Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 28, 1899, Image 7

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    lotf do you flxplnln tho inylnit
EV mkoi! tlio Inmio vU lor.
fcaCHU," m1 Tommy, "iiini w.oru
It enough lo oftt'-r-lnrtlnnnpollo
A Htroiitf Mini's Ntinrst.
iiroiiKt mini on rlli my it Urn
t W womli-rfnl power i;;rfrct
Rl""' ' .. ........ mill i nrin nil rum.
f? .ftuui'u front i! wtnk Mtniimrli, aurli
K'nJi It t tUU of tl...
Lo not visible fromJJio street.
P - - ... no til fill from I.cnure.
bacon nro doctored by a
teal writer to bo tho moat nutlnh-
nil f'"i-
Ihtrit will mid Mr. "Window's Booth
Imp the beat remedy to ut for their
Sen durtiiK Iho Uctlilni: jierlod.
.. . ntl I lit., amiiii
Lot tlio on account of Iho iioiiuro
i water
' To Ciirn ' "" ,,nr
i . ..... ii...,,, Onlnltin Tnlilrtfl.
IrtiV'Kt remnd money If It fulU to
2ic. .
It. .iii.trfimxl Unit tlio ikfiitnuo depth
End in tl.o dcBurts of Africa is from
i 40 foot.
f permanently Cured. No rll.or nrriroutne.
.,,'...., H,r,.l for Kit IMC M'4.00 IrUI
F"Y..i.. i in. 11. 1L. ItllNlS. Ltd.. KM
Krtcl. lUlladtlj.lila, '
Inmost wonderful vegetable In thr.
Id ig tlio trtiflle; ii una nuitnur
, itcmi, leaves, flowers nor seeds.
& I ne Natural lure
for lndidestion.l
Do you have pain In the stomach after c&tmd?
Do you have a yellovi tongue? Wind on the stom
ach? Constipation? These thinds arise from
Indigestion o,nd Dyspepsia. J
Didestion depends on didestwe fluids or
ferments' secreted by certVm dlands. When '
the secretion becomes insufficient. Indidestion
results. Dr. Williams1 Pink Pills for Pale People
cause these dldnds to resume their normal
action and food didestion follows.
Artificial ferments (of which mojt so-called
Dyspepsia cures are composed) may dive tern
porary relief, but Dr. Williams' Pink PIH. for
Pale People afford a, permanent cure.
I'oor (ligation often cause Irreeulnrlly of tlio Ii tort's ncllon.
Thin Irregularity inny bo mistaken for rcnl, orxunlo benrt
dUomn. a tu In point: Mr. Klleti Colsom, Nowpolnt, Ind.,
had nurrnred Tor four yenra with stoumrli trouble. TJiognm-H
ueneraU-d hj tbn Indignation pruned on tlie lisurt, nnd cnuaednti
Jrregulnrlly of tin uctlun. Hhe Imd mueh puln In her atomiicli
nnd )imrt, und na aulijivt to frc'iuont and nevero cboklntf apelln
MfUlclivrvreinunliinvernuliilKtit. Liurlom werotrlelln vuln; the
Itliutbn'ttMiaifOMi',df;iKirideiit,iiiid feared Impending death.
Hhe noticed tliut 111 Interval In vrlilrli her Htotnuch did not
a:oy her, her heart' action became normal. Knonlni
corroatly that her dlRnitloii wan alot.e nt fault aho procured
the tiroir medlclno Ui treat that trouble und with Immcdluto
!:ood roulU. Her appntltn came back, the chohlriK apells
lecnine l frequent and finally rrated. Her wulKht, which
lad bnen vreutly reduood, wa reitored and aha now welgha
nioro than for year.
That other may know the mean of cure we (five tho nnma
of the medicine uedJ)r. William' I'lnk I'llla for l'ale 1'tople.
Theio rit 1 1 a contain all the eletnenta ncctaaary to Rive new
II to and rlchneaa to the blood und reatoro thattcred in rvc.
iftw ZTra, (Jrttnburg, Ind.
Sold by all druddisti or stnt postpaid by the
-m ur. Tiniiani'i niuaint vo., otiienttxauy, ii.i.. rrite.
5o per box.b boxcs,52l?. A diet book sent fUtt.
Willi pleasant tncthcxl nnd beneficial eficcts of the well-known remedy, Syrup op Figs, manufactured
I by the California Fig Syrup Company, illustrate tlie value oi oDtaining ui iii
gplants known to be medicinally Inxativc and presentitifi: them in the form most refreshing to the taste
i acceptable to tne system, it is me one pcncci hirciiuiuuiuntj u.i.4,
Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and subs ance and its acting. on the ktdneyj
er and bowels, gently yet promptlywithout weakening or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative.
In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but
he medicinal qualities are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants,
En method Irnnnrn !,, r.UfrJn K.V Svrnn Comoany only. In order to get its beneficial effects, nnd
-id imitations, please remember theAillname of SfiCirSZ
consumers ot tlie choicest products ot mouern coiuiawu m y ,,,, pntmirlprel
or cheap nnd worthless imitations.. To come into unn-ersa
LLor !?. frticle must be capable o s - sucin the manufacture
K, . aniornia lugayrup company mtvu b "-.::- mft :mnort0t to all to have a
bu saie ot its excel cut qu d nxative remeay, &ykui oi xmud, " tli7ed more than
lowledtre of t1,r- rnmn.vnflr! . nmrliirr. The California Fig Syrup Company was organize U n ore t nan
llovr u I.lttlc Wiixliliictoti Olrl WU
covered Them for Him.
'i'licro Ih n pretty lit tics tory told of
Kipling mill a tiny WiinliliiKtou j;rl 5
yi'iiiH old. which hIiowh tlmt. nlthough
Mr. KIplhiK iimy not Ik- hIwiijh "Infer
vlcwalili!" lo ki'owii folkH. lie Ih to tho
little oiick. Tlie little lrl heard her
mother rending iiloud the three verncs
of "Hlne Uow " n chapter lieadhiK In
"The LlKht Tl."t I'alled," runnhiK:
ItoacM red nnd roHc while,
"lucked I for my love's- dellelit;
She would none of nil my ponies
lhide me wither her hlue roHOM,
Hnlf the world I wnndered through,
fScekhifj where hiicIi (lowers Krew;
Half the world tint o my (jiifHt
AiiHwcrcd but with laugh and Jest
It may he beyond the grave
She Khali find what idle would have,
Oh, 'twas but an Idle ipient
KoNCM white and red are best.
The Idea seemed U Impress the child,
though Hhe mild nothing nt tho time.
One afternoon when her mother took
her downtown shopping Gloria sudden
ly (Uncovered on a counter n little ilna
tray painted with blue ro.CB and forget-nie-notH.
"Why, there are some blue roses,"
she cried, "and Mr. Huilyard Kipling
couldn't find any where he lives. Iluy
them for him, mamma, and tell him
we have blue roses In Washington. Let
me write him n letter and send It, too."
So the following letter was sent to Mr.
Gloria Point, March 8, 1800.
Dear Mr. Hudyard Kipling I geiid you
Home "hlue roses" and forget-me-nots. I
didn't have to wander the world hnlf
through to find these little blue roses on
the little white dish. I haven't "eaten
your bread nnd salt nor drunk your water
nnd wine," but I know your verses and I
like them. I am a little girl 5 years old,
and I live in Tennallytown, D. C, and my
1. Si. My sister "Ferginia" wrote this
for me, hut I told her what to say.
Mr. Kipling's answer was:
Naulaklin, Waite, Vt., March 15, 1SU0.
My Dear Miss Hunt Your very nice
llttly present of "Blue Hoses" has just
come to me, and I write at once to thank
you for it. I am going to use it for a
pen tray, as I have not got one, nnd it will
live between a Burmese idol who sits on
my penwiper and a little figure of nn Arab
win) nods his head when he isn't doing
duty as a pnper weight.
I am glad you find it so easy to come
by blue roses. They are a kind of flower
that grows scarcer as one grows older, but
forget-me-nots are always In fashion.
With ever so many thanks, believe me,
my dear Miss Hunt, yours very sincerely,
Washington Post.
Exactly What You Want.
A handy little box (Jmt rl)?ht for a lady's
purae or a (jentlemnn'aveit pockct)of (.'aacareta
Candy Cathartic, prevents Illness. All drug
glut, 10c, 2.1c, M)c.
Tho avcrago weight of a man's brain
is threo pounds eight ounces.
I believe I'iso's Cure Is tho only medi
cine that will euro consumption. Anna
M. Koss, Willlnmsport, I'a., Nov. 12, 1805.
Coitain music piovonts tho hair from
falling, according toono scientist. whilo
other kinds hnvo a disastrous effect.
In the aprlng cleante your ayntcm by using
Pr. I'funder's Oregon Wood I'tinflcr.
Amputaton of the four leseer toes of
a lady patient has convinced Dr.
Heather Bigg, an English surgeon, that
theso toes have no tiso except for feel
ing, as only the great toe is of any ad
vantage in walking or even in dancing.
Unqualified Succosb of Lydla H.
Plnkhatn'o Vogrotablo Compound.
lit' I
I 1 .
s O
"Lt lc S,nnd ingVixativWmedy which would be
re pleasantTo the le'aiKre&ial in effect than nny otlier known. J
een years ago, for the
U assist in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties.
. . . . r
svmbE.vS' T,so, ydrK.
Tor 5ale by All Druiste , Price 50 Per Bottle.
Philanders report the discovery of
tho old Husslnu boundary of Alaska 100
miles east of Dawsou. If this is veri
fied then the Klondike Is In America lu
stead of British territory.
Deaf nnd Dumb Beggar iat unexpect
edly receiving sixpence) Oh, thankee,
sir! Benevoleut Passer Kb? What
does this menu, sir? You cau tnlk.
Deaf and Dumb Beggar (iu confusion)
Y-e-s, sir. Yo see, sir, I'm ouly inlntl
In' this corner for th' poor deaf and
dumb nmn wot belongs hero. Beuovo
lent Passer (quickly) Where is ho?
Deaf and Dumb Beggar (lu worso con
fusion) He's gono to th' park t' hear
tho music Tlt-Blts.
Bell What do you suppose tho fat
girl in tlio avenuo candy store weighs!
Nell Candy Exchange.
Mrs. Elizabeth WfiKKr.ocK. Magno
lia, Iowa. Id the following letter de
scribes her recovery from a very criti
cal condition:
" Dear Mrs. PrvmiAM I have been
taking your Vegetable Compound, and
now ready to sound
its praises. It
has done won
ders for me in
relieving me
of a tumor.
"My health
has been poor
for three years.
Change of lifo
was working
upon me I
was very
much bloated
and was a bur
den to myself. Was troubled with
smothering spells, also palpitation of
the heart and that bearlng-dcwn feel.
Ing. and could not be on my feet much.
" I was growing worse all the time,
until I took your medicine.
"After taking three boxes of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Lozenges, the tumor passed from me.
"My health has been better ever
since, can now walk quite a distance
and am troubled no more with palpita
tion of the heart or bloating. 1 rec
ommend your medicine to all sufferers
from female troubles "
It is hardly reasonable to suppose
that any one can doubt the efficiency
of Mrs. Pinkham's methods and medi
cine in the face of the tremendous vol
ume of testimony.
fis4sasrf?ss USEIT!
You Need Not Suffer
Health can be restored, your blood
can be made pure, you can be made
strong by using
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It's easy and pleasant to take no
quinine or alcohol. Hundreds have
been cured. I.O0 per bottle at your
Atlr dnirslct for Dr. llartel'fl
French Kemaln Pill In metal box
with French Flat- on ton In Bhia.Wht
MM ff" and Red. Intttt on having the genuine.
I HI "BellerrorWomen" mailed FREE In plain
w BiMgegjai letter with te-tlmonUI and particulars.
FRENCH DRUG CO., 381 4383 Pearl St., Ne Yofk.
We guarantee to lit every case wo undertake.
Do-rt put it off; write for particulars at once.
C. II. WOODAKII & CO., Expert Trust
Fitter, 103 Second Street. Portland, Or.
For Oonorrha-a and Gleet pet Fabflfa Okar Specific. It
U the ONLY medicine which will cure each and every
cue. NO CASE known it hu ever failed to cure, no
matter how cerlou or ot how Jong standing. Result
trom it uia wUl attonUh you. It is absolutely sate,
prevent stricture, and can be taken without Inconve
nience and detention from business. PRICE, 43.00. For
sale by all reliable dnifntUts, or tent prepaid by express,
plainly wrapped, on receipt of price, by
i i rjut CHEMICAL Ctt, Chicago, 111.
Circular mailed on request.
Hoot Crowned. Ilrlilircs Made,
rulnlcs fllllwr nnd extraction.
Dr. T. H. White, dTo'r.0"'
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick Headache
and Dyspepsia, Remove l'lmples ami Purify tha
Blood, Aid ingestion andPreteiit Biliousness. Do
not Oripe orSlcken. To convince you. we will mall
ample free, orfull box for25c. JDK. IIOSANKO
CO., JPhlladn., iVcnan. Bold by Druggists.
ITOIilNU Piles proline moUtore and cae itchinc
This form, as welt as Blluii.Uleedlnjjor l'rotrudlntf
Piles arecurc-.. by pr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
Htopa itchlnc ana bleeding. Absorbs tumors. Nto
Jsr at drug cists or sent bj mat 1. TreatUe free. Writ
tne about jour case. DR. I.O.SAN KO, Philada., i'a.
Use lllg J for unnatural
discharges, Inflammations,
irritations or ulcerations
ot mu oo us membrane.
Painless, and not attrln-
Inn Evans CheuicuCo. r poUonous.
I Hold by nriiRSIsU.
or tent iu plain wrapper.
uy express, prepaiu, tor
ii.iv, or a Domes, f.'.73.
Circular tent on request.
ffflbW uol m itrUturt.
TiPrtTtou coaugtoo
N. V. N. U.
NO. 17 'OO.
WHEN wrltinc to advertisers ploasa
mention this pnper.
W il Mil ijfl "Ttff ' I a" 3W 31 a
L Jl fin.. U IP..i.a T
In time. Bold br druggists.
tm PAS
" lrl