Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 19, 1899, Image 2

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rublUlied Every rrltUf
CoinirnIienlvo Kevlew of lh Import-
... .... .nltii-a of thn l'nit 1 mk
Culled 1'roin tlio Telccrnph Column
Tho Finns nro fleeing to this conn
try at tho rato of 500 weekly to escape
liussian initiiiirv ouiiwv.
At a test at Sandy Hook proving
crountl it was found that wet guncot
ton could bo safely used in a shell tired
by powder.
Dumarais, n Frenchman, who had
enteied tho rebel lines to negotiate tot
tho jelease of Spanish prisoners, is said
to have just been assassinated by in
surgent soldiers.
Every nostoffico in tho island of
Potrto Rico, about 80 in nurobci, soon
will bo flyiug a United States flag.
Flags will be bought by the postofllce
department and forwarded to Director
of Posts Elliott.
Captain Barker, tho senior officer of
Dewey's fleet and tho commander of
the battle-ship Oregon, will bo the next
commanding officer to conio home.
His place will bo filled by Captain
Wilde, of Boston.
La Patria, one of the best edited pa
pers in Havana, lias come ont with an
editorial strongly indorsing tho Ameri
can administration. Its utterances arc
regarded as representing the best think
ing element of the community.
Capt. J. Masson, of Philadelphia,
tho well-known commander of the
Munson line steamship Viniern, fel!
from his vessel into the water while
passing close to tho Bahama islands
and was swallowed by a shark.
The war department is preparing to
send four regiments of regulars to Ma
nila, via New York and the Suez canal,
in the transports Thomas, Meade and
Logan, which are to be permanently
transferred from the Atlantic to the
Pacific fteet.
If the inhabitants of tho San Fer
nando region are to be believed, there
is little sympathy with the insurrec
tion in that auarter. Before evacuat
ing the city, the rebels burned the
church and the public buildings, and
looted the Chinese qnarteis. Tbej
drove many iich Filipinos, with their
families, out of the city beforo them,
as well as hundreds of Chinese, to pre
vent them helping the Americans.
They out tho throats of many. Many
Chineso hid on roof-tops or in cellars,
and some escaped by cutting off their
queues. There are 50 fresh graves in
the churchyard.
Vice-President Hobart is slowly im
proving. All hope of reconvening tiro joint
American-Canadian commission in
August has been abandoned.
The Chinese legation at Washington
protests against tho restriction of
Chinese immigrants to Cuba.
Acting-Seoretary Meiklejohn has de
cided that the Chinese exclusion act
does not apply to onr new possessions.
Newest trusts: Window glass, f 30,
000,000. will control 00 per cent of the
produot; plow manufacturers, $G5,000,
000. In spite of precautionary measures
virulent smallpox is spreading in Ger
many. The disease was imported into
the conntry by Russian laborers.
The Algerites regard the beef report
as a complete vindication, and are
happy; General Miles ictuses to talk;
congress may make another investiga
tion next fall.
Ex-President Harrison is on his way
to Franco as counsel for Venezuela in
its boundary dispute. Ex-Secretary of
the Navy B. F. Tracy is associate coun
eel, and may accompany him.
Governor Tiiomas, of Colorado, has
wired Adjutant-General Corbin as fol
lows: "Tho leported interview of
rnino in tho Denver News concerning
tho Colorado volunteers is false and
Rioters attempted to blow up a West
Duluth Btreet car with dynamite.
There woro 10 passengers in th car and
they all received slight bruises. Tho
car was thrown violently on its side,
and its trucks woro blown to pieces.
Tho beef-packers are bringing tre
mendous pressure to bear on the presi
dent to remove General Miles from
command of tho army in spito of tho
closing recomrnondation of tho Wado
beef court that no further action ho
At Jamestown, O., Postmaster
Georgo A. MoLaughlin, with somo boy
friends, was putting a "tick-tack" on a
window at tho homo of his friend, E.
E. Ginn. Mr. Ginn fired a shot
through tho window, killing MoLaugii
Jin instantly.
An Adoluido, "South Australia, dis
patch savys: Tho British ship Locli
Sloy, Captain Nicol, from Clyde on
January 6, for Adolaide and Mel
bourne, was wrockod on Kangaroo
island, April 24. Five passegors and
35 of tho crew weie drownod.
Now York citr Una appropriated
$160,000 for tho reception of Admlra,
Tho "monthly" mon aro all out at
Buffalo. Eveiy elevator is completely
tied up.
Bocattso ho was loproved for teasing
a bov. a Chionco villain shoots two
men, ono fatally.
The window glass tiust has finally
been organized and will control 3 per
cent of tho product.
Tho Wheeling Steel & Iron Com
panv, oi wiioeiing. w. vn., uas cram
od its 300 employes an advance of 10
per cent in wagos.
Pawneo Bill's Wild West show
camo to grief in Princeton. Stmlontt
stopped tho pnrado. Many wcro in
jured in tho molee which followed.
It is tho intontion of President Mc
Kinlev to bo in tho Western states at
tho time of tho return of tho volunteer
who havo dono heroic service in the
The federation of miners, which met
at Salt Luke, denounced the military
proceedings at Wardner, Idaho, and
deolared that union mon did not do
etroy tho mill.
The secretary of war has just ordered
that the Washington volunteers, when
sent homo from Manila, will return di
ectly to tho Sound, without stopping
at San Francisco.
Tho steamer Hassalo, built for the
O. R. & N. Co., at Portland, has
proved herself tho fastest sternwhooler
n tho world. In a trial run bIio made
G 2-3 miles in an hour
Tho Commercial Cable Company's
teamer Britannia has arrived nt tho
Azores, and will start this week to
make soundings for laying the strand
which is tu connect Germany and tho
United States.
The Russian demand for a now rail
road concession connecting Peking with
Russia's present railroad system in
Manchuria, is still exciting tho gravest
anxiety in Peking. Germans and
Japaueso aro particularly uneasy.
Tho Berwind-AVhito Coal Mining
Company, ono of tho largest producers
of bituminous coal in the world, has
notified its employes of an increase in
wagos, to go into effect Juno 1. Tho
advance will directly affoct 10,000 mon.
A satisfactory conclnsion is expect
ed by tho administration of affairs
from the conferenco which will ho held
by the American Philippine commis
sion witlr the commission which Aguin
aldo proposes to send to Manila.
Becauso he refused to buy drinks a
Chicago janitor was killed by thugs in
a saloon.
Long Island is soon to have an in
dustrial colony made up of negroes from
the South.
Claims aggregating millions have
been filed for indemnity in Cuba by
Great Britain, Franco and Germany.
M!es Winnio Holmes, of Kent. Wash.,
was urownea in ine bound, sno was
crossing from Kent to Des Moines with
another yonng lady and two young
men, in a rowboat, which capsized.
A naval expedition will be sent from
Manila to the island of Mindanao to re
lieve the Spanish forces at Zarnboanga,
leported to be besieged by a strong
force of insurgents, if tho report cur
rent in .Manila and sent by Otis to
Washington is verified.
A freight train of tho Southern Pa
cific was wrecked in Cow Creek can
yon, Southern Oregon. Tho engineer,
James McCalloy, was killed and the
fireman, James Morriman, seriously in
jured. Tho wreck was caused by a
heavy engine spreading the rails.
Dr. Charles A. Briggs, who was sus
pended for heresy by tho Presbyterian
assembly, was ordained a prist of tho
Episcopal cliuroh in New York. He
was ordained together with tho Rev.
Charles A. Sncdeker. and tho ordina
tion ceremonies were conducted by
Bishop Potter.
At Minneapolis, ono of tho largest
gatherings evor seen in this city adopt
ed resolutions in sympathy with the
Conooalod in a Junglo on
tho Rio Grando.
Aiimrlcnni Oponvil With ltlil-l-"lr
Glint mini l'ul Mm Kimiity l Hout
Twentjr of Mm Native Kllleil.
Manila, May 10. Tho tinclnd gun
boat Lag mm du Bay and Oavadonga
and a launch, under Captain Grunt,
ran into a nest of insurgents concealed
in tho hushes on both sides of tho Rio
Grande, thrvo miles above Cnlninplt,
yesterday afternoon, mid wuro received
with heavy vollevs at short range. A
sergeant belonging to the Utah oat
terr was killed, and ono private wae
Opening with their rapid firo guns,
tho Americans killed SO of tho native!
and wounded several others, tilling the
junglo with n hail of shot for half au
hour, until tho enemy lied.
KlNiikxil Mm Kiirmjr.
Manila, May 10. Two companies of
tho Second Oregon volunteers, and
tho same number of Minnesota men,
with 20 American scouts, under Cap
lain Unso and Ueikhcimcr, flanked the
insurgents nt San Ildefonso this morn
ing and captuied the place.
The rilipinos, in terror and panic.
fired 20,000 rounds of ammunition, but
only slightly wounded ono scout. One
nsurgent ofllcer was killed and six
men wounded.
Tho insurgents reheated and aro now
at San Miguel, six miles north of San
Twenty per cent of tho opposing
rebel forco has been killed and wound
ed sinco Lawton began his advance
-May 1.
SpnnlMrila .Shut In.
Washington, May 10. Tho war de
partment today received tho following
"Manila, May 10. It is reported
that at Zamboanga tho insurgents at
tacked tho Spanish troops May 11,
using quickflring guns and arms cap-
tired from tho SpaniHh gunboat. The
Spanish general and two officers were
wounded. There wcro few casualties
morig tho troops. The Spanish gar
rison is now besieged. Tho water sup
ply is cut off. and tho troops aio call'
ng for relief. OTIS."
Lostino Horrlflofl v, . .. 1
HON. U. A.
inltleil llm I
Her (Mm Ufa
1)11 ,
Lost I no, Or., May I ;
Jug about I) o'elmk. u., j 7
tor, nil tmrly settler u.,, i. ?l
v..!.. M'r.nkril In I'm OreeU
f...v..n-IIPvy IJiiBtni. Hprrml Hll.
Ro.oburg, Or,. May 10.-TIrongl
i.. iri.i No. U2'J. from Portland
to San Friinclsio, was wrecked In Low oanvon. at Kntucaiiaico,
.w KMiith of ltlddto, nt noon to
.i McCalloy. tho eiiulili'or,
billn.1. anil .James Merrimmi. tho
lliitmnn. seriously Injured. It is ro
i ii.m n Uiv triiniii who was
iruiuni unit - " .
.i.,,i.. ii i iiln was killed, and that mi
...i.... lu.v la iin.liir thn wreck. Tilt)
,,l tin, Iiiivm urn not kllOWII
llitlllin w. ' - -
Tho train was drawn by hicoinotlvo
No. 18. of tho Astotla-Porihmd system
it l mn of tho hoiiviMt on tho rottil caused tho latin to
tui rL
rim lnromntlvo and five loaded cars
Jolt tho track and plunged over 11 per
pendlculnr hank U ft high. Tho on
Vine turned over twice, and a enrhmd
nf Hour on Ion of It. Tho tank
was bottom side tip, with Fiiuinaii Mor
riman underneath.
u'iin fViii.lm'ior Kvorton rtinhud
it i. ,u nml Mtiuiii ho found married, a win of U
Englnuor McCrtlley standing erect, with having mnrrlod the tla..1l(!f(i,r
ono hand on tlio lovor tuM the other Klllott.
nv.,r Iiln month. When Cttrrlttal OUt IIU
looked at his enlded hmnl, mid ox
claimed. "Mr God. this is awful.'
tin live,l onlv a fiw mi mi Ics. H" was
terrlblv scalded.
Fireman Mrriman was unconscious
when released. On regaining con
sciousness lie said Engineer McCitlluy
"IIU lil ii
IV. ii l
most prominent mini
IV, WHS HllOt lllld IlmtaMl. i ,r
Mrs. O. It. Elliott, a " "N!
who then coiiiiiiIik-.I ,. 1() .
PoIhoii. 1Ui
Thuro lias Iwon a fim, ,, 0(
g over futility niLm l.m,.l,nri
.1 l.'lll,.!- , "lij.
. I i
lilUott hnockcil at tin- Hunter l1
mid wan nnswerod by Mm. n-.,,I
told him not to Jump. Ho ia Ixuily cut
about the hind, and his body Is brtiiMxl,
but ho is not considered in dangui.
whom sliu said:
"It Is not you I
Mi. Ihiiilm."
Mis. Hunter then
batul, mill ho got up
10 H,,J
' I 0IMI,.
China Ilefaien n Ilniimiiil for Itallwar
Shangehai, May 10. Tho tsung-li-
yaman (Ciiineso foreign office) has re
plied to the Russian minister at Po
king, M. De Glers, that tho govern
rnent is unable to accede to tho Russian
llrltltli. 1'rrnrli nml Jrinii llcnimiitt
on C'uli u A rciiiiiil.
Washington. May 10. The stato de
partment has been Informally mlnuM
that claims aggregating a coiisiilvrnhlo
amount havu U-en iiiado by British,
French and Herman rusidenls in Culm
during th.-recent iiisurrectiuri, and that
those ultimately will bo presented
against the United Status government.
Tho claims themselves have not yet
been presented, hut are being culleoted
by tho several foreign oltlctt as tho
olaimants iwrid them In. In soiiih
casos, schedules havo been mailt1, ami
tho aggregate Hinted to tho aiitlioritios
hero. The French claims aggrtiyHttt be
tween 13.000.000 nnd 15.000.000
francs. The (teruian claims aro un
derstood to be slightly under thoso ol
tho French, while tho British claims
aro said to bo considerably inoio than
either tho French or tho Herman.
anno to thn door, tin liii mS
nnd without saying n wonl, jjtJ
llott llrwl on lilui Mitti n Miolm. J
u. .H.i . ii..... m
cnargH RiriKiiiK iniruer in tile
nun imiKHiK iiwnri, ntnili
nlmost Instantly.
Attur tho snooting of her limj
Mrs. liuiitvr grMpplcl vsnh Mn.L
nun aiii'inpiwi in iiiKeiiiu gunfrotsu
but was iiusticKM(iil nn I a t,,:j
llll lllll lUlt Hlnll Hi... H..11I I I...
I -'., lie I, -
also, wiiereujioii she rente I Into u
Mrs. Elliott then li ft ti.o mnm
hid by a unit hrblgo t.ii hh n He
rt l.u iukii.lii.tuiv u . I .... II .
. 1 I . .1.. .1
nviutMiiij iiK;iiiig mi oppOlt'ir; !f!
kill l,e iK.v '
over nt ins iMiner s i.un.e, intbni
warneil by his mother, m, ) tliey t'.-j
tho neigh (Mir who Ix-gin to K-ralj
Mrs. Klllott. Ihry Unit. I i,ti'!' j
s plowoii field a shori intsnc !
Dim Hunter Iioiiih. she eri'ltntlr ( ts
that she could not get n dance tu 1.1
rouiig Hunter and bad (akca ,m.
Hlack Man I'mtn llm Nmitli In flrlll In
Jw Yrk.
New York, May 10. According ton
plan now on foot, Long island is soon
to have an industrial colony made up
of negroes from tho South. It will
bo a municipality in itself, conducted
according to its own rule, and will
emanil, mude last Wednesday, for a start Its existonco with a imputation of
administration of affairs in connection
with tho Philippines. Tho names of
President MoKinley and Dewoy woro
cheered to tho echo several times dur
ing tho afternoon.
Tho Standard Bank, Bowmanvillo, 54
miles from Toronto, was robbed of $11,
000 of tho bank's money, and a quan
tity of valuablos entrusted to tho bank
for safo keeping by privato citizens.
Befoio attacking tho bank tho robbon
went to tho police station and over
powered Henry Metcalf. (ho man in
charge. They blindfoldod and gagged
bitn and took him with them whilo
they ontored tho bank. Then thoy
locked Motcalf up in tho station and
Tho latest reports from Oregon or
ohardists confirm tho statemont made
last week that tho pruno oiop will bo
practically a failuro this season. Tho
prunes continue to fall from tho trees.
Many orcliardists aro disposed to tako
a cheerful viow of tho situation, and
say that witli all conditions favorablo
only a short crop could have beon ox
pected, for tho treos boro bo heavily
last year that they needed a rest.
With ono season's rost and consequent
growth, it is said, n full crop should be
realized next year.
ew railwav concession connecting I'o
rig with Russia's preeent system in
Not sinco the taking of Port Arthur
by Russia have the Chineso been so
agitated as over this demand. Wiietn
er M. De Giers named a specific route is
not yet ascertainable, eoiiio officials as
sorting that only a preliminary notico
was given for a line direct fiom Peking
to Shan Hui Kwon.
Ceitainly tho British legation in
Peking had no previous knowledgo that
such proposal was coming from St.
Petersburg. Tho concession asked for
would ruin the existing northern rail
ways, in which British capital to tho
amount of 2.000,000 is investod, but
there seems to be no alternative routo
without interfering with plans for rail
way extension which tho Chineso
themsolves have in mind.
It is believed that Russia's action in
this matter is intonded to demonstrate
to tho world that tho recent convention
with Great Britain respecting spheres
of influonoo in China, which was noti
fied to tiie Chineso government almost
beforo this last convention was do
manded, lias not fottored tho aotion of
Russia at tho court of Peking, and also
to strengthen Russia's prestige with
tho Chineso, which was unfavorably
afleoted by her withdrawal of hor lato
protest respecting tho northern rail
DtU Olvci Orilr for ltecelvlnc tho
Filipino Netlutor.
Washington, May 10. Tho follow
ing dispatch from Major-Gonoral Otis,
jiving tho status of the military situa
tion, as it now exists, in tho opoia
tions against tho insurgents, was ro
joived nt the wor department today:
Manila. May 10. Adjutant-Gon-aral,
Washington: Tho situation is as
follows: Lawton from Baliuag has
taken Udofonso and San Mlguol to tho
north, with slight lossos, and driving
i considerable forco of thoonomy; gun
boats and canoos, accompanying 1.B00
men under Kohbo up tho Rio Grando
from Calumpit.willdopart on tho 10th.
MacArthur remains at San Fernando,
wvoring tho country.
Aguinaldo expressing n wish to send a
commission to Manila for n conforonoo
with tho United States commission to
irranco torn nf iuhi ni..i
Have been given to pass n body of rep
rosentatlvo insugronts to Manilo, Bhould
thoy present themselves. OTIS."
i r r r .. n . t.
j.uuvj, uii negroes, no wnno peitou
will bo permitted to live within its
limits, but the factories which will
furnish tlio industrial life of t lie town
will be owned by whites.
Lynch law. as practiced in the South,
is tho determining onusc of thisloloriy,
the colonists beiric from the statu of
Georgia, north Carolina and South
Carolina, bhould this experiment
provo a success, other Northern settle
ments for Southern neuroes mnv fol
low. Tho promoters intend to buy at
iirHi a tract oi a.uoo ncres, and they
navu nn option oi a, 000 acres more.
Tho first purchase will ho made soon
as title has been thoroughly searchod.
Hclrntino Itrtrnrrli.
Now Haven, Conn.. Mav 1(1 Pm.
feasor William II. Brewer, of tho Yale
Sheffield scientific sohool. will luavo
mo work ot Jus department on May a
to uocomo ono of tho party of 20 or
uiuru scientists representing all do.
partrnonts of natural scienco who will
go to Alaska lor tho purpose of ro
soarch. Professor Brower is an nml.
nent authority on forestry, and ho will
especially study tho forests of tho
ixortnwest coast, and also tho botany
"iiu Kiiiuioiu (ii mat region. Tho
party win uo conducted by H. Harri
man. of New York, who has chartorod
vuoi io sail i rom Seattle in tho
uourBo oi two weeks. Tho
will letrn in August, 1000.
Will .Mi Lung!- ,rl lliftiiliili
of lli Cuban Atinj.
Ilaraua. May 17. fienrrtl 0ml
Informed (ienenil DriwUti trxlr tnittsl
could no longer act as tlio rtDirKt'!
tivo of llm Cuban army ir. tin
butiou of the a,000,000, niipiot'il
for tho payment nf tho I'ubsn tioejt
General Goiuvz smd lot lisJ if. Ml
at this division with great reloctiwi
and tho must friendly fvulingi tuiWj
General Urooko jH-rMiimllr and ij
daily, bu. lie felt tio coul l no Ut
reprusnt tlio Cuban armv, btni I
cabal cohikii!hI of many of tlieioU j
iintn oominmiders exihic l to cf p:. I
if iMMMiiblo defeat thu plans fur K-!
tioning tho inonev. Ho cxi lainrii-s!
former meinlMtrs of tho Cuban mil uiM
aiwuiubly, Itxl by Mayai li'sirifytj
Manuel .Sanguillv, Juan Utultoisj
and other iiuilcoiitentH. ha I orpnj
a majority of officers ngatrut blal
pmeiitly, and though hoiUoiner) mijitl
tKirslst and Hsaibiy carry the pjwij
to a successful conclusion, hevrtiiiif i
gusted mill wished to wash liii hub I
of the whole business. TheieforeM
thought if ho left General Brooke
tho latter would ho able toad"11!
equal ufTootivvmtsH alone. Gtwol
Gomez communicated this view to (i
oral Urooko in an interview, which
tinned for mi hour and a hnlf. C
oral Urooko expressed sympathy i
Gomez, and said ho regretted the p
tlon ho had taken, but the Ainni
corumaiidor added that If hli dl"
was unchangeable ho would procJt
deal with tho question alono.
It was thou mutually at-reed lW
Gomez will issuo toiuoirowa inanilS"
to tho Cuban nriny. This (locutartj
will bo prepared thiB aftornooa t
euhmlttcd to General Brooke. Alt
it lias beon issued General Brooke mw
make n declaration concerning the nit
II (It I si !.( It ln I 1 1 trinPl). II w
Ill ltillVjII IIU 'l
(iotormliiod not to bo trilled with.
has rolls of privatos and iion-coninit
fiioiicd ollloors who nro willing tj
cept $75 each, nnd this iiuionnt will"
offorod on conditions previously
I.lll llllllir i,iri." .
Spokano. Wash.. May lH.-TlioW
battle for tho roloaso of tho WW"
lirluniwiru lw..,.i (mint;. wllOII C0UU"
Muriloroil lilt IlKiu-lilor.
Bontonvillo, Ark., May 10. J. O.
"iiwor, u prominent cMvn iu.i.... ,o
miles south of this place, was lodged in
jun nuru looay. ciiariml win, ti.
erof his lo.yoarold daughter, yestor
day. 1 ,o g ,l was horribly butchoroil,
nor llAnrl lw.t.i.. nll. ... ... '
... -. m...h E11M, UJH. WJU, nn a3cu
mm hui iiiroat cut.
iiiiiirniiii ITmlilunt KIM i-hduiiuio ueguii iiniiiy, ""-..,,,.
St. Louis, Mo.. May 17 - A gnoolal 0,,,"0,, VummMy and by tho VU
Post-Dispatch says that II N H 'orw.itsof habeas corpus. IbeWj
Jay, president of t iW ilinmsv County ConimisslonorH Hthii on t
Grnnnviiin z. a t "luiatnBvillo, . MtnUnnu -.lim.v. are tho on
shot and killed 7t XmSSSSS mM tot 1,10 t0flt' """"i M.v 5
by Monroe Johnson, SMS ", 1? nt Wardnor, guarded by col
uuriiuin, uruu HOKliers.
. t. i..".. .,...iiin,t Vlalitt'
ToBpokntl0K!r "m London, May 17,-Tho folog
iicSoS'of &z2i: b'm
of tho state agricultural olW Z HTnZZ of .ho rovolO"
mTBryan hdnVUat,0n Whith tionis'tV ' , . Engl sh employe ,lS,J
ho co,nS r"i'n.d. acW to .lolivor been forced to lenvo tho rlco Hold J
IO OOinmnnromn.,1 iu imiour uuuii maun IO lOllVU lliu in .Ml M
l o g 3 Juno' on co'o l"e. Native employes wlHJ
U KrOUIlU Hint B0I11O Ollll nnl n nnll. ... l. ...lll A ...,not 111 W"
lining 1 1 I " w v M ' WHW I IU1L II L LIII III I I IN. V III Ulvl -
w, wuiu no more acceptable. filed with the Britlsl. consul."