Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 10, 1899, Image 6

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For Blood Will Tell.
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j4xm1 f the fcaary rxxwr-
satfce a4 J ike
Jim aad ih rs if
ABk bad rttOhl kof ia tke
"Hit iwrr ta aae." w ?""
hag. -Dwt that ifcr -Ud aaa't V "r
gvs-i M ike enters tk part."
-HThy sa. JbnrT"
Ga yaa haia't wee
of mt Dakoty Mfes
sack i qacstiML Tkere tw tkP
. v. rwt'i mw fcarel lfcK tke
nu NTA Uadf-BM oc 'em's prtl-
hW ikst Jte k4 tot tk tnttk; K
-Jc k ' pktT exekilaM4 i u
ark -r JWI X Jil g
tk 4c mC tW mek vkm ik mtw
tt at net "Mr. Wartae. wOI
t: L a: Prtac Hair
" Mr. Wartsc kwt aoc more tka Om
tm kHt ay Woe ke Mir kfcs (Mwt
mi t r&M by kta Kk tk vtod. x
Skrl irtTX kxlr iyir tktel kr k
kct tk kor- rtc it a pc ikt
kk Kstackr ac ever
Oa Ike kar Trent w ir ke. th.
of tk Bfe-rtee; aftMM Ik home.
Tke roan raa trom kts :-?. xm! ki
teats ircre irklte AC traaed for
ward Is tke saddle, x arHl kUo
iner of oods ao-sr astfl tke
low soi ktm was reocbed. Ia frost
oar a tor i-u.Turs xihioi.
Er? xr?rzJs
SrLcd swr aidlxpxsreatrtdhxofaaM. Tke
JZJZIior tta . trJo , tke la.eo bt. A leap xad
St over tker. wffl Tkxr-, ' ld; tbey f
f; , .-- ob lab with J swifter fttsfct. It
kJ-kf Git mp tkerer ke jOed to tke ;
Borss. xad. riria? ok of tkeaa a stlos-
log klow witk kis whip, tkey sprxa?
Jatoi raa. Aciani tke lexel pUis skoae
a H-kt. tke feat at tke rxaen bead
qwtners aeorrj- i mOe away. To tke
lft of tt x aalL raMlsk slow had eosae
b aad. aow aad tkea, at tke korizoa
ttae. where ike darker part of tke skj"
srx lost la tke prxlrie. sbarp aaes
were dartias ap.
-Doa't ke skered," Jlai ejaeolated.
as ke whipped tb hordes iato x yet
aMce farioaw pee; "there xiaTt ao daa-r-lea9twke
for as."
Alf was x stf-p.3JiC3:c-a enr ?m
witk x geaeroas stoek: of oM-faifciooii
coauMm see; bat ske was startled xt
Jtei's sctioos xad ker face bad srowa
-ErT!klB-f afl rfchC said Jla as
reassarla? as he eoald sor tke cfr
caaastaaees; "doa't joa be s-keerei"
He had seized the rtias betweea his
Sra, stroa? teetk. xad bow with oae
haad, bow with the other, sow with
"both, be was whippia? the horses laso
EtfB greater epexd. "Hate ter Mck a
teas tke tkij" as tke waj fcoaacd
and taaskled aad rattkrl aloe?: "hate
ter da hit bat hit aa't be helped
wbea there's life depends oe it."
A few atoateats aiore aad the horses
dashed ap to the M? rxach beadqaar
ters boo?. Jin threw the Uses to the
groaad aad seizias AMce by the waist,
jumped oat with her.
"Sorry to be so baperltte. bat there
ala't aay tiaae to wait kia yos ride
Barely waltias for aa aSrmative aa-
rwer froai tke girl, who was pastos-
ately food of ridlas. aad who modestly
owsed the gold atedal for saperior
borsewoBMBajip ia her city ridiB?
dab. Jiat raa to the bars, Saa? a ebxb's
saddle oa x beaatifal horse, xad before
AHee bad lime to reeorer froai ber sur
prise xt this novel latiodaetioB to her
brother's ftxblisbaeat, the horse was
before ber.
"Yoa say you kla ride: wa'al here's
tke best rbaaee to show hit yoa ever
bad ia yoar life. Tbars the best bod
la MeLeed Coaary racta Mood for
five geaeradom: there ala't aothla bat
a perairle are kla ketck blai. Jantp
biat. Mis "Wariag, ride straight toward
the fire yonder; thar ala't so danger
aow tin yon git ter Mole Crick. Jest
orer the eriek a quarter of a mile or so
that's x Rosetaa woasaa aa' ber six
weeks' old baby. She's all alone, for
I saw ber basbaad ia town wbea we
left. Tbey baia't backared aa iach,
aad yoe're got to git the woman aad
her baby orer tbe eriek. See? I'd go
isyself, bet tbe wiad is shifted and
this hall rxack'U be ia daager afore
loag. You'll pass yoar brother aad a
parcel o men baekaria' along the line;
doa't stop for any explanations, bat
ride fer tbe crick aa ride as If Old
Harry was oa yer track! Yoa been't
afeerd, be yoa?'
Tbe blood had come back to the pale
"You say there's little danger of my
losing my life, Jim?'
"Not a bit ef yon only git that
woman across tbe crick in time; bat
don't wait Jump quick, fer the Lord's
eake, or you'll be too late."
With a rude toss be threw her Into
eaddle as if she bad been a child, and
banded ber tbe reins. As be did so be
thrust a short, cruel rawhide into her
"Don't bit him with that unless you
have to he's never been licked In his
life: but he can outrun a cyclone. Ef
you have ter bit him give It to him red
It la long, sometimes, before a horse
. wMt
ks Tvta. Dowm tk aan
- th fartker
tke plant k a W artt of tke
x.rkt kr raa. A ekc tkat yoa
. a &ad tkat aMybaa.
w kaard rkmr ap tk ' a haater rT in-ntUr
kwrea. mac Hat W j aa Iriwe UV. bat Mr.
with faaat. Jhrw by tk t"?' I MrMarpoy 11 8B,U W "
-Wa'aL ef T plarU K to a fUme. aad earh
i m n. , w khi?d Xoe troat - arniM WW
tke raidiWr: "aa' 7 aiat am
U'.au aaatW: I kta tH It by yoar ey.
Dtda't I teat yoa b temU oatraa a
--- Hmt tw had tvr be
kdy x-p kiai who karw how
rkae.' lad i jadrac
' Vur ability is
- v rrt A ll A fl
,y if Til.'
77i(r wealth of the rJtu!i
ofljres ts not eJfS?,
fro IjaO to 1M poaad of iKralawd
koaey Hots yr be ban tot
b-r tkaa tkb and pcrpared for mar
ket orer a Hia of tb n pr ,
act. My aa actaal rord of each year", j
' yWd for tbe pat forty yean . which
' oaded oa Nor. to tat, Mr. McMarphy
bad pttberrd a trta rer iwwiy-
Trfreaw of aw, awn " . ..
sablect oa wkJcft tkr are act aa7 wnwW
xatkarttk Jrkm-c xrd. 4ow to tke U box a mM
t , ,w- -e-t u ikowa at a aow to Mracture arraasd compartment.
with tlay Kl window-which I In
truth a Miare or trap. TbU trap 1
eiea larae coaipaay N-vaa of Its
rlMM dbt H bW.
wwa aikiiL.i wimi mm
arc a curse, aniASh
ru.ur wit. imuuii ttuiJai
Sarsaparilla, a tuujto.lnojm
j&an m f ant
arnin perfect heilih,
never disappoints.
Scrofula -Thfr n-i r r
a . . . t . . t
HQ r TJ wywr imm mini a T, v'
cnfjnn,lrr,1")f i i i
tux MrrT. .( v? i t
fcjf IHVrl aulittii r
halted with a sweet. WtWy wanifi , m.t Uh Hul
wfalch coatalns a lrK that
of it was tbe BossUa peasxat woaixa.
frxaticany tryiag to sere some of ber
koasehotd goods by drxggiag them
with oae band farther froes tbe coarse
of tbe Sre. whfle ia oae xrat ske cteteb
ed tbe baby, xroaad wblca sbe bad
throwa a wet sbawi to protect It froea
tbe beat.
-Way dida't yoa raa?" cried Alice,
as sbe Jaaqed froai tbe horse; "doa't
yoa see, the fire is abaost oa yoa? Yoa
eas't sare yoar things; raa for tbe
ereek! Kaa. I say, or yoall be baraed
to deatar
Alice eaagbt tbe child from the
woaaaa's arats aad spraag ap iato tbe
saddle as best sbe eoald. Tbe womaa
stood as If stapened, tbe red glow from
tbe eoadag Saates ngbtiBg ap her stolid
face. Tbe fire was eoaiing oa faster
bow; tbey eoald bear tbe roar and
crackle as It swept throagh the loag.
maa-blgh grass of the swale beyond
the fence.
-Quick! qalck. I say! no, yoa can't
raa fast eaoegh sow to get to tbe
ereek; Jump bebiad ate. qalek! qaiek!
or we Ehxli all be baraed. I can't leave
yoa here to die!"
Tbe womaa's stolid natsre was
aroased at but by tbe aalmal fear of
danger, and while tbe beat grew aaore
latease every Btlaate, sbe daaibered
ap behind AMce.
Prince Hal's face was toward the
are. He bad not stored since be
reached tbe spot; be seemed like some
beaatifal statue, bis body awtkrales,
his ears sharp erect, bis nostrils dis
tended; tbe awfal fascination of the
fire was upon him.
Alice palled at tbe bit to turn him.
He paid ao attention. She spoke
sharply, bat be only moved aneasily;
be woald not stir from the spot. Swift
er than an electric shock came tbe
tboagbt to ber mind that horses in
burning baildings woald stay and die
la the flames before they would be led
out. It would be Impossible to reach
tbe creek on foot; in half a minute
more tbe names would be on them
Snatching tbe wet shawl from tbe baby
with one band, and swinging the child
backward to its mother with the other,
she threw the shawl orer the horse's
head. With tbe sight of the fire shut
out be qulrered, turned as the bit gave
blm a sharp twist, and. Just as the
flames were leaping over tbe sheds
hard by tbe house, he sprang away,
It was a race for life now for three
lives; for the wind bad Increased to a
gale, and there Is nothing niore terrible
In this world than such a relentless
ocexn of flame as was rolling over the
grass-grown plain.
Alice thought of Jim's parting ad
"He's never been licked in his life;
but If you have ter, give It to him red-
"With a sharp cry, urging the horse
on under bla heavy burden, she struck
la the 5 sat u saMXjami
Trawlers In. Co. vs. Prkrke iWKt.
41 L. K. A. T. si tke fxUare to com
ply with tbe few is x prrac exUUng
Tke coaocttatioaal rtrbt of minor
eWhirea at the reaos aad prod la of a
koate-Kcad dartec ananrky and to aa
estate la f after tke widow's d--h
fas held, la Merral t. Harris iArk.i, 41
L. R. A. 714. aot to be rMated by a
MtJe of tke pcac-rty aadcr aa order of
tbe Probate coort for tke beaeat of tbe
A Bible coetabria; aat xad dates
of birth of abaters of tke family U
held, la Saprra eoaacO of tbe Golden
Star Fraternity vs. Coaktta iN. J . 41
L. K. A. 449. to be laadmiMe as evi
dence of tbe a?e of a person. wa.-n
there is ao prf wbea or by whom tbe
entries were made, or of tbe writer's
kaowledpt of tbe fact, or tkat tbe per
sons named tbereia bad erer acknowl
edged tbe authenticity of tbe record.
Tke rale that a oresamptioa of neg
ligence does aot art? from tbe fact of
xa la jury b xpptWd la Benedick vs.
Potts (Md-L 41 B. K. A. 4TS, where a
M pfttiann-' Votu i .
a4 ti tiaait fra I Ihm I
it .itttinlr Aftfr the lnecta
bare once tailed tbe allurlDS mixture My ' -
IU lufT a t-v
of ll."-Hi-. IHtit, ! , ; ;Ul1wM
,1 w
bend to
Sold t
', ,-JlUsoc
wiglit lhcmi fr,
am ttie tixi4ir l
Irlt .i rll ik1 tr . -Im;
ttrrrt. WWnlon. i"
Eciomn -"W h l t tf v
t f cur two-yrar ii.-l i
ren iill until r II i
T. 1 WHICH HKn t'.Ti Jltl i
t C, 1J3 MwbtC-ili 'try y ,
Jhod2 SaUaba
II -4"t 1" : far
tk 'i II rtticsLfigini
' M'Ml'KIMir.
the sweets of the wild tlowvrs. nml
person oa x mimic railway was on a after loading up on the mixture in tho
car wbea It entered a tunnel but was box fly sluggishly to their trw. wuvro
aot a U when it emerged aad was they dUchaw their loaii mid return
fooad aacoaacioas ia tbe taaael, while ' directly to the box, bringing other Imm
other persoas passed throagh safely, Wth them. When the hunter hni the
xad there was ao defect in or abnormal I working on the lxx It taken but n
eoaditioa affecting tbe meaas of trana- hort tj,ne t0 locate the tree where the
portatloa. J boney Is being Htoml up. As u lx-o
" i leares the box he wntchc.i tbe direction
An E?g Tok- ' of his flight. If tbe bee tree in it tullu
Mr. Wardner exhibited a paper in or m awny ulMl WVnK the Ikx the
waicn was aa xtuck in uk iwvauikc;
ItiTcnlxt tli lulrl IhU
The uiuiioal scale la m.J
been lnrt-nte.1 by (luy Arct.n" i
ot Arezzo. about IOJj. im
with loatttrial dtiTrrvncrt In
tomo of the note, was lubtlaoU
samo as now in ue.
and a portrait showing a Preachy look
lag maa with a Ws diamond la his shirt
front, swell rat of clothes and a store
pipe bat tbe Prince of Wales would
hare been prood to wear. Mr. Wardner
laegbed as be looked at tbe picture
agaia and related some anecdotes of
-Swiftwater Bill." the man who bad
struck to tbe square foot on
bed-rock." -Bill" bad tbe second best
eialra oa tbe Yukon, and was so self-
bee ries perpendicularly to a height of
forty feet, then head directly for hi
, tree, but If the tree U but n few rods
1 away from the box the bco leaves the
snare leisurely, In a diagonal manner,
i but directly toward bis tree, for Invn
; rlably the bees 11 y to tho HtorebouHc of
their money "us tbe crow HIoh." Tho
hunter watches their liigbt, then taken
his box and followH upon their trail
from forty to eighty rodn. The box Is
Important oa bU return that he kept a "
,-u ' IK-atl. and so ou until the Hue takes
him to the base of the honeybee tree.
private secretary through whom the
reporters bad to interview blm. He
married tbe sister of Gussie La More.
a rauuenue uaacer wno aanceu in a
tent In Dawson. "Swlf twater Bill" paid
ber attention bat got mad at tbe dancer
and married ber sister. The dancer
was very fond of eg whHe In Dawson.
aad after their quarrel "Bill" bought up
eggs in a tantalizing way sae nau to do
ntent with bacon
Milwaukee Sentinel.
,;r;, r " , . conceptions of the phenomenon.
l,KeruW r I'nMltijr H(r.
In olden times It was thought that
falling stars were the houIh of the dead
whose thread of life had been cut short
by fate. This was In Kuropc, for tho
Arabs believed that they were llamlng
Rtonen thrown liv tn nnoula nt
every egg there was In tbe place, pay-, nefld3 of dev,ls whcn the ,aUcr n
Ing $1 apiece for them to the number ; proached too near to faeaveu. Tho
of about 40). and then ate his meals . Koran reproduces this opinion, which
- aV)au a found scattorea through all the re-
.a"!t!.e K'ons lying under tbe Influence of Is-
niieu. now; oe a wwus uw uu ul i,Um -nyi e,. . ...
Savage tribes oos coare
peoples are more poetical. In Gallcla
Humor of a Pr.nce. . ,,a f f,h
The following anecdote Illustrates ; rtt k becom! l L f tw
the Prince of Wales' sense of humor Jf? vlhT
as well as his preference for short ser- St n" SJSmV-V
mens when at church. A Scotch par-1 D" iS, Ut"Ul "TT
son went to Balmoral by special cVm- j , TTJ , f." 7?
mand to preach before beVmajesty. ! 1 J. ? lleaceot he ht
NaturaUy be was overcome with n ! Sf ff ' 1 ' ",flM
vousness. He was waiting for lunch-, "J, U
c.-i, .t .. . i formula conjures the peril if murmur-
ZSr I the moment when the star blazes
wished to see him. Shaking hands with
htm warmly, his royal highness thank
ed blm heartily for bis sermon, espe
cially for the brevity of it, adding: "Mr
dear sir, you can't think what a relief
it was,
KUrirocutlon of lld Hiri I
IlmlliiiL' arm electrocuted Itlf
attachment, the uluo rails ol unjj
bolnj: cut In half, nlth two -afft?nf,
setted at tho hroak, whl h tetCa0yn,
jwles of an electric circuit, lHfBnyl
cult as be crawl irom onu pu4
otiior. HOn
ti. - l,t.t t?ikSI
In northern China many of wexge;
tire are dreel in douiklDL Jplfii1,?
a neouliar breed aio rnlml l
uiiuiIhu fur tlieli ihaT ''L
nro killed when oilit uiontbi
Cincinnati Knquher.
i'ollto Shomnnn (thowlnir
Iluru U loinuthlni! I woul 1 IlkiDI
vniir nttntitlnti to. ma.Iuni. It.
Vltrt' llltl'flll t It I ml ntit.
' j ....... -
Mm. ltniiiul(riNWatintlrl lit
anything out later than my k"
I'll tako it, if onlv as a curia
Illustrated American.
In nn nrtialn on Pekin. Dr
Imtim declares that a pawn-iliop'j
liu can nut ut his wardrobe, i
bo nn imliinensable institution 1
ChintMe inerchauL.
m . in..... fv, r,tcf
i o uumni ui riw a mo
tlon cured me of a bad lung tr 'nb.H aim
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind , Mr '
Nino-tenths of all tho iowW gj",
chines uod throughout the woi sot
made in tho United States. PiS"
- m
TUm Motlmi SUtlioil. B0?
"It's an awful thing not Vl
whore one's next moul Is coralngi'K
"Yes, hut a good many of uiw?
men aro experiencing It since tMlhej
eery stores got mlrcrtlsinc W1 Wg
tales." Indianapolis Journal. the
"Do you think you have any chance
with her, Reggy?'
"Of course I do. She says herself
I have known sermons so long , that I'm one of ber chance acquaint
here tnat tne very come doss have , ances,
gone up the pulpit stairs and yawned
In the preacher's face.'
A Social Outcast.
Dempsey Ol bear thot th' boys hot
I AAtM Alv1 "II
Nutrition in Oyster. jvu ,uu8 v.oucy.
A quart of oysters contain, on the H"01-081' ,S U7 .
average, about tbe same quantity of m01? ! Jhe? W0D ' flRht w,d
nutritive substance as a quart of milk hlm!New York Boning Journal,
or a pound of very lean beef. Mrs. Murpby-The swate Uttle ba-
bles! Mrs. Dugan They do be that.
A certain amount of Ignorance la nec- an' ut's twins they are. Mrs. Murpby
essary to tbe enjoyment of our exl&fr ; Yez don't say! An are the both ay
ence. ' thira youraJ-Jud;Q
oo, Ifii
If joawtnt a wins wnf r wt1" ' IS:
lore all territory u taken. fihg
THUD T. MEHnilit. OYCttS c'ffi
pnuTr.tND. OR. JKl
i mm
lo Maa. SoW bT drotttt".
1 1 ii a ' w ml