Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 26, 1899, Image 4

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Kntcrcxl nt tho iKiitollleo nt CottiiKC Oravc,
Oregon as second Clnss mull matter. j
Stibr.rltlou j.rlrc. SI. no, In ilvnno.
AilvortUliiR rule matin known upon
Friday, May 26 1S99.
The Capital Journal has the
courtesy to clip from its exchanges
whenever a squib is published
which the Journal thinks worthy
of reproduction. This is to the
... a a
credit of the Journal. as a ruie
county newspaper men don't expect
to see the columns of larger papers 1
filled with country "editorials" and I
u .. 1 .1 . a i
news items but when they do see an
item taken from the country paper,
they like to seethe paper that
thinks well enough of the article to
renrint it. Pive DrODer credit tor it. ,
and not deliberately steal it. It's a
. . , I
little thing to mention, but its the
little things that count, and its the
little things that some of the
L J 1.
"ereat" naners of Oreeon de-
liberately steal. The Journal has
set a good example.
The Oregonian is giving more
attention to the mining interests of
this section just now than ever be
fore. In the past, the Oregonian
has either been misinformed with
reference to the vaule of the mining
interest which lay in the back yard
of its office or else wilfully ignored
it. However the time has come
when the Oregonian cannot afford
to close her columns to the mining
industries of this section either
through ignorance of the true
worth, or disinclination to assist in
their development, especially when
its columns are overflowing with
Buffalo Hump literature.
Every road supervisor should
realize the responsibility imposed
upon him and do his duty. That's
one thing that has been the matter
with road work in Oregon. Super
visors, while no doubt, meaning
well, have been a trifle negligent
and at all times too lenient. Every
man who is in debt to the county in
the some of a road tax should pay
it in good honest work, and if he
isn't interested in good roads,
and manly enough to pay the
slight obligation which always re
verts to his benefit, the road super
visor should see that he does it
anyway. That's one of his duties.
In way of a mining item we
might mention that in the Bohemia
district is already to be found one
20-stamp, two 10-stamp, three
5-stamp, and two 2 stamp mills,
making a total of 47 stamps in oper
ation there at the present time, with
a number of others going in this
season. When it is taken into con
sideration that not one has failed to
pay a handsome profit on the in
vestment, its a pretty good showing.
Claude Branton as previously
announced in the Nugget, before
his execution confessed to the kill
ing of Linn. Tuesday's Guard
acknowledges receipt of a copy of
said confession and published the
same in lull Thursday. His con
fession in the main concurs with
the testimony of Green, his accom
An effort is on foot to celebrate
the Fourth of July in this city,
If it is possible to secure financia
support to make the celebration
complete success, by all means let's
celebrate; but if we can't have
good one we had better get along
without any.
There isn't much danger of a
drought before time for the June
Closing Exercises of the Alumni
and Literary Associations.
Owing to lack of space and time tho
following report was omitted from Inst
week's Xttftrct;
Our public schools haven taken one
moru forward step during the past year
that of organizing a literary society
nntl an alumni ' association. Thwao
two organizut ions have met a long felt
need in our high school work.
During thu school just closed tho
Athenian literary sociot
y ha been the
1 means 01 accompiisniug uiuuu k""" ul
I thu high school pupils.
I Esteiimorancans speaking and de-
. . I!. I. ! I.
, . , . t,(C luHin featlirC9 0f
t)0 HOrk the most usable points- of an
education. No high school can ac-
complish the best result without an
oninnteatlon whore all thu students
aigcliaaions an(1 eot-ial work,
students of this grade should have their
meetings at least once a w eek under
careiui guidance
, " ""'""" " "T" ""' ' "' ' "
of about 35 members, many of whom
,m.o notonly C01nI,etud tho course of
8tljy , our scliool but have also
gone far into or have finished the courso
ot outer nigner lnsuuiuons 01 lenrmug.
such as the U of O, Portland University
State Agricultural College and 0. S. N.
S. at Monmouth. This association,
having become permanent, will meet
annually to renew the ties of friendship
of former school days, and at tho same
time give to each other and to this com
munity an educational inspiration.
At the close of tho work this year
these two organizations mot and
rendered a program at the Martin hall
to about 300 invited gueati. There were
many visitors and friends from other
schools in the state who speak in tho
highest terms of our schools.
The program consisted of vocal and
instrumental music, recitations and
short addieBses from members of the
Alumni. Each participant did justice
to his or her part. Space will not per
mit us to mention each part separately.
The main feature of the evening's en
tertainment however was a lecture by
Prof. E. II. McAlister of the U of 0.
Prof. McAliiter had chosen for his sub
ject, "The Age of Inquiry." There
could not have been a more appropriate
subject for the occasion. The speaker
held tho large audience in rapt atten
tion for about an hour. Each member
of the Alumni and the public generally
poke in the highest terms of Prof. Mc-
Alister's lecture. Indeed the Alumni
could not have made a better choice of
peakers this year, and many express
the idea of trying to secure him on
other like occasions if possible.
The people of Cottage Grove and
vicinity have reason to be greatly
pleased with the work done this year in
the public schools.
With the assistance of the new
rock crusher this section of Lane
county will soon have passable
One member of the Fourth of
July committee on finance reports
having received subscriptions to
the amount of $30 in less than an
hour Wednesday morning.
A friend at our elbow aptly
remarks that the copperhead
American can very accurately
measure himself by noting the effect
on an audience of the names of
Fuston and Atkinson or Hoar and
Dewey. Statesman.
The Portland Evening Telegram
of May 19, printed an excellent map
of the Bohemia mining district, in
connection with a truthfully and
ably written article. Thirty copies
of that issue of the Telegram were
sent Bohemia Nugget and were
sold in fifteen minutes.
Neiu Clubbing I'i'ojiOHltlou,
Bohemia Nugget now offers to its
lady readers something in tho clubbing
line directly Interesting to them.
McCall's Magazine, devoted to the
fashions of tho day, homo, literature,
household hints, fancy work, current
topics and popular fiction, and Bohemia
Nugget one year for $1.50. Komember,
you got with this offer a free pattern
from tho McCall Company. Head their
ad in another column.
The old reliable Tho Weekly Oreeonlun.
We arc now giving thc
li( Brief.
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Corniick mower on exhibition. Go
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Eakin A Hiuhtow.
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Tho "Willsio" camera, Winter Photo
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The Northern Pacific have recently
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A Common phrase! Hni. wliu
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A. P. Howard, Ag't,
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Bohemia Nugget h in rocolpt of a!
cake of mnplo sugar, tho gift of Mrs. G. I
U.Snapp. It ia tho genuino article,!
Mrs. Snnpp having received it direct i
from hor peoplo in Ohio. Many thanks. !
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. I). c.
in the Market
Strict Attention paid to Colleton 1
Office opposite Sherwood Hold.
lnn. it fiio in..i.....i 1.1.. .. n
vv. itwiH 11 j winuiKU 1101, 11 in ""
promotes a disoasod growth in and rmiM
Just bear in mind that the eu'
Hcription list of tho Uohomia Nuget is
growing dally, and that tho proprietors
appreciate tho patronago given the
Remember Dr. l.L. Seofbdd, Dentist
when you want dental work done.
! Qulcl dcllvcryT1) WocWy oregonian.