Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 10, 1899, Image 3

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    lifl'8 GREAT FUTURE
ft' tlAA
Viows Concerning
United States.
. . ti 1 1 .. u .. .
T?5iiliiiilill(i-I.iirlii! Direction of
ICxpnuilun Is Southward.
Tasandrln. Egypt, March 4. Cecil
wlio in Uio eyes ol most Kn-
lKlimbn lH tlio Incarnation of tlio Irn
fofiallat polloy, IioIiIh views concern
i,n?FWofutiiioof Uio United Btntosovon
kuforjjjfar reaching than moHt Amuricnti
limplrTallHtH luivu broac.iod.
t 1 MfltRhodos, In oonvoraatlon with a
ToproJoDtntivo of Uio press on boa id
, tVio?Tea"inor HapalitirK. on tlio modltor-
Sraneaby which ho camo to Egypt In
170 Inioroat of tlio Capo to Cairo rail
road null telegraph, predicted most con
BaSilCiy that within a century tlio
tQjdJStutos would havo ndvunood tho
Jwonsibegun in tho evacuation of Cuba
SffifijEH controlled all of tho Amen.
lni'B1,Mur0' UX0(,I'' Uaiiado. Tho
.gjtanoo of tlio conversation is ropro
P5!ijEou w'tn Absolute vorbal occuruoy.
jfMrSlthodoa expressed adniiration of
.KTOcWork nlroady dono in Cuba, and
.fprclllolod that it would ho carriod on
JEoPhilipplnuH. Tho United Stutca
KiMCOnBldorcd ono of tho nutiona bust
equip pod for culoiiizutiou, and ro
pentcoly oxclalmod:
jl'pu nru taking to It llko mother's
mil iff apparently with tho groatoat
Inqulrod with grout Intoreat what
iio nrguinonta of thooppoiionta of
nliam in tho United States, and
intod thai thoy seemed to bo niil
by solfishncBS.
is tho duty of civilized nationa
0 charge of tho harhariana and
lorn white iiiihi'h government,"
I. "Tho United Htatea ia ono of
eat powura, and cannot oscapo
Hid not beliovo that tho United
would ovor withdraw lta author
in Cuba, and thought tho rnannor
oh Spain had been evicted from
lonlea and tho United Htatea had
poaacBalon waa moat business
irioa'a action in compensating
for tho I'hillpplnea surprised
"I would havo bundled tho
irda out nud mado them pay a
domnitv," was hla comment,
lectured that tho United Stotos
nevor withdraw from tho Phil
b, beoauau it waa ita duty to give
icoplo a strong and good govern
nor did ho beliovo that when
lad begun to realize tho results
ilr work thoro, tho Americana
doairo to abandon the policy,
night grumblo for n timo ovor
xponao. but that would bo a
flea bite" to a nation bo rich,
not abandon aonio of tho ox
of the pension Hat, which eccina
enaonably largo, if economy was
nry?" ho naked. Even if n largo
iiuat ho built, tho United 'States
ll afford one. So far as tho fear
jvoking foreign entanglements
us went, while England and the
I States stand togother and main
oir pronant understanding, which
tloally nn alliance, no comblnn
! powera daro mennco them. To
colonies, the United States must
zo a staff of colonial ofllcials,
can do that as easily ns it can
zo n now navy.
u people of tho United States
cannot always remain within oursolves.
cannot always go on making
money. You must get out into tho
d and tako up your sharo of tho
Id's burdens. Already your aro
SEmgrowing your own country, and will
EWrb other countries, ami you will
give! them good govorninont. Why
should you not? You hnvo it in your
jpoU. Tho Philippines will furnish
ttefflcaroora for your young men. The
ffhplo work will strengthon you and
tirondon your national oiiaraoter. Yos,
jurewiy you ato tuKing to u iiko mom-
BKrofessor Wnssermnn, Pupil of Knoh,
IHscnvorod It.
55W York. March 4. A disnatch to
thelWorld from Borlln says: Profos-
IgojaWassarmoii. ono of Professor Koch's
lost puiills. Is believed to havo dis
covered a now soruui for tho euro of
pneumonia. Ho Inooulntod rabbits
ih tho nnouinocauR bnncilua. wliinh
Igoncrallv hnllnvnd In nmiRn iiiinn.
UOnia. and with tho minim thus iminnri
liiolinooulated micosufforini! from nneu-
Lfiohio. A aubsequout sorios of exnori-
PnpntH showed that it was In tho rod
narrow of tho bones that tho auti-tox-
la produced, nnd that rod marrow
kon from a human cornso after death
0111 pneumonia and uroiI as n flnrum
III euro inlco infected with tho die-
Vccordincly. it is lionnd that this
jum will have tho snmo sntisfnotory
buiib in Human beings.
ICInlliii- Imiiriivliif-.
INow York, March 8. Tho condition
: UUClvnrd KinlinL' Ih vnrv mnnh 1m.
lovod tonight. Tlio crisis in tho dis
so was passed this morning.
J'ormeri to Control the Paget Hounil
Now York, March I. Tho Pacific
American Fisheries Oouipany, incor
porated in Now Jersey today with a
capitalization of $6,000,000, will con
trol 70 per cent of all tho salmon
caught in Puget Hound watois and it
authorized to catch and can salmon or
other flah in Uio Columbia river, Puget
Miund, Fraaor river, Aluska and other
diatricta. Tlio directora of tho com
pany ares John Cudnhy, Charles
Counsulman, Judge A. T. Moran, of
Moran, Krauao & Mayer, of Chicago;
II. 13. Steelo, E. 13. Doming, Itobort
A. Smith, J. C. Hvndaoker, of Hny
docker & Flfo, Chicago; ltolaud Out
froy, of Falrhuvon, Wash., and A. G.
Gatretaon, of Joraoy City. Tho per
tiiuuont ofllcoia will bo elected at a
mooting to bo held in Cihcago. Levi
Mayer ia general counsel. Tho head
(luartors of tho company will be in
Chicago, and tlio American Trust &
Savings bank of Chicago, is tho under
writers' trustee. Tlio Manhattan Trust
Company la Uio New York trustee.
Tho atook of tho copmnny has been
privately undorwrittuu and thero are
to be no other offerings.
It is the Intention of tho company to
extend Its huainoss and to absorb other
ooncerna in tlio salmon canning busi
ness in different localities. Upon tho
present organization it ia estimated
that tho net earuinga of tho company
will bo (830,130, or over 18 per cent
of tho common atock after paying the
8 per cent divideuda on tho preferred
stock. Tho company will engage in
the foreign shipping of sea goods from
American waters. Tho company line
acquired an option for a situ for a new
central cannery at Fairhavon, WiibIi.,
which, whou built, will bo tlio largest
in Uio woild. In addition a large
licet of steamers, boats ami scows hue
been aecured, aa havo been the proper
ties and plants of tlio Island Canning
Company at Friday harbor, and the
Auacortca Paoikng Company, at Ana
coitea, WobIi.
Hoy Ilushnnd KIIU III Wife, Her
Mother nml 1 1 1 1 i r 1 T.
Evansvlllo, Intl. , March 4. A
double murder and sulcido took place
at Poaoyvillo yesterday. Mrs. Eliza
beth Kenohloe, a wealthy widow, of
Poaoy county, lived with her son-in-law,
Stove Glower, and wifo. Tho
Kenoliloo homo was discovered in
Damon, and neighbors In attempting an
entianco found tho doors lockod. When
tho tiro waa oxtinguiahed and tho
homo entered tlio bod lea of Mrs. Ken
cliloe. Ulower and his wifo, wore found
in a room, bo badly burnod as to bo
almost unrecognizable. Beaido Glower
lay a shotgun.
From all indications, Glower first
killod his wifo and mothor-in-law,
thon set flro to tho house, lay down on
tho bed and shot himself just above
tho heart. Glower was 31 years old
and his wifo 17.
Hholleil tlln Inaiircott.
New York, March 4. A disptch to
tho Hoi Id from Manila ays: Tho form
er Spanish gunboat La Gunn do Uayo
steamed up tho river opposite Macati
tliia morning and oponed firo on tho
insurgents on tho oppoBito side from
Gonorl Whcaton's brigade. Sho fired
hor four Gatling guns, two Nordon
foldts and ono ono pounder.
At first tho Insurgents ropllod with
rillo flro, but thoy could not stand be
foro tho hail from tlio Gatlings. Tho
engagement lasted tlireo-quarters of an
hour, nud then tho Insurgents scat
tered, but ns soon as tho gunboat with
drew tlio insurgents returned nnd ngain
oponed a slow aud annoying flro across
tho river.
Tho IlltiftlleliU Kovolr.
Washington, March 4. Mr. Clancoy,
United States consular agont at I31uo
Holds, has notified tho departmont ol
stato that "to provont unnecessary
bloodshed, revolutionists under Koyes
surrendered to the Nicaraguan gonornl
ruling this afternoon, on advico of
Captains Simmonds nud Burr. Tho
lives of General Iteyosnnd his followers
aro guaranteed. Foreigners who par
ticipated must loavo Nicarugua. Forcea
wore landed by Simmonds and 13urr
last night. Qu:ot provnils."
Colnoil Ht l'lilliulelplilii.
Phllodolphia, March 4. During tho
month of Fobruary thoro woro colnod
at tho United States mint in this city
600,100 doublo eoglos. Silvor coinod
consistod of 70,000 dollars nnd 112,000
half dollars. Thoro woro 440,000
6-cont piocoa nnd 1,167,000 ponnioa
coined. Tho total number of piooea
coined was 2,301,190, nud thoir total
valuo $10,100,070
Itelun Blerouilnii HnUeil,
Santiago do Cuba. Match 4. Aftor
long delay, tho former Spanish cruiaor
Koina Morcodos, which was Bunk in
tho channol of Santiago harbor during
tho bombnrdmont by Admiral Samp
son's fleet on Juno 0, has beon rnisod
nnd pumpod out, tlio government tugs
assisting tho wrecking company. Sho
was brought up to tho city this aftor
noon. Form I MB Colllu Trust.
Cleveland, O., March 4. A special
from 8andusky to the Plaindoalor soya
n gigantic coffin trust is in process of
formation thoro. Prices will be rnisod.
A Big Looal Trade Reported
at Manila.
Conllilniine llni flfien Fully Itnatored nt
tlm I'hllltMiliin (Jnpltnl Tim Unlmli
Actlva nt Nan l'odro Mitcatl.
Manila, March 7 Tiio United States
transport Ohio arrived yesterday.
In the last two days there has beon
a very noticeable change in Manila for
tho butter, probably duo to tho arrival
of reinforcements for the Amoiican
troops. Numbers of pcoplo are aeon
an the streets, and tho amount of busi
ness transacted in tho stores has mar
voloualy IncrcaRod. Yeaterday tho
Lunetu waa blookod witli carriages for
Uio first timo sinco tho outbreak, nnd
the band of tho Twentieth regulars
played a number of airs, and it waa
hard to beliovo that a stato of wai ex
isted. Outsido tho city thoro was desultory
firing throughout tho day, and at vari
ous points tho sharpshooters woro moat
At Kan Pedro Macati tho rebels nro
very active, erecting entrenchments in
front of the poaition occupied by tho
Washington troops, although n two-gun
battery of tho Sixth artillery repeatedly
shelled them.
Tlio enemy aro fully alivo to the fact
that Mausers havo n much longer rnngo
than tho Springflelda and aro continu
ously taking "pot shots" in compara
tive safety. Tho American soldiers ills
Iiko this paBsivo resistance, and nro
snger for tho excitement of an active
Despito tho heat, tho health of tho
men In tho trenches has improved re
markably. Tlio transport Ohio arrived today
with roiuforcomenta. One casualty.
Privato Ovorton, company G, Twentv
tecond infantry, died on tho 2d inst..
f spinal meningitis.
l.ati ot I.lfe Nfr Toulon,
Toulon, March 7. Tho naval maga
zine of La Gouhran, between La Soyno
and Toulon, in tho department of Var,
Southern France, exploded nt 2:30
o'clock this morning. All of tho sol
diers on duty nt the mugazino woro
killed, and n number of inhaibtants of
tlio district, tlio buildings of which
wcro razed, also fell victims. Forty
corpses havo already been recovered,
riio cauao of the explosion is not known.
Fifty thousand kilogrammes of black
powder exploded. It looks aa though
a volcanic eruption had occurred, tho
country being swept almost bare with
in a radius of two miles, houses de
stroyed, trees overturned and distorted,
Mollis devastated and covered with
stones and impalpable black dust.
Somo of tho stones are enormous. Ono
weighing 60 kilogrammes fell In tho
suburb of Pono do Las. SignB of tho
explosion are evident in all the sub
urbs of Toulon nnd in tho city itself.
Even nt St. Jean do Var, five miles dis
tant, windows wero shattorod and doojra
battered In. It is impossible to ascer
tain ncourntoly the number killed, but
it is bolloved that no fewor than 100
wero injured.
Held Up Seven Men on n Tncnnin Ill
cycle I'ntli.
Tacoma, Wash., March 7. Two
armed hlghwaymon laid in ninbush on
n bioyclo path two miles from the city
tonight and captured and robbed seven
mon between 8 and 1 1 o'clock, secur
ing sevornl watches but less than $10
In cash. Thoy laid a log across tho
path and stopped tho travolors as thoy
camo to it. Tho first man was a candy
maker, who had n bundle of aprons,
which thoy used to hind thoir prisoners
as thoy camo, ono by one. Aftor rob
bing thorn, thoy tied their hands nnd
feet nnd laid them in a row in the
At 11 o'clook tho footpads wont
away, leaving tho victims bound. Ono
inanagod to roll ovor whoro another
could initio him with his tooth, nnd
hov gavu the alarm, but the robbers
jind" flod.
About 7 o'clock, two men, presum
ably the sumo, held up T. O. Abbott,
n prominont nttornoy, n fow blocka
from tho samo place, but ho brokoaway
and escaped.
Dreyfus I I'rontmted.
London, Murch 7. Tlio correspond
out of tho Daily Telegraph, nt Cayenne,
capital of Froneh Guiana, says:
"In tho courso of n recent convorsn
t ion, Droyfus doclarod that his return
to Franco wits imminent, but for tho
past month ho had rocoivod no news.
I understand that ho is in n state of
prostration that causes considerable
Kzploslon of llenzlne.
St. Potorsburg, March 7. Lnatovon
Ing n carboy of bonzlno exploded in n
tlilrd-olnsd rnilrond carrlago on tho lino
(A Dwlnsk, south of St. Potorsburg.
Tho carrlago was burnod, six womon
nnd n man woio killod, and 10 othora
woro injured.
I'roYlng Up Claim.
During tho pnat two years nbout 260
ensh oritiioB and homostcada have been
proved up on for Wnaco county, Or.
Figuring on an avorago of a quarter of
n section to each eettler, this makes 06
sections, or 41,000 ucroa for tho coun
ty, which havo beon nddod to tho as
sessment roll in that time. Avoraging
nt about $8 an acre, this will amount
to $124,800.
WixhliiKton Tobacco.
13. K. Knapp. ot Okanogan county.
Wash., was recently offered 12 oents
per pound for a large quantity of to
bacco raised by hirn on his ranch near
Ives, and ho says that owing to bar
ing no curing-house or place to storo
what he raisod, it waa not aa good by
60 per cent aa can bo raised. This
bIiowb what can bo done with tobacco
In that county.
Think He Win Druecnd.
Georgo Hoberts, who livea about four
mllea from Centralia, WaBh., Juat ovor
tho lino in Thurston, lost $26 roeently
by a burglar. Ho had tho money in a
trunk only six feet from his bod, but
nevertheless a burlgar pried off tho
locks and aecured the coin without
awakening him. Ho thinks ho was
drugged, as ho felt very drowsy tho
next morning.
ItulldliiE Into Orecon.
Tho construction crews on tho Ne
vada, California & Oregon railroad havo
reached a point 12 miles north of
Amadeo, Lasson county, and are rapid
ly extending the roadbed across the
Madline plains toward Alturaa and
Southeastern Oregon.
Tftpi and Trump Plc'it.
Tramps objected to tho Japanese sec
tion mon "clearing up" the railroad
depot grounds, at Gurvaig, Or., and a
lively scrimmage ensued, resulting in
the tramps being entirely "cleaned
Seattle Market.
Onions, 80o$1.10 per 100 pounds.
Potatoes, $2226. .
Beets, per sack, 76c.
Turnips, per sack, 60 75c.
Carrots, per Back, 4666c.
Parsnips, per sack, $1.
Cauliflower, 76$1.00o per doz.
Celery, 85 40c.
Cabbage, nativo and California
$I.tlO2 per 100 ponnda.
Apples, S660c per box.
Pears, &0c$1.60 per box.
Prunes, 60c per box.
Butter Creamery, 20c per pound;
dairy and ranch, 1620c per pound.
Eggs, 21c.
Cheese Native. 1212c.
Poultry Old bene, 14c per pound;
spring chickens, 14c; turkeys, 10c.
Fresh meats Choice dressed beef
steers, prime, 8Jc; cows, prime,
8c; mutton. 0c; pork, 7c; veal, 08c
Wheat Feed wheat, $23.
Oats Choice, per ton, $2520.
Hay Puget Sound mixed, $8.00
10; choice Eastern Washington tim
othy, $13.0014.
Corn Whole. $23.60; cracked, $24;
feed meal, $23.60.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$2620; whole, $23.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.60;
etraiuhts, $3.26; California brenda,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $3.50; graham,
per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat flour,
$3.75; rye flour, $4.50.
Millatuffa Bran, per ton, $14;
shorts, por ton, $16.
Feod Chopped feed, $2123 per
ton; middlings, per ton, $17; oil cake
meal, per ton, $35.
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, 69c; Valley,
01c; Blueatem, 03o por bushel.
Flour Best grades, $3.20; graham,
$3.05; superfine, $2.15 per barrel.
Oats Choice white, 4142c; choice
gray, 3040c per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $31 33; brew
ing, $33.00 per ton.
Millatuffa Bran, $17 per ton; mid
dlings, $33; shorts, $18; chop, $10.00
per ton.
Hay Timothy, $80; clover, $7
8; Oregon wild hoy, $0 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 6065o;
seconds, 4550o; dairy, 4046o store,
Choeso Oregon full cream, 12Joj
Young America, 15o; new cheese,
10c por pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $34
per dozen; hens, $4.005.00; springs,
$1.353; gooBO, $0.007.00 fur old,
$4.605 for young; ducks, $6.00
6.60 por dozen; turkoys, live, 16
10c por pound.
Potatoes 7580c per Buck; sweets,
3c per pound.
Vegetables Beets, 00c; turnips, 75c
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, $1 1.35 por 100 pounds; cauli
flower, 76o per dozen; parsnips, 75c
por saok; bonus, 8c por pound; celery
7076o per dozen; cucumbors, 60o per
box; poas, 83a per pound.
Onions Orogou, 75o$l per sack.
Hops 814o; 1897 crop, 4o.
Wool Vnlloy, 10 12a por pound;
Enstoru Oregon, 8 12c; mohair,
20o por pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and owes, 4o; drossed mutton, 7)c;
spring lambs, 7)o por lb.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $4.35
light and feeders, $3.6003.00; dressed,
r5.006.50 por 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, 3.60$8.75,
cows, $3. 60 8. 00; dressed beef,
60o por pound.
Veal Largo, 067c; email, 89o
per ponnd.
Item of General Interest Oleaned
From tlie Thriving: I'aclfln
New Telephone Line.
Tho tolephone lino from Langlois,
Curry county, to Uandon, which waa
romplotod last week, ia now in good
working order, and Langloia lias for
tho first timo tolephone communication
with all the important points in the
county. Poles are on tho ground for
the extension of the line to Port Or ford,
and poles aro being cut and distributed
for the farther extcntsiona to Weddor
burn and Gold Beach. It ia supposed
that tho line wilt be extended to Eu
reka, Col., and when tho gap between
IioBoburg and Myrtle Point ia closed
up next summer, tho coast country will
no longer be cut off from communica
tion with the outside world.
Wcu Obld Ore.
Al, Ed and Frank Geiser have
brought from their Bonanza mine to
Baker City, Or., 1,300 ounces of gold,
valued at $21,700, the reault of a 26
day run thia month of a 20-etamp mill.
The ownera of the Bonanza have given
it out that it is thoir intention to in
crease the number of stamps in tlio
quartz mill to GO or more. It ia un
derstood thia improvement will be
made in the near future, or as soon as
tho spring opens. The Bonanza has
an unlimited amount of splendid mill
ing ore. and, with the mill enlarge
ment, this Baker mine will probably
become ono of the largest steady gold
producers in the Northwest.
Damage Wa Slight.
A dispatcli from Monroe, Or., says:
The recent frosts did not do as much
damage to frnit in that section as was
generally supposed. Prunes do not
seem to be hurt to any extent, and in
the worst cases the operators of the
orchards claim that not more than 10
per cent of the trees are injured, and
theao only to a slight degree. Peach
trees fared worse than others, while
Petite prunes came second on the list.
Apples are not injured at all in this
immediate locality.
Ilrulallty at Sea.
The Bailors of the American ship
Erskine M. Phelps, which arrived at
San Francisco a few days ago from Bal
timore, have brought charges of in
human conduct against Captain Gra
ham and First and Second Officers
Bailey and Moye. The men told a
pitiful story of starvation and cruelty,
and many of the sailors show the marks
of beatings, tho mates being the prin
cipal aggressors in tho the beatings.
Want a Factory Moved.
The Coquillo city council has for
warded a proposition to G. W. Peek,
proprietor of the broomhandle factory,
that if he will move the mill north 30
feet from ita present location, they
would give him a five years' leaae on
the land. The main reason for tho
council asking him to do so is to give
more room for getting to and from the
new wharf, which will be badly ham
pered if the mill is not moved.
Orders From the Bast.
The manager of the Pendleton
woolen mills has recently returned
from a very successful trip in the in
terests of the millB, which took him
over noarly the whole United States.
Tho big houses of John Wanamaker,
and Arnold, Constable & Co., and
othors of aucb high standing, placed
orders for blankets, stating that tho
Pendleton mills have no competitors
in that line of goods.
Or the Miocene Ferlod.
A fow months ago J. Bagley, of Air
lie, brought to Independence, Or., some
fossilized teeth which were found near
Airlie. They were sent to Professor
Condon, of the stato university, who
pronounces them "sharks" teeth of tho
miocene period." Other fossils sent
are "a miocene sboll, of the family
naticodo," and "a dentallium shell, of
the miocene peiiod."
Governor Rogers' Appointments.
Governor Rogers has recommended
Quincy A. Brooks, Samuel Haddock
and L. B. Smith, nil of Port Townseud,
to constituo the board of health for the
collection district of Port Townsond.
Tho governor has appointed as trustoes
for the Cheney normal school J. J.
Brown nnd J. N. Allen, of Spokane.
Tho third trustee, E. E. Dempsey, ia
also of Spokane, giving hat city the
entire board.
Stock In Had Condition.
Cattlo, sheep and hogs are in bad con
dition in tho vicinity of Monroo, Or.
Several head of stock havo porishod,
which under ordinary circumstancos,
would havo braved the storms of an
Oregon wlntor, and coino out in tho
spring with plenty of flesh, thus show
ing that the one week of snow was
harder on tho ranchers of tho valloy
than all tho rains and frosts of a com
mon season.
Colour From Spoknne.
A colony of oitizons from Spokane
will loc-ito somewhere in the south end
of tho Willamette valley before April
1, ao it is assertod by Colony Promoter
Wnllaoo, of Junotion City, Or. Mr.
Wallace has mado nn offort during tho
past few days to perauado Monroo peo
ple that it ia to thoir interoat to have
tho colony mako southern Bonton coun
ty is future home.