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rublUlied Every Friday.
Comprelioi'tlvo Kevlew of tlio Imiiort-
atit Hnppanlnca of the rit Week
Cutlet! From thr TelecrapU Column.
JTho Shamrock has sailed for homo.
Vice-President Hobart's days of pub
iio service are Enid to be over.
A lone highwayman held up six peo'
pie at one time near Pendleton, Or.
It was reported in London that one
of the troopships which sailed for the
Cape last week had been lost at sea.
The Russian minister of finance as
eorts that his country is better in con
dition than oithor Franco or England.
Tho disaster to the British at Lady-
smith was caused by mules running
away with all tho reserve ammunition
The recoipts. for the Jeffries-Sharkey
prizefight in New York were the largost
for any sporting or dramatic ovent in
Tho transport Hancock since her
remodeling at San Francisco can lay
claim to being tho finest troopship in
the world.
One of the greatest financial combi
nations of 'the century is now forming.
It will control all the telephone and
telegraph lines.
Inspector-General Breckinridge of
the United States army, is in San
Francisco, where he will remain some
time on official business.
Announcement is made at San Fran
cisco that the Pacific Coast Biscui;
Company is a go. It is otherwise
known as the cracker trust.
Germany cannot trade for England's
interests in Samoa without the ap
proval and consent of Uncle Sam.
Negotiations to that end are now on.
Wireless telegraphy is to be used in
the Samoos. It costs much less and
will be more practicable than the cable
system, in view of the coral growth in
the sea.
Senator Allison says President Mo
Kinley has no authority to order with
drawal of the army and navy from the
Philippines. It would require a spe
cial act of congress to do this.
President Schurman, of the Philip
pine commission, says that we did no-.,
acquire entire control of the sultan oi
Snln's domain in tho war with Spain
and we have only an external protec
torate. The international commercial con
gress in their resolutions adopted at
Philadelphia favor lasting peace among
nations, assimilation of trade-mark
laws, parcol post system, international
bureau of statistics and inter-oceanic
General Funston, of the Twentieth
Kansas, was charged in the San Fran
cisco Monitor, a Catholic paper, with
taking two magnificent chalices from
Philippine churches. He has brought
suit against that paper and against'
Archbishop Ireland for criminal libel.
Captain Geary, who was killed at
Malabon, October 10, was a native off
Oregon. (
ftithE0'eT losses at Ladysmith are estir
d(stJited at between 000 and 1,000 killed
jp,l& wounded.
Oregon salmon eggs are being sent t
Australian waters where they are ex
pected to thrive.
England has called out more reserves
and within 10 days men to replace the
captured forces will sail for South
The state will pay tho Iowans' fares
home. Three special sleeping-car
trains and subsistence will be fur
nished them.
Tho Pullman-Wagner Company has
so pulled its strings that even indepen
dent railway lines will turn their sleep
ing cars over to the combine.
Cable advices to the war department
indicate that General Young's column
is pressing on toward San Jose, though
progress is difficult on account of wet
The Washington regiment has been
mustered out. About 800 men, includ
ing the Seattle companies, left by
steamer for home. The others go
north by rail.
Although all regimentB havo their
full quota, recruiting will be continued
for the Philippines. Men will be
needed each month to fill vacancies by
casualties and discharges.
Colonel Wholley, of the Washingrtot
volunteer infantry, has been appointed
major of tho Forty-first volunteer in
fantry and has been ordered to joio
that regiment for service in the Philip
pines. A Lima, Peru, dispatch says Du
rand's revolutionary forces are being
closely pursued by tho government
troops, and according to official dis
patohes, tho situation of the leader of
Peru's latest revolution seems to bo
precarious, 1
Tho Indiana, with tho Tcnnossco
foluutccrs on board, is overduo at San
Tho Tacoma Nowa announces author
itatively that tho Soattlo Post-Intolli-goiicor
has boon sold. Tho purchaser's
name is withhold
Tho officers of tho transport Ohio,
which has arrived at San rranoiseo,
roport that thoro is a scarcity of food
on the island of Guam.
Souator Morgan is quoted as saying
that congress shou I i deflno a govern
mont for tho Filipinos without delay,
Ho favors a congrusional commission
Troublo is anticipated on tho Chcro
koo Indian Nation, owing to ballot-box
stuffing at thoir election last August,
tho facts of which havo just loaked
Prosidont Samuel B. Donnelly, of
tho International Typographical Union,
was accorded enthusiastic receptions
by tho printors of Portland and Seattlo
and Spokano.
An ungratofnl Indian, who had boon
furnished with food and lodging, mur
dered a No ada white woman and her
infant son. Robbery was tho motive
of tho assassin.
Tho Russian steamer Dolnoy Vastok,
which was to havo entered tho trans
port service, arrived in San Francisco
too lato, a British steamer having
taken her place.
War in tho Transvaal has effected
the markets of tho East and specula
tivo operations havo ceased. Tho effect
on prices, however, has not been as
great-as anticipated.
A divorco has been granted to Count
Von Moltko, tho emperor of Germany's
aid-do-camp. Tho decree places tho
entire guilt on the wife. Tho caso has
caused a sensation in court circles for
a year past.
Having learned that Whito is still
safe at Ladysmith, the British are giv
ing attention to General Joubert's plan
for tho conquest of Natal. Such a
movement is regarded as moro daring
that Sherman's march to tho sea.
Judge Schofield, of Illinois, has ar
rived in San Franoisco from Samoa
and Hawaii. He says tho natives of
Samoa should bo allowed to work out
their own salvation. He reports tho
landgrabbers as doing a rushing busi
ness in Hawaiian islands.
Swindlers in Wall street, New
York, have been selling washed-out,
canceled revenue stamps, the traffio
having reached enormous proportions.
It is estimated that 10 per cent of the
daily sales were fraudulent and that
the government has been losing $5,000
a day in the deal.
The British think they inflicted terri
ble loss on the Boers in Thursday's
Ex-President Harrison has returned
to the United States after an extended
trip abroad.
Puerto Cabello has surrendered to
General Castro and the officials of the
de facto government.
Half a million dollars' worth of
property was destroyed by fire in Kan
sas City.
The Washington boys are home.
They were greeted everywhere with en
thusiastic demonstrations.
The general belief in London is that
the Boers are now waiting for more
guns from Pretoria before attacking
Eastern Oregon is experiencing its
fir6t labor strike. Fifty miners of the
Bonanza mine near Baker City, are out
for shorter hours.
Of tho Coeur d'Alene rioters tried in
Moscow for conspiracy against the
United States, 10 were found guilty
and three were acquitted.
Tho ship Charles E. Moody, long
overdue at Honolulu, has at last ar
rived. She was 100 days in making the
passage from Norfolk navy yard.
Boers are said to have issued letters
of marque in Europe and the United
States, and British commerce may
suffer, even if the transports do not.
In his annual report United States
treasurer suggests the impounding of re
deemed treasury notes and thinks
banks should increase their circulaton.
England has sent 10,000 rounds of
lyddite shells to South Africa. Ac
cording to estimates, a single shell of
this kind falling into a compact body
will kill 800 men.
John R. McLean, Democratio candi
date for governor of Ohio, has given
out an address through the press in
which ho predicts that "Hanna is
The most important expedition of tho
fall campaign chasing Aguinaldo is
now on, and it is predicted that tho
rebel capital will soon bo untonablo for
the insurgents.
Marconi will not operate with tho
signal corps of the United States, but
will return to England in connection
with the nso of tho wireless system of
telegraphy in South Africa.
Nicarairua wants some of Costa
Rica's coast territory. Tho govern
ment has comnletelv routed the insur
gents and dealt a death blow to the ro
voluticnary movement in Peru.
. . . I
Fall Campaign Under
in tho Islands.
A ricot of TmimiHirtB ml Ounnoitfl
finll to Co-Opornto WtU Laiul Votco
Kml Next Spring.
Manila, Nov. 7. This evening a fleet
of transports and gunboats loft Manila
for tho most Important expedition of
tho autumn campaign. Its destina
tion is supposed to bo Dngupan, or
sonio other northorn port. General
Wcaton commands, with a brigade con
sisting of tho Thirteenth infantry, tho
Thirty-third infantry, two guns of tho
Sixth artillery and two gatliugs. Tho
transports Shoridan, Francisco do Roys
and Azteo carry tho troops, with tho
gunboat Helena as escort. A dis
patch boat was sont ahead to arrango
a rendezvous with tho United States
cruiser Charleston and tho warships
that aro patrolling tho northorn coast
of Luzon.
It is assnmod hero that tho pnrposo
of tho expedition is to movo down tho
Dagupau-Manila railroad towards
Tarlao, in order to prevent Aguiualdo's
forces making another baso farther
south. Dagupan and Apparri aro tho
strongholds of tho insurgents in tho
It has beon tho unanimous opinion of
military exports that Dagupan should
bo made a baso of operations, but suffi
cient troops have heretofore beon lack
ing. With Generals Wheatou, Mac
Arthur and Lawton moving upon Tarlao
from three directions, and tho moun
tains hemming in tho other sido, tho
insurgents' capital will soon becomo
untenable. Aguinaldo may attempt to
shift his headquarters to tho rich tobac-
... . i t .i.
co country at mo uorinern enu oi wiu
island. It will bo dillicult for tho
insurgents to escapo. Should tho
scheduled operations succeed, organ
ized insurrection on a largo scale should
bejat an end early next spring.although
guerrila warfare is likely to continue
for a long time. No ono anticipates
that the insurgents will mako many
hard battles.
Manila, Nov. 7, 10:16 A. M. Two
columns of Generals MacArthur's divi
sion yesterday took Magaling, about six
miles northeast of Angeles. Colonel
Smith, with two battalions of tho Sev
enteenth infantry, two guns of the First
artillery, and a body of engineers,
advancod from Angeles. Major
O'Brien, with a battalion of tho Sev
enteenth infantry and two troops of the
Fourth cavalry, moved from Calulut.
Colonel Smith killed 11 insurgents,
wounded 128 and captured GO, as well
as taking a lot of insurgent transporta
tion. Major O'Brien killed -10 insnrg
ents, wounded many and took 28 pris
oners, ino Americans had 11 men
Itetreat Cut Off.
London, Nov. 7. The war office hai
issued the following announcement:
"The colonial office has received in
formation to tho effect that the British
troops havo withdrawn from Colenso
and havo concentrated further south,
but we have no news of any engage
ment in that neighborhood."
The evacuation of Coleneo is un
doubtedly a most serious matter for the
British in Natal, as it not only testifies
to the complete investment of Lady
smith by tho Boers, but makes tho
relief of General Sir Georgo Stewurt
White an extremely difficult operation.
Ten Men Convicted.
Moscow, Id., Isov. 7. The jury
which has been out in tho Coeur
(l'Aiono miners' trial Drought in a ver
dict at 11 a.m. today. Tho jurymen
filed into the courtroom and tho verdict
was delivered by Foreman Tucker
Ten of tho defendants were found guilty
and threo not gulty. Tho convicted
men are: Dennis O'Rourke.. Arthur
Wallace, Henry Maroni, John Luucin
netti, C. R. JJurres, Francis Butler. E
Abinola, P. F. O'Donnell, Mike Mai
vey, Loins Salla. Those who wero
acquitted are: F. W. Garrett, Fred
bhaw, W. v. Bundren.
Under tho statutes tho penalty for
conspiracy against tho United States
and a delay of tho mails is a ono of not
less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000.
or not to exceed two years imprison
ment, or both fino and imprisonment.
l!oy Itoach Koine.
Tacoma, Nov. 7. Companies A. O.
I, E and L, of tho First Washington
regiment, arrived today. Company F
went uireci nome irom rortland to
Dayton, and company G, of Vancouver,
stopped at its homo. Companies A and
L, of Spokano, went to Spokano at 7
o'clock tonight, whilo tho Walla Walla.
Tacoma and Yakima companies will
attend the Seattlo colebration, tho
Tacoma company going over in tho
morning, and the other two leaving
late tonight. Tho First Washington
regiment band accompanied tho com.
panies coming north by rail, and dis-
uanueu here, tho members going to
their homes.
A banquet and reception wore ten.
derod the companies hero today, and a
parado of military and civio societies
escorted tho companies to tho banquet
1 H.-.mtor MorK.n Hay. 0.iiitri.M Hl,"u,,,
lllll III! It Will"'" ""J'
Sow York, Nov. 8.-A special tc . tho
Herald from Washington wiyai Con-
gross should at once tauo nun
lutiou to tho Philippines," Hilrt hwm
tor Morgan tonight. This action khou d
1.0 taken in tho dlsohargo of tho duty
1 1 i... u.w.fimi J. iirtlolo lv. of tho
constitution, which provides that tho
United States shall guarantee to oven
state in this Union a rupuuueuu
of government." , , , .
m i... uiild that this imwwod a
rvun.wi - .
distinct duty upon congress, and tho
discharge of that duty uy
iug to tho establishment of a republl
fnrm nt irovnriimunt in tho Philip
pines would bo tho answer ixisslblo to
fhn antl-lniporiallsts. Iio explained
!... Iio iiiimiit bv giving a ropub
llcau form of government to tho Philip
pines was to give thorn tho bHt form
f n rtmubllcan irovornmont known in
tho world, which would bo tho host
form to bo found among tho itieai, huh
that every stop towanl establishing a
government in tho Philippines should
bo au approach to this nigu iuoui.
N'n nttiMiint should ho made, ho said,
to frame a detailed government for tho
islands as a whole or for any of tho
v.irlrm twoiila who inhabited them,
without a thorough understanding of
all tho conditions and nemls of tho in
habitants. Asked whether lie favored
n congressional commission to visit tho
Philippines ami study tho conditions
thuro beforo attempting to iramo a ys
turn of L'overmucnt. ho replied:
"I think It would bo wise to havo
Biich a commission visit tho islands
If wo had undertaken to framo a gov'
eminent for Hawaii without tho study
of local conditions which our commis
sion made, I think It is probablo that
wo would havo made somo egregious
blunders. This study of conditions
and of the peculiar oharaetorlstlcH and
needs of tho people is oven moro neces
sary in tho case of tho Philippines
than in Hawaii, because wo know less
of tho Philippines."
In tho senator s opinion, tho govern
ment of tho United States should havo
charge of tho external relations of tho
islands, of collecting and oxiHJiidlng
tho rovcuues, and of all matters rolat
lug to the islands as a group, whilo tho
local affairs should bo confided as far
as possible to the people of tho differ
ent localities. In this connection ho
spoke of tho township system of tho
Now England states as tho highest
ideal of local sol (-government.
Tho question of who should havo tho
right to vote would havo to bo dolor
mined by congress, and in tliis connec
tion the senator called attention to tho
fact that in tho first iustunco tho deter
mination of who shall havo the suffrago
in tho states and territories organized
under tho United States, an arbitrary
act, in somo places, men only being al
lowed to vote, in others mon and
women, and in others various qualifica
tions being prescribed. Existing laws,
tho senator thought, should bo con
tinued in force as far as they wero good
laws, becauso tho people understood
Ono chango that would havo to bo
mado would be to tako away from tho
friars and tho religious orders thoir
power of levying taxes on tho people.
Senator Morgan is of tho opinion that
while tho United States should under
take at onco tho solution of thoproblom
of governing tho Philippines, tho de
velopment of that government into its
ultimate form will havo to bo a matter
of growth.
Hoinnwlint Irrrculnr.
Washington, Nov. 0. Moran Broth
ers, of Seattle, shipbuilders, havo sub
mitted to tho navy department another
bid to take the place of that submitted
last Wednesday for tho construction of
a 3, 500-ton cruiser. Tho firm does
this on tho theory that congress in
tended at least two of six vessels should
be constructed on tho Pacific coast,
and as tho Union iron works at Han
Francisco, tho only other bidder on tho
slope, bid for only ono of tho ships, tho
Seattlo firm feels that if it reduces n
original hid to tho same figures as that
o: tno ban rrancisco corporation, it
should havo it considered on oven
The proposition beinir im(.nlnr. it
has beon referred to tho board of con
struction and tho general miinirm in
that it cannot bo entertained.
Chine Go Homo to Colnbrntn.
Vancouver. B. C Nnv r A nr.n
army of Chinese will sail Friday for
home to attend thn
colobration. Six hundred nn,l mt.v
took passage today. This is tho largest
number of Chiueso ovor taken from
this continent by one steamer.
Itonovereil From J'lro Jtiilnn.
New York. Nnv fi fi. i..,,-i
bodies of Engineer Michael Condon
and Porter Charles Smith wero found
today in tho ruins nf tVm .i,ui.
strayed the contents of tho Bix-story
briok building at 04 Mott strcot Friday
afternoon, and in which four mon aro
Bupposod to havo lost thoir lives.
Tom Iiooil'a Hupceiior.
Portland. TIn v.. o a m
Allen has been elected congressman
from tho first Maino district to succeed
Ihomas B. T?ni i... t n
4,050, with three or four small towns
to hear from. Thoso cannot chango
the result moro than B0 voles either
- " ""u I Villi 1 1
Roport of a Hot Engagement
at Bostors.
Klffht lluiiilroit lliirulinr. Wi-m It ti
AVoiiiiiIkiI nnil Cnpturi-il . ,,, ' ' '
tint 1 1 ittitl o tif thn lliinra. "
Kstcourt, Natal, Nov. 8. A rolin),
messenger Iuim just arrived from In,iv
smith, passing tho Boor lmm .liriri J
tho night, who reports that heavy rf.
ing occurred Thursday around U,..'
smith. Tho hottest engagement Wll.
on Georgo Tatham'g farm, a th
Orange Fruo Statu sido of Jli-stcrs Tho
BrltlHh drovo tho Booth back to their
camp. Tho onomy sulTored great im
and 80 mbunted Boers wore capture
Tho fighting was rammed yeiir,J
tho Boors firing from NodswHthMuuu
inn, near uupwortirs larm. auii
they woro driven back with Ion on
their camp. A largo Boer forco, with
artillery, undor John Wessetts, ha,
taken up n jiogitlon on tho loft of ijca.
con, locating on tho Woodhouso, pc.
clones and Langvaracht farms, facm?
Hesters, and a small eommmidn (.
now encamped on tho south sido o(
rioters siatiou commanding tlio rail
way. Tho Boers 1 avo torn up tho cni
verts of tho railway near Pleiirs hln
tion, and havo burned tho wooden jw
.i t i . .
.o iiiuniiKu nun yet nccn done At
Colenso. Iho houses, str res, railway
ami iron nncigcs remain Intact The
messenger sayH that ho heard the IlotrJ
would Iio in Colenso todiiy, nud that
the volunteers wero leaving.
It is reported that tlio Boers lout SOD
in killxd, wounded and raptured la
Thursday's Imltlo on Tatham's (arm,
near uiuiysmith.
Plotermaritzburg, Natal, Nov g
ml l ii .
liiu guuunii cumiiiiuiiiiiig too line o!
communication with Marlizlmri; ho
nrrlved with his stall at Kstcourt. Tel
egraphic communication north of Ett-
court is entirely stoiijHid.
Tlio natives report that tho Boeri re-
coivod a crushing blow ut Ladyamitl
Evening Tho British forces at Lady
smith, it now uproars, were engaged
successfully Thursday and rrlday. Ii
is reported that tho cavalry stored
hoavily, and that tho infantry did great
execution with bayonets, tho Gordo:
Highlanders carrying tlio principal
Boor position at tho point of the larj
onet. Tho Boers lost heavily in kill
and wounded, and a number eurren
Hour In C'olrmo,
Kstcourt, Natal, Nov. 8. Coleao it
now in the hands of tlio Boers. Befora
tho evacuation was decided won, thl
enemy tried to cut off our outpost"!
The Durban light infantry, under Lieufl
tenant Molineux, and a force of Dublin
fusiliers wero sent to tho relief of thl
outposts, nud a brisk fiuht ensuedl
Tho Boers wero repulsed, leaving i
dead. Twenty Boar horses were killel
nnd othors stampeded. Tho chief inoj
tivo for tlio withdrawal, however. al
that tho long range of the Boer ganf
had mado tho nosition untenable. 4
orders wero received for retirement.
Tho Boers shollod Colenso camp B
dawn today, being apparently unawarfl
nf thn iiviii'iiiillmi. ThfiV ooted wi
stoics, but did not hiinn tlio IrfdgH
saying they would want tho railwai
themselves. Tho women and cminreg
here aro crowding tho trains bound fuB
Plotermaritzburg and Durban.
Hriitllii Homim tlm lie tiiriiliic Wilil"Sj
ton Hulilli'M.
.nMi. u'liaii Vmv fi. The Firs
U'lisllitiL-ton volunteers, who made
brilliant record in the Philippine w3
arrived hero this morning on thetteanfi
ship Queen, and wero given a recqo
tion nover to bo forgotten by those vim
witnessed it. . . I
IMiIrM- Minnmitwl npnillo POlirCJ
tho oity from all parts of tho Jt8Jl
honor tho returning heroes, i- -1
lnmM.i iin.l flrni-nn also Bending tn -4
IJIIDIH. illU jmnuj j
..LiUmioiv .ififiirntnil with banner?
l. ft'. uul .. lul I DirHULD
tllUUViltlUIJ Iln lull
l.,u ...wi mnlilfilllB. um
buildings and storo windows prewm :
:.i 1 l.nn, KO1I10 lies'"!
iiiiiuj umiiiiu " - , p j
Along tlio stveots were strings oi ei
trio lights. . ,th
Tho colobration commouee ,
...,,! ...I.lfll wen-"""-
men said, was ono of the host ;
on tho coast. It included 61 n -j
which loft Seattle oarly to tw '
i ...i ... i..t ruination met l l
nig, aiiii ui j.ii" ,nwn tll
steamship Queou iivo ra"
rt l
solum. . nverq
(Janu' lis noomon " , auj
i rAv Tim
ment vessels in tho i'r,,u' "" Vfl citJ
batteries as tho fleet nearod tnt
U1U SICK Will" """o , . ( V1H It o
Queen's dock and propped 1
n,,Kd tho landinK. It was a W0 mm Stl
nessod tho landing. " w-- t
r.,i i,.i.t Timi-nwas cheoriug u fl
.... p.h.... , 1ftg, iiru'6
wildest kin, , wuv - Ing
crackers and ovor all tno i
heavy guns. ,...,.npn ff'B
The land parado waB hete cn J
humanity, pacitoa - r..,erD
General Nelson A. Mo "V g0cs
Itooors wore tlio tllstluguishoa b
ni t
od mi
k Fi)
W me.
i tho
Krer c;
o 200
the oi
tS 1;
a co
ea que
ieral n
Jt let
. He,
(fJect I,;