounting to $1.00
entitles you to a chnnco at the case. Re
member, wo give you a ticket for every
if 1.00 purchase that ontitles you to a
c banco at the drawing. Como and see
For Christipas doll carringes.'ino to 00c
each, chonillo stand covers, fancy pil
lows, largo pictures with frames 00c to
$2.10. Rocking horse?, tricycies, etc., at
Martin & Cochran furniture store.
T. A. Lewis, boot and shoo repair
shop, First class work, low prices.
Opposite Sjhorwuud JJou-l,
An evening of fun, smiles, giggles and
laughter, lisloning to Thoarles Original
Tennessee Ministrela.
Sailors tho latest fall styles aro now
j ready for inspection at Miss Meliizora.
Tho best shoes in Cottage Grove,
Ilemenway & Burkholdcr.
A company of Artists chuck full of
laugh come and see thorn at Alitrtiii'a
Hall January 6.
Gmffin & Vkatoii Co. aro tho leaders
in (111 kinds of mining supplies, ammu
nition and sporting goods .
Smoked Halibut, tho best you over
saw just iu and going liko hot cakes, nt
Cumming k Sola-.
Now I beautiful, stylish dress goods in
patterns, trimming silks. Ilemenway &
No mutter whnt you want wo hnvo it
at Cumming &, Sohr.
Strict Attention paid to CoIImUob
Office opposite Sherwood Hotol.
Jrl- J- RBers f Saginaw, an employe of Hooth-Kclly Co..
says: "I-was in declining health, had a severe pain in mv side. I have
I have been improving since I began to drink Radams Microbe Killer.
There is no doubt itdid do and is doing much for me."
Remember my dear friends it cure every sickness.
A. F. Howard, Afc't,
Residonce with.I. K. Ilarrett. Cottnge Grovo, Oregon,
Now sweaters for men and boys, both
wool and cotton. Ilemenway Sc Burk
If you want any thing in the Hardware line, come and look over
our goods and see how the prices suit. We shall endeavor tcyarry a
full line of
Stoves, Tinware, Miners Supples, Mechanics Tools, CotUry, Ammuni
tion, Washing Machines, Churns, Etc, and a Full Li c of Agricultural
Philips & Jones,