Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 28, 1899, Image 8

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    ppTTAiiTif I r'AAsv,'f9 ' THE UEMINK OHSERVER. j BOHEMIA ITEMS Con tinned.
Ui .
r M X I tf U lJ I - M T I i 1
Denver Times-Sun.
Brazil produces about 7,000,000
bags of coffee a year.
No vice president has been re
nominated for fifty years.
Marriages average 3,000 a day
on this mundane sphere.
The paper production oi the
world in a year weighs 3,000,000,
000 pounds.
One-fourth of the coal used in
li nvirll to m!nfr1 h A merfran I
Uv! A leatttifil face attracts, a
r. . . t. . r beautiful miud binds.
Claude Brautou, the murderer of.
John Linn has been re -sentenced to I wSht vo,,r ow battlcS ,f vou
hang on May 12. Now. iatiics, wish to eujoy the victory.
send in your bouquets to the in-1 Some dotted crebes so-called are
jured gentleman. Oregon Inde- decidedly reminiscent of challis.
pendent. It is only a novice or an idiot
j who wears a white satin waist to
New York Times. j busineSS-
When Mr. Kipling sat up for the . A womn" never really sorry
rWt,m.nfW1Vr.r.ll,c "Ut OUCC ami U1C11 SIIC IK SOm) IOr
of the first things he did was to
write the following letter to the
all time.
i ndustry.
Thursday island, in the Torres ' newspapers:
straits, exports annua. iy moiuer ui :
ne.irl worth ?s; !
The Dooulation of the earth is!,hroueh 'r columns to attempt
I called Mttho Noonday mlno Mini liMil
a pluiuHiit ohrtt wllli tint UoiiUl foreman,
Mr. K. Jlnk. Thoy ' iM" l'vulol'
inent work rapidly and wvurylliliiB look
prominlnif. It will not ho lout; botorn
M.t.nm. of Hid Noonday Com
pany'n aplondld mill will I dropping
rt'Kiihirly which will Im immli' imlio
vixri of nil olil Holii'iulium.
On my wny out of wimp I Mopped
nijnlii nt thu Orlrxly MounlMln ininr
with mimic and
Bonff, mid tln I.IUlo Brown Jub on U10J
table novtir .coined to tt ompty. I Imy
linvo n flno hand of an or led limtnuniinti'
t'lnlln. two IniriiionU'At Mild A
"Will you kindly allow me
estimated to be about
000. In 1898 it was
J r..1 t rr .? a
j g , ucruu sympauiy, aneciion ana
1 lrilldtipta slinivn tnivrirrte mi iltit-ino-
I tt rnMifif illiiArit no .....II nr
Stars on the coins of the United ,. 0 f, . when thev anneat on the nose.
u.uMlllllL LllilL LUULlUliLU i
We can always spend ten times , , , , kvt M,e,i, im,8
viol. I never knew Inori-w o muni
linnnonv in hrooin till the other nllit.
It la the old thitiK fter their hllurlotm
thno in town. Thoy nrc now mi thn
pfiiltont form with linumior and drill.
ltoyn of llohomla I ninh you food luck
and pnmperlty.
Yonri truly,
V BusiNessi
EolciR (5L Bristol
A. . .
I KIIIMR 1(1 tlCIU'l'ddl flif,u
I ...-!..... . I.. ..II l.. 1. .
nu.MfiLoo 111 tin u.t ORIHCli
UattMi llr.i,,
over the money that we lose or that
I is stolen from us.
i Jumping ropes are sure evidences
of spring do you observe the joke
carefully coucealcd here?
Polka dots are seen everywhere
and arc verv notnilar excentintr
States are six. pointed. Those
the flag have five points.
Lious are left-handed, says an
animal tamer. They always use
the left paw for a vigorous blow.
There are 200,000 widows on the
United States pension rolls and ap
plications from 100,000 more are
its exprcision? I am not strong Strangers are kindei to you than
I enough to answer letters in detail, your friends, perhaps because they
so I must take this means of thank- do not know you so well. He had "struck it rich" in the
ing, as humbly as sincerely, the ! The surest wav to make some cold fields of Alaska and had re
countless people of good-will persons read letters that do not be- turned to New Orleans after a
throughout the world who have put long to them is to mark them , year's absence, says
me under a debt I can never hope "tmvate
- I
to repay. Very faithfully yours,
Rudvard Kipling.
St Louis papers boast that the
Utlll tJlC I III I 1.V III S I MM'I I I1M I .
i " r l""':ir. rr The alleged "crime of '76.
aiu,uuu.uuu iui iuc wuriu s lair '. , , . .
fund of that citv. j d""ng P"St CPW "as
, . attributed as the cause of low
The Catapunan society, an priceSi is not heard much of these
organization that supports the in-, days p ,e afe tQQ .
to have 8,000,000 members.
Prussia began absorbing rail-
A woman sneers and a man
swears; the words are spelt
differently, but the meaning is
about the same.
The elevator mau and the truck
driverseem to be in possession of a
unique language all their owu.
A sandwich tree is one of the
novel ideas for teas. It mav he
the Times
Democrat. Hungry and with a
determination to become ac
quainted with his "first square
meal in months." he went to a
popular restaurant and in a breezy,
mining district fashion, bellowed
out: "Waiter, bring me a first
class meal! Just like the Eour
Hundred eati Make it swell, and
darn the excnse! I have gold to
CUaa drove . . . ,
JT K. Griffith, rrtf
OSrM.YJM ,f- riip
Forllulr Culling, Shaving ihj B
CVrrwm Oitovir, On- Jhw 8iit
Cy. Hiller,
General Blacksmitliln ,
Two Doora North of Kakin A DriU
Cottage Orovc, Ortgon,
T" T" r Y T 1 1 .
U. S. Mineral Surveyor.
roads in 1876. In eight years she J horses in the United States has in
owned 8,000 miles. Now nearly
16,000 miles are under control of
bother their heads about it. The
I annual report of the department of added that it is not a product of spe"d ,U.1 fa-y'-w"-" With
i agriculture states that the value of 1 the Sandwich islands. I a" obse(lu,0s bow a' a d wplay of
unwonted activity the waiter
the state.
In China there are large cities
that have no municipal organiza
tion and depend nothing on public
improvements or for official ex
pense. A princess, a countess, a duchess
and the daughter of a reigning
prince were among the 4,000 per
sons arrested for theft in Paris last
In Sydney, N. S. W., the street
car lines ore owned by the munici
pality and no fares are charged.
Homeless folk, it is said, use them
at night instead of going to cheap
lodging houses.
A physician was acquitted re
cently in England for riding a
bicycle on a side walk because of
an old law that gives a doctor the
right to take the shortest cut when
on his way to an urgent case,
In one small township in North
Carolina. Southern Pines. 4,000,
000 pounds of fruit were shipped to
Northern markets in 1898. It was
all raised by Northern invalids
living there for their health.
The names of Harvard graduates
who have represented the United
States at the court oi St James are
John Adams, Rufus King, George
Bancroft, Edward Everett, Charles
Francis Adams, John Lothrope
Motley, James Russell Lowell,
Robert T. Lincoln and Joseph H.
If it was not for the articles pub
lished from time to time in the
county press of this state, compli
mentary to the Oregonian, which
quickly find their way to the
columns of Oregon's great paper,
oncivould be inclined to think that
the exchange editor on the Ore
gonian had gone off on a protracted
spree. The Oregonian has a happy
lacuity ot ignoring the small-fry
course, there is seldom a news item
in the country press that is of con
when it does condescend to "clip"
it should at least give credit for it
that's decent you know.
10 per cent. This has taken place
in spite of the talk of a coming
horseless era. Cattle, other than
milk cows, increased 10 per cent in
value. Milk cows were worth
$ more at the end of the
year than at the beErinnine-. Sheen
" -
which could hardly be given away
under the last democratic tariff, in-!
creased in value $14,000,000, and
in number 1,460,000. Mules in- j
creased in value. The total in
crease in a year in the value of
domestic animals is placed at $108,-
355,482 a gain of 5.74 per cent.
The party that promised prosperity
and was taken at its word, has
abundantly fulfilled the pledge, but
the measure of its good deeds and
beneficial influences is still piling
up. Albany Herald-Disseminator.
! agriculture states that the value of1 the Sandwich islands.
norses 111 tne united States has in. o . ..
creased $3- 000 000 within a year L V 00 5 g. "? I hustled in the necessary "outfit"
uMKuW.,uuu1ooonnina jear, had committed a murder when in I 1 ... ..
an average increase of more than 1 reality they only expect to beC i"? " "' -;
called on for a speech. j thc smip am rcache(J for
When a woman gets so that she 0f celery which hail been placed on
prefers cheese and crackers to ice the table. He provided a resting
.ICJ.u or bne is euner lerrioiy tin piaCe for the relish with celeritv
de sie'cle or she has passed 30
The few possessions in the way
of furniture that are a woman's
and had just finished it when the
waiter brought in a large boile
lobster, garnished with lettuce. He
Siwcial attention eiven to MinM
Claims and procuring of l'alcnli.
Okant.h Pass, Okkgox,
Attoraey At Law,
UOW On Main Hirttl,
Cottnye (trove, Ortg$n,
( t " .---. W
very own are dearer to her than all I was about to place it before the
the gorceous furnishings of the
v (J
finest hotel in the land.
158Jb acrep, l.Tmiles eat of Eugene nexr
HondrickH Ferry on McKcnzie river.
House, burn and orchard and 6 acrea
under cultivation, achool liouae on
place. $G00 spot ci8h will take it.
C. R. H actings, Cottage Grove.
Register: "The editor of the
Guard places himself in a ridicu
lous position in his repeated sallies
at the editor of the Oregonian con
cerning the delinquent tax list that
the Portland paper is publishing,
inasmuch as the Guard has pub
lished a similar list for Lane county
and the epithets that he is hurling
at the Oregonian will apply just as
well to himself as to the Oregonian
Another thing the Guard omits
in its "sallies." It fails to notice
that the Oregonian has not adver
tised levies upon personal property
of delinquents to be sold at the
court house, or the names of de
linquent poll tax citizens to be sold
as has the Guard. Neither has the
Oregonian published any levies for
amounts below $2 that we have
noticed; whereas the Guard pub
lished numerous levies varying in
amounts from a few cents up, in
face of the known fact that the
property levied upon would not
pay the expense of advertising.
newspoper men of the state. Of and that the county would have to
pay the Guard for publishing the
same. The Guard is Mm
, 1 uz mat
sequence to the Oregonian, but paper in Christendom that ought to
find fault with the Orezonian on
the score bfpublishing a delinquent
tax list. JJroad-Axe.
I was reading an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy in the Worcester
Enterprise recently, winch Wm me to
write this. I can truthfully say I never
ueeu any remedy equal to it for colic
and diarrhoea. I have never had to use
more than one or two doses tocurc the
worst case with myself or children. V
A. BTttoui), Ponomoko Citv. Md. For
sale by Benhox Duuo Co, Cottage Grove
job itvoxa, Drain Druggist.
Bon Ton
Main Street
n n
P W07C, (ftp.
Supply house for
Cottage Grove
and Bohemia.
Send your orders by Telephone.
W. H. Beagle,
Bohemia Nugget Oreconian
guest, but the miner waved him
aside and in loud tones called out:
"Say, I ordered a swell dinner and
this cau't go on much further.
have swallowed that plate of dish
water, and Iatetheboquet.but I'm
d if I'll tackle that bug."
Gives the Choice of
2wo Trttntconttutntal
TjoW Kates to all
Eastern Cities.
Ocean Steainors Leave
Portland every 6 days
San Francisco.
For full particular!! nii n t.
Agent, Frank Jordan, Cottage Grove!
General Passenger AKcnt,
, Portlund, Oregon,
A perfect Nnnitnry, clf-uppotii(
bathing npuratup, rubber Until tai i
a door.
Produce clranllnnri, health idJ I
clear complexion.
Ditpeln coldn, fever, kln diww
and cultiveoiiH eruption.
Prevent dirwuvH.
Recommended by eminent ptivtitiiU
Prof. Iludifon'ri Electric llom k&
motor nold by Ciiah. K. Iar,
OakUml, Or.
On subscription nt tho Kotp I
Old papers for sale at thisofict
For Firat-cUss
Paper HaniN
I'apcr Guaranteed not toCrnAX
Oflice, Naiti Street, next to J.E.
Young's law office.
Biiicnirra sai.kom roiiixt-oauk"'
Notlr. Ii rlei bt br rlriuirf
eiecunon duly litn! oat of tli Clrroii
oftheHutsof Or(on, for Ihe (:oiimr't",i
on the -JUt .lay of Mrch 11W., on JuJVS
Mrt-h iw for the mm of Klve llnWJjj DolUri .lid 'M;K
Korty Dollar, attorney! foe and th K"1
iiunofTtn 1 oUamooiu, and Booming1 a
In a mlt wherein J. I'. Currln w ftlntln ?
JameeE. Thorp, Minnie M.Tborp and i.
(ipwdy admlnlMrator of th el
IbeiiboyenamKl dofndaut i. "otfX.
-uiuiiiiiiraiur oi in. .Dial, oi r.. i . ,j
ceniKl, and on a ileore. of forafloiuit J"
niandilir me In nrilcr. In wit lift- ftld )?.?.
went and coma to sell tbe follewlint.o""1
iiiJ ne Kat one nan 01 ""y.ii oi
H illock Wo. a In ijoutnnA Undnw iJl""
,0''!feOroe,Ijno Connty. Orrjton. ,t
Now Therefore, In thenatno ojlbe W'J
oirer for tale, the aUveleierltd. rW-,!.
iinuiie aucuon, to tbe h urhett binaer. wjji
Subject to redemntlon. at the aoutb iVZ$X.
t-onrt Home, in Eufrene, Une Couniy. "";M
on ilowpi y the lt day pf flr 1 t""! W-
wit at 0N1 o'clodk p. M. on koI.1 lny.
v "m7 "r.u tfVitlttl
ShertlTof Une (Tounlr. OrrP
4 i